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Subject: 12/04/92 - The National Midnight Star #576

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          The National Midnight Star, Number 576

                 Friday, 4 December 1992
Today's Topics:
                    Run From the Fans
                 Bass, SNL, and Ayn Rand
     All in all, I'm just another 'Brick' with a Wal.
                      Odds and ends
                      Alex's Gibson
           Megadeth and Religion (What a pair!)
                   Bored Beyond Belief
                       CD indexing?
           Wanted: info on Japanese tour dates
                       Rush singles
                  Oldtimers and Signals
                       SNL and rush
                  Rush releases to date
                         YYZ tab
                      Andrew's book?
                       RUSH vidoes
           Anonymous ftp site ""
                    RTB rap on concert
Mystic Rhythms, Religion, James Brown, Presto, V-8, AAARRGGHHH!
           Paul Reed Smith's 2nd favorite group

From: (Stimpson J. Cat)
Subject: suicide-Christ-Top5
Date: Thu, 3 Dec 92 19:35:12 CST

Hello all.

Like a number of other posters, I am tiring of the unresolvable 'discussion' on
RUSH and their percieved views, statements, non-statements, etc. towards
religion. Consequently, I would hope that this post does not generate any
substantive bandwidth via replies.

I would just like to quickly (sort of) address Gregg Jager's discussion about
Christ and suicide. In his post of Wed, 2 Dec 92 14:24:29 -0500, he states,
in response to Eric Alexander , "I'm not so sure it wasn't
a suicide _and_ a murder; it's pretty suicidal to put yourself in a position
to be killed. It was always my understanding that (Christianity holds that)
Christ _knew_ how things were going to go and let them go that way."

I disagree with that definition of suicide. Just allowing your self to be killed
is not suicide. According to Webster's Compact Dictionary (1987):

          sui-cide n 1 : act of killing oneself purposely
                           2 : one who commits suicide ---  su-i-cid-al. adj

It is clear here that it must be an act, hence proactive. One must inflict,
by act,death on oneself to have committed suicide. Its pretty obvious
that Jesus was convinced that the only way for him to accomplish his
purpose on this earth was to be put to death. He mentioned several times to the
disciples that in a while he would have to 'leave' them. It is also pretty
obvious that there was at least one instance when he was praying that he would
have the "cup pass from my hands", i.e. not have to die, but was willing to
do so if no other recourse was available:
"Nevertheless not my will but thine be done."

I agree with Gregg that a martyr could be suicidal, IF he inflicted his
own death.
In addition, and this is just my own opinion here, it seems to me that most
suicides are the end result of a lengthy and extreme downturn of one's emotional
state. (sane) People do not end their life on a whim.

And even though this goes a bit against Webster's, I wouldn't necessarily call
those guys in Israel that drive vans full of explosives into a building
suicidal. I imagine that they are pretty upbeat. I mean, in their religion
they are dying in the act of destroying infidels. Rewards galore in the
afterlife. Not a reason to be despondent or downcast.

I am, suprise suprise, a christian. However I am not of the opinion that RUSH is
'satanic'. I have some philosophical problems with songs like Anthem, A
Passage to Bangkok, Ghost of A Chance, Freewill, etc. But everyone of those
tunes has some positively *rockin* instrumentals!

I am not aware of Christ ever advocating the banning of any of the contemporary
religions of the day. He was more interested in people learning, living, and
having faith in his divinity and the truthfulness of his message. I.e.
I don't believe that 'religious right-winger book-burners' are necessarily
correctly modeling their lives after Christ's.

Before relinquishing the honorable soap-box I will provide a top 5 band listing:

1. Beatles
2. Rush
3. U2
4. Boston (sans 3rd album :-] )
5. Beachboys

Andy Ford
"Shut up, crackerboy!" - Dana Carvey as Ross Perot
"We all know Arkansas is a bunch of ignorant crackers." - ditto


From: "Travis Williams" 
Subject: Run From the Fans
Date: 03 DEC 1992 20:21 -00

Howdy all.
    I couldn't stop myself from posting a reply to the post in a recent
NMS that said that Run From the Fans was the New Orleans show from
2/23/92.  I am NEARLY positive that this is NOT the New Orleans show.
I have an analog copy of the New Orleans show and compared parts of
Roll the Bones on that show to the same parts on the RFTFs show.  I
swear that they are different.  I even compared it with the Pensacola
and Jacksonville shows from that area (late February and early March)
and neither of those matched either (as far as I could tell.)  I'm not
saying that I'm lord, god, king of all bootlegs and that my word should
be blindly accepted over all, but I do consider myself literate (I
thenk) and believe that it isn't the New Orleans show.  Any other
input?  Be glad to hear from you.  (And I do realize that I posted the
list of CD boots with RFTFs listed as New Orleans...I heard the rumor
too.  That's where I got it, but now that I've heard both, I don't
believe it.)  Anyway...

