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          The National Midnight Star, Number 592

                 Thursday, 7 January 1993
Today's Topics:
                         boot CDs
                  YYZ by Geddy and Neil?
                 Credits for music/lyrics
            Over the Europe and Ian Livingston
                      Rush w/o Neil
                 Bass lines/Alex Lifeson
        those wonderful teeshirt, and bootlegs...
                      General stuff
                    The Rhythm Method
                    Re: Rush as a Unit
                         YYZ & DT
                       Rush on Tap
                  Another rec'd T-shirt
                      Shirts & Boots

Date: Thu, 7 Jan 1993
From: rush-mgr 
Subject: Administrivia

I cleaned up some of the ftp incoming directories -- there's several
postscript files of lyric sheets designed to fit in a CD case: Rush, FBN, COS,
2112, and Chronicles. They're in rush/lyrics/PostScript; check out README 
for more info on the files. Also, there's an addition to the special directory
(see meg's post below), and a "Rivendell" guitar tab in the tab directory.

- rush-mgr


Date: Wed, 6 Jan 1993 15:30:28 -0500
From: Scott David Daly 
Subject: boot CDs

Hello all!

	Hope everyone had GREAT holidays!

	There's been a LOT of discussion lately about boot I
thought I'd just pop in my 2 cents worth about the ones I have or
have seen:

	"Over The Europe"--Rotterdam 5/3/92--
	This is the BEST RTB boot I've heard yet!  Possibly a
soundboard (we're all still arguing).  It is a complete show and
includes Cygnus at the end!  Great booklet, cool pictures, neat
looking discs with dice design!  It usually goes for around $45 or
$50...but it's a great sounding COMPLETE if you're gonna
spring for one, this is the one to get!

	"Bravado"--Long Island,NY 3/15/92--
	Not bad audience recording...double CD, full show.  Decent
sound, but if you're gonna spend $50 anyway, go with "Over The

	"The Fly"--New York,NY 12/7/91--
	Nothing to write home about...incomplete, OK audience
recording.  Single disc.  70min.  Force Ten-The Pass.  Buy a
different one unless you were at this show or something.  Nice
looking blue, designed disc though...

	"Run From The Fans"--"USA '92" (possibly New Orleans 2/23/92)
	Single disc.  Includes stuff like Xanadu-->Superconductor,
Tom Sawyer, Ghost Of A Chance, but no Dreamline, Bravado, or encore
stuff.  GREAT sound, but this disc plays about 5% SLOW!

	"Pensacola" and "Mardi Gras"--Pensacola and New Orleans 2/92
	I don't have either of these on disc, but I have both shows
on tape.  The sound on tape is pretty awesome (especially was a DAT I believe).  The beef I have with these
boots is this: they are both two-disc sets, but neither is a complete
show!  They both cut out the encore!  Again: If you're gonna pay $50
for a boot, get "Over The Europe"'s COMPLETE and probably has
better sound anyway!

	"Atmospheric"--(I THINK this is Rotterdam also)
	I don't have this one, so I can't comment too much...Dave to fill us in?  I'm pretty sure this is the same show as
"Over The Europe"...

	"A New Reality"--Montreal '!
	Can't comment on the sound, cause I don't ever want to make
the mistake of buying a cd that is just the video soundtrack!

	"La Villa Strangiato"--St. Louis, 1980--
	The same as the old vinly boot "Xanadu".  This is the
complete version, from radio broadcast.  The sound is INCREDIBLE.
Single disc.  Around 80 min I think.  Contains Natural Science.  A
MUST HAVE!!  $25.00

	I know there are zillons of other boot cds out there, but
this is taking longer than I thought...and these are the main ones I
can think of that people have been asking about.

	We really ought to have an ACCURATE "BOOT REVIEW and
DESCRIPTION" list containing set lists and all kept on FTP...don't
you think?  I know Nate was trying to do this a while back...did it
ever get finished?...I'd be willing to work on it with people if
anybody's interested...this is just a very ROUGH list I put down
here.  We ought to put down an ACCURATE and COMPLETE description of
each boot.  ACCURACY is VERY hard to come by in these things...that
Hot Wacks book really is BAD, for example...just FILLED with
mistakes!  These things should be put together by people who KNOW THE

  [ See meg's post below.				     : rush-mgr ]

	Sorry to take up so much space.  Take Care...



