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          The National Midnight Star, Number 555

                Tuesday, 10 November 1992
Today's Topics:
        Kubla Khan vs. Xanadu: polarizing poetry!
                 Puny ponytailed bassists
                       The Song FAQ
                    Insight? into 2112
                 my last post, an apology
                        Worst Rush
             Trading & The Elusive Donut-Pick
                     Looking for NFA
               Moving Pictures Ultradisc II
          Ramblings in CttH on 'Over the Europe'
                 Happy birthday to TNMS!
              Re: Girl Laughing on Force 10
               More free-for-all silliness
Alex and his voice, may not be suitable for all audiences
                    Gold Disc Releases
	        New Thread-Rush encounters
		     Pieces Of Eight

Date: Fri, 6 Nov 92 16:24:57 CST
From:	(Tadd Jensen)
Subject: Kubla Khan vs. Xanadu: polarizing poetry!

In response to Gregg Jaeger's ( views:

>>Maybe I'm just full of hot air, but I wanted to submit an opinion for scrutiny

My...  I guess I did say "scrutiny," didn't I!

Well, Gregg raises some interesting points, but what I find most interesting
is his notion that the interpretation of verse is either "correct" or
"incorrect."  Since poetry, lyrics, and the like are often made purposely
vague, we get into the timeless yet pointless philosophical battle of
subjectivity versus objectivity.

People should be allowed their opinions.  Although I'm stating mine, I'm not
saying they are right, but I do have a right to them.  Plus, I've heard some
other neat perspectives that I'll mention in a bit.

Now we're talkin'!

>What's disappointing is the relatively short length of the poem, which
>is still longer than Peart's version.

Length is hardly relevant.  What IS important is what can be said in that
length.  Peart can *certainly* say a lot in a few words.
(he is a master of succinctness - I, unfortunately for all of you, am not!)

>I think it does an excellent job of describing "Xanadu" -- the poesy is
>just not what we're accustomed to.
                                                                ^^^^^ :-)
The poem is just so laden with imagery (but hey, I'm not saying this is
bad & concede that in most poetry, that's the sole intent).  Yes, Coleridge
paints a pretty picture.  Maybe I simply wanted to know more about matters,
like who Kubla Khan was, where Xanadu originated, how and why Kubla got
there, what was the divine-meaning and purpose of this place (perhaps if
it was indeed the "Garden of Eden"), and so on -- not just how it looked
or how Alph tumultuously flowed.  (ok, I'm asking a lot)

>This is not correct. In the original the persona is similarly trapped.

Are we talking about the same original poem?  IMO, this is a leap of
inference, adding undeserved meaning to Coleridge's last stanza.  I
challenge anyone reading this to study the poem, especially the last
part, and substantiate this "entrapment!"  (a lot of us are biased since
we heard the song first!)

>The real difference is that in Peart's case the man searching for
>paradise is _Western_ (ostensibly) while Kubla Khan is Eastern.

Are you saying that the persona of Kubla Khan did some searching himself?

The two above points (man searches, man becomes imprisoned by what he
searched for), AND THOSE ALONE, are what I felt were Peart's addition
to the concepts in "Kubla Khan."  From studying the original and what
others have written about it, I'm under the impression that Coleridge
came up with the names "Kubla Khan" and "Xanadu" himself.  Although the
ideas of heaven/garden-of-eden/nirvana/what-have-you are timeless.
I felt that Neil added a significant new element to the original concept.

>Though I thought the ideas to which you refer do not at all correct,
>I _do_ see a similarity between "TFoL" and "Xanadu" in that but arriving
>at a point one expects to be one of discovery one finds oneself trapped;

that's a lot of "one"'s  :-)

>in the first case by having to repeat the journey (which bears the mark
>of Nietzsche's wacky theory of eternal recurrence) and in the second
>by physical time itself stopping while psychological time moves on.

I don't follow this reasoning that a point of discovery leads to the
stoppage of physical time.  However, similar to what I mentioned already,
being *imprisoned* (forcibly or not) would certainly change one's
perception of time!

I enjoy poetry, studied it as well as philosophy when in college;  I like
Coleridge and have read I think almost all of his work...  I just also like
the new dimension that Neil added.  Gregg makes a good point:  (if I may
add) that Neil took a 1798 poem and made it more accessible and appealing
to the minds of today.