    Second favorite band...currently "Live".  Man, if there are bass
players out there, get a load of this guy.  He's very enjoyable to
listen too.  Their first and only album is Mental Jewelry.  Anyone know
'um?  Post me!  Sometimes it's REM, but damn it, they're just so
overplayed sometimes!  I also kind of like Material Issue.  Enough of

    Please...Please!  I can't express to you the importance of finding
out about the Japan shows.  That's the kind of info I look for on this
mailing list.  The show is RUMORED to be tomorrow!!!!  Just please keep
us up to date.  Footware would be appreciated.  I'm with Skip in that I
think they may play some pre-release stuff.  It's historically that
time when they practice the new material on the road before recording
it, and if they are actually going into the studio in January for a
June release as has been RUMORED (key word) this would be the ideal
time for something like that.  Anyone familiar with the Radio City
Music Hall shows from 9/18/83 to 9/22/83 knows about that stuff.

    Anyway, enough babbling, right?  I'll stop wasting your time.
Lisa, I'll get back to you soon.  I'm being kicked off my terminal.
Later all.
                       Signing off...Trav.


Date: Thu, 3 Dec 92 19:06:47 PST
From: changed%robotics.Berkeley.EDU@ucbvax.Berkeley.EDU (Chang... Ed Chang.)
Subject: Bass, SNL, and Ayn Rand

So how many other bass players are there on TNMS?  Serious ones
should consider subscribing to The Bottom Line e-mail letter
(pretty much the same format as TNMS) at

I just started a few months ago myself, having been inspired by
the RTB concert at Shoreline in S.F.  I picked up a Fender Squire II
and small Crate practice amp, and it's serving me well so far.
Not too many Rush songs I can complete, though.

While watching SNL with Tin Machine last weekend, I didn't notice
the Ged-clone, but I did notice that I could figure out and play
most of the bass lines to G.E. Smith's snippets.

Did you hear -- Ayn Rand is playing bass on SNL this week!

(For the humor-impaired, yes, she's actually dead.  Brain
 cancer is what I heard... ;-)

But speaking of Ayn Rand, nprincip writes:

> To all of you people who compare Rush lyrics and Ayn Rand's objectivism:
> Have you guys read her stuff? I'm not trying to flame anyone, but if you
> haven't read it, then you really can't compare the two. I have read "The
> Fountainhead", and I don't know if I can see similtarities betwwen the two
> either, so I'm not going to try. I read that book long ago and although I
> couldn't see any similarites with the Rush I've listened to, maybe there is.
> I just didn't notice it.
> ...but I HATE 2112. The story is cool, but I just hate it.

Try reading Ayn Rand's _Anthem_, and the lyrics to 2112 (which you hate).
Also, how about the song "Anthem" from _Fly by Night_ and "The Trees"
from _Hemispheres_.  It's true that Neil seems to have mellowed from
his hard-cord objectivist lyrics in his more recent albums, like anything
from _Signals_ on up.



Date: 03 Dec 1992 21:21:47 -0500 (CDT)
From: Orchestral Bloodbath 
Subject: Welp...

Ethan E. Prater ---> Re: Red Lenses:  I love that jam;
        luckily, I have great disregard for my speakers, hence I
        always blast them at the end of that song.  Sounds to me that
        he's just screeching, "Think about!  Think about red!"

Doug White ---> 1) Rush was wire-less when they came around
                   here.  The way Alex dances and cringes every-
                   where on the stage (a la "The Weapon" on the
                   P/G video), he needs to be wire-less!
                2) As for the "Subdivisions" video, I always
                   liked the scene that showed people wearing
                   Zeppelin and Rush shirts while Ged sang, "Be
                   cool or be cast out!"  Hence, the cool people
                   were wearing Rush shirts!

MMc - Matthew McGarity -

"Staying sane is hard;
 drinking coffee is easy!" - typical Denny's 'resident'


From: (Jeremy Goldberg Consultant)
Subject: All in all, I'm just another 'Brick' with a Wal.
Date: Thu, 3 Dec 92 23:18:48 EST

I've got Wal's on the horizon.

