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          The National Midnight Star, Number 529

                 Tuesday, 6 October 1992
Today's Topics:
                       New/Old Rush
                     Pings and clicks
                   "Old/New Rush Fans"
        Dream Theatre in town, for those who care!
                Simpsons and Rush Airplay
                   Convention and Rand
              Re: Melody Intro..Who Does It?
                    Cleveland NMSers!
             Yet more new CDs, and last call
                 Delays in between songs.
                     Rush and Comics
                  Insights and Sightings
                      Dream Theater
                       Rush & Neil
             Hemisphere's concert last night
                        New Album?
              Working Man / Mrs. Brownstone
                  My opinion about RUSH
                songlist program on syrinx
                        Old & New
                     1st time message
                   Neil Poster Address?
      Re: 10/01/92 - The National Midnight Star #527
                    The Story Of Kings
                Re: Lame arguments abound
                      By the way...
Date: Tue Oct  6 15:26:50 EDT 1992
From: rush-mgr  
Subject: Administriva

There was no digest yesterday 10/5/92.  The administrative mail of
adding and deleting users have not been done yet.  If you are still
getting mailings, I apologize.  Admin mail will be caught up by

Well, can't say I didn't warn you.  The New/Old argument is getting
pretty heated if not "out of hand" in some places.  How about starting a
new thread?  As one person put it, arguing over it is pointless IMHO.

Coming up later on this week, a special transcription from the latest 2
issues of Spirit of Rush-UK fanzine.  A special 2-part interview with
Rush photographer, Andrew Mc Naughtan, called "Behind The Camera Eye"

Well, 'nuff said on with the debating.  *sigh*	[ :rush-mgr ]


Date: Fri, 2 Oct 92 17:24:03 -0500
From: (white aaron)
Subject: New/Old Rush

Let's re-word New Rush and Old Rush. Give me a break, it is the same band.
I believe it is still Geddy, Neil, and Alex. There isn't a 'new' band
named Rush is there? My point? Well, I like all of Rush's stuff and am
glad to see Rush has the originality to change over time rather then play
the same boring stuff over and over like so many other bands. People, Rush
would be dead if they were still playing like they did in the 70's. Now if
we want to discuss old Rush 'MATERIAL' or new Rush 'MATERIAL' lets be more
specific and not discuss two different bands, it's the same band.

Also, you may have heard this before but I just saw an old article today
about Geddy Lee having to move into a affluent neighboorhood in Toronto to
escape the constant 'so called' Rush fans appearing at his door demanding
autographs, and lots of other stuff! Some people sure are stupid. To bad
people like Geddy can't have a private life.


From: claris!qm! (Tim Hall)
Date: Fri, 2 Oct 1992 11:13:24 PDT
Subject: Pings and clicks

                       Subject:                               Time:10:50 AM
  OFFICE MEMO          Pings and clicks                       Date:10/2/92
Well, since we're on the subject of pings and clicks on Rush recordings (or
was it pigs and clinks?), I'd like to contribute one that's always puzzled

On Twilight Zone on the 2112 album, there's a place in the middle of the
song where there's a strange out-of-place guitar "noise".  I don't have the
CD with me now so I can't tell you the exact time it occurs.  I always
thought it was Alex starting to come in too early for his guitar solo,
because it's at about the right place for that, only one verse too soon.
When I pointed this out to a guitar-playing friend of mine many years ago,
he listened to it several times and concluded that Alex had accidentally
dragged his pick across a string.  Anyone else ever noticed this?

Incidentally, I much prefer the old pings and clicks to ones on the newer
albums. : )



Date: Fri, 2 Oct 92 18:01:24 cdt
From: "The Snow Dog (Gordon,James A)" 
Subject: 2112

	I didn't think that the hero in 2112 committed suicide.  Do any of the
band members actually say that?  The line "my life's blood/Spills over" might
just refer to his emotional turmoil, and intense desire to change his world.

		-Jim Gordon


Date: Fri, 2 Oct 1992 18:40:10 -0500
From: Jason Crawford 
Subject: "Old/New Rush Fans"

         Hello *Rush* fans!  I haven't made very many posts to TNMS,
but I have been reading and reading each edition and hearing the
same things over and over.  "I am a new Rush fan...I am an old Rush
fan..."  I am a RUSH FAN!!  To appreciate the group to the fullest
extent, you as a person must understand the change of the group and
grow with it.  It is much like a relationship with the opposite sex
where people change and there are differences.  To get along you
must understand the change and go with the flow.  Rush started out
with their first album the year I was born.  I can honestly say that
I am a lot different today than back then.  Their music has changed,
but it is still alike in many ways.  It hasn't changed for the better,
it hasn't changed for the worse, it has changed with the world.
Old Rush is excellent, but at the time many people didn't like CoS
when it came out.  Today everyone says that Presto is so bad.  I
think that they are both great.  Their songs are relevant to the
times.  The song "Heresy" for example, it is appropriate for the
times, the wall coming down, etc.  I believe that one can be an "old
or a new" fan, but the deep down true fans like everything and usually
don't say that a certain album/song is bad or doesn't show their
true talent.  Rush is Rush and Rush is unbelievable.  Just get out
there and rock and Roll the Bones...

