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Subject: 12/07/92 - The National Midnight Star #577

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          The National Midnight Star, Number 577

                 Monday, 7 December 1992
Today's Topics:
                      Re: Whip again
                   New boots, other q's
                     It's only E.T.!
             basses (what?!?!?!  more?!?!?!)
                   Lyrics and Religion
                    fav bands, photos?
                       power outage
               Favorite bands and drummers
                      Mystic Rhythms
            Scars and The (new) Rhythm Method
              Religion is always such a RUSH
                  Source of Japan rumor
                 Red & the Tube Bar, etc
                  Albums and other stuff
                         Red Star
                   Convention thoughts
                A great Rush tribute band
                     alternate lyrics
                 LPs & anyone in Arizona
Run From the Fans - 'The Sequel' (Same show, different speed)
                  snl appearance--why???

Date: Fri, 4 Dec 1992 17:04:35 -0600 (CST)
From: MuffinHead 
Subject: Re: Whip again wrote:

>The Whip:  I agree with Jeffrey Lee Helman that the whip sound is a
>  wooden percussionists "whip", although we always called it the "clapper"
>  Neil seems to take the traditional approach when possible, so I doubt
>  he improvised.

   No it isn't. Read the FAQ, read the album credits, and listen to the song.
You can hear that the surface area is larger than a traditional slapper, whip,
   As for Neil being traditional, I'd say just the opposite. How many drummers
tape a mic to their chest so they can hear their perspective? Or have a bunch
of little cowbells and agogo bells welded together? Or mess around with
custom-made triggers and mount them between to toms? Or record parts of a song
with mainly an ambient mic (Witch Hunt)? Or use a set the size and complexity
of his? Or even PLAY like he plays? Not many, I can tell you that.

 ___________________________________________________________________________          -=<*>=-    


Date:        Fri, 04 Dec 92 18:48:18 EST
From: "Cygnus X-2 (Gerry Good)" 
Subject: New boots, other q's

Hello all,
I finally got to look at my Dec. 11 Goldmine, and there were some new
bootlegs in it, namely "Mardi Gras" and "Pensacola" from 1992, as well
as "A New Reality" from 1981.  I was wondering if anyone had heard
these, and if the sound quality was any good.  The first two are both
2cd sets (I guess with the length of Rush shows now that's a must.) If
they are better than Over the Europe please tell me.
Also in that issue, I found an ad for an auction that listed lots of
Rush stuff, including the "Not Fade Away" 45 on Moon records.  I thought
I'd tell anyone who can afford to buy this type of stuff.  (p.126).
As for my other favorite groups...
#2..Yes, Jimi Hendrix
#3..Cream, Doors, Boston
Bye all!


Date: Fri, 4 Dec 92 19:52:39 -0500
From: sxk29@po.CWRU.Edu (Susan Kretschmer)
Subject: It's only E.T.!

Wow!  Am i the only one who thought "Mystic Rhythms" simply explored
the possibility of extraterrestrial life?  No religion mentioned or

Susie Kretschmer
CWRU School of Medicine		         "Don't ask me, I'm just improvising"
Class of 1997			 			--Rush, PRESTO


Date: Fri, 4 Dec 92 20:07:33 -0500
From: "Eric A. Furie" 
Subject: basses (what?!?!?!  more?!?!?!)

	How many bass players are there on TNMS?  It seems like a lot, or
else they just post fairly frequently!  Anyway, if you play, mail me.  I'd be
curious how ny there are.  I'll post it if people want me to.  I personally
have only been playing for about five or so months, but have loved the
instrument for years. Up until then, I had played oboe for about 12 years (I
know that sounds weak, but trust me, after learning oboe, it seems simple to
learn anything else with the possible exception of French horn!!!)  So email me
about bass!!
	As for the guy who posted about playing a Wal, that sounds incredibly
cheap!  I saw one at a shop near Boston that was almost $6500!  It was beautiful
but I didn't playit, since this was before I had picked it up.  That place must
have been WAY overprised, but they said that wasn't even the top of the line
Wal, they could get.  They said there top model went for about $11500.  Either
it was way customized, or they're a rip!!!  Glad to here what they should really

Later all!!!



From: Chris Schiller 
Subject: Lyrics and Religion
Date: Fri, 4 Dec 92 17:12:40 PST

The Rush and religion posts are just getting good.  Everyone please
ignore the "I'm tired of this thread" posts.  Those people need to learn
the location of the space bar on their keyboard.  This is the most
interested I have been in the NMS for over a year.

