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          The National Midnight Star, Number 533

                Saturday, 10 October 1992
Today's Topics:
                 Re: Happy Yom Kippur!!!
                    drum poster et al
                     Non-Album tracks
                     Chronicles II ?
                  3 Stooges intro, again
                   Various Rush Topics
                Re: Insights and Sightings
                    various topics....
                  2112; 'assume control
                      Chat question
           RE: 2112, and the debate continues..
                 Neil Peart's Horn Kicks
                   next tour wish list
                   Zounds! What sounds!

Date: Thu, 8 Oct 1992 18:18:23 -0400
From: (Mark Sedran)
Subject: Re: Happy Yom Kippur!!!

>The day Psyco Janitor disbanded?

        Aaron, I hardly think this is the proper forum for an overgrown
teenager to be reminiscing about his 'good ole day' in high school.  It is
not the proper place for inside jokes or pesonal messages.  We really don't
need to see the word SUCKS capitalized and repeated over and over again.
                                                Mark Sedran

	[ Er?  Where's the Rush content in this one?  Use EMAIL! : rush-mgr ]

P.S. Say hi to your sister for me.
P.P.S.  Long live Jason Lagauna.


Date: 08 Oct 92 19:41:21 EDT
From: Ariel Benzakein <75570.2451@CompuServe.COM>
Subject: drum poster et al

Hi, this is not Ariel, but his friend again. I've got some answers to a
couple of questions floating about the NMS, and a opinion on Rand to

For Mr. Mascari and all others interested: The address for the latest
Ludwig poster of Mr. Peart is:

					Ludwig Industries
					Neil Peart Poster
					PO Box 310
					Elkhardt, IN 46515

			You'll need to send along $3 with the order.

About the "vocal" part in ASOF: ALEX IS SAYING NOTHING! It's a joke! In
				the censored section of the meledy Alex is
				lip-synching a bunch of nonsense. The
				group put it in to try and catch some of
				their fanatic fans off guard. Sounds like
                                they got somebody else to fall for it.

About NP & AR:

	Many people find that Ayn Rand's philosophy is utopian.
I considered myself a devout Objectivist right after reading
_Atlas Shrugged_. After seriously thinking about my feelings,
I kind of mellowed out a bit, and I started to disagree with
some of her more radical ideas. A main theme in Rand's
philosophy is that the morals of society at large have
only served to destroy man's spirit instead of helping
to build it. She suggests that instead of listening to
all the spiritual minimalists who's desire is to "bring you down",
"Hold your head up high," and don't let the rest of society
censure or restrict your desire to live in any way.

	For me, the philosophy is too exclusive. It essentially
asks a person to shut out too much of the rest of society, so
that he himself may live a moral (by Rand's POV) life, without
the interference of destructive influences. I feel that in order
to truly live, one has to be open to all forms of thought, and
see "more of the people and the places that surround me now."

Anyway, it's one man's opinion, and I hope that this can
fan some new flames of debate. (It would be so nice not to hear
people complain over their own opinions for once.)

	[ Yes, Chris, it's edited.  Sorry no flames on NMS : rush-mgr ]

					       Playing fastball just
						as long as I can,

						Chris Anderson

PS The main character does commit suicide in the end of 2112.


Date: 08 Oct 1992 19:57:14 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Non-Album tracks

Hey Hey Hey fellow rushians,

     I've learned (thanks to the FAQ list) that Rush released a single,
"Not Fade Away"/"You Can't Fight It" before their first album came out.
Has anyone actually heard these songs?  Also, has the band, throughout the
course of its career, released any other non-album tracks as b-sides?
Are any studio outtakes available on bootleg?  A million thanks,



From: Scott David Daly 
Date: Thu, 8 Oct 92 21:16:06 EDT
Subject: Chronicles II ?

Hello ALL!

	What's the latest on "Chronicles II"?  Is this confirmed that
such a thing is going to be released?  I had heard that it will be
live material and will contain "rarities"...

	gee...I really hope they put stuff like Tom Sawyer and Closer
To The Heart on there (for the 600th time!) and Mercury gets lots
more money out of it!

	Now, if they put something like "Not Fade Away" on it...THEN,
I'll run to the store!


P.S. The idea of a "Rush rarities tape" being put together by TNMS
sounds GREAT!  I know that the guys at the Poilce list were doing
something similar a while back...the whole idea is cool.


