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          The National Midnight Star, Number 616

                 Monday, 8 February 1993
Today's Topics:
                    Convention Update
                      Re: The Weapon
                  RFTF & a few questions
   Those little targets in the corners of the net. . .
              shrubberies, shirts, and .gifs
                        The Weapon
                      Recent musings
            Rush Through Time & Roll The Bones
                    Alternate tunings
                  This convention thing
                      guest speakers
                 Things, and other Stuff
      Twilight Zone, Goldmine, and Record Convention
                 Psychic Rush Dreams! :-)
                    Comments on GOB CD
              John Dos Passos and Neil Peart
   Rush already in studio, release in April or May ???
                 Rush vs. Dream Theater??
           Any Keyboard players in SF Bay Area?
        How about discussing some different songs?
        Neil (Was re:The Weapon Drum/Hi-Hat Work)

Date: Fri, 5 Feb 93 21:56:35 -0500
From: nam2@po.CWRU.Edu (Nicholas A. Mascari)
Subject: Convention Update

>I'd like to thank the following people for helping me with suggestions,
>support, and comments:
>Jimmy Lang, Meg Jahnke, Thomas Beaudoin (hope I spelled that right),
>Harold Lessure, Nick Mascari, Mike Sandoval, Mike Weintraub, Susie
>Kretschmer, Glen Reed, Dave Warner, Jamie Buckley, Matt Phillips, Eric
>Carlson, Pat Choy, Tony Reynolds, Lewis Beard and anyone else who showed

Excuse me John...but you deserve all the thanks here. All I've done is
made a couple suggestions. Anyway, I'm really looking forward to this
convention. My girlfriend says I'm making a pilgramage hahaha. I think
that's pretty funny, but she's coming with me anyway :)

We all owe John, (just call him Sly!), a shitload of thanks for the effort
he's put forward for us so far, not to mention the work that still needs to
be done.

Looking forward to meeting you this weekend in the 'burgh Sly!!

Nick (aka Peart on IRC)

  Nick Mascari - Mechanical Engineering - CWRU       |~~~\ |    | /~~~\ |    |
"Live for yourself, there's no one else more worth   |___/ |    | \__   |____|
     living for."  - Neil Peart of Rush              | \   |    |     \ |    |
   "Beer: Man's greatest discovery" - NM             |   \  \__/  \___/ |    |


Date: Sat, 6 Feb 1993 04:07:45 -0600 (CST)
From: MuffinHead 
Subject: Re: The Weapon

   I don't understand all the talk about Neil's drumming in The Weapon.
It's an incredibly easy rhythm. Maybe Neil flips a stick to break up the
boredom. As far as switching hands, it's easier to flip a stick when your
hands aren't crossed. I can tell you for sure that there is no reason,
drum-wise, to switch hands for this song. I played it back in high school
and most beginners could do the same.

   Just clearing the air from a drummer's standpoint.

___________________________________________________________________________          -=<*>=-    


Date: 06 Feb 1993 09:23:00 -0500 (EST)
Subject: RFTF & a few questions

Hi Folks!
	Just Picked up Run From the Fans last night... really not a bad
album at all... Those of you that have it: With regard to it being a little
slow sounding, one bright side. When you get a chance, listen to it with
headphones or a good stereo or something, and listen to the background
sounds, with the album being a little slow sounding, it gives you the
chance to hear those parts or sounds you would normally miss. For instance,
during Xanadu, I heard an elephant screech (never heard this before), and
other stuff like that.  It just seems to allow you to enjoy the music a little
more. Try it, plus I think some (most?) of you will agree that the CD is not
slow enough to the point where it is annoying.

- Although I really shouldn't post this, because THIS INFORMATION HAS NOT BEEN
Well , a friend of mine ( a converted RUSH fan) told me that he heard on MTV
a few weeks ago (right after a playing of the RTB vid) that RUSH was back in
the studio getting ready for another album, blah,blah - you know the usual
announcement stuff. But my friend also told me that he said theat the boys
were really considering adding a FOURTH member to the bamd. Now rememebr -
if others heard a wisper of this.  Also, what would any of you out there
in TNMS land think of it if they had. WOuld we welcome him? Now remeber that
this question has been put to the band, and this is not the first time
there's been talk about it. I thought about it myself, and really could not
come up with an answer as to how I would feel.  The awsome threesome a FOURSOME?
Well, just food for thought....