Date: 06 Jan 1993 18:54:18 -0500 (EST)
From: "Joshua A. Vaughn" 
Subject: YYZ by Geddy and Neil?

The Ghost last issue was asking if the credits for YYZ were a misprint.
This is all speculation, but I would assume that they are not.  Here's my
reasoning: the song YYZ is based on that morse code riff for YYZ at the
beginning of the song.  I would think that would be something Neil would think
of doing.  Also, right before the place where they put the drum solo on ESL,
Ged and Neil trade off little one measure fills, and they give Alex a solo at
the end.  Compare this tune with Where's My Thing and La Villa, which are a
little bit more melody-oriented while YYZ is a little more rythym-oriented.
Just speculation, of course.



Date: Wed, 6 Jan 1993 18:22:17 -0600
From: Brian E. Saunders 
Subject: Credits for music/lyrics

I saw a post saying "why did Peart get credit for the music in YYZ" and it
got me thinking.  I searched the FAQ for this, but couldn't find it.

Anyway, it seems to me that Peart must write the drum parts for all the
Rush songs (except the album "Rush", of course).  Geddy and Alex could
come up with basic rhythm ideas and such, but it almost seems impossible
to me that they come up with Neil's intricate drum parts.  Therefore,
wouldn't be more accurate to credit the whole band for the music?  Or are
drums not part of "music"? :^)

Also, Neil mentioned that the other two often provide input on the lyrics,
such they theoretically could receive credit for the lyrics.

This has been another "Who really cares, and why was this even submitted?"
post brought to you by:

Brian E. Saunders


Date: Wed, 6 Jan 1993 19:45:11 -0500 (EST)
From: Chad H Hutchinson <>
Subject: Over the Europe and Ian Livingston

Hi kids,

   For the first time today, I saw a copy of OtE.....FOR $64!!!  What a
damn rip off!!!  If it's gone the next time I go into that store, I'm
going to laugh at the poor sap who shelled out THAT MUCH cash.  Ouch.
If there's anyone out there who has OtE and is willing to make a copy of
it for me, let me know and I'll send you the tape(s) of the proper
length(s).  I wouldn't buy OtE only because I already bought Mardi Gras
and can't rationalize spending another $50+ on the same tour.  Thanks.

   Ian Livingston, what is your E-mail address?  I would like to talk
about Dream Theater.  Mail me at (

"...nevermore to grace the night."
			-Cygnus X-1



Date: Wed, 6 Jan 93 17:34:56 -0800
From: mikes@ucscb.UCSC.EDU (Rocinante)
Subject: T-Shirts....

Hey All.....

rush-mgr said   ' GeE, MiKe, LetS Not ForgIt who Else Help eh? :) '

	Oh yeah... Good Work Jim!!!!
    ** Gives rush-mgr a Pat on the head **

 -=- Mike


Date: Wed, 06 Jan 93 21:10:25 CST
Subject: Rush w/o Neil

Good comments from Will (me@whizbang...) about Geddy and Alex without
Neil.  I have to say that they exemplify the definition of synergy:
the sum being greater than it's parts.  Interdependence also comes to


David K. Drum


From: Benkamin Bowles Nevile 
Subject: Bass lines/Alex Lifeson
Date: Wed, 6 Jan 93 21:39:45 CST

Scott Josephson:

> 1.) The analog kid (those amazin' triplets)
> 2.) FreeWill (during solo)
> 3.) La Villa Strangiato (bass riff,VI - The Ghost of the Aragon)
> 4.) YYZ (some of the bass riffs)
> 5.) The Big Money (some of the riffs)
> 6.) Marathon
> 7.) Show Don't Tell (during solo)
> 8.) Where's My Thing? (some of the riffs)

Now THAT'S really strange.  I'm only a bass player of four years, but I like
to think of myself as being fairly good right now.. good enough to play almost
all of what Geddy does.  The first thing that I >EVER< learned how to play on
bass was the solo part of Freewill.  I picked it up by ear, off of the radio.
I think that it's a very easy line to play.. some of the stuff he does under
Alex's guitar is hard to pick out by ear, but once I got it I found it.. well,
not too tough.  Strange how different people find different things hard.

That solo in La Villa is a bitch, agreed.  I think Marathon is easy once you
get the quick right hand movement down.  I can't say I remember the bass line
in The Analog Kid.. I think I'll head down to my basement for a bit!

