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Subject: 09/23/92 - The National Midnight Star #522
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          The National Midnight Star, Number 522

               Wednesday, 23 September 1992
Today's Topics:
                         Skid Row
                RUSH...As an essay topic?
                      CD Connection
                  marillion mailing list
                 Rush (need I say more?)
                      Oldest Concert
            Why are we here, for the BEER....
               Opening Bands / Closed Minds
                 Who saw the oldest tour?
                       Vinny Moore
               Rear Screen Projections/Etc.
                   Superconductor video
                     CONVENTION idea
      Re: 09/22/92 - The National Midnight Star #521
                      First Concert
    at least one other opening band for this tour....
                 Neil and Modern Drummer
	Here's my $.10 (inflation,dontcha know)
		      sorry gang...
		      Opening Acts
      Re: 09/22/92 - The National Midnight Star #521
		    The first time...
		   Rush and Sha Na Na
		  My $.02 about Primus
		       the 70's
	  Boots and things I just picked up. . .
 RE: Neal Stephenson, Aaron White, and ENOUGH ALREADY!!!
		    Reactionary fans
	  Re: New thread for a fraying tapestry...

Date: Tue, 22 Sep 92 19:18:08 EDT
Subject: Skid Row

	Skid Row's new EP is called "B-Side Ourselves."  The track list
is as follows:

		1. Psychotherapy
		2. C'mon and Love Me
		3. Delivering the Goods (Live, with Rob Halford)
		4. What You're Doing
		5. Little Wing

The best track on the CD is by far "What You're Doing."  The Skids
definitely shred on this one, and give the song the justice it
deserves.  Not enough people give the first Rush album enough of
praise.  It's a kick-ass record, even if it does sound a bit like
Led Zeppelin.  Anyway, if you're a Rush completist, you gotta get
this disc.
	The other covers are pretty good, too.

	To add my name to the list, I must definitely say that the
abrupt end to the first track on the new Dream Theater disc is
intentional.  My copy does it too, so don't return the thing and
ask for a refund.  You start to get into trouble when you try to
compare any two bands to one another, especially with Rush and
(insert band name here).  It's a good progressive metal album.  These
guys are definitely not posers.  They have too much talent and abilities
for that.  And just because the CD only has 8 tracks and runs 57 minutes
doesn't mean you'll hear any of this stuff on the radio any time soon.
AOR radio sucks as much as Top 40 radio does.  They have playlists and
programming just like everyone else, and it's sickening.  Yeah, Zeppelin
is great, but does that mean I have to hear a
Zeppelin song on the radio every 55 minutes?
	Stick to college radio or your own collection.  You'll be
happier that way.

	Personally, I don't have a least favorite or most favorite Rush album.  
I like them all almost equally, and I couldn't bear to make up even just
two 90 minute tapes of my Rush favs.  There's just too many of them.  I also
own a growing collection of Rush bootlegs, and I don't see anything wrong
with it.  Let's not have any hypocrisy here, though.  If you're going to
buy bootlegs, you have to condone the dealers' part in this too.  If they
weren't making money and pressing copies, you wouldn't be buying them.
Either you're for this or against it.  If you find this practice
despicable, then stay away from the record stores and conventions that stock
them.  If you like to buy 'em, then thank the person who sells them to you.
It's a two-way street, like anything else.
	If anyone wants a list of the
{Arrrgh! Why can't they put that return key somewhere else?}
Rush shows that I have, I'd be happy to trade.

	One final thought.  To all those female Rush fans out there, don't
to be afraid to have your voice heard.  Here at lonely Moravian College,
all the girls are either rich snobs or top 40 slaves.  There aren't
enough cool girls on this campus, so speak up out there.  Rush, Genesis,
Metallica, and Queensryche aren't just for guys only.  Music is universal,
so don't let anyone tell you differently (That includes your parents, your
priest, or your boyfriend.  If you like to listen to something, then it
can't be wrong.  That's just something we have in this country called
freedom of expression and speech.).

	Well, that's enough of my opinions, let me here yours.

[P.S. To the Rush NMS mgr.: Sorry for making this so long.]
				Thanks for listening,

					Gene P.


Date: 22 Sep 1992 19:24:35 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: RUSH...As an essay topic?

