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          The National Midnight Star, Number 615

                 Friday, 5 February 1993
Today's Topics:
                    The music of RUSH
                      Reelin' em in
            Guitar Tab Books- Rush Of Course!
                     Epic Songs, etc.
              nothing to do with brown rice
                    Neil & The Weapon
                Akin to low-calorie sugar
                 RUSH: THE STORY OF KINGS
                American Football and RUSH
              re:The Weapon Drum/Hi-Hat Work
                    Talking about Rush
                  RUSH ON RUMOR CENTRAL
                  NMS shirts - Awesome!
                message-  Force Ten
                    Al & Neil at work

Date:         Thu, 04 Feb 93 17:36:02 EST
Subject:      The music of RUSH

Hi fellow RUSHians,
                 I'm a relatively new member to the NMS.I was goin' thru the 
previous article and saw how much guys had appreciated the lyrics in RUSH 
songs.(Scott,Jefferey).Instead of the usual theme people take  up when they 
write songs each Rush song deals with something new which gives you a sense 
of fullfillment.Who the hell can orient life and trees(TREES),or depict 
life in a concentration camp or convey such diversity in ideas.The top 
40's I guess never deal with  anything artistic.They seem to blow the same 
kind of bullshit repeatedly
     All we seem to hear  on radio is trash and I feel that these guys are 
awsomely gifted to give us such wonderful music.I really pity the people 
who say that they don't like RUSh for they don't know what they're 
missing.Everytime I discover something new in their songs I find myself in 
wonder.And the very fact that the band has given out albums consistently"
speaks volumes of the band".I hope Lee,Neil and Alex continue the good work.
Hope to see more discussion the lyrics and the music.


Date: Thu, 4 Feb 1993 21:13:17 CST
Subject: Reelin' em in

Hey, I reeled in my first NMS virgin yesterday!  I teach an introductory
class in computer science here at KU and yesterday I mentioned some of the
neat things to be found on the net.  I stressed the NMS among other things.
Anyway, several people asked for accounts and one in particular wanted an
account *just* to get the NMS!  Hopefully he'll be on the list soon (#1501?).

Now I'm anxious to wear my NMS shirt while lecturing (patiently waiting...).

Kirk:  Spock, where the hell's the power you promised me?
Spock: One damn minute, Admiral.
                                  from Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home


From: (David A Warner)
Subject: Guitar Tab Books- Rush Of Course!
Date: Thu, 4 Feb 1993 23:17:39 -0500 (EST)

anyone know off hand where I can obtain guitar transcriptions of all
albums strictly for guitar and not keyboards,vocals, bass gtr....?

I've seen in the past presto, roll the bones etc, but i'd like to
the series and start working with more rush tunes................



Date: Fri, 5 Feb 93 00:43:42 EST
Subject: Epic Songs, etc.

I may be counted as one of the people who would like to see some more epic
songs and concept albums produced by Rush.  I can understand the band
members' desire for a challenge in writing shorter pieces, but it would seem
to me that longer compositions could be just as challenging.  The key is
instrumental music.  Rush really tries to fuse together music and lyrics in
the best possible manner, conveying the tone and message of the words
through appropriate songwriting.  They have proven to be quite good at this,
but I would like to see the band move in the direction of instrumental
music.  I would at least enjoy more of an emphasis on experimentation and
soloing as was seen with earlier albums.  Perhaps shorter songs are more
satisfying for the band, but my tastes as a listener are focused on
instrumental music.  Dream Theater is the only new hard rock band which is
traveling the road of long compositions and experimentation.  Maybe they are
picking up where Rush left off after Permanent Waves.  I saw Dream Theater
at a show in Toledo recently and was blown away.  I had not even heard their
single "Pull Me Under" in its entirety.  That song is certainly not an
indication of this band's work.  It is primarily in 4/4 and has been edited
for radio air play due to its 8+ minute length.  If you are a Rush fan with
a particular fondness for the older, more self-indulgent music, you should
check out Dream Theater.


