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          The National Midnight Star, Number 594

                 Monday, 11 January 1993
Today's Topics:
       Re: 01/08/93 Where Can I Buy Over In Europe?
                        Re: Shirts
                 CD Boots, where to look?
                     rush convention
                     New Album Update
                   video, scary thought
                   "Run From The Fans!"
                NMS cd and other things...
                "Living in the Limelight"

From: rush-mgr 
Date: Mon, 11 Jan 1993
Subject: Administrivia

There's an article typed in at the end of this digest (since this digest
wasn't that big in size today). There is also some info in here about the
upcoming album, and about another NMS cd idea. So read up!

- rush-mgr


From: (David A Warner)
Subject: Re: 01/08/93 Where Can I Buy Over In Europe?
Date: Fri, 8 Jan 1993 23:53:49 -0500 (EST)

Where can I buy over in europe?



Date: Fri, 8 Jan 93 10:27:38 PST
From: (Lance Neustaeter)
Subject: Re: Shirts

   I know I've mentioned this to Meg privately, but I'm wondering if my
course of action is still prudent.  I've been holding off purchasing a
shirt because of their size (I'm not a XL kind of guy).  Is anyone else out
there holding out for the production of Med or Large sizes?  Should I
settle for a neat albeit baggy (on me) shirt before they are no more?  Will
there be any other sizes?  Meg?

  [ I will be ordering another batch and be asking for other sizes besides XL,
    but it might take up to a month to get any of those sent out. And yes, 
    there are other people waiting (patiently I might add!) for other sizes 
    (right Doug and Puanani? :)					    : rush-mgr ]

-- Via DLG Pro v0.995


Date: 09 Jan 93 11:57:55 EST
From: Bruce Holtgren <70724.1622@CompuServe.COM>
Subject: E-boots!

Hey, kids!

Why go through all the bother and angst of looking for Rushboots
in a store, when you can just *E-MAIL* for them?! Yes, indeed ...
I encourage one and all to drop a line to:


This guy will send you a ~135K catalogue of boot CDs (fear not,
Compu$ervers, it's in two takes), including everyone from Abba to
Zappa - and yes, of course he has Rush. Here are the titles he
currently claims to have (these prices are good through March 31,
when a new catalogue will be sent):

Bravado (Nassau Colliseum 3/92)          2 CD, Red Robin $45
Over The Europe (Rotterdam 5/92)       2 CD, Metal Crash $45
Mardi Gras (New Orleans 2/92)              2 CD, Goregon $45
Pensacola (Florida 2/25/92)                2 CD, Goregon $45
Run From The Fans (U.S. '92)                         KTS $25
A New Reality (Montreal Forum 5/81)               Turtle $25
Enemies Within (live FM Grace Under Pressure tour)       $25
Live Under Pressure (Pittsburgh 1984)                    $25
Russian Roulette (Holland 1979)                          $25
The Fly (N.Y.C. 1991)                                MGR $25

Detailed info on ordering and shipping is included with the
catalogue. So stop whining and drooling. Send this guy an e-plea,
and start breaking into that piggy bank.

I cannot believe I actually contributed to the boots thread.
But I thought this one might be worth it. You're all more than

Oh, but how
Do they make contact
With one another ... ?



Date: 9 Jan 93 16:06:00 EST
From: "Jeff Tincher" 
Subject: CD Boots, where to look?

Hello to all of you.  Yes this is my first post to TNMS.  I have been
interested in locating any Rush boots.  Does anyone one know of any
good stores in the Cleveland, Columbus, on Cinci areas???My friends and are
are also interested in buying any boots that you may want to sell.

Also, I would like any info pertaining to Dream Theatre.  Boots, upcoming
shows, etc.

	[ If you want to send Jeff into on DT, please remember to do so
	  in EMAIL!  Thanks.				:rush-mgr ]
	Jeff (Tinch)er


Date: 09 Jan 1993 18:15:22 -0600 (CST)
From: Port Authority 
Subject: rush convention

	I have not heard anything for quite a while about the Rush
convention we were talking about last fall.  Is the planning secretly
progressing and just not being talked about on the NMS?  If there is
anything going on, someone please fill us in!

Thomas Beaudoin



Date: Sun, 10 Jan 1993 21:00:19 -0500 (EST)
From: Lisa Muggridge 
Subject: Curious

Lately there have been several people ending their messages with an offer
of writing to discuss Dream Theater. Would someone mind e-mailing to me
and giving me info on what this is? Anything would be appreciated.
You can e-mail me at

Thanks in advance.

Signing off--



Date:    Sun, 10 Jan 1993 23:42:49 -0500 (EST)
Subject: New Album Update

Just wanted to make sure you all saw my last post regarding the new album.
The deal is that they start work on the album tomorrow.  The first part
of this process is writing the material, then obviously recording etc.
I have a friend in Seattle, who heard that Rush will record parts
of the album in Seattle starting at the beginning of March.  They also have
decided to go with another producer and not Rupert Hine on the next record.
Hopefully I will know who this is soon (right Jimmy?).  And that's
it, oh wait, one more thing, I heard that the approx. release date will
be late September.

