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Subject: 12/09/92 - The National Midnight Star #579

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          The National Midnight Star, Number 579

                Wednesday, 9 December 1992
Today's Topics:
               Thanks and Gangster of Boats
                    Immaterial Issues
       			Misc. Stuff
         Neil's playing mood...and PLEASE HELP!!
              MTV, help me find shoe stores!
                   Other favorite bands
                  dream theatre and rush
                 Drums, Discs and Things
                    tapes & misquotes
               Drummers...a slight rebuttal
                      assorted junk
                        Mardi Gras
                  TMNS CD/Tape Update #6
      re:12/08/92 - The National Midnight Star #578
                      Neil & drums!
                    'Daisy the Dog'?!
                       fav drummers
             vibra-slap vs whipcrack on AFTK
                     Neil's Drumming
                     peart: anti-god?

Date: Tue, 8 Dec 1992 19:04:42 -0500
From: Chad H Hutchinson <>
Subject: Thanks and Gangster of Boats

To the NMS mgr:

   Thank you so much for organizing the NMS so that all of the religion lettes
are put at the end.  Many of them are long winded and when you don't feel like
reading them, it gets really boring waiting for them to end.

Gangster of Boats:

   Yeah, I know "Part IV of the Trilogy", but what exactly does this mean?  I've
heard that there are three other references to the Gangster of Boats in reocrd
liners or somewhere and the song is just a musical continuation.  It any of
this true?  Because I've found one reference, I believe that it is in the liner
notes inside Presto.  SOmeone please enlighten me.

If anyone has any of the following and would like to discuss them, E-mail me
back at
			(just call me 'Ghost')

	Max Webster - Greatest Hits
	The Big Prize - Honeymoon Suite
			(This Canadian group is well worth checking out.  This
			particular album has a cover that was shot by Hugh Syme
			and has a kid on it that is the same kid as the kid on
			the cover of Power Windows.  It was also released in
	"Crying Over You" and "Holy Water" by Platinum Blonde
			(This Canadian group of glammers included our own Alex
			Lifeson on the guitar solos for these two tunes)
	Shake Your Spirit - Frozen Ghost
			(Yet another Canadian band.  They borrowed a bird cage
			from Geddy for the cover)
	Champions - Jeff Berlin
			(Neil trades drumming with Stewart Copeland throughout
			the album)
	Aural Fixations - Kim MItchell
			(Great new disc from the Canadian legend)

"That's the way that Lady Luck dances"  (GET BUSY)



From: (Jeremy Goldberg Consultant)
Subject: Immaterial Issues
Date: Tue, 8 Dec 92 20:08:51 EST

HEREIN, a break from the religion issue:

I think a little wordplay is relevant to the Rush Mailing list,
considering the lyricist's fetish for such things!
Has no one picked up on the little games I've interjected into
my posts?

Didn't you find a post by Felix A. Salon a bit odd?

How about one signed 'Sell the Broon'?

Well. . . Here's one last chance at proving your cleverness. If none of you
have the wits to solve this one, I'll forget about this mailing list
completely -- and go watch that movie about the Passage to Bangkok, YYZ, and
those Red Barchettas. . .

Humour me, lads and ladies. 'Tis many months until the fifteenth album arrives!

--Jeremy Goldberg			The Holidays are coming!
	or				Mail me for trading:
boy-mgr  Ged Lee, Jr. . ?		Rarities and Oddities, etc.


Date: Tue, 8 Dec 1992 23:04:41 -0500 (EST)
From: Rob Halsey 
Subject: Misc. Stuff

Hello fellow Rushians...

I have a  couple things on my mind.  First of all, I went to see the laser
light show "A Laser Rush" about 2 weeks ago, and it was most excellent.
The oscilloscope patterns for "Spirit of Radio" and "Time Stand Still"
were reason enough to put down the measly four dollar admission price.