*feel free to e-mail me about anything, or to just talk about Rush*

p.s.  Does anyone know of a channel on IRC for Rush or could anyone
      or someone start one.  There are so many fans out there and
      the IRC would be awesome to chat on.

	[ There is usually a #p/g!  channel and sometimes a #RUSH
	  channel on IRC if you want to chat with some fans.  :rush-mgr]


From: Christopher Mermagen 
Date: Fri, 2 Oct 92 20:21:14 -0400
Subject: Dream Theatre in town, for those who care!

I just heard on DC101 that Dream Theater will be playing Oct 6 I think
at the Bayou here in DC. Anyone who enjoys them and is interested check
it out. Even the DJ who gave the plug says they are alot like Yes and Rush.
I have yet to check it out, but I will probably go out and buy the CD.

Also, I was slightly disappointed to see that Eric Johnson did not open
for them on their tour here on the east coast. First we had Vinny Moore,
who is a good guitar player, but come on. To me all there was was a lot
of sound. Also, @ Merriweather, Mr. Big opened, and that was cool. I like
Mr. Big. They are interested and don't really fall into the blather of
mindless 98 rock songs..

One more note- On one show in Calif., I believe I heard in an interview
with Pat Torpey (drummer for Mr. Big), that he played a show with Rush where
Neil could not make it for some reason. He had to learn the songs, and
supposedly did a good job, and gave many kudos to Peart for his playing. He
says Peart is technically excellent and just a machine (technically, not
writing or style!!) when it comes to playing. Just a little side note..

Chris 'Mr. Big'

What happened to our innocence?
Did it go out of style?


From: Christopher Mermagen 
Date: Fri, 2 Oct 92 20:33:32 -0400
Subject: Simpsons and Rush Airplay

I also checked out that simpsons' episode. Hilarious.. as well as the end
where Homer got Maggie out of there with all the babies sucking on their
pacifiers. Great stuff

Also, about airplay... Here in Baltimore/DC, there is a station called the
Underground 103.1, which is a hard rock station that just started up two
years ago i believe...They play an incredible amount of Rush. I have heard
Distant Early Warning, The Weapon, The enemy Within, Bastille Day, Lakeside
Park, Big Money, and many others that don't garnish the current Rush airplay.
Also, it seems the RTB the song has made a resurgence around here again
on the radio.

- One more thing.. Last year @ Superbowl time 103.1 the Underground had the
'Superbowl of Hard Rock', and it was Rush beating Queensryche in the Super-
bowl that was a phone poll. It was actually hilarious to hear them talking.
They made up play-by-plays, like Geddy steps back into the pocket, hits
Alex deep, then alex pitches to neil and he runs in for the touchdown, then
they played 2112 excerpts off Chronicles... and so on. It was really funny
and good to hear such a strong like for the group around here. Can't wait
for new albums, etc... Should be a bonus!!!!

Chris Mermagen

He's adept at adaptation.. Digital Man, the #1 Rush song


Date: Fri, 2 Oct 92 18:15:11 PDT
From: Ralph.Torres@Corp.Sun.COM (Ralph Torres)
Subject: Convention and Rand

Chris Schiller  writes that "I will probably not take
the trouble to find a postcard, find John's address, and burn a
stamp for a possible convention a year from now."

I think the postcard idea is the best way to gauge true interest.
This event will require a fairly accurate headcount - if you are not
willing to take 15 minutes to do all the above, how likely are you
to get in your car (or whatever) and go to the convention? I'd bet
quite a few 'yes' replies via email wouldnt show up, while far fewer
'yes' replies via postcard would flake out.

Actually, I just like to disagree with anyone with "" in their email

Onto another well beaten topic...

Neil and Rand.

I have read and heard Neil's statement that he "discovered" Rand's
Anthem as they finished 2112. Not that I'm a better authority then he,
however, I find it strange that for someone who "just noticed the
coincidental similarities" would dedicate the album to the "genius"
of Rand.