Ken F.

	[ Actually, if you're willing to divulge the nature of the new
	  producer, please feel free to do so!  After all we already
	  know who it is but I'm sure people are itching to hear : rush-mgr ]

Date: Mon, 11 Jan 93 02:37:31 EST
From: stimpy 
Subject: video, scary thought

            To the person (sorry I forgot who you were) who suggested
the video compilation to replace the defunct NMS Cd idea, I think that would be
great!  I only have ASOH and Camera Eye on video, and although  they're
entertaining, I can only rewind and replay Alex's solo in LVS so many times
before I wear out the tape!!!  Go for it!  (If the idea doesn't fly, contact me
personally, anyway)
            I heard somebody mention the novel idea of one of Rush's members
ever releasing a solo album in an earlier NMS.  Wow!  It's kind of an
interesting situation to think about.  Kind of scary.  What conditions would
have to occur for any of them to WANT to go solo?  Would RUSH have to be
finished?  Can you hear some kind of promo..."Be sure to 'Rush' right out and
get Geddy Lee's latest release [insert irrelevant name here] out next week from
Atlantic Records"????  Or "Next week's guest on Rockline will be Alex Lifeson
and his band the Lerxtmeisters"  Scary indeed.  Let's pray it never happens!!

 What I say is merely a matter of opinion.
 Anyone who believes otherwise is a damn fool.


Date: Mon, 11 Jan 1993 13:54:11 -0500
From: Scott David Daly 
Subject: "Run From The Fans!"

Hi there all!

	Well, I just found out where/when the boot disc "Run From The
Fans" was recorded.  It is indeed the London, England Wembley Arena
radio broadcast from the 4/17/92 show and NOT "USA '92" as it says on
the disc! I discovered this by comparing the CD to a tape I have of
the radio broadcast (Those damn boot cd people always mess it up!).
The picture on the cover is from the UNO Lakefront Arena in New
Orleans from the band's show there on 2/23/92.

	The CD is GREAT sound quality (it should's a damn
radio broacast)...but the people who did the disc still botched the
job:  it plays about 5% too SLOW!  AARRRGGGHH!   The boot is a single
disc deal and usually runs about $25.00.  Running time is about 56
minutes.  Here's the set list:

Force Ten
Time Stand Still
Distant Early Warning
Roll The Bones
Ghost Of A Chance
Tom Sawyer

	As you can see, it is by no means a complete show, and the
song order is mixed up a little.  Hope this helps out anybody that
was wondering about this disc...



Date: Mon, 11 Jan 93 15:06:15 -0500
From: meg (******* Meg *******)
Subject: NMS cd and other things...

Since the CD idea was just axed, thought I'd take it up. I can get a
DAT player from a friend to make a master, but I need SONGS people! Ideas,
masters, 1st gen copies, anything. Here are a few ideas I have: Take Off
(already have access to this), Pieces of Eight (ditto), first single/b-side,
"dead drums jam" (assuming I can find out when/where this was, supposedly
a PoW date), Battlescar (can get this), a Rheostatics song (?), Gowan
song (?), Smoke on the Water... I also have some live songs in mind. I really
need some ideas though (make sure they're short songs, not like 2112 -- I
might do a separate one for those). I also am not sure if it'll be a cd or
tape; tape would be easier (and cheaper) to do, but I really like the
idea of a cd! And I need suggestions for the 'booklet' -- would people
like concert shorts that others have taken in there? graphics? anyone? :)

We sent out 20 more shirts on Friday, so more members will be getting theirs
today/tomorrow! Still have a bunch left, so if you're interested mail me.

-Meg  <-- mail here for NMS shirt info and/or CD boot list


Date: Sat, 9 Jan 93 16:52:32 EST
From: lhilbe46@Calvin.EDU (Lance Hilbelink)
Subject: "Living in the Limelight"

How are y'all?

This is an article about the RTB tour that I found in a lighting trade 
magazine called _Lighting Dimensions_ last May.  Regrettably, I was
not on this list last May, so I have waited until now to submit this

The article is mainly about the lighting aspects of the tour, and
since this is a magazine for lighting professionals, there is some
technical jargon which I will now define for those of you who need it:

instruments:  lighting fixtures; also _luminaires_
cyclights:  floodlights with bright, even coverage, often used on rear
            screens, or cycs.
gobo:  a metallic (or more expensive glass) cut-out pattern placed
       inside certain fixtures to project an image of that pattern
       onto something such as a backdrop.

Vari*Lite: a highly advanced automated luminaire with remote-
           controlled movement, color and gobo changing, and irising.