Secondly, I would like to suggest an opening band for Rush's next tour.  I
went this last weekend to hear a band called Rhythm Corps.  These guys put
on the absolute *best* concert that I have ever seen, although I have
never seen Rush live :-(. Their music has a unique style that incorporates
awesome vocals with a most bitchin' 12-string acoustic guitar and also all
of the other instruments (minus the keyboards).  I think that they would
be the perfect complement to a Rush show.

Favorite  bands of all time:

5.  Yes
4.  NightRanger
3.  White Heart (it's that darn Christian influence again :-)
2.  Rush
 *and my  all time favorite band is...
1.  Kansas.

Later, all...

* is...* -OVERHEARD AND QUOTABLE- * "So get out there
Rob Halsey (A.K.A. Trebor) *  "Bend over, bend over,  *  and rock, and
Calvin College  Phi 33     *  'cuz "Slick Willie" is  *  ROLL THE BONES!"
Grand Rapids, MI 49546     *  takin' over!!!"         *        -Rush


Date: Wed, 9 Dec 92 00:00:08 -0500
From: nam2@po.CWRU.Edu (Nicholas A. Mascari)
Subject: Neil's playing mood...and PLEASE HELP!!

>of his sticks really high. It came down, but he missed it
>and dropped it. He got another one, but he was steamin'
>I mean really pissed!!! The rest of the night he had a
>frown on his face.  I was kinda bummin' because I
>hope that the guys hvave just as much of a good time
>playing as I have watching.. I could care less that he
>dropped the stick, but I like to see all three of them
>partake of their antics on stage..

I agree. I was lucky enough to be at the last show of the tour in Chicago
with 16th row seats. Neil had a great time that night. Neil usually doesn't
smile too much anyway, but this time he rarely WAS'NT smiling. This was the
funniest show I've seen as far as antics go. The stage crew kept dangling
these big rubber bats and spiders from the light...right in front of the boyz
while they were playing!! It was so damn funny...Alex bit his!!!

But back to Neil, he couldn't walk away from the bats like Ged and Al could,
so the crew picked on him the most!! You should have seen him there, drumming
away helplessly, with this BIG rubber bat dancing an inch from his nose!!!
It was hilarious!!! He was smiling ear to ear!! :-)

Plus, the ultimate stunt was when he stood up and whipped off his bandana to
reveal his mohawk....that surprised even Ged and Al, who stood there laughing
and pointing at him. Neil was laughing out loud....too bad he wasn't in such
a good mood at the show you saw.

On another note, and sorry for the lack of Rush in this...but will the people
in Columbus, Ohio, PLEASE email me and tell me where I can dial into down
there to telnet up to my account here in Cleveland?? Any internet node will
do. I'll be going home to Columbus for Christmas break and HAVE to have
access. Thank you in advance. My parents would probably be upset if I dialed
up long distance :-) :-)

Dream Rush....


|~~~\ |    | /~~~\ |    |    Nick Mascari - CWRU - General Electric Lighting
|___/ |    | \__   |____|      "Time after time we lose sight of the way,
| \   |    |     \ |    |    our causes can't see their effects" -Neil Peart
|   \  \__/  \___/ |    |       Music by Lee and Lifeson, Lyrics by Peart


Date:        Tue, 08 Dec 92 23:12:06 EST
From: "Cygnus X-2 (Gerry Good)" 
Subject: MTV, help me find shoe stores!

