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Subject: 09/30/92 - The National Midnight Star #526
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          The National Midnight Star, Number 526

               Wednesday, 30 September 1992
Today's Topics:
                    Rockin' and Votin'
                     Ayn Rand & 2112
                    RE: RUSH tape tree
     Various & Sundry Kibbles Bits Didacts & Narpets
                          ESL CD
                      Red Barchetta
                    More Tech Talk...
                       Car Noise??
                     Twist of phrase
         Old And New Rush Disagreements Revisited
          That Noise in preluding Dreamline. . .
     Neromancer, Old ticket stub, Poetry, "New Rush"
                     Dreamline intro
            Killing a few birds w/one post ;)
          Re: New sucks for a lot of reasons...
                      Opening bands
      Re: 09/28/92 - The National Midnight Star #525
                Computer names - follow up
               Misc. Comments and Responses
             B-Man Book - It's a Car damn it!
               A Farewell / A new beginning
                   PowerWindows Packet

Date: 30 Sep 92
From: rush-mgr
Subject: Administrivia

There was no digest for Tuesday, September 29.


Date: Mon, 28 Sep 92 16:57:26 -0400
From: atd@po.CWRU.Edu (Aron T. Drake)
Subject: Rockin' and Votin'

Hello all......

     Well I'd thought I'd write in on a subject not directly related to Rush,
but it could be.  So bare with me through this public service annoucement...

    Well November is getting closer and that means VOTING!!! Now I know not
everyone on the list can vote (not being on the U.S., etc.), but it's important
that if you can, DO IT!  If your unhappy, vote to make a change.  If your not
unhappy, vote to not make a change.  Either way it's important that you vote.
Who knows, your vote may be the one that ends censorship forever!! So remeber
to register......

      And get out there and Rock and Roll the Vote!!!

     Thanks for tuning in.


P.S. This anouncement was sponsered by ZBT.

In time you'll come to understand this flat old earth is in your gentle
hands.  -T. Dolby


Date: Mon, 28 Sep 92 13:26:27 PDT
From: qsp!danb@uunet.UU.NET (Daniel Benbenisty)
Subject: asbestos

This flamefest has grown far too big for me to respond to everybody all day
long (and still keep my job).  This is especially true when I have to keep
restating my position in the face of untrue accusations, or false paraphrasing
of my views (e.g. "You're saying that I'm not a true Rush fan!", "You don't
like anything after XXX!", "You're saying that Rush is too commercial!",
"Your definition of this term is such-and-such!").

Also, some people on NMS seem almost fanatical (well, you _are_ fans, right?)
towards respecting and liking any music Rush chooses to make (e.g. If you
dislike Rush's newest stuff, then you haven't "grown" with the band.).  This
is only based on the _opinion_ that Rush hasn't changed for the worse.  Sorry,
my opinion is that they _have_ changed for the worse.  I only started listening
to Rush in '87, and I knew what I liked and didn't like based on a thorough
listening of all of the material, so I haven't had a chance to "grow" or "not
grow" with the band.  That's OK with me - I have a _very_ wide listening
spectrum from Baroque to Bartok to last month's new rock releases (including
EARWURM!); I don't NEED to like all of Rush's stuff.

Maybe I don't belong on NMS if I don't like Rush's latest stuff (although,
for the record, I like Presto and RTB slightly better than the previous
handful of albums), especially if the most vocal element of this group can't
tolerate my views...?  Sorry if I angered anyone.

	[ Dan - everyone should be welcomed on the NMS, no one should
	  feel that he/she does NOT belong.  We all realize that people
	  like Rush for different reasons, but that's not to say they
	  all can't share their opinion or belong on a Rush list.  :rush-mgr]

Daniel Benbenisty               Guitarist for EARWURM


Date:         Mon, 28 Sep 92 18:52:06 EDT
Subject:      Ayn Rand & 2112

Rushppl --

I'm not sure if I missed something at some point, or if I'm just imagining
things, but didn't Neil Peart at some point say definitively that "2112" was
NOT based on Ayn Rand's _Anthem_?  I know that similarities between the two
are constantly referred to, and I know that he has mentioned her works since
then, but I was under the impression that "2112" (as hackneyed as it's plot is)
was an original thought by Peart?  Anyone know for sure?

{signature deleted due to apathy}


Date: Mon, 28 Sep 92 17:59:20 cdt
From: "Unforgettable Fire (Gordon,James A)" 
Subject: Epic-ness

	As I have stated before, I do believe that Rush's new stuff is good
(then, again, I think all their music is good), but I do wish that they would
make another album with an epic song on it.  One person said that they've
outgrown that, but I think that they could manage another epic song, while
simultaneously exploring new musical directions.  Just a little suggestion.