What about Turn The Page?  I've never tried to play it, but it's always sounded
difficult to me.  YYZ is the hardest I've ever attempted to learn.

Alex Slotkin:

> While Rush contains two highly talented musicians,
> Neil and Geddy, the group sound and compositional approach is what makes Rush
> truly great.  I know people will jump all over me for saying this, but Lifeson
> is not nearly as good an overall musician as the rhythm section is.  This, I
> think accounts for the fact that the most interesting facets of Rush's
> music lies in the rhythmic elements.  Take, for example, YYZ.  The entire
> basis of this piece is the odd time meter., and interesting bass-drum
> approach.

Ah!  But you chose a song that Geddy and Neil wrote, and Alex did not.  Still,
I agree with you somewhat.

I've always found it strange the way that Rush began as such a guitar oriented
group, where Alex was, without a doubt, the main attraction, and that now Geddy
and Neil have totally outpaced him.  Strange.  Still, put Alex in context;  he
was shredding a LONG time ago, and he may seem tattered when compared to the
likes of Joe Satriani, but guitar has come a long way..  Alex was a guitar god
in his own right in the 70s.  Think about it!  Eddie V.H. didn't pop up
mainstream until the mid 80's.

Derek Lichter:

Whenever I try to play Rush at parties, I get lynched!  I must not be going to
the right parties.

> +============== my navel is an interdimensional portal ================+

Hey, so is mine!


Date: 06 Jan 1993 23:53:51 -0500 (EST)
From: (Joe Dell)
Subject: those wonderful teeshirt, and bootlegs...

     Well, as usual, when I got home from work, I had to read the
newest issue of the N.M.S.  Granted I've skipped 1 or 2 because of lack of
time, but what I would like to know is where can I purchase a N.M.S.
teeshirt?  They sound great Could someone please make the information
public?  Thanks.  On to another topic, which I love...

  [ See meg's post below.					: rush-mgr ]

Rush bootl.  I am in need of some more.  I have an addiction of buying
all the ones I listen to.  What I have is the following:
Mardi-Gras   (great)
Over the Europe  (Great)
Run from the fans (great collection, but lacking a little)
Pensicola (very good)
Bravado (Weak)
Currently in vogue  (great)
Red Barachetta  (great)
La Villa Strangiato  (very good)
Metal Memories <1979> good but only 45 min.
I want to find one from some tour not covered.  If anyone has any
suggestions, please post.

Favorite Bands:
1. Rush
2. Pink Floyd
3. Social Distortion
4. Jane's Addiction
5. Ramones


--Boundary (ID yu66Im2RB7//3lmLYPOSqA)--


Subject: General stuff
Date: Thu, 07 Jan 93 16:13:00

Weel guys, first post in a while. Work is getting boring. Just a few

I didn't order a T-shirt because the cost of shipping to Oz is high but I saw
the responses and I think I may change my mind!
To Meg: remember I ordered some stuff from the States before from you? Stuart
Mills? Well maybe I'll do it again. What I am REALLY after (and other people
can help here) is some of these bootlegs running around. You guys in the great
US of A get a *LOT* of stuff about the band. I have to go to import shops just
to buy the LEGAL albums! I'm also after any drum scores put down by Rush (I
already have TECHNIQUES up to GuP) but I was wondering if there were any more.

NO I CAN't PLAY THE Rhythm Method! Its BLOODY HARD! (Although I am learning
Tom Sawyer slowly at the moment...can't get the double kick and 12' 13' tom
sextets yet though....! :) )

Anyway, I would consider ordering a heap of stuff again if I could get some
value from the postage. Say $150-$200 American dollars worth + postage. This
would include a T-Shirt.
Can anyone help suggest what I might want (mostly non-standard stuff) and I
might get my ass in gear and order a T-Shirt.

Thanks folks.

Yours from OZ, tanned and drinking Fosters on Bondi Beach!



Date: Thu, 7 Jan 93 00:59:58 EST
Subject: The Rhythm Method

Someone asked if any drummers are able to play the Rhythm Method.  I believe
I would be able to play the ASOH version, but not the new one, because I
don't have thousands of dollars worth of electronic drums and samplers.
I say would be able to play the ASOH version because a chart of the solo
would be helpful.  Does anyone know how I can get a transcription of the
Rhythm Method?  I have both Rush drum transcription books, but neither of
them feature it.


