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Subject: 12/14/92 - The National Midnight Star #581

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          The National Midnight Star, Number 581

                 Monday, 14 December 1992
Today's Topics:
                3 parts of natural science
           Re: Deviation from the normal speed
Riding with the Red Barchetta, forgeting Bruford, and other stuff
                      Neil's mohawk
                      funny titles!
                      The Professor
                     Rush in Reno...
                      Fav's and such
                    Bootlegs Set Lists
                   US Chronicles on LD
                   Re: Natural Science
                       More musings
                        Tom Sawyer
                       Royal Drums
                    postcard from Neil
                  Rush on Tour w/ Rutsey
                    Neil and Drumming
                        Rush on TV
                  RUSH's new label, etc.
                        NMS reader
              rush bootlegs and radio shows
               re: Rush songs on Tv, etc...
                   re: Neil's drumming
                   Brush w/greatness???
           On-stage antics and favourite bands
                   More Neil's drumming

Date:         Thu, 10 Dec 92 18:49:30 EST
From: Raistlin 
Subject:      3 parts of natural science

    Call me crazy.... but i'm almost sure the 3rd part is in fact called
natural science.......    (tidal pools, hyperspace, natural science)


Date: Thu, 10 Dec 92 16:16:59 -0800
From: Mark Jager 
Subject: Re: Deviation from the normal speed

>From: SMITH@EPVAX.MSFC.NASA.GOV (The Ice-9-man Cometh)

>Last night I discovered something interesting.  I was listening to "Rush"
>(the first album) on tape, when my tape player began to crap out.  The
>tape slowed down to maybe 60% of normal speed.  I reached for Stop but
>then listened for a moment...then I listened to the first three songs
>that way.  Very enlightening.  You can hear every place where Alex screws
>up, you can hear every crack in Ged's voice, and the overall effect is one
>of almost Seattlish grunge metal.  The vocals even sound a bit like the
>guy in Pearl Jam.  :)

This reminds me of what I did with my record player a long time ago..
I had Van Halen II on the turntable, (side 2 to be exact) and played
it on 45 RPM.  It sounded exactly like 2112-era RUSH to me!
(At the time, 2112 was the only Rush album I had.)
The vocals, the tempo, the guitar sound, it was a perfect imitation.


Date: Thu, 10 Dec 1992 20:03:39 -0500
From: Chad H Hutchinson <>
Subject: Riding with the Red Barchetta, forgeting Bruford, and other stuff

Hi Rushees,

   Does Rush Limbaugh know how privledged he is to have such a first name?
Oh well, I love him anyway.

   Well, we have a new subscriber to the NMS namely Randy Bugge (R.B./ Red
Barchetta).  In his post yesterday, he discussed Neil and his drumming while
listing favorite drummers.  He has asked me to add one that he forgot because
it was a biggie - Bill Bruford.  He also happens to be one of my roommates.
We will keep you informed if we have any revelations about the honorable trio
known as Rush.

   Just thought of something, you know how the Fear Trilogy chronologically
begins with Part III?  Well, why did they decide to do it that way?  It's cool
and all, but I was just wondering.

   All you Rush fans that somehow got into Dream Theater:  What's the link?
I mean, I picked up a copy of Images and Words today and I heard them for the
first time.  They have no distinct similarities to Rush if you ask me.  Don't
get me wrong, it's pretty good stuff.  They sound like Queensryche with talent
(sorry if any of you really like Queensryche, I happen not to).  In the liner
notes to Images and Words, they thank the Spirit of Rush.  That's the UK fan
magazine, right?  I think I have their address on my German CD single of
Ghost of a Chance.  If any of you want it, contact me.  One more thing, what'
is the name of Dream Theater's other album(s) and does it/they sound like
Images and Words?

  [ PLEASE use e-mail for this reply; do not post to the list!	: rush-mgr ]

   When I got RTB (religiously on the release date), I was instantly surprised
with the great cover.  I noticed and I'm sure a lot of you also have, that all
the background dice are 3's except the bottom 3 or 4 rows.  To date I have
failed to see any sort of pattern in these few rows.  Does anyone have a clue
or it is a lost cause?  Probably the latter, eh?

   Here's a question to the masses?  What's your favorite album cover?  My is
without a doubt Grace Under Pressure.  Beauty.