Could someone who has been arguing that the lyrics are not anti-christian,
anti-god, and anti-religious please explain the following lines?

Freewill:  There are those who think that life is nothing left to chance
	   A host of Holy Horrors to direct our aimless dance
	   A planet of playthings we dance on the strings
	   Of powers we cannot percieve

This seems pretty clear to me.  I see only one way to interpret it.  Or
how about this:

Kid Gloves:  Angers wears a crown of thorns, reverse the golden rule.

Pretty strong imagery, I think.  Or:

Roll the Bones: Why are we here?  Because we're here.  Roll the bones.

If you ask this question (Why are we here?) to a serious christian, you
will probably get "for the greater salvation of god", or "to earn eternal
life".  OK, maybe it is not attacking religion, but it clearly contradicts
the foundations of any dogmatic religion.

I can understand that strong christians ignore lyrics like the above, but
I don't understand how they can reconcile or explain them away, given
their beliefs.

P.S.  I personally believe that what's good enough for coyotes is good
      enough for me.


Date: Fri, 4 Dec 92 15:27:14 HST
From: puanani@wana.pbrc.Hawaii.Edu (Puanani Akaka)
Subject: fav bands, photos?

Jello --

Now that I have a chance to catch up on this obscure thing they call
"life" (?), I thought I'd spend my 'vacation' and write in (??) :-)

Favourite bands, you say?

1) Rush -- if for the only reason that I like EVERY song they've ever
	done.  No other band I can say that about...

2) ...everybody else (!) :-)  Actually, it's a tie btwn:
	YES (what *is* it with these one-syllable-name bands??  :-)
	Acoustic Alchemy
	Led Zeppelin  (alright, alright, I'll shut up now... :-)

What's this about photos from Andrew McNaughton?????  Did I miss
something???  Please please somebody tell me?!  I want... :-)

  [ I think he was talking about the ad in ASOF #5 for photos by Andrew, 3
    portraits I believe.				        : rush-mgr ]


p.s. I don't think Rush will be in Japan.  I mean, why go all the
way to Japan and not stop over here??  Heck, they can play at my
house... :-)  :-)  :-)  :-)  :-)  :-)


Date: Fri, 04 Dec 92 19:45:23 PDT
From: mattb 
Subject: power outage

          In the last issue, Jeremy Goldberg asked for rare Rush
          events, and the rush-mgr metioned that the power went out
          feb 3, 1986 during Marathon.  I too was at that show (3rd
          row, was I sitting next to you rush-mgr?) and as I recall
          the power went out twice.  The reason I remember this is
          that the second time I noticed Geddy was quite pissed.  So
          much for his mild mannered personality. I'm not sure, but I
          think that it went out in two different songs.  Marathon was
          the only one they played over though; at least that's how I
          remember it.  Anyone, anyone?

  [ Oops I forgot! I meant to say that I had heard it went out during two
    songs, but I knew for a fact of "Marathon". And no, I wasn't at the show,
    but I've heard it before. 					   : rush-mgr ] 



Date: Fri, 4 Dec 92 23:08:32 EST
Subject: Favorite bands and drummers

I suppose I'll contribute to the "other favorite bands" campaign.  My favorite
bands other than Rush are Yes, King Crimson, the Chick Corea Elektric Band
and the Dolphins (an unknown electric jazz group).  We've been naming other
favorite bands, but what about drummers?  Since I am a drummer myself, I pay
a lot of attention to what others are doind.  Neil Peart is my greatest
influence, but I also enjoy Bill Bruford (Yes, King Crimson, Earthworks),
Dave Weckl (Chick Corea and studio drummer), Dan Brubeck (the Dolphins), Tony
Williams (solo artist, Miles Davis), and Trilok Gurtu (solo artist, John
Mc Laughlin) to name a few.


Date: 05 Dec 1992 00:50:29 -0500 (CDT)
From: Orchestral Bloodbath 
Subject: Welp...

Frank Sellin ---> Did I spell that right?  Don't worry; I've
rarely met anyone who hasn't had trouble spelling Irish!  :)
The Gibson I was talking about was the one he bought right
after they started touring, the amber-colored Les Paul (I
don't know makes either) seemed that his playing was
always so much fresher on that one.

Luis Delgado ---> Geddy sang the rap without breaking step.
During that time, I was paying attention to Alex's antics
during the rap, but I would have to assume that all Geddy did
was use a pedal during that part...