Date: Thu, 8 Oct 1992 18:45:47 -0700 (PDT)
From: Kevin Field 
Subject: 3 Stooges intro, again

I remember reading something about the 3 Stooges intro on ASoH, although
I'm not sure if it's legit or not... can anybody tell me?  I believe there
was an interview with Geddy somewhere in the past; he stated that when the
band came up with the 3 Stooges idea, they weren't allowed the rights to
the song by the company that owns it.  So, they had a musician friend of
theirs record his own version, and that's the one they play in concert.
The three voices saying "Hellooooo..." in the beginning are Geddy, Alex
and Neil recorded over the phone.
Again, I'm not sure this is true, although I'm pretty sure I read it
somewhere... hope this answers some questions, or at least doesn't create
some misunderstandings.


Date: Thu,  8 Oct 1992 22:26:22 -0400 (EDT)
From: "Scott T. Lillis" 
Subject: Various Rush Topics

First of all, I didn't want to make a letter just about the new/old
debaate, but while I'm writing, I'll say give it a rest.  Have new and
old lets people like rush for different reasons.  I personally like rush
for the late 70's stuff if I have to choose, but other people go for the
other stuff for a different appeal.  I like the opinions but talk about
the stuff that YOU like and let others talk about what THEY like.

I was wondering if anyone knew what Rush has done with Max Webster.  I
heard one sone they did with him but I can't remember the name.  Does
anyone here know about this.

Also, does anyone know about any ROIO's with Hemisphere's recorded with
all 6 parts together.

I was also wondering about different interpretations of Vital Signs.  I
always picture it as an indepth description of the electronic inteface
of two circuits and different problems encountered in that process.  For
example: 'The impulse is pure.  Sometimes our circuits get shorted by
external inerference' -crossed wires maybe?  Well I thought this was an
analogy for human interaction.  Later in the song he talks about it from
a human perspective: 'A tired mind becomes a shape shifter.  Everybody
need a mood lifter.  Everybody needs reverse polarity.'  This seemed to
be an analogy for elctronic inferface.  I pictured this by an example
where circuit A is sending information(or anything) to circuit B. If
circuit A's energy level drops below that of B(ie. Tired Mind) then the
polarity would reverse(unless the connection is broken) because current
always moves towards lower potential.  So essentially, I think Peart is
giving an alternating description of human interaction/electronic
circuit interface and I think there parallel couldn't be more beautiful.
 Any idea's or thoughts on this idea are welcomed.

Scott Lillis
'Those who know what's best for us must rise and save us from ourselves'


Date: Thu,  8 Oct 1992 23:05:13 -0400 (EDT)
From: "William F. O'Dell" 
Subject: Re: Insights and Sightings

In response to Franks ideas of Anthem vs. TSS, I definitely think there
is a connection. How about almost every song on RTB? They are all about
moving forward, not getting locked into the past. But notice the
difference in voice between Anthem and TSS. Anthem is yelling. (okay, I
know Geddy is screaming the words out :-) It is somewhat demanding and
insistant. Where as TSS is more quiet, maybe a little more Zen. Maybe it
is more of an argument for slowing down, or maybe a cry of help from the
rat race of life. But it is definitely looking forward.

This also gets back to the idea of Neil becoming more personal and
introspective. A transition began to occure somewhere where Neal moved
from ideas about the world to ideas about the way he felt. Does anyone
out there feal that the last couple of albums are more related to the
first couple of albums than are the middle group (PW, MP, Signals)?  (No
this has NOTHING to do with old vs. new. I just thought of it now.
Please don't use this as ammo.)

For more insite on this turn from looking outward/moving forward at a
fast pace, vs. looking within/moving araound as moving forward, look
back at the intro to the Presto tour book. Even if you have read it
countless times, read it again. You'll be surprised what it tells you.
Especially ya'll out there hung up on old vs. new. Read what the man
sez. It really clears some things up.

Just some misc. ramblings.


Date:      Thu, 08 Oct 1992 20:30:37 CST
From: "Jim Graham" 
Subject:   various topics....

sorry for the lame subject line, but this really is on multiple topics.

first off, several folks have mentioned something called a ``click
track'' --- what is this?  sorry if this is a dumb question, but my
musical background is piano and low-brass (jazz w/ trombone, mainly),
and a lot of the stuff pertaining mainly to the rhythm section is a
mystery to me (I listen mainly for the time and the chord changes).

(RUSH-MGR --- feel free to nuke the next bit if you like!)

second, and I'll keep this part short, regarding old vs new material
from RUSH --- come on, folks, it's all a matter of opinion, and we all
have a right to our opinions.  I happen to like all of the stuff from
RUSH.  does that make me more right than someone who only likes their
stuff before/after a given album?  *NO*.  it just means I have a
different opinion.  nothing more.  this flame-fest is exactly the kind
of thing I left to get away from.....let's not degrade
TNMS with anymore flame-fests on this issue, eh?

ok, back to more fun topics!

qsp!danb@uunet.UU.NET (Daniel Benbenisty) writes:

> I LIKE IT when people come on and say "I play drums and I like the
>  in Bravado ...etc."  This is very educational to me, because
> I will then take a different contextual listen to songs I didn't like
> before!  One really shouldn't feel threatened or put off by this.

