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          The National Midnight Star, Number 580

                Thursday, 10 December 1992
Today's Topics:
                3 parts of Natural Science
             Re: Neil's drumming & Vibraslaps
                    Neil's Drumming...
              The Story of Kings(Interview)
                 some thoughts about Rush
                    Gangster of Boats
                Various and Sundry things
                Vibra-Slap (Religion Also)
                    Future RUSH albums
                 Miscellaneous ramblings
                       I adore rush
             Deviation from the normal speed
              first post + ramblings & stuff
                       RUSH on TV!

From: Fronefield Crawford 
Date: Wed, 9 Dec 92 19:49:49 EST
Subject: 3 parts of Natural Science

What is the last part of Natural Science called?
I know the first two are Tide Pools and Hyperspace, but I can't remember
the last one.



Date: Wed, 9 Dec 1992 20:01:41 -0600 (CST)
From: MuffinHead 
Subject: Re: Neil's drumming & Vibraslaps

Matthew Joseph Desantis wrote:

>      Don't let Neil's "crowded" drum fills fool you... There is also
>something to be said for minimalistic drumming... There is a certain
>genius there, too.

   Well, there's something to be said for it, but extreme minimalism is
just downright boring and uninspiring, IMO. Like Max Weinberg or Charlie
Watts. I find nothing musical or exciting in their work. Neil practices
minimalism along with complexity. On an album like P/G, most of his time
is 4 on the bass and 16th's on the hi-hat. That comes from his liking a
danceable beat, as he says.
   As for Vibraslaps, yes, Stimpy and r-howerton are correct. They sound
like the rattle on a big rattlesnake made of hard plastic. See Aerosmith's
_Sweet Emotion_ for another example.

___________________________________________________________________________          -=<*>=-    


Date:    Wed, 9 Dec 1992 20:12:53 -0600 (CST)
From: SRF6200@ZEUS.TAMU.EDU (Steven R. Fennell)
Subject: Misperceptions

I remember the first time I heard "The Temples of Syrinx" in 1980.  I had just
gotten into Rush (PW), and was listening to the radio when the song came on.
I thought I heard the line

"We are the priests of the _devils_ of syrinx..."

and being a good Christian boy at the time, thought I was hearing Satanist
music (heaven forbid!)  I heard 2112 about a year later and was knocked out to
find that I had heard it wrong, from my fav group no doubt.

Ah, memories...

Steve Fennell


Date:         Wed, 09 Dec 92 20:25:46 CST
From: S116193@UMRVMA.UMR.EDU
Subject:      Neil's Drumming...


I thought I was going to throw up until I read Matt Desantis's (sp?) post.
Thanks a million, Matt, for being so straight forward.  I agree that Neil
Peart is a good drummer, but whoever says that he has varied styles of drumming
needs to listen to other percussionists more often.
     In "Mystic Rythms" Neil's style is interesting, but hardly tribal.  And I
disagree that La Villa is any form of Jazz, but since jazz is taste, I'd love
to get other opinions.  Overall, it is difficult to categorize Neil's drumming,
but his style seems to always come from a viewpoint of athletic power.  He is
known in the percussionists' world as having incredible chops, almost
strictly sticking with single strokes in all of his songs.  For all of the non-
drummers out there, try this explanation: I've played for around 12 to 13 years
and I can play just about all of Neil's work.  If (and when) I have to, I can
play some of the "power drum" tunes like Tom Sawyer, Red Barchetta, and
Limelight note for note.  On an impromptu, I can imitate the styles.  Ask any
drummer, Peart is not truly hard to play like.  However, back to minimalist
drumming, take a look at Jeff Porcaro, most notably with Steely Dan in
"Babylon Sisters."  Much like Stew Copeland, there is much more emotion
in the song, less sixteenth patterns.  I can play Babylon Sisters, but could
never imitate Porcaro's style of playing in a million years.  And while Neil
DOES complement Rush well with fast sixteenth patterns, I'm afraid that Bill
Bruford's chops are much faster.  Check out "Heart of the Sunrise."  I was
recently introduced by a friend to Bruford's work, and up until then I thought
Neil's chops were the best I'd heard (outside of DCI, of course!).  On the
good side, though, I feel that Neil is still an excellent drummer, and I love
all of his work so far.  By the way, Porcaro died 11 months ago.  Truly a
bummer.  Again, thanks Matt for stepping in.  It's tough to find an open-
minded person in such a competitive profession...  Keep Playing!