			-Jim Gordon

	P.S.- To whoever said that they would like to hear less of the term
	'boyz' as applied to Rush, I completely agree.  It is a little old by


From: leeg@microsoft.COM (Lee Gates)
Subject: RE: RUSH tape tree
Date: Mon, 28 Sep 92 16:19:15 PDT

I've had several questions as to how and what a tape tree is.
Typically, a tree is setup as follows:

Someone gets a recording (cd/live/whatever), this is the "seed".
They give this to one person, the root, who makes five copies and
mails them out to people.  Those people, the branches, in turn make
five copies and send them out.  The final people who get copies sent
to them, the leaves, do not have to make copies.

What it costs?  Typically, you will send the person ahead of you a
check to cover the cost of a new tape and the shipping charges (a
little over a dollar if shipped book rate).

Usually mailing the tapes is the lag in the tree, those persons with
DAT decks are the first level branches for quality reasons, and
analog->analog persons are down-tape branches.  Those unable to make
copies are leaves.

If all goes well, I'll probably be sending out the first tape in 2-3 weeks.

I will be taking ALL FURTHER DISCUSSIONS of this offline to EMAIL only.
If you have any specific queries, feel free to send me email and we'll
discuss this further.

	[ Please note the author's request for further info on a
	  tape tree discussion to be taken over PRIVATE email.  : rush-mgr]



Date: 28 Sep 1992 19:42:59 -0400 (EDT)
From: ASILVERM@umiami.IR.Miami.EDU
Subject: Various & Sundry Kibbles Bits Didacts & Narpets

Hey Folks!

	To the person who asked if Rob Halford was dead:  NO!  But, he had to
leave the group because some kind of contractual thing said that if he was in
a new band he couldn't return to Priest.  I believe his new group is called
Flame.  If anyone knows anything contrary to what I've said, please E-Mail me.
	If there are any NMS'ers in the Miami area, please E-Mail me!
	One small correction:  Someone said that Lerxt went from Gibsons to
Strats to Strats to PRS.  I think he meant to say:  Gibsons to Strats to
Signatures, then when Signature went out of business he switched to Paul Reed
Smith.  By the way, I had an opportunity to play a PRS for about an hour in a
store this summer, and I must say that it blows the patootie out of every other
axe I've ever touched.  While I'm on the subject of guitars, is there anyone
else who plays a Peavey guitar?  I have an '88 Generation series II which I am
rather pleased with.  E-mail me(again!) if you play Peavey.

			May the sands of time never get in your eyes. . .

			Aaron Silverman


Date: Mon, 28 Sep 92 20:12:46 EDT
Subject: ESL CD

Hi Everyone!

Is it just me, or does track 12 of Exit..Stage Left have a "click" about
three and a half minutes into La Villa Strangiato? Did I just get a bad
disc, or is everyone's copy that way?



From: mnibbe88@Calvin.EDU (Mark Nibbelink)
Subject: Red Barchetta
Date: Mon, 28 Sep 92 20:38:47 EDT

	I was listening to Neil Peart on "Rockline" a few months ago, and some-
body asked about the article 'A Nice Morning Drive' by Richard S. Foster, which
is listed in the Moving Pictures sleeve as being the inspiration for the song
"Red Barchetta".  I was wondering where I could find that article- if I
remember right, it was in one of the major automotive magazines such as Road
and Track or Car and Driver.  I'd really like to see that, and if anybody 
could help me and my roommates out, we'd be really grateful!

   [ It's on anonymous ftp at syrinx, in the special directory. It's called
     ""					  : rush-mgr ]

	Another question I have is, where can I get a Rush poster?  I've been
looking at every record store that I've ever been to, and none of them have
any.  Any address where I can send a S.A.S.E. or other suggestions would be
greatly appreciated!                        -Mark Nibbelink


Date: Tue, 29 Sep 92 02:39:45 -0500
From: (white aaron)
Subject: More Tech Talk...

Well, some people have been talking about Mr. Lifeson's guitar sound.
You may remember I talked about Ged's synth/bass setup last week so for
anyone intrested I will give you a quick rundown of his current guitar

Alex uses Paul Reed Smith guitars with Evans active single coil pickups.
He uses Gallien-Krueger 2000GPL pre-amps (is trying out the new GK100MPL)
and Crown Macro-Tech power amps. On stage he has 4-2x12 GK cabinets
loaded with Celestions. He runs the entire rig in stereo. For effects,
he uses multiple TC Electronic 2290 delays, and a TC 1210 Expander for
chorusing, Digitech IPS-33B for harmony effects, and lastly an old Roland
Dimension D for additional chorusing effects. All routing and effects
change are done with a custom Bob Bradshaw switching network. The live
PA sound comes from GK 2x12" cabs in isolated boxes backstage miked with
Sennheiser 421's mixed with the line outs from his onstage rack gear. The
iso boxes clean up the live sound reducing unwanted drum, bass, and
monitor drift. The PA board essentially gets a LINE left/right and
a MIC left/right signals (4 channels) and it all gets mixed together.
Alex uses many acoustic guitars for his sound in the studio but live he
tends to use an Ovation Adamas mounted on a stand he designed that allows
him to play acoustic while having an electric strapped on. That by the
way is what the Omega Concern is. 'Omega' stands designed by Alex Lifeson
are available through some limited music supply dealers.