Not that it really matters, but my impression has always been that
Neil is downplaying the Rand influence of his early years.

Not trying to start a "thread" here, just making an observation...



From: (Mark Steph)
Date: Fri, 2 Oct 92 09:03:24 CDT
Subject: Re: Melody Intro..Who Does It? asks:

> Question, who actually does the melody intro for the three blind mice?

As I recall from the concert, it appeared to be taped.  They played it
as soon as the lights went out, while everyone got into place.

My guess was it was taken directly from "The Three Stooges" series--
that's what it sounded like.

Mark Steph              | you can twist perceptions  | reality won't budge
(yes, .se *is* in Texas)| you can raise objections
PO Box 833875, MS L-05  | I will be the judge -- and the jury
Richardson, TX 75083    |      -Neil Peart, "Show Don't Tell"


From: Scott David Daly 
Date: Sat, 3 Oct 92 19:34:31 EDT
Subject: Cleveland NMSers!


	Does anyone out there have any "contacts" or "pull" at either
the Agora club or WMMS up in Cleveland?  Please contact me...



Date: 04 Oct 1992 10:53:16 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Yet more new CDs, and last call

Here we go with yet more CD boots from the RTB tour (they are really booting
this tour to death, eh?):
Mardi Gras - New Orleans 2/23/92 2CD
(I've also seen this listed as Run From The Fans, not sure if they're actually
the same)
Atmospheric - Holland 5/31/92 2PictureCD
Also, in the 10/16 Goldmine, there's a guy selling some good live stuff (though
nothing really rare or nothing the big collectors, or some of the little ones,
don't already have. Just delivering a Rush PSA :^). As usual, if anyone wants
any specific info on any of this, drop me a line! Also, this is the last call
for lists for the new Rush Boot List. I pretty much have enough for a decent
sized list, but any more would be appreciated! Kudos to Gene, Erik, and the
others who have sent in their lists. I will post a message when the list is
ready for "delivery." Later all,


Date: Sun, 4 Oct 92 13:31:29 cdt
From: "BRIAN'SAKNOB (Shende,Vineet A)" 
Subject: Delays in between songs.

Chris -- you're right.  You are being too nitpicky.  But anyways, the delays
in between songs are a device used by Rush.  You cited how Bravado comes
almost immediately on the end of Dreamline.  I'm sure this was done conciousl
y to get the listeners attention.

By the way, Dan.  I am also a musician, (as a matter of fact, at the moment I
am writing a full length symphony) who enjoys new Rush, though I do think the
new Rush/old Rush argument is pointless and stupid.  Everyone can enjoy their
own Rush, and we can all be a big happy family. Tra la la la la.


Date: Sun, 4 Oct 92 17:51:18 EDT
Subject: Rush and Comics

I haven't been receiving the NMS for very long, so this may have already
been brought up.  In the July 1992 issue of Rock 'N' Roll Comics, Rush
was the featured band.  The comic normally chooses one band each month
and produces a complete, updated biography of the group in comic book
form.  The issue sold for $2.50 in U.S. funds and despite its few flaws
in information and accuracy (no, Geddy Lee did not use a Steinberger
headless bass on 2112 - the model wasn't even invented yet!), it's well
worth the price for anyone who wants to find out more about Rush or add
to a collection.


Date: Sun, 4 Oct 1992 23:48 EST
Subject: Insights and Sightings

	There's been a lot of talk recently about Neil and his philosophies.
I would like to point out that as people mature they change.  Sometimes it is
easy to see the change, other times it isn't.  I think each person makes up
their mind on what is being said based on their interpretation of the context
surrounding what was said.  For example...

In Anthem Neil wrote:

		Keep looking forward,
		No use in looking 'round,
		Hold your head up high
		Don't let them bring you down.

	However twelve years later he wrote Time Stand Still, in which he
simply says:
		I'm not looking back,
		But I want to look around me now.
		See more of the people
		And the places that surround me now.

	Now in Anthem is Neil saying "have tunnel vision and concentrate on
what you're doing and ignore everything else lest you will fail" or is he
saying "when you are surrounded by detractors, ignore them and take pride in
who and what you are"?  But TSS seems to clearly say "I want to know what's
going on around me before I continue my life's journey to somewhere else".

	The question would be "Are the two songs connected?", and that would
depend on the individual opinion of the listener.  Could TSS be a retraction or
addendum to Anthem, I don't know.  But the manner of the lyrics is different.
Anthem seems making a statement, while Time Stand Still seems to be explaining
a situation.