Bye All,


Date: Wed, 9 Dec 1992 21:54:59 -0500
Subject: MTV

>Hi NMSers,
>1.  I have noticed some discussion about MTV here lately.  I personally
>dislike the whole idea of MTV.  The only reason I ever watch it is
>because Liquid TV is on.  I guess I've pretty much felt this way since
>high school when I was into punk rock.  MTV basically tells you what you
>should be, who you should idolize, what is cool, etc. instead of forcing
>you to decide for yourself what you should be like.  This in relation to
>Ru sh (yes, this is going somewhere!) goes totally against their
>philosophy, especially as seen in Freewill, and many other songs.  I
>also don't think that music of the caliber of Rush's needs 'video
>augmentation'.  What I mean is that you don't need a bunch of pictures
>to go along with the song, they totally ruin your connotation of what a
>song is about.  I'm not talking about live videos however.  Anyway, just
>thought I'd donate my $.02.

I'd like to goodnaturedly disagree with one of my fellow RUSH fans on this
one.  Rather than letting MTV influence me or tell me how to do things I
look at the station as just another means of entertainment.  While some
videos are pointless and distort the song, others are quite interesting and
symbolic. (EX.  "No Son of Mine" by Genesis)...Its watchers are also
occasionally dazzled by videos such as "Roll the Bones" (rarely).  I also
feel that RUSH deserves more play on MTV.  Afterall, they are the best and
so everyone should see them.  My $.02

"A Spirit with a vision is a dream with a mission..."

Cornell U.


Date: Wed, 9 Dec 1992 23:22:50 -0600 (CST)
From: Ryan Abrahamson 
Subject: The Story of Kings(Interview)

A friend of mine gave me this CD today, The Story of Kings.  Its an interview
with Alex Lifeson in Britian.  I'm listning to it right now and Its
pretty cool. If I find anything interesting I'll post it.
Any one else heard of this....?

	[ This interview is really a re-release of the picture lp disk
	  and the transcription can be found in ~ftp/rush/special
  	  called I believe.		:rush-mgr] 

Ryan Thomas Abrahamson:                    North Dakota State University
       Sorry if I sound stupid I just don't have my FAQ's straight
        "Ladies and Gentlemen the Professor on the drum kit" -Ged
                      abrahams@plains           (BITNET)


Date: Thu, 10 Dec 92 08:11:09 EST
From: ndf
Subject: some thoughts about Rush

Tell me something...Did the first Rush album come with a liner with any type
of pictures or lyrics in it?  I've always wanted to know that, and it's not
on the FAQ.

Also, it's too bad that the guys use that extra keyboard guy nowadays in
concert.  Sometimes I think it affects the integrity of the band, especially
when you compare the "total Rush experience" from concerts like ATWAS and the
like, where there was no keyboarding at all.  But I guess, to have the guys
play every single thing in a song (especially from the last few albums) would
be quite a feat.  And I guess it's better to see Geddy behind only a couple
of synths as opposed to the almost wall of synths that he used to use.  By the
way, I was at a concert where Alex played a couple parts of Time Stand Still
on his synth *with his nose*!  That was pretty amusing.

Does anyone think that in Geddy's intro to Lakeside Park in ATWAS, sounds
almost evangelical?  "A place not to far from where he was *born*"

As for favourite groups:
1) Rush
2) Queen
3) The Who
4) Jethro Tull, Led Zeppelin, Max Webster, Supertramp, Extreme

As for the number 2 choice, for the record, I'm not a bandwagon
a matter of fact, I used to enjoy listening to their music when people
mocked me for listening to them!  Imagine!  Anyways, since I see a lot of
Queen listeners here, (and since can't help), can anybody
tell me what Freddie and the guys are saying right before the each time the
chorus comes up in We Are the Champions?  You know:  ex)  I've had my share
of sand kicked in my face but I've come through (??????????????????? ??????
?????? ?????? ??????) We are the Champions, my friends....