Someone mentioned they thought Alex may someday return to the Gibson
and Marshall days. Don't hold your breath, Alex gets more technical all
the time. It may sound cleaner but Alex seems to love his current setup
and is always adding new 'toys'. Also between his modified Fender Strat
days and his PRS days he used 'Signature' guitars, a now dead Canadian
guitar company. PRS with Evans pickups was the next best thing. Also, one
should realize in the studio Alex uses lots of guitars. Sometimes bringing
15+ different guitars into the studio. He often overlays three almost
identical guitar lines in a song to get the sound he wants and natural
chorusing. Power Windows was almost entirely recorded using an old
standard Fender Telecaster, hardly ever used live by him.

Anyway, I hope someone finds this intresting. I did this in a hurry so
if something doesn't make sense or you have conflicting info please
drop me a note. As I said before I love the tech stuff.

/\aron L. White


Date: Tue, 29 Sep 92 01:27:15 -0700
From: mikes@ucscb.UCSC.EDU (Rocinante)
Subject: Car Noise??

	Just a thought with regards to the 'car noise'in Dreamline. .
It doesn't sound like a car to me... What I rememeber from traveling when I was
a Kid...not THAT long ago.. it sounds like an 18 wheeler driving on by...
It makes some sense I suppose seein' as you have the vision of thumbing a
ride around the freeway and all....


Ps. Eric Kay Send me mail please.. I lost your address in a mbox death :-/


Date: Tue, 29 Sep 92 01:55:38 PDT
Subject: Twist of phrase

I don't know how many times, if any, if it's ever been posted, so here
goes... ;)

Ever notice how Neil will on occasion use a common phrase or saying and
change it in such a way that it still sounds sort of the same, yet mean
something completely different?  Here are the ones I can think of offhand:

For the words of 		For the words of
the prophets		------>	the profits   (The Spirit Of Radio)
are written....			are written...

The truth is often		Truth is often
better left unsaid	------> bitter, left unsaid (Red Lenses)

An ounce of prevention	------> An ounce of perception
Is worth a pound of cure	A pound of obscure  (Vital Signs)

Walking on easy street	------> Walking uneasy streets(Between
						       The Wheels)

(Well, *I* thought it was kinda cool!)
Anybody think of others?



Date: Tue, 29 Sep 92 10:19:11 EDT
From: (Keivan Khalichi)
Subject: Old And New Rush Disagreements Revisited

Hello fellow Rush fans (old and new):

I'm sorry that I ever contributed to this line of division between us all.  Yet
we all have our oppinions, and that's what it really is, a bunch of oppinions.
We can't cry over spilled water.  Rush has done what they have done and we
can't do anything about that.

What I suggest is that for you individuals that play in a band to become as
talented as humanly possible and perform your own favorite Rush songs (of
course with permission) for those of us that like the "old Rush."  And to the
"new" Rush lovers (hate to label everyone like this, pretty stereotypical of
me) to go on to Rush concerts and listen to their newer material.

Neil Peart is the kind of person that hates to live the past.  I on the other
hand think of the past as a tool to gain experience all the time.  It is
alright for me to live the past and I have benefited from doing so
But *he* doesn't think so.  That's just the way he is.

Tell you what; I'm making an attempt to learn a musical instrument (the guitar)
just so that one day I can perform By-Tor & The Snow dog, fully, to an
audience that would appreciate it.  Or perform 2112 in its entirety, or
Hemispheres, etc.  It won't be easy, but it's something that I really want to
hear.  If no one else will do it, then maybe I should do something about it.
I have not heard of many bands that play strictly Rush, but I'm willing to bet
that none would do any of those songs.  I know of only one band that made an
attempt to do the usual two sections of 2112.  And they weren't that bad.

The point is that, we "old Rush" fans have no choice but to conform with the
norm.  I'm sure this is not what most of you were thinking, but if you think
about it, you are in a way wondering why Rush won't go back and do some of
their older songs.  No matter how much Neil Peart talks about individualism,
he is still contradicting himself in the end.  Rush performs Tom Sawyer (which
I don't think is that great of a song, very over-rated) and Close to the Heart,
because the "majority" of fans like them.  Don't forget that the NMS is a
microcasm representation of the world.