	Hello fellow Rushians!  This is my first post, so I'm a bit
	I know Rush has been used as a term paper topic before, so I don't
think I'm the first one or anything.  But I recently recieved an assignment
from my English Comp. class, to write an essay about Rock music.  Kind of
a general subject, when you think about it, but being a Rush fanatic (as
I'm sure all of you are), I had no problem in making a decision.
	I chose to write a defensive essay in response to a chapter in
Allan Bloom's book, "The Closing of the American Mind."  I don't expect
anyone to be familiar with the chapter, so I'll briefly explain:  Bloom
basically feels that all Rock music appeals only to sexual interest, and
has no "high intellectual sources."  Rush fans immediately cringe in response
to such nonsense!! I mean it was incredible how ignorant he is about Rock.
I found myself getting all worked up over some of the things he said,
because I knew that they were indirect insults to the band that I love.
	I finally found a way to put my emotions into words, using lyrics
from "Mission" and "Red Sector A", as well as Neil Peart's essay on
Satanism.  To make a long story longer....the instructor was impressed
with Neil's style (as well as mine...haha) and I recieved an "A" on the
paper.  I'm sure many of you have had an opportunity to defend or introduce
Rush to someone.  It's the most satisfying feeling in the world!!

	"A spirit with a vision is a dream with a mission"


Date: 22 Sep 1992 19:50:36 -0400 (EDT)
From: A spider wanders aimlessly within the warmth of a shadow
Subject: CD Connection

This is concerning ordering this from CD Connection in Germany. I have heard
a lot of bad things about this organization. A lot of people were complaining
that they never recieved their cds and have been trying to get their money
back with no success. Just wanted to warn ya.



Date: 22 Sep 1992 20:00:25 -0400 (EDT)
From: A spider wanders aimlessly within the warmth of a shadow
Subject: marillion mailing list

To Citizen of Legoland(travelling Incommunicado),

     Just to let you know, there is a Marillion mailing list; it is called
freaks and has been around for a couple of years. The pathname is:


Just ask to be added to the list. the managers name is Graham.

ian livingston


Date: Tue, 22 Sep 92 20:42:30 EDT
Subject: Rush (need I say more?)

As for opening acts, I've seen Rush three times and two of those shows
featured Mr. Big.  Now, I realize that Mr. Big is nothing but a cheese rock
band and couldn't hold a match to Rush, but Billy Sheehan (bass), Paul
Gilbert (guitar), Pat Torpey (drums), and Eric Martin (vocals) aren't so
bad.  They are very talented performers, but they're stuck in that sleeze-
and babes metal music.  On both occasions, Mr. Big was given a very cold
reception by the fans here in the Detroit area.  In fact, at the Presto tour
show, they were booed.  At the other show, I had the pleasure of seeing Eric
Johnson perform.  For once, Rush had an opening act which seemed to suit
As for the new album, thanks to whoever answered my question about a
release date.  I had heard the same thing, so I take your comment as a
confirmation.  It really bites that I have to wait another year to hear the
next Rush offering.  I understand the band's need of time with their families,
but after hearing all three of the boyz go on and on about how anxious they
were to record the next album, even immediately after finishing RTB, I would
expect something sooner.  Oh well, good things come to those who wait.
I'd also like to get any information about mailing lists for Yes or other
bands.  If anyone has details, e-mail me at


From: claris!qm! (Tim Hall)
Date: Tue, 22 Sep 1992 17:17:35 PDT
Subject: Oldest Concert

Well, I didn't see a show from the first or 2nd tour, but I did get to see
them on the Permanent Waves tour (do I get honorable mention?).  This was
back when Rush was just starting to develop a really big following, and we
were able to get decent tickets without camping out or paying a small

The highlights for me were: the opening of the concert (2112, still my
favorite opener), and hearing Xanadu and La Villa in their entirety.  Also,
of course, hearing most of PeW played live.

One the guys in our group fell asleep during the warm-up act, and stayed
asleep for the whole concert!  He was on some sort of medication I believe,
which combined with the alcoholic beverages he had consumed before the
concert, did the trick.  But then, this guy was "famous" for falling asleep
in his dorm room, listening to Van Halen with the headphones cranked at full
blast.  After the concert was over, he asked us how it was. : )



Date: Tue, 22 Sep 1992 21:01 EST
Subject: Why are we here, for the BEER....

	I was thinking about the beer line in the song, and decided to put in
the disc and have a listen.  I agree with whomever said that the band has a
sense of humor and decided to add it for the fun.  My guess is that Geddy
added it when they were rehearsing before recording PoW.  He seems to be the
biggest beer fan I know of after Colin Turing.

	Just my steinful...