Date: 05 Feb 93 02:03:00 EST
From: Bruce Holtgren <70724.1622@CompuServe.COM>
Subject: nothing to do with brown rice

A few miscellaneous comments are in order today from this little
corner of the Midwest:

** I, too, am delighted that the Great Convention is moving ever
closer to reality, thanks largely to the fact that several people
are apparently talking to Mr. Santore despite his affection for
the Flyers. :) One thing: John mentioned that Lakeside Park might
not be big enough for a picnic. Don't know where that
apprehension came from, but from what I remember of the place,
the beach area alone is easily big enough for a crowd of several
hundred. I can't imagine it being too crowded unless more than
~500 of us were to show up, and I seriously doubt there'll be
that many. A more valid concern would involve securing the proper
permission, well in advance, from the good city of St.
Catharines, which I'd think (surely) will let us cavort all we
please as long as we promise to clean up after ourselves. Said
permission is definitely not a base we should leave untouched.

** I'm as happy as anyone that a New Album is in the works - but
I'm not about to expect to actually see it by September. Long and
bitter experience waiting for many, many new releases over the
years has taught this old codger that *official* projected
release dates (concocted strictly by/for the record company, btw,
not for the fans) NEVER coincide with reality - they're always
overly optimistic, usually by weeks and sometimes by months. So,
just to be a pissy wet blanket, I'd lay odds on not seeing any
new product from Rush much before Christmas - if we're lucky. (In
Australia, it'll be out sometime in 1995. On 8-track only. :-) )
And I'd bet the price of a front-row ticket that no tour will
begin before next January. You heard it from this cynic first.

** Nifty thread on Why People Don't Like Rush. One big reason
that I've encountered, and that I'm surprised hasn't come up yet:
Some folks have historically looked down their noses at what is
(or was) termed "art rock" - a genre with its roots mostly in the
early '70s that I've understood to include bands such as Rush,
Queen, Yes and Genesis (all of whom, it has been noted ad
nauseum, have evolved and expanded far beyond their original
niches). Specifically, these acts are often accused of being
pretentious and/or self-indulgent - playing (and acting) fancy
just for the sake of showing off. (One guy I know once dismissed
it as "masturbatory rock," but I think this kind of attitude
reflects more of a vast lack of understanding on the listener's
part than anything else. (On the other hand, there IS that
classic kimono pose inside _2112_ ... :] )) *No flames, please* -
I'm only passing along what I've heard, and it's obviously safe
to say that I don't endorse it. In fact, with respect to Rush,
I'd be willing to happily agree that they ARE arrogant - and
they're among the exclusive few bands who have had EVERY RIGHT to
be. Since at least _2112_, The Men have made no secret of the
fact that everything they do, they do for themselves - just note
the lyrics to "Anthem," or the "Exercise in Self-Indulgence"
subtitle to LVS. It's just icing on the cake (to say nothing of
money in the bank) that millions of fans happen to like listening
to their music just as much as they like to make it. (A final
aside: Come to think of it, *any* truly great rock 'n' roll band
should be arrogant - by definition!)

** "Temples of Polka" is indeed priceless. For best full effect,
I think it should be included on that Special Project that
everyone is now disavowing any knowledge of. ;-) And perhaps we
could preface the, uh, number with Neil's brief comments about
polka (yes, he really did bring it up) from his December 2, 1991
"Rockline" interview ...

That's more than enough spew from me for the moment. Sorry about
being so long-winded (and arrogant :) ) ...



Subject: Neil & The Weapon
Date: Fri, 5 Feb 93 8:28:27 GMT
From: Dominic Binks 

Goping back to The Weapon's drum part, Neil said he had to learn the part from
a drum machine, and that it wasn't that easy because it involves swapping
hands. I'm not a drummer, but I believe that he must use his hand which
normally plays one piece to play another, I think its a swap between snare and

Secondly, om the Grace Under Pressure video, he plays with headphones on to
give him the beat, and also he does a very unusual thing (for him), he tosses
his stick one each time through the pattern (only a once over toss). I have a
sneaking suspicion that this isn't just a pose. I think it maybe because if
he's holding a stick at that point in the cycle he's likely to hit something
else with it, or maybe its just a perfect way of taking a break between that
and the next part that that hand must play.

