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Subject: 01/29/93 - The National Midnight Star #610
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          The National Midnight Star, Number 610

                 Friday, 29 January 1993
Today's Topics:
                     More on Xanadu.
         University of Toronto and Power Windows
                  Force Ten and The Pass
               Bootlegs, bootlegs, bootlegs
                    "OVER THE EUROPE"
                     RE:RE:fav solos,
                    Lerxt yes;  Ulf no
               Hemispheres poster / ethics
                 The Force 10 question...
                 Rush's `Different' Music
                     Time Stand Still
     Re:  01/28/93 - The National Midnight Star #609
                    Responses to #608
Bruins crush Jets;  Earth continues to rotate on its regular axis
        Philisophical musing about possible songs
                   sorry to be a boor!!
              Hemi Poster, Fav Licks, etc..
                 What Makes It different
                     Great drum parts

From: ki!!ddl@uunet.UU.NET (Derek Lichter)
Subject: B--tleg
Date: Thu, 28 Jan 93 13:30:03 EST

If a Rush collection ever does get put together by people on this list,
I just want to quietly repeat my suggestion to record it on a DAT.
Perhaps there are some people here who have access to CD mastering equipment,
but it seems far more likely that someone has a DAT recorder.  I believe
it would be more secure (and, of course, cheaper!) to keep it "in-house."
Several DAT masters could be redistributed to different people on the
newsletter, if necessary, and copies could be made over and over
without degradation of sound quality.  Remember, we're including
live and old recordings that aren't of crystalline clarity anyway.

						Derek L.
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Date: Thu, 28 Jan 1993 17:00 CST
From: "A superintelligent shade of the color blue." 
Subject: More on Xanadu.

This is in response to Jeff's observations of the odd tunings used on Xanadu.
I am very confused as to the rationale behind doing this. On AFTK, Xanadu is
tuned to exactly A=450. This severely annoys people with perfect pitch, but
anyway...When they perform Xanadu live(like on ESL), they DO tune up, but not
quite enough. The recording on ESL is around 445. VERY strange, because the
rest of the songs are back to 440. My guess is that it not the result of lack
of ability, more likely a twisted joke. On ESL, YYZ is very slow. This makes
me think that maybe they can't play it up to tempo, at first, but if you listen
to the ASOH video, it is faster than the original and just as cleanly played.
Hmmm... the questions arise.....

As far as fav solos, I think La Villa is one of the best and Different Strings
has definitely the most 'creative' solo.
As for the CD. The Ganster of Boots is DEFINITELY the best name. :)




Date: Thu, 28 Jan 1993 18:10:37 -0500 (EST)
From: Chad H Hutchinson <>
Subject: University of Toronto and Power Windows

HI kids,

   My first order of business is a request.  Is there anyone on the NMS
(hopefully a student there) that can send me the address for the
Department of Chemical Engineering at the University of Toronto?

   Secondly, someone was mentioning a Rush cover band called "Power
Windows" and I believe that he was a student at Lehigh University.  I was
wondering how far south these guys play, where "Mr. Lehigh" saw them, and
where "Mr. Lehigh's" hometown is.  Also what was the name of the other
Rush cover band that was mentioned recently.

   Direct E-mailing would be best for replies, thanks,

"We're tiny, we're toony, we're all a little looney
 and in this cartoony, we're invading your TV.
 We're comic dispensers, we crack up all the censors
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     \         \     \         \     \     \        Chemical Engineering
      \__       \_______  \_______    \__   \__

 * * * * * * * * Better people, better food and better beer * * * * * * * *


Date: Thu, 28 Jan 1993 19:08:32 -0500 (EST)
From: Chad H Hutchinson <>
Subject: Force Ten and The Pass

Hi kids,

   This whole conversation on "Force Ten" is getting rediculous.  I
believe on a Rockline interview back when _Hold Your Fire_ came out, Geddy
and Alex explained clearly that the title referred to the Beaufort Scale.
Case closed...