I also benefit from the transition of Rush's style of music.  Since I am in
different moods most of the time, I either listen to the old songs to get very
philosophical and/or to get as one would say "pumped up" and listen to i.e.
Fly By Night or CoS.  Other times I'm in the mood to listen to Hold Your Fire
or Roll the bone.  This way I'll never need to listen to any other bands. :)

Enough said.

>From the land of the Over World, Keivan Khalichi.
         R                  U                   S                  H
                B y - T o r   A n d   T h e   S n o w   D o g


Date:           Tuesday, 29 September 1992, 11:42:05 EDT
From: Charles J McDonald 
Subject:        That Noise in preluding Dreamline. . .

I thought it was the ocean, too
	They've used the the ocean and the symbol of water as a recurring
theme in many RUSH songs to represent dynamic change.

RUSH lyrics changing over the years:
	Well they are growing older, themselves.  Of course their music is
going to reflect these different stages of life.  (I'm 25 and have grown
up with RUSH, that's why their music is always so pertinent to what's
going on in my life!)

: Charles J McDonald
: Department of Earth and Planatary Sciences
: McGill University
: 3450 Rue de University			    (514) 398-6767
: Montreal, Que  H3A 2A7			fax (514) 398-4680


Date: Tue, 29 Sep 92 10:18:10 -0600
From: (Dan Meyer)
Subject: Neromancer, Old ticket stub, Poetry, "New Rush"

    Everyone seems to always announce that they are posting for the
first time, so I will too:  I am posting for the first time.
    With that aside, I have a question for anyone who knows what goes
into recording.  In the Necromancer there is kind of a "pre-echo".
(Starting at about the 4:22 mark).  Anyway, you hear an echo of the
 hi-hit prior to the actual playing of it.  I'm wondering if that is
intentional (unlikely), or is that one of the many wonders of analog
recording?  And, why didn't they clean it up when they mastered the CD?
(It is easiest to notice this when you have the volume nice and loud.)
    Secondly, my brother is a Dead-head.  They have apparently have
a digest of their own (Dead Flames, I think).  Anyway, he sent me the
following post from that, which I think is pretty interesting:
(BTW-I don't think this date is on the all-time tour
 list, so it might be something worth checking into
 if your in to that kind of thing.)

>From: Scott Hammer 
>Subject: Re: 3.50, 4.50, 5.50
>Date: Fri, 7 Aug 1992 15:36:32 GMT
>To continue the thread about how low ticket prices used to be, I was
>going through a Box-o-Junk (tm) during my vacation, and came across the
>following ticket stub:
>                     Men's Gym - SUNY-Binghamton
>                Presented by the Student Center Board
>                       Friday, December 9, 1973
>                               7:30 PM
>                         The Sons of Champlin
>                      Papa John Creach with Zulu
>                              also Rush
> General Public - $1.50                     Students with ID - $1.00
>I thought this was interesting, partially because of the price, but also
>because Rush, at this point in their career, was opening for two bands who,
>lets face it, were not exactly setting the world on fire.
>Actually, before I found this stub, I didn't even realize I'd ever seen Rush.
>(I had taken a rather large dose of a particular mind-altering substance some
>hours before this concert, so my memory of it is rather hazy.)
>Say, does anyone know what ever happened to the Sons of Champlin?  They were
>pretty good -- very acoustic-Dead-like.
>-Scott "The Breadth and Depth of Conciousness" Hammer
> College of William and Mary

   The poetry packet that has been discussed recently was called "Rush to 
Creativity".  It was around Spring, 1986, I think.  Dat's all I know about it.
   Finally, I think post-PeW RUSH is still RUSH, and all the aspects of the 
music we loved in the older stuff are still there, albiet in a different 
format.  As Neil said in the recent ABC In Concert:

        "I think in some ways we've been able to remain normal enough, and 
     mature, as I said, openly and in public, that a lot of our audience has, 
     too.  So as our concerns have changed and grown, our taste and styles of 
     music have changed and been influenced by other people's music, and so 
     on, the same thing has happened with these people.  So, we remain 
     relevant to their lives as a soundtrack of their lives, and they can 
     listen to RTB with as much pleasure as they listened to MP 12 years ago, 
     you know?"

I couldn't have said it better myself.  I would go as far as to say that 
someone who doesn't like new Rush is not a "true" Rush fan.  They are obviously
missing a huge part of what Rush is about, otherwise they would be able to 
appreciate "new Rush".
   That's all for now.  Long live RUSH.

Dan Meyer


Date:    Tue, 29 Sep 92  15:31:42 EDT
From: "Mercury" 
Subject: Dreamline intro

I always thought that the sound at the top of Dreamline was a wave
crashing on a shore.



Date: Mon, 28 Sep 92 23:57:36 EDT
Subject: Killing a few birds w/one post ;)

Hey all :)

      First off, I am *female*, and wouldn't be caught *dead* in a black
tube top ;).  On top of that, I was the one who dragged my b/f to the concert.