That's a wrap!



From: (Larry Salomon Jr.)
Subject: Gangster of Boats
Date: Thu, 10 Dec 92 8:34:47 EST

I believe that the "gangster of boats" was their name for the Mac that
Geddy used to do his compositions on (in addition to the Atari).  I cannot
remember where I read this, however (was it here?).



From: "Allan Hirt" 
Subject: Various and Sundry things
Date: Thu, 10 Dec 92 9:44:59 EST wrote:
>	Champions - Jeff Berlin
>			(Neil trades drumming with Stewart Copeland throughout
>			the album)

Actually, it's Steve Smith of Journey and Vital Information fame, and
NOT Stewart Copeland.  Neil only plays on two tracks, and not the
whold album.  The album is great, though, and on Berlin's second
album, Pump It!, he dedicated a song to Alex, Geddy, and Neil.  Oh,
and by the way, Jeff is Geddy's favorite bass player.  I have the US
CDs of both Jeff Berlin's albums, but they are long out of print.  The
only way to get Champions, if it still in print there, is to order the
Japanese copy.

Someone mentioned the Buddy Rich Memorial Concert videos.  Neil plays
on two of the tapes in the series, and he is awesome.  He even does
"The Rhythm Method" on a WAY scaled down set.  If you have any doubts
about the guys being ablt to play jazz, check out these videos and the
Jeff Berlin album, as well as the end of the A Show of Hands video.

As for the rarities CD, I'm all for one, but don't put on a lot of
edits.  I have the promo CD singles for almost every song since HYF
(I'm only missing Where's My Thing? and the Marathon one from Canada),
and the edits are not worth putting on.  I think things like the first
45, b-side live stuff (i.e. Vital Signs live, on the flip side of a
12" I have).  I personally would like to hear the entire thing of
Hemispheres done live.  Just my thoughts on the subject.



Date: Thu, 10 Dec 1992 09:01:00 +0000
From: "Robert (R.A.) Herrage" 
Subject: Vibra-Slap (Religion Also)

On the "vibra-slap":

For those of you interested in the vibra-slap, I'll try to graphically
depict it for you:

         side view                   top view of box

      +----------+                          ___
      |   box    |-------+                 /   \
      +----------+       |                /     \
                         |               /       \
                 --------+              /         \
                /                      +-----------+
             |   |  <- ball          front view of box
                                       |           |

The box contains some metal (I think) pieces that rattle.  It is made
of wood and so is the ball.  There is a metal rod that connects them.
The vibra-slap is held at the back where the metal rod makes the two
90-degree turns.  The ball is then "slapped" against virtually any-
thing (hand usually, but some people might use their thigh).  The
vibrations are created, which run through the metal rod, causing the
hollow box (open in the front) with the rattles to also vibrate, re-
sulting in the "rattling" sound.

Closer to the Heart is probably the RUSH song to hear this in.  If you
are into Aerosmith, it's also used in Sweet Emotion (especially at the

On religion:

As far as people not agreeing with Neil being "anti-god", I have a taped
interview from the Permanent Waves timeframe.  I Neil's discussion about
the song Freewill, Neil specifically states:

   I don't believe in supreme beings and I don't believe that anyone
   is running my life except me.

If you ask me, that pretty much says it all.  Neil *is* anti-god.  By
Webster's definition, he is an atheist.  I believe I posted an excerpt
from this interview before.  Gregg Jaeger (sp?) also has a copy of this
interview and can backup what I've stated.  If you want me to email you
that excerpt of the interview, send me some email and I'll try to dig
it up again.