Hi NMSers,
1.  I have noticed some discussion about MTV here lately.  I personally
dislike the whole idea of MTV.  The only reason I ever watch it is
because Liquid TV is on.  I guess I've pretty much felt this way since
high school when I was into punk rock.  MTV basically tells you what you
should be, who you should idolize, what is cool, etc. instead of forcing
you to decide for yourself what you should be like.  This in relation to
Ru sh (yes, this is going somewhere!) goes totally against their
philosophy, especially as seen in Freewill, and many other songs.  I
also don't think that music of the caliber of Rush's needs 'video
augmentation'.  What I mean is that you don't need a bunch of pictures
to go along with the song, they totally ruin your connotation of what a
song is about.  I'm not talking about live videos however.  Anyway, just
thought I'd donate my $.02.
2.  I'd like some help finding some music stores that sell Rush boots.
There are many that I would like to buy but I don't feel comfortable
ordering stuff from Germany.  Also I'd like to find the cheapest price
possible.  I go to school in NE Missouri, and I live in Madison, WI , so
either of those two places would be great.  If you know of a store in
any of the following places: Columbia MO, St. Louis MO, Iowa City IA,
Quad Cities IA, Rockford IL, Chicago, or Milwaukee, please let me know
their name and Phone # if possible.  A million thanks to anyone who can
help me out.
Happy Finals Week!
Gerry Good
P.S. Stores that sell Yes bootlegs would also be nice.


Date: Wed, 9 Dec 1992 00:24:14 -0700
From: I Fell In Love To Be Let Down 
Subject: Other favorite bands

I have to say that the whole 2nd (and 3rd, and 4th, and 5th...) thread is very
interesting, and I hope that anyone who hasn't responded does so.  Since I
haven't posted my list, I'll do so now...and I'll even go so far as to include
some reasons for my choices.

1) Rush -- the obvious ;)
2) Saigon Kick -- now here's a surprise.  These guys just amaze me...they 
	explore a broad range of styles, and are one of the most unique bands 
3) Extreme -- they also play a broad range of music, and have some great lyrics
	as well as great musicianship.
4) NEW Marillion -- This is about the only band I feel can compare to Rush in
	terms of lyrics.
5) A whole mess of stuff....everything from Queensryche and Dream Theater to
	Tyketto and Def Leppard to Asia, Journey, and Bryan Adams, to Wang Chung :)

Ok, I know we only asked for 2nd favorites originally, but I must say that I'm
VERY interested in seeing just who everyone else out there likes.  It's always
great to be turned on to new music, and I can't think of anyone I'd rather be
enlightenened by than fellow Rush fans.

As for the whole Rush/Religion discussion, I can say that I enjoy the posts,
just wish they weren't so long.  I am a Christian, but I'd say I feel a bit
differently than most of the Christians on this list.  Mail me if you are

One short, final note...Presto is my favorite Rush album, so go easy on the
criticism, ok guys?  Please? :)  I for one think Roll the Bones was quite I alone in this? :)

Phil          "Trust is just as rare as devotion"


Subject: dream theatre and rush
Date: Wed, 09 Dec 92 13:14:19 GMT

I heard about dream theatre about 4 years ago, there was a review of
their first album in kerrang (which praised it quite highly).I
did'nt bother about it at first but i later saw the same review in the
magazine/fanzine the spirit of rush (gets a credit on images and
words!) and then bought it. Musically the band are excellent however
for me are just too much on the heavy side to listen to all the
time, and their choice of singers leaves a bit to be desired.
However as for sounding like rush , well i can't see it , to me they
sound nothing like them, they are much more like early yes
(fragile/relayer) with too much use of a distortion/heavy metal
pedal!.I know some people might say yes and rush sound similar but
again i disagree, i like both bands but can't see many similarities
between them . So for me saying that images and words sounds like
power windows is probably as strange as saying it sounds like
dangerous ,but then again some people might agree with that!!!!????.



Date: Wed, 9 Dec 92 13:44:42 GMT
From: Russell Marks (Zgedneil) 
Subject: Drums, Discs and Things

Hello again people, welcome to *yet another* Rush ramble by me. I'll get
this bit out the way quick.

Since someone brought up fave drummers, I thought I'd mention that one
of my friends, Adrian, is a - rather good it seems - drummer and a total
Rush fan. He simply cannot believe what Neil does most of the time on
that monster kit. Anyhow, he sometimes buys albums just to hear the
drumming (!) and I seem to remember he likes drums on Metallica, Primus,
and Slayer. Slayer less so, I think. Just as well IMHO! Sorry I can only
half-remember the drummer's names so I haven't said them, I expect I'd
get them wrong!