Anyway, did anyone out there see the opening night show in Hamilton, Ont?
People were inquiring about opening bands, and at the Hamilton show a
local Hamilton group Andy Curran and SOHO 69 opened.  They weren't *great*
but I have seen worse.

Also, in TNMS #522 writes "...out of some radio station
in Toronto..." (re: RTB premire).  The radio station was Q107 Toronto, via
the Rock Radio Network.



Date: Tue, 29 Sep 92 13:01:05 PST
From: Todd Zorick 
Subject: Re: New sucks for a lot of reasons...

  I have to post this to express my disgust with the subscribers defending new
Rush material, that is post PeW.  Every argument seems to be that we should just
like it because it is Rush and it is different than the old stuff.  This is
true, but I don't like it because it isn't progressive rock, and I liked early
Rush because it was progressive rock.
     The pro-new arguments run from the inane (They changed the sound of their
instruments, so they're  better) to the banal (old Rush listeners are drug
addicts).  Well, the simple fact is that the newer music is not progressive, as
it is understood by anybody.  It is more contrived to convey the lyrics than to
showcase the music (and I agree that maybe they should release now instead of
albums $15.95 recordings of Neil Peart's poetry read by Geddy Lee).  I am not
saying this is inherently bad, but it was not this quality of Rush that made me
like them in the first place. (By the way- I don't own any bell-bottom jeans,
flannel shirts, or Dodge Econoline vans.)
     It is funny that noone defending the new Rush material even bothers to
defend the music, -so in this sense, they admit defeat, and retrench to personal
attacks on the fashion sense, lifestyle, and character of us Old Rush-ophiles.
     Finally, I can't just leave the people who adore the new stuff alone, and
continue to support the band, because the fact that Rush has for the last ten
years produced album after album of un-progressive rock has hurt my good
feelings for the bands' earlier work.  My fond memories of 2112 are dashed by
radio sightings of "Presto" ("How can they do this...")
     It all makes me believe that Geddy, Neil, and Alex were replaced by
soundalike media clones sometime in 1982...

Todd Zorick


Date: 29 Sep 1992 12:37:39 U
From: "Eric Johnson" 
Subject: Opening bands

I'm surprised that I haven't seen anyone else mention Marillion.  I saw
them open for Rush in '86, on the Power Windows tour in Detroit.  Even
though they are (were?) considered to be "progressive", they were
pretty much ignored and even booed.  I remember Fish getting pissed off
because people were throwing coins onto the stage.  I also remember
that Fastway opened for Rush on the p/g tour in Toledo.  I think they
went over about as well as Mr. Big, polite applause and they didn't get
booed.  I was disappointed to see Mr. Big two tours in a row, I would
have rather seen Primus again, even though I thought they were
extremely bizarre the first time I saw them (opening for Living

Eric Johnson
Motorola Inc. SPS, Tempe, AZ


Date:         Tue, 29 Sep 92 17:53:37 EDT
From: Raistlin 
Subject:      Re: 09/28/92 - The National Midnight Star #525

  in regards to the prisoner series that was mentioned in NMS # 525
  that quote from the series.....: " (2) we want information..... information..
information!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (6) who are you??? (2) i am number two,
(6) who's in charge here??? (2) number one... ...... you are number six,
(6) i am not a number!!!..... i am a free man!.. (2) (deamonic laugh)..."

they were the opening intro lines for iropn maiden's song entitled
(how peculiarly.....)..." the prisoner " which appeared on side two of
their number of the beast albulm...... i believe track 3......
   i used to be a maiden fan... so  i spotted the quote and recognized it immed
iately... that series...... has influieced many musicians and writers.... more
than most people know.............
while it is correct to say that the show was ahead of it's time... being
released in the 60's.... it is also true to say that it contained material
and information that  i believe would be considered ahead of it's time even if
it were to be released originaly today!!!!.... i'd love to see the series again
>.... but i know of nowhere in the states where it is being aired....
     " a sad but wiser man......"....... jim foster..... *(roccinante)*


Date: Tue, 29 Sep 92 21:38:23 EDT
From: Tim Alberta 
Subject: Computer names - follow up

I would like to thank everybody who sent me mail with suggestions for
the name of my new computer.  (For anyone who's interested it's a Sun
Sparc2, soon to become a Sparc10, running Solaris, or SunOS 4.1.2, or

The suggestions I got were great. Among the RUSH oriented ones:
"evelate", from Vital Signs, "By-Tor", "rocinante" (from Cygnus X-1),
"absalom", from Distant Early Warning, "lerxst", "superconductor", "la
villa strangiato".