Date: Tue, 22 Sep 92 20:20:57 CDT
From: (Roman R Richardson)
Subject: Opening Bands / Closed Minds

   Some of you people have got to get out more.  *minor flame*  To those of you
who asked who had ever heard of Gary Moore...oh....anyone who listens to blues.
His latest album is considered to be one of the blues greats.  Maybe he wasn't
so hot back then, but the guy's been around as long as Rush.  "Who's ever
heard of Vinnie Moore?"...oh...anyone who follows the solo album scene.  Vinnie
is one of the best around, for those of you who follow guitar; and if you
haven't heard his song "Cinema" you're really missing out.

   I get the distinct impression that some of you listen to JUST Rush.  That
would be a serious shame.  There is so much out there in every other type of
music.  I can say that Rush is my favorite band, but there are other forms
of music in the world played by bands like The Steve Morse Band, Bela Fleck &
the Flecktones, Animal Logic and many others.  Now some people can't stand
instrumental stuff.  That sounds like a personal problem to me.  There are
instrumental bands and solo artists out there that write not only some of the
most talented music, but some of the best rhythms, melodies, lead, harmonies,
and fully molded songs in todays music scene.  On bass you have guys like Stu
Hamm, Micheal Manring, Steve Swallow, etc.  On guitar you've got guys like
Richie Kotzen, Steve Morse, Dave Sharman, Adrian Legg, etc...

   The bottom line is that you have to have a broad ear for music.  Don't get
locked into one style/band 'cause you'll miss out on a lot of great music.

Had to get that off my chest...

Roman - "Why are we here? Because we're here."


Date: Tue, 22 Sep 1992 21:31:11 CDT
Subject: Who saw the oldest tour?

    In the NMS #521 someone asked about the earliest Rush tour people had seen.
I have never been fortunate enough to see Rush in concert, but that question
reminded me of something that has annoyed me to no end since I became a fan
in 1980.

    When I first started playing Rush music all the time my sister casually
mentioned that she had seen Rush play at a roller skating rink when we still
lived in Lansing, MI.  We moved from Lansing in July 1976, so that must have
been pretty early in their careers.  They were probably doing covers back
then since they didn't have too much material yet.  That is, unless this was
after 2112 came out.

    Here I am trying to muster up 20 bucks and a safe ride to Kansas City for
the next tour and she only had to drive 5 blocks from home and pay 1 dollar
(she brought her own skates :) ).  The thing that really ticks me off is that
she was never even a Rush fan!



Date:         Tue, 22 Sep 92 22:49:22 EDT
From: Ethan Evan Prater 
Subject:      Vinny Moore

Seeing the recent post about Vinny Moore opening for Rush prompted me to
remember that he opened when they played in Hartford this past tour. His whole
act basically stroked his own ego; once he said, "You may have seen the video
for this next song on MTV." They guys behind me were pretty sick of his
schlock, and yelled out "We may have NOT!"

I don't understand why more decent bands don't open for Rush. When they made
it down to New Haven about a month later, Primus opened, and I missed the

Anyway, just my 2% of a buck about a crippled opening act--

And everyone send your postcards in support of TNMS convention--


    "The sign of Eth is rising in the air..."


Date: Tue, 22 Sep 92 17:45:59 PDT
Subject: Rear Screen Projections/Etc.

In response to when Rush first used the rear screen projections: Well,
I know for a fact that it was used on the Signals tour (I was there).
The ESL video shows them use it for Red Barchetta and Tom Sawyer.  I
think it might be much older than that though.  I was standing in line
for Presto tix and I heard one guy saying that he'd been a fan for a
long time, and that the first time he'd seen them use it was on the
Farewell To Kings tour.  I can't validate this - I just heard it.

Other misc. stuff: I picked up a Roll The Bones hologram CD recently.
It has the picture of the three bones and the wall of dice (back cover
to the CD).  It only has the title track.  Very nice looking though.  I
also picked up the Roll The Bones Radio Special CD.  You know all those
snippets of interviews that are on those other hologram CDs ("It's A
Rap" - pts I-III)?  This is where they all come from (including the
interview stuff on the B side of the "Ghost Of A Chance" Cassette
single).  It's not just a CD release of the World Premiere of Roll The
Bones that was out of some radio station in Toronto (which we all
taped, right?  :)  ).

I also saw (and touched!) an original copy of the Moon Records release
of the band's first record.  The guy was asking $250.00 firm.  Well out
of my reach!

BTW - I also picked up a video boot of the Roll The Bones tour called
Wolfmoon.  If you see it, don't bother with it.  Half the time you're
either looking at a blank TV screen, or listening to nothing (or both
at times).  The sound drop outs are very bad.  There are hardly any
"group shots", and there's a lot of "out of focus" time.

