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Subject: 11/18/92 - The National Midnight Star #561
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          The National Midnight Star, Number 561

               Wednesday, 18 November 1992
Today's Topics:
                    Various ramblings
                Monkey Business with Neil
                       Re: Neil gay
                       shirt lyrics
                       counting Zs
                    Boot CD and shirt
          okay, now everybody take out _RTB_...
                  Rush influenced bands
               And WHAT have we learned...?
                   tickets, other stuff
              Missed the point on the rumors
                Something amusing for you!
           Xanadu and Intended Interpretations
                   Album side / Theory
        Was the dog pushed...or is alex a singer ?
                        Rare CD's
      Re: 11/17/92 - The National Midnight Star #560
                     A few things...
                   Alex takes a ride...
                   ASoH and NMS T-shirt
                    T-Shirts (quote?)
   Story title: "How to Apply Heavy Makeup" by K. Khan
                         Gold CD
                     Serengeti night
                       NMS T-shirts

Subject: Various ramblings
Date: Tue, 17 Nov 92 19:15:11 EST


Plenty of other people have already said what I feel about the post on Neil's
alledged sojourn to a gay bar, so I will no bother to repeat it...

Having said that...ENOUGH XANADU!!  Take it to private email...Please!

Where was I??  Oh yeah...People have been talking Dream Theater around her as
of late, so I thought that I'd mention that I posted the lyrics to their latest
album _Images and Words_ to the lyrics FTP server at  If I am not
mistaken, the path is pub/music/lyrics/d/, though
I am not positive.  If you don't know much about the band, grab these lyrics,
they're pretty cool.

Hey...To you IRC people:  I'm an old timer from back when there was still a
channel called +Rush (now there's a blast from the past, eh?).  Anyways, I
don't hang around on #p/g! for my own reasons, but look me up sometime...The
nick's Pwe.


  PeeWee's 1st rule of integration:  When all else fails, get a bigger hammer!
                     What crawls on maggots when they die?
                Email:   Phone: (313) 656-0900
              Math undergrad - Michigan Technological University
        "The worst sex I ever had was still pretty good."  -Woody Allen


Date: Tue, 17 Nov 1992 18:19:44 -0600
From: Darrell Wiatrowski 

   I'm new on this system so please forgive me if these topics have
already been discussed.  I have a few questions.  Anyone who saw
the closing show of RTB tour(what a show!) saw Neil throw off his
bandana in the finale to reveal a mohawk shaved in his head.  Well,
I've heard rumors that he might have Leukemia and seeing his shaved
head supported those rumors.  Has anyone heard anything similar?
 Maybe he lost a bet or something, I don't know.  Anyway, a few other
questions:  Who's the voice heard in Subdivisions?  How about on
Superconductor?  Does anyone have any info or even heard of the album
'Stellar Dynamics'?  I haven't seen anything written about it, and
I was wondering if it actually existed or if it's just another rumor.
Well, that's it.  Thanks.

Darrell  (
          (don't let the login scare you, I'm really a nice guy)


Date: Tue, 17 Nov 92 19:27:21 -0500
From: "Brian J. Colby" 
Subject: Monkey Business with Neil

Sorry I haven't posted in quite some time, but this "Neil Peart is
Gay" thread is unneccesary, not worth a squirrel pellet in a
box of Whitman Chocolates, and is *none* of anyone's business.

And to those people who like to take unsubstantiated rumors as
hardcore fact, think about this: why cause a stir that would cause
chaos?  If someone is rumored to be (fill in the blank), then you
got to get the facts (no Rush quote
intended.), and not try to fiddle around with other's minds.

Other than that, sorry for the misc. 1/4 non-Rush rambling.

Brian (

P.s. I liked the discussions about Xanadu (S.T. Coleridge).


From: Dave Holdsworth 
Subject: Re: Neil gay
Date: Wed, 18 Nov 92 12:34:28 CST

I've never felt the need to submit an article to the NMS before now, as most
of the threads seem to be about interpreting lyrics and so forth. I really
like Rush for their music, and enjoy this newsletter as it expands my
understanding of their (or Neil's) lyrics and beliefs.

But this business about Neil "possibly" being gay has really started to annoy
me. Especially as, being part of the REM mail group, I've been putting up
with insinuations of Michael Stipe's "alleged" homosexuality also.

Personally, I couldn't care less if they are gay. It doesn't change them or
their music in any way. If it changes your feelings, then it is YOUR problem,
not Neil's or Michael's. Someone said something about being "gay" and being
"normal". What is normal? And also, why do people feel the need to say "I'm
straight, but......." to defend the possibly of Neil being gay. Everyone
knows what you are really saying!

Anyhow, enough! I am not getting my point across too well, so I'll refrain.
Until Neil and Neil himself says "yay" or "nay", you can only speculate, and
speculation is but hot air.

          Dave Holdsworth 
   Dept Phys. & Math Phys. , University of Adelaide, S.A., Australia


Date: Tue, 17 Nov 1992 21:14:51 -0500
Subject: shirt lyrics

How about something from HYF for the T-shirts.
This is my suggestion:

"A spirit with a vision is a dream with a mission..."

