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          The National Midnight Star, Number 546

                Wednesday, 28 October 1992
Today's Topics:
                     The NMS quality.
                    Rheostatics album
                      Rush Limbaugh
      Not RUSH, but DREAM THEATER...Please read!!!!!
         What was the Rockline w/Neal Peart date?
         Ruprecht Hine and the Indianapolis Colts
              literary influences...again...
                      Electric Neil
                    What Should I Get?
            Two and One, but not really Three
                       A ? and a !
          Suicide in Lamneth? I don't think so.
                Cassette labeling program
          Death is but the beginning of the end
      Re: 10/27/92 - The National Midnight Star #545
                 PW - Different Strings.
                    Red Barchetta Disk
      Re: 10/27/92 - The National Midnight Star #545
                  A reply to NMS Quality

Date: Tue, 27 Oct 1992 17:51:35 -0800 (PST)
From: "R.J. \"CR\" Haskin" 
Subject: The NMS quality.

This is an article which I feel needs to be written, so as to
alert all of you NMS'ers as to what is going on.  I am an avid Rush fan,
just as all of you are, and I believe that as fans, we reflect in a way,
the band. What I'm getting at, is the fact that the quality of this
mailing is going down, and lots of people know it.  My roommate subscribes
to many other band mailing lists (such as Yes, Jethro Tull, Pink Floyd,
Genesis, etc.) and the NMS is looked on with great disdain by most of those
lists.  I have looked at these other mailings, and they ARE of, in fact,
very high quality; important news briefs, intelligent discussions, etc.  I
did not notice that the NMS was decaying until I saw these other mailings.

    [ Well, you may be right but I would argue with you that Rush is one 
      group that is relatively hard to get "news briefs" on compared to 
      other groups you've mentioned.  But we do know that Rush will be in 
      studio come Jan/Feb 1993.  We do know that 2 books are coming out.  
      Info about Rush Fanzines are posted, new boots that are out, among 
      other things.  Fact is, current Rush info, considering how private
      they are, is harder to come by than other groups.  Also, you have
      to know that those who do know the *latest* current info may not
      want to broadcast it over a public mailing list forum.  There are
      other factors at play.  As far as intelligent discussions, it's
      up to you guys.  But you can only rehash thing so many times.
      And I would wager that on other mailing lists that's what you're
      reading.  					:rush-mgr ]

 Lately, the bytes of the National Midnight Star have been filled with
useless repeating discussions on "Old" vs. "New" Rush, The meaning of the
"Death" or "Non-Death" in 2112, and many others I'm sure you all are
aware of and sick of.

    [  The old vs. new has been kicked to death, but I've been filtering
       out those posts.  As far as the 2112 discussion, that's a rehashed
       topic.  But what did you have in mind?  Lots of mailing lists
       outside of current things are nothing but rehashed topics.  If
       you have a good thread, let's start one.		:rush-mgr ]

The worst part (which prompted me to make this post) were some
comments about this list in the other mailings.  Many comments like "I
like this (whatever band) mailing list!  Sure is a lot better than that
Rush list." and "The quality is better than the Rush list." =20
So, fellow Rush-heads.  If others are looking at us in scorn, this
reflects badly on our band (which is, naturally, the greatest band in the
universe.), and we don't want that to happen, do we?  So, as just a plain
old fan, I'd like to make a suggestion: can we attempt to improve the
quality of the posts made to the NMS?  I'm sure everyone would appreciate
it, and it would increase the NMS's image greatly.  And perhaps we could
keep these pointless posts to email.

