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          The National Midnight Star, Number 602

                 Friday, 22 January 1993
Today's Topics:
                     Force Ten Trivia
                     snow in wash'ton
                   Re: Force Ten trivia
                       NMS CD idea
                     Title for NMS CD
                AGAIN...THE OMEGA CONCERN
                Neil Peart: Poet @ Large!
               cover & title for the NMS CD
                       rush on MTV
                  Rushing the song a bit
                        New rumor!
                    Back From The Ded

From: cygnus@CS.UCLA.EDU (Marshall Robin)
Subject: Force Ten Trivia
Date: Thu, 21 Jan 1993 16:54:36 -0800 (PST)

> From: (Mario D'Alessio)
> Subject: Force Ten Trivia
> Here's an interesting piece of info:
> I was scanning through an old issue of "Guitar for the
> Practicing Musician" (July, 1989).  There is an interview
> with Geddy. A question is asked to Geddy, who answers:
>   "Force of Hand" and "Turn the Page" were done ...
> It seems that the original title of "Force Ten" was "Force
> of Hand". I'll bet they changed the title when they decided
> to make it the last addition to the CD (I heard it was the
> tenth one added).

good guess, but it was probably just the magazine screwing up...

"Show Don't Tell" was written as "Show Hotel" in some rag like GftPM...
and i once saw a real old Creem or something that had a circa-AFtK interview
where they talked about the epic song "Sigma Tech One".

Mags are usually not very good about verifying stuff like that....


Marshall Robin         /\ as loud as hell /\ a ringing bell     /\ behind my smile
gweep with attitude       /\ it shakes my teeth
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~/\ and all the while
                            /\ as vampires feed... i bleed


Date: 21 Jan 1993 19:23:53 -0600 (CST)
From: Yucca 
Subject: snow in wash'ton

	I wonder if the Boyz feel right at home under all that
snow that's sacking the northwest right now?  It is probably inspiring
to them.
	By the way .. I heard they were recording one song with Prince.


Thomas Beaudoin


Date: Thu, 21 Jan 1993 18:37:24 -0700 (MST)
From: jeffrey r brinkman  
Subject: RTB

I wanted to clear something up. There was a message in the 1/21/93 NMS
about the REMEMBER DEATH on the inside cover. This is the inside of the
RTB tour program, not the CD itself. Just wanted to clear that up. Thanks.

Just between us
I think it's time for us to recognize
The differences we sometimes feared to show...

							Jeff Brinkman


From: pevans@sanjuan.UVic.CA (Patricia Evans)
Subject: Re: Force Ten trivia
Date: Thu, 21 Jan 93 17:54:13 PST

> Date: Wed, 20 Jan 93 18:03:58 CST
> From: (Mario D'Alessio)
> Subject: Force Ten Trivia
> I was scanning through an old issue of "Guitar for the
> Practicing Musician" (July, 1989).  There is an interview
> with Geddy. A question is asked to Geddy, who answers:
>   "Force of Hand" and "Turn the Page" were done ...
> It seems that the original title of "Force Ten" was "Force
> of Hand". I'll bet they changed the title when they decided
> to make it the last addition to the CD (I heard it was the
> tenth one added).
> Mario

Did Geddy say that this "Force of Hand" referred to was "Force Ten",
or are you just inferring that from the similarity in title?
"Force Ten" is a very good title for the song, especially considering
the lyrics contain many storm references and the words "force ten"
themselves. The title doesn't sound like it's been changed to a clever
reference, and I don't think "Force of Hand" fits the song. It sounds
like it might have been the title for one of the other songs though,
and they decided to change it when they added "Force Ten" so as not to
make the titles sound too similar.

So, assuming that Geddy didn't say what "Force of Hand" had been (I think
you'd probably have quoted that if he had), what other song might it
have been? I think that title would go well with "Prime Mover".

Any other opinions? (or refutations, my assumption may be false and if
                                     so, I'd like to know.)

Patricia Evans
ORQ: "Alternating currents force a show of hands"


Date: 21 Jan 1993 20:17:33 -0500 (CDT)
From: Orchestral Bloodbath 
Subject: Welp...

Keswani ---> Yeah, I have both the RtB and Presto Ludwig posters.  You can
get the RtB one by mailing:

Ludwig Industries
Neil Peart Poster
P.O. Box 310
Elkhart, IN  46515

Send $3.  The last time I ordered, they also sent me a small one-sheet
catalog on available posters, which included Neil in his Presto set (the
picture from the tour book).