   Another question:  Does anyone else out there have a personalized license
plate that refers to Rush?  Mine happens to be 2112-AD.  So if you're ever in
SE Pennsylvania and you see the plate, you know it's "The Ghost".

   In Exit..Stage Left, they printed the "loose translation of the new lyrics
for La Villa.  They are definately nothing like what's printed in the booklet.
What the hell is Geddy screaming?  (Monsters, monsters.....?)

   Well, I've exhausted my thoughts for the evening and I have paper to write.

"...where the Dark Lord cannot go"
		--RIVENDELL  <--Ouch!


P.S. Other favorite bands:
	Van Halen
	Def Lep
	Led Zep
	Pink Floyd


Date: Thu, 10 Dec 92 20:45:19 -0500
From: nam2@po.CWRU.Edu (Nicholas A. Mascari)
Subject: Neil's mohawk

>Nick:  Niel, a mowhawk--tell me it was a wig, please....

I thought this was old news?? :-)

Oh well, guess not....and no, it was NOT a wig. We were close enough to see
stubble on the side of his head. I guess he wanted to do something "special"
for the last show. It was pretty damn funny. What I'D like to know is if
ANYONE got a picture of this. It's worth a lot if you do.

Anyway this was a kickass way to end the tour. Those last two shows, (Alpine
Valley and Chicago), were absolutely incredible.

Openers for the next tour?? Dream other choice... :-)

Howdy to all the #p/g!ers and to Tessa.


|~~~\ |    | /~~~\ |    |    Nick Mascari - CWRU - General Electric Lighting
|___/ |    | \__   |____| "All the world's indeed a stage, and we are merely
| \   |    |     \ |    |  players, performers and portrayors, each another's
|   \  \__/  \___/ |    |  audience, outside the gilded cage."-Neil Peart,Rush


From: Cristobal Weinholz 
Subject: funny titles!
Date: Thu, 10 Dec 92 21:00:33 EST

Just a few funny and weird titles I found in my spare time:

	By-tort the Snow Dog
	Temple of the Sphinx
	Hemispheres (actually Camera Eye!)
	Ghost of Dance
	XYZ (of course:)
	Tales of the Universe (actually Red Barchetta)
	Queen of Oblivion (the Weapon)
	Out of Perception (Vital Signs)

"Packaged like a rebel or a hero
 Target mass appeal
 make an audience feel
 He really means it."



Date: Thu, 10 Dec 1992 22:45:27 -0500 (EST)
From: Matthew Joseph Desantis 
Subject: The Professor

"Muff" says that minimalistic drumming is boring --
The only point that I wanted to address was that we should not let devotion
to a single band in any way narrow our views of other drummers. I mean,
Neil's real good at what he does... and he certainly has evolved.

Charlie Watts is a VERY diverse drummer. He has his own jazz group, and he
prefers this style nowadays. As for the Stones, their music CALLS for that
type of drumming... You may think personally that it is boring, but you
must look at the whole picture.

As a musician, most of my acquaintences eventually come to the realization
that it is not always how fast you (computer screwed up) ... how fast you can 
play, but the notes you choose and the mood you evoke. (Not that Neil; does 
not achieve this)

Do not misinterpret me ... I can practically hear every fill Neil does...
(I am a big fan) but sometimes I can only +isten to that ride-cymbal
rhythm that Neil plays so many times... then I give another experienced
drummer a listen for a while...



From: (Baltasar Allende Reva)
Date: Thu, 10 Dec 1992 22:06:01 -0600
Subject: Rush in Reno...

I'm watching the Reno show right now..and they are playing La Villa
Strangiato...what a treat...


Date: Thu, 10 Dec 92 23:19:47 -0500
From: ba080@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Jim B. Stevenson)
Subject: Fav's and such

Greetings fellow Rushians!

	1st off, to whoever asked (sorry, I forgot), Part 3 of Natural
Science is "Permanent Waves".  Gee, I wonder where they got that from?? :)

	Next...My 5 fav bands are:

1) Rush (of course :) )
2) Metallica
3) Queen
4) Queensryche
5) Iron Maiden / Faith No More / Guns 'n Roses (depending on the mood).

	I'd have to say my favorite guitarist is either Lerxst or Steve
Vai...they're both equally impressive.  Favorite bassist: either Geddy
or Steve Harris from Iron Maiden.  Drummer: Neil or Lars Ulrich (Metallica).
I don't think there's any way I could choose a favorite singer :).

