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          The National Midnight Star, Number 523

               Thursday, 24 September 1992
Today's Topics:
                  Re:  The first time...
      Re: 09/23/92 - The National Midnight Star #522
                        Rush stuff
            Yes there's a Superconductor Video
                Neil Peart's Philosophies
      Re: 09/23/92 - The National Midnight Star #522
          My god, he's got even more to say. . .
There's more!!!  Will someone PLEASE shut this bastard up???
                    SUPERCONDUCTOR VID
                 Old vs New:  A Response
                     A few things...
      Re: 09/23/92 - The National Midnight Star #522
                  Re: The first time...
Re D. Benbenisty (very long, sorry gang..Rush stuff at the end)
                ** RUSH ARE EVERYWHERE! **
                Rush items seen advertised
                      First Concert
               Vinnie Moore & 1st influence
                    The first time...
          empty criticisms/the good old days...

Date: Wed, 23 Sep 92 17:49:52 -0500
From: Brian E. Saunders 
Subject: Re:  The first time...

> 	It is just me, or does everyone seem to have really gotten into Rush
> because of either Tom Sawyer or 2112?

Well, Tom Sawyer got radio airplay, and 2112 had a slightly-controversial
cover, which probably garnered attention from the early metal fans.

The first Rush I remembered liking was Limelight, actually, but it was "The
Weapon" that really got me interested in Rush.  Call me strange...

So who is going to say they got into Rush because of "Kid Gloves"?



Subject: Re: 09/23/92 - The National Midnight Star #522
Date: Wed, 23 Sep 92 20:00:29 -0400

In Issue #522, qsp!danb@uunet.UU.NET (Daniel Benbenisty) accused Rush's
latest efforts of being money-makers rather than artistic statements.
I'm know there are bands that do sell out- but Rush already had huge
sucess with 2112 and later albums. They were *already* making money!
Maybe they got lazy, or (my opinion) their taste really did change,
but after their great previous success, I doubt they sold out.


Date:        Wed, 23 Sep 92 20:29:21 EDT
From: B7JD000 
Subject: Rush stuff

Hi Y'all,

It's my first time being in the limelight.  If you want to question what I
say, feel free to email.  Anyway, let me start self-indulging here :

First,  FYI, if anybody didn't know already, the neon sign in the picture
inside HYF is Chinese for Tai Shan.  Tai Shan is in a proverb that approximates
"solid as a rock" (it's the rock.)  It can also mean a moutain, a person who
is physically strong, or Tarzan (note the similarity in pronunciation.)  BTW,
one of the first questions I ask people when I first meet them if they liked
Rush.  So far, the only Oriental person I know who likes Rush is my cousin.
Why is that?  (I guess I know, it's white music)  Any fan out there who has
yellow skin and black hair like me?

Re : Rush convention

I love the idea of a Rush convention.  I think a great time would be to
hold it during the second to last weekend of May.  It's a three-day weekend
for Canadians, and we could go to Lakeside Park on the 24th and have
fireworks and sing songs together (hint, hint.)  FYI, May 24 is on a Monday
and is also Victoria Day.  I think most college students would be off by
then, but I'm not sure.  Anyway, <>
It's just an idea, albeit a romantic one.

Re : the world of cinema

My first thoughts when I saw an ad for "Rush" the movie: "Is Rush on it?"
Mr. Clapton, Mr. Sanborn and Sting did some great songs together, but
doesn't it make since to use a band w/ the same name as the movie to do the
soundtrack?  That sucks big toes!

Re : First time I heard Rush

The first time I heard Rush was just after ASOH came out.  I just got into
playing bass and a hardcore Rush fanatic drummer friend of mine (I think
he's a class B, he don't listen to the early ones that much, I don't think)
brought his CD player and HYF to show off Geddy's licks.  I was real
impressed because the music was out of this world and the bass parts were
blowing me away.  I told him this was the band I've always been looking for,
a band with a killer bass dude and lyrics that would provoke some brain
activity.  Even though I was excited about the band I didn't buy a single
album until I got a laserdisc player.  Then I started buying CDs when they
were on sale and the first laserdisc I got was ASOH.  After I could memorize
every shot of ASOH I bought p/g.  It wasn't as great because the camera work
sucked.  But it's still CD quality sound and it's Rush, so I ain't
        I saw my first concert in Irvine, CA (outdoor amphitheater) with my
cousin who just came from Taiwan.  It's too bad Rush don't play in Taiwan,
I bet they sell out in 5 micro-seconds.  Anyway, it was le Presto tour and
needless to say, the ultimate experience of my life.  I saw Rush again in
Montreal for the RTB tour and I didn't like it as much because the enclosed
Forum ain't the greatest place for a concert.  The sound was distorted at the
high end and the people around us (we got cheap seats, didn't know there
was a concert until my Rush-hating brother pointed it out to me in the
newspaper) seemed to be watching chickens hatch eggs.  Nevertheless, we had
a great time.  My friend from Winnipeg, where Rush has not played in since
the early 80s, went to see his favorite band for the first time and that's
all he talked about for quite awhile.
        Interestingly, I never really got into the lyrics even though they
were a part of what first attracted me to Rush.  I just memorize them so I
can sing-along during the concerts, hehe.  The closest I came to analyzing
the lyrics was "The Pass."  I wanted my band to cover that song because the
parts were pretty easy (except for the drums, of course) so I read the
lyrics to get a feel for it.  I figured out it was something on suicide and
I thought, "Great, I figured it out.  Let's see if I can do the same with
the drum part."  Anyway, that's how I came to kiss the ground that Rush
walks on.  Pretty unexciting.