Quik Note: The NMS's quality is pretty decent, of late, I must say!
And so, I'm inspired to write. Seriously, though -- Here's to more and more
good conversation:

Don't get excited, here -- Wal's ARE more accessible these days than you
think. I have not only played a genuine European Wal bass than can be mine
for a mere $2,950: That very same model is a certain bass with a red trans-
parent finish, gold hardware, one horn slightly bigger than the other. . .
Need I say more? A Geddy Lee signature model Wal is available (I saw it first!)
at Sam Ash Music Store in New York. (You may have seen one of my favorite
salesman from there mentioned in the back of the recent Musician magazine with
Roger Waters on the cover.) This bass is SO choice. If you have the
means, I highly recommend picking one up. I've played Ricks, Steinbergers,
and Fender Jazzes, and the Wal is light years ahead of them. Not to spoil
this post with some personal opinion, but I heartily endorse Ged's choice
as well as Alex's, regarding PBS-- I mean PRS. These refined and established
noblepersons whom we admire have made excellent choices, in my opinion.
Anyone may feel free to e-mail me discussing whether or not you feel that
Wal & PRS are works of near-perfection, compared to other instruments in their

(On the side, to Rob: C'mon, the Cure's not so bad. They're not my favorite
by far, but think of all the parallels they have w/Rush; cult status and the
like. And, hey! Even Geddy listens to the Cure! -or was that Alex?)

Weird and Rare stuff:
	You guys are always tempting me with stories of boots & such where
a band member purportedly does something memorable. Well, send any info on
stuff like that to me! I collect items within a 'one of everything' rule.
I don't need 60 RTB dates, or what-have-yuh. But if something unrepeatable
happens, It's priceless to me. I'm still looking for 'Tuning Man', for
example. I'll even take just the date of the show, so I know what to
look for at the next convention.

  [ I know of one such show: Feb 3, 1986 @ San Diego Sports Arena -- the
    power went out during "Marathon", and they started the song over once the 
    power came back on.  There are also a few shows where during the
    intro to Working Man, where Alex would play some cool tunes.  :rush-mgr]

Out-of-the-ordinary Rush stuff:
              	mail info to  brick!

To Meg: If you ever find the spontaneous jam (ca. PoW, I think?) you
mentioned last issue, That's what I'm talking about. I'd love to hear. . .

Without having listened to Red Lenses in a while, I'd say Geddy is just
playing with the word 'Red' orally/aurally during the fade-out. I still
love the end of Digital Man (turn it up - it's whacky) and "One, two,
buckle my shoe" on ATWAS.


             		Feeling adventurous? Try my new abbrev'd address:


Date: Thu, 3 Dec 1992 23:20:28 -0500
From: Christopher Williams 
Subject: Odds and ends

>Rush CD's (store version):  Why is it that Rush CD's like 2112 and MP are
>  always found in the "bargain bin" for $9.99?  I'm glad they are inexpensive,
>  but there's something fishy about grouping MP with Alabama's debut album
>  and the soundtrack to "Grease".


From: what!

	1) return them to the company
	2) buy them wholesale and sell them for a cheaper price

	Newer CD's usually have 1) occur to them.  Older CD's are usually
held on to because it's easier to do.  I don't want to distress people, but
Rush CD's and tapes are not huge sellers!  They do well, but not THAT well.

	The reason the band is still solvent is mainly because of those core
fans (us) who buy most of their albums.

	(Please don't flame on this, BTW.)

>One more thing: what would people like to see on the tape "booklet"? I thought
>of having people send in pictures that they took of Rush in concert, anyone
>else have ideas?

	The Genesis has pictures on their covers.  However, pictures are not
the best things to duplicate 100,000 times over.  The pictures could be
scanned into the ftp site.  The few pics I have are kind of dark, and there-
fore probably wouldn't come out well...


	"I am the man you do not want to see..."  Conan

(sorry about that...)

(BTW, the Genesis I was referring to was the Genesis raretapes...)


Date: Thu, 3 Dec 92 23:44:52 -0500
From: Frank Erick Sellin 
Subject: Alex's Gibson

To Matt McGarrity (hope I spelled that right) and anyone else
who cares:
   If you're talking about the old white semi-hollowbody
Gibson Alex used to play (what model is that, anyone? Looks
sort of like an ES-335 to me, but not quite...then again,
I barely know guitar models from the proverbial hole in the
ground and I'm not sure I care...), rumor has it that an
, sorry, _a_ roadie dropped an amp on it, and Alex was
kind of ticked, to put it mildly.  That of course is hearsay,
on my end;  can anyone verify that?  I _do_ remember him
saying in an interview somewhere that he was really afraid
of its primitive whammy bar and "could _not_ get it to
stay in tune."
   In other words, no, I don't think he'll be using it again
if what I've heard is true.