Date: Thu, 10 Dec 1992 10:10 EST
From: The Jungleman 
Subject: Future RUSH albums

Hello Boys & Girls,

Someone mentioned in the last NMS that RUSH is contracted to record only one
more album with Anthem. Neil confirmed this about 8 months ago on a ROCKLINE
interview. However, by now they may have signed for more. According to Neil,
though, they were going to "play it by ear" -- meaning, record the next album
(after Roll the Bones) and decide then if they want to do more.
	[ Neil's last Rockline was over 1 year ago, on Dec. 2 if I
	  remember correctly.				:rush-mgr ]

For those of you who don't know, they almost broke up after Presto. In fact,
it was sort of a consensus amongst the band that they HAD broken up but no
one had yet verbalized it. This all according to Neil's Rockline interview.
You see, they had completed their Mercury/Polygram contract and the making of
Presto hadn't gone very well at all (at least between the band members).

	[ PLEASE!  Before you post something like this with no basis
	  reveal your source.  Where did you read this?  Or did you hear
	  it by word of mouth?  The last thing the NMS needs is to start
	  a new rumor thread.	I have this Rockline on tape, which
	  question are you refering to please.. sources would help.  :rush-mgr]

BUT, to our great fortune, Anthem came along and must've offered them an
album-by-album contract ... or something of the sort. Neil made it clear that
they wouldn't sign another 10 year contract (which was what their Polygram
contract was).

	[ Where did you get this info?  Sources, please.  Before you
	  speculate, Atlantic, (not Anthem their Canadian label),
    	  offered them a 3 album deal starting with Presto.  Where did
	  you get this album-by-album from?  Was it an interview I'm not aware
	  of?  RTB is the 2nd album of the 3 album deal.  :rush-mgr]

Anyway, the point of this letter is to get into everyone's heads that the
next album MAY BE THE LAST ONE! Let's just hope Ged, Neil, & Alex have a blast
making it so they decide to do another one!

	[ From all indications Eric, they seem to be enjoying themselves
	  very much from this last tour/album, that I would venture to
	  guess that the next album would not be their last.  :rush-mgr]

-Eric Jung
JUNG@ITHACA (hey this account expires at the end of the month!)
"Throw off those chains of Reason and your Prison disappears." -N.P., 1978


Date:       Thu, 10 Dec 92 16:54:30 GMT
From: "Roger G Haworth   userid " 
Subject:    Antagonism....

CSG Operational Support, SO-PH rm 1101, x1131.
E-mail (JANET):

Hi all...I see from the '2nd favourite band' bits that a few of us rate Dire
Straits quite highly. Personally (and I stress personally), I find this rather
distressing. I remember when Presto came out, one of our celebrated British
music publications referred to Rush as 'the Dire Straits of heavy rock', or
something along those lines. I've always found Dire Straits to be about as
exciting as a wet weekend in Scunthorpe (or, errm, Seattle to our North
American cousins). Whilst I will admit that Knopfler is a superb guitarist, it
saddens me he wastes his talent playing such suffocatingly bland music.

Surely Rush cannot be tarred with the same brush? Rush are still a superb
unit, playing (on the whole) excellent music. HOWEVER, I do agree with Jon
that they would be doing themselves a big favour 'if they let Alex have his
distortion pedal back'. Songs like Dreamline would be much more kicking with a
REAL HEAVY sound! Still, I guess one mellows as one grows older...

Quick point to Eric Jung: I find Rickys have plenty of sustain - in fact I
thought they were reknowned for it! Maybe compared to a carbon graphite
Steinberger they haven't, but compared to an industry standard Fender
Precision they certainly have! Why don't you buy a Ricky anyway, and do what
Geddy did to his; ie replace the existing bridge with a Badass bridge (readily
available in most geetar shops). He did this in about 1976 - compare the bass
sound on albums before AFTK (excluding the first one, which I believe he
played a Precision on), and then listen to AFTK. Quite a difference I think
you'll find, and most probably due to the overhaul of the Rickenbacker. Look
closely at pictures of his Ricky in Visions and you might notice what I'm
rambling on about.

While I'm about it - Chris Mermagen - thanks for enlightening me about the
Fender Jazz on MP. I will indeed bow to superior judgement! Hope you got your
bass sorted out. Sorry NMSers, Chris will know what I mean!