Date: Thu, 21 Jan 1993 20:17 CST
Subject: NMS CD idea

One song that must be on the CD is the live version of
Natural Science (already avaliable in near perfect bootleg form).
Since many people have never had a chance to hear this
masterpiece live, it should be included on the CD (Unless, of
coorse, you want to put the soundboard version of Fountain of
Lamneth on it)

_i wish_


Date: 21 Jan 1993 22:02:52 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Title for NMS CD

Here's my suggestion for title for the NMS CD:
Rush - Stoned To The Begeezus Belt
Maybe we could put a picture of Bill Murray with a joint, kinda like Peter
Tosh's album Legalize It, on the front. Then again...


Date: Thu, 21 Jan 1993 22:17:05 -0500 (EST)
From: Jason James Haas 

    It's was just brought to my attention that on the inside cover of
most of Rush's recent albums, they give thanks to "The Omega Concern."
I decided to check this out on TNMS and it was brought up by Anton
(figured I'd give you some credit, also) on the 01/08/93 TNMS.  Nobody
responded, so I'd figure we'd try another futile attempt.  We all know
omega is the last letter of the Greek alphabet.......any suggestions?

  [ From the FAQ:

    As Alex realized that he had to play acoustic guitar for some Rush tunes
    and then quickly switch to his electric (Closer to the Heart, etc.), he
    crafted a stand (actually an attachment to a Tama Titan cymbal stand)
    that holds his acoustic in an adjustable playing position.
    He soon began to sell this as a product (1st to Music Emporium) under the
    company label "The Omega Concern."  Apparently, Alex's "company" also made
    Geddy a light-up lyric stand and Neil got a newspaper/book holder so he
    could read while he eats breakfast.

							           : rush-mgr ]

Just wondering...



Date: Fri, 22 Jan 93 00:39:00 EDT
Subject: Neil Peart: Poet @ Large!

   My Dear Sirs:

   I have a question and a very unusual contribution.  First the question:
Neil Peart was supposed to have released a book of poetry and musings.
Has he done so?  If not, will he (as in, has he made any public state-
ments to that effect)?

   Okay, so here's the contribution.  I was looking through some 1985
editions of a local drum shoppe's "Buyer's Mailer," when to my amazement,
there were TWO poems in there regarding---you guessed it---Neil Peart and
Rush!  Since they're pretty cool (and since I've never seen anything
quite  like them, really), I'm posting them to the one audience that'll
surely appreciate it:  NMS!  Here goes!

             A STUDY OF NEIL PEART

             The drumset drifts
             Through Halls of Glory,
             Its power the mind of Peart.

             Intellect glowing,
             He'll spice his songs
             With myriad intricate beats:
             Hyperactive, perhaps...

             A masterful weave
             Of rudiment Gods
             He girds about his waist.
             Headband of valor, quality, prowess:
             Peart...A man of TRUTH.

             He's all things written,
             Yet humility he holds
             And a practice of substance
             He follows,

   Whoops!  Guess there was only ONE poem after all!  Coulda sworn there
was two.

   At any rate, there it is.  Had to crack a smile over this one!

   ...Sten (from the Black Periphery)


From: pslvax!larson!matt@UCSD.EDU (Matt Wilkinson)
Date: Thu, 21 Jan 1993 21:39:21 -0800
Subject: cover & title for the NMS CD

Hello NMSers:

Regarding the CD, I think Wil has a *really* good idea for the cover:

| ABOUT: CD Ideas...
| OK, here's my 2 cents regarding the CD...
| Title: "From the Holds of the Rocinante"
|        "Barchetta Barn Dance" (I kinda like this one)
|        "Temple Secrets"
| The Cover: Something lightly representative of each non-live record.

 ... ( examples deleted, but only to save space... *I* liked the ideas )
\ END:

and now my $.02 ...

I like this idea a lot, mostly because it is "worthy" of a Rush fan.
There is obviously a great deal of thought put into Rush's album covers,
so much so that they're often an attraction unto themselves; I never
tire of picking them up and "exploring" them again and again (even
HYF!).  So I think it should be with the NMS CD.

More to the point though, it seems from all the discussions of boots
here on the NMS that the people who put them together often care more
for the money to be made than for the content; I'm inferring this
from all the discussions of misspelled and/or blatantly incorrect
song titles.

NEway, I would hope that *our* little CD would reflect the spirit of
the NMS...  that it would be a thoughtful sortof tribute both to
The Boyz and to the 1500+ NMSers around the world.  IMO, we should hold
ourselves to the same creative and intelligent standards set by Neil,
Alex, and Geddy when they prepare their art for us.