	I gotta question: Anyone got any speculation on what the idea (maybe
even title) of Rush's new album is gonna be?

	There's no way that is gonna be their last Rush-Mgr
said, they seem to be having a great time, and it's not like their too

	As to their albums, I'd have to say my favorite Rush album is
Presto (now, be nice! :) ).  My favorite song's pretty much an even 50/50
tie between The Pass and Time Stand Still.

	Well, until later...keep rowin' dem boats!

[][][]  []  []  [][][]  []     ba080@cleveland.Freenet.Edu |"Why are we here?
[]      []  []  []____  []____   Jim `SnowDog' Stevenson   | Because we're
[]      []  []  ~~~~[]  []~~[] HAIL DIRK,LERXST,AND PRATT! | here!
[]      [][][]  [][][]  []  [] "Nowhere is the dreamer..." | Roll dem bones!"


Date:    Thu, 10 Dec 1992 23:25:10 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Bootlegs Set Lists

Greetings all.  I've been debating whether to buy a Rush boot with my next
paycheck.  I've decided to definitely buy one, but, problem is, I can't decide
which one to get.  I don't want to spend $50 of my hard earned, hard to come
by cash (insert poor college student bit here) on a crappy cd with lame
sound quality or boring set lists.  I've pretty much narrowed it down to a boot
from the RTB tour, but I still want to see a set list before I buy one.  I hear
that _Over The Europe_ is pretty good, but I have also heard that _Run From The
Fans_ is pretty ballsy, too.  I would really like to own a whole concert, not
just bits and pieces of one, as I'm sure the one-disc RFTF is.  So, if anyone
can post a few set lists from RTB boots, I'd sure get all smiley. :)  Actually,
E-mail would not be a bad idea, since I sometimes have problems reading my
daily NMS.  I'm sure some readers would appreciate seeing one,
too.  Later, RUSHiots.

John "Rush-Man" Coleman !
Lynchburg College


From: "Allan Hirt" 
Subject: US Chronicles on LD
Date: Fri, 11 Dec 92 0:50:07 EST

Just thought I'd let you all know that the Japanese version of the
Chronicles has 12 tracks, not 11 that the US version has.  I forget
the different track that's missing.

  [ The US version does not contain "Red Sector A".		: rush-mgr ]



Date: 11 Dec 1992 01:54:54 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Re: Natural Science

Regarding the final section of "Natural Science", It is called "Permanant



Date: Fri, 11 Dec 92 07:10 GMT
From: MaskullSoft 
Subject: More musings

To: Russell Marks (Zgedneil) 

Record quality has little to do with length, and I have some LPs
with 30 mins to a side, perfect sound quality. You must have been
unlucky with some bad pressings. Buy enough LPs and this is bound
to happen. It could be that as the LP format is less popular now,
corners are being cut finer.

For those who're really interested, there's a trade-off between
sound quality and how many times an LP can be played. The better
the quality, the fewer times it can be played.

As for tone controls: any setting other than neutral degrades the
signal, so leave them in the centre position, or use the defeat
switch. If the music sounds too bright (as on PeW which has too
little mid-range - ha! You'd need to get a stereo parametric
equalizer to fix *that*), then the mix was wrong in the studio,
or it was badly mastered by an engineer, or your speakers are too
bright. Only the last problem can be easy to correct, you just
choose a pair that sounds good. Most shops let you listen before
you buy, so take a copy of your fav Rush album.

Trying to correct it with the tone controls only makes it worse.
I like the advise of an American hi-fi journo best: set the tone
controls to neutral for a week, then set them how ever you like.
Apparently, all his students go for the neutral position after
this little exercise, as they realise how much better the music
can sound that way.

If you want more bass, get a speaker that can deliver it. There's
no such beast as the tone control that gives you more bass than
the speaker was designed for. I also advise a solid floor - I use
a 50 watt bassbin, but I'm on the 2nd floor and the bass is just
absorbed into the rest of the house. I get very little of it.

Enough about hi-fi!

To: (Graham Stead)

Chad Wakerman is one of my favourite drummers, and most of them
are Jazz drummers. This could apply in general, as there're more
Jazz singers that impress me than Rock, and the same with guitar
and bass players.