Published along with the article was a cool photo of the stage during
one of the shows.  I have uploaded this photo to syrinx on

  [ The photo is called "limelight.gif" in the rush/incoming directory.
							     : rush-mgr ]


>from the May/June 1992 issue of _Lighting Dimensions_:

                  "Living in the Limelight"

By going out on the road with the swminal Canadian hard rock band
Rush, LD Shawn Richardson had a hard act to follow--namely that of
Howard Ungerleider, who has been with the band since they first
started touring.

Because Ungerleider was busy with Queensryche's _Building Empires_
tour he recommended Richardson, a fellow Canadian-born LD who has
designed tours for Robert Palmer and Jody Watley as well as
co-designed with Patrick Woodroffe for The Rolling Stones and Tina

"Howard really got me involved with the show--he came up with the
original plan for the shape of the trussing system, which was accepted
by everyone in the band and myself," Richardson says.  "I filled in
the instruments according to the specs that I felt would work best for
me and did all the programming.  So the looks in the show are mine but
the structure is Howard's."

To get the _Roll the Bones_ tour moving, Richardson enlisted creative ideas 
from both the band and the crew, as well as ungerleider.  "It
was almost a design by committee situation," explains Richardson.
"That's one of the main things I learned from Patrick Woodroffe way
back: 'If someone has something good to offer, never close your ears
to it.'"

Because the three-member band has always used film as a dominant
design element in their shows, Richardson had to design the lighting
and set around the screen they chose to use and work from there.

"This was the first show I've ever done with a film element in it, and
to be honest I enjoy it a lot," Richardson says.  "It provides that
extra added dimension of having the same effect yet having it
differently every time with different film clips.  It's also a
better fill-in space for that back area than just having drops.

"You have to go to less light in certain situations where you want the
film to stand out more--go to darker colors in certain situations or
just use followspots because you need to keep the band lit brightly;
but you couldn't keep the whole stage lit because the ambient light
would destroy the film."

Using projectors provided by New York-based Associates and Ferren,
lead singer Geddy Lee put the film work together, which included
cartoon and video clips and film footage to illustrate each particular
song.  Richardson designed the five different drops that framed the
projection screen.

"The idea to use different drops was mine and I went through the
selection with the band," Richardson says.  "We used five different
painted drops that reflect artwork from their different album covers."

Richardson chose cyclights to light the drops, which allowed him to
create an unlimited number of cloud-like effects.  The prominent skull
images on the drops were painted on with ultraviolet paint and
highlighted with ultraviolet lights.  The designer also turned
occasional gobo patterns onto the drops to vary the looks, such as a
series of lightning gobos in the Vari*Lites Model 2Bs.  To create the
flashes up in the sky he used the Vari*Lite Model 4s which created a
strobe effect onto the canopy over the stage.

After the first week of the tour, Richardson added a trio of
Vari*Lites built underneath the back two corners of the quad system,
to provide more audience lighting.  Plus, the band's signature laser
effects were provided by two argon lasers supplied by Laserlite F/X of
Toronto with tables located at the bottom back corners of the stage.

The _Roll the Bones_ tour began in October, 1991 and is scheduled to
end June 28 in Chicago.
                                                   -Catherine McHugh

   _Roll the Bones_ Tour 1991-92

Lighting Designer
   Shawn Richardson

Structural Design
   Howard Ungerleider

Vari*Lite Programmer/Operator
   Steve Owens

Lighting Crew Chief
   Larry Hovick

   Mark Franz

Electrician/Taskmaster Operator
   Don Lodico

   Marty Capariso
   Jim Floyd

Vari*Lite Technicians
   Kevin Bye
   Stuart Felix

Laser Operator
   Charles Passerelli

Laser Technician
   John Popowycz

   See Factor Industry Inc.
   Vari*Lite, Inc.
   Laserlite F/X

Lighting Equipment:
(1) Celco 90 Gold
(1) Celco 60 Way (Linked to the Gold)
(1) Strand Taskmaster (color changers)
(1) Vari*Lite Artisan Console

(216) VN PAR 64s
(136) 250W ACLs
(10) 1kW 5 degree Berkeys
(6) 5kW fresnels
(4) 1.2kW HMI floods with UV filters
(6) 1kW Berkey cyclights
(27) 8-light Molefays
(38) Vari*Lite 2Bs (Active)
(40) Vari*Lite 4s (Active)

(26) Strand PAR color changers
(12) Rainbox Mole color changers
(6) DeDisti Pangraphs with See Factor Controller
(50) High End dichroic spot filters
(24) High End dichroic PAR filters
(2) 20W argon lasers
(4) High End F-100 smoke machines
(6) Intellabeam mirror heads (for lasers)

400' of truss
(7) See Factor RDLM pods
(24) 1-ton motors
(280) 1kW LMI dimmers
(60) 2kW LMI dimmers
(6) 6kW LMI dimmers


So, there you have it!

Lance M. Hilbelink
Go Brewers!


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