Well, later


"Take off - it's a beauty way to go!"  - G. Lee


Date: Wed, 23 Sep 92 2:00:42 EDT
From: Richard Koesel 
Subject: Superconductor video

Hi all!  As a new subscriber to TNMS, I must say that I'm intrigued by
the availability of such a thing!  I never would have thought that Rush
would make it into Cyberspace!

I'm just wondering if anyone has seen (or knows anything about) a video
for Superconductor?  Three years ago I had the good fortune to be in
the video, as it was filmed at Manhattan Center Studios and I'm a
student at Columbia University.  It took two days to shoot, and most of
the time was spent standing around, but it was worth it when we sat in
the audience and watched the boys "play" the song.  I was very lucky
because I was in the second row of the audience, about 20 feet away
from Geddy.  A few of us were talking to Howard Ungerlieder while we
were waiting for the cameras to roll.  The director was the keyboard
player from Devo (can't remember his name right now...)  At any rate,
I've never seen or heard anything about this video... Does anybody know
if it was ever released?  The concept was really good, and I'd hate to
think that it went unseen by the masses.

					Rich Koesel

"If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice..."


Date: Tue, 22 Sep 92 23:32:23 HST
From: puanani@ahi.pbrc.Hawaii.Edu (Puanani Akaka)
Subject: CONVENTION idea


Just a little idea for this convention thing.  Someone mentioned giving
any left-over $$ to the band.  To be honest, I don't think they would
go for that.  Perhaps any left-over $$ could be given to the band's
favourite charity in the band's name (w/ their permission, of course)
or something to that effect???  Not to make this event a charity fund-
raiser, necessarily (tho that might be one avenue of thought), but
just a nice gesture -- tribute to the band, or whatever you want to
call it -- from the fans to the band.

Also, I know we're all just brainstorming for the convention, and I
don't want to come across as trying to shoot down everyone's ideas,
but I'd like to request that, assuming this baby gets off the ground,
that we stay away from "tours" to find their houses, or something like
that.  Maybe I'm being paranoid, but it just feels like it would be a
violation of their privacy.  I'd just as soon keep it down to "this is
where they shot the cover of MP" or something.  I just feel *really*
uncomfortable about that kind of stuff -- the limo incident readily comes
to mind -- and I think we should show them as much respect as we do

Just some things to think about...

			     .	    .

			   \ \          /
			    \ \        /          !!!
			     \ \     /
		              \ \   /
			       |   |
		               |   |
happy (belated) birthday to Neil and the 500th NMS issue...!


From: Randall Stark 
Subject: Re: 09/22/92 - The National Midnight Star #521
Date: Wed, 23 Sep 92 14:54:10 BST

 responding to:
> From: James.B.McKeon@Dartmouth.EDU
> Subject: A few more words on boots...

> I hold that because Rush is solely responsible
> for the creation of their music, all rights rest with them in determining
> with whom or how their music is distributed and used.

  this isn't quite true, they don't actually control who can play and/or
  perform their music.  For example, radio stations can play the music in any
  context they like, and other bands can perform the music live without Rush's
  permission.  Although royalties make their way back to the band via (I
  believe) ASCAP or some such organization, the nature of the performance is
  not controllable by Rush.  This is more important than it sounds, since we
  are talking about *performances* of the music and not intelluectual property
  of the music itself.

> Any unauthorized use violates their rights and is therefore wrong.

  I think this is probably where we disagree.  Not that their rights are being
  violated, but that it is wrong.  I think it may be possible to recognize that
  some legal right is being violated without it being inherently a wrong thing
  to do.

> if you choose to violate them no amount of rationalizations changes the nature
> of the act.  It is still a crime, and it is still wrong.

  although it may be true that bootlegging is a crime (I am still unclear on
  this), I do not belive that it is necessariy wrong, and that is probably a
  difference in philosophy between you and me.  I believe that the law is
  frequently an ass and in situations where no one gets hurt it is not
  inherently wrong to violate the law.  Obviously many people feel differently
  about this.  Thus I claim that the "nature of the act" is a misleading
  statement, since the act has *no* inherent, absolute nature, but is in fact
  open to personal interpretation and, yes, rationalization.