And to whomever was griping that they should let Alex get his
distortion pedal back, because it was apparently missing
on RTB, what could you possibly mean? Yeah, there's a lot of
doubled tracks with clean electric and acoustic guitars,
as well as large sections of Heresy using acoustic, but
upon reflection, most of that album has got some serious
distortion going.  Crank it louder if you're missing it.
(Reminds me of dat vunderful advice on the first album:
"For best results, play at _maximum_ volume!" ;)   )

Frank Sellin,
"All those wasted beers...
   Who will pay???"
       --good question, I've always thought


Date: Fri, 4 Dec 1992 00:34 EST
Subject: japan/nassau

 I can't believe that Rush'll be jamming in Tokyo in a few hours from the time
 of this post. Imagine!! They've been on the road for sooooo long! They're
 still among the top in concert sales even after so many years. And I must
 agree with the guy who said they're "big, not popular."

	[ The Japan rumor is just that.  Just so you people don't get
	  your hopes up.  And yes, there is proof they aren't playing
	  there.  I just think this rumor has gone on too long.  :rush-mgr ]

 However, I do think that the boyz sort of sold out with the RTB album. You
 know, posters, press kits, promos, etc. Were they in dire straits after
 Presto? Was the contract with their label ending and they needed to sign a
 new one? What's the story?

 Anyway, I'm happy to be the dude who got Alex's pick at the Nassau show on
 3/15. THAT was the biggest RUSH! AFter the last 8 bars of SOR, he flicked
 it out and took off his guitar and started waving. I didn't even see him
 throw it out but all around me (2nd row!!) there was chaos, everyone was
 scrambling on the ground and jumping over chairs. I don't know how, but I
 looked down and there it was!! My heart skipped a beat, but I reacted quickly
 and got a tight hold of it. After that I probably kept my fist closed for at
 least 2 minutes. Upon seeing it, I think, well, the whole scene that night
 was one of my happiest moments in my life. I was so elated that I couldn't
 even drive back to Jersey and got lost somewhere in Long Island. The pick
 had the RTB rush logo on one side and Alex's signature engraved on the other
 side. I'll never sell it for whatever the offer.

 The show was pretty good too.

                       End of Part I, "Greatest night of my life" trilogy.


 "My last name kind of sounds like that
  tennis player from Yugoslavia..."
                                      -Alex, '87 interview


Date:    Fri, 4 Dec 1992 0:45:16 -0500 (EST)

I have one simple question and a couple of subsequent corrections.  Where
did this incorrect rumour regarding RUSH in Japan start?  This simply is
not true in the slightest.  The band currently is taking time off before
starting to work on the next record - plain and simple.  As far as the
next record goes, my understanding is that they will begin writing songs
for this after the New Year and with any luck it will be out at the end
of the summer or the beginning of September.

Please no more talk about Japan - it's not happening - and I'm sorry that
you all believed that it was.

Secondly, it was not Geddy who was treated to the ride in the Canadian Air
Force fighter, it was Alex.  Remember, who is the one who has the pilots
license?  Al not Ged.  The story is correct thought that the Royal Canadian
Air force is using Where's My THing for one of their documentary videos.

Finally, any of you who purchased the photos from Andrew Macnaughtan which
were used in the RTB tour book should be receiving them very soon if
no haven't already received them.  THey are pretty cool.

Ken F.


Date: Fri, 4 Dec 92 01:12:06 EST
Subject: Megadeth and Religion (What a pair!)

Megadeth was recently mentioned a few times on the NMS and I'd like to take a
moment to plug the band.  After hearing the first two singles off "Countdown
to Extinction", Megadeth's new album, and transcribing the drum part to the
single "Foreclosure of a Dream", I decided to buy the record.  People should
give Megadeth an honest listen, since they have made great progress as
songwriters and in bringing their music down to earth.  "Countdown" and the
previous Megadeth release "Rust In Peace" feature Nick Menza on drums.  In
a recent Modern Drummer article, Menza named Neil Peart and John Bonham (Led
Zeppelin) as his two greatest influences.  You can definitely hear trademark
Peart licks in his playing, especially on "Rust" when Menza helped Megadeth
take the music to the limits of "progressive metal".  It was Menza's first
record with the band, so he was out to impress.  Check 'em out!  As for
religion, I'm happy to see a healthy discussion of the topic.  If anyone
would like to exchange ideas on religion, e-mail me.  I happen to be an
atheist, so let's here from all you theists!


Date: 04 Dec 1992 01:50:34 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Bored Beyond Belief

     Hello Y'all...

        Just a few comments cuz not much else to do when you have a WICKED case
of insomia!!

        --->    First, our mystery bass player on SNL used to play (along with
G. E. Smith) with Daryl Hall and John Oats...his name is Tom "T-Bone" Wolk.
OK, so I admit I have ONE of their albums!! First I say I like Mr. Big and now
this!!  What's next, I'll say I'm a true red, white and blue BILLS fan!!??
Before I know it I gonna be excommunicated from the NMS for my beliefs!

