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          The National Midnight Star, Number 598

                 Monday, 18 January 1993
Today's Topics:
                   "Over The Europe" CD
           *Long* Article and Rock Lyrics Class
                   Cover art for NMS CD
              Cincinnati laser show schedule
        I Saw Rush in Concert on January 7, 1993!!
                01/15/93 - the national m
    Activate the mailer, and run behind the scenes...
                    More on the NMS cd

Date: 16 Jan 1993 14:21:46 U
From: "Waller Nelson" 
Subject: "Over The Europe" CD

Hello all,

I was wondering if there was anyone out there interested in owning a copy of
the "Over The Europe" CD.  It's a fine sounding show and I have at least one
extra copy of this 2CD set in my possession right now.  I may have an
additional copy become available soon as well.  Anyone interested should email
me for details.  Thanks.

Nelson Waller


Date: Sat, 16 Jan 1993 16:07:29 -0500 (EST)
From: Chad H Hutchinson <>
Subject: *Long* Article and Rock Lyrics Class

Hi kids,

   Your friendly neighborhood Ghost here.  I just wanted to post a thank
you for the *long* article at the end Friday's NMS to Ethan Prater and
Meg.  I usually flip past the long stuff, but I sat here and read the
whole thing and really enjoyed it.  Thanks.

   I mentioned about two weeks ago that I'm taking a course during winter
session here at the University of Delaware called "Philosophical Ideas in
Rock Lyrics" (PHIL 125).  I just want to say that it's the greatest class
ever and I picked the right band to be "obsessed" with for a philosophy
class.  Neil Peart is the major lyricist mentioned in class along with
Kerry Livgren of Kansas.  So, I'm getting super bonus points for knowing a
lot about Rush and Neil's way of thinking about the world.  If any of you
want to inquire about this class, for personal reasons or maybe even info
about getting such a class at your university, E-mail me at
(  Just ask for The Ghost!!

>..Catch a fish!



From: (J. P. Robertson)
Date: Sat, 16 Jan 93 19:17:16 -0500
Subject: Cover art for NMS CD

Greetings all:

Just a quick suggestion for the cover art for the upcoming NMS CD.
My favorite Rush album covers are ESL and the street scene in HYF.
If you have access to fairly sophisticated graphic arts equipment,
a similar collage picture would be really cool.

Depending on your resources, you could simply cut-n-paste existing
cover art into a collage, a la ESL. (A colour scanner would be
real helpful here!)  Or if you want to go all out, a "metaphor
collage" a la HYF would be even better.

As for the title, how about "Mars on the Horizon"?  Perhaps not
the catchiest, but suitable given the producers :-)  Of course,
there are great possibilities for the cover art here too, using
NASA photos of Mars, contrived to appear on the Horizon.  (Mars
rising over Earth would look very cool..)  Or go for the
spartan look, and just use the astrological symbol for Mars.

Hmmm.  This was pretty long for a "quick" suggestion.  Sorry.
Anyone else got any ideas?

Jeff Robertson
4B Systems Design Engineering
University of Waterloo
"All that is required for the triumph of evil is for good men to do


Date: 16 Jan 93 19:36:12 EST
From: Bruce Holtgren <70724.1622@CompuServe.COM>
Subject: Cincinnati laser show schedule

Just a brief update on the Cincinnati laser show, for those in
the area who might be interested - this is from The Cincinnati
Enquirer of Jan. 13:

   ROCK THE PLANETARIUM: Three laser rock shows - Laser Rush,
Laser Zeppelin and Laser Floyd: Welcome to the Machine,
featuring, respectively, the music of Rush, Led Zeppelin and Pink
Floyd - start playing weekends at the Cincinnati Museum of
Natural History's planetarium Jan. 22. Laser Rush will be shown
at 8 p.m., Laser Zeppelin at 9 p.m., and the held-over hit, Laser
Floyd: Welcome to the Machine at 10 p.m., Friday, Saturday and
Sunday nights. ...
   Tickets for the shows are on sale at TicketMaster,
(513) 749-4949.

Once again, if anyone wants any further info, e-mail me.

Everybody need a mood lifter
Everybody need reverse polarity ...



Date: Sun, 17 Jan 93 01:57:43 -0600
From: Eric Steven Liebman  
Subject: I Saw Rush in Concert on January 7, 1993!!

