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          The National Midnight Star, Number 605

                 Tuesday, 26 January 1993
Today's Topics:
                   more Boot nonsense
                   one more cd opinion
                     Video collection
                     Neil's Book(ie)
                       Uncommon CDs
                    Posters / Bootlegs
                 just casting my vote...
                    Re: Rush/Van Halen
        Closer to the Heart for Piano and Trombone
                possible future song theme
               Rush/Zep guitar similarities
                    Run from the Fans
                   Info on Neil's book
                  Come on, we're fans !

Date: Mon, 25 Jan 93 16:55:16 PST
From: (Matt Coohill)
Subject: more Boot nonsense

	I agree that "The Gangster of Boots" is the best title with
  "Glittering Prizes" being a distant second.


	As far as the cover art is concerned, I was thinking that people
  could make a gif file of what they thought was the best cover and place
  it at the ftp site  That way many of us could get the
  file via anonymous ftp and vote on it.

	Or maybe not!

  Matt Coohill


Date: Mon, 25 Jan 1993 19:02:40 -0600
From: Jason Crawford 

Hello Everyone...
   I haven't read TNMS for awhile as we just returned from break
not too long ago.  I have to agree with everyone and say that the
title, "The Gangster of Boots" is a great title!  I think that it
is appropriate and only a true fan would understand it.  Has anyone
suggested a version of "Lakeside Park" for the disc?  I just like
that song for some reason.  It just popped into my head.  Oh well,
I was just checking in and can't wait for the disc!
-Lerxst on IRC-

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[][]        [][]  [][]  [][]        [][]        -- What it is...well you're
[][]        [][]  [][]  [][][][][]  [][][][][]  -- not really sure." - Peart
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Date: Mon, 25 Jan 1993 20:03:17 -0500
From: (Mark Sedran)
Subject: one more cd opinion

        after reading through the last NMS, i had a few thoughts on the cd.
 someone mentioned giving any profits to the band.  not that this is an
awful idea, but i really don't think their going to take to well to getting
a one hundred and fifty dollar check from the profits on an unauthorized
record.  i think a better idea is to donate the profits to the bands
favorite charity.  i personally don't know what this charity would be, but
i'm sure someone on the list could find out.  we may also mant to consider
tacking on an additional buck or two for each cd for this charity.  it
would give a better image to the whole project.  it would be for a worthy
        someone else brought up the fact that some actual released material
was being considered for the cd.  i don't know if this is true, unless the
stuff is out of print or next to imposible to find, it just shouldn't be
included.  it's just wrong to include anything thats legally available.
        my impression is that most of the people on this list have A LOT of
rush stuff (records, cd's, concert shirts).  most of the people have
everything the band has offered, and they just want a little more.  if we
make a sort of best of the bootlegs, we would satisfy this need and benefit
a worthy charity.  let's face it, the bootleg companies are pocketing their
profits and Rush isn't seeing a dime.  i think the cd is a great idea, but
only if it's a sort of robin hood thing (i.e. steal form the evil bootleg
companies, give to ourselves and some charity)
        oh, "The Gangster of Boots" is by far the best title.


Subject: boot
Date: Mon, 25 Jan 93 20:17:21 EST

   Hello fellow Rush fans! I'm fairly new but I've been reading daily to get
caught up.  I think Mike hit the Daily Double with "Gangster of Boots".  If
we're going to do it, that's my vote.  I also cast my ballot for any version
of "Middletown Dreams".  I love that song!
   Am I wrong in thinking that I read that The Boyz have given contributions
to charities as gifts to each other??  If I'm not, might that be a better idea 
of where to send any proceeds??  Maybe split it in thirds, one third for the
charitiy each has given to in the past.  If I'm wrong, I still think it's a
good idea.  Remember "People are basically decent, Conventional wisdom would
   But, if Chris Micheal is correct, and RUSH would find MAKING a boot
insulting, might they also find GIVING proceeds to charity in their name even
more insulting??  Then again, who said it had to be in their name??  In the
end, can you do anything more than what you feel is right?? (We've gone
philosophical, folks)  I don't think so.  I believe in the freedom of GIVING!