   Anyway, on yesterday's post, someone was inquiring about the meaning
behind "The Pass."  Neil does a good job of fully explaining the ENTIRE
background of the song on the _Profiled!_ disc.  It's not easy to come by
so if any one wants the transcription of it, I'll send it to them.  That
is unless it's already in the FTP somewhere.  Hey, if it's not let me know
managers, I'll write it out and send it to ya to put into the FTP!!

  [ No, it's not on syrinx. Send it in if you want!		: rush-mgr ]

  \  _____  \     \    \  _____   \                 The Ghost
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Date: Thu, 28 Jan 1993 20:57:51 -0500 (EST)
From: "Philip M. Simon" 
Subject: Bootlegs, bootlegs, bootlegs

    I understand that bootlegs are illegal to produce.  Personally,
however, I don't think that anyone will be prosecuted should the cd be
made.  Bootlegs fall under those "tough to enforce" laws.  Authorities
usually have bigger fish to fry.
    For example, on Sunday, I went to a music exposition where there
multiple bootlegs from just about every mainstream group or artist.
This exposition is quarterly, and is also advertised on the radio.
There have been no raids of this show (which is publicized quite a bit).
 Given that, I sincerely doubt that the producers of this cd (relatively
clandestine) would be discovered by authorities, let alone punished.
    Yes there are potential costs of producing the cd.  However, for the
producer of technically illegal material, said costs are invariably
weighed against the benefits.  I understand the rationale for both sides
of the argument.
    Furthermore, in the interest of mimimizing the chances of getting
caught, as suggested earlier, I would like to see this discussion held
on a _private_ forum.

Phil Simon

"All the same we take our chances."


Date: 28 Jan 1993 20:20:22 U
From: "Waller Nelson" 

Hello all,

I'd like to thank all those people out there for responding to my post a few
weeks ago concerning the OTE discs for sale.  The response was excellent and I
found one proud owner out there.  Unfortunately, I don't know if I was able to
respond to everyone or not and I do still have the second copy for sale.  All
interested parties should email me again.  Thanks!



Date: Thu, 28 Jan 1993 19:47:31 -0700 (MST)
From: jeffrey r brinkman  
Subject: RE:RE:fav solos,

Glad to see that I got some response in solos. The last response(sorry I can'
t remember who it was!) talked about emotional solos. Yeah, mission is the
most emotional solo I've ever heard. Almost brings me to tears and still
gives me chills. Powerful stuff. I don't mean to sound like some guitar
virtuoso, or one of those guitar bastards that tries to know everything,
but a couple things about his solos. On La Villa, just remember that when
he starts cooking, don't worry about individual notes, he's moving fast
enough to set your hair on fire, just stay in the key of C, and boogie
from the high A on the E string (17th fret) to the open E staying in C.
This is how I do it anyway, and it sounds pretty close to me! Also in YYZ,
he doesn't really tap, I've never actually seen him tap. YYZ's solos and
fills are really just trills. The solo and the entire song is tough, but
it can be figured out. The fingerings are kinda weird, but the intervals
aren't very far apart. Yeah I agree, Red Sector A has one of the coolest
solos I've EVER heard. Ever try to figure that one out?? After I heard it,
I had to try it. It's not to bad, the opening is harmonics on the 4th 5th
and 7th frets, the next section goes straight to the 12th fret area, and
basically stays in the key of D. It's a way cool solo. Sorry if I sounded
like I knew what I was doing there for a while, I probably don't!!! I'd
like to hear some other's opinions??? See ya.

							Jeff Brinkman


Date: 28 Jan 1993 21:26:59 -0500 (CDT)
From: Orchestral Bloodbath 
Subject: Welp...

Welp, whenever I consider Alex's solos, alot of his work can really move me:

Marathon (always makes me feel on a adrenaline high because I can imagine
          myself in a race)
Camera Eye (adds to the effect that the song makes:  a longing effect!)
Spirit/Radio (adds to the general excitment of youth the song conveys)
La Villa Strangiato (I can imagine Alex's nightmares, with the ever-
                     increasing bass in the background)
Dreamline (reminded me of old Rush for an unexplainable reason)

Any ideas on these?



