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          The National Midnight Star, Number 609

                Thursday, 28 January 1993
Today's Topics:
                     Time Stand Still
                    Hemispheres poster
     Any easy clean way to solve the bootleg dilemma
       Re: Force 10 again 
                       John Rutsey
              Conversation with Larry Allen
another great idea!...NMS petition drive for authorized "boots"
             The Who correction and Force Ten
             Comments and ?'s for guitarists
           What makes Rush's music "different"?
                    What do you think?
                possible future song theme
                      Re: Fav solos
                 Hemi Poster, and Thanks
           What else is there to talk about...?
                       NMS Shirts!

Date:         27 Jan 93 16:31:02 EST
From: "Will Geeslin" 
Subject:      Time Stand Still

I forget who I was talking to, but I'm sure it was someone at some record
label.  Anyway, the person told me that one of the reasons that Rush did not
renew its contract with Polygram/Mercury was over the Time Stand Still video.
They hated it and didn't want to release it.  Polygram did anyway and they
began looking for a new label.  Maybe its true, maybe not, and either way
it surely wouldn't be the only reason they moved on to Atlantic.  Does anyone
know any info regarding this ?


Date: Wed, 27 Jan 1993 19:08:46 -0500 (EST)
From: Jason James Haas 
Subject:  Hemispheres poster

In Thursday's TNMS, it was posted,

>Does anyone else out there have the Hemispheres album cover as a full size
>poster???  No one has ever mentioned it on the list I was wondering if there
>are very many out there...

>    Kevin

I do have the full size poster, but I don't know anyone else who has
one.  I picked mine up at Iowa State University in a used tape/cd store
in 90'.  I fell in love with it when I saw it and it was the only one
there.  If anybody else knows where some are, I'd like to know.  A few
friends of mine are interested in getting their paws on one.  If you
have a chance to grab one, do so.  If they are as rare as people
say.......don't let it flash by you.

     Jason -- "Hoser"

               call name - "Wolverine"

Roll the Bones!!!!

  [ Next time could you keep your .sig to ~5 lines? Thanks.	: rush-mgr ]


Date: Wed, 27 Jan 1993 20:49 CST
Subject: Any easy clean way to solve the bootleg dilemma

I have an idea for the bootleg being produced which would (hopefully)
satisfy everybody.  How about we take all discussion of it off the NMS, and
create a "private" discussion list.  This could be as simple as the person
in charge of it simply e-mailing people interested
This being a public discussion mailing list, it is fair game for prying
Federal eyes, but to intercept or read private mail, a search warrant
and court order is necessary.  Even if word of this got out, I doubt the
authorities (or Rush for that matter) is really going to care about
or go through the trouble of tracking down a couple hundred bootleg CDs
prodiuced at no profit, especially when it is easier to go after
people selling those 30-50 dollar bootlegs we all know about.
Another advantage of taking the bootleg discussion off the NMS is that
it changes the status of the CD from "the NMS bootleg" to a few
friends privately arranging something.  That way, the people who
are opposed to this sort of thing will have nothing to complain
about.  You can be morally opposed to bootlegging, or not want it connected
to the NMS, but once it is private, than it is of no concern to you.

I have already gotten a private mailing from the person nominally in charge
of the bootleg, so this person has the capability to send mass mailing
to people interested and organizing it.
In summary (for those who skipped over my post :-)

- Take discussion of the boot off the NMS to private mail
- Make the bootleg!


Date: Wed, 27 Jan 1993 21:54:11 -0500
From: Christopher Mermagen 
Subject: Re: Force 10 again 

Hey hey hey-

About Force 10 - I would tend to agree with Tanya about them naming
the song base on the scale used for rating storms (Beauford scale
I guess is what she said). Also, aside from the references in the
song, there is the concert video footage - with the tornados, etc..

Personally, I love this song - even moreso live with the extended
bass diddy in the middle. It is a good opener to their concerts,
and Ged does his usual powerful stuff when singing.. I also thought
it interesting that Pye Dubois assisted with the lyrics, back again
since Tom Sawyer...

As Kwai Change Caine would here so many times... "Patience, Grasshopper.."
which is what we should listen to while waiting for the next album,
but I refuse to hold the hot pot between my forearms, thank you very
much :p

  [ Did somebody watch the Kung Fu episode this week? :)	: rush-mgr ]


I guess that's Kwai Chang Caine, not change, or plus a change: I am
definately over my head here!!!