Thankx for the space!!


Date: 25 Jan 1993 20:20:17 -0500 (CDT)
From: Orchestral Bloodbath 
Subject: Welp...

At my university, I publish a comic strip called 'Pituitary Kid,' which is
about the misadventures of a nerd and his search for love.  It's fairly
popular (for a new strip), but I am mentioning it because in strip #3, I poke
fun at die-hard Rush fans...and the die-hard fans here were both dissed and
majorly amused.  I am going to FTP it to Syrinx, so look for it.  It is
called PITKID01.ARJ.

MMc - Matthew McGarity


From: (Baltasar Allende Reva)
Date: Mon, 25 Jan 1993 21:57:32 -0600
Subject: Video collection

I think a video collection of live stuff is a great Idea...I can
contribute many shows to it...Would specially like to see more
from the Power Windows tour (since I only have two shows from
that era, and only one of them is of good quality!)  I also
would like to see a good recording from Grace Under Pressure tour..
As far as HYF, Presto, and RTB there are some memorable moments, but
they are not as rare....A good signals show would also be welcome..

I KNOW someone out there took their film camera of the early tour...
they have just not been distributed c'mon and release
them (even if the quality is poor!)


(thats where you can mail me for trades, etc)


Date: 25 Jan 1993 21:58:58 -0600 (CST)
From: Choo Choo 
Subject: Neil's Book(ie)

	That book that Neil supposedly has written is called
(supposedly again) "Rain Dance Through the Rockies" and was (supposedly)
read and therefore witnessed by a member of a few months
ago.  However, the assertion that U of Toronto Press or some such
press had published it turned out to be false, and no one at that time
could track down the publisher.  It turns out the books were personally
numbered by Neil, I guess -- limited edition -- and not for the consumption
of the general public.  That's the last I heard on a.m.r since I stopped
reading it due to what I considered outlandish signal/noise ratio.

Thomas Beaudoin

ORQ:"One, two, buckle my shoe"


Date:         Mon, 25 Jan 93 23:21 CST
From: Kent 
Subject:      Uncommon CDs

   I've been reading all the postings recently about bootleg CDs (such a
nasty word that) and their varying quality.  So, I was wondering what
everyone would think of a survey of sorts that rates the quality of the
sound and any other variables that you may be interested in.  For instance,
quality of cover, correctness of syntax, titles, etc. and anything else
you can think of.  Let me know either here or via e-mail and I'll try to
arrange something.  Then I can post an official questionairre for this on
these "uncommon" (much nicer) CDs and all interested parties can mail their
votes to me.  Sound good?  If this has already been done than let me know,
but I would like to know a more accurate rating of sound quality such as
a scale from 1 to 10 as well as any comments.  I could then post the results
here or elsewhere after a designated time period.  Let me know!  Later....

  [ already has a Rush CD bootleg listing, containing
    covers, sound quality, titles, and veracity of songs. Contact her for the
    list.							   : rush-mgr ]

Kent L. McCorkle (or)

Who's come to slay the dragon, come to watch him fall?


Date: Mon, 25 Jan 1993 23:47 CST
Subject: Posters / Bootlegs

Somebody mentioned in last night's NMS that the only Rush posters they
have seen are GUP, PeW, and RTB.  Well, I have a couple other...a giant
subway poster from the RTB tour, from England, a Presto promotional
poster, and most intriugingly, a poster from 1980 that shows the band
in 2112 style, with long hair, "Man-in-Star" drum set, etc. There are
also various posters simply showing the band members. I have one from the
Power Windows tour and the Hold Your Fire tour.  One of my friends also
has a Hemispheres and Hold Your Fire "theme" posters.