Re : songs -> events

Don't got no songs that I can relate an event to, but I can tell you that I
know every bass line Geddy ever put on magnetic pattern, just can't play
them (how can you sing and play the bass line in "Turn the Page" at the same
time?  I can't play the piano because you have to have two hands doing
different things.  But I can listen to Rush and study, and watch TV, and
shower, and eat, and pick my nose, and...)

Re : Concept albums

Somebody said something about concept albums being a cool idea.  Check out
Queensryche and their Operation: Mindcrime album.  Arguably one of the best
concept albums of all time (besides Rush albums, no doubt.)

Well, that's my 2 New Taiwan Dollars' (NT) worth, let us hope the convention
becomes reality.

Rodney Chang


From: Duner 
Subject: Yes there's a Superconductor Video
Date: Wed, 23 Sep 92 20:08:24 CDT

   Someone posted that he was in the Superconductor video.  He was
   wondering if it was ever released.  Yes it was because have it!
   It's a pretty good video and kind of funny.



From: rhalse20@Calvin.EDU (Rob Halsey)
Subject: Neil Peart's Philosophies
Date: Wed, 23 Sep 92 21:35:10 EDT

Hello fellow Rush fans!  As a new reader of this group, I am not sure
that this has been discussed before, but I would like to see any
opinions on the topic.  Neil Peart's lyrics in many of the Rush songs
have very deep meaning to me (and probably other listeners as well).  My
question is this:  Is Neil Peart an athiest, and if not, does he have
any religious convictions (pro/con/other) at all?  Also, someone
mentioned an essay that Peart wrote on satanism.  Could someone email me
and let me know where I could get my hands on a copy of it?  Thanks in

   [ The Neil letter is on anonymous ftp at syrinx, in the special
     directory called "neil.satanism.ed"		: rush-mgr ]

Rob Halsey                       | "I will love him and hug him, and squeeze
(            |  him and pet him, and pet him and squeeze
Calvin College  Phi 33           |  him and I will call him George!"
Grand Rapids, MI 49546           |                    -Looney Toons (tm)


Date: 23 Sep 1992 22:44:25 -0400 (EDT)
From: ASILVERM@umiami.IR.Miami.EDU
Subject: Re: 09/23/92 - The National Midnight Star #522

The 70's rule!!!

	O.K., so I never got to see Rush(I will NEVER refer to them, or
anyone else, as "The Boyz" & a pox on those who do!) until the Presto tour.
That doesn't make what they, Yes, ELP, Genesis and the other greats of
progressive rock did to us in the 80's any less sickening to me.  Granted,
as far as albums of the past few years go, Presto and Union rank fairly
highly amidst the dance pop drivel that's been getting churned out like
cars were in the 50's(Extra kudos to Queen and Judas Priest for Innuendo
and Painkiller, definitely "second wind" discs, although both those groups
have  now lost their lead singer).  However, the point which has been rather
strongly brought up in the past few days that progressive rock is hibernating
hits home.  Granted, Power Windows certainly doesn't suck, as some of you have
inferred(or directly  stated!), but it sure ain't no 2112!!!  While recent
music is often good listening, the extended suites of the 70's are FAR more
interesting from a musical standpoint.  I have found  that this view is far
more prevalent among musicians, which is understandable.   As someone who has
a background in music theory and performance, as well as an interest in many
different kinds of music, I love to hear references to other styles like Jazz
and Classical in rock music.  One of the things that makes rock great is that
it is the only form of music(except perhaps some jazz) which has really
incorporated many other types into itself.  This kind of development was
hinted at by bands like Zeppelin and Frank Zappa in the late 60's and really
brought to fruition by our beloved progressive groups of the 70's.  Sadly, the
80's brought a severe decline in the complexity of rock, even with those
groups technically proficient enough to carry on the tradition.
	The winter may be over for this bear, though.  New bands(most of which
fall into the Metal category) like Dream Theater, T-Ride, Magellan and Thought
Industry are bringing back some of the boundary pushing of classic progressive
rock.  I hope more groups like these continue to emerge and evolve in the 90's
and I wish great success for them.
	On a semi-related note:  Has anyone else gone through explaining the
difference between "progressive" and "alternative" or "college" rock to fans
of the latter?  By my own definition, "progressive" is the musically
challenging styles of you-know-who, and "alternative" is the more  easily
digestible (musically and commercially) music of groups like REM and U2.
Interestingly, many of my "alternative" type friends see the difference right
away, and often ask me to make Rush mixes for them!
	(I don't sound this pretentious in real life, really. . .right,
	I recently picked up the new Dream Theater disc, and I heard that it's
not their first.  Does anyone know the names of any previous releases?