Ross Goldstein
Cornell U.


Date: Tue, 17 Nov 92 21:18:46 EST
From: "Jason McNamara, UCS PCF Consultant" 
Subject: counting Zs

 said that Caress of Steel was the album with the most
frequent occurance of the letter 'Z.'  But if repetition is allowed, then
wouldn't g/p be #1, since it includes _The Body Electric_, with the refrain:

1001001  (aka  one Zero Zero one Zero Zero one, etc)

just wondering,

Jason McNamara			jmcnamar@indiana
Russian and East European Inst & Univ Computing Services, Indiana University
(insert favorite Rush quote here)


From: Jeremy Alan Oddo 
Subject: Boot CD and shirt
Date: Tue, 17 Nov 92 18:36:11 PST

First of all--
  I'd love to have a Boot RUSH CD of _rare_ songs.  Live songs are OK if
they aren't heard live often (ie: Natural Science).  Personally, I'd
like to hear stuff that you can't find easy, like; Neil's NEW drum solo
from RTB, sound check stuff, Take Off, etc.  You know, the stuff you
can't find on albums.  I would definitely buy a CD like that--maybe
several (great Christmas gifts!)

  Second, the shirt sounds good too.  I vote for the aqua blue color or
perhaps grey.  Plus, a great quote or pic would make the shirt that much

Keep us posted on Footware CD and shirts--I'll take 'em both!

BTW, my friend DJs at a nearby radio station.  He let me guest host a RUSH
block.  Three hours _stright_ of RUSH, RUSH, and more RUSH!!  Why can't
all radio stations do that!


P.S.  Did someone say something about a Genesis digest??

  [ Please use EMAIL responses to this -- also if anyone ever has a question
    about where another mailing list is, don't hesitate to mail to me; I have 
    an up-to-date listing of all the mailing lists running.	   : rush-mgr ]


Date:         Tue, 17 Nov 92 22:21:13 EST
From: Mike 
Subject:      okay, now everybody take out _RTB_...


Listening to RTB earlier this evening, I noticed something *very* peculiar in
the graphics on the back cover of the booklet (you know, the cool wishbone-over
water thing)...

If you rotate the booklet's picture such that the bottom of the picture is now
on the right (counterclockwise), and look at the clouds at the (now side) (but
the former) top of the picture, there is a mass of darker clouds that can be
percieved (sp?) as a hand and thumb hitching a ride/ thumbing a ride...

Let me know what you think...

Also, to clarify something about Dream Theater's show's, they will be in DC
again on the 10th of December (at the Bayou) and in Baltimore on the 19th (at
Hammerjacks).. Check 'em out!

Slainte mhath,


p.s. I don't care if Neil is gay or not, neither should you.

                     Mike Weintraub (aka Jvi on IRC)
                 The American University, Washington, DC
        "Courageous convictions will drag the dream into existence"
   1-0-0-1-0-0-1 SOS      -- Rush "Vital Signs"      --.- --.- --..


Date: Tue, 17 Nov 92 22:26:39 -0500
From: nam2@po.CWRU.Edu (Nicholas A. Mascari)
Subject: Rush influenced bands

>Fates Warning is another semi-obscure band with major Rush influence,
>they are more of a cross between Rush and Queensryche.  Other than the
>opera trained singer (Ray Alder), they have a fantastic drummer (Mark
>Zonder) who takes Peart's influence and builds on it in some very
>interesting ways.

Also, another interesting fact about Fates Warning: I'm not sure about their
later album, but Parallels is produced by none other than Terry Brown!!

About Dream Theatre: does ANYBODY out there have the first album?? I know it's
out of print, so it is rare, but I would love a copy if someone has it.
Please email me at nam2@po.CWRU.Edu if you have it. Thanks...

Also back to Rush....someone posted that there is a face hidden in the nude
guy's right shoulder on the cover of Hemispheres and the inside of E..SL. Well
obviously I grabbed my CDs to look for this mystery. Sorry, _I_ don't see any-
thing....perhaps you could enlighten us with a few more details?.....

One thing I DID notice, the guy looks a lot like Neil, although I'm sure this
was unintentional. (HEY!! ITS PROOF HE'S GAY!!! HAHAHA!!! Just kidding people
lighten up....)

Really hoping that there will be an NMS convention....


|~~~\ |    | /~~~\ |    |    Nick Mascari - Case Western Reserve University
|___/ |    | \__   |____|            General Electric Lighting
| \   |    |     \ |    |   "All life is future to past, Every breath leaves
|   \  \__/  \___/ |    |       me one less to my last." -Dream Theatre


From: (Jeremy Goldberg Consultant)
Subject: And WHAT have we learned...?
Date: Tue, 17 Nov 92 22:53:14 EST

THANK YOU to all of the people who defended the nature of this newsletter.

I'm sure many of us (myself incl.) posted our specific & personal views
over quality & trust ON OUR OWN. Our individual opinions merged in issue
#560, and there's a real concern in there; a community of (mostly) sen-
sible people.