	This is not being asked as a question, but rather is a statement of my
attitudes towards opinions (and the flames they generate.)  Any flames this
epistle generates should be sent to me and not the NMS.  Each person reads
different meanings out of lyrics, and no answer is right or wrong, they are
just opinions.  That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.



Date: Sun, 4 Oct 1992 23:52 EST
Subject: Dream Theater

	For those who might be inerested.....

	Dream Theater is coming to the Boston area around Columbus Day
weekend.  I think the Orpheum was mentioned.  WAAF was giving away tickets.

	I agree that they sound like Queensryche, but the sound doesn't strike
of older Rush.  (probably the two guitar sound.)



Subject: Rush & Neil
From: (Tim Gross)
Date: Sun, 04 Oct 92 20:38:06 CDT

I am 18 and was first exposed to RUSH out side The Civic Center in
Pensacola Florida at the age of 7.  Ever since is history.  I listened to
teeny-booper music and then as my musical taste matured (junior high) and
a fello drummer revived my love of RUSH.

3 songs that will convert anyone into a RUSH fan:
1-Red Barcetta
3-Tom Sawyer or CLoser to the Heart

A couple months ago Moddern Drummer stated Neil Pert as haveing Lukemia
is this TRUE.....? Is that why he has no hair (radiaton treatment) and
wore a bandanna in the Roll the Bones Tour..? IF so fight it in to

Rummor True or Flase: Neil Pert marched Drum Corp (DCI)? IF so what corp?
IF he did it had to be a top 10 corp or a candanian corp.

Bootleg CD - Rush-n-Ruolette..?

Rush uses Machintosh computers..? Geddy uses one (mac)? Must be for midid
 and ease of use? They used macs for the roll the bones tour.

                                Tim Gross (TIMG)
PS Geddy said "Thank you I have some beads now"
At the PResto concert in the New ORleans Superdome
AFTER fans repeatedly used mardi gra beads as projectiles

Tim Gross
Internet:     uucp:  uunet!valinor!timg


Date: 05 Oct 92 09:20:42 EDT
From: doug <70003.5604@CompuServe.COM>
Subject: Hemisphere's concert last night

Last night on WLVQ (QFM96) in Columbus, OH, they played a live
RUSH concert from the Hemisphere's tour.  I wasn't able to tape
it, but I am going to call the station and find out where this
was taped.

Any other people in the area know of any details?

I didn't know this was happening and was shocked when I turned on
the radio last night.  The only songs I heard were "Xanadu" the
complete version (not sure if it was the same one on ESL), "The
Trees" which definetly was not on ESL as Alex didn't preceed it
with "BB", the last acoustical song on side 1 of Hemisphere's
(which I can't think of right now) - it sounded like they cut
right into this song ("they" meaning the recording) probably
after completing side 1 of Hemisphere's.  .  The last song I heard was "Closer to the Heart".

Well, if I can find any info on this recording, I'll pass it on.
Since I don't own any boots, (not that I'm for or against them)
I can't say that this concert last night was rare or not.

The only way I know this was from the Hemisphere's tour was that
before playing "The Trees" Ged said "We would like to do a song from
our latest album, this is called the trees".

That is All.



From: (brian nowack)
Subject: New Album?
Date: Mon, 5 Oct 92 11:06:44 EDT

I heard of the rumor that they are finishing up on their private
vacations and are going to their retreat in the woods to start writing their
new album.  Are these rumors true or are they just a bunch of broccoli?

Brian Nowack

if there is any other info on the band you can send me please do.  i am a
relatively new fan and anything i can learn about them i will.

	[ Try the anonymous ftp directory on
	  Tons of stuff for old *and* new Rush fans.	: rush-mgr ]


Date: Mon, 5 Oct 92 12:21:14 -0500
From: Brian E. Saunders 
Subject: Working Man / Mrs. Brownstone

I'm sorry if this is a thread that has been discussed before, and I'm
sure it probably has, but I don't remember.

Anyway, I'm sure some of you are familiar with a song on Guns & Roses
first album called Mrs. Brownstone.  Here are the lyrics from the first
verse of the song:

>    I get up around seven
>    Get outta bed around nine
>    And I don't worry about nothin' no
>    'Cause worryin's a waste of my...time
>    The show usually starts around seven
>    We go on stage around nine
>    Get on the bus about eleven
>    Sippin' a drink and feelin' fine

And near the end of the song:

>    Now I get up around whenever
>    I used ta get up on time
>    But that old man he's a real muthafucker
>    Gonna kick him on down the line

Now, here are the lyrics from the beginning of Rush's "Working Man":

>    I get up at seven, yeah,
>    and I go to work at nine.
>    I got no time for livin'.
>    Yes, I'm workin' all the time.

