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          The National Midnight Star, Number 614

                Thursday, 4 February 1993
Today's Topics:
                       New Album ?
                    Several things...
                     Cygnus X-1 rythm
                  Alex cutting loose ...
                        Alan White
             Spirit of Radio and other stuff
              Yes and Yes and Rush and Rush
               Re: Question for guitarists
                       NMS Shirts!
      Roll the Bones Poster and Scott (Yes Defense)
      Re: 02/03/93 - The National Midnight Star #613
                       Drum Charts
             non-Rush fans and various stuff
            lodging suggestion for convention
                     Temples of Polka
      PoW tour, p/g MTV concert, Alex letting loose
                    Various Ramblings

Date: Wed, 3 Feb 93 20:22 GMT
From: Terence Moore-read 
Subject: New Album ?

I haven't had time to read much on the NMS lately so if this has
already been covered just humor me ok ?

Is there any definate word on when the new album will appear ?

	[ New Album slated for Sept. 93, New producer will be Peter
	  Collins, and yes, they are in their writing stage.  :rush-mgr ]

What happened to the video release ?

	[ Exactly!  It didn't happen :(			:rush-mgr ]




I anybody has details of a decent source of laserdisks (preferably in
the states to take advantage of better pricing) could they email me
with their details ?


Subject: Several things...
Date: Thu, 04 Feb 93 08:27:00

Hey guys!

    I was at the studio last night and I was wearing a 2112 T-shirt I got from
the states. (Ishould say at this point that I live in Sydney, Oz). Anyway this
guy from another band yells out "Cool T-shirt!". So we start talking and it
turn out his band is full of Rush fans....In Australia finding ONE other fan
is amazing but finding _5_ was great! THEN they tell me their band name is
"Presto" !! Ripper! Unfortunately they're not a Rush cover band (though here
is Oz you could be and people would think they were originals!!) but they play
similar sort of stuff. Anyway, we exchanged numbers and agreed to call
eachother for support.

    Also, HERE HERE to the comment about the Hi-Hat work in The Weapon. _Very_
unpredictable -  I wonder if Neil always plays it exactly the same.

    Next, my comment on the latest project....I would _dearly_ love it to
continue to supplement my fairly generic collection. We are talking
non-profit, low circulation, _exclusive_ circulation and hard-core fan stuff
only. Keep a low profile and just make the thing. I can't seriously see anyone
taking the trouble to hassle us for the above 4 reasons. In Oz we _need_ thie
sort of thing. We can't even get Over the Europe or ANY thing like that here!
SUCKS! (Still, I have my mates in the States don't I guys! Eh!)

    OK, enough from down under.




From: Dan Dickerman 
Subject: Cygnus X-1 rythm
Date: Wed, 3 Feb 93 15:41:40 PST

In an effort to help whomever it was who wanted to rhythm to the part
of Cygnus X-1 where the Bass is joined by the Drums (about 2:12 on
the CD track, where things have begun to seem countable), I made and
effort to write down the patterns.

If you count straight 8th notes, the time signatures alternate between
3/4 4/4 and 7/8.  To make life easy, consider counting even 8ths, change
3/4 to 6/8 and change 4/4 to 8/8.  The remainder are a couple of creative
rests.  I'm sure there are other ways to get the same thing, but I like
to think of patterns as repeating at the start of a measure.

The patterns (rough ascii translation):

          x. x    |   |
 6    |  |  |   x |  /|
---   |  | -|  |--|   |
 8   x   ----  ----
     12  3 4   5      6
                   x     x    x
          x. x    |  /| |    |
 7    |  |  |   x |  /| |/   |    (in some cases, the final note leaves
---   |  | -|  |--|   | |/   |/    out the initial 16th note tie, leaving
 8   x   ----  ----                just the 8th note on the last beat)
     12  3 4   5      6      7

                   x     x      x    x
          x. x    |  /| |   /| |    |
 8    |  |  |   x |  /| |/  /| |/   |
---   |  | -|  |--|   | |/   | |/   |/
 8   x   ----  ----
     12  3 4   5      6      7      8

That in mind, the signatures starting where the drums enter can be written:

 6 4 7 4 7 4 8
 - - - - - - -  (all three 4/8 measures are completely rests)
 8 8 8 8 8 8 8

Add guitar, and things become more regular (without rests)

 6 7  6 8  6 7  6 8  6 7  6 8  6 7  6 8
 - -  - -  - -  - -  - -  - -  - -  - -   *Chord* (in 4/4)
 8 8  8 8  8 8  8 8  8 8  8 8  8 8  8 8

Once you get the rhythm, counting in 3/4 and 4/4 is a little smoother.