Date: 28 Jan 1993 23:16:30 -0500 (EST)
From: ASILVERM@umiami.IR.Miami.EDU
Subject: Lerxt yes;  Ulf no

Hm, favorite Lifeson solos. . .

	Certainly Limelight comes to mind.  And I like the solo in 2112 
Overture too.  That double-tracked doo-hickey on Closer To The Heart's a 
doozy as well.  This is a tough thing.

	OK, here's a question for all you guitarists.  When you play the Wheels
Within Wheels riff in Natural Science, what fingering do you use?  I generally
play the last 4 notes of the line all on open strings, but it's also possible
to use the power-chord type fingering for the two pairs on the B and D strings.
(Or is it D and G. . .)  Anyway, just curious.  This might be better responded
to over Email, I guess, but of course it's up to the omnipotent Rush-Mgr to

		[Insert Rush-Mgr instructions here]



P.S.  Any team which allows Ulf Samuelsson to wear its uniform has NO CLASS.
	Just ask some of the REAL players that he's maimed.
	Cam Neely will be back, by the way. . .


Date: Fri, 29 Jan 1993 01:19 EST
Subject: Hemispheres poster / ethics

Hey Rushians-
        About the Hemi poster...I have one, and I love it.  I picked it up
in Hicksville, Long Island in a head shop-type place called Utopia. I've
never seen one anywhere else though...

        And concerning the 'project' - I think that the guys (and most
musicians) don't like 'footwear proprietors' because they are making money
off of the band's hard work.  We are all true fans and this is a _non-profit_
thing that we are talking about here. Also, the distrabution will be relatively
low.  Why would they be offended?  As for the idea of adding a dollar or two
to the unit price and sending the proceeds to a charity, I agree that this
amount would be too small to make it worthwhile.

        Just my $0.02.
                                        -Dan Pisacano
                                        "I sang some sad songs...
                                         I drank twelve beers!"
                                                -Geddy in Pittsburgh, p/g tour


Date: 29 Jan 1993 04:17:21 -0500 (EST)
Subject: The Force 10 question...

  I hesitated answering this, cuz I figured someone would say it sooner and
I'd be repeating it, but apparently not.  In a newsletter from the Rush
Backstage Club, one of the little Question and Answer things they sometimes
have with Neil, someone asked "Where did the title for Force 10 come from?"
or "What was the inspiration for Force 10" or something like that.  Anyway,
his answer was short and sweet:
  "The Beaufort Scale - look it up!"
  That's straight from the horse's,, whoever it was that
suggested that (Tanya?) yes, that's correct.
  Also, I did hear someone relate the tale of Geddy on an interview show
talking about how Force 10 was indeed the 10th song to be written, and how
it was "forced" onto the album, but I've never heard the interview myself,
so I can't verify that.


Date: Fri, 29 Jan 93 10:34:41 GMT
From: 'Kemarin' 
Subject: Rush's `Different' Music

Hello again, my observations about Rush's music...

Many people around here (in sunny England) have heard of Rush, but never
actually listened to any.  I think that Rush's music is so varied that most
people will find something they like if they listen to enough.  Curiously
enough, RTB is quite popular (people like this album but not others) and, to
a lesser degree, HYF.  Does this mean:
  1)  Rush's music has `normalised' (no flame, couldn't think of a better
      word to use here, my vocabulary is very limited) of late?
  2)  The world has finally caught up with Rush?
  3)  Rush's albums are becoming more widely available?
I think the second is most likely.
The majority of people that like Rush here seem to be in the 25-35 age group.
Is this true for a wider field (ie, not just insignificant parts of England)
or just a coincedence.  People that like RTB seem to be younger, about 18-22.
Is this coincedence also?  I'd be interested to know, as I'm 19 but have liked
Rush for a long time.  Hmmm.