I agree --- it does (or can) give one a different viewpoint on bits
that perhaps they'd missed before.  when I was playing jazz, the main
thing I heard (at first) was always the brass parts.  as time went on,
I learned more about the other instruments, their strenghts,
limitations, etc. (that I hadn't picked up on when playing other styles
of music in other bands), and learned to appreciate skills from players
on instruments other than brass (low-brass in particular) instruments.
pretty soon, I learned to appreciate charts where, if there even were
any brass parts, they were very minimal, because of what I heard from
the other instruments.  of course, I still always enjoy the charts
(both for playing and listening to) that really bust the lead-trombone
player's chops, but that's a personal bias from 4 years of playing
in the stratosphere....  I rather like the idea of such comments for
this very reason. (Roy Germon) writes:

> I have a trivial question for anyone out there.  I have the ASOH video,
> and in the final song, a medley of 2112/in the mood/Villa Strangatio I
> believe, there is a part where Alex takes the mike.  The vocal portion is
> edited out of this particulat segment.

(doing a little editing myself here....  --jim)

well, I had a response all typed in here, but after reading the next
issue of TNMS (sorry, I got a little behind here), I realized that
this is covered rather nicely in an interview with Geddy and Alex, so
I'll just refer this question to that article.

it's kinda neat to be able to edit the UUCP files that are spooled for
e-mail before sending them out....  :-)

well, I've blabbed on long enough, I suppose.  later.

#include                                  73 DE N5IAL (/9)
ICBM:  41.70N 87.63W                    UUCP:  gagme!n5ial!
AMATEUR RADIO: n5ial@n9hsi (Chicago.IL.US.Earth)    AMTOR SELCAL:  NIAL


Subject: 2112; 'assume control
From: (Eric Mathurin)
Date: 	Fri, 9 Oct 1992 18:03:54 -0400

This response may be a little late, but, what the heck.  ;-)

I think the character DOES kill himself.  Then I thought perhaps
the priests took over.  But, however, the ending line would probably
be 'we have REsumed control' if they did.  So, I guess the Elder Race
ASSUMED control.

Take care,

------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Eric Mathurin)  | "To the beautiful and the wise,
 Sysop, Electronic Encounters BBS      |  the mirror always lies."
 (613)820-0324, 1:163/133@FidoNet      |       -- War Paint, Rush


From: (Mark Steph)
Date: Fri, 9 Oct 92 18:13:41 CDT
Subject: Chat question

Neil has again included some ambiguous lyrics in his "chat".  Since the
lyrics for the chat were not included in the cd jacket, they are even more

Which do you think it is: "You'd better run home, boy"
or "You'd better run, homeboy" ??

Mark Steph              | you can twist perceptions  | reality won't budge
(yes, .se *is* in Texas)| you can raise objections
PO Box 833875, MS L-05  | I will be the judge -- and the jury
Richardson, TX 75083    |      -Neil Peart, "Show Don't Tell"


From: (Mark Steph)
Date: Fri, 9 Oct 92 18:25:16 CDT
Subject: RE: 2112, and the debate continues..

Daniel Benbenisty writes:

>Jim Gordon:
>> I didn't think that the hero in 2112 committed suicide.  Do any
>> of the band members actually say that?  The line "my life's
>> blood/Spills over" might just refer to his emotional turmoil, and
>> intense desire to change his world.
>Good point - the 'suicide' is not terribly explicit.  However, don't
>forget the line (I'm paraphrasing from memory) "I don't think I can
>carry on...  carry on this cold and empty life...Oh NO!"

Somebody already pointed this out, but I'll reiterate.  If you
read the prose that accompanies the lyrics it says "...My last hope
is that with my death, I may pass into the world of my dream, and
know peace at last."

That seems pretty explicit.
Mark Steph              | you can twist perceptions  | reality won't budge
(yes, .se *is* in Texas)| you can raise objections
PO Box 833875, MS L-05  | I will be the judge -- and the jury
Richardson, TX 75083    |      -Neil Peart, "Show Don't Tell"


Date: Fri, 9 Oct 92 22:31:10 EDT
Subject: Neil Peart's Horn Kicks

Someone quoted the 1989 Modern Drummer interview with Neil Peart in saying
that he sampled horn kicks from a Count Basie CD and triggered them live.
Although most of your quote was accurate, it was not complete.  In the
interview, Mr. Peart specifically stated that he sat down with MIDI
equipment to work out a nearly identical horn section sound to that heard
on the Basie CD.  He DID NOT use actual samples from Basie.  The samples
were his own creations, based on the best possible recreations of the sound
using his own equipment.  As most people know, Mr. Peart is vehemently
opposed to the use of samples in recorded music and I applaud him for going
to such extremes to avoid actual sampling.  It's a true sign of integrity.