Smoke tabs and drink beer

Rug the Hairy Monster

PS: Eric, sorry to be a smartarse, but B-Man's name is actually Bill

Well, I did title this note 'antagonism'...


Date: Thu, 10 Dec 92 11:40:51 CST
From: (Lindsey Smith)
Subject: Miscellaneous ramblings

A few comments on a few threads in the last few NMSs...

The Wal thread:  I don't have any information on Wal pricing, but I _did_ hear
that their master luthier died a few years ago.  The guy who told me, the bass
player of Funchaus (if you ever see one of their albums, buy it cuz they are
a very good band), said that when something like that happens there is usually
a degradation in instrument quality and always a change in instrument sound.
This might explain some of the disparity in Wal pricing.  Basses made by the
original luthier are now unreplacable, sorta like art prices after an artist

Fav of Alex's guitars:  As much as I love Alex's current PRS sound, my favorite
would have to be p/g era Hentor Sportscaster.  Anybody remember the brand of
pickup Alex used in the bridge position?  Back when he was recording with
that guitar I asked around for that particular pickup, but the company that
made it went out of business.  Sorta like Signature....  Hmm, Alex doesn't
seem to have to good of a effect on instrument companies...

PRSs:  I went on a new guitar quest about 2 months after my Strat was !stolen!
(sob).  I _really_ wanted a PRS and was willing (and able) to fork out the $$$
for one.  Unfortunately a PRS for me try/buy was nowhere to be found.  I think
I would've had to drive to Dallas (9 hrs away) to find more than one model I
could demo.  I did get a chance to play a Hartzfield (sp?) made by Fender.
It's an obvious PRS clone, but still a very nice, but not much less expensive
alternative.  I would've bought it, but it had no tremolo .  I ended
up buying a slightly used Ibanez which I dearly love now.  And there was
much rejoicing (rah.....).  But now I'm rambling, so I'll sign off.

Lindsey Smith

BTW: can't wait to get a hold of the Mardi Gras boot cuz I was at the show.
It was the best Rush I'd ever seen even though I didn't have the best
seats in the house.  It was even better than the HYF show where I was front
row and ended up on ASoH.

Also BTW: Don't know why they called the RTB tour show Mardi Gras.  The concert
was about 3 weeks before Mardi Gras.  The Presto show, however, was on Lundi
Gras night (that's the Monday before Mardi Gras day for you non-Mardi Gras
goin' types).

Final BTW: T-shirt bootleggers were selling some pretty cool looking Krewe of
Rush shirts.  Krewe of Rush was printed on the back with a purple, gold, and
green colored 2112/man-n-star on the front.  Definitely something you don't
see every day.


Date: 10 Dec 1992 13:06:45 -0500 (EST)
From: swami@tulip (swami gangadharan)
Subject: I adore rush

I think that the quality of Rush's music is excellent. Which other band has got
such intense and exciting sound, great melody and such intelligent lyrics. I
feel that it is some kind of magical chemsitry that has brought
these three great musicians together. The part that I like most about
Rush is that they don't compromise on lyrics in any of their songs, and
the songs sound terrific in spite of the "difficult" lyrics. I hope that
these guys keep singing forever.I don't think any other band can fill the void
created if that happens. Rush has made a permanent impression in my mind.

My favourite bands

1) Rush -of course
2) Def Leppard
4) Reo Speedwagon
5) Fleetwood Mac
6) Heart

I'm not missing out on the promise of adventure -GUP

Swami Gangadharan


Date:    Thu, 10 Dec 1992 12:36:27 -0600 (CST)
From: SMITH@EPVAX.MSFC.NASA.GOV (The Ice-9-man Cometh)
Subject: Deviation from the normal speed

hey folx.