P.S. - My 0.02 barter units worth on various things...

       1) The CD - great would love one.
       2) Video - see CD.
       3) T-Shirt - again great idea.

One problem, though, I'm stuck out in the styx (England).  Is it possible to
send them to me?  How do I pay?

A final point - the petition.  Good idea in theory, but how are you going to
fill it in?  Sending it around the world would not only take ages, but would
cost a lot and would undoubtedly get lost or damaged along the way.  Would an
E-mail petition work?  Does that count as a petition?  After all, anybody could
put a list of names together using a word processor.  Just a point.  No doubt
there's an obvious solution that I've missed.


***Still no witty .sig - sorry!***


Date: Fri, 29 Jan 1993 08:23:28 -0500
From: Ben Fulton 
Subject: Time Stand Still

From: "Will Geeslin" 

>label.  Anyway, the person told me that one of the reasons that Rush did not
>renew its contract with Polygram/Mercury was over the Time Stand Still video.
>They hated it and didn't want to release it.  Polygram did anyway and they

Well, they used that video on the HYF tour and if I remember right, also
on the Presto tour.  Can't imagine they would have if they'd hated it that

ben (Bloomington, IN)
"Verbing weirds language" - Calvin


Date: Fri, 29 Jan 93 10:01:42 -0400
From: (Roy Germon)
Subject: Re:  01/28/93 - The National Midnight Star #609

I would volunteer to "host" the boot discussion.  I can set up a mail reflector
in my account.  all that would be required of interested parties, would be to
include a keyword in the subject title, and my mailer would redistribute that
message.  If that is acceptable, let me know asap.  BTW I am going to use the
term "cd project" anytime I feel it necessary to mention it here.  I suggest
people stop saying "we should stop saying 'b**t' on tnms", and jsut start doing

Rush content:
I am not a musician, and know little of time signitures, but does anyone
know what time the different parts of cygnus X1 are in?  There's one part
that just seems to drop a beat every now and then.  Any feedback from the
musical comunity would be appreciated.

Those of you who are fortunate enough to be in the same city as Rush for a
while, any definitive word on who is producing the new album?  I would
certainly be interested in knowing.

Thanks for your attention all.

Roy G

"I'm not looking back, but I want to look around me now."
				-Guess who?


Date: 29 Jan 1993 08:09:48 -0600 (MDT)
Subject: Responses to #608

Hey, again, all:
	Just got done with #608, and some responses for you:

First - CUBSFAN:
	I interpreted your comments (move discussion of 'the project' to a
mailing list) to indicate an electronic mailing list.  If this is the case,
your comments about it being illegal for someone to read the mail are invalid.
There's an electronic information act which says that anything being sent
electronically is completely open to capture and reading.  If stored in a
public place (the hard drive on a VAX server or BBS), it also is completely
legal to be read by anybody who has the technology.  A lot of BBSs lately have
been posting quotes from this act.  Besides, it would be easy for a cybercop to
ask to be put on the list.

Second - a related topic:
	'The Project'.  In #307, Roger Hayworth (user ID :=) said that he was
willing to organize an effort to contact anthem.  I, for one, take him up on
that offer, and ask a little more:  Make your efforts a petition as suggested;
don't just contact anthem, try to contact Rush themselves (anybody in Seattle
think they'll be able to get ahold of them??? :=); add my name to the list.

When we send our request, let's send a list of what we'd like to put on it (our
current list), an ask them what they'd like to see put on it, or what they
could give us along the lines of what we're looking for.

	I agree about the sensitivity of pirating.  There are many arguments we
can use to convince ourselves it's okay, but all are rationalizations.  If I
talk myself into robbing a bank (but those starving homeless people _need_ the
money) I'm still robbing a bank.  Roger, if you need help, let me know.