>From the land of football and cheerleader-killer moms...

         MMc - Matthew McGarity -
     'Avoid criticism/say, do and be nothing!' - Anonymous


Date: Sat, 5 Dec 1992 23:07 EDT
Subject: YYZ

		As we all know, Rush is from Canada, and more specifically, 
from Toronto.  The Toronto airport call letters are YYZ.  Is it possible that 
Rush named the song YYZ after the airport?  coincidence...we think not.



Date: Sun, 6 Dec 92 15:33:19 -0400
From: (Ron Wiseman)
Subject: Mystic Rhythms

	Someone mentioned that the lyrics have no relation to a higher power.
Well, according to Neil himself:

		"'I'm agnostic', said Neil at the time, 'but curious and
		romantic enough to want it to be true.'"
			- Network Magazine Jan/Feb 1989

	This clearly indicates that: (1) Neil is agnostic, and (2) wrote
this song with the possibility that there is some higher power.

	My second fav band is The Police.

Bye now,


Date: 06 Dec 1992 15:05:50 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Scars and The (new) Rhythm Method

Hi folks,

Just wanted to point out something my girlfriend (also a RUSH fan) and
I noticed while listening to the Presto album.  The song Scars contains
some drum rhythms that Neil used in his revised solo on the RTB tour.
Those of you with RTB "footwear" containing Mr. Peart's newest
masterpiece will probably recognize this more easily than those who
must recall the intricacies of his solo from memory.  Anyway, the
rhythm begins around 2:33 and becomes more evident around 3:00.  It
might be present earlier in the song, this is just where we noticed
it.  It may not be exact, but is quite similar.  Check it out!


"A spirit with a vision is a dream with a mission."
 --Does anyone know who wrote this.....I kinda like it!


Date:           Wednesday, 02 December 1992, 19:36:27 EST
From: Chuck 
Subject:        Religion is always such a RUSH

A few collective comments on previous philosophical points:
	Neil Peart has said he believes each of us should believe in what
we want to believe in.  Sounds like Freewill to me and if the choice is
predestination, forget it -- true or not, I'd rather delude myself into
thinking freewill is possible.  If I'm wrong, nothing's lost.  If I'm
right, I can take charge of my life and my world and make things happen.
(Maybe not to the extent that Ann Rand feels one can take charge, but why
limit yourself?)  (Has anyone ever thought of comparing Ann Rand's
Objectivism to Richard Bach's New Age philosophies?)

	It's hard to believe in an omnipotent loving God when there's so
much pain and evil in our world.  How could a loving god let this happen
if she had the power to change the world into a better place?  Or is the
real test to see what we can accomplish on our own?

	Surrender is not ok, life has it's ups and downs as the big wheel
turns.  But if you don't want to put all your trust in a faith that's
ready made and can't wait for paradise delayed what do you do?  What's
the motivation to hold your fire and keep it burning bright?  Since the
peak is never passed, is the real challenge in life the living?  Is Neil
telling us we should take our chances and make the most of this life
before the odds get even?

	I was raised a Roman Catholic.  And I believe in much of the
religious ideas -- it's the church that's a little hard to stomach at
times.  Christ did not commit suicide.  By definition.  Think about it and
if your still not convinced, go try to nail yourself to a tree.

	Red Star of 2112.  2112 was a epic tragedy, a valid literary
style.  Yes, I think the protagonist kills himself at the end, no I don't
like that ending, but there it is.  The pentagram has been used as early
as the Pythagoreans (remember the Pythagorean Theorm from Geometry?) on
Ionia, to my knowledge, it's symbol being indicitive of science and math
pursuits when knowledge in these areas was quite young.  Euclidean
Geometry, amongst other things was born out of this period.

	My second favorite band?!  Yes, REM, Stan Rogers, Jethro Tull,
most Baroque music, enya.

	Like to analyze songs from albums?  Try this:  combine related
songs from different albums and see how they fit.  I just made a great
tape up with Natural Science, Vital Signs, Between the Wheels, Mystic
Rhythms, High Water, Available Light, and You Bet Your Life.  (Everyone
see the link?!?)