        --->    Next, someone mentioned the Canadian Air Force uses
"Where's My Thing" as a theme song (or something to that effect)...Canadian Air
Force???  I can picture them know..."We got enemy jets at 5 o'clock, eh!"
"Take that you hoser!!"  Sorry, had to say it, now what was I talking about-- oh
yea, a TV station here in Buffalo (WIVB) uses "Where's My Thing" while they are
showing BILLS highlights. (Let me tell you, after that BILLS/COLTS game, there
wasn't much of the song played!!)

        --->    Lastly...check out the .sig...C-Ya!!
Some are born to move the world-                Tony Moretta
To live their fantasies       
But most of us just dream about                 GO BILLS!!!!
The things we want to be
Sadder still to watch it die
Than never to have known it... "Losing It" SIGNALS


From: Cygnus X-1  
Subject: CD indexing?
Date: Fri, 4 Dec 92 0:58:15 CST

Hello all! I was just wondering--for those of you lucky enough to have CD
players with indexing, are any or all of Rush's CDs indexed?  I've always
wanted to just jump to "Didacts and Narpets" and "Armageddon"!  Thanks!

  [ I *know* that "Hemispheres" and "2112" has indexing.  These show up
    on my old Sony CD player.  				: rush-mgr]

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (NeXT)

P.S. Second favorite band...Genesis! (almost said Yes)


Date: Fri, 4 Dec 92 17:05:04 +0900
From: (Andrew Lea)
Subject: Wanted: info on Japanese tour dates

Hi Rush Folks,
Since I'm in Japan and so are Rush I want to see them. BUT i only know the
tour dates in Tokyo (4th and 5th of December). If anybody knows when they are
playing in the Osaka area, could they pleeeeeeeaaaaaaasssssssseeeee let me

Thanks in advance - Andy
The dead swans lay in the stagnent pool.
They lay.  They rotted.  They turned around occassionally.
Bits of flesh dropped off them from time to time.
And sank into the pool's mire.
They also smelt a great deal.	  --	Paula Neil Milne Johnston

Warning: this sig was in bad taste :-)


Date: Fri, 4 Dec 92 5:07:18 EST
From: john leary 
Subject: Rush singles

I don't remember who, but someone recently posted to the list mentioning that
they had a bunch of old original Rush singles.  The times were all different
from the studio versions, as I recall.  Anyway, the response of others to the
idea of putting these songs on the NMS rarities compilation seemed rather
averse.  I can understand this, but I for one would be interested in hearing
these versions.  So, to whoever put up that post, could you contact me, and
maybe work out some sort of arrangement involving my getting a tape?  :-)
Perhaps I could reimburse you or something...

John Leary


From: Eric Alexander 
Date: Fri, 4 Dec 1992 10:29:26 -0500
Subject: dance

This was sent to by me today, but i liked it,
so here it is....

I also don't think that Rush would be concerned if 2112 was easy to dance to.
It seems to me that 3 Canadian white former-hippies wouldn't be as concerned
with dance as with letting listening be the whole experience. I listen to Rush
one of two ways.....sitting in a chair that leans bach with the lights out and
my eyes wide open trying to picture what I hear. Or, I listen to them from
behind a drumset with sweat dripping off my brow looking down at my aching
hands and up at the poster above the set to see if I can tell that Neil is
not, in fact, human, but a well programmed machine capable of almost any
percussive feat. Yes, the second has happened. If you aren't a drummer though,
just try the first. I bet some incredible imagery comes to you.

By the way, are you an opera fan? I think if you listen to a well-written
opera, you will understand how 2112 was developed.

BTW    1. Rush
       2. Led Zep
       3. Van Halen
       4. REM
       5. Genesis


From: Randall Stark 
Date: Fri, 4 Dec 92 15:37:41 GMT
Subject: Oldtimers and Signals

just another datapoint-

I'm an oldtimer I guess (first conert was Hemispheres tour) and I
actually had a hard time getting into Permanent Waves and Moving Piictures when
they first came out (it took some time and seeing the concerts to convert me,
now I feel these are among their very strongest albums).  Signals was the only
album I liked right away when I first started listening to it!  I first heard
it "premeired" at the Planetarium in LA with alaser show the day before it was
released, and the laser artists had obviously listened to it enough to work up
a real;ly good show that brought out all the textures.  Signals isn't a perfect
album by any means, the mix is muddy and some tracks are mediocre (Chemistry,
Countdown, and it took me a long time to like The Weapon) but the best tracks -
Analog Kid, Subdivisions, Digital Man- are sublime, among their best ever I
think.  These tracks have complexity and energy and emotion at the same time,
while, as classic an album as Moving Pictures is, it doesn't always ahve all
three of these, being a bit "slick" I think.  So this oldtimer thinks Signals
is an uneven album whose best tracks rank with the best work they have ever

