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          The National Midnight Star, Number 595

                 Tuesday, 12 January 1993
Today's Topics:
              *** Rush Convention Update ***
                    Speaking of boots
   Finally, a *real* Rush and Dream Theater connection!
                       Rush Lights
          a different sort of permanent waves...
                 Laser Fantasy does Rush
                Syrinx disk space and GIFs

Date: Tue, 12 Jan 1993
From: rush-mgr 
Subject: Administrivia

Because of recent demand, there is now a bootleg mail order list, containing
mail order places, prices, and relevant books dealing with boots. It's
available on syrinx via anonymous ftp, in the rush/special directory, called
'mailorder.list.Z' -- I can also mail it to you if you don't have
ftp/uncompress capability. Send mail to: if you would like
a mailed copy, and NOT to the rush-mgr address.

- rush-mgr


Date: Mon, 11 Jan 1993 17:24:22 -0500 (EST)
From: John Michael Santore 
Subject: *** Rush Convention Update ***

OK... here's an update on the convention stuff:
(I wouldn't go making plane reservations and stuff just yet though, as
some stuff needs to be finalized)

When: Friday June 25th - Sunday June 27th

Where: Toronto, Canada... Hotel to be announced

Events thus far: Orientation/Sign in/Meet everyone/Hang out
                 Rush tribute band Friday night
                 Picnic in Lakeside Park Saturday afternoon

Transportation:  Get your own flights, hopefully transportation will be
                    1) to and from the airport
                    2) to and from Lakeside Park

Registration:  OK... here's where I need some discussion and help.
    Theoretically, everyone can send ME the cash and I'll get hotel
rooms and make the other arrangements, but I'm kind of leery about this
approach because it puts a LOT of burden on my shoulders.  I'm going to
see if I can get the hotel to maybe help with this, and/or a bank where
the cash will be deposited.

Costs so far:  Plane fare/transportation to Toronto            On your own
               Hotel cost (double for two nights)              apx $140
               Lakeside Park Picnic (trans and food)           ??? (so far)
               Tribute band fees and PA and stuff              ???
               Catering for orientation/hang out               ???

                Total:                                         Big
Question Mark
                                                   (I'm guessing $250ish
                                                         not counting trans)

Now if I let everyone pay for their own hotel rooms, then how do I
collect for the other events?  Does anyone have any general suggestions
as to the finance/registration stuff as I'm not sure how to approach
this, and I can't finalize hotel plans without some plan.

Feel free to discuss this both via the net and with me (in fact a
courtesy copy to me would be nice)

I'd also like to thank everyone who helped out with suggestions and
especially Meg for keeping the email headcount of those interested.

                            -Trying to keep the bones rolling

                                John Santore
                           The deranged individual who
                       volunteered to organized this monster :)

  Go Philadelphia Flyers!               "We break the surface tension
  [a really cool Flyers                  with our wild kinetic dreams"
   symbol used to be here BUT                   -Rush, Grand Designs
   the rush-mgr complained
   that it was too long :( ]            John Santore (
  Rush--Yes--King Crimson--Emerson, Lake and Palmer--Marillion--Genesis(old)


From: madmax@Athena.MIT.EDU
Subject: Speaking of boots
Date: Mon, 11 Jan 93 20:17:54 EST

I haven't had much time to read the TNMS lately, but blew off work tonight
to catch up, and I noticed all of the posts about bootlegs.  I didn't notice
it mentioned, but I picked up a really awesome boot called "Atmospheric".
It's a double CD (the new kind in a single sized jewel box) recorded in
Holland I think. I don't have it with me, so I can't give you the list of
songs, but just remember what they played during the last tour, and it's
all there.  Check it out if you can find it. Approximately $50.00.

The problem with society is that Stupidity
is no longer a self-curing disease....  -unknown


Date:         Mon, 11 Jan 93 20:51:29 EST
From: Mike 
Subject:      Finally, a *real* Rush and Dream Theater connection!


I know there has been much discussion of Dream Theater (some of it my fault)
on the hallowed screens (?) of this digest, much to the dismay of the
revered rush-mgr(s)...

Well, I finally found something that (almost) justifies it...

Over break, back home in hot Ft. Lauderdale, FL, I found a DT rarity...
Its a single for "Status Seeker", a track off their first album _When Day and
Dream Unite_, remixed by Broon himself!!!!!!!

Cool, eh?  The store I got it from had one other copy of it (its a picture
disc too), so if any other SoFla Rush/DT fans wanna copy of it, I'll tell ya
(via e-mail) where the store is...(They also have/had Run From the Fans there)

Okay, my next post will be about the cool Rush tribute band I saw back home
too, Rushour.... (Three words: Check em out!)



