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          The National Midnight Star, Number 554

                 Friday, 6 November 1992
Today's Topics:
              Various stuff from new member
      Re: 11/05/92 - The National Midnight Star #553
     Crickets and Producers and other assorted topics
		     Backup vocals
	      Girl's Laugh on Force Ten
		    Vids and Stuff
		     RUSH & drugs
		  Alex is puny??????
		 Gangster of Boats...

From: (Jeremy Goldberg Consultant)
Subject: Various stuff from new member
Date: Thu, 5 Nov 92 17:10:15 EST


I am new on the NMS (although I have no e-mail address yet and no 
subscription). I must say, I'm overwhelmed with the information available 
here. But rather than flood you guys with questions, I'll prove my worth and 
answer a few of yours. (Then maybe you can help me get my subscription up & 

  [ He's already taken care of.					: rush-mgr ]

Well, this ain't anything major, but here's an A to a Q.
Neil is @#$$!! tall. He towers over Al and Ged at a mighty 6' 4". If you've 
got a good imagination, you can see how this adds to his intense and imposing 
presence. Alex is the middle-man, he's of average height. Geddy is, with all 
due respect, surprisingly puny. (when standing next to his bandmates.) I 
agree, he looks to be tall, possibly the tallest in the band, but that's just 
a very successful effort at image control. He's no shorty, but with his lean 
figure, long pony-tail, and, erm... 'top-heaviness', on top of his well-
tailored outfits, he looks like the upstanding frontman that he is.
	To answer the sample/vocals question: Most of the new harmonies on 
songs since Hold Your Fire are sampled versions of Geddy's album backup 
tracks. Occasionally, Alex does these vocals live. (He's getting good at 
backing voc, eh?) On Bones, the harmonies were used on more than half of the 
vocals in most songs, so rather than create huge technical hassles with the 
samplers, (Saved by Technology can only help so far!) Alex probably decided to 
showcase his constantly improving vocal talents. I can hear this on Over The 
Europe CD boot, which is pretty clear. Alex really puts on some good harmony.
	And, I doubt Neil still smokes. As he's matured, he's probably 
realized that biking 150 miles overnight between gigs isn't easy to do after a 
pack of Chesterfields. Imagine not only having to support HIS weight on the 
bike, but the respirator's, too.
I'm looking at the goodies (boots & such) that you all are offering, and I 
have to say... I WANT IT ALL! All that I don't have, that is. But I think I 
have some interesting things to offer, such as:

	* A 'dry' version of the Roll The Bones Rap
		(If you don't know who it is by now, this will
		leave you DOUBTLESS! Even if you have heard it,
		there's nothing quite like this version, mixed by
		yours truly.)

Well, that ran on a bit long, Didn't it!

I'll end for now. I look forward to reading all of the interviews 
(particularly Neil's own writings), and most of all, sharing the inevitable 
Rush-info, -trading, and -inside jokes with the lot of you truly tasteful 

				Jeremy Goldberg
				(914) 251-7250
				Box 1094
				SUNY Purchase
				735 Anderson Hill Rd.
				Purchase, NY  10577

You can e-mail my friend, c/o me, at


Date: Thu, 5 Nov 92 18:53:02 -0500
From: nam2@po.CWRU.Edu (Nicholas A. Mascari)
Subject: Re: 11/05/92 - The National Midnight Star #553

>     This is probably old hat to most of you, but ever since I bought RTB, I've
>been pondering on this:  just what is the Gangster of Boats Trilogy?  I know
>Neil is known to be witty and all, but am I just missing the boat (sorry)?

In the words of the immortal Foghorn Leghorn, "It's a JOKE, son!! You THINK
too much!!"

On a more serious note...
I was listening to the debut album last week, and I realized that it really
is a good album with a couple EXTREME exceptions.

"Take a friend" has got to be the worst Rush song EVER written. The lyrics are
SO terrible. Anyone else have a LEAST favorite song?? (I can see flames coming

Only 11 months to the next tour!! :)


|~~~\ |    | /~~~\ |    |    Nick Mascari - Case Western Reserve University
|___/ |    | \__   |____|            General Electric Lighting
| \   |    |     \ |    |   "Every day sends future to past, Every step  
|   \  \__/  \___/ |    |    brings me closer to my last." -Dream Theatre


Date: Thu, 5 Nov 92 19:15:10 PST
From: changed%robotics.Berkeley.EDU@ucbvax.Berkeley.EDU (Chang... Ed Chang.)
Subject: Crickets and Producers and other assorted topics

> From: puanani@wana.pbrc.Hawaii.Edu (Puanani Akaka)
> Subject: How big are they? :-)

> Neil is about 6' and is the tallest of the three.
> Alex and Geddy are about the same height, I think.  Somewhere on the
> order of 5' 6", or something like that.  Someone on here should know
> more precisely.

In the pictures in _Visions_, it seems that Alex is slightly taller than
Geddy, and Neil towers over them both.  Surely there must some TNMS'ers
who have met them in person... (but can they quickly judge height?)

Quick to judge...