Any drummers care to comment ?

Anyway in conclusion, I think that Neil does play it mostly the same every
time, up to live performance variations. Certainly from what I can glean from
the video he does.



Date: Fri, 5 Feb 93 10:07:45 GMT
From: Russell Marks (Zgedneil) 
Subject: Akin to low-calorie sugar

Here we go - it's content-free and less fattening, u know u like it:

> And one other thing..... Does Hugh Syme play synthesizers on any other
> album or song other than Witch Hunt? Just Curious.....

I think he does synths on 'Tears'. Pretty sure. And piano on 'Different

>   We are the priests of the Temples of Polka

Yesssssss excellent I love it! Oh do I know about those Casio things!

You see? More proof. Why are we here? For the beer. Makes sense to me...
/*  _      _          ---------- reality checkpoint : cut here ----------
   |  | | |_  (|_ )    Russell Marks : Zgedneil :
   |  |_|  _| (| |)          "respond, vibrate, feed back, resonate"     */


Date: Fri, 5 FEB 93 12:41:39 GMT

Hi everyone,

If this is old news to you: press PgDn now.

I found a strange thing in HMV record store in Liverpool yesterday,
I was thumbing through the RUSH CDs as one usually does,
(playing the "got that one, got that one" game) and I found a
CD wich I didn't recognise; "RUSH: THE STORY OF KINGS * INTERVIEW".
It was about 7.50 pounds [about $15.00].
So I thought, if I don't buy I'll be sorry.
Anyway it turned out to be a half hour interview with Alex, recorded
just after the HYF period, with plenty "tape hiss", "mic banging",
"phone ringing" and "chair scraping".
Very interesting though.

I thought I would share this with you all in case like me, you
found your self looking at this extremely vague CD label in your
record store not knowing if this thing was even in the right

Has anyone else seen/heard this before ?

   [ The transcription for the interview is available via anonymous ftp to -- it's in the rush/special directory, called ""
								    : rush-mgr ]
what is a seven-eleven anyway ? .... someone tell me !

Graeme from Newcastle NE UK..... in Liverpool NW UK


Date:       Fri,  5 Feb 93 14:24:41 GMT
From: "Roger G Haworth   userid " 
Subject:    Absolutely...

>...I have to agree wholeheartedly with Scott Clark (NMS #613) about RTB
'getting old quickly'. Compared with something like 'Hemispheres', 'Signals'
or even the first album (which I think is actually rather good, unlike what
seems to be the majority of NMS subscribers - let's hear it for the first
album!) it doesn't seem half as 'satisfying', although it is a damn sight
better than 'Presto'. Let's hope Mr Big gives them a bit of incentive to come
up with something a bit more 'dangerous' on the next album, which I suspect
may be entitled 'Mr Fish and those Crazy Poached Bananas'. Well, why not...

Dave (DLM4731@ZEUS.TAMU.EDU) asked about Alex ever 'cutting loose'. I have an
(the?) Electric Ladyland bootleg from 1974, and he does indeed do an extended
solo. Lots of fast, flashy fingerwork, which I generally find pretty dull,
whether it's Alex Lifeson, Yngwie Malmsteen or Tony Iommi. It's OK within the
context of a song, but on its's just masturbation (in my opinion).

Here's one for ya - I was reading one of the Sunday newspaper magazines the
other week. There was a feature on new supermodel Niki Taylor. Turns out she
is a Rush and Van Halen fan. I wish my girlfriend looked like her...apologies
to anyone who may find this sexist.

Rus, we do indeed want a shrubbery!

Cheers and beers


'Can we turn the heating down a little?'


Date: Fri, 5 Feb 1993 09:24:33 -0500 (EST)
From: Tim Lesher 
Subject: American Football and RUSH

Someone from Mexico mentioned hearing Rush a lot before & after football
games (I assume he means what we Yanks call soccer).  Did anyone see the
lead-in for the Superbowl?  They aired it (as always) the day before.  Of
the eight or nine songs they used for background, about FOUR were from
middle-period Rush!  I recall Subdivisions (the beginning, up till the
vocals start, and then later the solo), but I don't remember what else
they played.