Right, back to Rush...

And, about the rarity of original LPs. Well, I know that mine aren't
actually originals, but the 'original' gatefold versions of earlier LPs
are still fairly widely available. I think CoS is a bit hard to get hold
of. I saw it once and didn't have the money. You bet I kicked myself. I
do have 2112 up to Hemispheres though, and Archives which obviously is
only available like that, I didn't have much problem getting hold of
them. I believe the original "Rush" album is very rare indeed. Only
about 2000 copies or something like that?

Nowadays I get albums on tape. The reason: I bought Presto on LP... and
the quality was *terrible*. They'd really recorded too much material to
comfortably go on side 1. In the notes they say something like play side
one louder. You have to, as well - I got it on tape soon after, much
much better. Actually I have 3 copies of Presto, but that's another
story! The RTB record is a bit dodgy, but better. So - these two are
definitely available on LP, I can confirm. I think the Next Album won't
be, though. Ah, did someone ask about will Rush do another album etc?
They're contracted for one more with Atlantic, and will probably stay
with them for a few more, they don't hate each other yet right!

Mmmm, about YYZ being the code for Toronto airport. Surely a
coincedence! ;-) Another less sarcastic YYZ thing, though, I DO like
that Why Why Zen, that is brilliant. Maybe I should change my sig. As
good as that more recent instrumental, "Dares By Twing?", fourth part of
the Gangrine of Oats trilogy. I like "bathysphere" too; but would does
one do with a bathysphere apart from stick it in deep water? Not much
room for Free Will there methinks.

Recording quality again, about having to turn the treble *down* for
Rush recordings after ASOH? I find those recordings much bassier (so to
speak) than others such as, well, Permanent Waves. No real reason for
that example, just listening to it at the mo. I usually turn the treble
up though - so I can hear Ged's bass :-) - and I may be less likely to
notice increased treble. I think soundwise... PoW beats RTB and Presto,
but RTB is better than HYF. I really do think PoW, PeW and MP have the
most appropriate production sound to them.

A point I'd really like to raise though (this is a bit kind of in the
dark here), I know people have said Where's My Thing? is very different
from YYZ, but I think in several respects they are quite similar. The
fast complicated verse, keyboardy chorus, several drum fills and a few
flashy bass bits - anybody agree/disagree? Face it, I'd imagine most of
you have to do one or the other...

Last thing, anyone any idea how much my Subdivisions (Red Barchetta from
ESL as B-side) picture disc 45" is worth? I got it for one pound. That's
about $1.6 in NMS-relevant format I guess. And my Power Windows LP
picture disc? Cost me about 8.5 pounds, so not such a bargain. I think I
saw a Hemispheres piccy disc once, but very expensive - I could be
wrong, though.

This is probably my last post till January (holidays and all that) so
I'll say bye-bye for now, and have a happy December. There's a
religion-independent statement for you. #include  you might

Enough of this rubbish! Have fun.

------------------------------- cut here -----------------------------
 _      _
|  | | |_  (|_ )      You have been watching, in order of appearance...
|  |_|  _| (| |)     Russell Marks : Zgedneil :
                               --- YYZ? Because YZ! RTB! ---

------------- One likes to believe in the spirit of email ------------


Date: Wed, 9 Dec 1992 09:40:22 -0500
From: Scott David Daly 
Subject: tapes & misquotes

Hey there!

	I recently heard that two shows are floating around out

		Largo,MD     12/4/91
		Columbia,MD  6/16/92

	I would really LOVE to get copies of these since I was at
them (I met Geddy and Alex right before the Largo show!)!  Does
anyone who has these two shows maybe wanna trade!?....

	Also, I like the new thread about what people THOUGHT Geddy
was singing when they heard a tune the first few times (Aaron...are
you out there?!)...a friend of mind told me a few of his

	The Twilight Zone:  "A bloody space man steps up to greet

	You Bet Your Life:  "like Captain Lorraine..."