Other evidence that Neil is taller: he writes of the other band members'
jealousy of his height in "The Trees", and check these lyrics:

"Can any part of life - be larger than life?" -- "The Weapon"
(a cleverly disguised allusion to the band)

"I look down into a million houses" -- "Presto"
(a slight exaggeration on Neil's part, call it poetic license...)

] From:
] Subject: Rush and the Critics

] My theory is that Rush represents part of a music "elite".
] This does not refer to talent but to their cultural standing.  Rush's music
] is not easily understood or grasped by the average music listener.  Their
] experimentation, odd-time playing, and progressiveness is not easily
] understood by participants in populist or "pop" culture.  People generally
] react hostilly to ideas or forms of music they do not understand. Pop culture
] thrives on a simplicity and generally non-intellectual approach to music.

Could be.  Sounds a little Ayn-Rand-ish, though, that the lack of popularity
is just due to the use of their musical talents.  Personally, I think that
Rush isn't popular with the critics because Rush doesn't care what the
critics think.  If all bands behaved like Rush, critics would have no power
and soon be forced to write honest reviews about the quality of music, not
just its popularity.

} From: sxk29@po.CWRU.Edu (Susan Kretschmer)
} Subject: Re: lots of stuff

} As to producers: am i the only one who thinks that this is up to Geddy, Neil
} and Alex?  As I said above, they've been together forever and have obviously
} achieved a stable working relationship and a way to adapt to changes; if this
} involves changing producers instead of breaking up the band, hear hear!

You're not the only one.  I think it's pretty arrogant for a fan to say,
"Rush hasn't done anything good since Moving Pictures.  I think they should
[fill in the blank]."  If Rush listened to these guys, it would be as bad
as if they listened to the critics, and I'd lose respect for the band.

I'm not saying I blindly like everything that Rush does, but I respect their
right to do what they want.

} Sorry this was such a huge post! I promise, they will be MUCH shorter in the
} future!!!!!!!

Me, too.  :-)

} Susie Kretschmer
} CWRU School of Medicine		"Open sea and city lights
} Class of 1994			 Busy streets and dizzy heights"
He's not really that tall. -----------------------^



Date: Thu, 5 Nov 1992 20:37:12 -0700
From: Why Burn A Bridge When You Can Build One? 
Subject: Backup vocals

Someone was wondering who sings backup vocals on Presto and Roll The Bones.  In
the liner notes for both albums, Rupert Hine, everyone's favorite producer ;)
is credited with additional background vocals.

As for who would win in a free-for-all?  My vote would have to go to Alex.  Just
check out his karate stance in the Roll the Bones tour book...he's clearly the
toughest of the bunch! }:)


"...we're too weird." ---Neil Peart on Rush :)


Date: Thu, 5 Nov 1992 20:19:38 -0800 (PST)
From: Eric Crowder 
Subject: Girl's Laugh on Force Ten

I was listening to Force Ten and wondering who is laughing at the
beginning of the song.  I theorized that it was Neil's daugher's voice
which he sampleted into his Akai digital sampler, and he triggered it with
the electronic drum pad as he does with the jack hammer sounds. Has anyone
paid attention to him play durring a concert to see if he triggers the


From: mr1cy1 
Subject: Vids and Stuff
Date: Fri, 6 Nov 1992 12:31:57 +0000 (GMT)

To keb from NMS #551:
In the UK the following videos are available: ESL, p/g, ASOH, Through
The Camera Eye, Chronicles. Camera Eye costs half the normal price for
videos over here - it's a compilation of videos which includes stuff
from MP, ESL, Signals, p/g. Worth getting if available.

>From Mike ( NMS #550:
> You guys keep referring to the B-man.  Are you talking about broon?  I am
> a huge rush fan, but must admit I am not over the edge like many of you
> seem to be.

B-man is the guy who wrote "Visions", not Broon, but beginning with B
and difficult to remember/spell, i.e. I can't 'member his name, (cue
rush manager with those helpful square brackets if available please!)
I, personally, am utterly over the edge and splattered all over the
cliff face  :   -   ). And hey Mike, who'd win in a fight between Mr.
Hine and Broon eh!?
(RTB && Presto)!=_BAD just_different(IMHO);  /* groan++ */
#define RTB (album)(their best I thought)

Oh well, originally this was a three-line post, anyhow...!

PS. Why are _underscores_ often round album/song names etc?
PS2. fact-file: If it gets going I volunteer for "Where's My Thing?"
PS3. Can we adopt 'it's just a band...I should really just relax' as a
kind of NMS motto? (put it under the logo perhaps)
PS4. (this is getting ridiculous) Cheers Chris, I'm appreciated at last!
"...and better beer" - Rush, Territories


Date: Fri, 6 Nov 92 10:04:32 EST
From: Stimpy 
Subject: RUSH & drugs

I wouldn't be surprised if this topic has been discussed before, but its
been at least several months, cuz I haven't seen anything posted about
it.  Well, I was wondering, since they were a big part of the '70s scene,
does anyone know if RUSH were into all those heavy party drugs like
nands such as Aerosmith, LedZep, etc.  Of course, we all have heard
 Passage to bangkok, which is prestty self-explanatory, and I was
wondering to what extent such things were a part of their lives
back then, and how much it affected their music (and Neil's lyrics).
Needless to say, some of their music is slightly "tripped out"
  (see Hemispheres & Cygnus X-1, Natural Science, Xanadu, ) with
plenty of strange effects.  ALso, were they into the groupie scene, 
or were they as reclusive back then as they are now.