> I would hope we could reach a consensus as Rush fans that
> supports the band, their music, and what they stand for.

  this seems unlikely, since the underlying issues do seem fairly deep and
  personal (eg the nature of right and wrong).  What we need is a to
  respect the various opinions; what I am afraid of is that people who think of
  bootlegging as "evil" will a) hassle and condemn those that don't and more
  importantly b) try to censor discussion about the various recording out
  there.  I don't thik this is the appropriate forum for detailed dealing in
  bootlegs, but it is a great place to discuss what shows have been recorded,
  and what type of quality, and where they can be obtained.  The current effort
  to produce an offline guide to bootlegs seems like just the thing to do, in
  that the NMS is being used to support this effort without itself being
  devoted to it.

  while it was a judgemental attitude in your original post that prompted me to
  respond, I do not see you attempting censorship, and your besides the
  judgements, your discussion on this topic has been intelligent, fair, and



Date: 23 Sep 92 10:10:46 EDT
From: doug <70003.5604@CompuServe.COM>
Subject: First Concert

Someone asks what RUSH was like in their earlier years in concert...

I'm sure there are some OLD-ER TIMERS than myself, but my first
RUSH concert was Hemispheres '78/79 (I still have the shirt).  My
brother, who is 6 years older than me saw them on the 2112 tour
(still have that shirt too, kinda small...).

The Hemispheres tour I saw was in Pittsburgh and STARZ opened up.
What a great show!!!  This was before the reserved seating days,
so we ran for the stage when STARZ completed their set.  We ended
up about 10 yards from the stage.  Being 12 years old and shorter
than most around me, I was on my brothers shoulders.  I remember
during one song Geddy looked right at me and pointed while singing
a line.  Wonder if he can chew gum at the same time?

Yes, they DID have the video screen back then and also explosions.
I jumped 2 feet when the first one went off during 2112.

One of the best things I'll remember was them playing CYGNUS X-1
and going right into Hemispheres!!!

Well needless to say, I've seen them every tour since, + 3 times
on Presto and 2ice on RTB.  Maybe others can share the older concerts
memories as suggested by someone before.



Date: Wed, 23 Sep 92 10:21:23 EDT
From: (Steven H. Katz)
Subject: at least one other opening band for this tour....

I saw Vinnie More open up in Buffalo...
(from what I know)
RUSH uses a variety of bands on each tour...

(BTW - Vinnie More was ok - but nothing in comparison to RUSH)



Date: Wed, 23 Sep 92 10:31:25 EDT
From: grasso@Cards.COM
Subject: Neil and Modern Drummer

> What surprised me was the lack of knowledge/appreciation among other
> professional drummers toward Mr.Peart's work.
>Granted, there are many other great drum records, made by much better 
>drummers, but the survey was surprising when you consider Neil Peart is the 
>current "drum god"like Buddy Rich and Gene Krupa once were.

I don't entirely agree.  I also subscribe to Modern Drummer and have read it 
from cover to cover for years.  It seems to me that a lot of NEW (read: up and 
coming) drummers are heavily influenced by Neil but, the older drummers are 
not.  The reason, I believe, is that the older drummers didn't have Neil to 
listen to as kids, he was growing up at the same time as they were.  I've been 
heavily influenced by drummers such as Neil, Jeff Porcaro, Gil Moore, etc. 
because I listen to them a lot.  I have learned a lot from other local 
drummers but, they are developing themselves and do not have their own style 
yet, so I would not say I was "influenced" by them.  I would define "being 
influenced" as "incorporating another's style into your own playing" (personal 

I have actually been surprised at the number of up and coming drummers who 
name Neil as an influence.  Also, because of the support he receives from the 
MD Readers Poll, I would say he has had, and will continue to have, an 
enormous impact on the drumming community. 

Buddy Rich and Gene Krupa have made an impact on the drummers around the time 
during and after their careers and I believe Neil's name will be included in 
the same breath in due time (if not already).  But, I don't think that the 
drummer's Neil's age could say they were influenced by him unless they changed 
the way they had developed once they heard him.

   [ PLEASE post with line lengths of 80 characters or less!!	: rush-mgr ]

Just my two cents.



Date: 23 Sep 1992 10:02:02 -0400 (EDT)
From: Why is here?? 
Subject: Here's my $.10 (inflation,dontcha know)

  Hello,all! I realize some of you hate long posts (which is beyond me),
so I'll try to keep it short.

  Women & Rush: I'm not trying to beat a dead horse,but what difference does
it make if generally people don't know many women Rushfans?? Can you look at
a person and say "That person listens to Rush"?? My mother, who only listened
to The Doobie Brothers and Oldies until 1985, loves Rush. You wouldn't believe
the look on her friends faces when she told them how great the concert was!!