	The Necromancer:  "Hooray for the Necromancer..."

	That's all I can remember for now...I like this thread!  It's
funny and not so bloody serious!



From: "Travis Williams" 
Subject: Drummers...a slight rebuttal
Date: 09 DEC 1992 09:10 -00

    I was reading Graham's post and thought that I should say a few
words.  I have been drumming now for about 13 years (insert personal
plug...) and feel that I have at least some knowledge of drummers.  I
agree with Graham in some ways, but don't in other ways.  I do feel
that it is arrogant (to say the least) that Neil Peart is the best
drummer in the world.  There are probably drummers out there that
didn't get into the limelight (insert bad Rush plug...) that are as
good as Neil and many of the other drummers he mentioned.
    One thing that I disagree with is that Neil's development has been
almost exclusively in the Rock genre.  Listen to La Villa and then
rethink.  It may be Jazz with a rock twist, but that's not ROCK
drumming that we here through many of the movements!  If you want to
call Neil a completely Rock oriented drummer, what do you call Tommy
Aldridge (Whitesnake) or Tommy Lee (everyone knows anyway)?
    Neil plays the marimba, glokenspiel and chimes through his midi KAT
(insert a bit of orchestral background) and plays marching rhythms in
several songs as well (insert drum corp influence).  He based the
rhythms for Scars and probably Territories on AFricans rhythms that he
heard on one of his many trips to Africa (or so it has been written.)
Not to mention the drum part to Tai Shan which is (IMHO) not rock.
    So, okay, most of the time he plays rock, but the man is incredibly
flexible to other styles of music.  As he said (not word for word,
sorry) in the Presto tour book, we like to dabble in many types of
music, but rock is our favorite.  There shouldn't be anything wrong
with that.
    Now, I'll get to the part that I agree with.  There are definitely
drummers out there that are as good as Neil, although I usually refrain
from using as good because it's a very subjective term and many times
it's very hard to compare drumming styles.  Frank Zappa's drummers are
some of the greatest drummers in the world.  (oops...there's that
phrase again...)  Terry Bozzio, Chad Wackerman, Chester Thompson, and
Vinnie Coliuta (spelled wrong, I'm sure).  His music is just too
challenging for a drummer like Tommy Lee (although, I suppose Tommy
might have boundless talent hidden beneath that one drum part he plays
so well.)  But since this is a Rush list, I'll get back to the point.
    If people think that Neil is the best drummer in the world, they
have that perogative.  Neil was heavily influence by Bill Bruford of
King Crimson and Yes.  Does that make him any better?  I don't know.
They're both much better than I am.  Just think of it this way.  ANy
drummer who tours for twenty years, usually playing about 200 shows for
each tour is bound to be damn good.  Who's BEST should be left up to
personal disgression.
    Oops.  I rambled didn't I?  Sorry.  I'm about to leave for
Christmas break, so I'm not really in my right mind.  I'm not flaming
you, Graham, just responding.  Later all.


From: Cristobal Weinholz 
Subject: assorted junk
Date: Wed, 9 Dec 92 11:27:04 EST

Graham--->Neil played drums in a Buddy Rich tribute band and was also the
	drummer on a Jeff Berlin album (not sure which one).  I think he's
	probably very capable of playing jazz drums, although I agree that
	there are jazz drummers who rival his abilities.

	I heard about Dream Theatre in "The Spirit of Rush" when their first
album came out.  One of the band memebers wrote in, so I figured "Hey, they
must be good," and bought the album (on vinyl!).  The new album is GREAT and
I've been listening to it a lot lately.
	The Rush and religion thread is a good one, but it seems to be
bordering on preaching in some cases.  Jimmy swaggart, eat your heart out:))
	Having a rarities CD would be better, but seeing as how a tape would
be easier and cheaper to produce, I think we should go with it.  How about
one (or two) tapes rare and one (or two) tapes incredible and rare live?
	Can't wait to get back to the dorm to get around to ordering the
shirt...oh boy!