For another datapoint, by the way, the other album that I would classify in
this way is Roll the Bones (although it took me longer to appreciate it).
Plenty of weak (Heresy) and mediocre (Neurotica, You Bet Your Life etc.)
tracks, but the best tracks (Roll the Bones, Ghost of a Chance, Dreamline,
etc.) have tremendous energy and emotion and rank by my account with their very
best work, esp. after Presto (and Hold Your Fire, for that matter) which I found
ultimately sterile.

 -Randall Stark


From: ki!kinet3!ddl@uunet.UU.NET (Derek Lichter)
Subject: SNL and rush
Date: Fri, 4 Dec 92 10:24:27 EST

This is sort of a silly subject, but thought I'd drop my penny in the well-

Rush really doesn't have much to gain from an appearance on SNL, or any other
late-night venue.  It's unlikely they'd pick up any new fans (IMHO, Rush
is one of those bands that you either like instantly or, as in my case, a
friend forces you to listen to until you become addicted :-).  As Mel Gibson
put it on an SNL I recently caught, it's "high risk, low reward" work.

Now, if they'd appeared early in their careers, that would have been great.
It's unlikely they were asked; they rarely got radio play before MP came

(Which reminds me, I wish that I could find that kate bush appearance on
 SNL!  grrr...)

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Date: Fri, 4 Dec 1992 11:15:16 -0500
From: Doug Geiste 
Subject: Rush releases to date

I know this just came out in the FAQ list, but I failed to copy it  :-(.

Anyway, could someone please E-mail or post the list of Rush releases to
date in order of release date?

  [ You can get the FAQL from anonymous ftp on, in the
    rush/special directory, called "FAQL.112292.Z"	   : rush-mgr ]

Also, and maybe this has been brought up before but I don't remember
reading it, but I was just talking to someone who had the same feeling.
Seems that when Rush switched labels to Atlantic, their recording
quality went down (IMHO). I never had to turn the treble down for their other
albums, but for Presto and RTB, I have to turn it down. Of course this
is a personal feeling and the way I listen to music in general. Is
their a reason for the tininess (sp?). Was this the intent of the band
or some difference in recording equipment? I like the way PW and HYF
sound as compared to RTB and Presto. I'm obviously
not up on the particulars of the different ways they were recorded.
Maybe something to do with going to DDD? If someone can elaborate, great!


Celebrating 19 years of Rush fanaticism


Date: Fri, 4 Dec 1992 12:28:24 -0500
From: Scott David Daly 
Subject: YYZ tab

Hi there!

	Does anyone have the bass line sheet music (or tab) for YYZ
and Distant Early Warning?  I'm not talking about the piano/vocals
stuff in the big compilation books!  I know that the exact bass lines
were printed in magazines (don't remember exactly which one...) a few
years back, but they're sold out of those back issues...

	I don't remember seeing those particular bass line in syrinx.
Is anybody willing to xerox copies for me if they have them?



Date: Fri, 4 Dec 1992 12:30:18 -0500
From: Scott David Daly 
Subject: Andrew's book?

Hi all!

	What's the latest news on Andrew Macnaughton's Rush book?
How about B-man's?...

	I thought I remembered hearing a few months ago that it was
supposed to come out "around Christmas time" that true?



Date: Fri, 4 Dec 92 12:54:01 EST
From: Stimpy 
Subject: RUSH vidoes

Someone in the last NMS mentioned Chronicles and Through the Camera Eye, and
I got to wondering, why weren't some of the new vid's included on Chronicles,
e.g. Show Don't Tell and The Pass.  Also, could someone tell me what songs
have been made into videos, and what are the names of the videocassettes they
are available on.  The only RUSH v-cassettes that I know about are Chronicles,
Throught the Camera Eye, ESL, and ASoH.  Only two of these contain "videos",
and I know there are many more RUSH vid's out there than what is contained on
these 2 tapes. Is there a video for Red Sector A besides the concert clip on
Chronicles?  I saw a picture in B-mans book where it looked as if they were
standing on some sort of pirate ship (I haven't read the book, so I don't
know the context).  BTW, could someone tell me the official title of this
book and the authors full name, spelled as correctly as possible so I can
order it.