Then after a bit of 4/4 and 3/4, there's another good section with the
guitar going back and forth between pairs of:

 6 5     6 6
 - - and - -
 8 8     8 8

Happy motoring,

-- Dan


From: (Joseph T. Kung)
Subject: Alex cutting loose ...
Date: Wed, 3 Feb 93 16:05:54 PST

The only times I have ever heard Alex really cut loose is the opening
to "La Villa Strangiato" on ESL where he plays some really fast notes
(tremolo picking) and is basically unsupported by the band. He also
has cut loose on the end of "Witch Hunt" in concert and in "YYZ", but
most of the time, he plays the solo note-for-note except for some
minor embellishments. As for "Spirit of Radio," the lick in the
beginning is all hammer-ons and pull-offs except for the initial pick
of the open E (he states this in an issue of Guitar For The Practicing
Musician many years ago), pulling off to the open high E while
hammering onto notes on the E and B. It's played with almost no
reverb, with a bit of hollow flange, my guess on a Gibson ES-335 with
Sunn amplification. Alex was a Gibson man for a long time until
_Signals_ I believe, where he switched to Strat-style guitars (Fenders
for a lot of P/G, and then Signature guitars until _Presto_, where
he's now using Paul Reed Smith guitars).

- Joe


Date: Wed, 3 Feb 93 19:19:42 EST
From: Scott Kaplan 
Subject: Alan White

In the NMS #613, Scott Clark wrote:
>Besides, Alan White's lack of ability to play syncopated rythms like Bill
Bruford hurt the band more, in my opinion.  Have you ever heard him play Heart
of the Sunrise or Roundabout?  CHEESE!

I hate to burst your bubble about Bill Bruford's playing with Yes here, but the
syncopated rhythms he played for Heart of The Sunrise and Roundabout just aren't
that difficult.  I would stake my life on a bet that Alan White could play these
rhythms, and could also create some interesting syncopated rhythms, to go along
with Yes music.  He, like many professional musicians, only display a few of
the different styles that they can play, while many others remain hidden.  Alan
White was most certainly NOT a detriment to Yes after he joined, and I need only
to point you to Going For The One for a demonstration of some very tasteful and
effective contributions.  His preferred style is *different* than Bruford's.

Moreover, Cheese?  Heh, I hope you had the fine opportunity to see the Union
tour (and fantastic show if ever there was one).  Bill's playing lacked many of
the delicate touches that you hear on the studio albums.  This is not his fault.
This is very normal for live performances with drummers who normally add such
subtle detail in the studio...simply because it can't be heard in a live arena.
Carl Palmer does much of the same in the current ELP tour.  That's just the
nature of this type of music.  Neil doesn't lose much live because he does less
of the delicate improvisation.  His parts are more composed and his style has
always been one of strong, convincing play.

My apologies for taking up Rush bandwidth on this discussion.  But to add a
bit here, Scott, don't talk too poorly of Alan White.  Many consider him a
stylistic precursor to Neil.

    [ If you wish to discuss this thread further, perhaps you might consider
      taking it to e-mail?  Also watch the 80 line limit    : rush-mgr ]

Scott Kaplan


Date: Wed, 3 Feb 93 18:52:43 -0600
Subject: Spirit of Radio and other stuff

For Scott McCaskill: I can tell you that the opening riff for Spirit of Radio
is hammerons and pulloffs all the brother actually can play it
completely accurately, and I hate him for it :)  If anyone would be interested,
I can make up some TAB for TSoR and post it on the usual groups and ftp sites.

About the top songs by instrument:
Geddy: Freewill, RTB, Turn the Page (bass), Subdivisions (bass and kbds), and
       Dreamline (bass and kbds).
Alex:  Freewill (amazing amazing solo!), all of 2112, The Spirit of Radio,
       Presto, Analog Kid, Kid Gloves (had to make this a top 6 :)
Neil:  Tom Sawyer, all of 2112, Mystic Rhythms, Bravado, Subdivisions.