Without e-mailing all of the people with commendable pride who have posted
their good-willed beliefs, I'll herein thank a few who have helped to restore
my faith in this newsletter:

Luis Arturo Loyo Delgado
	I almost misread your ORQ as "If I could wave my magic wand, I'd
	set everything straight"; wouldn't that be nice! :T

Scott Kaplan
	More people should take the rational approach, I agree.
	'This is called wishful thinking.'

'Rus.' from Greenwich, U.K.
	Levity! Humility!
	(And a quirky knack for mocking me! ;-} )
	So where does Geddy's nose fit into the story?

cthurrot at Tufts

puanani in Hawaii
	An activist can have patience, but it is broken when his/her rights
	to peace of mind are threatened.

Christopher Mermagen
	IDEALS, surviving (we hope) society's maniacal mechanics

Smith @NASA
	(Perhaps the only person here who's seen the REAL Red Sector A,
	but that's not important right now.)

AND... the perseverant couple of people who continue those enormous threads
on the meaning of Xanadu as if all of this negatively toned bickering were
so much spam.

It's good to sense that I'm not the only one with the solid integrity and
common good-sense to speak up over the recent perversity. Now let's continue
this newsletter thing as planned, eh?

Jeremy Goldberg
--feel free to e-mail me to trade items, or any time the madmen proliferate.


Date: Wed, 18 Nov 1992 00:24:42 -0500
From: The Necromancer 
Subject: tickets, other stuff

    How's it going everyone. I just wanted to contribute to the ticket thread
and basically emphasize the points made by other people here. My experience
is probably less than that of older Rush fans, but what I can tell you is:
    1) Camping out is probably the best way to get _a chance_ for good seats,
that is, if you don't know anyone at the arena, have no connections, or what
ever. Here in Maryland, there are quite a few Ticketbastard outlets. The
lines at each vary from concert to concert. However, a good idea is to get
there early and run a list, if you have the time, energy, and willingness to
do it. I was fortunate in having a friend who had an Aerostar, so, the night
before, we packed that thing full of sleeping bags, chips, soda (and other
beverages), a football, a frisbee, those stupid velcro-ball things, a box
and all our Rush CDs. It was a fun night. However, the ticket sale date was
the same as the Dead, so there were some problems as the Dead tickets went on
Rush tickets at 10. So, around 10, we were getting worried that all the Dead
heads would not be done buying. As a matter of fact, we got into somewhat
of a dispute with the guy who was runnning the Dead list. MORAL: if you are
camping out, get there early as you can, cause it fills up fast. If you are
running a list, make sure you let people know that you are, have check-ins,
or whatever.
    Also, I have heard that it is best to camp out at arenas, rather than
ticket outlets. This makes sense, but not always possible. Who wants to
spend a night in SE D.C., for example?
    Also, buying tickets in smaller numbers gets you closer. I was in line, and
the people in front of me (I was #3 on this occasion) got a block of 8, and
the seats turned out to be mediocre, so, instead of buying 4 like I planned, I
only got 2, and my seats were good. The reason is, that larger blocks are less
available in the front obviously because more people get seats there and they
fill up fast. So deep-six that scalping idea and go for the good seats.
    If you're camping out at a mall, watch out for mall security. They can be
annoying. I have met the most lenient and the strictest. You just have to
know how to deal with them.
    Lastly, if a local radio station is giving away tickets, GO FOR IT!!!!
I have won quite a few pairs to various concerts, and the seats are excellent
(seeing as how the station probably reserves them before they go on sale) and
they are FREE!!!! Makes you feel a lot better about buying that $29 T-shirt!
   2) What was #1???

    Happy ticket hunting!!!!

- IL
          "sometimes out big splashes"
            are just ripples in the pool"


Date: 18 Nov 92 06:41:37 EST
From: Thomas Regina <71530.417@CompuServe.COM>
Subject: Missed the point on the rumors

Some of you missed the point on the Neil rumors. The person who posted
the rumors said that he saw polaroids of a naked Neil with his bike
standing next to another man. Now, isn't this out of character for
Neil to do this? Why would he jeopardize his career, and more importantly,
his private life by doing this? I don't think many women would be secure
in their husband's bisexuality. Plus, the poster said he drove out of
his way to confirm these rumors. Why did he do this? Would a Rush fan
do this and then report back to other Rush fans on his findings? I don't
think so, a Rush fan wouldn't care, and anyway, he wouldn't want to
cause trouble on this list. Therefore, I must conclude that he is a Rush
hater, and wanted to stir things up on this list with false rumors. One
could make another conclusion about this poster, but I don't want to
get/cause any trouble. Draw your own conclusions.

So, if this rumor is false, there is no need to discuss the right or wrong
of homosexuality because whatever your belief, you will offend some


Date:         Wed, 18 Nov 92 13:16:55 TUR
From: "Tuncer Y. Guven" 
Subject:      Something amusing for you!