    [  Ah.. the good old, ask not what xxx can do for you but what you
       can do for xxx.  ATTENTION all NMS subscribers!  Looking for new
       quality threads.  Email to :rush-mgr ]

One last point before I step off the soap box:  I think
Rush-manager would appreciate it if we kept out bootleg discussions a
little quieter, so we don't get him in trouble!  Other lists have resorted
to discussions of Recordings of Illigetimate Origin (ROIO's) or Rarities -
perhaps we could follow suit.
Randall Haskin
[][][]  []  []  [][][]  []       "Could we have a little less guitar?"
[]      []  []  []      []       - Geddy Lee, from "Electric Ladyland"
[]      []  []  [][][]  [][][]   "The most endangered species - the honest
[]      []  []      []  []  []    man, will still survive annihilation..."
[]      [][][]  [][][]  []  []            - Natural Science


Date: Tue, 27 Oct 1992 22:27:39 -0500 (EST)
From: By-Tor 
Subject: Rheostatics album

Neil actually plays on three tracks of the Rheostatics' album _Whale
Music_. In a recent article in the _Toronto Star_, Neil said the
Rheostatics are Canada's answer to REM, "but without the attitude". One
track features Neil with a pretty good drum solo.

I got this CD from CD Bar in Toronto (mail me for info); I'm willing to
trade it.

Ethan Evan Prater	       |
                               | "The sign of Eth is rising in the air..."    |    |      -- Rush -- By-Tor and the Snow Dog --


Date: Tue, 27 Oct 1992 21:21 EST
From: "Greg J. Musi" 
Subject: Rush Limbaugh

This is my first posting so please excuse my stupidity.

Answering Tero Valkonen question "Who the hell is Rush Limbaugh?"

FYI Rush Limbaugh is a nationally syndicated radio talk-show host.
Over the last two years or so has become increasingly popular.  His shows
consist (mostly of political matter) of his ultra conservative views.

This guy is so far out to the right, that even most mainstream conservatives
don't agree with him.

So what does this have to do with Rush the greatest band on Earth....


so, it's not necessary to even mention his name anymore

				Greg J. Musi


From: The Gillrocker 
Subject: Not RUSH, but DREAM THEATER...Please read!!!!!
Date: Tue, 27 Oct 92 22:43:03 EST

OK...since there has been A LOT of talk here about Dream Theater in the
past couple of weeks, I have a chore for you guys....

My roommate is going to interview them REALLY REALLY REALLY soon....
If you have any questions that you might want him to ask them,
Send them to me as fast as you can!!!!!!!!!

The interview will take place on Friday, at the earliest....

Start typing....

And as always....Many thanks in advance...
 _ __ A straight _ line __ may be the shortest distance between two points,
' )  ) but it is//by no/  ) means the most interesting. -- Dr. Who
 /--' __.  . . //     /    __  _____    _   ______  __.  ____  pcrossma@ulowell
/    (_/|_(_/_From: "Mr. Fantasy" 
Subject: What was the Rockline w/Neal Peart date?

    I have the Rockline show with Neal Peart as the guest, promoting "Roll The
Bones".  Does anyone know the date that this show aired?  Please reply directly
to me, but you COULD post it to the list also...  Thanks.

Steven J. Greer | UUCP: ...!pitt!gcc!stu892103 | INTERNET:
ADDRESS-Home:Box 25,Main St,Volant,PA,16156-0025      |)    /\      /    |OO|Hey
-Hell:Box 2444,Grove City College,Grove City,PA,16127 |)LUE \/YSTER \ULT |<>|man


Date: Wed, 28 Oct 1992 00:36:29 -0500
From: Christopher Mermagen 
Subject: Ruprecht Hine and the Indianapolis Colts

There has been some discussion lately on the newtwork
about giving Rupert the boot for the next album. I personally think
he did an excellent job on the last two albums, and would enjoy a third
from him, but I would also enjoy a change of pace as well (i know, I
am waffelling like Bill Clinton).. Just wanted to see what others thought.

Also, to Cheryl from Indianapolis- I know the colts were celebrating big
time (including their head coach Ted Marchibroda, who used to coach them
when they were in Baltimore! :( ), but we here in Baltimore are not
celebrating over it ... Oh well, Bob Irsay is a loser anyhow. I think
we are going to get an expansion team..