  [ The book is titled "Visions", but as to B-Man's last name.. well I don't
    have it with me so I won't even hazard a guess! :)		  : rush-mgr ]

thanks, Dan


Subject: Anonymous ftp site ""
Date: Fri, 04 Dec 92 13:33:50 -0500
From: David Arnold 

There has been a problem with the ftp site at "" for
a while, apparently.  When I set it up, I only tested it by doing
an 'ls' on directories, which worked for me.

After getting a couple of complaints, I double-checked it, and it
turns out that the 'dir' command would return 0 bytes, and for some
the 'ls' command didn't work either.

I think I've fixed the problem now.  If anyone still has trouble with
it (after the timestamp on this mail), drop me a line here and I'll
take a look.

Also, upon closer examination of the files there, the only ones which
are SURE to remain are the issues of the NMS 1-250 (of this incarnation).
The other directories (images, incoming, names, tab, lyrics & special)
may remain, but the files contained therein will probably be zapped at
some point soon to clear space.  As far as I can tell, they are all dups
of what's available at "," so aren't necessery.  Additionally,
the "rush/incoming" directory on Anagram SHOULD NOT BE USED to upload
stuff for the archive.  The current list administrators do not have access
to the Anagram system, so noone will ever see the stuff.

In the future, I may have to split the archiving across the two systems
to make sure I have enough disk space.  Right now we're using over 50M
of space for anonymous ftp archive *for the NMS alone* !  It's not going
to sink me, but it's a real load for my limited resources.  I hope to not
have to get rid of anything, but the next few months will bring a serious
evaluation of disk usage on several of my machines, and probably some
rearrangement. (The "incoming" directory will probably always be on Syrinx.)
Stay tuned for further details...



Date:         Fri, 04 Dec 92 12:44:19 CST
From: Luis Arturo Loyo Delgado 
Subject:      RTB rap on concert

   I just wanted to know, since I'm not (and maybe for a long time I won't)
able to see them: how does they sing the rap part on Roll the Bones in
concert? I know that Geddy does on the album, but in the concert, do they
sample the voice, or what? (Just curiosity).



From: Wayne Torman 
Date: Fri, 4 Dec 92 11:17:35 PST
Subject: Mystic Rhythms, Religion, James Brown, Presto, V-8, AAARRGGHHH!

Hi all.

I said I wasn't gonna get back into it, but I'm gonna anyway.....

To: Matt McDonald
>And the rest.  I'm not arguing that Neil is a Christian, or even a theist --
>it's pretty clear from songs like "Roll the Bones" et alia that he
>isn't -- but I wonder how other folks interpret "Mystic Rhythms"?

>To me it seems to hint at a greater power out there than what we see,
>know, or even understand.  Could it be... God?

>I'd be interested to hear more on this matter, and especially on "Mystic

Sorry, Matt but your words reveal the fact that you are running Neil's
lyrics through your own world view "filter"....   It ABSOLUTELY DOES
NOT 'hint at a greater power' as it is written.
In fact (and I'm trying really hard to express this outside of MY
"filter"!) to me it seems to express that there is much in the universe
BEYOND the PRESENT understanding of mankind.  While in ancient times
religion was created partly to relieve man of the almost painful
curiosity regarding the old "why are we here?" question, many of these
questions have now been answered with science and reason, and I BELIEVE
that Neil is expressing that it is rewarding as an existentialist
(please no flames... I know he doesn't want to be called any "-ist"
words, but again this is MY interpretation) to sit back and enjoy the
more 'colorful' explanations of "why does it happen?".  Boy, that was
really long-winded so let me try again...

There are many people from various cultures who put forth varied
explanations of different "inexplicable" phenomena.  There are MANY
MANY things we DO NOT understand about the universe.  There is that
shiver that runs down your spine at the thought that ghost stories
MIGHT JUST be true, etc.  He is (again IMHO) merely stating that it is
enjoyable to explore the different interpretations ("we suspend our
disbelief") while not placing great weight on any explanation which
lacks objective or empirical truth ("we are entertained").

If I may be so bold (asbestos on.....) I think Neil feels (as I do)
that it is the EASY WAY OUT to explain that which we do not understand
by saying it is God's will or God/The Devil's work, but that the
harder, more "evolutionarily mature" route is to simply accept that
these things cannot be explained AT THIS TIME!!!!  Given enough time,
we will find answers to most of the questions presently viewed by many
as unanswerable, but they will undoubtedly be replaced by ever more
complex questions.

In other words (and in summation on this point!)..... exploring the
'divine and profound' questions of existence without ANY hope of a
definitive answer is enjoyable, and falling back on unobservable
explanations is either a sign of mental laziness or irrational fear of
the unknown!