				Party On, Dudes

				Aaron Silverman


Date: 23 Sep 1992 22:53:09 -0400 (EDT)
From: ASILVERM@umiami.IR.Miami.EDU
Subject: My god, he's got even more to say. . .

Hey kids!  Here's my bit on Rush's Opening Acts!!!

I've seen three opening acts for Rush:  Mr. Big, Vinnie Moore and Primus.
Mr. Big:  Granted, they are very talented, but "Green Tinted Sixties Mind"???
	Get Eat 'Em And Smile or some Racer X albums, but Holy Hand Grenade,
	King Arthur, This stuff BITES!

Vinnie Moore:  Also very talented.  However, unless you are into flashy
	guitar instrumentals(which I kind of am), he'll probably bore you.

Primus:  Definitely an acquired taste.  There were 2 of us in the 3rd row
	going nuts during their set, and almost everyone else just kind of
	ignored them(but oh, to stand not 15 feet from the Lerxt-man himself).

	One more thing about Primus:  To set the  record straight ONCE AND FOR
ALL:  "We're Primus, and We Suck" has been their motto for many years.  It's
cute for us fans, but for those of you who think they really DO suck, THEY'RE
NOT agreeing with you!!!  'Nuff said.

			Can this multi-post get any longer. . .

			Aaron Silverman


Date: 23 Sep 1992 22:56:02 -0400 (EDT)
From: ASILVERM@umiami.IR.Miami.EDU
Subject: There's more!!!  Will someone PLEASE shut this bastard up???

Just out of curiosity. . .

	How many different versions are there of the St. Louis 1980 bootleg
are there?  I've seen or heard at least three different tapes of this show.
How many of you have noticed this?

			I'm really done now!!!

			Aaron A.K.A. D.J. Kuul A



Date:    Wed, 23 Sep 1992 23:32:06 -0400 (EDT)

Indeed the video for Superconductor came out.  I think it was played
on MTV a total of one time.  However it did make it to Much Music
from what I understand.

I have a question and a comment about the video... does the person who
attended the taping of the video remember how he/she found out that Rush
was shooting the video?  Are you sure it took two days?  I heard it only
took one day?  If it took two days, did you sit in the same seat both
days?  Was it announced on WNEW.  My comment is regarding the set-up
for this video.  You'll notice that Ged and Alex switched sides of the
stage for this video.  My friend asked Ged about this at some point, and
he responded that they did this for a little variety.  Very interesting..

See ya

Ken F.


From: (Robert Sapp)
Subject: Old vs New:  A Response
Date: Thu, 24 Sep 92 9:40:34 EDT

In an earlier post, Daniel Benbenisty said:

> The only way you can distinguish new Rush from the rest of the pap
> out there is from the occasional bass solo and Geddy's unique voice.
> Their current composition is banal and boring.  I don't care about
> their current lyrics, since they are no longer emotionally connected to
> the music.  If I want good lyrics alone, I'll buy some poetry.  If
> Peart wants, why doesn't he just publish a book of poems for $15.98?

The first part of Daniel's post was equally tedious and filled with
self-sustaining dogma which he labeled *support* so I believe I'll just
address this last section.  The old vs. new Rush (draw the lines where you
will) has been argued many times. My personal belief is that both
*subdivisions* have their own distinct merit.  Those who listen only to old
Rush have often refused to grow with the band; not all, but many of
these folks are still trapped in that era with the old Rush music - they
wear the wame clothes, say the same things, think the same thoughts.  They
are stagnent.