Additionally came some non-posted email in regards to this stuff -- this
exchange of not-overly-critical ideas was what I was hoping for in my original
post.  I got some fascinating ideas, and I hope you don't mind if I mention:

- The song Xanadu tells of a who man searches for paradise, finally
  attains it, and becomes imprisoned by it.  Now relate this to a young
  musician or group who aspire to become a great rock band, and finally
  achieving their dream of fame and fortune, become imprisoned by it.
  I wonder if Neil, like the character in the song, is a now a mad
  immortal man, someday hoping to escape his imprisonment!

- The dictionary defines Paradise, when capitalized, as the Garden of
  Eden.  This might be far-fetched, but perhaps a statement is being made
  about the continuity of eastern and western religions?

All this philosophy's enough to turn a brain to mush!
Geez, I've said enough!  Hope I haven't bent anyone out of shape.

Thanks for entertaining these ideas and the fun discussion!

Tadd Jensen  
NEC Engineering and Support Division, Dallas


Date:         Fri, 06 Nov 92 21:27:43 EST
From: Mike 
Subject:      Puny ponytailed bassists


Leave us puny, ponytailed bassists alone, eh!

How's this for a personal ad:

SWM ISO SWF who likes bassists who look like Geddy Lee.  Send responses to


"Don't ask me, I'm just improvising"

Slainte mhath,


                     Mike Weintraub
                   The American University -- Kenobi on IRC
            "Life in two dimensions is a mass production scheme"
                         --Rush,  "Grand Designs"


Date: Fri, 6 Nov 92 22:40:36 -0500
From: meg (******* Meg *******)
Subject: The Song FAQ

Ok since I have seen some interest, I am hereby volunteering my services
as "keeper" of the song FAQ. If you would like to do a song, send me mail
either saying you want such-and-such a song, or mail with the info already
enclosed. Someone has already volunteered for "Cygnus X-1" (mailed to the
rush-mgr account). So other than that I think all other songs are open.

I am *not* doing any songs, I will just put the list together and keep it
on syrinx for anonymous ftp. Now I don't know exactly what you want in
this song FAQ, so whatever you send in is what's going into the file.



Date: 7 Nov 92 00:09:21 EST
From: Brian.J.Wolf@Dartmouth.EDU
Subject: Insight? into 2112

I know the whole 2112/Ayn Rand thing has been RK'd to death (Rodney Kinged;
beaten) but I just thought of something new.  In Discovery, the main
character states, "I can't wait to share this new wonder, the people will all
SEE ITS LIGHT"  As we all know, the main character of _Anthem_ (Equality
7-2521) rediscovers electricity, and this discovery is presented as an
electric light/lightbulb.  Is this related?  Also keeping in mind the
double/triple meanings Neil often puts in his lyrics, how about the
phenomenon of coming up with an idea, or having a light bulb light up in your
Is the above plausible, or am I reading WAY too much into things?
I know Neil said that he gave credit to Ayn Rand AFTER he completely wrote
the song (noticing only then that 2112 bore a striking resemblance to
_Anthem_)  I personally think this is bullshit - a way of Neil distancing
himself from the whole Ayn Rand thing.  Whether his is an Ayn Rand supporter
now is a matter that may be questioned, but there is NO DOUBT that he once

Flame away,

Brian Wolf

"Heeee shoots and scores!  Aah, Lemieux beat Casey like a rented mule!" -
Mike Lange


Date: 7 Nov 92 00:13:17 EST
From: Brian.J.Wolf@Dartmouth.EDU
Subject: my last post, an apology

Sorry, the lyrics brought up in my last post were from Presentation, not



Date: Sat,  7 Nov 1992 12:20:30 -0500 (EST)
From: "Philip M. Simon" 
Subject: Worst Rush

Someone mentioned Take a Friend as the worst Rush song.  I'll see you
one and raise you one.  Although I enjoy it musically, the first album,
_lyrically speaking_, is the worst album.  I believe that there are two
reasons for this.

Obviously, the most striking reason being that Neil was not the
drummer/lyricist for this album.  Lyrically, even after only one album
(CoS), the change is very noticeable.  The rest, as they say, is
history.  Additionally, lyrics were most likely were not a major concern
of the band at that particular time.  First, get your contract, then
refine the music.

Anxioulsy awaiting the new album,

Phil Simon


From: (Jeremy Goldberg Consultant)
Subject: Trading & The Elusive Donut-Pick
Date: Sat, 7 Nov 92 16:51:37 EST

All right, all right...

I don't have the prototype Donut-Pick. As far as I know, Alex is working
with everyone at the Omega Concern (I hear he got Yuri a managerial stint
there) to perfect this, but it's top-secret, very hush-hush.