Why people don't like Rush: I'd go for lack of danceability more than anything.
There are bands out there with vocalists I think are a lot nastier than Ged,
and it doesn't stop them from being popular if they have the right beats.

        Ian Schmidt: or, BITNET: twbv4@isuvax
 "I will choose a path that's clear: I will choose free will." - Neil Peart


Date: Wed, 3 Feb 1993 19:55:35 -0500
Subject: Yes and Yes and Rush and Rush

|Trevor Rabin ... is an excellent guitarist, and a decent songwriter.

That's true. He shares a lot of stuff with Alex, the sort of guitar
approach is the same. Harder edge than Howe, but with less sheer
technical overkill.

|Besides, Alan White's lack
|of ability to play syncopated rythms like Bill Bruford hurt the band more, in
|my opinion.  Have you ever heard him play Heart of the Sunrise or

Alan's pounding back beat gives Yes some PUNCH! Bill was very much
another instrumentalist, who played as complex as everyone else. Alan
gives a good framework in which to take in all the other stuff.
Alan is no slouch -- he's played some very bizarre rhythms with ease.
One thing the Rabin oriented Yes does is play weird times.

|How can anyone say that
|Yes's music of the 80's compared to their earlier material changed from good
|to bad, when I can't think of a better example of anyone doing this more than
|Rush themselves?

I think you ought to say that it's *CHANGED* and leave the value
judgements to the listener. :)

So far, the post 80 Rush has impressed me more than the old stuff.
That can change as I get more into the old stuff. I love all the Yes
stuff, old and new. (I have a tape with Rhythm of Love followed by
Ritual! :))

The more we live, the more we learn, the more we know. (Yes, 1990)


From: Blake Butterworth 
Date: Wed, 3 Feb 93 19:04:58 CST
Subject: Re: Question for guitarists

That opening riff is:

                           p p         p = pull-off

Its all fast picking except for the triplet.


Date: Wed, 3 Feb 93 20:42:40 -0500
From: meg (******* Meg *******)
Subject: NMS Shirts!

I am *very* grateful for all those patient people (doug, puanani & paul!)
who have been waiting for the other sizes of shirts. I just ordered the
shirts today (Feb. 3rd), sizes medium, large & xtra large. The shirts
should be in by Friday or Monday of next week, so all you who've been
waiting for other sizes now's the time to order some!

Also, I still have the Rush CD Boot list, if you'd like a copy or have
updates for me please don't hesitate to send me e-mail! (I might eventually
put out a nicely-formatted list with pix of the covers of boots if there's
enough interest -- hard copies of course!)



Date: Wed, 3 Feb 1993 20:58:33 -0500 (EST)
From: Chad H Hutchinson <>
Subject: Roll the Bones Poster and Scott (Yes Defense)

Hi kids,

   I don't have that much to say today.  First of all, I'm glad to see
things are going well for the convention.  I'm looking forward to meeting
all you other freaks!!  Second is this.  I was at a local record store
today in DE and found a full size poster of the Roll the Bones cover.  The
one twist to it is that in the bottom left hand corner, a couple of dice
are knocked out and the two "leg" bones are coming through from the blue
sky.  It's pretty cool lookin'.  I think it's the same size as the
Hemispheres poster that's been mentioned lately, the p/g cover poster, and
the '83 European Tour poster with the  _A Farewell to Kings_ and _Moving
Pictures_ covers on it.

   One last thing, hey Scott, I know you took offense to my Yes related
post the other day and I want to explain myself.  What is your exact
address?  I have a letter ready to send to you but something ain't working!

  \  _____  \     \    \  _____   \                 The Ghost
   \         \     \    \          \      
    \         \     \    \_____     \  ____         University of Delaware
     \         \     \         \     \     \        Chemical Engineering
      \__       \_______  \_______    \__   \__

 * * * * * * * * Better people, better food and better beer * * * * * * * *


Date: 03 Feb 1993 20:39:41 -0600 (CST)
Subject: Re: 02/03/93 - The National Midnight Star #613

Well, I'm glad that Peter Collins is with them. My favorite Rush album to
date has got to be Hold Your Fire. It came out right after I started liking
them. Great Album, and the insert design is cool in trying to pick out all
the neat things around the juggling fire guy. Does anybody out there have
a clue if Hugh Syme is going to design the new(well, in the making) album.
I really hope so. Wouldn't want to break a string of excellent album
covers as Iron Maiden did on their latest. It's still good but I liked
Derek Riggs. Anyway, I believe for those who asked before, Hugh Syme has
done plenty of covers. Like: The Storm, Kiss:Revenge, Styx:Edge of the Century
plenty others.