                                        ___/     \___________
                                     __/                     \______
____________________________________/          _____________________\_______
"oh the wind can carry                         | Charles J McDonald
 all the echos of the sea                      | Earth and Planetary Science
 oh the wind can carry                         | McGill University
 all the voices home to me"                    | Montreal, Quebec, Canada


Date: Sun, 6 Dec 92 13:47:51 -0700
From: (Dan Meyer)
Subject: Source of Japan rumor

  Someone asked about the source of the Japan tour rumors.  I'm the source,
and I'll I humbly apologize to those who got their hopes up.  I pray that
no one invested money in trying to get to Tokyo.
  My brother who lives in Japan is the one who told me about it.  He travelled
approximately two hundred miles via train on Saturday to find out that "Lush"
was playing.  In Katakana (the alphabet the Japanese use for foreign words,
), I guess the "lu" sound and the "ru" sound are represented by the same
character.  He had even called the box office, and it sounded like the man
said "rush".  Also, tickets were around $55, so it all seemed right.
  In any event, it wasn't Rush, but I told fifteen hundred people it was, so
I'll say sorry once again, and disappear.
						Dan Meyer


Date: Sun, 6 Dec 1992 19:26 EST
From: The Jungleman 
Subject: Red & the Tube Bar, etc

A few things:

First, perhaps this has been discussed on TNMS before. I'm sorry if I'm digging
up old topics. A few years ago I acquired a cassette called "Red and the Tube
Bar". It has since become an underground phenomenon. Rush has credited the
recording in PRESTO ("A tip of the magical hat to: ..., Natasha & Kingsley,
Red and the 2-bar [sic]"). Many bands and entire baseball teams have enjoyed
this cassette, not mention many individuals such as myself!

The cassette consists of about 25 minutes of crank calls to a bar called The
Tube Bar (in Jersey City, New Jersey). The owner is named Red. The cassette
is HILARIOUS. There are a number of versions going around. I believe I have
the longest (and most complete) version -- 25 minutes. If anyone has one
longer than this, please let me know.

I also have a newspaper article from an underground Philadelphia newspaper
which has a long, detailed article about the cassette. It even includes
directions to The Tube Bar and has interviews with the present-days owners
(the crank calls were made in the 1970s, believe it or not).

If you have seen Bart from The Simpsons crank call the bar his father
frequents... many of those names were taken from this tape (Matt Kroenig has
confirmed this).

Some bands (such as Anthrax) have even sampled the tape and included it in
their songs. Our RUSH has been gracious enough to include it in Presto, as
mentioned before.

Someone asked for TAB and/or transcription of DISTANT EARLY WARNING. I have
this at home somewhere. If I can't find it, I'll transcribe it for you. It
is ** A LOT ** of fun to play....very pleasing. E-mail me and I'll get a copy
of it for you or whatever needs to be done...
"Visions" was written by Brian Banischewitz (B-MAN). I have had the fortune of
meeting this dude. He lives a few blocks from where I am from and even
graduated from my high school (but he graduated in 1983 or somewhere around
there... I graduated in 88...). He has some very interesting RUSH stories to
Finally: I thought some of you people might be interested in knowing the list
of songs from a Rush bootleg I have on record (Nassau Colliseum, 1982, Signals

SIDE 1                                SIDE 2
Digital Man                           Why Why Zen
Subdirision [sic]                     Closer to the Heart
Everybody's Gotta Have                Chemistry

SIDE 3                                SIDE 4
Instrumental                          Acoustic Guitar (ALEX)
Instrumental                          Trouble in the Forest
                                      New World Man

That's how it actually appears on the record cover. Everybody's Gotta Have is
of course Vital Signs. The others I hope you can all figure out... Instrumenal
is (if I remember La Villa/2112 and some other stuff).

Another bootleg I have ("THROUGH ANY WINDOW", Power Windows tour) lists some
other funny errors: "XYZ" instead of YYZ. "2212 Overture". and a number of
songs are listed as "?". There's a song called "All the World's A Stage"
(Limelight, of course)

Who are these non-Rush fans that are compiling my rush BOOTLEGS!!??

 -Eric Jung "Canadian Wanna-Be"
The Moog Monster?
"Throw off those chains of Reason and your Prison disappears." -N.P., 1978


Date: Mon, 07 Dec 1992 00:17:41 EST
Subject: Albums and other stuff

There is a lot of talk about certain albums of Rush that some disagree with
The albums which I think are the best are 2112, Moving Pictures, and Hold Your
Fire.  Each of these albums represent the best of Rush at that time of their

I happen to like Tears on 2112.  In fact, it is my favorite song on the second
side.  It is the closest thing Rush has ever come to what I call a "ballad" and
I think it is very beautiful.