Those who listen only to the new Rush and dismiss the old are
equally short-sighted.  They can never fully appreciate the growth the
band has realized, because they are not aware of the roots of the band;
the place where they began.  Whenever a new album is released, my first
gut reaction is somewhat similar to Daniel's.  And then on the album, on
every album, I find one song that speaks specifically to my own
condition.  On HYF, it was Time Stand Still.  On Presto, it was
Available Light.  And on RTB, it was (and is) RTB.  These poignant songs
are, for me,  and indcator of maturity since the previous album and a
hint at the next.  Usually,  I also find other songs on the album which
are, to my mind, truly exceptional.  The Pass, from Presto, is a fine example.

Mr. Benbensity seems concerned with the lack of connections between
music and lyrics.  I'll give him several off the top of my head.
(2) The line from Bravado, "And if the music stops...." when the music
quite literally drops to a simple single-note drum and bass on top of
the beat.
(3) The grandiose opening guitar work in Marathon, a certain indicator
of the majesty of the theme that follows.
(4)  The fervid pace and intricate synth work in Middletown Dreams which
confirms the characters underlying fears of their own mediocrity.
(5) The excellent guitar solo in Losing It which also attends to a
different kind of fear, the fear of becoming ordinary, not unlike the
Housewife and the Businessman presented in Middletown.

No sir, I believe your arguement is largely unfounded.  If fact, I can't
think of an instance where Rush's music does belie their music...can

Coordinator for Educational Computing
The Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

ORQ:  The melody keeps repeating.


Subject: A few things...
Date: Thu, 24 Sep 92 9:54:26 EDT

    Hi! I'm a female Rush fan (for those worried that we don't exist).
I got into Rush from a friend who told me that my musical taste sucked
and who made me a 90min mix, which contained some Rush (and,no, Tom
Sawyer and 2112 weren't on had Closer to the Heart and The Big
Money). I proceeded to buy every tape within the year.
    As for the Superconductor video...I saw it on MuchMusic (canadian
music video channel) a couple of times. I thought that it was rather
poorly done. It would have been better had it been a straight performance
video, rather than having the audience try to act. It was probably never
played on MTV.


From: bold@cutter (Jason Bold)
Subject: Re: 09/23/92 - The National Midnight Star #522
Date: Thu, 24 Sep 92 8:11:46 CDT

Hi people, it's been a long time since I posted.  I have a few thoughts.

Someone posted:

[rare Rush items forsale (backstage pass, etc.) deleted]

> 	[   Please in the future, this is a discussion group, not
>  	    a for sale, "auction list", "send me your highest bid"
> 	    newspaper column.  I realize some people would like that
>  	    but the NMS is not really the place for this. Try:
>  or	: rush-mgr 	]

IMHO, I would like first crack at something that is Rush memorabilia.  It
would be nice to be able to find it in the NMS, maybe in a small section as
the end for buying and selling Rush (only!) memorabilia.  However, I have to
agree that this is definitely a discussion group.  Any suggestions?  Maybe a
small classified section at the end?  If it wasn't too large per issue, it
might be manageable.  So, what to you think rush-mgr?

   [ This could be an option, put at the end of the digest. If you'd like
     to advertise something of yours for sale put the word "CLASSIFIEDS"
     for the subject header.				       : rush-mgr ]

Second:  Bootlegs

Bootlegs are illegal.  There's no doubt about that.  As to whether having them
is "morally" correct or not, it probably isn't, but then, being morally
incorrect never stopped a lot of people from a lot of things, myself included.
Bootlegs are nice to have.  But I don't agree with profiting from them.  There's
a difference between the "letter" of the law, and the "intent" of the law.
I believe that the laws against bootlegs were for people who make mass copies
and wind up hurting the band's album sales.  They weren't for people who tape
a show, and give a copy or two to a friend.

Third:  NMS convention

Sounds like a blast.  I would definitely recommend that it be during the
summer, rather than during spring break.  Like someone mentioned, spring
breaks don't always coincide, but at least part of summer breaks do ;-)
Also, lots of people have plans for their spring break, like going to Florida,
and other things.

As an aside, I was *real* happy when I saw Alex playing my exact same guitar
on the RTB tour that I had purchased two years earlier.  And without even
knowing he used a Custom PRS(the blue one).

Jason Bold - Madison, WI:                 +===+   o    +===+  Yeah, but two      |   |  /|\   |   |  amps can go
                                          |~~~|  Co-"= |~~~|  up to 22.
"With this amazing new "knife"...         |___|  / \   |___|  So there!


Date: 24 Sep 1992 10:12:48 -0500 (CDT)
Subject: Re: The first time...

Jeremy Weissenburger askes:

> Is it just me. or does everyone seem to have really gotten into Rush
> because of either Tom Sawyer or 2112?