  NMS Con: I happen to agree with Mr. Kutner in that maybe we should invite
*Rush* to a con. But 1) he beat me to it and 2) we all know that they probably

  Concerts: I've only been to four concerts all in Pittsburgh. HYF,Presto,RTB,
 and RTB again at Starlake Ampitheatre. Of all of them, the one in Starlake
 was the absolute best.They were playing songs like Analog Kid and two others
 (I can't remember right now) that they've only played in concert once or twice.
 It was fantastic.

  Rush/Marillion: I find very interesting but not surprising that a lot of you
out there in netland like and have heard of Marillion. Their musicianship is
very similar. However, (sorry rush mgr) new Marillion with Hogarth STBO.(Sucks
The Big One). Like my one friend told me when he first had me listen to
Holidays In Eden:" You listen and you think `yeah its Marillion' Then Hogarth's
voice comes in and you throw up" Sorry for the inappropriate subject matter, but
like I said-it's my $.10.

                         Flames,comments,firstborns,cats welcomed....

_Mike Baker


Date: Wed, 23 Sep 92 10:05:29 EST
From: Stimpy 
Subject: Collectible

Hi, I've noticed several mentions of individuals wanting rare RUSH
artifacts.  Well, I happen to have a very special one that I'm 
willing to sell to the top bidder, so if you want it or know someone
that does, send me a bid on this:
          Original release of Hemispheres
                on RED VINYL!!
           still in great shape, and comes with the poster
          that came with the LP, also has been kept in a 
           plastic sheath, attached to which is a backstage pass
          from the Hemispheres tour, and last but certainly not least
           the jacket is AUTOGRAPHED by all 3 of the boyz.
This is certainly something worth having if you love RUSH, so just
send those bids.thanks, Dan McConnell

	[   Please in the future, this is a discussion group, not
 	    a for sale, "auction list", "send me your highest bid"
	    newspaper column.  I realize some people would like that
 	    but the NMS is not really the place for this. Try:  or	: rush-mgr 	]


Date: Wed, 23 Sep 92 08:08:08 PDT
From: (Kevin B. Fournier)
Subject: sorry gang...

    First, I'm not apologizing for indicting the *sacred* position of our 
favorite band (a post in yesterday's issue), after all, everybody gotta
deviate from the norm...once in a while.  NO, I'm apologizing for the fact
that I usually do these post before 8am and am never fully awake, and thus,
my spelling, and my memory for trivia both really SUCK!!

     Two questions:  I didn't see it in the FAQL,  did any of the boyz go to
college?  I know Geddy and Alex met in High School, but they seem well educated.
Are Canadian High Schools that good? (Also from Canada are the eclectic Cowboy
Junkies and the way-out novelist and poet Margret Atwood - it seems Canadians
are very strong in the arts...)  The reason I ask wether the boys have gone to
college is because I wonder what Neil would have to say about kids who spend
four years of their youths and much of their parents money for the chance to
buy expensive books, and be lectured AT ( in many cases ) by stodgy, ivory
tower types.  What do readers of NMS think 'The Professor' himself would have
to say about living life v. reading about it?  If you can think of an appro-
priate lyric, or an experience in your lives which involed Rush's music, it
would be greatly apprecitated.

      Finally, what is the circulation for TNMS?  Just curious.

   [ The NMS currently has almost 1400 subscribers from all over the world;
     Japan, Korea, UK, Australia, New Zeland to name a few.	 : rush-mgr ]

			Thanks for your patience
			      K. Brent Fournier


Date: 23 Sep 1992 11:30:45 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Opening Acts

Hiya Fellow NMS'ers,
	Just thought I'd add a few names from shows I attended in/around
Dayton/Cincinnati in the past:
12/1/78 (You always remember the date of your "first time")- UFO
1979 - Autograph? or maybe Off Broadway?
1980 - Motley Crue (still sporting Kiss-esque make up) - this is why it 
       p*ssed me off when Crue made the smart-assed remarks on rockline-
       give someone a break, and this is how they repay you!
1981 - Roadmaster?
1982 - Max Webster
And the mother of all triple bills:
1976 - Boston, RUSH, and Starcastle (I did'nt attend this one, but some of 
       my high school pals did, and said that Boston played so loud that 
       they thought their ears would bleed....BTW I think Starcastle was 
       a short-lived band w/Rick Wakeman of yes.....Who do you think would 
       headline now....I mean Boston and Rush as opening acts???  Thank 
       "Bob" that time has corrected this situation (along w/Crue's).