>A word to all the salivating anti-religionists out there:  As G.K.
>Chesterton once said, in philosophy it's either Orthodoxy or Your Doxy,
>and if you think organized religion's explanations don't work, the
>burden's on you to come up with propositions that _do_.

Once again, Matt I must disagree wholeheartedly!  There is NO need for
definitive explanations of the 'Profound Questions'.  (Except, of
course, "Because we're here" and "Because it happens"!) And in fact
this paragraph leads me to one of my favorite arguments against
organized religion, and I can't resist so here goes........

There are "X"  number of religions in the world, each more or less
claiming to be the "path to salvation" and having specific rules which,
when followed, allow you to stay on that path.  Yet EACH of them has a
DIFFERENT set of rules.  This means that "X-1" (not Cygnus again,
 If there are 150 religions and 149 of them do it wrong:

Q1. Does this mean that you can spend your entire life piously
following the wrong path and end up in hell anyway?
A1. Rhetorical question!
Q2. Does this mean that God doesn't care how you worship?
A2. Then why do it in a particular (i.e. organized) way?
Q3. Finally, and most importantly, if 149 out of 150 are wrong, is
there ANY reason to believe that the 150th is RIGHT?
A3. I think not.

So in summation on THIS point....... Neil and I and several others on
TNMS DO NOT feel that a reasonable proposition is necessary at all.
Just take it as it comes and do what you can about what you can!!!!!

To: Rob

>  Maybe _Signals_ was a disappointment, but my opinion's that _Presto_ was
>the band's single biggest letdown to date. I was very pleasantly surprised
>when _Roll the Bones_ came out and I found it to be the excellent album that
>it is...I thought they might've been on an uncontrollable slide downhill after
>  _2112_ their best? I can see where the argument comes from...but...I'd have
>to say that _Moving Pictures_ was their best. Sure, I know, everyone and their
>uncle has it...but it's probably their only album for which I can honestly say
>I like every single song a whole lot...

Actually, Rob, I couldn't agree more.... Presto IS worse than Signals
OR Rush (again, there ARE a couple of good songs, but I can't even
remember which ones!......)

And I agree with PART of what you said about 2112 vs. MP..... every
song on MP is excellent (well, "The Camera Eye" IS a little too
long...) and 2112 does have one SUCK song... "Tears".
Overall, though, I like the emotional level of 2112.  Kind of reminds
me of what Eddie Murphy said about James Brown back in 1984 (is this an
obscure reference or what?)....  "when James said 'heh!' at the end of
a line, you knew he MEANT that shit!"
And here's a second 'thumbs up' for RTB.... definitely one of their best ever!

To whoever wrote that they hate "Circumstances"...... huh? Did I hear
you right?
Finally, to Blake.... have a cookie or a V-8!  (Oh, nice to him!)

Sorry for length. I have spewed!


Date: 04 Dec 1992 17:06:24 -0500 (EST)
From: ASILVERM@umiami.IR.Miami.EDU
Subject: Paul Reed Smith's 2nd favorite group

Howdy Folks

	Someone asked in the last issue whether they should look into PRS
guitars.  I think I can honestly tell you there is no better way to spend
$2000!  Of course, you mentioned that you were looking at a Strat, which is
probably somewhat more within financial reach.  If you can  afford it, though,
the PRS is definitely the coolest axe I have ever had the pleasure to try out.
If I could afford one now, well. . .It will be mine!  Oh yes, it will be mine!
	Someone else asked what our favorite Lerxt guitar periods are.
Although I prefer the older music(OH NO, NOT THAT AGAIN!!!) the PRS Custom,
Alex's current choice has the most fantastic tones and is an incredible
pleasure to play.  It almost plays itself!  Those Gallien-Kruger amps are cool
too.  A friend of mine has  a 100 watt GK which is half the size of my 40 watt
Crate and weighs less, but has killer sound and is LOUDER than you would
	OK, on to the favorite non-Rush groups. . .Rush being #1 in  my book.

2) Tie:  Yes & Queen (Am I the only Rush fan into Yes?. . .ha ha ha)
3) Probably  Frank Zappa
4) This is getting muddy  here. . .Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Metallica, Tull,
Sabbath(esp. Bill Ward's solo album!), ELP, Doors, Yngwie, Vai, King Diamond,
Masters Of Reality, Metal Church(The best Seattle band. . .to Hell with Grunge)

I'm currently getting into  Dream Theater(seeing them tomorrow. . .ever heard
of 'em?!?!?), T-Ride(saw them last week. . .a band with a future!), Magellan
& Thought Industry.  You should all check these groups out.

				Party on, gang


P.S.  Speaking of old vs. new, did anyone else throw up when they heard the
new acoustic "Layla"?


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