    A few days ago I was looking at the old music mags that were forgotten
in a closet.  While staring at the "Musician" mag (Printed in USA, July 1984)
I found a page of album reviews named as "ROCK Short Takes" and the author
was named J.D. Considine.  The reason I'm writing all this is Rush's Grace
Under Pressure was one of the albums that was reviewed by this gentleman!
His review on GUP was the shortest of the thirteen albums.  For those who
didn't read the infamous review, I will type it down, I guess he was in a
bad mood that day, or maybe it was ten minutes before he commited suicide
when he wrote the review for GUP.  And he goes like that:

   "In a dozen albums, Rush has gone from mindlessly imitating Led Zeppelin
    to carefully copying The Police.  That's progress for you."


Date: Wed, 18 Nov 92 08:49:02 -0500
From: (Gregg Jaeger)
Subject: Xanadu and Intended Interpretations

>From: sxk29@po.CWRU.Edu (Susan Kretschmer)

> In Coleridge's version, I
>believe what he is essentially saying is the very old concept that if you were
>to achieve something like paradise, it wouldn't turn out to be Paradise
>at all. (Hmmm...does this theme sound familiar?)

Yes, which was my point. I've been arguing that this is the case, while
Tadd has been arguing that this `concept' was added by Neil. It's clear
to me that Neil's interpretation is the correct (i.e. _intended_)
interpretation (at the literal level) of Coleridge's poem.

>Now I don't think Kubla searched for Xanadu, I think he was rich, being a khan,
>found a perhaps slightly supernatural location and commanded his "pleasure
>dome" to be built there.  So here is a guy with tons of $ trying to create
>perfection with it.  And what he creates is a world that is alluring and
>seductive, and to Western sensibilities decadent. Period.  The poem ends
>here (unfortunately). The last few lines do NOT spell out entrapment literally.

The word `entrapped' is not used if that's what you mean. But one can do
some straightforward `deduction' (in the sense of Sherlock Holmes rather
than in the sense of applying _modus ponens_ (a=>b) ). Which is what I
did in my original post: if one is to circle Khan he must be fixed in
place; if he's powerful and fixed he must be trapped.

>However I think from the lines leading up to them, and from the analogous
>concepts in Greek myth of eating pomegranates and getting stuck in the
>underworld that that is the general idea.


>This illustrates the difference
>between the kinds of reading of a piece of literature.  Obviously there has
>to be some basic agreement at an objective level on very simple concepts
>so that we know we are talking about the same poem, so that is legit to
>say: Objective fact: the river Alph ran through the caves of ice down to the
>sea.  But the ability to define a "correct" interpretation stops there.

Really? Do you have an _argument_ for this belief? It is silly to say
that poets and lyricists intend to say only what is literally obvious
to the average first-grader. They may not discourage people from
searching for interpretations (as that is essential to the way poetry
functions), but there are clearly intendend interpretations beyond such
simplistic "objective facts."

Holmes-style deduction is quite straightforward and not particularly
unique to my psychology. In this sense there _is_ a correct interpretation
despite despite the need for a little common sense input. Of course one
should always be looking for better interpretations which might defy
common sense but still be sensible, etc. Which is why it's good to argue
over interpretations so as to find the intended (aka correct) interpretation.

>Anything more that you get from the poem is YOURS; that's what you make of
>it.  In the song "Xanadu" we see Neil giving us his take on things, which
>is every bit as valid as mine or that in the other posts here, or Coleridge's

One of my friends said that the song is a confession of homosexuality :)
Neil must be gay, etc. It's just that Coleridge didn't know it was a
poem about Neil. Lack of sensible background assumptions is just what
makes alot of poetic interpretation 'a load of dingo's kidneys' to coin
a phrase (not). Some poets may write without intending to transmit any
particular meaning, but these are definitely in the minority and Coleridge
is not one of them.

It's nice for everyone to give his own interpretation but that doesn't
mean that all are correct or intended by the author. Unless of course
you don't mind my (male, and hypothetical) friend's interpretation that
the my friend is Khan and that the woman is Neil, etc.

> It has even been said that the number and variety of different possible
>interpretations is a measure of the greatness of a work.

Especially during the 1960s. John Cage's 4'33'' springs to mind.

It has been said so it must be true, eh? This is true only if it is
the author's intention to make the work ambiguous in this way. I see
no reason to believe Coleridge adopted this approach to his work.
"Kubla Khan" was composed in semi-consciousness and truncated because
its writing down was destructively disrupted. Some vaguaries can be
attributed to this fact, but not to any attempt at ambiguity. The
only clear ambiguity is that there are both literal and figurative
levels to the poem.

>Now for anyone who WANTS a massively allegorical interpretation of this poem
>and perhaps of the song), how about this:

>Consider, especially since we know Coleridge was smoking opium while writing
>Xanadu, that the "paradise" referred to is that of drugs.  Seductive, strange
>and new, and ultimately entrapping, it sounds a lot like Xanadu, eh?