Though I had heard Tom Sawyer on the radio, it was the whole p/g album (but
especially DEW) which got me listening to the guys when I was a scrapping 10
years old.  My brother had just gotten the cassette from a club and didn't
like it, so he gave it to me (can you imaging?!).  I didn't even hear 2112
until about 2 years later.  Thought you might be interested.

Daniel Becker
University of Minnesota, Morris

"I see the tip of the iceberg and I worry about you."


Date: Thu, 24 Sep 92 08:37:39 PDT
From: (Kevin B. Fournier)
Subject: Re D. Benbenisty (very long, sorry gang..Rush stuff at the end)

First, a disclaimer,  I'm living as a temporary border in someone's house
literally on the other side of the country from my home, hence, I don't have
access to my vinyl records, my cd's, and my landlady doesn't even own a stereo.
Every thing I cite is, unfortunately, from memory.

     Dan,  you define progressive rock as the result of an experiment in creat-
ivity with no other distinguishing features.  This is wrong.  The Ramones were
once on the forefront of creative music, but no one would say they were champs
of prog. rock.  Creativity alone is not the hallmark of prog. rock.  In fact,
you claim there is no such thing as a genre of prog. rock acts.  Wrong!!  Prog.
rock is a genre characterized by use of odd time signatures, very expanded
dynamic ranges, instruements not normal for R&B based garage rock&roll, and
heavy use of electronic instruementation and augmentation.  Early Rush falls
into the prog. genre because they did explore a wider dynamic range than a lot
of acts like Deep Purple or Lynyrd Skynyrd, and their sheer musical talent let
the boyz create a wall of sound with only three performers the likes of which
has not been done as well by as few before or since.  Not until 2112 would I
even consider Rush as explorers of the more technical/artsy compontent of prog.
rock.  As for wether or not Rush was original, I'd say by the time 2112 was
released, the whole genre had grown tired of itself.  Gabriel and Hackett had
both left Genesis, and after 2 decent albums, the band is pretty much where
they are today.  I think Yes's 'Going for the One' came out at this point, and
definately shows an evolution towards shorter songs that was made manefest on
'Tormato' and 'Drama'.  Also, if the genre, by the time the boyz got to it, was
still so "no-holds-barred" creative, why did Wakeman, and Anderson leave Yes,
why did ELP split up, and why did King Crimson and the Moody Blues both go into
hiatus for many, many years???

      Next, don't discuss music from the 18th and 19th century unless you are
prepared to do so.  For starters, Mozart is painfully unoriginal.  Perhaps that
is why he is so popular today?!  Bach, who was a true inovator, was original in
style, and often never recieved critical acclaim from his contemporaries.
Mozart ripped off a lot of Bach's themes and evocations, stripped them of the
counterpunctal rythmic richness and complexity of Bach, and buried them in a
(classical era) wall of sound.  Beethoven, on the other hand, gets some praise
for integrity in his music, but sadly, it may all be derived from his fairly
well established maddness.  As far as your 'point', after Beethoven's Eroica
Symphony, his music (except for the Pastorale (sp?)) bears no resemblance to
Handel.  Your point is nonsequitor (sp?)

      As for specific similarities between old Rush albums and other albums,
I never said the Rush albums were clones (as you would have me say).  Still,
if you listen to the introduction to Tarkus, and the '...the universe divided,
the heart and mind collided...' part of Hemispheres, you would find the melody
in the base in both tracks is extremely similar.  Also, the keyboard sound in
the '...I have memory and a will, but I have not shape or form...' is very
similar to, I believe, the Manticore part of Tarkus.  (Again, because of my
transient status, I am working purely from memories that are years old in some
cases...)  I don't want to pick these songs apart phrase by phrase.  The point
is that thematically, all of Rush's albums (CoS --> Hemi.) repeate themes done
on other albums (the battle between authority and free will: 2112/Relayer;
a journey of discovery and introspection: Fountain of Lamneth/Close to the
Edge)  More importantly, the way that Rush uses the music to tell the story had
also been well explored by the time they got there.  The flight of Black
Sabbath's Iron Man as he turns on humanity is much more clear in the guitar/
bass combination on the album than in Ozzy's nasaly story, just as is the fight
between By-tor and the Snowdog and By-tor and the Necromancer.  The anguished
peaks of despair felt by the hero in 2112 are very well brought out by Alex's
screaming guitar.  Still, the psychic chaos felt in the mind of the hero of
Relayer is also masterfully illustrated by Steve Howe, and the peaks of joy of
self-discovery in Rick Wakeman's keyboards on Close to the Edge more than set
the example for the ultimate resolution of conflict that Alex's acustic guitar
brings to us at the close of Hemispheres.