And one other thing..... Does Hugh Syme play synthesizers on any other
album or song other than Witch Hunt? Just Curious.....

Not my usual short and to the point message but......who cares!

-Bassman J (


Date: Thu, 4 Feb 93 00:18:52 EST
Subject: Drum Charts

Hopefully, this will be the last time I have to post information on Rush
drum transcriptions.  Both Drum Techniques of Rush and More Rush are
available from Steve Weiss Music in Philadelphia, PA.  They are both priced
at $12.95, and may be purchased for delivery with a credit card.  Any order
will be shipped via UPS within three working days.  The number for Steve
Weiss Music is (215) 324-3999.  I am almost certain this is the correct
number.  If it is not, just call information.


Date: Thu, 04 Feb 1993 01:05:27 EST
From: The Longshot 
Subject: non-Rush fans and various stuff

	About Non-Rush fans, my current girlfriend was a rather strict devotee
to dance music.  I introduced her to Rush and she likes it very much, which
suprised me.  The first song lyrics that I quoted were from "Ghost of a Chance"
She liked it so much, she framed it and had it hanging on the wall.  I guess 
it helps that she is a poet!
	I find it interesting that popular isn't popular anymore.  (As far as
I know, there are no top 40 stations in DC anymore.  They are all Rap and
Oldies stations now.)
	Has anyone noticed that Dream Theater has been pluged a lot lately on
MTV?  I've seen their video for "Pull Me Under" (which is OK for a first
video) on about 3-4 times in the past couple of weeks.  Sounds good to me!

Jason Birzer
Frostburg State University


Date: Thu, 4 Feb 93 01:50:33 EST
From: "Jason McNamara, UCS PCF Consultant" 
Subject: lodging suggestion for convention

For (perhaps) cheaper housing for the convention, you might want to check out
the U of Toronto (specifically Victoria College).  They rent out dorm rooms at
what I remember to be reasonable prices (maybe Can$35/night/person).  Anyway,
breakfast was included, and the college is right by the U of T art museum, a
metro stop (also Museum as I recall) and the Yorketown district - neat shops
etc - kinda like Georgetown (don't hold me to that).  Any Toronto folks out
there to clarify / correct this info?

And I'll try this again, in case you missed it:

Les Canadiens crush the Kings 7-2; sun comes up in the morning; life goes on.
(no 25-line Habs logo here, even though they now lead the Adams by 5 pts.)
Jason McNamara, token conservative, Russian and East European Inst., Indiana U.
Hoosiers #1 in the country, to sign Ivan Renko soon.  Just ask Bob Knight.  ;->

PS>  If anyone wants, I can try to dig up more lodging info @ U of T.  I was
in Toronto last summer.  Great city & rooms were nothing special but good value


Date: 04 Feb 1993 10:29:35 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Temples of Polka

     I don't know why it's taken so long for me to post this, but here goes.
I'm in a band called Canned Jams.  Last year we made a tape of strange songs
on my 4-track.  Most are originals, a few are covers/parodies.  One is called
"Temples of Polka," which is a parody of "Temples of Syrinx."  Lyrically, the
song is a celebration of beer drinking.  Musically, it's like the original, but
it's a polka.  Also, I arranged the bass part in an oom-pah style for tuba.
Unfortunately, the tuba player was never able to record with us so we used bari
sax instead.  Anyway, here's the lyrics, I thought someone might get a laugh
out of them.  Most Rush fans I've played it for think it's hilarious.  Here
goes, but you really have to hear it to get the full effect:

            "Temples of Polka"

And the meek shall inherit a stein...

We've taken care of everything
The beer you drink and the songs you sing
The steins are brought out right before your eyes

It's ale for all and ale for one
We like to drink out in the summer sun
Never need to wonder how or why

  We are the priests of the Temples of Polka
  Operate the polka machine in our hallowed halls
  We are the priests of the Temples of Polka
  All the gifts of Germany are held within these walls

    Hey!  Hey!  Hey!  Hey!