Now, in response to the long dissertation about the immorality of booting
Rush, I have a couple quick replies:

1. If Rush is so against bootlegs, they would have released more live
albums, at least one for every other tour. Since they haven't, fans
have the right to aquire bootlegs, as long as it isn't done for profit.
(The CD *isn't* for profit)

2. If enough precuations are taken, no one can ever connect the CD to
the NMS. By proper precautions, I mean a low number of copies, and no
indication anywhere on the CD of contributors or the NMS.

	[ Well, since you are posting this to the NMS and discussing
	  it here, hmm.. it would tend to reason that the connection
	  is *already* made!!  The NMS *is publicly* available, it
	  wouldn't take one much time to see the connection.  Your post
	  is one good such indication :)		:rush-mgr]

Would anyone like to see a Rush "Beat the boots" set (re: zappa)?
I'm sure this would never happen, because Rush is simply to anally-
retentive when it comes to live albums.


Date: 26 Jan 1993 00:54:29 -0600 (CST)
From: ST1S1@Jetson.UH.EDU
Subject: Rarities

Fellow Rushians!

I posted a while back, that I have a copy of Rush's first singles
		"Not Fade Away" and
		"You Can't Fight It"

Hardly anyone contacted me about this.  I am willing to trade, as I do not
have a great deal of bootleg stuff of my own.  I was suprised!  I guess
these songs aren't as rare as I thought!  Contact me!!

Also, has anyone really looked closely at the photo on the inside of the RTB
CD?  It looks at first like an elephant's tail, but is it really?  Look
closely, you'll see what I mean.  And--- in the liner notes, it says:

		"Brought to you by the letter 'b'".

To me, the "b" might stand for Bones, but what do you think?

Just trying to stir up controversey,

Dan Zivijinovich Ross

[][][][][][][][][][][][]REALLY, WHY ARE WE HERE???[][][][][][][][][][][][][][]


Date: Tue, 26 Jan 93 02:03:36 EST
From: stimpy 
Subject: just casting my vote...

Hey all!
            I just thought I'd cast my vote on the current CD issue:

1) Gangster of Boots is a really cool title.

2) Chris' argument about the integrity (or lack thereof) in making our bootleg
   is a good point.  I think the idea of donating any profits to the band (or
   a charitable cause) would be an acceptable compromise.

3) I've said this before, but I'll say it again.  A rarities video (not even
   necessarily sponsored by TNMS) would be great too!  Plus I AM *DYING* to get
   a copy of the ESL video.  *PLEASE* e-mail me if you can help me!!!


 What I say is merely a matter of opinion.
 Anyone who believes otherwise is a damn fool.


Date: Tue, 26 Jan 1993 01:27:50 -0600 (CST)
From: MuffinHead 
Subject: Re: Rush/Van Halen


>        Also, the very beginning of a Van Halen song called "You're No Good"
>the guitar part sounds identical to the guitar in the middle of the epilogue
>of By-Tor and the Snowdog (right before the long drum roll).

   That's Michael Anthony's bass in the intro to You're No Good put through
some heavy flanging. I can't figure out which - guitar or bass - you're
comparing it to in ByTor. Perhaps the guitar since Alex is using the volume

___________________________________________________________________________          -=<*>=-    


Subject: NMS CD
Date: Tue, 26 Jan 93 8:28:42 GMT
From: Dominic Binks 

In reply to (and in support of)

I remember hearing Geddy say somewhere that home recording upset him, because
it didn't allow the performer their rightful share, so I'd hazard a guess that
they probably feel much the same about boots.

So what is the prospect, does any one think, of getting Rush to agree to such a
proposal - like Hi Ged, we'd like to make a CD of some of your rarer material
and perhaps a few live performances and the like, is there any possibility of
doing this ?

>.... He who don't ask don't want ...