Seems that Rush isn't the only group that cleverly plays around with
other group's lyrics.  :^)  What's good for the goose is good for the
gander, I guess....

Just thought I'd interject an amusing thread into TMNS today.  I noticed
the similarity while watching part of the G&R concert on EmptyTV this

Brian E. Saunders


From: (Miguel Braxton Farah)
Subject: My opinion about RUSH
Date: Mon, 5 Oct 92 9:38:08 CST

Hi! (this is my first posting, etc....)

I've been reading this mailing list for about to weeks now and I have
noticed the "new vs. old Rush" discussion. I'll give my opinions:

1) I live in Chile. Rush has never come down here to do any show - the
Rush fans here only hear them by tapes and the like - radios don't play
them much. This is because the Rush fans in here prefer the elder
albums (let's specify this: there is a small-but-not-too-tiny group of
young people in here who like progressive music in general (old Genesis,
Yes, Marillion, old Pink Floyd, RUSH, etc.); this persons have some
features in common: they belong to the medium-high/high social class and
they (we) have a culture level superior to the average).

2) I got to know Rush in 1990 (yes, 1990) by a friend who passed his tapes
to me so I could hear them. He passed them to me in three big junks:
 A) AFTK..MP - he told to me to hear the tapes at least four times,
    because I wouldn't like them at the first. So I did it: La Vila
    Strangiato was the only theme I liked the first time I heard them.
    The rest was dispisable. The second time it was just bad. In the
    third pass I discovered that they did play well and that they were
    not so bad. The fourth time I did get it. Now I'm a fanatic.
 B) RUSH..2112 - he told me that this period was harder to "eat". It
    really was - I had been hearing *softer* things (old Genesis and
    Marillion) so I took some time to develop liking for them. Now I do.
    (as a matter of fact, my hard disk's serial number is 2112-2112 and
    the volume label is Lamneth).
 C) SIGNALS..PRESTO - he told that this was a period with more simplified
    themes. When I first heard them, I found that there were some great
    themes and some were sort of dissapointing, but I ended up liking
    them all.

Now I'm a Rush fanatic, I have all of their albums and I like them all
(altough there are some that are better than the other ones).
IMO, the best album is Moving Pictures
''   ''  ''   song is Natural Science
''   ''  ''   theme is 2112
''   ''  ''   instrumental is La Vila Strangiato.

But now, my opinion about RTB:    IT STINKS!!!

Every Rush fan I know in this country has the same opinion. Some person
in the mailing list has said something about "growing up with the music",
but I haven't had that oportunity since I know Rush for so few time (two
years is not much, I'd say). I know that Rush has been doing different
styles - that is obvious, but RTB is really a bad and dissapointing album.

First, the themes are too simple (Dreamline is the only exception to this).
Second, HOW COULD THEY PUT RAP IN A SONG????!! Rap is no music, it's just
(excuse me) BIG SHIT (my friends in here that are looking me write this
say that rap is even worse than that).  Rap is a dispisable thing, that
has nothing to do with music. It was for two years qualified as "the worst
possible conception of music" (now it is not: there is something even worse
-> "The General" - i sincerely hope you do not get to know THAT).

I remember when RTB was presented in an "avant-premiere" in a radio. I
thought it was bad. My friends thought the same thing - some of us
couldn't even believe that there was RAP in a song.

Waiting for flames,


Date: Mon, 5 Oct 92 14:16:47 EDT
From: Doug White 
Subject: songlist program on syrinx

I'm planning on dumping Rush on cassette for the car, and the stats from the
songlist program posted on syrinx are slightly interesting...

This sorted through all the studio albums and the 3 live albums - Chronicles
was left out, cause I've got the LPs with the 2 live songs. One bizarre
coincidence is that Rush never wrote a 13 minute song - superstition?
The two shortest are ASOH's Intro & ESL's Broon's Bane while the longest are
2112, Lamneth, and Hemispheres. I should have counted Cygnus & Hem. as one
song, though, and Fear III/II/I together, too. Maybe next time.  :)

Any way, I've got all the tunes scattered over 10 90 minute tapes, in a
decent mix of studio/live, old/new, rock/ballad contrasts. Has anyone else
tried this thing out?