I disagree with all the comments that "Presto" was one of their worst albums.
I happen to think that it is pretty decent.  It is a disappointment as a
followup to Hold Your Fire, but it isn't total crap.

One more thing, I have noticed that there is a lot of mention of Dream Theater
here and on Nyx.  I bought their album 'Images and Words' and I think they
are a band with potential.  What I would like to know is how did all of these
'Rush fanatics' find out about this group?

My top five:

	1 - Van Halen
	2 - Rush
	3 - Journey
	4 - Pearl Jam
	5 - Extreme

Jason Birzer
Frostburg State University


From: (Zak Smith)
Date: Thu, 03 Dec 1992 16:54:44 -0600
Subject: Red Star

I have read a fair ammount of Rand, and I believe a Red Star was used in _We_
the_Living_ as a symbol for the Communist party members (not to mention the 
star on the old soviet flag).  This would blend in quite nicely with the theme 
of 2112.   Just thought I'd point that out..



Date: 07 Dec 92 03:30:38 EST
From: Bruce Holtgren <70724.1622@CompuServe.COM>
Subject: Convention thoughts

At risk of contributing a post that's not only substantive but
relevant :) ...

It sounds like The Great Convention is indeed going to take
place, so I thought I'd make one plea and one suggestion.

The plea: For the dates, let's do try to stick with the latter
part of June (which I believe was the latest schedule posted).
(And let's NOT have it over the July 4 weekend; that'd create
mucho travel complications.) The reason is that I, along with
approximately six other NMS subscribers :), have a Real Job -
meaning that to get vacation for a specific time next year, I
have to start asking for it NOW. If I know the convention will at
least be in June, I can be reasonably assured of getting the
needed time off. If the planned dates shift around, especially
after the first of the year, I could get screwed out of going.
(Also, I would like to coordinate time off with my girlfriend.)
I know this sounds anal to some of you starving student types -
but the sooner the better on setting the dates. Please?

The suggestion: Since this is the first convention we've
attempted, I don't think we should knock ourselves out trying to
make it too elaborate, nor the schedule of events too detailed or
inflexible. (Mr. Santore and the other planners - if there are
any others :) - will appreciate this approach.) The looser we
make it - the more we regard it as just a bunch of people getting
together to have a good time - the more successful it's likely to
be. It'll be cheaper this way, too. (Hey, I'd be delighted if we
just all agreed to meet at the motel/hotel on two or three
specific days, and if we decided *then* what we'll be doing and

And, after all, we will almost certainly be having another
convention sometime (WHAT? *Again* already?!) - and so we might
as well sort of use this one as a live-and-learn thing. After
walking through it once, we'll get a clearer idea of how to run
with it better/different the next time.

I've got lots of other convention thoughts, but those are the
most important for now. LET'S KEEP TALKING ABOUT THIS, PEOPLE!

Hold your heads above the crowd ...
    (No. 1 band: The Fab Four
     No. 2: Rush
     No. 3: R.E.M., Kate Bush, Floyd, Queen - depending on mood)


From: (John Becker)
Subject: A great Rush tribute band
Date: Mon, 7 Dec 92 9:24:18 CST

Last Friday night, at least one other NMSer and myself attended a show by the
Chicago-area Rush tribute band Animation. I had seen these guys several years
ago and wasn't greatly impressed, but since then they have replaced two of
the three original players, and the present lineup puts on a great show. They
played for almost 3 hours, and their sets heavily favored early Rush
material. They played several songs Rush hasn't performed live for years,
including "The Necromancer" and "By-Tor and the Snow Dog". The vocalist could
really hit the high notes and sounded remarkably like the late '70s Geddy. I
highly recommend them for any Chicago-area readers who don't want to wait for
the next tour to get their next live-Rush fix. They have a phone number with
a recording that tells when and where they are playing in the near future,
(708) 776-RUSH.



Date: Mon, 7 Dec 92 13:25:10 EST
From: Doug White 
Subject: alternate lyrics

just a quick chuckle: I had some tapes in the car, and after tom sawyer
ended my wife asked me "do you have that 'bathysphere' song?". My
reaction was... "Huh??", and she said "you know, 'I will choose a
bathyshere, I will choose free will'."

I just said, "yeah, over there..." and popped it in.
its a start...  maybe she'll go to a concert someday :)
TGIEOS (End Of Semester)!