Third - continuing second:
	Not having a lot of money, I'm not very into the idea of spending more
than I have to (that's why I haven't ordered a shirt yet.  Maybe sometime
soon...).  On the other hand, I like the feeling I get when I think about 'the
project' being legal coupled with the nobility of 'all profits go to a worthy
cause'.  These two fit in extremely well with the vision I have of our favorite

Fourth - Force 10:
	The FAQ makes mention of use of a scale.  I forget the words, but they
don't say which scale they were looking for.  I looked up 'force' in my
dictionary, and it had 2 different scales - the Beaufort scale (already
mentioned), and a second scale which goes to 15 or 18 (it's been a while since
I looked it up).  I figured it was the Beaufort scale being referenced, but I
thought the possible confusion interresting.

Fifth - People who don't like Rush music:
	My wife just doesn't seem to hear as many of the nuances behind the
'musical wavefront' - the first impact of each part of the song - as I do.  I
seem to get more from what's going on between the _apparent_ notes than what I
get when I'm just having the music playing.  She doesn't spend the time
_listening_ to the music that I do, and I think that's part of why she doesn't
like the music as much as I do.
	I have a friend who's been converted to Rush-fandom.  He didn't like
the music before because of Geddy's voice.  It was coupled with LP's on
'inexpensive' players to result in poor quality.  That's the biggest complaint
I've heard from him.
	Just a couple of possibilities.  There's no way I could think I might
understand what goes on with someone who _isn't_ a Rush fan! :=)

Lastly, an observation of my own:
	I saw the movie "Better Off Dead" yesterday (one of my favorite comedys
of all time).  Guess who had impact on a lot of the music...Rupert Hine!  I
thought that might be interresting to those of you who were looking for these



Date: 29 Jan 1993 11:07:01 -0500 (EST)
From: ASILVERM@umiami.IR.Miami.EDU
Subject: Bruins crush Jets;  Earth continues to rotate on its regular axis

Various bits:

	Somebody was wondering why some people seem to hate all Rush music.
I have known some people like this.  However, those who take the time(oh no,
another Dream Theater reference) to listen to a wide mix of Rush songs will
change their tune.  I'm not just saying this;  this has happened with several
people I know.
	I have the GUP poster too.  I think it's official because it's very
common and I see it a lot in regular stores.   A friend of mine has a poster
of Hold Your Fire which is the album cover with photos of Dirk, Pratt & Lerxt
on the bottom.  Another friend has the old poster which someone mentioned where
the band is wearing about twice as much makeup as in the picture inside 2112
itself.  I have to laugh out loud every time I see it!  (Yes, people who don't
know have actually asked:   Are those guys or girls?)
	One comment on all the "charitable donation" talk of late.  I have
nothing against charitable donations in general, just when they are mandatory.
Then donations are no longer truly charitable.  Since many NMS'ers are the
proverbial  "starving college/grad students," charging extra for anything on
this net(except maybe a bit for those who put in effort to put things together)
is really not such a hot idea.  However, it's not as bad as the idea of asking
a record label or band(in general,  except for maybe the Dead or Metallica) for
permission to break the law!  Most businesses are very strict with regards to
that sort of thing and imagining that one could be simply convinced otherwise
is rather naive.  Nice wishful thinking, but no reality.  A polite request
would receive a polite(yet firm) rejection that would simply make the requester
feel even more guilty about his perpetration.  Personally, of course, I have
no moral problems with illegally collecting rare material released by a group
that has already sold me just about everything I can buy.

			As the world turns & the Bruins dominate,



Date: Fri, 29 Jan 93 09:02:04 PST
From: (Kevin B. Fournier)
Subject: Philisophical musing about possible songs

Cyber-Surfer replies:

>Only maybe. Feyman himself doubted this, and states in one interview
>that he "simply forgot" the original reason for working on the MP,
>so that when the reason changed (Germany surrended), he and the others
>continued to work on the Project.
>Some historians believe that Japan would have surrended anyway, and
>wnated to, but America make a cultural misunderstanding by asking
>for *unconditional* surrender, which to the Japenese generals would
>have been a tremendous loss of face. How many understand that, even
>today? The Japenese themselves are losing the old values.
>Why not suppose that Neil writes a song about *that*?