From: Chris W. Hope 
Subject: Metropolis
Date: Wed, 27 Jan 93 22:13:31 EST

well we watched this movie in my art class last year and I am sorry
to say that no music by Rush is in it.  However Jon Anderson of Yes
does write a few songs for the soundtrack.  Anyways its a great film
so check it out if you can.

[][][]  []  []  [][][]  []         " Ouick to judge, quick to anger
[]      []  []  []      []           slow to understand.
[]      []  []  [][][]  [][][]       Ignorance, and prejudice, and fear
[]      []  []      []  []  []       walk hand in hand. "   Neil
[]      [][][]  [][][]  []  []     Chris Hope


Date: Wed, 27 Jan 1993 22:37:13 -0500
From: Scott David Daly 
Subject: John Rutsey

Hi all...

	Does anyone know how to reach John Rutsey?  Do you think
Anthem/SRO would forward a letter to him?

 	Any info appreciated...



Date: Wed, 27 Jan 93 17:10:52 PST
From: mcg@roatan.island.COM (Matt McGlynn)
Subject: Conversation with Larry Allen

I'm a new subscriber, and having received exactly one issue
of the NMS, I'll risk posting some info that might be common
knowledge, although the source probably isn't.

Also, apologies to readers of the drum/percussion mailing
list, for whom this will be repetitive.

A few months ago I happened to have a conversation with Larry
Allen, who has been NP's drum tech just about forever.

I asked if they have to buy gear any more, or if every vendor in
the world gives them stuff because he's Neil Peart.  The latter
is in fact the case, although apparently NP isn't much for sucking
up all that equipment.  According to Larry, NP says "if they wanted to
give us free gear, they should have been there when we were broke
and paying cash for drum kits, during _Caress of Steel_ and _2112_."

Even so, it's obvious Ludwig has some sort of deal with him, so
I asked about it.  The way I understand it, each year (/album/tour/?)
when NP wants a new kit, he trades a photo of himself with his
drums, for advertising purposes.  One photo = one drum kit, spare
shells, some hardware.  Not a bad gig.

There's a neat deal with -- hmmm, is it Pro-Mark?  Whoever makes the
"Signature series" sticks.  Anyway, for the use of his name and
signature, Pro-Mark provides all the sticks NP needs, and NP's share
of the profits (some $ per gross sold) is donated to the
American Cancer Society.

matt mcglynn


Date: Wed, 27 Jan 1993 22:47:40 -0500
From: Scott David Daly 
Subject: another great idea!...NMS petition drive for authorized "boots"

Hi gang,

	What with all the moralizing going on here of late...I
thought I'd snatch a possibility out of all the quote a
fellow yesterday:

>Perhaps a better way to direct this energy is to beg and plead with
>Entertainment Group to release some of this stuff.

	Well, the more I thought about this, the more I liked it:

why not get a petition together for this!?  RUSH has seemed to pay
attention to petitions in the past!  This would be a fun, harmless
thing to do (and something nobody can morally object to...well, I'm
sure some people would still find a way!).  We could put together a
nice petition saying something like: "We are your most loyal
fans...and WE WANT TO HEAR MORE COOL STUFF!!  Please give us a few
soundboards (FOR OUR USE ONLY) of your best live stuff (we'll let YOU
choose...but please include a Caress Of Steel show!).  We really
would like to hear rare live material, but we don't want to stoop to
dishonoring you by purchasing bootlegs."   I THINK THEY'D BE
FLATTERED (and undoubtedly pleased with the classy way we carried it
out!).  1500+ signatures is a fair amount!...

	The worst thing that could happen is that they'd ignore
it...I think it'd be fun to throw this together!!!

	We'll have to be sure to make the petition a RESPECTFUL
REQUEST however,,,

		What do you guys think?



Date: Wed, 27 Jan 1993 22:56:20 -0500 (EST)
From: "Nathanel J. Barlow" 
Subject: The Who correction and Force Ten

No flame here, but to Floyd F., the song you called "Teenage Wasteland"
is actually called "Baba O'Reilly" (sp?).  It's off the Who's Next album
(1971), one of their best, IMHO.  That is, unless there is some other
Who song with very similar words that I don't know about. . . .

Also, I have to say I like Tanya's explanation for the title "Force Ten"
as relating to the Beaufort scale.  Sounds like the best explanation so
far to me.