Also, to Tero, Rush Limbaugh is a political satirist?? Anyway he pokes
fun at the Democrats and is a very popular talk show host here in the
states (to some poeple of course).

And to Charles Ray- I love that Steve Martin movie- and I laughed
hysterically myself when I saw the liner notes... what a bonus.



Date: Tue, 27 Oct 92 22:51:03 -0700
From: miesch@solarz.Colorado.EDU (MIESCH MARK)
Subject: literary influences...again...

Just a followup on the questions I posed on Friday on the Fountain of
Lamneth and Xanadu.  Only one person answered, so either nobody knows or
nobody cares, and this post is probably irrelevant -- I'll keep it short.

To clarify my position...I am NOT trying to understand the "true meaning"
of Xanadu (I forgot who it was that answered my note, so everyone else bear
with me).  I do NOT for a second believe that there is anything more to that
song than what is staring the listener/reader in the face.  The song is not
the least bit ambiguous, and any reference to that GOD AWFUL movie/song by
Olivia Newton-John as a clarification on the nature of Xanadu is not only
an insult to my intelligence, but also to that of the person who suggested it.
The same goes for the question about Lamneth.  This is not in the "get a
life" category at all -- I am not spending all of my time trying to understand
exactly what Neil meant when he wrote "I am born".
Those were simply questions to satisfy my own *intellectual curiosity*,
and nothing more.
I think it would be interesting to read the piece of literature (if that is
indeed what it was) that Neil had in mind when he was writing.
If nobody knows, then forget I ever said anything.
At any rate, please no more Olivia Newton John answers!
It didn't sound like one, but if you intended it as a joke, I apologize for
my rather crass response -- just saving face.

/-	Mark Miesch  -- University of Colorado at Boulder		    /-
/-					            /-
/-									    /-
/-	"Whosoever loveth wisdom is righteous, but he that		    /-
/-	keepeth company with fowl is weird"			            /-
/-					-- Woody Allen		            /-


Date: Tue, 27 Oct 1992 23:07 PST
Subject: Electric Neil

Hi.  I'm currently taking a Rock music class and have to write a paper
on an artist who was affected by the advance of technology.  Of course,
I'm going to write it on Neil Peart and will explain his transition
to using electronic equipment and how this has affected his music, good
or bad.

I remember reading articles in the past in which Neil talks about this.
If anyone out there has any suggestions and knows of any specific
articles or interviews (@ Syrinx site or not), please e-mail me
at .

  [ Check the* articles on syrinx in the special directory. Many
    of them talk about his switch to an electric set.		: rush-mgr ]

Derek Atlansky


Date: 28 Oct 1992 00:12:37 -0500 (CDT)
Subject: What Should I Get?

I am heading to Europe this January and was wondering what you folks think
are some particularly good RUSH boots, (especially those that are relatively
inexpensive.)  Also, what are some good shops to look for these?  I'll be
in Munich, London, Paris, ANSTERDAM, and Rome.


Date: 28 Oct 1992 09:06:58 -0500 (EST)
From: Lewis A Bernstein 
Subject: Two and One, but not really Three

I think there are a couple of reasons that you see Geddy and Alex
doing a lot of interviews, awards, etc., while Neil is nowhere to
be found.  First off, you have to look at the origins of the band.
First there was Geddy, Alex and John Rutsey and then John took off
and Neil replaced him.  That alone wouldn't do it.

Geddy and Alex live in or near (North End) of Toronto.  Most of these
award thingies and interviews take place in Toronto.  Neil lives about
500 miles away in Quebec. (or so I've heard).  I wouldn't travel 500
miles just to do and interview that I didn't really want to do.

Also Neil is the one who most values his privacy, IMHO, as is evidenced
from the lyrics of Limelight.  On tour, Alex and Geddy play tennis, and
Neil is out riding his bike.  I know that there are times when they are
all together and they do spend a good amount of time writing, playing
recording, etc. together.  BUT, Neil prefers to lay a little low.....