     I'm sorry for going on and on.  I will bring this long post to a close 
with a few keypoints that I've been trying to make all along, and that I want 
you to understand above all others.  1) It is clear that the Rush of the 70's 
were not pioneers, they were following in the footsteps of band that peaked in 
the late 60's and early 70's.  2) Although you feel the Rush of the 80's and 
90's is with out redeeming qualities, I believe you are in error.  The band 
has managed to offer a universal appeal with their lyrics as is shown by the 
number of new female rush fans, the global oriented songs such as Territories, 
and Heresey, a sense of western history such as in DEW and Red Sector A and 
Heresy, and an examination of our culture in such songs as Subdivisions and 
Middletown Dreams.  Whereas in the 70's Rush relied on each musician stepping 
out and offering a lot of flash in order to attract the fleeting attention of 
adolescent males, the Rush of today has integrated itself into one of the 
tightest, slickest GROUPS of musicians playing as a unit, and offering us 
something of substance to think about in our every day lives. 3)Lastly, the 
lyrics can't just stand alone nor can the music in the songs.  Remember, the 
originator of all Western Epic art, Homer the Poet, was blind, and did not 
write huge tomes for high school and college students to suffer through.  The 
composed lyrical poetry, epic songs to tell the story and explain/explore the 
culture of his age.  To listen to just one component of the musical package 
that is Rush, or to limit yourself to the bands least mature, and least well 
defined stage is sad indeed.

			Thanks for your patience,

			   K. Brent Fournier


Date: Thu, 24 Sep 92 02:48:42 CDT
From: (Todd Madson)

Thought I'd drop a line to the list here and mention a job interview I had
today.  What did a job interview have anything in the slightest to do with
a band of three canadian mistrels?

It was a company that produces color graphics and slides for the presentation
graphics industry.

In on of their computer labs, there were three high-end Macintoshes.  Each
monitor had a decal on the top center with a "Red Star with Naked Man" on
each end with three familiar names in the center: Geddy, Alex, and Neil.
I nearly laughed out loud - obviously, a Rush fan maintains the computer
network there and named the machines accordingly.

As far as old concerts go:  Yes, Moving Pictures tour 1981 DID indeed have a
viewscreen.  They showed the "air car" sequence for "Red Barchetta".  I've
seen every tour since that one except Signals (when they didn't come here
because the Moving Pictures tour was beset by idiots with Fireworks in the
auditorium - yes, it was near 4th of July, but it doesn't excuse them.)
That year, Rush decided to go to Duluth, Minnesota and they didn't make it
to Minneapolis.

UUCP: {amdahl!bungia, crash}!orbit!pnet51!tmadson
ARPA: crash!orbit!pnet51!


From: (John Becker)
Subject: Rush items seen advertised
Date: Thu, 24 Sep 92 12:46:48 CDT

I just received 2 mail order catalogs listing Rush items that people have
asked about in recent issues of the NMS. Here's the information:

Worldwide CD, P.O. Box 543, Villa Park, IL  60181 (708) 941-7619 has:
CD singles:
Roll The Bones/ Where's My Thing/ Superconductor/ It's a Rap Part 3 (Neil
speaks)  $8.00
Roll The Bones/ Anagram/ It's a Rap Part 2 (Geddy speaks) Hologram  $11.00
Roll The Bones/ Tom Sawyer(Live)/ Spirit of Radio(Live)  $11.00
Ghost Of A Chance/ Dreamline/ Chain Lightning/ Red Tide  $11.00
VHS Video:
Exit Stage Left  $30.00
Check, money order, or credit card(Visa/MC) accepted, $3.50 shipping per

CDC Co., 618 S. Northwest Hwy., Suite #120, Barrington, IL  60010 has:
Live CDs:
The Fly, New York, 1991  $25.00
Life Under Pressure, Pittsburgh, 1984  $25.00
Russian Roulette, Holland, 1979  $25.00
Enemies Within, Live from GUP tour  $25.00
Currently In Vogue, U.S., 1987  $25.00
Spirit of St. Louis, 1980  $25.00
Check, money order, or credit card(Visa/MC) accepted, $3.50 shipping per

I have no affiliation with either of these companies. I have bought things
from Worldwide CD, and they seem to be OK. I have never ordered from CDC Co.,
but I suspect they are run by the same folks, because the mailing labels on
the two catalogs are identical.



Date: Thu, 24 Sep 1992 12:52:00 +0000
From: "Robert (R.A.) Herrage" 
Subject: First Concert

I first saw RUSH "on tour" for Hemispheres.  April Wine was the opening
band.  That first album of theirs (AW) was pretty good.  I'd never heard
them before the concert and went out and bought the "ancient 8-track".
I still have it (and, of all things, an 8-track player/recorder too).
I was a junior in high school at the time.