Bill Bruford is another fav drummer, as is Pierre Moerlen. Both
play Jazz and Rock, sometimes fusing the two. I should mention
Phill Collins, esp while in Brand X. I only started listening
to Omar Hakim a few years ago, but any musician from Weather
Report has got to be good.

Allan Holdsworth, Robert Fripp and Steve Hackett are amoung my
fav guitarists. Steve Vai's solo work is noteworthy. Adrian Belew
turns up all over the place, for good reasons IMHO.

ELP deserve a section of their own, as each member stands out,
even within the same group. Rather like Rush! I recently saw
ELP live, and the encore was something to kill for. I was with
some friends, sitting behind Carl Palmer's kit (he was partially
obscured be one of the giant gongs). We got an excellent view of
the encore, once the row in front of us cleared a little. Palmer's
kit was on a rotating stage, and at one point this spun around to
give us an even better view. We were right below the bass speaker
stack, which is either the best or the worst place to be at an
ELP concert! Let's just say I saw some shirts moving!!!

I don't place them in any kind of order. The members of Rush are
in the list, natch. I guess if they played more Jazz, that would
put them at the top, but I may never know. At least there's an
influence at work.

What I don't get from Rush is made up for by many other groups.
Like Matthew Joseph Desantis, I don't "worship" Peart or any
other musician. I enjoy the music and the musicianship, period.
When I can, I see them live. This is all too rare tho.

Oddly, I know more bass players than any other kind of musician.
I wonder that's significant? :-)

To: "Travis Williams" 

I have to agree with you. Zappa musicians *have* to be good. Have
an excellent Christmas, if you read this. The same to all of the
NMSers! And a Happy New Year!

Martin Rodgers @ MaskullSoft


Date: Thu, 10 Dec 92 23:09:25 EST
From: (Scott Stuart)
Subject: Tom Sawyer

>>Tom Sawyer
>>  "His mind is not for rent to any god or government"  I would also be
>>  interested to hear other opinions on the lines "Catch the witness--Catch
>>  the wit / Catch the spirit--Catch the spit".  I assumed that this
>>  meant that TS would laugh at those that witnessed and spit on "the
>> spirit".

>IMO, this interpretation is colored by anti-religious prejudice.
>I think the `spirit' is the spirit of Tom Sawyer, the `The Holy Spirit.'
>I mean, `catch the Holy Spirit'? I don't think so. `Catch Tom Sawyer's
>spirit,' i.e. notice TS's sense of life, is far more plausible.

	I agree . . . Tom Sawyer is being over-analyzed!!  There's no reason to
continue speculation as to the (religious) significance of this song; it is
explained fully in this excerpt from the FAQ:

What is "Tom Sawyer" about?

   "I've been avoiding most of the question that ask for explanations for
   different songs, as really the song is meant to do the explaining for
   me!  But since you ask so nicely... "Tom Sawyer" was a collaboration
   between myself and Pye Dubois, an excellent lyricist who wrote the
   lyrics for Max Webster.  His original lyrics were kind of a portrait
   of a modern day rebel, a free-spirited individualist striding through
   the world wide-eyed and purposeful.  I added the themes of reconciling
   the boy and man in myself, and the difference between what people are
   and what others perceive them to be - namely me I guess."
                 -- Neil Peart, in the Dec 1985 Backstage Club newsletter

	Neil doesn't say ANYTHING about religion or spirituality!  How does one
derive 'spitting on the spirit' from this song???

THE T-SHIRTS:  Exactly what do these things look like?  Are any GIFs of
               them available?  It would be nice to see what they look
               like before buying . . .

  [ Contact for info on the shirts. There are no pictures
    of the shirts yet.  A GIF of the star is available and a description
    of the shirt can be gotten from Meg.		:rush-mgr]

RUSH TAPE/CD:  I am strongly in favor of CD.  CDs sound a lot better and
               you can always make tapes from CDs, but not the other way

SECOND FAVORITE GROUP:  Led Zeppelin.  (The first, of course, being Rush)

ProLine:  scott.s@pro-nka          | Nihon Kohden America's Unofficial
Internet:  | Bulletin Board System
UUCP:     crash!pro-nka!scott.s    | 201/944-3102 Give us a call!
GEnie:    S.STUART2                |
FidoNET:  Scott Stuart@1:107/449   |


Date: Fri, 11 Dec 92 10:40:03 GMT
From: Russell Marks (Zgedneil) 
Subject: Royal Drums

Come to think of it, Alex was using his nose on the keyboard at the RTB
concert I went to. Actually I think his keyboard had died, he was certainly
implying that. Kept on headbutting it, though. (Whoops I mean playing it
with his nose.)