Date: Wed, 28 Oct 1992 09:13:28 -0500
From: Will Buttram 
Subject: A ? and a !

        Howdy, y'all! This is my first posting and I'm quite excited about
it.  This whole NMS concept is a great idea, but on to brass tacks...

        First, the ?...

        I've seen each Rush tour since PW, and I've noticed (especially on
the last tour) that when Alex steps up to his mic and sings harmony parts,
Geddy's voice comes out!!!  I could be wrong or it could be the acoustics
of the hall
(Philly Spectrum), but I'm a music major and am very scrutinous (real
of the music I hear.  I could swear that the harmonies were Geddy's voice.
Now, either Alex sounds a LOT like Geddy or his voice is triggering a
that takes his pitches and duplicates what Geddy is singing and plays it at
Alex's pitches.  This is a technical possibility, but I don't know if
actually what they do.  Any input?  I'd love to hear what people have to

        Secondly (and I'll keep it short) the !

        My apologies if this has been mentioned already but has anyone
(and don't the ones that have been mentioned already aways start like
this?) has anyone noticed that the skulls on the bottom of one of the pages
of the RTB tour book are Morris Code for "Remember Death"?  What do you
think they're trying to

        Anyway, take easy everyone.  I hope to hear some responses!



Date: 28 Oct 1992 09:33 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Suicide in Lamneth? I don't think so.

Hello all,

>at the end of the Fountain of Lamneth? I always thought that he too,
>either committed suicide or died of a broken heart. His entire reason for
>being, was to find the Fountain. After he'd done so, his life was
>meaningless, he had no 'dream to give his life flame'. As a result he

I TOTALLY disagree.  His life wasn't meaningless.  It's just that he
finally saw the BIG PICTURE, that is, that life isn't made to arrive at
a given destination and be done with it, life is made to keep living,
but it's good to have something to shoot for, like making it to the
fountain.  Besides, the guy says that he will come back to the fountain
again in the future doesn't he?

((   ||  /\\ \\  / /\\  ((      R. Alan Monroe       ((  I'm not an actor, ((
 )) _// /--\\ \\/ /--\\  ))  )) but I play one     ))
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From: (John Becker)
Subject: Cassette labeling program
Date: Wed, 28 Oct 92 8:37:45 CST

I got the cassette labelling program mentioned in NMS #544 from the syrinx
archives, and it compiles OK, but I can't get it to run. Email to the author
comes back, so apparently the address given in the program is no longer
valid. Has anyone gotten this program to run? If so, please email me
directly. Thanks!


Date:    Wed, 28 Oct 92 12:43 EST
Subject: Death is but the beginning of the end

Im a big fan of the Fountain of Lamneth and after listening to that song
in its entirety until the tape broke, I decided that the boy goes back home
to where he started realizing that life was nothing more than he made it
and if he didnt have his dream, he could just live without one and be unhappy.
A tragedy of sorts, but I dont see any reason for him to kill himself.  I see
nothing in the lyrics to say that he killed himself...  "My life blood spills
over" is a little more clear and I dont see how anyone can say the character
in 2112 doesnt kill himself..  "I dont think I can carry on this cold and
empty life" says it all to me...
The Fountain of Lamneth was less of a euphamism than a dream deferred...  He
just had to readjust his values, he didnt lose his desire to live...

Although after reading this post, you might want to...

-Mark Shulman



Date: 28 Oct 1992 13:10:53 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Re: 10/27/92 - The National Midnight Star #545

To Ethan Evan Prater -
I have a copy (double CD) of The Boys At Nassau Coliseium 3/15/92. The
recorders are "Red Robin Recordings".  Its not bad, but they obviously
are in it for the money (the list of songs on the back included
"Ghost of Dance" and Hannadau" (funny in a sad way)....
Hope this helps as an additional recorder...