For those wondering why better bands don't open for RUSH, I've always
thought that it was on purpose -- and not just for RUSH.  Would you,
being a headlining band, want some opening act to blow you away and
have the fans talking more about them than you?  I certainly wouldn't.

I recall Van Halen's 1984 concert in Dallas; the "something Strawber-
ries" or the "Strawberry somethings".  Anyway, talk about terrible.
The audience boo-ed them after practically every song and clapped when
the finished.

As far as my first introduction to RUSH, I posted one earlier this
year.  Since we've got so many new subscribers, I'll see if I can
find it and repost it -- as long as rushmgr doesn't mind :)



Date:         Thu, 24 Sep 92 14:41:21 EDT
Subject:      Vinnie Moore & 1st influence

Rushppl --

First of all: I saw Vinnie Moore open for Rush on this last tour....  I saw
them in Philly which is supposedly Mr. Moore's (and I use that term loosely)
home town.  And... he was essentially booed off the stage in his home town.
Let's face facts... just about anyone who would be willing to open for Rush
is not gonna be received with a great amount of exuberance....

Also... someone (I'm not skilled enough to mention _who_ or to get a direct
quote, nor do I really care..) asked if everyone who likes Rush was influenced
by either 2112 or... damn, now I can't remember what the "or" was (Tom Sawyer?)
Anyway.. my point is that I for one was not influenced by either of those
songs (though 2112 is prolly my fav now...)  In fact, the first Rush song
I heard was "Fly By Night," and that was only kinda in passing... In my
senior yr. of HS, most of my friends were Rush fans (I wasn't really into
all that much back then).  Anyway, they convinced me to buy any Rush album,
and being as cheap as I was (and still am), I got the cheapest one I
could find, which just happened to be "Hemispheres."  So.. well, I got
hooked from that one....  You get the point - 2112 isn't Rush's only
---------     :   Trroy on irc   :   "we've got mars on           :     (usually)    :     the horizon..."


Date: Thu, 24 Sep 92 12:40:50 PDT
From: changed%robotics.Berkeley.EDU@ucbvax.Berkeley.EDU (Chang... Ed Chang.)
Subject: The first time...

> From: (Aaron White) 
>     P.P.S.  To Terry, you're not the only one by-passing through the novels
> written by some NMS subscribers.  Also, ENOUGH ALREADY with the "first-time"
> thread.  I've had it !!!

> From: Jeremy Weissenburger <>
>	Is it just me, or does everyone seem to have really gotten into Rush
> because of either Tom Sawyer or 2112?

Maybe only the people who got into Rush because of TS and 2112 are the
ones who feel like they have to share their detailed accounts of it.

"Hi, let me unload 90 lines of my childhood trivia about how I first
 heard 2112 in the back seat of my best friend's mom's Ford Pinto and
 was instantly hooked for life."

But hey, if they want to post this crap (IMHO), and they want to read
each other's accounts as an exercise in self-indulgence... let 'em.
At least they're not beating the "bootleg" dead horse or asking if
Neil really has brain cancer.



Date: Thu, 24 Sep 92 17:01:40 -0400
From: (Gregg Jaeger)
Subject: empty criticisms/the good old days...

>>>Daniel Benbenisty		Guitarist for EARWURM


>New Rush = New Genesis = New Yes = New ELP (Black Moon) = New Metallica
>= GARBAGE - These bands are just trying to make money, not music.


>And even if there were similarities (gee, Rush and XXX both had drummers!
>or gee, Rush and XXX both wrote about aliens!), they would pale beside
>the total chameleon effect that Rush pulled in the 80's and 90's.
>The only way you can distinguish new Rush from the rest of the pap
>out there is from the occasional bass solo and Geddy's unique voice.
>Their current composition is banal and boring.

`Yeah, I guess you're right. I mean, anyone could write and play
the drum part to ``Show Don't Tell''. It's _so_ commercial,
isn't it ripped off from Madonna's last album?'  Give me a break!

`And, I mean, the guitar solo in ``Chain Lightning'' is so _typical_,
anyone can put a guitar solo on a track backwards and make it
palatable to the masses, didn't that London School of Economics
graduate and creative nonentity Jimi Hendrix do that?' Hahahaha.

`I mean, if it's less than ten years old, it's _completely_ incestuous.
Give me the good old days with all that music you could trip on...'

How about some _specific_ criticisms, eh?

>I don't care about
>their current lyrics, since they are no longer emotionally connected to
>the music.

Perhaps you don't care about the lyrics because _you_ are no longer
emotionally connected to the music. Perhaps you could say why that

> If I want good lyrics alone, I'll buy some poetry.  If
>Peart wants, why doesn't he just publish a book of poems for $15.98?