A nice twist to an idea!!  I guess the big question in terms of how these
scientist felt after the end of WWII is wether violence between nation/
states is ever justified.  In terms of *Witch Hunt* we know NP does not
approve of mob actions, and to go way back, by way of 2112 and *The Trees*,
we know that NP finds an authoritarian state anathma.  But would he EVER
feel that the horrors of war are justified for any ends???

     Neil has wrote about the status of the US in the modern world and the
role our country is to play in the future (ie. *New World Man*).
Also, in the past he has  written about one nation's inability
to undestand or value another nation's values (ie. *Territories*), but I
can't really think of a song inwhich Neil writes about any one group
specifically losing there values inorder to *evolve* or as the result of

Does anyone think this is a possible idea for NP to work with?  I don't
know the situation in Canada, but I'm sure NP could find plenty of raw
materials for songs in the culturally degraded positions that many Native
Americans are forced to endure on reservations (the bit about Canada refers
to the cultural position of the Eskimos who live there).  I guess *Heresy*
on RtB does refer to the triumph of Western values (ie. material wealth,
instant gratification, copious consumption) over the Eastern Bloc lifestyle,
but NP has not (to my sleep-deprived brain) written about the loss of
ones culture volunteerally (sp?)

Can anyone comment on wether Rush is politacally correct, what NP thinks
about the way history is evolving, and NP's opinions vis-a-vis Western
values and philosphies in a global context???

Too tired to think of a clever quote!

   The coffee's not bad for Nectar of the Gods


Date: Fri, 29 Jan 93 09:19:28 PST
From: (Kevin B. Fournier)
Subject: sorry to be a boor!!


Two post to the same issue, forgive my tendancy to run on and on, but I just
got some news that I want share.  I'll be in Geneva from 1 March to 7 March
and Paris from 8 March to 13 March.  Does anyone know of anything Rush has done
that is strictly limited to European distribution that I would be able to find
over there??  Further, do any of our readers live on the continent?  Meeting a
friendly face would be nice!!  Please, any info. on European Rush paraphanalia
would be greatly appreciated!!

Look ma! Two post and not a single mention of the, ah, fan compliation progect.



   The coffee's not bad for Nectar of the Gods


Date: Fri, 29 Jan 1993 12:34:11 -0500
From: Christopher Mermagen 
Subject: Hemi Poster, Fav Licks, etc..

I've gotten hold of some neat Rush posters from this place in Ocean
City, NJ.. I got the full size Hemisphere cover, p/g, a poster of a
brick wall (the bricks are light grey) with 3 pictures of the guys
from the HYF album and 5 album covers, poster of man juggling balls,
poster of European Tour '82 - has covers from MP and AFTK on it
(for the most part, not exactly the same), poster of Rush live
from ASOH, PRESTO, and RTB..

As far as fav licks and solos, lets see..
I like the guitar/synth combo in Countdown-
I love the part in Middle town dreams when Ged sings 'the Middle aged
Madonna calls her neighbor on the phone'
The main guitar part for the Enemy within live on p/g video
The guitar part from AFTK on Cygnus x-1 "I set a course just east of Lyra"

and many more..



Date: Fri, 29 Jan 93 12:33:56 EST
From: stimpy 
Subject: solos!

Hey all--
	This is in response to the "fave solos" thread.
#1 (no contest):  La Villa Strangiato on the ASOH video.  It's REALLY great.
#2 (distant)   : Limelight
#3	       : Broon's Bane
#4	       : Presto
#5	       : Xanadu (live)
#6	       : Kid gloves

Does anybody else agree with my #1 pick?  I think it's so incredible.  The
camera work really does a great job during the solo, too.  He seems to play it
so effortlessly.  Anywho....Later.
P.S. DONT boot the boot!

 What I say is merely a matter of opinion.
 Anyone who believes otherwise is a damn fool.