Dominic Binks

Dominic Binks                            
Department of Computer Science  |  University of Brsitol  | Bristol  | BS8 1US
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exercise which consists in the coninuous application of the mind to the
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soul may increase in love of God and holiness of life." OED


Date: Tue, 26 Jan 93 08:47:19 CST
From: (Nick Bruels  {66705 CF/DEV})

MuffinHead  contributed:

> (Schwenke Roger Wyckoff) typed:
>>    I don't want to burst anybodys hemespheres, but whatever song it
>>was that is at a slightly higher pitch, is probably that way because
>>they decided it was too slow and simply sped  up the multi-track
>>recorder when they mixed it down to the master.
>  I seriously doubt highly skilled musicians and recording engineers
>would adjust the tape speed to "fix" the tempo. My theories:
>-Some lunk-head bumped the switch that enabled the speed control.
>-They tuned everything higher to mess with our minds.
>-They mastered it at a higher speed so crazed fans on mailing lists would talk
> endlessly about it, forming theories and thinking they have an inside
> brotherhood with the three they affectionately call The Boyz.

and I'm inclined to agree with idea 2.

One possbible way to get a better feel for whether the tape speed was
adjusted (vs. tuning up higher) would be to listen closely to hear whether
Geddy's voice sounds `different' from the other tracks--not just his pitch,
but also any tonal qualities, etc.

It always frustrated me as an amateur Geddy-copier to have to re-tune
everything after AFTK and again before CTTH; if I had real smarts I
would've played X first...

Also, someone can settle this for me:  Is Geddy related to Eugene Levy?

Thanks for bearing with my very first contribution!

Nick Bruels  715-726-6705

"terminat hora deim, terminat auctor opus"


Date: Tue, 26 Jan 93 09:46:36 CST
From: (Mike Usrey)
Subject: Closer to the Heart for Piano and Trombone

While driving to work this morning, I was listening to KRXX 93 FM in 
Minneapolis and those talented DJs "The O Brothers".  As part of their show, 
they compose and sing parody songs.  Anyway, this morning they did a perfect 
"Muzak" instrumental version of "Closer to the Heart" for piano and 
trombone.  It broke me up :)


Date: Tue, 26 Jan 93 08:11:13 PST
From: (Kevin B. Fournier)
Subject: possible future song theme


I've been thinking about a question which was recently asked, namely, what do
you think might be a good theme for Neil to write about in his lyrics.  I've
been thinking about both Manhattan Project and Natural Science (and Richard
Fenymann) and have come up with the following.
After WWII, those scientist who worked on the bomb seemed to follow two very
opposite paths.  On one path was the Oppenheimer/Einstein group which was
vociferously dovish (Einstein conducted a serious letter writing campaign to
both Truman and the UN, and Oppenheimer was even called before Joesph Mcarthy
and the HUAC).  The other group, men such as Edward Teller, went great gonzo
into promoting the arms race and the cold war mentality of mutually assured
destruction for either side in a war.  (Does this sound like the dichotomy in
Hemishperes perhaps?)

In any case, the quick end of WWII after Hiroshima/Nagaski perhaps could have
justified the work that the scientist in the Manhattan Project did.  What were
the scientist who, for the next 45 years, advocated sinking enormous amounts of
resources into finding ways to destroy the earth thinking??  I don't know, and
I'd like to hear what Neil, and ya'll, think.

ORQ - "Science like nature, must also be tamed, with a view towards its

Kevin Fournier

   The coffee's not bad for Nectar of the Gods


Date: Tue, 26 Jan 93 11:32 EST
From: "Scott.Mikusko" <>
Subject: Rush/Zep guitar similarities

When I first heard Beneath, Between & Behind, the main riff sounded
VERY much like the middle part of Heartbreaker ( just after the first
solo and before the main jam ). So, when I picked up my fiddle to
figure out the Rush tune, and already knowing how Heartbreaker went,
sure enough. They're the same riff, in the same key.

Someone posted that Bring It Home had the same riff, but I think they
maybe confusing it with Heartbreaker.