	Other favorite bands (in no particular order - depends on my mood)
King Crimson, Yes, ELP, Dream Theater, Queen, Earthworks, Jethro Tull,
Weather Report, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Genesis, Peter Gabriel



Date: Wed, 9 Dec 92 09:23:02 -0600
From: "This ..." 
Subject: Mardi Gras

There has been some discussion about unreleased material, and since
I have Mardi Gras, I thought I'd throw my 2 cents worth in.

This is the only one I have from the last tour so I can't compare to
OTE or any other, but I'm happy with Mardi Gras. When the band is
playing, the music virtually drowns out all the crowd noise. The guy
who recorded this, must have been very close to the stage.
The percussion is a little too pronounced, and the guitar is a little
too distant.  The set-list is from the first leg of the tour
(Subdivsions, The Pass), but after they added Ghost of a Chance,
but does not have the encore. It comes in a 2-cd set, with a photo
on the front from the Presto tour, and it is an Australian import so
there are a couple of dumb listings for the song-list (The Pass =The Task
Rhythm is spelled Rhythem, Heart is spelled Hart).

But overall I would recommend it.

It seems that everyone thinks that OTE is the best that is avaiable.
Does it have the whole show? Which set-list does it have?

I've been looking for it for quite a while now, but can't find it,
can anyone help me either mail-order it, or tell me of a place in
the Chicago area which has it.



From: (Baltasar Allende Reva)
Date: Wed, 9 Dec 1992 10:44:23 -0600
Subject: TMNS CD/Tape Update #6

Hi everyone....Its been a long time since the last update, but I think
some progress has here it is...

TNMS CD update #6
        By now there is no question about the interest of a CD/Tape of rare
and unreleased music, and GOOD quality uncirculated shows.  I have lately
been talking to another TNMS reader that lives in San Antonio, apparently
he has access to alot of MOST EXCELLENT equipment.  I have family in
San Antonio, and I'm thinking about spending my winter break there "mastering"
and putting together this thing.  For some reason its hard to communicate
with him thru if you are readinf this e-mail me back!  I already
have some material on my mind, that I'm sure everyone would be delighted to
get their hands on...Anyways, the thing is alive and kicking... so please
be patient!



ps.  I'm thinking about setting up a 24hr Bulletin Board, what do you all
think about this?  Ofcourse this would be a Rush board...let me know
if there is interest on this...



Date: Wed, 9 Dec 1992 16:40:00 +0000
From: "Oliver (O.R.) Sampson" 
Subject: re:12/08/92 - The National Midnight Star #578

This is my first post.  I'm enjoying the religion thread
immensely.  It's touching on a lot of topics I ponder regularly.
Anybody out there more familiar with the philosopical
relationships?  (Specifically ethics and more specifically
Kantian ethics)  How about the mathematics of Chaos and their
relationship to determinism?

And just for info, I listen (religously :) ) to the following:
Rush, Queensryche, Mr. Big, Dream Theater, Metallica.
I also listen to LOTS of other stuff, but those guys stand out.

Also, I'm a bass player living in Raleigh, NC. (despite the
'.ca' in my address.)


Oliver R. Sampson
Member Scientific Staff
BNR, Inc.
"All opinions expressed here are the opinions solely of the author,
and they are in no way a reflection of opinions or policies of BNR, Inc.
or Northern Telecom." -- The boss says I have to put this in here.


Date: Wed, 9 Dec 92 12:48:18 EST
From: Stimpy 
Subject: Neil & drums!

