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Subject: 01/21/93 - The National Midnight Star #601
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          The National Midnight Star, Number 601

                Thursday, 21 January 1993
Today's Topics:
                     Force Ten Trivia
                      Rush on UK TV.
                  Hemispheres picture LP
                      Modern Drummer
         Boots, credits, themes, and conventions
                    Seattle News Flash
                   Jeff Brinkman & RTB
TNMS Boot CD of cool impossible to get stuff for non-rich Rush fans
                       CD inquiries
                    new producer, etc.
                       CD Ideas...

Date: Wed, 20 Jan 93 18:03:58 CST
From: (Mario D'Alessio)
Subject: Force Ten Trivia

Here's an interesting piece of info:

I was scanning through an old issue of "Guitar for the
Practicing Musician" (July, 1989).  There is an interview
with Geddy. A question is asked to Geddy, who answers:

  "Force of Hand" and "Turn the Page" were done ...

It seems that the original title of "Force Ten" was "Force
of Hand". I'll bet they changed the title when they decided
to make it the last addition to the CD (I heard it was the
tenth one added).


   __/\__   Mario D'Alessio
    |/\|    708-632-2323 (9-6 Central)


Date: Thu, 21 Jan 1993 13:15:58 +1200
Subject: Rush on UK TV.

Cyber Surfer asked if Rush had ever been on UK TV. The answer is yes. Apart
from Spirit of Radio and Tom Sawyer being on Top of the Pops, Central TV
(Midlands) showed the Grace Under Pressure Vid late at night in 1988, not
much but the band have been on.



Subject: Hemispheres picture LP
From: LitePopMetalist 
Date: Wed, 20 Jan 93 19:45:50 MST

to those of you living in BOulder or Denver(i know there are a few), I have 
come upon a couple of good condition "Hemispheres" picture LPs at Trade-a-Tape 
in Boulder. One of them is now mine(ho ho he he ha ha ) but the other one sits
a-rusting on the 'special picture disk' shelf over there. And it's only $10!
Pick it up.
     (BTW the picture is the album cover)
-The Denster


Date: Wed, 20 Jan 93 22:43:26 CST
Subject: Anonyminity

I'm sure that Anthem at least knows about the existence of the NMS and
if they were to investigate our CD they would be able to freely and
publicly access all of our archived issues in which our plans for the
CD have been freely and publicly discussed.  So we've blown it already.
Unless of course our esteemed rush-mgr wants to do some extensive editing.

  [ Along with all the other posts about people wanting/trading boots and
    selling various items, right? :)			       : rush-mgr ]


David K. Drum


Subject: Various
Date: Thu, 21 Jan 93 8:38:49 GMT
From: Dominic Binks 

In response to Cyber Surfer :

	Rush were on Whistle Test about the time Power Windows - An interview
	with Alex Lifeson (although they didn't play live) and they showed The
	Big Money video - and what's more - I missed it (FUME - I Still FUME).
	I went into school the next and some of my classmates said did you see
	Rush on Whistle test last night - what ?!!? So I missed it. Apparently
	Alex was bewoing the fact that he was in the studio laying down guitar
	tracks while Geddy and Neil were lounging around by the pool.

In response to Mike Allard (and others)

	Just a kind of by the by, concert pitch has actually been steadily
	increasing. In the 18 hundreds (I believe) concert pitch was put at
	437Hz. It has now been set at 440Hz simply for ease of rememberance. I
	guess it's unlikely to change now though. Unfortunately I cannot add
	any light to the Xanadu mystery ...

Dominic Binks


From: Rohit Keswani 
Subject: Modern Drummer
Date: Thu, 21 Jan 93 11:27:21 EST

For anyone who is interested, Ludwig Drums is making a Neil Peart
poster offer. This offer is made in the latest issue of Modern
Drummer magazine. Go and look at the inside portion of the front
cover page, there is a picture of Neil standing behind a (the) Roll
the Bones drumset. It is a Ludwig drums ad, and at the bottom they
offer a Neil Peart poster for 3 bucks. The address is given in the
ad, I haven't memorized it yet (I don't subscribe). If someone has
this issue, maybe they could post the address.


Date: Thu, 21 Jan 1993 12:11:58 CST
Subject: Boots, credits, themes, and conventions

    I was considering the legality of boots the other day.  My conclusion was
that boots are legal, based upon a classic (but slightly modified) argument
from the Middle Ages:

(1) Socrates exists and Socrates does not exist.    Premise
(2) Socrates exists.                                From (1)
(3) Socrates exists or boots are legal.             From (2)
(4) Socrates does not exist.                        From (1)
(5) Boots are legal.                                From (3) and (4)

    Now, the question is:  Is a boot of a boot legal (i.e. the NMS CD)?
We could easily modify the argument above to prove that boots of boots
are legal (or that Hillary Clinton is male for that matter).
    Therefore, I see no problem with crediting those who produce the CD
in the CD jacket itself.
    I could further argue that I personally deserve all proceeds from the
NMS CD if you like :)

    Rush Content:  A theme for Neil to ponder on the next disk?  How about
the wholly 20th century phenomena of everyone having to champion some issue
that cannot be resolved by simply taking sides, ala Geraldo and Oprah.
I could see Neil commenting on the absurdity of people with different views
on a topic picketing each other without ever trying to determine the truth
of the matter.  <---- Please Flameth Not, just answering a survey question!