Actually, I did not see the real Rush. I saw a Rush cover band called
"Power Windows", and they played in Manhattan's "Rock & Roll Cafe" on
Bleeker Street (they are planning on touring New York, and they will also
p[lay soon at "New York Avenue" in Huntington, on Long Island). They played
four sets and were phenomenal, even though I went thinking that there could
be no such thing as a good Rush cover band!
  They played: Distant Early Warning, Limelight, The Trees, La Villa
Strangiato, Passage to Bangkok, The Spirit of Radio, Tom Sawyer, Subdivisions,
Grand Designs, Fly By Night, Anthem, Jacob's Ladder, Marathon, Circumstances,
Red Barchetta, Closer to the Heart, Where's My Thing, By-Tor and the Snowdog,
Natural Science, Freewill, YYZ, Xanadu, 2112 (!), Vital Signs, Witch Hunt,
and Force Ten.
   The group has four members (Geddy's chores are broken into a singer/bassist
and a keyboardist. The guitarist, Zack, had an incredible rack-mount set-up
as well as a Paul Reed Smith 6-string beauty (like Mr. Lifeson). He had
algorithms set for every Lifeson sound! He, and the other three fellows were
very friendly, and I spoke almost an hour with them about Rush, Ayn Rand
and Amy Fisher (the last one's a joke). I strongly suggest that you go see
tyhem if you live in the New York area. Believe me when I say that some of
their live renditions were even spicier than the ones I've seen Rush play!
(Be warned: the singer is NOT Geddy Lee, and therefore will not have an
IDENTICAL voice, but it is close enough to achieve the desired effect.
   And remember: "Don't give Bart steak; it will make him logey!" (Lisa Simpson,
          A citizen of the world, Eric Alex Liebman


From: Mike Rizzello 
Date: 	Sat, 16 Jan 1993 19:00:00 -0500
Subject: 01/15/93 - the national m

UG>Date:         Fri, 15 Jan 93 10:41:43 EST
UG>From: Floyd Foltz 
UG>Subject:      Xanadu pitch

UG>Has anyone ever noticed that Xanadu on the Hemispheres CD is recorded
UG>slightly above regular concert pitch (somewhere between E and F). I noticed
UG>this when I was trying to play along with the CD - I had to raise the pitch
UG>of each string slightly.  On ESL, the pitch is normal.  I didn't see anything
UG>about this in the FAQS file.  Is it the same way on Hemispheres LP and Tape?
UG>  Just Wondering -
UG>  Floyd F.

 I believe that you have the title wrong, Xanadu is from A Farewell To Kings.
And as for pitch, usually they tend to play at a lower pitch and tempo at live
shows (from what I've heard from some boots).

 * OLX 2.1 TD * Apes evolved from Creationists!
Canada Remote Systems  - Toronto, Ontario
World's Largest PCBOARD System - 416-629-7000/629-7044


Date: Mon, 18 Jan 93 09:35:40 GMT
From: Russell Marks (Zgedneil) 
Subject: Activate the mailer, and run behind the scenes...

HEY! RTB hasn't gone platinum. It says 'chromium dioxide' on mine.
Coincedence? I Think Not. HEY!

I do like the 'Geddy's most difficult' thread, it gives a kind-of jaunty
new angle on Ged's bass. Y'know, like down the neck or something. And
really folks, I don't mind the ego stuff. Face it, if you're better than
2^N others, you're probably pretty deserving. It just sounds funny.

Thanks to Martin R for explaining to me in fractal detail about the lack
of relation between increased LP side length and poor quality. I had
wondered to be honest, because HYF is fairly long and the LP sounds
fine. About graphic equalisers... I have crap headphones/speakers. I
like to hear treble well. My poor ears have a tough time keeping up with
my brain's demands, y'know. I gotta give 'em some help. But I'll try
setting it all to zero sometime soon to see if it makes any difference
(the EQ, not (crosses fingers) the brain).

HEY! I was very interested to see references to Feynman recently, maybe
Neil does have a bit of a mindset crossover or summink. I don't think
you can do more than shout coincedence at that kind of thing though.

Since I expect no-one has responsed to the 'if you could suggest a song
theme to Neil, what would it be?' question, I'll oblige. How about the
implications of unleashing uncontrolled self-replicating nanobots on
this or other planets? Not that I'm trying to get them to do a 'long
song' or anything ;-) . HEY!