Last night I discovered something interesting.  I was listening to "Rush"
(the first album) on tape, when my tape player began to crap out.  The
tape slowed down to maybe 60% of normal speed.  I reached for Stop but
then listened for a moment...then I listened to the first three songs
that way.  Very enlightening.  You can hear every place where Alex screws
up, you can hear every crack in Ged's voice, and the overall effect is one
of almost Seattlish grunge metal.  The vocals even sound a bit like the
guy in Pearl Jam.  :)

just something for you to try if you get bored....

|     James W. Smith, NASA MSFC EP-53    |      |
|           "`Eddies,' said Ford, `in the space-time continuum.'             |
|         `Ah,' nodded Arthur, `is he.  Is he.'"   --Douglas Adams           |
|    Neither NASA nor (!James) is responsible for what I say. Mea culpa.     |


Date: Thu, 10 Dec 1992 12:58:27 -0500 (EST)
From: Randall O Bugge <>
Subject: first post + ramblings & stuff

Hello out there!  All in reference to #579

Favorite groups:
1) Kansas (and related stuff: Kerry Livgren, Steve Morse etc.)
2) Rush
3) Boston (RTZ-even though a bit glammy)
4) Yes
5) Triumph
6 and up: Genesis, Asia, Moody Blues, Oingo Boingo, Petra (one of those
Christian bands), Eric Johnson, Spinal Tap and so on.  Local Bands I like:
Midnight Hour(covers) and Echo-Lyn(originals) both out of the Philly area,
and Great Train Robbery(covers + originals) out of Baltimore.

	I hear lots of stuff I agree with & stuff I disagree with.  Here
are my thoughts.  Top of my head drummers that I have really liked:  Niel
(enough said), Phil Ehart(Kansas-listen to some of his solos on the older
albums-WOW), Rod Morgenstein, Buddy Rich (the immortal one), the guys from
Primus & Vinnie Moore(saw both in opening efforts for Rush, both impressed
the hell out of me), and Chad Wackerman.  As far as Wackerman goes, I knew
some members of the Wackerman clan (not exactly sure of the relationships
or names) when I lived in Seal Beach, CA.  All were musicians, Chuck was a
Jr. High band director, and I saw one of his sons play bass for Maynard

Stage antics:
	I saw the guys at the Hampton Coleseum early this year from the
fourth row, right in front of Geddy.  One of the roadies for Primus had a
NERF archery set, and was reaking havoc with both bands.  Alex through one
back one time, and then pretended to stab the guy with his guitar.  It was
pretty funny seeing him pay around, and these arrows flying about.

To specific people:

Rob Halsey, AKA Trubor:
	I like your favorite group list.  Laser Rush--I gotta see that.
I've seen Laser Genesis and Yes, Rush would be awesome.  Like the Slick
Willie comment about our President erect, I mean elect (that was for any
fans of the other Rush).

Nick:  Niel, a mowhawk--tell me it was a wig, please....

Phil:  I'm interested in your Christian ideas.

Pete Schmitt:  I agree, good points.

Travis Williams:  I can't believe I saw somebody mention Drum Corps.  It
does explain your knowledge and taste in drumming--but then again, I'm a
brass player, and part-time drummer.  My family was affiliated with VK
when I lived in CA, and my dad marched senior corps for a while.

To everyone:
	I am a very devout Christian, and have some not so popular views
about this world we live in and modern music.  If you's like to discuss
anything drop a line.

				(that's Red Barchetta/Randy Bugge)


Date: Thu, 10 Dec 1992 11:55:56 -0700 (PDT)
From: Chris 'Mortimer' Chamberlin 
Subject: RUSH on TV!

In a similar vein to those messages posted a few months back of hearing
Rush during breaks in games on TV and such, I've got another one.

Last night, while watching a Portland Trailblazers (our NBA basketball
team) game on TV, during one of the commercial breaks, an anti-drunk
driving ad came on, produced by Mothers Against Drunk Driving and the
Blazers.  The background soundtrack was none other than the first part of
"Bravado"!  The ad cut out a few seconds before the vocals start.  I found
it rather ironic, using "Bravado" for an ad about drunk driving...  Maybe
there's a Rush fan somewhere in MADD's ad department.  Anyway, I was excited.

-- Chris


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