    I haven't heard much about the convention plans.  Why don't we move it
to Seattle - next week maybe?


Date: Thu, 21 Jan 93 10:12:24 PST
From: mattb 
Subject: Seattle News Flash

          Yesterday there was a little wind here in Seattle.  Much of
          the area lost power (During my 2 1/2 years in Seattle, I've
          learned that a little wind or more than 2" of snow qualifies
          as a natural disaster).  Anyway, the word on the streets is
          that Rush was doing some recording when the power went out.
          They continued to jam after the outage and liked it so much
          that they decided the new album is going to be completely
          acoustical.  MTV unplugged?

          And to Skip (I think it was), yes this really is something
          to be jealous about.  All three of them are here and I can't
          seem to go anywhere without bumping into them.


Date:         Thu, 21 Jan 93 14:02:13 EST
From: "V.Rajagopal" 
Subject:      Jeff Brinkman & RTB

I was really surprised to read that the series of skulls and bones
on the RTB album cover read REMEMBER DEATH.Being a relatively new
subscriber to NMS,I had no idea how serious fans could be about
their favorite band.Going through the details of the album cover,let alone the
album,proves a point about fan loyalty. I thought I was a great fan of RUSH
but Jeff,u take the cake.

By the way would anyone mind telling me all about this NMS CD being



From: Dale Brouwer 
Subject: TNMS Boot CD of cool impossible to get stuff for non-rich Rush fans
Date: Thu, 21 Jan 1993 14:43:32 -0500

HI!  I'm new to TNMS (600 is the first issue I've gotten... So I'm going to 
have to go back and read the other 599 from the archives.  (only if time stand 

Anyway, I was wondering where, when and how (much$) to get the CD when it's 

I would love to be able to get all the stuff mentioned on one CD.  I was also 
wondering how many covers of Rush songs there are... was the third part of the 
list of possible additions, groups that have done a cover?  If any are to be 
added, I've got Skid Row's "B-Sides Ourselves", and it has an excellent cover 
of "What you're Doin".

Just thought you'd like to know...
Dale Brouwer
University Of Waterloo
'Lord Leto of the Butlerian Jihad'

BTW:  'Slave to the Grind' is an amazing album!!!'


Date: Thu, 21 Jan 93 15:06:40 EST
Subject: CD inquiries

      Howz about a posting of all CD information to-date?
Although I have been reading TNMS for several months, A
collection of info on one posting would be helpful, since
it seems everyone is interested in it.  I know I am!

  [ I'm working on it, but I'm *very* busy at the moment. Probably send
    something out on Monday.				     : rush-mgr ]

      Thanks in advance:

      Joe Remeika


Date: Thu, 21 Jan 93 15:57:00 EST
From: Stimpy 
Subject: new producer, etc.

Hi, I thought I'd just toss two pennies and hazard a guess on RUSH's new
producer.  I was thinking that it would be unlikely that RUSH would go back
to an old producer, seeing as how progressive they like to be, so I thought
that maybe Bob Rock (Metallica) would make a good candidate.  I know that RUSH
has a favorable  impression of Metallica, so it could be possible.
ALso, sorry, this isn't exactly RUSH content, but I am very interested in
getting some more info on this:  Last Sat. on Headbanger's Ball (MTV), Lon
Friend (editor of Rip mag) did his usual spot of previewing an upcoming
release.  He said that none other than LedZep was finished with a new album
and it is coming in March.  He then played about 10 sec. of one song,
definately good, hard, LedZep.  Did anyone else see this?  Anyone heard 
anything about this somewhere else?  Lets all hope its true!
later, Dan


Subject: CD Ideas...
Date: Thu, 21 Jan 93 12:55:42 PST
From: Will Hartung - Master Rallyeist 

OK, here's my 2 cents regarding the CD...

Title: "From the Holds of the Rocinante"
       "Barchetta Barn Dance" (I kinda like this one)
       "Temple Secrets"

The Cover: Something lightly representative of each non-live record.

For example:
    Rush: Absoultely no idea...maybe a hard hat (Working Man)
    FBN:  Train tickets would be cool...
    COS:  A straight razor
    2112: An Ayn Rand paperback book maybe...
    FTOK: A jesters cap...
    Hemi: A hatchet
    PmW:  A old fifties sytle transistor radio...
    MP:   A beat up Ferrari key chain...
    Sig:  I've got to check, but there is a place near me that has a
          fire hydrant, and when the concrete was poured, a dog was
          obviously captivated by it and it's path was saved. So,
          maybe a a photo (black and white) of the paw prints in the
          concrete. If I can't get the photo, a dog collar, black and
    GUP:  I like the idea of the egg and the C-Clamp..but maybe a some
          gloves would be better.
    PoW:  A remote control.
    HYF:  Juggling Balls...
    Pre:  A wand...
    RTB:  A big pair of fuzzy dice.

Now all of this paraphenalia is in a drawer, or something. And the
photo is a picture of all this stuff, with a hand reaching in to grab
the NMS CD, in a beat up scratched jewel case. The CD Title is pretty
clearly visible through the case.

This is kind of a mix of the collage idea, plus with some more history
etc involved. Obviously we can get real blatant with the items in the
drawer, or we can be real subtle.

So, we can either kill this idea totally, or just bounce off and expand
on it...



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