Joe Schofield


Date:     Wed, 28 Oct 92 12:19 CST
From:  (Naugahyde 1% [Bri Gipson])
Subject:  PW - Different Strings.

A while back I purchased Perm Waves... only after listening to it for the
third or fourth time I had heard this medium pitch squeel carrying on
through half of the song Different Strings... I tried the CD on other
players and the same thing ...

It is very annoying and distracting from the piece... does anybody else
have a decent copy of PW on CD or are all the PW cds corrupted?  If there
is a hope of getting a better copy, I'll go out with some scrounged money
and get it - but if it is unlikely to get a decent copy of PW on CD, I
won't waste my time or money.  I'm pretty sure it is not A/D conversion
whine since it doesn't even carry through the entire song - just parts of

(I have the long address because our system adminsitrator is mental...)


Date: Wed, 28 Oct 1992 12:23:45 -0700
From: "Up From The Ashes...Into The Fire" 
Subject: Red Barchetta Disk

I was in my local music store yesterday and I noticed they had a Rush boot
called "Red Barchetta".  It is apparently a limited edition...only 1,000 copies.
Has anyone heard this?  It was pretty expensive, but if the sound quality is
good I might just pick it up for the helluvit.  Also, if anyone has any clue
how I might be able to find a Rush single w/ "It's a Rap Part 1" on it, please
let me know...I have the second and third parts, but what's the point without
the first? ;)



Date: Wed, 28 Oct 92 17:18:16 -0500
From: nam2@po.CWRU.Edu (Nicholas A. Mascari)
Subject: Re: 10/27/92 - The National Midnight Star #545

>    Please correct me again if any of this is wrong, I don't want
>anyone to be misinformed (most of all me).  Further information about
>the band (maybe tour dates, or if they ever headline etc.) would also
>be great.

Well, when did you see them?? When I first saw them, it was Fall 1990,
and they did all complete songs and NO Zeppelin....
Perhaps you saw them earlier than I did.

As far as them headlining, they do....but mostly in bars, still. They have
headlined in bars around Cleveland a lot. And when I was on Spring Break this
year in Lauderdale, I missed them by a damn week at one of those huge party
bars on the beach. The place was called Summers.

I don't have any info on tour dates or such, but could email you the info
on the album. I'm sure their record co. would know something.

Also, I'm going to Toronto in a couple weeks for the weekend. Unfortunately,
I will have very little spare time. But if there are any points of "Rush
interest" around the University of Toronto, could ya let me know, anyone
who's familiar?? Like maybe the intersection of Danforth and Pape, etc...
or some places to find some vintage Rush stuff....thanks!!

|~~~\ |    | /~~~\ |    |    Nick Mascari - Case Western Reserve University
|___/ |    | \__   |____|            General Electric Lighting
| \   |    |     \ |    |   "Every day sends future to past, Every step
|   \  \__/  \___/ |    |    brings me closer to my last." -Dream Theatre


Date: Wed, 28 Oct 92 17:16:30 -0500
From: meg (******* Meg *******)
Subject: A reply to NMS Quality

I'm mailing this in in an effort to stem the mass of letters I'm sure we'll
get from the "NMS Quality" post. The list is what you make it -- whatever
people mail in is what you will receive. So I suppose that what you are
reading is what people want to talk about. If Randall doesn't think it's
informative, then perhaps he could suggest some topics to talk about. Face it,
there's only so many times the 2112/Anthem relation can be discussed.

I've found the NMS over the past 3 years to be very informative, and that
includes the very recent issues. Rush just doesn't do much to talk about
except when albums/tours come around; you don't hear about them in the news
usually either, so "little tidbits" are hard to come by.

If you want to flame the original poster (or me for that matter) PLEASE USE
E-MAIL! I know that some posts about it are inevitable, but let's try to keep
this a quality discussion and keep away from bashing people or other mailing



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