Anyone else catch this?

Tim Lesher 
"One likes to believe in the freedom of football..."


Date: Fri, 5 Feb 1993 09:27:00 +0000
From: "Robert (R.A.) Herrage" 
Subject: re:The Weapon Drum/Hi-Hat Work

My sentiments exactly!  That's what made the song so enjoyable for me.
I really have a lot of fun playing this song -- especially emulating
what I saw Neil do in concert:

  1) playing most of the hi-hat beats with the left hand
  2) playing most of the snare beats with the right hand
  3) tossing the stick in the right hand up at selected points
     during the rhythms

With a little practice, it's not so difficult and definitely fun!



Subject: Talking about Rush
Date: Fri, 05 Feb 93 10:52:49 -0600
From: "P.L. Smith, B&C0., SIC ESW, 245-2290" 

	This is an example of a non-Rush fan and why this person doesn't
like Rush's music.  My drum teacher and I were talking about Rush and
thier style of music. He told me that he thinks the members are
execellent musicians and work great together, but he doesn't like their
music because he believes that there is no feel in Rushs music. This
kind of makes sense, because their music is so technical that Neil,
Ged and Alex have to be right on the beat to make the music sound
right. He says that feel in music comes when you get in the groove of
the note, either before or after. This makes sense if the music is quite
hard and you have to be right on the note with the rest of the members
or the sound will be lost. I believe that Rush has alot of feel in their
music, some more than others. Take songs like Hemispheres, it just gives
out the feeling of being in that alternate world, or Natural Science,
then intensity and flow moves you.
	Rushs music may not have the feel like that of blues or R&B, but
they have a feel that is unique to Rush. The feeling I get when I hear
Rush is unexplainable. The emotion in the notes and lyrics extends
beyond the music. This probably why I have been a fan for 15 years. I
could probably babble on and on about this subject.
	The reason above, why some people dislike Rush, is mainly from
people who really know music, not the everyday "Oh I like everything"
person. Those kind of people usually say that they can't understand the
words so they don't like it or they can't dance to it. While the
previous type of person understands the great musicianship of Rush but
don't like the style of music.
	I was going to list my favs but I like everything Rush has done
especially the underrated songs like Rivendell, Making Memories, Tears,
Afterimage, Cinderella Man, and In the Mood. Of course there are
others, but my mind is shot right now.
	I guess that's all for now. Later Rush maniacs.


Wheels within wheel in a spiral array
A pattern so grand and complex. - NS - Rush


From: (John Grothman)
Date: Fri, 5 Feb 93 14:14:00 -0600

I've been reading NMS since about issue 400 (got my copy from the
Xignals BBS in Alabama), but only recently have I gotten an Internet
address.  So I guess it's time to stop the passive, one-way NMS

You never know where you will run into Rush fans.  I read the following
in PC Week this morning before leaving for work (and no, I don't
believe everything I read in it).  I have transcribed the whole first
half of the column because I think the story deserves a wider audience.

Rumor Central == Byline: Spencer F. Katt == PC Week == 1 February, 1993
    The Katt had his IBM unacceptance speech well-prepared.

    "Something along the lines of 'If nominated, I will not run.  If
elected, I will not serve' should do it," figured His Hirsuteness.
After all, the Katt knew that James Burke's (he of the baby powder
company) search for a new chief of chiefs at Big Blue would doubtlessly
reach a climax in the Katt's schmansy PC Week digs.

    "Why, I could never leave Xanadu," mused the Kubla Katt, eyeing his
domain of tottering stacks of software, yellowing newspapers and curled

    Besides, the Fabulous One had just got off the phone with his
favorite inside-the-Beltway tipster.  This source had regaled Spence
with a story about a bankruptcy auction where the requested opening bid
on a 3-year-old, $1.5 million IBM mainframe was $100,000 - which meet
with stony silence from the assembled crowd.

    "And the final price?" queried the Katt.

    "Five bucks.  Five $1 bills," the tickled tipster chortled.