This is an interpretation best suited to Van Halen's ``Pleasure Dome''.
It's quite obvious to anyone with common sense that this interpretation
applies in the VH case. (The opening chords to VH's "PD" are quite
reminiscent of Rush's "Xanadu"). Also Eddie's father died of alcholism
and Eddie has been to rehab. In the Van Halen case this allegorical
interpretation is correct.


Gregg Jaeger (jaeger@buphy)  Dept. of Physics (and Philosophy), Boston Univ.
"You see, the quantum mechanical description is in terms of knowledge" -Peierls
"One can _not_ put the psi-function... in place of the... thing" -Schroedinger
                "You may _not_ touch my monkey" -Dieter


Date: Wed, 18 Nov 1992 09:48:01 -0500
From: Scott David Daly 
Subject: hahahahahahaha.

Hello all...

	Well it's nice to see the rumor monger's popularity is
soaring around here!

	I won't beat a dead horse (even if it IS a dead GAY horse),
but I just had to say that I applaud all of your reactions and "live
and let live" attitudes to these rumors!  It is a tribute to us as
fans (and to the band) that we are intelligent enough (the majority
of us anyway) to rise above all this crap...



Date: Wed, 18 Nov 1992 10:39:30 -0500 (EST)
From: "Philip M. Simon" 
Subject: Rumors

    Far be it from me to invite censorship, but I would encourage the
Rush mgr. to delete any posts regarding the gay bar incident.  In my
view, this list is simply not the forum for borderline slanderous
accusations.  This topic is just not germane to Rush discussions, and
has no place on this list.

Phil Simon


From: mr1cy1 
Subject: Album side / Theory
Date: Tue, 17 Nov 1992 14:07:57 +0000 (GMT)

Ok, Rush people, I'll keep it brief this time.

Preferred album side: for me it's Roll the Bones side 1. Excellent songs
from Dreamline through to WMT. I particularly like the funky riffs on
RTB and WMT, too.
Theory about "are we all physics/comp.sci.". I'm a CompSci, perhaps a
survey is in order? Yeah, why not. Anybody who wants to describe their
current situation (i.e. course/job etc.) email me (as with a brief description and I'll post the
results in a week or so. A big turnout would be nice to fully answer
this question, so get typing.

That's all for now,


Date: Wed, 18 NOV 92 13:32:26 BST
Subject: Was the dog pushed...or is alex a singer ?

This is my first time....Please be gentle....
What I want to know involves the Limelight Video...
The dog/wolf seems to act naturally at the start of the video,
but at the end it looks as though it's been pushed infront of the camera!
What's going on there then ?

Also the Alex singing or not singing debate... I have a recording of him
singing on the HYF tour in London on 30th of MAY (I was there) .....
I can tell you, that man is not a singer. (*period* [as they say on LA LAW])
If you like I, will sample it and up load it onto SYRINX.UMD.EDU.
It'll be in a SoundBlaster VOC file though! Let me know......

The NMS CD is a big *YES*

The best way to get a front row seat is to buy a ticket which bears
a seat number corresponding to a seat situated on the front row.


-- Greame (the Geordie in Liverpool) Bullimore


Date: Wed, 18 Nov 1992 11:13:54 -0500
From: Christopher Williams 
Subject: Rare CD's

	I thought I'd discuss the legalities of making this TNMS CD people
want to do.  As producer of the Yes rarities collection, I think I'm qualified
to point out a few things... (also, my girlfriend's father is a lawyer with

	IF we put this CD together, and distribute it for basically the price
of making the CD, lesser legal charges will be brought down upon the person
distributing it.  IF you put this together to make a profit, you're treading
on real thin ice there.

	This, of course, depends on the possibility that Rush finds out what
we're doing, and if they want to press charges.  To tell you the truth, the
band probably will do very little.  They know this list exists (I believe),
and they've done little to check up on us anyway.

	Basically, if we make this CD, distribute it ONLY to members not for
profit, but only for the cost of making it, we won't get into legal trouble
(odds are).  One thing I want to mention is that I had thought of doing the
Yes rarities on CD, but it only holds 80 min. max, but a chrome tape holds
90 min, adding an extra 10 minutes.  Of course, I live in the stone age
anyway, since I own no CD's....

--Jeremy (despite what the address says...)
	"How many people do you think I am..."  Talking Heads


Date:      Wed, 18 Nov 1992 11:29:02 CST
From: "Jim Graham" 
Subject:   Re: 11/17/92 - The National Midnight Star #560

sorry, but this is a rather long post --- I'm hitting several topics in
one quick e-mail....

mr1cy1  writes:

> Geddy's a pink banana. I bumped into him on a holiday I recently had on
> the moon.

GREAT STORY!  this one, however, was a bit too plausible....  :-)

seriously, I do have one comment (that I haven't seen mentioned yet)
that I'd like to direct at everyone who's even marginally believed this
Neil at gay bar cr*p --- don't assume that just because you see it in a
photo that it's's easier than you think to be, uhhh, creative.