This post is not meant to be disrespectful to the band, I love RUSH
as much as anyone on this list, I was just curious about this matter.

We hit the stops along the way, 
We only stop for the best!


Date: Fri, 6 Nov 92 11:10:36 EST
From: "BUSH '92! (oh well, he tried)" 
Subject: Alex is puny??????

In reply to Fulani's comment about Alex being only 5'6" tall... 
Now 5'6" is by no means an unusual height for a grown man, but nonetheless it
is not all THAT tall.  I doubt that Alex is that short, he never struck me as
being *short*, but never really as *tall* either.  I would guess he is about
5'10"-6' or so.  
	This argument is getting a little silly, so if anybody has any concrete
answers (any heights, weights, bench press max's (j/k), etc.) please post them
so we can put this thing to rest already....

Quick to judge, quick to anger, slow to understand,
Ignorance and prejudice and fear walk hand in hand.
 			--"Witch Hunt" by Rush


From: (Thomas S. Pierog)
Subject: Gangster of Boats...
Date: Fri, 6 Nov 92 11:57:52 EST
 	I apologise if I'm repeating (or contradicting) something in
 the FAQ but heres the tale I heard about Gangster of Boats.....
 	For several albums now, Neil has wanted to do another instrumental.
 Since he is the one that names the albums (or so the story goes) he
 has refused to come up with album titles. As deadlines approached,
 Geddy and Alex would threaten to call the album the 'Gangster of
 Boats' so that Neil would give them a title. So when Neil finally got
 his instrumental it was only rational to call it 'The Gangster of Boats'.
 	As for the 'part four of the trilogy', I think its probably
 just a joke unless the story applies to the last three albums in which
 case parts 1-3 are HYF, AShOHa, and Presto.
 	Hope that helps and I'm sorry if I ruffled any FAQ feathers,
 but that's the story I heard.
                                   Tom P.
     	"When I radiate more heat than light.", N.P.


Date:         Fri, 06 Nov 92 14:24:12 CST
From: S116193@UMRVMA.UMR.EDU

Hello RUSH fans;

I'm VERY new at this type of thing so bear with me, but I have something
interesting some of you may be interested in.  I'll try to keep it short...

I was born, and lived the first 18 years of my life, in Fort Wayne Indiana.
Not being of an athletic persuasion, I took up piano when I was 5 and then
percussion when I was seven.  My parents bought my first drumset at The
Percussion Center, which is where I took all of my lessons; my instructor
was an INCREDIBLE percussionist.  I knew that the Center supplied a lot of
famous drummers with equipment, but I never really thought anything about it.
Anyway to make a long story short, when I bought my second set (TAMA ArtStar)
a drummer happened to be visiting the center by the name of Neil Peart.

Larry (Ford) told me that this guy was really good, and that I should get his
autograph, so I did; on a six-foot tall poster of Neil and a black Tama with
stars inside circles on each one of his Bass heads. I stored it in my attic.
But go easy on me, it was a LONG time ago.

Anyway, for a while when I was in high school (New Haven H.S., for those
doubting Thomas[s]es who are going to check my authenticity) I worked at
The Percussion Center (whose name changed to Music Spectrum in '88) keeping
track of stock and taking orders.  I met a lot of great drummers (Bill Bruford,
Alan White, Dave Weckl, Fred Sanford, Rick Allen, etc.), but I was more into
the DCI scene (marching), so I really didn't think much of it.

Well, now I don't live in Ft. Wayne anymore, and I am starting to get into Rush
a lot more.  I consider myself stupid for not making a bigger deal out of
meeting all those drummers.  But I did meet Neil (either five or six times, I
can't remember), I sat down with just him and my teacher and listen to him
play some TOUGH riffs in an informal-type scenario, and he came in to talk to
Larry during one of my lessons (when I was a freshman in H.S.).  I was
embarrased to play in front of him, but he was way cool.  He didn't talk much
at all, and was rather quiet.  I can't remember exactly what I was working on
then, but it was giving me a lot of trouble.  Neil said something to the effect
of "Don't get so worked up, it'll come to you..." That's about the extent of
the conversation, and while it wasn't much, all of my Rush-fan friends want to
ring my neck for not getting to know him any better.

That incident was probably the third time I ever saw him; the rest of the times
were routine visits when he was in the area.  Other friends of mine say that
Peart routinely jets to Ft. Wayne to visit his friends from the Spectrum, but
I can't verify that.
Anyway, soon I'll be going back to Ft. Wayne for X-mas, and I plan on seeing
my old mentor, so I'll ask him the latest on Neil for all of you...

Any Questions, ask me thru NMS. I really can't answer much more than what I
just told you, but I'll try.

Yours Truly,
(or however you wanna take it)
Scott Clark

P.S. I can assure you, Neil is at least 6' tall, more like 6'1".


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