Date: Fri, 29 Jan 1993 13:24:47 -0500 (EST)
From: Matthew Joseph Desantis 
Subject: What Makes It different

Someone Asked why People would dislike Rush...
What Makes it Different....

You should know: I am a great fan... since '78...

	The music of Rush is unique; and ever since Neil joined the band, the
construction of each piece has been complex and highly ornamented. Even
a song that seems simple like New World Man has its share of fills that
most mainstream listeners would find too obtrusive, unnecessary, or,
perhaps they just filter it out.

	As a child, I always found the music to be "grating" A tradition with
Rush is to create phrases that end usually in a loud "pop" on the bass
in conjunction with a hefty kick on one (or both) of Neil's bass drums.
This is evident in that "bone crushing live sound" they had on ATWAS. As
a bassist, keyboardist, and guitarist, I have come to appreciate a good
amount of their material. But while listening to Rush as a kid (the
trees, Xanadu) I knew the songs that would bring my parents to turning
off the tape deck... I knew when one fill was one fill too much, or
alex's droning guitar repeated one too many times (like in Jacob's
Ladder, the section in 7/4 where Alex mutes)

	The point is, most listeners of Rock, PASSIVELY listen... Rush almost
requires an active listener. You aren't listening to Debbie Gibson.
Zeppelin did not accent orchestration as much as Rush... Zeppelin is a
sound that many try to get now, but few accomplish. (And I'm not a big
Zeppelin fan) I read in Rolling Stone once that "the album RUSH was
>...'a poor man's Led Zeppelin'" according to one critic. For that album,
I had to agree. Rush has come a long way since then.

	Another grating aspect of the band (to outsiders) is Geddy's banshee
vocals, Especially evident on Hemispheres, and A Farewell to Kings.
Again, we see refinement... listen to Ged on Hold Your Fire...narry a
I thought the high pitched vocals were unique and kinda cool!

	There are some things I miss... Complex bass patterns, some of Neil's
	trademark ride patterns, and fills. Alex's heavy guitar sound. (I bet
	he could a better sound through a straight Marshall Stack, rather
	than using all those effects generators)

	There are some things I could do without --the overdone emphasis 	
	on technology(GUP) (SIG) and Star Trekian things. I CAN'T stand
	Countdown. The song goes nowhere.

Well, someone wanted to know why people would dislike Rush, and I'm
telling you why... I don't truly understand why, but I have that FAN
bias... We all can let extreme devotion to a band obscure our



Subject: Great drum parts
Date: Fri, 29 Jan 93 12:54:39 -0600
From: "P.L. Smith, B&C0., SIC ESW, 245-2290" 

Hi fellow Rushians,

As a drummer who admires Neil Pearts style and and creativity when it
comes to attacking the drums, I would like to see what you all think
is Neils best work. I think that Neil is an excellent drummer and one
that knows his limitations. I read in Modern Drummer a letter sent from
Neil responding to his being voted for Best Performance on an album.
This was for his performance on RTB. He wrote that he still had alot to
learn that there is no better honor than being respected by fellow
drummers. When it comes to learning, he is right. The boundries of
drumming is endless. There is always something new that can be learned
or created. It's cool that Neil knows this and doesn't just think that
he is the best and he doesn't need to learn anything.
Anyhow, back to my favorite pieces of drum work:

Didacts and Narpets
YYZ (Fun to Play)
La Villa Strangiato (Whole song is tough, especially beginning when the
                     snare comes in with kick and HH)
Limelight (quick moving alot of energy)
Natural Science (excellent stlye and tempo changes)
Analog Kid
Between the Wheels
The Trees
Hemispheres (All of it)

Of course this list could cover just about every song, so this type of
list may be kind of useless. But, it is fun remembering the great
stuff that was created by Rush.

- Pete
"I see the gods in battle rage on high. Thunder bolts across the sky.
 I cannot run. I cannot hide. I feel a silent scream begin inside."


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