I do some photography, and one thing I can certainly tell you is that
once you leave the ``point and shoot'' game (most people with a camera)
and get into serious photography, you find that reality is more what you
*DECIDE TO MAKE IT* than what really exists.  I've got some shots of a
sunset where the sky and sun are green.  I've got some shots of this
really incredibly foggy day...except there was no fog that day....  I
could go on with lots more examples (but I won't).  we won't even begin
to go into things like multiple-image filters, motion filters,
double-exposure filters, mirage filters, and so on.....

now, that's all done with simple filters --- once you get into the
darkroom (I've never done darkroom work, but my dad has for years), you
can pretty much do whatever the h*ll you want to.  you want to splice
Neil's face onto the body of, say, a monkey?  you can do it.  you might
need to diffuse the image a bit (perhaps use a heavy diffusion filter
for both originals), do a little alteration on the colors, etc., to
blend the images, but it can be done.

in other words, just because someone says they saw it in a photograph
(I'll be nice and give them the benefit of the doubt and assume that
they really believe they saw this) doesn't mean that the image shown in
the photo ever *REALLY* happened.  just because these people who had
this photo also claim he really was there, doesn't mean it's true.

the sky and sun are green.  I say it's true (well, for the moment let's
just pretend that I say it's true), and I've got a photograph to prove
it.  anyone care to disagree with me?  remember, I have proof....  :-)

actually, I just got another neat idea --- how does this sound:  the
sky and the SUNS (both of them) are purple....  not too complex to do,
but should look neat!

ok, on to another topic.....  TNMS t-shirts!

Mike Hackett  writes:

> I like how this idea is shaping up, but I think it would be cool to add
> some sort of Rush line or quote to the shirt

sounds like a really good idea to me.

> I'm sure people will come up with better, but off the top of my head,
> the following come to mind:
> "Catch the spirit, catch the fish"

I particularly like this one, since I'm about to move back down South
(Florida, to be exact), and my dad's already told me that one of the
very first things I'm going to be responsible for when I get there is
make a new net (the net my dad had made for me got trashed a few weeks
ago by someone who'd never thrown from this bridge before) and then
spend a rather large amount of time down at the bridge to stock up on
mullet for the winter, when they're not running.  ah, the hardships of
life, I tell ya....  going fishing every morning and every evening....
I wonder how I'll hold out till I get there. :-)

seriously, though, I like that one (but then, Destin is basically a
fishing village, so I'm biased).

yet another topic.....this is the last one, I promise!

Mike Hutchinson 

> I definitely agree with Mike Weintraub about Dream Theatre -- they have
> a heavy Rush influence but also remind me of a cross between Yes and
> Metallica.

actually, I also hear a *LOT* of old (well, fairly old) Styx in there,
as well as more than a little bit of jazz influence (on some charts, at
least).  there's one on IaW that, for a while, always reminded me of an
old Spyro Gyra chart.  of course, once I started trying to determine
which DT chart it was (I never hear this anymore now that I'm listening
for it), and which SG chart it reminded me of, I can't seem to work it
out.  :-(  it's something off of SG's ``Access All Areas'' though, that
much I do know.

oh well, this post is long enough, and I've got things to do to get
ready to move....

#include                                  73 DE N5IAL (/9)
ICBM:  41.70N 87.63W                    UUCP:  gagme!n5ial!
AMATEUR RADIO: (unstable...back after I've moved)          AMTOR SELCAL:  NIAL


Date:         Wed, 18 Nov 92 13:57:17 EST
Subject:      A few things...

Rushppl --

In the last NMS, David Arnold  said (in response to me):
> As for placement; you were 50th in line and complained about not getting a
> floor seat??  Sheesh, I've been 5th in line and not gotten floor, and I was
> only buying four tickets!  Of course, I live in a fairly densely populated

Well, the main reason I complained was that there were four of us waiting,
and ONE of us did get two (of four) tickets on the floor (about 1/2-way back).
Unfortunately, our group wanted to sit together, so we, or he, gave the two
floor tickets to a couple of ppl we were buying tickets for (pretty damned
generous, eh?)....  I also tried going to an obscure ticket outlet (well, it
was in Wilmington, DE.. I consider that obscure, anyway)... I was something
like 10th in line there.. however, they didn't even HAVE any floor tickets...
Actually, I think my problem is where I'm going... the Spectrum (Philly) must
have some weird system for distributing tickets :)
     Oh yeah... another problem was that this was the 1st night for Vinnie
Moore, who is from Philly, and therefore bought out a section of the floor...

One more thing... if people don't want to hear about Neil going or not going
to a gay bar, don't complain about it on here!  You're just adding to the
problem, not solving it... you wanna do something about it, complain to the
poster in email....  Spend your NMS space on something more valuable... like
a response to my question a few digests ago about The Big Money which either
EVERYONE ignored, or NO ONE has an answer... or, of course, no one cares :)

: Glen "Trroy" Reed : :
:       "Try as they might they cannot steal your dreams" -- GLW        :
: "You can't afford to squander what you're not prepared to pay" -- WMJ :


Date: Wed, 18 Nov 1992 13:01 CDT
Subject: Alex takes a ride...