    "When a mainframe sells for a fin, and your company needs mainframe
revenues to build a bold new future, you should just let the phone ring
when Burke or Murphy calls," quoth the Katt, content more than ever to
stay in his stately pleasure dome.
Rumor Central == Byline: Spencer F. Katt == PC Week == 1 February, 1993

To Christopher J Fontes - I envy you, having met Ayn Rand personally.
One question, though, that has bothered me for many years ... is here
name pronouced 'ANN' or 'EYE-N'.  Everyone I know who has read her well
says ANN, but that just doesn't seem right to me.  Any help?

Re the ongoing discussing of Rush 'normalizing', I can only say that I
find the word somewhat offensive.  Every artist works in time, not out
of it, in some kind of vacumn.  Every album that Rush has released
needs to be analyzed in the context of the period in which it was
written.  I agree wholeheartedly with those who say that Rush is driven
by principles and talent and the desire to write music that *THEY*
like.  I want nothing less from those on whom I spend substantial
dollars collecting their work.

To any readers in the UK -- Have either of the following albums been
released on CD over there?

    Warriors On The Edge Of Time -- by Hawkwind
    First Base -- by Babe Ruth

I bought both of these LPs when I did my Army time in Germany in the
(very) early '70s and have worn them both out.  Please e-mail me direct
if you have any info.  Thanks in advance.

And so endeth the tome ....
Live for yourself -- there's no one else                  John Grothman
    more worth living for            
Begging hands and bleeding hearts             Faithful follower of Rush
    will only cry out for more                  and Ayn Rand since 1976

|         Aquila BBS * Aurora, IL * 32 Nodes and Still Growing          |
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Date: Fri, 5 Feb 1993 14:11 CST
Subject: NMS shirts - Awesome!

Well, I was late sending my check for the NMS shirts, but I finally
did, and mine arrived the other day - - - well worth the wait.

The shirts are fantastic...I'm still waiting for my first sighting
of another NMS shirt, but I know there are several at my site who
get the NMS, so it should just be a matter of time.

I was thinking...these shirts will be a great way of identifying
fellow NMSers during the next a stadium full of 10000
Rush fans, I bet you'll see people with the shirts...maybe we
can even get Geddy to wear one!

--                    Mike Silverman

59 Days 'til Opening Day!


From: (Petrille Donald)
Date:         5 Feb 93 08:54:11
Subject:      message-  Force Ten

I think that I agree a lot more with the Beaufort scale
interpretation of Force Ten rather than the idea that Force Ten was
"Forced Tenth" song.  All the clues you need to verify this for
yourself are in the lyrics.  The storm and wind images are
overwhelming.  Sometimes I think the people in this newsletter dig a
little too hard for "facts"  and overlook the obvious.


Date: Fri, 5 Feb 93 17:03:25 -0500
From: (M Deras)
Subject: Al & Neil at work

Hey everyone--
     Dominic Binks mentioned the intricate drum work in "The Weapon". Since
I don't post much and I like TW, any excuse will suffice for me to spout
off on a few things.
     I recall in the Signals tour book how the drum part for TW was
actually cooked up by Ged & Al on the drum machine. All three liked it so
much that they kept it. Neil said he had to learn to move his hands in
different ways to play the thing. My drumming days are long past, so I don't
know how much effort this entailed. I remember playing a pretty good hack
version with a couple friends.
    Lots of folks like MP, but for me the main thing has got to be Alex's
tone. Phenomenal! Especially "Limelight" and "Camera Eye". I have to stop
whatever I'm doing just to LISTEN to these masterful solos. The crying,
bending notes in "Limelight" that melt into each other, the sustain; in
"Camera Eye" the tasteful note selection leading up to that climactic flurry
at the end--not to mention what Ged and Neil are doing underneath. There's
gotta be a way to hang these in the Louvres.
   Thanx for letting me testify.
   Primus has a new one coming out this spring, so here's hoping for a Rush/
Primus doubleheader on the 93/94 world tour.
   Finally, I live in central Indiana, and would appreciate if someone could
tell me when the new Kung Fu is on in this area. Private mail, please.

Tom Klem


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