			Save your flames for CTTH

			Just my 1/1000 of $20



Date: 	Wed, 23 Sep 1992 11:49:57 -0400
Subject: Re: 09/22/92 - The National Midnight Star #521

>Date: Tue, 22 Sep 92 14:37:44 -0400
>From: Mike Hackett 
>Subject: Convention stuff
>I don't know how it is spelt
>in the lyrics of the CoS album, but I've always thought that "The River Don/
>Dawn" was a twist of the Don River that runs through Toronto (maybe even
>through Willodale - someone from there can confirm this maybe).
>Someone finally mentioned flying in to YYZ (Toronto Pearson International
>Airport), but I guess most really don't care to spend any more time in an
>airport than necessary, regardless of how "special" it is.

    As for the Don River, I does run thorugh Willowdale and Don Mills (hence 
the name Don for  the mills).

 PS.  There is some fun to be had at Pearson, haven't you been to the NEW (and 
improved)  terminal 3?  That would be sight! ( :-)  



Date: Wed, 23 Sep 1992 12:00:12 -0400
From: Jeremy Weissenburger <>
Subject: The first time...

	It is just me, or does everyone seem to have really gotten into Rush
because of either Tom Sawyer or 2112?

	"Every exit is an entrance someplace else." Tom Stoppard


Date: 23 Sep 1992 11:14:29 -0500 (CDT)
Subject: Rush and Sha Na Na

	I remember reading once that Rush was only booed off the stage once..
when they opened for Sha Na Na.  I r4member a conversation / interview
with Alex abut (about) this.  Doesn't that crack you up[????

Thomas Beaudoin

"Why moon around the world, when you can moon right here/"


Date:    Wed, 23 Sep 1992 13:10:21 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: My $.02 about Primus

I saw The Boyz in Binghamton,NY (Broome County Arena), and Primus opened
for them... I don't know if they did this for all of their opening acts
for RUSH, but the lead singer took bass violin, and started playing
Kashmir (Zepplin) . The crowd wanted to hang him ,and he said
"We Suck, and We Know IT".....
I just thought it was funny.....


Date: Wed, 23 Sep 92 13:19:35 -0500
From: (Eric J Merkel)
Subject: the 70's

	I don't remeber who it was, but someone mentioned that the 70's 
was a time when everyone was doing songs of an epic scale, and so forth.
This made me start to think about the 70's and I guess as far as my taste
in music goes, was probably the most prolific era of quality music. I mean
bands such as Pink Floyd, Yes, Jethro Tull, the Moody Blues, ELP, Rush
and many other artists, put out many of their greatest works. Of course
many of these bands have continued on through the 80's up until today,
but I feel like somehow the 'spirit' of the music has changed. This
doesn't mean I don't like any of these bands current works, heck I get
into Power Windows as much as I do 2112, but it's just different. What
do you people out it net land think? Well, I've rambled on long enough,
I'd better head off to class . . .



From: (C.A. Peskin)
Subject: Boots and things I just picked up. . .
Date: Wed, 23 Sep 92 16:14:58 EDT

	Hello, I am a dedicated RUSH fan, and have been for many years. 
I have been reading the NMS for a while, but never bothered to post
So, now I'm posting.

	I recently picked up an 'older' looking bootleg on CD called 'RUSH -
Red Barchetta'  Montreal Forum, MAY 1981.  It's a very interesting
album, but the quality isn't as good as other CD boots I have heard.
I was wondering if anyone has heard of this album, and/or does anyone
have any background info on it?  

	I have also just picked up ALL three of the RTB 'promo -its's a rap
part X' albums.  I have parts two and three on CD, one his a hologram CD,
and part ONE on a picture disc.  The piscture disc is supposed to be a
limited production type of item.  I was wondering, how rare is it?    


Date: Wed, 23 Sep 92 16:28:12 EST
From: (Aaron White) 
Subject: RE: Neal Stephenson, Aaron White, and ENOUGH ALREADY!!!

     Hey out there,

     I'm dropping this line to Neal Stephenson and his attempt for a new
thread here on NMS.  Ironically, Neal's part in a recent NMS struck a chord with
me as well.  I have also been to the Dachau Concencentration Camp.  (I too
feel the same way when Red Sector A is played.  But my own intense feelings
come from not only RSA, but more personally from Xanadu and S.T.Coleridge's
poem Kubla Khan.  I was in Beijing in Beihei (sp?) Park, walking around
listening to ESL and The Trees.  Then as I was passing through the gates of
a small sanctuary, the opening "bars" (sounds ?) of Xanadu.  As Geddy was
getting into Neil's lyrics (that were based on Coleridge's poem), my mother
leaned over to me and said that the exact spot I was standing on was where
Kubla Khan's "stately pleasure dome" once stood almost two thousand years
before.  Now, every time I here Xanadu and I think of my personal memories
connected with the song and am filled with intense emotion.  Just thought
I'd let you know . . .