I heard this on the radio on the way home from work last night...

I'm doing this from memory so this is just a paraphrase.  The DJ said that
Alex recently was given a ride in a fighter jet (sorry, can't remember which
type of fighter jet).  The Canadian military wanted to use "Where's My Thing?"
sound track for a promotional video and the band said yes with the condition
that Alex gets a ride.  The ride lasted about a half hour and they went through
several manuevers and battle simulations (sounds like fun to me!).  There were
more details of the flight but I can't remember the specifics.

The DJ also mentioned that this information was "released" in Seattle and
that the band had recently spent some time there.  Anyone know what they
were doing in Seattle?  Was Neil with them or was it just Geddy and Alex (like


Ron Lassen

(                  'I placed no trust in a
319-395-8983                                       faith that was ready made'


Date: Wed, 18 Nov 92 11:49:18 -0800
From: J. Q. Gumby 
Subject: ASoH and NMS T-shirt

First, a question to those who have the ASoH video:
	I used to be a percussionist, and after listening to Neil's solo on
ASoH I am absolutely amazed.  Would someone out there who has seen the video
version of this (obstarving-college-studentq) please tell me what all he's
playing?  I'm pretty sure Geddy is probably hitting the horn kicks towards
the end, but the parts with what sound like timpani and wooden bells (don't
remember the name) are really cool and would seem a little tough to play 
while from a set....

Regarding the T-shirt quote, I personally like
	"Dont' ask me, I'm just improvising / my illusion of harmless flight"
(May be careless instead of's been a while)


(I have no Rush .sig!  Oh well...)


Date: Wed, 18 Nov 92 14:54:07 -0500
From: meg (******* Meg *******)
Subject: T-Shirts (quote?)

Suppose I should jump in here since it *was* my idea.. :)
"rush-mgr" instead of "rush" was going to be on the back just in case
someone seeing the shirt DID have net access and mailed to get information.

But a quote might be a good idea as well, and I'm suprised that no one
mentioned the obvious quote: "We've got Mars on the horizon..." since
we are the National Midnight Star!

And once again if anyone doesn't have a gif viewer or postscript printer,
I can mail you a printed copy of the star and logo I did, still available
in rush/incoming (nmsstar.gif and nmslogo.gif).


ps. A bit of useless information here: I was looking at the old Rolling Stone
reviews and noticed that the GUP review was done by Kurt Loder. For those of
you who don't watch MTV anymore, he's on there usually doing the "Day/Week In
Rock." After his review I don't blame Rush for not wanting to be on there! :)
Alex is not an interesting lead guitarist... hmph.


Date: Wed, 18 Nov 92 15:02:32 CST
From:	(Tadd Jensen)
Subject: Story title: "How to Apply Heavy Makeup" by K. Khan

Well, I geuss I'll let myself get sucked into this one last time...

Further response to's views:

> >You repeatedly refer to the "demon lover," almost as though it's a
> >significant part of the poem.  Well, I never thought that the "demon-lover"
> >existed AT ALL!!  This "lover" is only mentioned once in the poem,
> >in the verses:
> >"A savage place! as holy and enchanted As ever beneath a waning moon was
> > haunted By woman wailing for her demon-lover!"
> >Here I feel Coleridge used a SIMILE.
> You mean METAPHOR. Sure, you can say that the demon-lover does not exist
> at all but then neither to the pleasure dorm and caves of ice. If
> something is _mentioned_ then it must exist (on some level). I see no
> reason to believe that on the literal level the woman does not exist,

Geeez!  I never thought I'd have to rehash 9th grade English to make this
point.  When I posted this, I figured all the following went without saying:
(1st of all, Gregg, consult your dictionary on the meanings of metaphor and
 simile.  For the rest of you folks, if you know this, please ignore.)

_Webster's New World_ defines SIMILE as
   "A figure of speech in which one thing is likened to another, dissimilar
    thing by the use of *like*, *as*, etc. (e.g., a heart as big as a whale...)"

_Thorndike-Barhhart_ concurs, adds examples:
   "as brave as a lion,  as hard as nails"
    ^^       ^^          ^^      ^^
(Everyone knows that when using such similies, like saying, "his head is as
 hard as a rock," there's no implication that an actual *rock* is involved!)

It seemed to me that
   "A savage place! as holy and enchanted As ever beneath ... demon-lover!"
                    ^^                    ^^
was a simile.  (Note the telltale placement of subject, adjective(s), etc.)

I admit that this is hard to see because of the complex run-on clause that
Coleridge likens the "savage place" to.  However, (similar to the above
stated "rock,") just because the "waning moon," "woman," or "demon-lover"
are *mentioned* DOES NOT necessarily mean they existed, IMO.

Also note that Coleridge says "By woman wailing," NOT "By A woman wailing,"
which appears to me to further imply a general statement, not one that applies
to a *specific* woman.

> >  You may disagree, but I didn't think
> >there *was* a "demon-lover," it just being part of a figurative expression.
> The editor Beer seems to agree with me on this point, and you've
> provided no reason to believe that the lover (or woman) are purely
> figurative.