I think I have decided on "snowdog", for a couple of reasons.  It's
short, easy for people to remember, even those who don't follow RUSH.
Also, the work I do is in the field of Atmospheric Sciences, which snow
is a part of.  Of course, this is subject to change, so if anyone out
there can think of another one, let me know.

By the way, as long as everyone is doing it, my first Rush show was
shortly after All the World's a Stage but before the release of A
Farewell to Kings, although they did play some songs from that, if I
remember.  I guess that makes me an old fart.

Thanks again Gregg, Aaron, Chris, Paul, Kristin, Rodney, Dave, et al.

Tim Alberta (, for now)


Date: Wed, 30 Sep 92 02:59:44 -0500
From: (Lonadar the Wanderer)
Subject: Misc. Comments and Responses

Big backlog of mail, so here are some responses covering probably the past week
of issues.  Nothing already answered, to my knowledge:

Seidenberg@Mary.Fordham.Edu said:
>In fact, I also noticed a sleevless muscle t-shirt which had the RTB boy and
>dice on the front and the spinning wheel (from the video) on the back.

I saw a shirt at the concert I went too that had a bunch of dice, and RUSH
spelled out in 'raised' dice.  (Artistically dipicted as if jutting out from
the wall of dice)  It was a cool effect, and I doubt this person could have
done this himself.  I really wanted to get one!  Does anyone know of a catalog
or something of Rush merchandise that can be obtained?  That SHOULD have ALL
the T-Shirts, etc. that people seem to want.

Cam Abrams quoted E. Krauss as saying that he thought Caress of Steel was
Rush's "weakest album".  I agree, "man, WHAT is with you???"  I got CoS just
recently, and already it has become my third-favorite album, behind 2112 (#1)
and Roll the Bones (#2).  CoS holds two of my favorite Rush songs from before,
and finally hearing The Necromancer, I can see why everyone likes it.  It is
cool!  Way cool!  The only problem I have is that it starts out so SOFT I have
to tun the volume up to the point where the background hiss becomes part of the
song!  And then it get loud kinda suddenly...  Nonetheless, Necromancer is
probably my #4 favorite Rush song, behind The Trees (#1), 2112 (#2), Roll the
Bones (#3).

Marc Jordan thought he'd be cute and ask:
>How's about a thread along the lines "I first heard Rush..."?

Good idea, actually.  A god friend of mine inadvertantly got me into Rush.  He
is a big Rush fan, and spoke of them off and on.  I had heard several of their
songs on the radio, but didn't pay much attention to them.  After talking with
him, I listened to them, and found out I liked them, but I am not one to buy a
record for one or two songs, and I didn't know Rush enough to buy any of their
stuff.  Then luck hit one day and the local radio station had a call-in contest
to win Chronicles.  I won!  (Beating out a REAL Rush fan (friend) by one-call!)
I picked up my prize, and listened and listened and listened and listened...
I found that I liked the older material better, with one or two exceptions,
and when my friend mentioned 2112 as a good starting point, I knew I had to
get it.  My collection is no where near large, containing Rush, CoS, ATWaS,
Hemispheres, PW, Signals, Presto and RtB (Got Presto and ATWaS cheap because
of overstock!), as well as Chronicles.  My fav's are listed above.  Rush came
close by one stop on it's our, but I found out that tickets were GONE within
45 minutes of them going on sale, and I drug my feet back home in misery, but
then I found out that they were coming BACK doing outdoor tours, and three
days later, my friend and I had two tickets in the back far left corner of the
ampitheter.  Hey, it was Rush, what does it matter where we sat, we were THERE!
The concert was excellent.  Roll the Bones, Superconductor, the medley at the
end...excellent.  Geddy came on near the beginning and announced they had about
2 hours of music lined up, and my friend was like "****ing A!".  He had been
to the concert at Alpine Valley as well, and was quick to point out that the
laser show we were missing wasn't anything special, and also to point out
changes in the schedule.  He was kinda suprised to hear Xanadu.  This was the
first time I had ever heard the song.  Next to me was a new Rush fan, newer
than me.  She had won tickets on the radio to the concert and her entire Rush
experience was a hastidly listened-to half side of Presto.  She really
enjoyed herself, though, and I threw her occasional bits of Rush trivia.
(Thanks to Dan Delany and the FAQL!)  Oh well, enough of this.  Next...

John Lobaugh(?) mentioned a bit of trivia concerning the National Midnight Star
as a parody of the National Enquirer.  Wierd-Al Yankovic also did a song
parodying the National Enquirer, called the Midnight Star.  It is on the
Wierd-Al in 3-D album, for those who want to look it up.  However, I think the]
publication in the song was the "Daily Midnight Star".  I don't remember.

Chris Mermagen brought up a rumor about Chronicles II.  Huh?  What is this?
If true, a blatent ploy to get more money, but maybe I can win another contest.