Date: Thu, 7 Jan 93 08:02:13 CST
From: (john main)
Subject: Re: Rush as a Unit


In response to an article in the latest NMS (received 1/7) :

> Subject: Re: Rush as a unit
> Date: Mon, 4 Jan 93 19:13:34 PST
> From: Will Hartung - Master Rallyeist 
> I know that Geddy and Alex work on the music in one room, while Neil
> writes in another...and then they magically shuffle the two together
> to get, well, Rush. But one side has to mold the other, and somehow I
> don't see the music changing the lyrics as much as the other way
> around.
> Will
> (
> "One for all and none for one..." Syrinx Priests...

I read in a recent NMS, or heard on _The Story of Kings_, or somewhere, that
the way they write songs is:  Geddy & Alex go off and write music and Neil
goes off and writes lyrics.  At the end of the day, they come together and
Geddy & Alex work from Neil's lyrics, and Neil works from Geddy & Alex's music.
So, it works both ways.

And BTW, I'm am NOT trying to downplay Neil's role, just telling you what I
have read.

			I Hate Bama


Date: Thu, 7 Jan 1993 11:18:00 +0000
From: "Oliver (O.R.) Sampson" 
Subject: YYZ & DT

I also noticed that the authorship of YYZ on my copy of MP is by
Lifeson & Peart.  My music transcription shows that it was
written by all three...What gives?

And, I would like to offer my address for anyone wanting to
discuss Dream Theater.

Later all,
Oliver R. Sampson              "I used to be indecisive, but now I'm
Member Scientific Staff         not sure." -- Benny Hill
BNR, Inc.
"All opinions expressed here are the opinions solely of the author,
and they are in no way a reflection of opinions or policies of BNR, Inc.
or Northern Telecom." -- The boss says I have to put this in here.


Date: Thu, 7 Jan 93 12:43:59 PST
From: (Chang... Ed Chang.)
Subject: Rush on Tap

Did anyone catch the "Spinal Tap Reunion" Special on last weekend?
In one of their songs, "The Majesty of Rock" (?), they sing,

	"The more things stay the same, the less they change."

And near the end of the song, there's a guitar riff that sounds
suspiciously like the one in the Rush song.

Circumstantial evidence?  I think not...



Date: Thu, 7 Jan 93 15:55:31 -0500
From: (Karl F. Bloss)
Subject: Another rec'd T-shirt

Just a quick note to thank all involved with the T-shirt production.  I like's understated, yet to the point.  If you didn't get one, order one!


Date: Thu, 7 Jan 93 15:58:34 -0500
From: meg (******* Meg *******)
Subject: Shirts & Boots

On the shirts, we mailed off 8 more on Tuesday, so some of you should
be getting them today! We're going to pick up the other 50 shirts
tonight and will mail off another shipment Fri or Sat. Glad to see
everyone likes them!

Since there have been quite a few discussions on Rush CD boots, I've
made up a list of them (but I need MAJOR help on it from those
of you who have some!) -- it contains the song listing, length of cds,
general comments, sound quality and the source. It's at syrinx on anonymous
ftp in the rush/special directory, called CD-boots.list.Z   For those of
you without ftp ability, mail ME and NOT the rush-mgr and I will mail
a copy to you. Someone was keeping a list like this, but has since left the
mailing list. Let me know what you think about the list!

-Meg    <-- mail here for NMS shirt info


Date:         07 Jan 93 16:32:54 EST
From: "Will Geeslin" 
Subject:      ALEX

Alex Lifeson is a very good guitar player.  I am a professional player that
Rolling Stone magazine described as having "lots of technical flash..." and
"high velocity fretwork...".(Oct '91 issue, Brainsalad review, College band
section).  I know I'm tooting my own horn but I just want to let you know that
I have some grasp of the subject.  Alex Lifeson has written some of the most
moving rock guitar solos ever and yes "La Villa Strangiato" is a testament to
his playing and compositional skills.  However, he is not in the same caliber
technically as for example Steve Vai.  He also isn't on the same technical
level as Geddy and Neil are on their respective instruments.  This does not in
the least take away from his place as a truly great guitar player which encom-
passes two elements:  Technical prowess and Compositional ability.  Having
only the former does not make you a great guitarist (look at Yngwie Malmsteen)
but having the latter does (look at the Edge).
Alex Lifeson has the best of both worlds:  technical(try playing the Spirit of
Radio, which I still use as a warm up exercise) and compositional ability
(insert your favorite Rush song here).


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