Just quickly about the next album, etc. They are FOR SURE doing at least one
more. I expect, quite frankly, that they will do it until circumstances make
it totally impossible. Like Alex's zimmerframe gives out, or Neil's arms
fall off. Or Ged's nose shrinks (which one though!? :-) ). What would they
do if they (horrors) stopped doing Rush, though? Ged would probably be a
producer, Neil an author, and Alex.... a test pilot. Or royalty. Yeah, King
Lerxst the fighter pilot. That's the ticket. Hmmmm.

I suppose I ought to say; I think my second fave band is really Primus. Max
Webster sound quite interesting too, but I haven't got any albums (e.g.
Universal Juveniles) yet. Third is probably Faith No More. Or maybe 2nd. I
dunno. It changes. Rush always #1 by miles though.

About "The Story of Kings" (very good name that!). I think that's the same
as a baktobak interview I've got. A quick aside to UK readers... I got it
from *"Our Price"*! Can you believe that! Some guy had decorated the Rush
section too. Still, if it is that one (must be, right) that is a great
interview. You get to hear Alex say Zinojinovic, and all that. I say, if you
can't hear it, download it from Syrinx or summink. Rush-mgr said where in
NMS #580. Rush/special probably. I'd imagine.

The third part of Natural Science is called... Permanent Waves. Bit obvious
from the lyrics really. Did you, er, "lose the inlay" or something!? Say no
more (in true Python trad) Oh BTW, (switches subject) nice to see another
Douggie Adams fan. Does Mr. Adams like Rush, I wonder, well I guess not.
Oh well.

I must say something that I think is kind of important. All these drummers
talking about Neil's playing, how he's not the best, "hey *I* can play
*that*", etc. That isn't the point. As Puanani said, he has "got what it
takes to be an artist". I agree completely. The idea of the NMS, as I see
it, is to bring together Rush fans, right? Rush fans tend to think Rush is
the best band there is. I certainly do. Am I right? Who cares - it's only my
opinion. And I expect many Rush fans (like me) will not have heard a *lot*
of varied and different drummers and bassists, but will have heard many
different guitarists. So they'll say something like, "Neil's the best" or
"Ged's the best", but probably not "Alex is a real fast/cool guitarist" (I
think he's rather good, really) without knowing for sure. It doesn't *really*
mean they're the best at all. It just means that that person thinks they are
extremely talented and capable, and above all entertaining. That is
fundamentally what it's all about, IMHO.

Sorry everybody this really was going to be a quick one about concerts.
Well, I may be able to infest the NMS even over December. Worrying, huh?

Keep Rushing,
------------------------------- cut here -----------------------------
 _      _
|  | | |_  (|_ )      You have been watching, in order of appearance...
|  |_|  _| (| |)     Russell Marks : Zgedneil :
                               --- YYZ? Because YZ! RTB! ---

------------- One likes to believe in the spirit of email ------------


Date: Fri, 11 Dec 1992 09:35:04 -0500
From: Scott David Daly 
Subject: postcard from Neil

Hello all!

	About eight months ago, I sent a letter to Neil (insert "get
a life" here!).  I just said the usual crap: "I really like your
writing, blah blah blah...basically, I just wanted to see if the
stuff was true about him responding to ALL his fan mail.  I wrote
stuff about being a Geology major and that I liked the use of
scientific stuff in his writing.  I closed by saying that if he
wanted to correspond, maybe we could discuss Geology or something,
and gave my address.  Well I had pretty much forgotten about this.
Then, when I opened the mailbox yesterday, there was a postcard from
Neil!  It has a picture of him at his drumset on one side (the PoW or
HYF shot with the white-pink drums) and a typed letter on the other
side.  It said:

	"Hello Scott,

	Thank you for your good letter, and I can certainly
understand your passion for Geology--it's great that you found it.
Unfortunately, it's all I can do to keep up a correspondence with my
 friends (if you call every three months or longer a
correspondence), and there's no way I can invite anyone else to join.
As you surmised, I get a lot of letters from people, some of them
from very  people, and it's not so much my 
that's short as my 

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