Aaron White
     P.S.  I noticed yesterday that there was another Aaron White out in
Rush-Land, from Moorehead State.  I wonder how many others there are out
     P.P.S.  To Terry, you're not the only one by-passing through the novels
written by some NMS subscribers.  Also, ENOUGH ALREADY with the "first-time"
thread.  I've had it !!!
     "Plus ca change, plus ca la meme chose"
     "Everyone would gather on the 24th of May
      Sitting in the sand to watch the fireworks display"
                       N. Peart


Date: 23 Sep 1992 16:57:47 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Reactionary fans

     In a recent NMS, someone broke Rush fans down into several categories.
One of these consisted of reactionary-type fans who won't listen to
anything after Hemispheres.   Now, I would like to give  my own definition
of the ultimate reactionary Rush fan:

Someome who says "They've sucked since John Rutsey left."

                                                       Finding my way,


Date: Wed, 23 Sep 92 12:41:07 PDT
From: qsp!danb@uunet.UU.NET (Daniel Benbenisty)
Subject: Re: New thread for a fraying tapestry...

>Can one say Rush was really original in doing what they did before the hit the
>PoW phase of their careers? (I'd exempt Per. Waves from this statement, nothing
>in the history of the world even comes close...) Seriously,  By-tor was scooped
>by Black Sabbath...The Fountain of Lamneth was scooped by Close to the Edge,
>2112 was scooped by Relayer and Supper's Ready and Tarkus, and one could
>even say Hemisphere's is Tarkus redone....
>        Once again...Did Rush do anything original before Neil began exploring
>themes of lose, growing up, alienation, broken dreams and politics in the
>p/g PoW era?  The music of the *new* genoration of Rush fans seems to have a
>bit more integrity (ie orginality) than the music that retro-fans love to
>praise with reactionary dogmatism...			^^^^^^^^^^
							| that's me!
All Right!  Finally someone who wants to get into a good argument! You pose 
an interesting point, but one that I will refute. While Rush emerged in an 
era of progressive rock bands - perhaps even coming a little late on the 
scene - this in itself is no grounds for dismissing their originally.  On 
the other hand, THEIR NEW SHIT SUCKS! (ahem) Support for these points follows:

Progressive rock may best be defined as a no-holds-barred creative approach 
to music, except using mostly conventional rock instruments and blending in 
a few rock conventions.  Whereas most genres of popular music obey a strict 
set of rules (e.g. reggie must have a clean guitar strumming staccato chords
on the 2 and 4), progressive rock attempts to break free of this, in effect 
becoming a non-genre.  You can say that prog rock is anything that's not 
already been done. Therefore, you cannot say that just because a prog rock 
band was not the first prog rock band, it is not original (BTW, I'm not 
defending Rush's self-titled debut.  It's a cute album, but it was really 
just Rush's attempt to break into the industry by being a Zeppelin clone).

Was Mozart or Beethoven unoriginal because they were preceeded (and taught) 
by Handel? Or even because they employed some similar techniques? No.

Of course, I haven't yet refuted your points.  You claim that each old
Rush album (except PeW - I don't know why you make this exception) is
a ripoff of a specific other album.  I'm sorry, but I don't see the
similarity of Tarkus and Hemispheres.  Each are excellent albums, but
where is the cloning?  The fact that Rush uses keyboards?  Come on,
you're going to have to be specific (which you can't, cause you're wrong).
What musical themes are the same?  In fact, I see few similarities
between ANY of the Rush albums you mentioned and any of the other albums.
2112 and Relayer?  Give me a break!  The ball is in your court - you
are going to have to back up these parallels you draw with some specifics.

And even if there were similarities (gee, Rush and XXX both had drummers!
or gee, Rush and XXX both wrote about aliens!), they would pale beside
the total chameleon effect that Rush pulled in the 80's and 90's.
The only way you can distinguish new Rush from the rest of the pap
out there is from the occasional bass solo and Geddy's unique voice.
Their current composition is banal and boring.  I don't care about
their current lyrics, since they are no longer emotionally connected to
the music.  If I want good lyrics alone, I'll buy some poetry.  If
Peart wants, why doesn't he just publish a book of poems for $15.98?

New Rush = New Genesis = New Yes = New ELP (Black Moon) = New Metallica 
= GARBAGE - These bands are just trying to make money, not music.

>                Well, I love to provoke...thanks for your patients.

Any time, doctor.

Daniel Benbenisty		Guitarist for EARWURM		


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