Because he writes _lyrics_, not poems.



Date: Thu, 24 Sep 92 17:23:16 -0400
From: jlang (~ Rush Fanatic ~)
Subject: Elephants

>Date: Tue, 22 Sep 92 20:20:57 CDT
>From: (Roman R Richardson)
>Subject: Opening Bands / Closed Minds
>   The bottom line is that you have to have a broad ear for music.  Don't get
>locked into one style/band 'cause you'll miss out on a lot of great music.

Agreed here.  Nothing like being branded as listening to nothing but
Rush.  Too many times during flames in, I get the
impression people think Rush fans listen to nothing but Rush.   One of
the reasons for starting the NMS was the lack of content in a lot of the
USENET flames (those who have been around know all about the famous
Rush-bashing of Erland and other long time USENET favorites.)  The
stereotyping of Rush fans as nothing but avid listeners of Rush and
nothing else became too much.  The rest as they say is history.  I
encourage Rush fans to go out and explore some of the music out there.
There is a lot of good music beyond Rush in your cd player and your
headphones so get out there and Rock.

>Date: 23 Sep 1992 11:14:29 -0500 (CDT)
>Subject: Rush and Sha Na Na
>	I remember reading once that Rush was only booed off the stage once..
>when they opened for Sha Na Na.  I r4member a conversation / interview
>with Alex abut (about) this.  Doesn't that crack you up[????
>Thomas Beaudoin

This must have been a sight (not for Rush mind you, but just to see Rush
beeing booed off).  This was during the 1st American tour, not
surprising, I'm sure Sha na na audiences probably weren't too impress
with the Led Zep-likeness of "Working Man".  I don't remember any
interviews where they talked about that though, do you recall if it was
a Rockline? or some other radio interview?

>Date: Wed, 23 Sep 92 13:19:35 -0500
>From: (Eric J Merkel)
>Subject: the 70's
>This made me start to think about the 70's and I guess as far as my taste
>in music goes, was probably the most prolific era of quality music.
>... Of course many of these bands have continued on through the 80's up
>until today, but I feel like somehow the 'spirit' of the music has changed.

Good point.  I agree with you here, I think a lot of the spirit you
mention is missing these days.  Seems like music is moving towards other
directions/horizons.  Esp. for the groups you mentioned.  We may not see
any more epic songs/albums like Hemispheres any more, but I can
certainly understand Rush's intentions to forge ahead and not try and
put out the same stuff album after album.  Don't want to become "boring
old farts" as Geddy put it, although I would certainly welcome a change
back to the 70's style of quality music.  I doubt Neil would sit and
write another epic album with the band though.  They seem to be going
completely away from that.  It is sad that the "spirit" you mention
seems to be absent these days in music.. What I would give to here
another epic like Animals from Floyd, or 2112 from Rush..oh well.

>Date: Wed, 23 Sep 92 12:41:07 PDT
>From: qsp!danb@uunet.UU.NET (Daniel Benbenisty)
>Subject: Re: New thread for a fraying tapestry...
>All Right!  Finally someone who wants to get into a good argument! You pose
>an interesting point, but one that I will refute. While Rush emerged in an
>era of progressive rock bands - perhaps even coming a little late on the
>scene - this in itself is no grounds for dismissing their originally.  On
>the other hand, THEIR NEW SHIT SUCKS! (ahem) Support for these points follows:

Oh boy!  I can smell the flame-war about to start!
	{... lots of stuff deleted ...}
Do you blame Rush for trying to go out and forge into new territories?
One only has to listen to HYF to see what I'm talking about.   To keep
in the same direction year after year, album after album was something
they did not want to get into, I can't say I blame them for trying new
things, even though I would say I don't like some of the newer things
done, I'd much rather hear Permanent Waves for example over HYF.  But
one can't dismiss the musician's desire to try different directions.
Not to pick on HYF fans, I just felt with that particular album, it was
a point in the road where you could sense the direction Rush was headed
towards.  After that, it was "back to basics" with Presto and more so
with RTB.

>New Rush = New Genesis = New Yes = New ELP (Black Moon) = New Metallica
>= GARBAGE - These bands are just trying to make money, not music.

Ah... another music listener who longs for the days of old prog rock.
Maybe the concept of the missing "spirit" in music really does exist.
Yet another who would opt to hear Hemispheres over more recent material
like RTB.  Perhaps too little of the many things Rush used to dwell in,
time signatures, playing in different beats, little intricacies that
used to blend one part of a song into a different section.  Times
change, and Rush along with the groups you mentioned above change too.
Some think for the better, some think for worse, or if you're like me,
some think it's just necessary.



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