Something should set this CD apart from the rest of the boots out
there... something that shows our devotion to the band and their
music, *not* to turning a fast buck.

Having said all that, I don't really know what *I'd* suggest visually
for the cover, but I do have a suggested title:  how about...

	"The Gangster of Boots"

Just a thought.  There *must* be a clever graphic artist out there
somewhere?! :-)

 [] ----------+---------------------------------------------+-------------- []
 []      matt | "in the unlikely event of a system crash,   | systems       []
 [] wilkinson | your PC may be used as a floatation device" | administrator []
 [] ----------+---------------------------------------------+-------------- []
 []                 Larson Technology, Inc., Burbank, CA                    []
 [] UUCP: ...ucsd!pslvax!larson!matt            INET: pslvax! []

	     >"one likes to believe in the freedom of music."<


From: (Barrett Paul Robert)
Date:         22 Jan 93 10:23:58
Subject:      skiing

I've always thought Rush was great for many purposes, and I just
found a new one.  I have been on a ski trip to Keystone. One day
I stuck Over the Europe into my walkman and listened to it on the
slopes.  I had never thought of listening to Rush while skiing before
but this worked out real well.  Next time I go I am going to bring
all my Rush albums and find the best to ski to.  Try it!


Date: Fri, 22 Jan 93 11:11:37 EST
From: stimpy 
Subject: rush on MTV

I know of the ongoing "Why doesn't MTV play any RUSH"/"I'm glad MTV doesn't
play any RUSH" debate, but last week both sides were proved wrong!  MTV played
RUSH!!!  In primetime nonetheless!!  It was on their "Classic MTV" Show.
Before going to commercial, they said and "with a video from a band that has
been the inspiration for many other bands, RUSH."  I couldn't believe it!  A
good plug for RUSH!!  Coming out of Kurt Loder's mouth, even!!  Unfortunately,
if I was hoping this rare exposure was going to convert anyone over to being a
Rush-ian, I'm sure it didn't happen.  The video was for TSS, not a very
impressive clip, to say the least.  (for those of you who have never seen the
TSS video...don't bother.  Savor the song in your own mind, the image will be
much, much better)  Oh well, at least they got on the air.  Maybe MTV will get
the balls to play the RTB video one more time before I get too old to put up
with their crap.  Oh, well.  bye.

 What I say is merely a matter of opinion.
 Anyone who believes otherwise is a damn fool.


From: (Schwenke Roger Wyckoff)
Date:         22 Jan 93 11:36:35
Subject:      Rushing the song a bit

    I don't want to burst anybodys hemespheres, but whatever song it
was that is at a slightly higher pitch, is probably that way because
they decided it was too slow and simply sped  up the multi-track
recorder when they mixed it down to the master.  Even low-end
portable multi-tracks have speed adjustment on them, it's as simple
as turning one dial to make your music sound faster.  And as every
one knows by listening to a double cassette player on high speed dub,
when you speed up the tape, the pitch sounds higher.


 P.S. Mars IS on the horizon, early in the evening to the east.


From: umnevile@ccu.UManitoba.CA
Subject: New rumor!
Date: Fri, 22 Jan 93 10:57:47 CST

Does anyone know a good way of getting Rush to come to your city?  They
haven't been to Winnipeg since 1982, and gosh darned if it isn't makin' me


(And to whoever it was that said "Go Bruins" - The Jets have won eight in
a row!  There's a real team.)


Date: 22 Jan 1993 13:07:09 -0500 (EST)
From: ASILVERM@umiami.IR.Miami.EDU
Subject: Back From The Ded

Hey folks

	To those who were wondering. . .what was probably mistaken as a
Led Zeppelin album is actually a Jimmy Page/David Coverdale collaboration.
Lon Friend seems to like it, but then again Mr. Friend is easily excitable.
	Here's an interesting thought on the new producer:  What about Eddie
Offord?  He'd certainly add a new twist or two to the old trio, eh?  I'm
just glad to know that the next album won't fall victim to that foolish
Rupert Hine again.
	Of course, if they aren't happy with whoever they have now, I should
be available by the time they're ready to do the next album after this. . .

				Party on!

				Aaron Silverman

P.S.  OK, I just came up with the perfect album concept for Neil:  HOCKEY!
	Of course, he'll have to realize at some point that the Canadiens
	are simply inferior to the mighty Bruins. . .
	(standings notwithstanding!)  Neil needs a new Puckhead.


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