You certainly put a lot of stock in Beer.  (But wouldn't we all like to keep
a large stock of beer :-)
Reasons provided. --> but hey, I'm not saying you are *wrong*; just that all
this is open, and will ALWAYS be open, to artistic interpretation.

It all makes me think:  if we can't even agree on something as apparently
*objective* as what a simile and metaphor are, then it seems pointless that
we are even arguing.  I'd really like to get out of all this bickering.

> >been there (perhaps some kind of eastern "Adam?")  Truthfully, I never
> >quite knew for sure just WHO or WHAT Kubla was!!  Was he even human?
> Yes. There is no searching _described_ in the poem, but Kubla Khan
> _was_ a real person (dates 1216-1294 according to _The American Heritage

I guess that when I read the poem, I was expecting it to be fiction, not
some "biography."  Didn't really think I'd have to do research on this guy
to see if he actually lived or not!  A hearty THANKS to everyone who set me
straight on the life and times of my man, Mr. K. Khan.
(All the info has been RILLY GRATE!!)

> Reread your original posting and I think you'll see why I made this
> statement -- you came across like a total relativist (there are such

I'm almost sorry I ever made that post.

> >I wish people could just relax, exchange ideas, and give other people's as
> >much consideration (hence UNDERSTANDING) as they give their own!!
> I'm quite relaxed. You might try being less thin-skinned. If you'd
> like to talk more about the influence of `the subject' we can do that
> privately, eh?

Sorry Gregg.  My apologies if I came across wrong in saying that -- I didn't
mean for you to take it personally.  There ARE a lot of people in this world
who are very intolerant of other's ideas (but that's not news to anyone read-
ing this!) ...For a minute there I thought you were saying something along the
lines of , "You wanna take this outside?!"  Har har!

Nuff said...

Well folks, back to your regularly scheduled tabloid journalism...


Tadd Jensen             "It's not what you are,
NEC Engineering and Support Division, Dallas            but what you can be"


Date: Wed, 18 Nov 92 19:23 GMT
From: MaskullSoft 
Subject: Gold CD

> Almost everyone in the field believes that this is pretty much bull.

I'd agree with that.

> There is some debate as to whether multiple-generation digital copies of
> digital masters result in signal deterioration.  MFSR does not deal in DDD or

As far as I'm aware, the signal deterioration is insignificant for
digital copies, unless the tape is very bad and the error correction
can't cope, or a *very* large number of copies are made. By that, I
mean far more copies than even professionals realistically need to

Can anyone tell me which analogue generations were used for the pre-
digital albums? I'd like some rough idea how much is gained by using
an ultradisc instead of the usual CD. This only applies to Rush CDs,
as I doubt I'll bother re-buying CDs by anyone else.


Martin Rodgers @ MaskullSoft


Date: Wed, 18 Nov 92 19:23 GMT
From: MaskullSoft 
Subject: Serengeti night

This is a little late, as  I've only just read the last
week's NMS issues, but I thought I'd answer anyway! asked:

>  "I've heard the lions hunting
>   in the Serengeti night"
> What's a Serengeti night?

Night time in the Serengeti. :-)

Alternertely, consult an Altlas, and turn the lights out. :-))

I friend of mine smiled when he heard the Serengeti line. It sounds
so much like Peart!

Martin Rodgers @ MaskullSoft


Date: Wed, 18 Nov 92 19:23 GMT
From: MaskullSoft 
Subject: NMS T-shirts

Some of this will be out of date...

A small tip to those new to ftp: remember to use the binary command
before getting the files. I forgot, and so only one of them was
readable by WinGif. A second attempt was more successful.

I liked the star better as a logo. You can put anything you like
on the back tho. "Born to Rush" sounds good!

Is there any chance of getting them by mail order? I'm in the UK,
and unless a meeting can be arrange over here, a few Brits are
going to miss out.

Why not make special NMS stickers? When you make them yourselves,
you can put whatever you like on them, tho I like the idea of using
other people's stickers! I'm an old Blue Peter victim (for those
who know the show - was that the BP elephant in RTB? (-: ).

T-shirts and stickers can help to identify people at concerts, so
I say: don't restrict them to a select few. I was recently at a
books signing that I *know* was attended by many people I've met
electronically, but I couldn't identify them. This would be tragic
at a Rush concert, tho the number of people would be a couple of
magnitudes least.

Just catching up...I see that you *will* be using the star.
Excellent! Same for the mail order. Use any colour, as I don't
mind. Usually, I either go for an all black or an all white
background. Thanks.

Oh, and thanks to rush-mgr for resending #556. I must've been one
of those who missed it the first time. Still, I have ftp access
now, so I can fetch all those wonderful back issues - when I have
the time!

I enjoyed reading about Dave's trip to S-D. I hope he did his bit
of the dish washing, or did you eat out all week? Seriously tho,
it sounded like a real treat, and well deserved too.

Martin Rodgers @ MaskullSoft


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