But, as I said, I DO have some interesting things to share. I'm eager to
get this dry edit of the 'chat' that I did, into curculation. Seeing as
it's hard to keep tabs on the band while they're on vacation, I figure
it's time to trade. Now, I don't want to overstep my bounds as far as what
I can print, here, so I'll just *TRADE* say that I *BOOTS* really want to
*INTERVIEWS* expand my *COMMERCE* collection *RAPPER REVEALED* of *A CRYO-

So, someone e-mail me a list of stuff, eh? I'm working on one of my own.


[to rush-mgr: if this is not the address you used to mail me the NMS, please
correct the post. Our mailing/receiving here is weird, but SOMETHING worked.
Great job, & thanks! :) You can delete this if you print the letter.]

				 	--Jeremy Goldberg

P.S. B-man is Bill Banasciewitz (sp?), or as Geddy says, "...whose name rhymes
     with Manascheiwitz!" (wine, also sp? -- I don't have Visions with me!:)


Date:         Sat, 07 Nov 92 16:51:33 CST
From: Luis Arturo Loyo Delgado 
Subject:      Looking for NFA

IXve been looking to the latest.discography archive by Dough White
and there is a 7~ Single called Not Fade Away (1973)... If someone has it,
please drop a line. ItXs the only non-bootleg recording that I find in the

Luis Arturo Loyo Delgado

~We pretend things only happen to strangers...~ (Turn the Page, 1987)


Date: 7 November 1992 19:48:42 CST
From: "RUSH HEAD  " 
Subject: Moving Pictures Ultradisc II

I received my Ultradisc II, I thought it would just be a ultradisc, but
supposedly the ultradisc II is a NEW AND IMPROVED VERSION whatever that

I broke open the package, and compared the Ultradisc w/ the polygram and the
Sony/Epic (jap version of moving pictures). First thing u'll notice is the
tracks are anywhere from 1 sec to 4 secs longer in length. I guess they
wanted to do longer fade outs.... Overall the bass, drums, vocals, guitars,
and synths have a more defined detail to it. There is less tape hiss as well.
The drums sound a bit tighter and punchier whereas the cymbols sound crisper
and cleaner. It also seems to have more dynamics and transients but this is
hard to tell. The bass is more defined and has more detail. Alex's guitar
sounds airier less "solid state" like , ie: more natural sounding. All in all
it just blows the other 2 versions away. :) I guess the only way to top this
recording is if you were in the studio with them while they were taping. :p

Now if we could only get MSFL to make Ultradisc IIs of all their other albums.
The insert is very nice to, its not a stapled book tho. It folds out in about
5 flaps and has the lyrics and the pics just like in the polygram release.
(BTW: the jap. version has the lyrics in Jap too) But then it folds out from
top to bottom and has pictures of the camera crew that was needed to make the
front cover of this album as well as listing the ppl involved w/ the Mov. Pics
tour etc. just like in the tour book. Its a very nice booklet! I would say
its a must GET for Rush fans. The stores should have them sometime on tues
Nov. 10th! Enjoy!

p                           p
-  "Some are born to move the world  Bitnet:u24129@uicvm.bitnet    -
g   To live their fantasies          Genie: P.Choy                 g
p   But most of us just dream about                                p
-   The things we'd like to be"                    Patster         -
g                                                                  g


Date: Sat, 7 Nov 92 21:59:39 EST
Subject: Ramblings in CttH on 'Over the Europe'

Saturday, November 07, 1992  9:33pm

Hi!  I just borrowed 'Over the Europe' from a remarkable music store
here in good ol' Bloomington, IN.  I think this boot is FANTASTIC.
The sound quality is *MUCH* better than the boot 'Bravado' (I didn't buy
it--I borrowed it from the previously mentioned record store).  Listening
to OTE brought back vividly my memories of the two times I saw those bad
boys in concert.  I *LOVED* (especially) the version of 'Closer to the Heart'
on it.  For those fellow NMSers out there who own this cd or who were at that
show, I have a $20 question for you:  in the middle of CttH WHO is rambling?
My guess is it's Alex goofing around.  My h-band thought it was both Ged &
Alex sort of acting out something.  I think it is only Alex just acting goofy.
I nearly busted a gut laughing at it!  I am just itchin' to know who it is,
and what he's saying.   Am I correct in my presumptions, that it is Alex and
only Alex?  I thought Ged was funny when he asked, "Did you get all that?"
Anyway, who ever holds the key to my question, please e-mail me.  Oh!
Another thing from that cd!  There was something after one of the songs (I
can't recall which one), that sounded like, "No, you thought this was the
Spanish Inquisition?"  I vaguely recall someone on this list mentioning it.
It sounds very much like Palin from Monte Python.  I wouldn't 'bet my life'
on it though (GROAN--bad joke).