To answer a question for the Nth time, where N might just possibly be
one, 1 times Omega Concern == 1 times Lerxst. For further enlightenment,
see your local FAQL. So there you go, Anton. HEY! Annnnnnn*nnnd, on that
subject (enlightenment), is there any way we can have some sort of, well
like a 'diff' file for FAQL, so you can just see what's different? Just
a thought for Dan if he's listening (if you already do it, tell me

  [ When I next send out the FAQL, I will send out the diff file with the
    digest that contains part 3.			: rush-mgr ]

HEY! Sorry about this, my (inferior to CD, tape, and iron filings)
Presto LP keeps jumping. It's stuck on the first bit of Scars. (hey?)
Everyone should read the Power Windows tourbook, they'd all feel a lot

Sorry if this was content-free for you, better luck next time. As you
might have heard, "your mileage may vary". Just getting back into the
swing of things (after having said, obviously, A Farewell To Things).

"Active the programs/And run behind the scenes" Sounds like *my*
programs he's running! Run for it! Free Drinks For All!

-Rus... the witty sod. "Like the man said."

------------------------------- cut here -----------------------------
 _      _
|  | | |_  (|_ )      You have been watching, in order of appearance...
|  |_|  _| (| |)     Russell Marks : Zgedneil :
                               --- YYZ? Because YZ! RTB! ---

------------- One likes to believe in the spirit of email ------------


Date: Mon, 18 Jan 93 14:52:48 -0500
From: (******* Meg *******)
Subject: More on the NMS cd

I'm finally getting songs to put on the cd, and getting ideas for the cover/
inside booklet (send me your concert photos!). Here's the idea I had for
the cover, and would like to see how people like it: a circle w/star on the
left half of the cd cover (in 3-d of course, with metallic-looking circle
and red star), the background a field of stars, the top right having a
black hole (like from the movie "The Black Hole"), and the bottom right
will have the name of the cd. I still need some suggestions on the name!

I also need some help identifying an Alex guitar solo -- it was in Chicago,
either Feb 26, 27, 28 or Mar 1 of 1981. Does anyone have any of these and
knows *which* show it was at (or did he do it at all 4?). I believe it's
almost at the end of the concert, if that helps. It is *not* Broon's Bane,
but something completely different.

And for all you wondering what's going to be on it, this is what I
*definitely* have so far:

"Marathon" from San Diego, CA 2/3/86 (power outtage)
"The Spirit Of Radio" from Long Island, NY 12/9/82 ("the freedom of baseball")
"Pieces Of Eight" Neil Peart, flexidisc from Modern Drummer
"Take Off" Geddy w/Bob & Doug Mackenzie, from the album _The Great White North_
"Battlescar" Rush w/Max Webster, from the album _Universal Juveniles_
"Not Fade Away/You Can't Fight It" first single/B-side, not on any album

Here's some things I'm hoping to get:

"Kid Gloves" from New York 9/18/83 (pre-release)
"Red Lenses" from Milwaukee 6/25/84 (pre-release w/drum solo)
"Middletown Dreams" from Lakeland, FL 3/12/85 (pre-release)
"Tom Sawyer" from Largo, MD 9/26/80 (pre-release, diff. lyrics)
"dead drums jam" from somewhere, possibly 1/23/88 (Alex & Geddy improv)
"blues improv" from Seattle, WA  10/25/76 (Alex & Neil jam)
"Analog Kid" from Irvine, CA 6/3/92 ("pulls down Angels cap")

Some other ideas:

Rheostatics song, Gowan song, "Smoke On The Water" w/Alex, Platinum Blonde
song, "Bad Boy", "Fancy Dancer"

And I had a question -- a lot of nice people have been helping me out, and I
was wondering if it's a wise idea to put a 'credits' page in the cd booklet. I
think they should all get credit, but is it a good idea? Anyone? Also, could
someone *please* give me an idea on what the lyrics are to "Fancy Dancer" or
"Garden Road"? I have a tape of both, but they're not labelled so I don't know
which is which.

Sorry this post has been so long, but thought you'd want to know what's going
on with the cd!

-Meg                   <-- mail here for NMS shirt info, Rush CD boot list, or         bootleg mail order list (specify *which* list!)


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