Hey finally, a (fairly) serious discussion of drums on here!  Myself being
a drummer of 13 yrs and RUSH/Neil fan for @ 6 yrs.  As far as the clapper,
no i think he used the plywood on stool for YYZ.  As for the vibra-slap
mentioned on AFTK, this is not the clapper, but an interesting device that
when slapped vibrates with a clicking sound for a few seconds.  This sound
can be found in Closer to the Heart, on the first downbeat of several measures
in the guitar solo and perhaps elsewhere.
	As for Neil being more traditional than innovative, well, you're
correct in your statements that he does use "traditional" percussion
instruments, but really, how many rock drummers out there use such toys
in rock (e.g. vibra-slap, orchestra chimes, windchimes, crotales, temple
blocks, tympani, glockenspiel, just to name a few).  Also, increasing his
double-bass work would not nec. make his drumming modern.  Guys have used
the double-bass since the early 70's, its nothing new, granted that only
recently have we seen many drummers using lots of double-bass rhythms, but
this is mainly for metal, RUSH does not exactly fit into this domain.  Neil's
use of the double-bass is mainly for adding to his fills and solos, not for
creating different rhythms like Lars of Metallica (don't get me wrong, I
love Lars's playing).  It should be apparent that Neil's tastes in rhythm
are more on the side of primitive pattern and ethnic, tribal music (see
Scars, Mystic Rhythms, Heresy) and are quite far from the non-stop head-
banging beats if Metallica and Megadeth.
well, thats enuff, I'll just close with a brief list of my fav drummers
(we could do a list of favorite drummers, guitar, and bassists just like
  the second favorite band thread...)
--> Lars Ulrich, John Bonham, Mitch Mitchell (hendrix), Vinnie Colaiuta
   (on Zappa's Shut up and play yer guitar), and

Nick Mason (esp. the early
   Floyd of Meddle and Piper and Saucerful), and of course, Neil.


Date: Wed, 9 Dec 92 11:04:57 -0800
From: J. Q. Gumby 
Subject: 'Daisy the Dog'?!

I actually took a look at the sleeve for PeW the other day and was reading
though the credits and came across something that looked like this:
	"Vocal Coaching: Daisy the Dog"

Anyone know who/what "Daisy" was?  I realize that chances are Daisy is a
dead dog by now, 13 years after the issue of the album.  Heck, I was 5
when it cam out.

  [ Perhaps the same dog featured later on _Signals_? :)	  : rush-mgr]

Just something that struck me as odd...



Date: Wed, 9 Dec 92 09:10:14 HST
From: puanani@wana.pbrc.Hawaii.Edu (Puanani Akaka)
Subject: fav drummers

Jello --

I'm surprised no one's mentioned Manu Katche.  He's definitely up
there with Neil on my fav drummers list.  Manu is just absolutely
beautiful to listen to.  Check him out on Peter Gabriel's albums and
Sting's later releases.  Awesome.  Also, Rod Morgenstein and Greg
Bissonette (such a sweet guy -- he gave me a kiss! sigh) -- beautiful
technique and artistry with those guys.  And yeah, I agree whole-
heartedly with folks who've said that jazz is what to listen to.  Jazz
drummers like Dave Weckl (another sweetie!), David Garibaldi, Peter
Erskine, Max Roach -- all wonderful players -- gotta listen to 'em!

The thing about Neil, tho, is that, unlike other players, he makes it
sound easy.  I mean, I don't know if others have this experience, but
he makes it sound like any idiot could pick up a pair of sticks and do
what he does.  So like a fool, you end up taking the bait and get your
behind burned!  And there's a lot of subtleties to his playing that a
lot of rock drummers, especially, don't put into their playing.  Stuff
like changing the ride pattern in the middle of the song, using Rod
Morgenstein's ghost notes, I could go on.  But his power and grace are
extremely inspiring -- at the concerts it becomes like a sporting event.
I'm *cheering* for the guy, like he's in a race, or something.  It's
like, "Yeah!  Go Neil!  Go get 'em, babe!!"  :-)  He's not the greatest
drummer in the world, but he's certainly got what it takes to be an
artist.  That's all that counts.