Also, the first time I ever heard What You're Doing, I instantly said,
" Hey, that's the beginning of Heartbreaker in E !!" But, who cares.
I mean, they're all blues riffs, and I really can't imagine a blues
lick, progression, or whatnot not sounding similar to another recorded
somewhere in time.

It's pretty apparent that Rush in the beginning was very influenced by
Zeppelin, but look at the progression since !

You can't readily coin Rush another Kingdom Come !! Now that's a Zep
rip-off band and a half.

                             Good Rush/Zep hybrid tunes:

                                    Stairway to Lamneth
                                    Going to ... Bangkok
                                    Southbound Strangiato
                                    In My Time of Standing Still
                                    (or Time Stand Still's Last Stand)
                                    Available Light In the Evening
                                    Crunge Detector

  alright, I'll quit now.



Date: Tue, 26 Jan 1993 11:26:54 -0600 (CST)
From: Chad Vice 
Subject: Run from the Fans

Yesterday I purchased a bootleg CD of the boys entitled "Run from the
Fans" here in Omaha, NE.  The sound quality is wonderful for a boot, but I
was confused by just one thing...  the entire recording seems to be lower
and slower than normal.  I was wondering for those of you who know about
this album if you could tell me whether or not they intentionally slowed
it down for ample playing time.  It's a bit on the annoying side although
there is some powerful stuff on there.

-==-                           ._______|_______.                        -==-
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From: (Scott McCaskill)
Subject: Info on Neil's book
Date: Tue, 26 Jan 1993 12:56:49 -0600 (CST)

Here is the article I mentioned yesterday from

>Article 4236 (110 more) in
>From: "david goulden" 
>Subject: neil's raindance
>Organization: Canada Remote Systems
>Distribution: alt
>Date: 20 Nov 92 02:23:29 EST
>Lines: 31
>I thought that I would point out that Neil has published at least one
>book, I know because I read it.  It's called 'Raindance Over The
>Rockies' and is about a bicycle trip he took from Calgary to Vancouver.
>It's a good read and since it's probably one of the longest pieces of
>prose he's published it gives a good insight into the way he thinks
>about people, places, music, etc.  It's full of his dry humour too.
>The book was published by the University of Toronto Press.  I believe
>the trip took place in the summer of 1991 and the book was published in
>the spring of 1992 but I'm by no means sure of those dates as it's been
>about a month since I read it.  I borrowed it from a friend who borrowed
>it from someone else so I had to read it in two days, which wasn't too
>difficult as the book is only 75 pages long.  The copy I had was a large
>softcover (8 1/2" x 11"?) with high quality heavy paper.  The book was
>signed and numbered on the inside front cover so it MAY have been a
>limited edition.
>THIS IS ALL I KNOW ABOUT THE BOOK so please don't email me asking where
>you can get a copy, ask your library or contact the U of T Press.
>Canada Remote Systems  - Toronto, Ontario
>World's Largest PCBOARD System - 416-629-7000/629-7044


J. Scott McCaskill

"Just because I'm paranoid doesn't mean they're not after me."
                                      -- my former roomate
"Duct tape is like the force--
it has a light side, a dark side, and it holds the universe together."
                                      -- unknown


Subject: Come on, we're fans !
Date: Tue, 26 Jan 93 15:14:25 -0500
From: Brian White 

Chris, Your points are well taken, but the unreleased material is what *real*
fans yearn for - we want new stuff, as we've heard all the rest.  And, unlike
people who wouldn't want a compilation of unreleased material, people who get
TNMS love RUSH and want to hear new sounds, even if they aren't the best sounds
according to the band members.  The unreleased material that might turn off a
casual RUSH fan will not have the same effect on TNMS'ers.

BTW, I agree with Aaron - the Bruins rule.

"Orange Whip?...Orange Whip?...Three Orange Whips." - John Candy
                                            from The Blues Brothers


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