# Breakdown of song lengths
#    0 -  1 min :  1    1 -  2 min :  1    2 -  3 min :  5
#    3 -  4 min : 18    4 -  5 min : 44    5 -  6 min : 45 <- median length
#    6 -  7 min :  8    7 -  8 min :  5    8 -  9 min :  2
#    9 - 10 min :  3   10 - 11 min :  2   11 - 12 min :  1
#   12 - 13 min :  3   14 - 15 min :  1   16 - 17 min :  1
#   18 - 19 min :  1   19 - 20 min :  1   20 - 21 min :  1
# There are 143 tracks, 13:37:25 total, from 0:53 to 20:34
#	5:42 on average, with an approx. median of 5:00 .
# The 14 longest songs are:
# 20:34	19:59	18:05	16:51	14:20	12:30
# 12:10	12:01	11:08	10:56	10:25	 9:38
#  9:35	 9:16

WOW! 13 straight hours! Almost enough to start a radio station! :)
		(any one know if that all-Zep station's still alive?)

Just thought I'd throw this in, as things seem to be dragging....


Date:         Mon, 05 Oct 92 14:10:42 EST
From: The Analog Kid 
Subject:      Old & New

Sorry to drag this out, but there are too many accusations flying around for
me to remain silent.

Accusation #1:  Musicians don't like new Rush, just old Rush.  I am a dedicated
lover and player of music, and I love new Rush.  I have noticed that a lot of
guitar players don't like the new stuff, because it is not as guitarocentric as
the old stuff.  However, a lot of bassists and drummers love the new stuff
(Turn the Page moves all over the place - it kicks!).  I'm a bassist and enjoy
Rush compositions from every album.  I also know a lot of musicians that like
Rush's new albums.

Accusition #2:  New Rush is better than old Rush  or  Old Rush is better than
new Rush.  Psychologically, people (despite initial reactions) begin to take
an active participative role in listening to music after they have heard a song
a time or two.  The more they participate in listening to a given song, the
better they become at hearing the nuances and appreciating each note and rest.
Given that they do this with some cross section of music and given the person's
technical musical education and given the person's appreciation for lyrics, the
person will develop some kind of taste for music.  So if one were to listen to
primarily old Rush, one might develop a taste for only old Rush.  There is
nothing wrong with this, you just have to realize that someone else might
develop a taste for a different era in exactly the same way you developed a
taste for yours.  Is there anything more to say?

Accusation #3:  Old Rush is progressive and new Rush is not.  First of all,
there are plenty of old Rush tunes that are pretty standard and not very
progressive at all, so we can't run about making that gross generalization.
Secondly, stringing a bunch of songs together may have been progressive then,
but if they kept doing it over and over, they wouldn't have been progressing,
no?  Rush has been progressing all along, expanding their musical palette
(always trying new sounds), expanding their available textures and styles (with
rock, funk, space-music, reggae, ska, and other influences as they grew).
Those who keep whining that they wish that they had remained progressive are,
in a way, being oxymoronic, as it is impossible to remain and progress at the
same time.  I think I might be rather bored with the band had they done nothing
but remained in a single so-called "progressive" style, and never moved
forward, just stagnating.  I know that Rush would have been bored (and indeed
were, to some extent: that's why they keep progressing, relative to themselves
in any case).

So the moral(s) of the story is:  You can't argue about taste  -  What is
interesting to a bassist may not be interesting to a guitarist  -  progress is
a relative term.  Hopefully, with these things in mind, we can end this silly
debate and move on (progress that is....  :)
                                                     -Hans G.


Date: Mon,  5 Oct 1992 17:01:22 -0400 (EDT)
From: Matthew Joseph Desantis 
Subject: various

	This debate on "the best era of rush" has got to stop. What marks
the eras of Rush? From what years? There are no set landmarks for Rush.
Everything they did was different. Sure, it is easy to see the movement
to shorter songs, and a conservative song layout... but do you honestly
think that that early rush is better than late (or vice versa)? Take it from
the band's point of view... Do you think they want to crank out the same shit
they did in their early 20s? Do you think they have the same mentality?
The band had good reasons to depart from the early format for lyrics and

	1) Little (if any) radio play (who is going to devote over 10 minutes
	for a song like Hemispheres?)

	2) Age ... (you grow older... you begin to concentrate on style...
	not just how fast you can play)

	On Roll the Bones, I heard some great basswork on bravado, and The
	Big Wheel in particular. Sure, Geddy used to do bass runs all through
	songs, but now we hear subtleties... like warm slides, and murmurs
	that are very aesthetically pleasing. So to say the one "era" whatever
	that means, is better is a matter of opinion. There is something
	interesting about these two extremes...

	Too many people feel the need to qualify themselves ... like "I'm a
musician, and I have been for X years, and so you better believe what I am
about to say...
	OK, so musicians may be able to play all those cool parts (I love
playing bass, guitar, and of course keyboards) but I still cannot make
an opinionated statement fact... no matter how hard I may try...