Date: Wed, 27 Jan 1993 22:57:03 CST
Subject: Comments and ?'s for guitarists

    Personally, I have always thought Alex to be the premier rock guitar
soloist.  Many of his solos are very emotional and just seem to flow from
inside him without any effort.  So many solos today sound like they were
created mathematically, usually in an effort to emulate classical music.
Anyway, the question was which solos are we particularly fond of?
Here's my favorites, roughly in order:
    1  Xanadu (ESL)                   6  No One at the Bridge
    2  La Villa Strangiato (ESL)      7  Working Man
    3  Broon's Bane                   8  2112 - Overture, Soliloquy
    4  Jacob's Ladder                 9  Chemistry
    5  Natural Science               10  Bravado

    I wonder what melodies or "licks" you all find especially pleasant?
Here's a few of my favorites:
    2112 - Solioquy (before the solo)
    The Fountain - part with flanger (chorus?)
    Territories - throughout the song
    Natural Science - "Wheels within wheels..."
    No One at the Bridge - all
    The Trees - droning part before the solo
    Xanadu - intro

    For the guitarists out there:  You know how Alex often plays a
"droning" part (Tom Sawyer - "What you say about his company...",
Natural Science and The Trees (see above)), where he arpeggiates but
plays the last note twice?  Is there a name for that technique?
I think that works incredibly well for building tension.  What do you think?


Date: Wed, 27 Jan 1993 23:06:47 CST
Subject: What makes Rush's music "different"?

    This one's more for the general Rush fan.  I wonder if anyone has any
idea why some people think Rush's music is bad.  I don't mean people who
don't have a taste for it, but people who just think anything Rush does
is awful.  What sets their music apart from other groups, of whose music
most people can find at least one song they like?

    A case in point - When I worked at the planetarium in Grand Rapids
we did a Zepplin show.  The director (who is about 50 yrs old and listens
exlusivesly to classical) actually liked most of Zep's music.  So did the
others who worked there.  But when I produced the Rush show they didn't
like the music at all (except possibly Time Stand Still).  Even the local
newpaper critic (also ~50) liked the Zepplin music better than Rush.
This just doesn't make sense to me.  Zep was good, but I wouldn't consider
their music appealing to a wide range of people.

    Does anyone have an idea what makes Rush's music different?  Or is that
just a silly philosophical question?

    Incidentally, they *did* admit that my laser patterns were better than
the ones in the Zep show :)


Date: 28 Jan 93 01:17:56 EST
From: Philip.S.Augur@Dartmouth.EDU
Subject: What do you think?

I just read Neil's response to the question "What is 'The Pass' about?" and
so listened to the song again paying particular attention to the lyrics and a
question came up in my mind:  at 4:05 when they ask, "Christ, what have you
done?" does anyone think that Peart was addressing Jesus and kind of
questioning whether he really died for whatever reasons Christianity backs or
rather that he kind of threw in the towel, a sort of suicide--or is it just
used as an expletive (which seems too simple a thing for Peart to do, to me
at least)? I'd like to hear some opinions on this.

  [ You might want to check out previous digests, we've had two discussions 
    on this as far as I remember. Perhaps the FAQ has the exact issues?	
							         : rush-mgr ]

Phil Baker the Candlestick Maker

"See them bow their heads to die, as we would bow when they rode by." -- Neil
Peart    _Bastille Day_


Date: Thu, 28 Jan 93 07:04 GMT
From: Cyber Surfer 
Subject: possible future song theme

An interesting question!

> In any case, the quick end of WWII after Hiroshima/Nagaski perhaps
> justified the work that the scientist in the Manhattan Project did

Only maybe. Feyman himself doubted this, and states in one interview
that he "simply forgot" the original reason for working on the MP,
so that when the reason changed (Germany surrended), he and the others
continued to work on the Project.

Some historians believe that Japan would have surrended anyway, and
wnated to, but America make a cultural misunderstanding by asking
for *unconditional* surrender, which to the Japenese generals would
have been a tremendous loss of face. How many understand that, even
today? The Japenese themselves are losing the old values.

Why not suppose that Neil writes a song about *that*?

On the subject of the Zepplin influence, I noticed this years ago,
but it's clearer these days as I listen to more Zep. A friend pointed
out that the guitar riff at the beginning of Marrillion's Assassing
has a strong Zep feel to it. The sound is totally different so you
don't immediately think of Zep, but it's in the rhythum.

-- Cyber Surfing on CIX --


From: (Graham James Reilly)
Date: Thu, 28 Jan 93 11:55:37 GMT
Subject: Re: Fav solos

I find it more or less impossible to come up with a  top 10 Alex solo list, but
I do have a small list of favourites:

No One At the Bridge
La Villa Strangiato ( I've had a transcription of this for over a year now, 
			and still can't play it)
YYZ ( I'm slowly getting this one up to speed, but it involves a lot of strange
    finger formations and is mostly tapping - I can do the run at the end OK )
The Camera Eye
Red Sector A ( just so full of energy - his chordy solo period )
Afterimage ( in the middle of learning to play this 'cos my band is covering it)
Mission ( live )
The Pass ( this one sent shivers down my spine the first time I heard it, and 
	it still does ),
Bravado ( these last three are the most emotional pieces of guitar I have ever
	heard.  Bravado has had me close to tears in the past)
Ghost of a Chance ( suits the song so well - I can almost play all of this one )

And there you go.