Date: Wed, 9 Dec 1992 13:53:42 -0600
Subject: vibra-slap vs whipcrack on AFTK

Someone yesterday mentioned Neil's use of a vibra slap on AFTK and said it
was the same as a slapper or whipcrack or whatever.  This isn't true.  A
vibra slap is something else altogether (I used to play one [and a
whipcrack] in high school band--God, it seems like eons ago).  A vibra slap
is a wooden and metal device that makes o sort of rattling (for lack of a
better word) sound when you slap it against your hand o leg or whatever.
It can be heard on Closer to the Heart on the first beat of each phrase
during Alex's guitar solo.  Any of you real drummers out there, feel free
to correct me or elaborate.



Date: Wed,  9 Dec 1992 15:00:37 -0500 (EST)
From: Matthew Joseph Desantis 
Subject: Neil's Drumming

	There have been many posts recently that seem to "worship" Neil's
drumming... Here is how I see it. Neil's drumming is the perfect
complement to Geddy and Alex. Geddy's snappy bass pops are always
perfectly in sync with Neil's fills. Alex's licks tend to "gel" the
entire sound together... They are the perfect combination...

	But to say that Neil is, "The best drummer in the world," or "Nobody
can drum like Neil..." is unaware...uninformed, and it reveals extreme
closed-mindedness on the part of those who make statements like this. We
all appreciate a great band here... This appreciation should make us all
the more aware of the talent that is out there.

	I know people who can robotically mimic Neil's  style. Drummers for
Zappa, and Chick Corea, play even more complex rhythms and odd-time
signatures... Zappa's drummer in 1981 (Along w/ steve Vai on guitar) was

	I like Neil, his drumming, and some of his writing, but I will not let
my devotion to this band blind me from all the drummers of different
styles and abilities. Copeland, drummer for the Police, was very
minimalistic..., but that's some of the best damn drumming to come to
the mainstream in a while.

	Don't let Neil's "crowded" drum fills fool you... There is also
something to be said for minimalistic drumming... There is a certain
genius there, too

Feel free to flame, but I really don't think this is an inflammatory post...

(10 Year rush fan)


Date: Wed, 9 Dec 1992 14:08:33 -0600
From: "Peter J. Schmitt" 
Subject: peart: anti-god?

	although i usually avoid religious disputes, especially on irc or email
things like this, i felt compelled to respond to the idea that peart (or at
least his lyrics) are anti-god, esp. in the Free Will quote....
	i think he is not anti-god, but anti-Church.  he criticizes the wrong-
doings and abuses of power in the Church in lines like "a host of Holy Horrors
to direct our aimless dance."  Is this anti-god?  no, actually peart bitches
about the Church trying to run lives through fear of hell.  Although i am
catholic, i have to laugh at some of the Church's historical blunders....After
all, they decided to kill several thousand people in the name of God (well, the
"holy" crusades or wars.)  And for those who have ever heard of purgatory, it is
an idea that does not exist in the bible.  Rather, popes in the middle ages
promulgated it in order to rake up revenue from the masses.  is it anti-god to
criticize the Church?  no.  Look to another complaints by peart....
	"superconducter" seems to decry the pop culture and media packaging
an idiotic andre agassi "image is everything" to sell a record.  is this anti-
music? no, i think peart is against the mindless use of rock solely to make a
buck.  in "subdivisions," peart notes the shortcomings of society, as in cliques
and belonging.  is this anti-human life?  no, here peart is against people fall
"falling in ticking traps" and leading meaningless lives, and such.
	i hate to take up so much time and space, but people must think a little
harder about this topic.
				"there is magic at our fingers"
					pete schmitt
"let your heart be the anchor and the beat of your soul."  SFN/2112


Date: Wed, 9 Dec 1992 17:05 EST
Subject: Freewill

Hello there!!!
        Just adding my 2 cents on Freewill lyric mishaps:
I was in a Rush cover bbband for a while, and I had the illustrious job
of figuring out what the heck Geddy was saying sometimes since I didn't have
enough money to bbuy something with the words in it.  For the longest time
I had to sing the ..Cell of awareness part on Freewill as a bunch of 
misconnected syllables because I had no clue what he was screeching!!!  Then I 
got some money and all was well in the land of Rush lyrics!!



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