Look around at this world we've made
Come and see how German beer is made
Come and join the Oktoberfest of man

Every night we come and whirl
This quality beer as it unfurls
Hold your steins up proudly hand in hand

  We are the priests of the Temples of Polka
  Operate the polka machine in our hallowed halls
  We are the priests of the Temples of Polka
  All the gifts of Germany are held within these walls!

    Hey!  Hey!  Hey!  Hey!

                                          - lyrics by Chris Buckley, 1992
                                            (parody of Rush, 1976)

One note: the polka machine referred to is my friend's cheezy red casio
keyboard in the "demo" mode.

Andy Acunzo


Date: 04 Feb 1993 08:56:53 -0600 (MDT)
Subject: PoW tour, p/g MTV concert, Alex letting loose

Hello, again!
	I saw the Power Windows concert in Salt Lake City, UT.  They did play
Closer to the Heart (I remember being pissed because my throat was already sore
from yelling, and I couldn't sing along as well).  Was a good tour - brighter
and more up-beat than p/g (King Dome - Seattle, WA)(the only 2 shows I've been
able to afford).  I first heard Rush in high school.  CttH was the theme for my
freshman year homecoming.

	As for the MTV power windows concert - I've got it on video tape.  Only
the one I recorded was played at 8:30 (Utah time) pm.  I think it was a re-run
of the 11:30 show becaus it was around 85 when I saw it.

	And Alex quoted in an early 80's (I think it was King Biscuit)
interview that he 'let loose' on the solo for 'Kid Gloves'.  That he didn't
follow any format like he usually does; instead just 'winging it'.  He said he
was pleased with the result (and I got the impression he was surprised at how
well he did).


Date: 	Thu, 4 Feb 1993 07:58:55 PST
Subject: Various Ramblings

Hi again fellow Rushians,
	I have been getting caught up on the various topics that are being
discussed in the NMS. I have a few comments and maybe a story.

	First off, "Hi Scott", a fellow new guy, great! OK Definately a story.
As I said before in my first mail note that I have been a fan since '78 but
that was actually the first time that I had ever heard them. A friend and I
were in his basement doing what 13 year olds will do, and he said, "Do you want
to listen to Rush?"  I said,"Who?" ( Do you believe that?)  He couldn't either,
so he proceeded to play ATWAS for me, specifically Working Man.  Needless to
say I have been hooked ever since.  However, the first album that I bought was
2112, unfortunately I was in California at the time on vacation with my family
(I live in Roch, NY) soooo I couldn't listen to it.  I could only read the
lyrics.  That is what REALLY got me started on the long road I've traveled to
Rush Nirvana. :-)  From that point I have made it my life's work to collect all
the albums that they have ever produced on the best possible media (EXCEPT

	I would tend to agree with Scott on the mythical Bootleg.  I don't like
the idea only because I have become used to the rigid standards that our favs
have put upon themselves.  Their music excels because of it. 'Nuff said.

	There has been alot of talk about Rush normalizing their music over the
years.  This is an old and tired subject.  My argument for those that think
Rush has gone pop is this: They are a band with strict principles and musical
talent to back it up.  They make music (IMHO) the way that THEY want to make
music.   When MP came out, I started to see a trend developing for the band,
they were making shorter and shorter songs, with the exception of Camera's Eye.
All the Rockline interviews had questions like, "When are you going to make
another concept album?"  To which they replied (as I recall) that they were
tired of making those types songs, that they were too easy for them to do
anymore.  The real challenge to them these days is to produce a potent song in
a limited time frame, such as they have been doing for the past 10 years.  This
bummed me right out, because that was why I listened in the first place, long
songs.  They have proven my wrong time and time again on each new album.  Their
new stuff is different from their older classic material, but then again Time
Does Not Stand Still.  They move on to greater and greater challenges.  I used
to like the characters that they used to embelish their songs, but now I like
the social consciousness that has taken over the songs.

	One final note, on the reasons other people don't like their music.  I
agree with all the previous reasons, but no one has mentioned the similar
structure of Rush songs and jazz fusion.  Both need a specific type of ear to
hear the intricasies of the songs.  To hear what is actually being done in a
song you have to listen intently and alot of people, as has been mentioned,
don't want to spend the time to really understand the song, like we do.  Pop
songs kind of wash over you and are background, while to really apreciate Rush
you have to listen to the words and relationships to the music.

	Just my thoughts on the subjects.  Sorry to be long-winded.

"I see Red..."


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