Waiting for those responses.....

--Pam "Boneroller" Wales


Date: 08 Nov 92 02:56:30 EST
From: Bruce Holtgren <70724.1622@CompuServe.COM>
Subject: Happy birthday to TNMS!

Hey! I don't know how many people will realize this, much less
care, but November 9 is The National Midnight Star's third
birthday. (Trivia: It's also the third anniversary of the opening
of the Berlin Wall.) I've only been part of this madness for a
year now, but I thought I'd take the opportunity to recognize and
thank some of the folks who have made it work so beautifully all
this time:

## Jimmy "jlang" Lang, official Founder of the whole shebang, way
back when it was just a little baby mailing list. (And Jimmy
continues to regularly contribute some of our most, uh,
provocative posts.)

## David "davida" Arnold, Hero of Our Times and rush-mgr emeritus
(currently in self-imposed quasi-exile). David provided the
magical machine called Syrinx, enabling the list not only to be
mailed more or less automatically, but also allowing the
membership to grow from the original 1 to current figure of
approximately 15 billion. (OK, so it's really more like 1,500.)

## Meg ("*******Meg*******") Jahnke, rush-mgr in residence,
occasional fund drive treasurer, and sometime acquaintance of Mr.
Lang. Without Meg, we all might not have heard much from one
another since May or so. Thanks for keeping it going, Meg!

## Dan Delany, Keeper of the Holy FAQL. No telling how many
thousands have had their curiosity slaked through Dan's tireless
efforts to separate Substance from mere Trivia, and Trivia from
utter Bullshit).

## One Karen Post, the legendary Rush Goddess of Yore. Apparently
Karen was among the first in this realm to teach us that it's
*not* crazy to love a rock band this much. (For more on the Rush
Goddess - and much other fascinating lore from the beginnings of
TNMS - Issue No. 98 (the first anniversary special issue) is
highly recommended reading. It's available at an ftp site/file
server near you.)

## And, of course, the rest of you loons, for all the thousands
of posts in the past year (yes, I've read every single one).
Whether the stuff you spew is amazing or stupid, horseshit or a
dead horse, revelatory or irrelevant, fun or funny, spacious or
merely spaced, it is usually interesting, occasionally
surprising, and never, never boring. (And yes, the overall
quality is sometimes uneven - as any honest, heartfelt human
endeavor is bound to be - but that makes it all the more fun.)
I'm a regular reader of many "conventional" newspapers and
magazines, and I have to say that The National Midnight Star is
by far my favorite, just 'cause it's so real. (If nothing else,
it's a fascinating study of sociology in the raw.)

So, here's to, among others: cubsfan (but Go 'xpos!); puanani;
jaeger the philosopher; Anna Matyas; Mascari and Santore; dwhite
(who will be hearing from me, one of these days); Pan-Handle Dan
the troublemaker :), Khalichi the Overworld guy; Java Jack; I
Hackett and Haskin; By-Tor and The Analog Kid; Skip and Nibs;
Scott Raby of Enema Zoo; Andrade and McDonald; all youse in
Britain, Canada, Chile, Brazil, Mexico and god knows where all
else; and Amy Mosely Rupp (wherever you may be). You people are
the greatest. And sorry if I accidentally left anyone out. :)

Keep it burning bright ...



Date: Mon, 9 Nov 1992 02:59:18 -0500
From: Christopher Mermagen 
Subject: Re: Girl Laughing on Force 10

I thought it was a girl laughing too, but I think after listening to
a ShowOH, that it is just a guitar part with Alex's signature single
coil pickup guitars, which has that crisp sound.. could be,don't
really know.

On another note,  a friend of mine lives in Toronto and plays Viola.
He does alot of gigs for television companies, like recording little
jingles, etc.. He said one time he was at a big music party and met
Geddy hanging out with some peopke, and like everyone else on
this post has said about meeting Geddy, he was really nice and way
cool.. Oh well, maybe I should move to Toronto, but I've gotta work
on my accent, eh? :)


ps. No problem for the recog. rus, everyone loves to be responded
to, and I just had to say that I was rollin', cuz you see all these
footers that have these serious lyrics with messages intertwined (I
do it also!), but nothin' beats havin' a good time.

pps. peopke = people (above) I am now poet and can create words!! :)


Date: 09 Nov 1992 09:16 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: More free-for-all silliness

>As for who would win in a free-for-all?My vote would have to go to Alex.  Just
>check out his karate stance in the Roll the Bones tour book...he's clearly the
>toughest of the bunch! }:)