Robert Gottlieb asked:
>If you had one 90min [tape] to record as much Rush as you could on, what would
>you put?

I made a dub tape or two recently, with some Rush.  One whole side consisted of:
1.  A Pink Floyd Song  [Several Species...Pict]
2.  2112 (in its entirety)
3.  The Twilight Zone
4.  Hemispheres
and the other side hadL
1.  Tom Sawyer
2,  The Trees
3.  Roll the Bones
4-9.  Styx songs.

Another tape which I am still making has on one side:
1-2.  Pink Floyd  (Diamond 1-5, WYWH)
3.  The Necromancer
4.  La Villa Strangiato
5.  Where's My Thing
6-7.  Styx.

Also, a local radio station had listeners send in their favorite 5 songs for
about two months and then compiled the top 500 songs of all time.  Here are
the places Rush songs took:
#25.  Tom Sawyer
#185. Spirit of Radio
#310. Closer to the Heart
#374. Working Man
#411. Roll the Bones

Hotel California pulled the #1 slot.

And last on my list o' late questions is yet another request for information
about the NMS T-Shirts.  I asked for one, but lost contact before getting
any information on obtaining one of the shirts.  Can I still get one somehow?

That's all I have for now.  So get out there and rock, and roll the bones!
Lonadar the Wanderer


Subject: B-Man Book - It's a Car damn it!
From: (Vindicator)
Date: Wed, 30 Sep 92 10:45:57 PDT

Yes, about a year ago right before the album was to be released I
corresponded with the B-Man and he stated then that he was working on a
new book.  I will write to him again and see if there has been any
progress, I will also dig up the old letter to see if he gave any

Listen, I don't know what you have been smokin' but it's a car at the
beginning of Dreamline.  Think of the song, the imagry, the "highway",
Las Vegas, the title itself. "Only at home when were on the run"  Put on
some headphones and listen to the gravel crunch under speeding tires.
Not trying to flame here, but when people have an incredible knack at
mininterpreting the obvious it starts to make me question my own sanity.



Date: Wed, 30 Sep 92 19:16 GMT
From: MaskullSoft 
Subject: A Farewell / A new beginning

I'm new to the NMS and this is my first posting, so please bear with me.
It seems that doesn't reach uknet, or my part if it, at
least. Aaanyway...

Maybe it's a coincidence but I was intoduced to Rush just after MP was
released, by a close friend who died Feb 17 this year. Because of this I
missed the tour a month or two latter - it was too painful. The last time
I saw him, he was just beginning to like RTB, and we discussed going to
the concert (in April? I can't recall). As neither I nor his sister, who
usually went to concerts with him (and also likes Rush!), felt like seeing
Rush so soon, we didn't go. Reading the consert reports here has made me
feel good tho.

Strangely, I can still listen to Rush, but not Yes (another fav group of
his that *I* introduced *him* to - not an easy thing to do, but after a
year or two he gave in and listened to them).

That's not why I'm telling you this, I'd tell you this anyway. Rush was
his favourite group, even tho he felt they're output was falling in
quality in the last few years. It now seems to me like they were following
his health, but that's just a matter of opinion. My own feelings are that
They're as good as ever, but they've evolved their sound, both musically
and production-wise.

It took a long time for anything to grow on Geoff, and he could very
stubborn at times. Every new group he heard was compared to one he knew
already, and usually found lacking. A new album would be compared with
an old favourite.

It was the same with concerts. He'd first seen Rush while at college,
but that was in the early 80s, and Rush didn't return to the UK until
6 years later. I was with him when they did. While it was hard to tell
if he liked anything, it was a good sign that all he said about the
concert was that the sound wasn't as good as the last time! Praised
by faint damnation or what!

While it debatable whether Geoff was the greatest Rush fan or not (at least
amoung those fans that I know personally), if nothing else, he was their
greatest critic. This was a high compliment from him, as any group unworthy
of his attention was simply ignored. He knew his time was short, and spent
it in the best way he knew, so natch he listened to Rush!

I once annoyed him by getting more answers to a Rush crossword puzzles
than he could. I guess he listen more to the music than the lyrics,
which is a shame, as their so good. Still, with his 'golden ears' he
could point out some of Neil's drumming that I would've missed. Of the
three members, I think Neil was his favourite, tho he's often point out
Ged's better bass licks.

On his hi-fi, you could hear *everything*, and feel it too. Not the
thumping bass that most people get when they turn the tone controls up,
but the solid clean punch that a pair of 50 watt bassbins can deliver,
thru a floor that loves bass. Once a bus when passed his house while
playing some Rush, and I wondered what tweak he'd done now, to make that
rumble stand out. Than I realised that it couldn't be on the CD! I looked
out the window and understood. Still, with Geoff, you never knew what
to expect next.