*\  / ___  __ *  Mike "Jvi" Weintraub  *  /\/\  *
* \/  ___ |_ `*  The American University, Washington, DC     * / /\ \ *
* /   ___   \ *  "Tomorrow belongs to me" - Fish             * \/--\/ *
*/          / *  "Courageous convictions will drag the dream *  \/\/  *
*      \___/  *   into existence" -Rush, 'Vital Signs'       *I'm Poli*
**************************************************************Sci and *
*   Brought to you by the letter 'M' and the number '3'      *Proud!! *


Date: Tue, 12 Jan 1993 07:53:00 +0000
From: "Oliver (O.R.) Sampson" 
Subject: Rush Lights

Categorize this one as a "for what its worth."
Thanks for the post on the Rush Light show.  Last summer when I
was waiting outside the Richmond Coliseum for the Queensryche
show, I started talking to a guy with the "Access All Areas"
passes around his neck.  His name was Howard Ungersomething.  The
same guy in that article.  We got to talking and he had told me
he did lights for Rush for like 12 or 15 years; then he did The
Who's reunion tuor, and was now doing the "Building Empires"
tour.   Two interesting things came out of this.  1) Rush's old
lightboard is the lightboard at The Bayou in Washington, D.C.
and I had remarked that the sound for the Queensryche show (I had
seen them 4 days previous at Greensboro) was the best I had heard
since Rush.  His reply was that (Item 2) half the crew had worked
with Rush, and that it was Rush's P.A. and P.A. company that was
doing the tour.   And damn if I can remember the name of the
sound company.

And there you go.

Oliver R. Sampson              "If you choose not to decide, you still
BNR, Inc.                       have made a choice" -- Neil Peart
"All opinions expressed here are the opinions solely of the author,
and they are in no way a reflection of opinions or policies of BNR, Inc.
or Northern Telecom." -- The boss says I have to put this in here.


Date: Tue, 12 Jan 93 12:05:58 EST
From: "Jason McNamara, UCS PCF Consultant" 
Subject: a different sort of permanent waves...

Happy new year all!

I did quite a bit of driving over my break (nearly 3000 miles in a nice
triangle:  Bloomington IN to Lafayette LA to Wash DC back to Bloomington).
And though I could listen to tapes the whole way (mostly Rush & Beatles,
with Dave Brubeck thrown in for variety), sometimes it's fun to go with the
random radio (or maybe you don't have a cassette deck/disc player).

So anyway, what do you folks think about compiling a list of radio stations
that play Rush (and reasonably similar stuff)?  Or is there such a list
already?  If not, I'd be willing to serve as compiler (assuming adequate
interest).  Please give your thoughts on this idea, as well as the kind of
bits of info that should be included (radio frequency, call letters,
format, hrs of operation, etc.).

Jason McNamara, Russian and East European Institute, Indiana University
"The member countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States by and
large are marginally independent (economically speaking), do not have that
much in common, and have even less wealth."  :->     - Me!


Date: Tue, 12 Jan 1993 11:30:35 -0700 (PDT)
From: Chris 'Mortimer' Chamberlin 
Subject: Laser Fantasy does Rush

I caught an incredible Rush laser show at the planetarium at OMSI,
Portland, OR's local science museum over a year ago.  I managed to get a
few free tickets to the premiere showing.  I suspect it's either the same
or very similar to the one that'll be shown in Cincinnati, since Laser
Fantasy also does OMSI's shows.  It's quite something, let me tell you.
I've seen several other shows, and Rush's has some of the neatest designs
and tricks.  The song selection was about what you might expect - much the
same as the song list from Chronicles.  I seem to remember that I saw it
just before RtB came out, so there were obviously no representatives from
that album.  I'd think Dreamline would be mighty cool if laser-ized.  The
show is definitely worth seeing as many times as you can, though.  Highly
recommended.  I just wish I'd caught it more times before it went away.

-- Chris


Subject: Syrinx disk space and GIFs
Date: Tue, 12 Jan 93 09:49:04 -0500
From: David Arnold 

Ok, the time has come.  People were informed a while back that the
pictures on Syrinx were taking up a bunch of space (27.7M), and had
to be reduced somehow.  Instead of removing them I'll be converting
them to JPEG format.  The format of JPEG pictures takes up 1/4 as
much space in some cases, and will permit me to continue offering

I leave it up to you to find JPEG viewers, but will attempt to get
pointers to where they can be found and place them into an informational
file.  I know that they are becoming rather common, and there are a
couple for PC platforms.  I do know that 'xv' for Xwindows works nicely
on them, and can convert between several formats, including JPEG, GIF,
TIFF, Postscript, etc.

This change will take effect over the next few days, and should be
complete in a week or so.

Janitor, Temples of Syrinx


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