Date: Fri,  9 Oct 92 18:45:34 DST
Subject: next tour wish list

   Enough of the lame-ass arguments of new and old Rush!! Onward to other
concerns like what would be cool to see and hear on the next tour.
   Instead of Force Ten opening the show, Rush should keep the jackhammer 
sound and add other construction-type sounds.  Then they should launch in 
with Working Man for the first song.  That would put the audience into a 
near frenzy!!
   Well, that may be dreaming, but I would like to hear Dreamline, 
Superconductor, YYZ, or Freewill to open up the show.  They could mix up the 
song list by playing Countdown, Natural Science, Prime Mover, part of 
Hemispheres, Bastille Day, Body Electric, Presto, Red barchetta (all of it), I 
think I Might Be Going Bald (humorous!!), A Farewell to Kings and other 
different songs.
   Of course I want to hear the more popular songs, too.  The damn problem is
that they only have 2hrs and 15-20 minutes  to do a show and there are so many
good tunes to hear!!
    Due to the fantastic lighting technology, etc.  they should do parts of
the longer songs like BYTOR, Hemi, more of 2112, and Natural Science.
Maybe a new production of these songs would make it seem new to the band.
   What do y'all think of possibilities for the new tour??  This could be
a new "string."

                                                  ROCK ON!!!
                                               Jason Packovich


Date: 	Sat, 10 Oct 1992 01:28:00 -0400

In response to the shroomin' to Hemispheres... no, I haven't... but I
have BT'ed to 2112!! (hahah evil laugh) ;]

I guess we shouldn't discuss things of this nature though eh? Sorry

	[ Discuss?  No problem.  Promote/encourage?  try alt.drugs :rush-mgr]

On a lighter note, I HATE reading interviews like that last one from
"Kerrang" where Geddy and Alex discussed their "difficulty" in listening
to _Caress Of Steel_ now... I LOVE it! But I sorta need to feel like
they LOVE it as well.... oh well...

Also, to whoever it was that wanted a Rush boot with _Grand Designs_ on
it...why? Wouldn't you rather hear something REALLY rare for bootlegs?
Like "Twilight Zone" or "Necromancer"? Or how about "Circumstances"?
These were all played live... or then there's "Garden Road", "Run Willie
Run", "Mike's Idea", "Tale" and "Number 1"... haha I bet there's NO
bootlegs of that! Even though they were ONLY live songs, never
recorded... ahhhh dare to dream eh?


"You didn't listen again!!!" Rush 1976
   RoseMail 2.00 : Usenet: Rose Media - Hamilton (416) 575-5363


Subject: Zounds! What sounds!
From: (Phil D. Croix)
Date: Sat, 10 Oct 92 01:06:38 PDT

  I'm glad to know that my copy of ESL is not the only one that has a
sort of "Warp" sound on La Villa. Also, that burp sound near the
beginning of The Pass seems to be a bass string vibrating. It happens
again during the son. The guitar "fragment" on Twilight Zone semms to be
a mistake, it just sounds out of place. Also, in the same song (TZ),
there is a vocal fragment that wasn't completely taken out. Let's see,
what else.........
I think that the little guitar noises during the rap in RTB are
backwards, just like the solo in Chain Lightning.
Also, the two live versions of Closer to The Heart seem to have some
freaky stuff going on in them. On the ESL version, near the end, it
sounds like the intro "spaceship" sound got set off during that song.
Anybody notice this? And on the ASOH version, there's also a strange
noise that seems out of place. I can't really describe it, almost like a
loud banging. Oh, and at the beginning of Force Ten on ASOH, someone can
be heard shouting. Anyone with me?
And Who else thinks that they hear the phone ringing during the beginning
of War Paint?
     Just a little trivia here, nothing deep. I am proud to say that I
dig ALL Rush. Every damn song. They are such hero's. Sure, they've made
some songs that lean to the cheesy side(VERY FEW SONGS I might add), but
what the hel, they can do what they want and I still enjoy it. SO there.

Oh, one more thing. Neil was NOT talking about the Three Stooges intro in
the Dec. '89 Modern Drummer interview. I know this interview well, and it
has nothing to do with Pre-show intro's. He was talking about his sampled
horn blasts used duringhis solo. The Stooges intro is definately a taped
recording from the 3 Stooges tv show.



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