An issue or two ago, a felloe named Dan wrote that he was "prepared" to speak
about rush because he took piano for 15 years, and wrote an etude... The
statement he made was like (..ask any musician and they will tell you that new
rush is not as good as old rush...) or in a different form of words...

	Well, Dan, I have had piano instruction for about 15 years, 4 years
of jazz instruction, and a history of compositions, from jazz to classical to
blues to rock. Ive been in 5 bands.... You know what.... I love the latest
stuff rush has produced! In fact, I think it holds up well (even against
the "classic" rush) Of course this is my opinion, and even if I majored in
Rush is school (if you could) I could not profess this as factual information

	Can anybody give me some information regarding the following CDs...

	1) Rushian Roulette
	2) A show of .... (what's the name??) not hands.. the other one

	How is the sound quality on these??? Are they worth 29.99???
	Let me know...

	Also, Dreamline begins (I think) with the sound of a car passing by...
Someone said that is was a wave (were they kidding?) because Geddy uses a
Korg Wavestation on the new album. The Korg wavestation is a highly 
sophisticated sampler/synthesizer that can combine sampling w/ synthesis to 
form really complex voices... It does not just make "wave" noises...(were 
they kidding?)

	Just say "no" to the old vs. new rush argument.....
	winners don't argue over old vs. new rush
	Partnership for a argument over old Rush-vs-new Rush - free America
	This is your brain. This is your brain arguing over old vs new rush...



Date: 05 Oct 92 19:41:01 EDT
From: Ariel Benzakein <75570.2451@CompuServe.COM>
Subject: 1st time message

This is from a friend of mine who doesn't have access to the Internet:


Hi, as is apparently custom, I shall begin my post with the normal novice
proclamtion: This Is My First Post!! (thank you, no autographs, please).
I've just started reading NMS, and I have a few things I'd like to say.
	First (I know this is a black-labeled subject, but I promise I'll
be brief), about New vs. Old, I feel that the true mark of skill in any
craft is to exhibit a great amount of diversity in the products you
create. I feel that Rush is the only modern band in rock that has
successfully shown their ability to play many different types of music,
skillfully express a myriad of feelings (both through their lyrics and
music), and still retain their credibility (when was the last time you
heard Red Barchetta on a Ford commercial?). Also, I feel the mark of an
objective listener is one who can appreciate (not necessarily be
enthusiastic over, or enjoy) such a diversity. I myself happen to like
every single Rush album; however, I don't expect every person to share my
tastes, nor will I discredit someone's status as a true fan if they don'y
enjoy post-PeW Rush. Thank you - That's all, and good night (I only hope.)
	Anyway, what is Neil's current set-up? I'm a drummer and I love
tech-stuff, so please, if anybody knows, please tell me. Also (being a
novice to NMS, I'm not sure if this has been said before), has anyone else
noticed that the Finale from 2112 is almost straight out of the
instrumental part of King Crimson's 21st Century Schitzoid Man?
	Lastly, I've heard rumors that a new album is due out in Nov.
Anyone know anything more about this?

						Forever wondering when
						Geddy will sing "I think
						I'm going bald" again in

						Chris Anderson


Date: Mon, 5 Oct 92 21:14:02 -0400
From: nam2@po.CWRU.Edu (Nicholas A. Mascari)
Subject: Neil Poster Address?

Hi all...just a quick question.

Does anyone still have the address to write to Ludwig for a poster
of Neil??



|~~~\ |    |  /~~~\ |    |    Nick Mascari: Case Western Reserve University
|___/ |    |  \ _   |____|  "If you choose not to decide, you still have made
| \   |    |      \ |    |   a choice."    "...changes aren't permanent, but
|   \  \__/   \___/ |    |   change is." - Neil Peart of Rush


Date: 05 Oct 1992 21:24:00 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Re: 10/01/92 - The National Midnight Star #527

Hello....if I may be so petty, but I always thought that the line read....
"Truth is often BITTER, left unsaid"   that is what my lyric sheet reads.