Aw come on, we all know Neil would win because he has the absolute fastest two
arms on any human alive :^) :^) :^)

((   ||  /\\ \\  / /\\  ((      R. Alan Monroe       ((  I'm not an actor, ((
 )) _// /--\\ \\/ /--\\  ))  )) but I play one     ))
((              _       ((                           ((  on T...   Hey!!   ((
 ))  ||  /\\  //  ||_/   ))    Pinkwater Rules!       )) Who wrote this     ))
((  _// /--\\ \\_ || \  ((            :^)            ((  script!?!?!   -me ((


From: "John W Hanks"  
Date:     9 Nov 92 10:01:44 EST
Subject:  Alex and his voice, may not be suitable for all audiences

> From: (Jeremy Goldberg Consultant)
> Subject: Various stuff from new member
>   To answer the sample/vocals question: ...Occasionally, Alex
> does these vocals live. (He's getting good at backing voc, eh?)...
> Alex probably decided to showcase his constantly improving vocal
> talents.                              ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

This reminds me of a story a friend of mine told me.  My friend was
on the sound crew for a couple of tours.  During the Moving Pictures
tour (I think), a rather funny thing happend involving Alex and his

Evidently, Alex didn't have the best voice and never sang very
loudly.  There is a phrase often used to tell a person to move closer
to the mic and sing louder, 'Eat the mic'.  One night Alex wanted to
_try_ (their word) to sing that night and wasn't loud enough during
the sound check.  The engineers had to keep telling him 'Eat the mic,
eat the mic.'  Well, when it came time to get on stage that night,
Alex came out, some one had carved the top of the mic's wind screen
into the shape of a piece of male anatomy.  Alex was not ammused, and
no one would admit that they had done it, although it was presumed
that Geddy had.



From: (Mike Monahan)
Subject: Gold Disc Releases
Date: Mon, 9 Nov 92 15:42:41 EST

	Someone mentioned a while back that _Moving Pictures_ would be released
soon on Gold "Ultradisc."  The person wanted to know what the big deal 
about that was, and if it made a difference.
	The answer is: Yes!
	See, an aluminum disc has lots of spaces in between the molecules 
that create actual gaps in the information written on the disc.  The CD player 
has to fill in the gaps with some kind of interpolation when it reads the 
disc.  As a denser metal, gold has fewer spaces in between the molecules, so 
the CD player has much less to do, and you get more of the original sound and 
less to what the machine "thinks" should go there.  There is a noticable 
difference, especially on headphones.  Gold also doesn't corrode, so instead 
of the incredibly long "life" of an aluminum disc, it has a ludicrously long 
one.  (At least that's what it says in my Gold copy of _Thick as a Brick_.)

	Michael Monahan


Date: Mon, 9 Nov 92 1:00:23 cdt
From: "LaVllaStrngiato (Krauss,Eric B)" 
Subject: New Thread-Rush encounters

A friend of mine here at school told me that he met Neil Peart at a bar, a 
gay bar actually, outiside of Montreal.  Peart was sitting at the bar, 
inconspicuously dressed in a black leather jacket and a ripped t-shirt.  My 
friend at first was reluctant to approach him, but did.  Neil was kinda at 
first disturbed by this, but suddenly he started talking about politics and 
stuff like that.  There conversation turned to,of all things, Rush songs.  
Neil told him that the song Vital Signs was about a trip Neil once took to 
Monoco and his stay in a small inn there.  Neil said you had  to ignore some 
of the lyrics--some were just thrown in because they sounded nice--to get to 
the message of the song.  Neil had some kind of breakdown before his vacation 
and was sorting things out in this inn.  I guess he had to "elevate from the 
norm" and just take off to Europe.  all the computer imagery in the song was 
pretty much b.s., the inn was so patoral that he decided to write about high 
technology as an interesting contrast.

anybody else got any rush encounters to tell?

Eric Krauss (


Date: Tue, 10 Nov 1992 12:27 EST
Subject: Pieces of Eight

Hello all!!!

I just have one quick, yet very important request.  DOES ANYONE HAVE THE
hear it, and I am interested in arranging it for my percussion ensemble, as I
did for "YYZ".  If someone would be willing to photo copy it and mail it to me
it would be greatly appreciated.  Please respond to me and not the NMS.  Thanks
in advance.


| Kevin Ryan Patrick Kirwan             | "You know how that rabbit feels,     |
| The University of Pittsburgh Drumline |  Going under your spinning wheels.   |
| "We'll Strike Like Lightning,         |  Bright images flashing by,          |
|                and Leave You Shocked" |  Like windshields towards a fly."    |
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