'Losing It' and 'Marathon' were the only songs he admitted were his
favourite. Somehow, these seem appropiate considering his muscle wasting
disease. The last two lines of 'Losing It' mean something particular to

My fav has to be 'I Think I'm Going Bald', as my hair is going grey.
(Still, a small white patch of hair is a distinctive mark. (-: ) Some
songs from RTB refuse to leave my head, like Bravado. 'We will pay the
price, but we will not count the cost' sounds like my phone bill...

He also introduced my to Primus, early this year. Hearing 'Tommy The Cat'
in Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey was a joy. The beginning of 'John the
Fisherman' nearly fooled me into thinking I was playing the wrong CD,
the first time I played it. This was on 'Suck On This', a live CD. If you
like Rush, listen to these guys. In case you haven't already, there's three
of 'em, and the singer plays bass (or the bass player sings, depending on
your POV). It reminds me of FM (Ben Mink's group). Is this a coicidence,
or are Rush spawning 3-piece groups? :-)

Although we both got into Rush when MP was released, it wasn't the LP
that got us hooked. Geoff heard and recorded Xanadu from the radio and,
a few days later I heard Freewill, also on the radio. This is a group that
only gets airplay in the UK when a new album is released, and then only
once! So the timing was pure coincidence. Still, Geoff suggested that I
get MP. After that, a friend lent us his scratchy second-hand LP collection
of the pre-MP stuff. Although we just taped the lot, I bought a few of
them on vinyl. When they appeared on CD there was no excuse for not buying
them, and this year Geoff finally bought the first album, which has the
drummer he hated! Well, I guess he decided it was worth it after all.

Over the years, we'd listen to the limited rock programs that our UK radio
stations provide, in the hope of hearing and hearinf of the new releases.
I was with Geoff when Territories was played. The 'better beer' line got
an immediate smile from him - a rare event even for Rush.

I'm listening to Uriah Heep's 'The Magician's Birthday' as I write this.
A classic album, a classic song. It's up there with 'By-Tor and the Snow
Dog' and 'The Necromancer' as an fantasy inspired song. It's 10 mins long
BTW (the song I mean (-: ). The main action is given in a manic guitar
solo and wild drumming. It was even better live. This was from 1972.
Interesting, huh?

Re: The Prisoner. This series is being repeated here in the UK. I first
saw it a few years ago, with the odd single episode a few months back.
Now I'm watching all 17 of them, I'll give my opinion after the last
episode is shown. Doug White's summary is pretty fair. When I first saw
it, the final episode was followed by an discussion program which ISTR
was either 1/2 an hour, or a full hour, plus details of the series and
how/why it was made. As to why it's a cult, isn't everything obscure and
a little weird?

I hope this postung hasn't been boring. If you've read this far, you'll
have found some if it a little different from the others. I don't think
that makes it any less boring, but certainly long!

If you'd like to email me, my CIX address is prefered, as I read this
daily, and it's way cheaper! Thanks.

Martin Rodgers, Chief Scientist and Programmer @ Nerdware Professionals

'If God had meant Man to live in England, He'd have given him gills.'
                                    - The Burkiss Way to Dynamic Living


Subject: PowerWindows Packet
Date: Wed, 30 Sep 92    10:16 PDT

|>In NMS #524, mattb  writes:
|>           A few years ago on MTV I saw that a Rush poetry packet
|>           of some type was distributed to a load of high school
|>           classes.  If I remember correctly, it included lyrics from
|>           Power Windows (some if not all the songs). It was supposed
|>           to be a new approach to get kids interested in poetry.
|>           Does anybody know the actual contents of this packet?
|  I remember hearing this on MTV too. I asked about this here quite
|  awhile back, and several others remembered it too. But no one has
|  ever come forth and said that they actually saw the material, or
|  better still had a copy. I'm beginning to think that either this
|  was some marketing idea that never actually took place, or that it
|  was a totally bogus story put out by MTV.  Maybe it was their idea
|  of a joke. Certainly, many NMS subscribers must have been in high
|  school at that time. How about it, people, can anyone confirm the
|  existence of this material? Does anyone have the original MTV item
|  on tape?
|  John

I can confirm it because I just happened to run across my old copy
about a month ago.  It was distributed by PolyGram records with the
intent of stimulating student interest in poetry and teaching high
school students how metaphors, similies, and personifications are
used by taking songs from Power Windows and analyzing their usage.
I remember hearing about it in '86 and wrote PolyGram.  They didn't
have any originals left but did send me a photocopy (not a very good
photocopy unfortunately).  I can imagine a few of you would like a
copy of this, so if you'll send a self-addressed stamped envelope to
me, I'll be sure you get a copy.  (It is only 6 pages worth so a
single stamp (U.S. $0.29) should do.)



  Terry Worley
  8915 - 172nd Avenue NE
  Redmond, WA  98052-3211


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