Date: Mon, 7 Dec 92 14:56:14 EST
From: Doug White 
Subject: LPs & anyone in Arizona

two more quick questions:
I had all of the LPs from 2112 thru HYF at one time, but switched to CDs.
being kindhearted, I gave my brother all my LPs (now he's a fan too).
I've come to regret that, as the CDs don't have most of the cool art -
backs of covers, lyrics & inside art are lacking. How rare are some of
the original LPs? I've heard that the original FBN had handwritten
lyrics by Peart, etc. Anyone got availability/price info? Did Presto or
RTB even come out on vinyl?

2nd - I'm going to Arizona for Xmas. Anyone out there got an inside scoop
on stuff to see/places to eat around Tucson?  Can anyone help me find
the email address of a relative working for the Dept. of Corrections?

3rd - an informal poll.
How many of you prefer albums on CD? Cassette? LP?
I'd like to see how many NMS'ers are analog kids or digital men. :)
please respond to - NOT TO NMS.  thanks


Date: 7 Dec 92 13:29:00 CST
Subject: Run From the Fans - 'The Sequel' (Same show, different speed)


    I went ahead and bought the CD 'Run From the Fans' yesterday.  And
it is a very good sounding boot.....Once you speed it up a bit.  Let
me explain this a bit.

    I have no idea why it is slowed down so much.  Something that came to
mind was maybe a phase shift between 50 and 60 cycles, voltage differences,
or some strange UFO activity.  I don't think it was because the recorder
was not high quality, because it is very consistant through out the show
(as far as speed goes).  Now here is the fun part.......

    I went ahead and shifted the speed upwards a bit, about 4.6% to be
exact.  How I did this is pretty simple.  One of my CD players as a pitch
shifter which allows +/- 12.0% adjustment.  How I did this was even
more simple.  From reading previous posts I learned that Neil uses a 'click'
track to keep in sync with the video on 'Time Stand Still'.  So I took out my
copy of ASOH and cued up another player.  After starting and stopping several
times, comparing both songs, and increasing the speed, I finally locked them
in at +4.6%.  The pitches between the two versions are right on the money.
Of course with the change in speeds the running time of the disc also changed.

    After changing the speed and comparing the two recordings of TTS, I would
have to say that RFtF is a real clean disc considering what it is.  It is
definitely one of the better boots out there.  I heard background effects
on this disc that I never even heard on ASOH or at a concert.

    These versions of Roll the Bones, Ghost of a Chance, and Superconductor
would be great to put on the live compilation as these are very clean tracks.
I also thought Xanadu sounded better here than on AFTK.

 -Robert (Bob)

| Robert Graves                |
| "SYRINX SIGHT AND SOUND"          Lighting and Sound Reinforcement Systems |
| "We read about the exceptions, in the papers everyday" RUSH, Second Nature |
| "Nothin' like a warm Uzi" -    Eddie Murphy in "A Distinguished Gentleman" |


Date: Mon, 7 Dec 1992 15:45:02 -0600
From: "Peter J. Schmitt" 
Subject: snl appearance--why???

hello all
	i can't help but respond to the snl queries....why would anyone want to
see rush on snl?  generally, the 2 segments of the show for music tend to help
sell a group to the mainstream, or help out a struggling artist.  dee-lite and
bruce springsteen (gag) are good examples respectively.  Not many bands have
been play playing since 74, and mosts that do would likely have little to do
with snl.  rush neither needs the "sales boost" nor wants this type of
exposure.  They never have been into mindless commercialism, such as snl.  it
used to hurt to see them on mtv when rtb was released.  they are much bigger
than snl, and much more popular, not pop (debbie gibson, black crowes, poison,
etc) than snl.  so as much as i love rush, i would be fearful to see them in
the same forum that milli vanilli once enjoyed.  most of the morons that
lip-synch on snl are "just another gypsy with a plastic guitar."
	fave groups??? 1) rush
		       2) led zeppelin
		       3) muddies into classic rock groups (queen, the who,
				clapton, black sabbath)

			waiting for the next album,

"let your heart be the anchor and the beat of your soul" something for nothing


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Once you've successfully logged on, change directory (cd) to 'rush'.

There is also a mail server available (for those unable or unwilling to
ftp).  For more info, send email with the subject line of HELP to:

These requests are processed nightly.  Use a subject line of MESSAGE to
send a note to the server keeper or to deposit a file into the archive.

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