( just sittin' here watchin' those crazy mushrooms grow )


Date: Thu, 28 Jan 93 14:16:05 GMT
From: Russell Marks (Zgedneil) 
Subject: Hemi Poster, and Thanks

Well, about Hemispheres posters? I've got one. However, I have a niggling
doubt whether it's official or not. Hey, don't go calling me a hypocrit, all
I knew before I bought it was "Hemispheres poster 3'x2' - 2 pounds" so I
bought it. I've also got an unofficial p/g (looks terrible, same reason), an
official p/g (much better, bought after), and a rather natty rtb one. If
anyone else has a Hemi poster, mine has the middle bit from the cover - with
the businessman sort of 'cut and paste'd further up the brain to fit in the
poster, so to speak.

Many thanks to Dan and Rush-mgr for the diff file on the FAQL. Most helpful!

Just a quick 'un,
------------------------------- cut here -----------------------------
 _      _
|  | | |_  (|_ )      You have been watching, in order of appearance...
|  |_|  _| (| |)     Russell Marks : Zgedneil :
                               --- YYZ? Because YZ! RTB! ---

------------- One likes to believe in the spirit of email ------------


Date: Thu, 28 Jan 1993 12:00 EST
Subject: What else is there to talk about...?

Just a few quick comments on our little project...
	- I'm all in favor of selling the disc (oops!  The "project") at
cost, too.  If you want to raise the price a buck or two and give the
profits to charity, that's what, $2000 max?  If Rush really wants charity
to get that money, they could donate 0.0000000001% of their income then.
(I'm not harshing on them -- they do a lot as it is.)  I'm just saying that
that whole plan is something we're doing to try to make ourselves feel
better about doing something we're not so sure is right.  aka trying to
ease our guilt.  Using the project as a fundraiser ain't gonna legalize it.
	- Idea:  if you're really worried about tracing this through e-mail,
move conversations to snail mail!  Last time I checked, the post office
doesn't open every letter in an attempt to discover things like this,
so you ought to be safe.
	- Matt, I _loved_ your "encounter" with Ged and Alex.  I split my
side laughing, especially the part about Geddy.  Truly a classic.
	Well, I had more to say, and would have said this all more
intelligently, but I had a huge exam this morning and my brain's fried.
Later all!
					----------------------	Al Wolf
P.S.  I like all the hockey talk at the end, but all I have to say is
that the Pens rule, period.  Even with Lemieux, Barrasso, and Ulf sidelined.


Date: Thu, 28 Jan 93 18:15:13 GMT
From: 'Kemarin' 
Subject: Posters

Greetings all, my first post so don't tear it to pieces please.

On the poster front, I've got one of the GUP cover.  Don't know if it's, like, 
official, cos if I look closely I can see where sellotape was holding the 
words down when it was printed or whatever.  Does this mean that somebody 
whipped in half an hour or is it something deep and meaningful by Rush that I 
haven't figured out yet?  Probably the former.

On a slightly different tack, are there many Rush badges around?  I've got 
four, one that just says Rush (in wobbly letters) and three album covers, COS, 
2112 and HYF.  Are there more about?

That's all for now, sorry there's no witty quote at the end, I'll try and come 
up with something soon.

  [ Please remember to keep your posts to < 80 characters/line!	: rush-mgr ]



Date: Thu, 28 Jan 93 14:39:19 -0500
From: meg (******* Meg *******)
Subject: NMS Shirts!

It seems that we've had our first contact from someone who saw a shirt
someone was wearing. Whoever was at U of Minnesota eating lunch yesterday,
this guy saw your shirt and mailed in for information, so you can be proud! :)

I'm still taking orders for the NMS shirts; remember, all sizes are now
available! If you're going to send in a check though, PLEASE be sure you have
enough money in the account so we don't get it returned to us. We've gotten
the second one back, and when I find out who he/she is there's gonna be hell.
(The first person had the kind decency to let us know AHEAD of time that the
check would bounce!) We get charged $3 every time a check bounces! If this
keeps up I'm going to be forced into accepting only money orders.

Anyways, if you'd like more information on the shirts, e-mail me at the
address below.



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