Date: Mon, 5 Oct 92 19:44:41 EDT
From: mccabe!john@uunet.UU.NET (John Miller)
Subject: The Story Of Kings

Hey folks,

   I just bought _The Story of Kings_ interview CD, and I thought I'd mention
a few things for the unsuspecting.
   Nowhere on the CD does it indicate who is being interviewed (it's just Alex),
when the interview took place (just after HYF), or how long the interview is
(about 30 min).  The copyright on the CD is 1992, which could lead the a naive
individual (i.e., myself) to believe that this was a recent interview.  BZZT!
Thanks for playing.  This was the Alex interview recorded in England not long
after HYF (originally a "picture disk" vinyl, I think).  Only after purchasing,
did I realize that the text of this interview is available at the syrinx site.
(rush-mgr, please insert appropriate filename -->               <--)

	[ It's called in the anon-ftp area	: rush-mgr ]

   The interview itself, while entertaining, is just over half an hour long,
hardly (IMO) worth the $13 I plunked down (ouch!).  Apparently, the interview
took place in a restaurant or somesuch; the incessant clinking of silverware
and shuffling of the microphone is damnably annoying.
   The interview itself is pretty good: Alex comes across as a likable,
intelligent guy.  It's the deceptive packaging that I have a gripe with and
thought others might like to be informed.

   Now for the Q&A portion of our post:

(1) In the interview, Alex mentions that one or two songs were dropped from the
first album at the last minute.  Anyone know whatever became of these?  Did they
wind up on FBN, or are they the "lost classics."

(2) On the ASoH video, Neil wears headphones at one point (Red Sector A?  I
can't remember).  Is he listening to a "click track" (and why does he need
one?), or is it just books on tape? :-)

(3) Anyone know where I can get a poster of the COS cover?


John Miller
(.sig under construction.  Please stand by.............)


Date: Mon, 5 Oct 92 17:31:36 PDT
From: qsp!danb@uunet.UU.NET (Daniel Benbenisty)
Subject: Re: Lame arguments abound

>To bring up what Todd Zorik said about not liking new rush because it isn't
>progressive rock...that's just about the lamest argument I have ever heard. If
>Rush sounded like the progressive music of today I think I would lose my lunch!

What is this lunch-losing music?  I wanna to get my hands on it! Surely you
aren't refering to the latest slew of guitar heros on Relativity Records that
record solos over single drum machine patterns, or to the 'Seattle Sound'?
What Zorick said did not seem like an argument to me, but two facts that you
seem to agree with: 1) NEWRUSH is not progressive, 2) he doesn't like New Rush
because of this.  Maybe you should try to "prove" that NEWRUSH=progressive, or
that Todd really does like New Rush and he's just lying, BEFORE you say his
"argument" is "lame."  I've heard arguments about the definition of prog rock,
but none mark RTB as prog rock! Try Jacob's Ladder...

>Would you really like Rush now, 1992, if they sounded like they used to?

No.  That's why I like the old albums - each one was so different (perhaps even
better) than the last.  My favorites are 2112 thru MP/PeW.  Ideally, I want
something with ALOT of musical adventurousness.  I believe I speak for all Old
Rush fans when I say that I don't care what they sound like other than that.

Here's a different, less-flammable subject:  What are your favorite elements in
your least favorite Rush?  Since I'm a known Old Rush fan, I'll start by saying
that Alex's equipment, sound, and playing technique have greatly improved even
through material that I don't much care for.  Also, production quality has
generally improved, due to higher-tech recording equipment and more bucks.
Thirdly, I actually like the timbre of Geddy's (Gary's) lower octaves.  I think
Geddy has improved technically as a singer.

Daniel Benbenisty		Guitarist for EARWURM


Subject: Sucks???
Date: Tue, 06 Oct 92 14:34:41 EDT

Not having a lot of time for this and being behind this may be a little late,

Their new shit sucks???

I don't remember who said it, but it doesn't really matter.  The mass of
supportive arguments that followed the statement every time I saw it didn't
much matter.  I'm sorry that you don't like it...but it sucks???  The Hard-Ons
suck.  They're amusing, but they suck.  I would even goes as far as to say
Legs Diamond kind of sucks, but that is entirely my opinion.  My point is that
the attitude exudes such ignorance...whether or not you're a musician, the
music is still complex.  The subtlties have moved from the time signatures
more over to the chordal structures of the songs (IMO), but how many of you
could stand up and play and sing "Turn the Page"???  Damned few, I would
think.  I'm sorry you don't like the music.  Actually I'm not...I really don't
care, but I just hate seeing the word suck ever enter a sentence containing
or referring to Rush.  Then again, maybe I'm just too sensitive...


Subject: By the way...
Date: Tue, 06 Oct 92 15:12:27 EDT

Sorry about post number two, but its short.

Dan Benbenisty,

GREAT article in 527 (the history).  But I'm sorry (well, not really) that you
hate new Rush.  Actually, Iknow a number of bass players who do enjoy new
Rush.  Especially "Turn the Page", "Marathon", and "Show Don't Tell" (don't
ask me why, I only sing, and that very poorly...hence I no longer have a

But you did wonder if any musicians liked new Rush, so...

Take care,



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