Joe Schofield


Date: Sat, 6 Feb 93 11:46:37 -0500
From: (Scott Josephson )

Date: Sat Feb 6 1992 11:00 EST
From: SLLF 
Subject: Laser Rush & replies

Greetings fellow Rushians!

Last night I went to Orlando to see a laser show featuring Rush. It was
awesome! It took place at the Orlando Science Center. This is a planetarium.
I am originally from New York and have seen a Rush laser show at the Hayden
Planetarium in NYC. I have to say that the show I saw last night was better.
It included clips from Rush videos mixed together with lasers and even
a machine blowing smoke! The sound was equally as good.
  Here is a list of the songs that were played(these are not in order):
        1.) The Spirit of Radio
        2.) Dreamline
        3.) The Trees
        4.) 2112 Overture
        5.) The Temples of Syrinx
        6.) The Grand Finale
        7.) Closer To The Heart
        8.) Subdivisions
        9.) YYZ
       10.) Force Ten
       11.) Roll The Bones
       12.) Tom Sawyer

Hey, was anyone else there? I didn't see anyone wearing an NMS shirt.
I doubt it though, I don't think there are many, if any, NMS subscribers
in my neck of the woods.
I am wondering if this show was similar to the one from Michigan.  I
remember someone once posted information on a laser show in Michigan.
Well, the show was totally AWESOME!!!!

Greetings to Floyd, if you're reading this.

Well, that's all gotta gooooooooooooooo!

- QUANTUM LEAPFROGGING it's an interesting concept!

- Because our world is a fuzzy by nature, you have to sometimes stop and
  smell the pizza! (What?????)

= SLLF                                     "And if the music stops,     =
= Chief AI Audio specialist                 there's only the sound of   =
= and Computer Science                      the rain, all the hope and  =
= Graduate Student at the                   glory, all the sacrifice in =
= Florida Institute of Technology           vain."- Bravado, Neal Peart =


Date: 06 Feb 1993 15:03:00 -0500 (EST)
From: ASILVERM@umiami.IR.Miami.EDU
Subject: Those little targets in the corners of the net. . .

The only Guitar tab books which include actual transcriptions (and not that
"Super-Tab" fake book-type crapola) are Classic Rush (2 versions:  Moving
Pictures and Grace Under Pressure), Presto and Roll The Bones.  There may be
more Classic Rush books coming out, as they also have several Classic Zeppelin
and some other groups too.  The Presto and RTB books have the album covers as
covers and look exactly like the regular notation books, so check inside.  I
have all these except RTB(which I don't like enough to shell out $25 for!  I
have Dreamline in a magazine anyway. . .), and they are all excellent, accurate
transcriptions of the guitar parts, including all solos.  I think they all cost
between $20 and $25.

			Good Luck,


P.S.  WHy are we here?  So we can see Ray Bourque win the NHL target shoot
	again and again!  Go B's!


From: Jeff Moon 
Subject: T-shirts...
Date: Sat, 6 Feb 93 18:32:55 EST

Hello, Rush maniacs:

	I really enjoy getting this subscription. I only get one other
internet magazine which comes once a week, and it doesn't even compare to
all the great articles and letter that we get in NMS.

	Anyway, my main question, short and simple, is: How do we get
T-shirts? I wasn't really paying attention to all the details on that, so if
someone would be kind enough not to wring my neck for paying attention and
give me the address to send my check off to, I would greatly appreciate it.

   [ Anyone wanting info on the NMS shirts send e-mail to:					: rush-mgr ]

	Rush on, y'all...
Jeffrey Moon			* "And the trees are all kept equal,
University of Rochester		*  By hatchet, ax, and saw..."
New York			*		- Rush, "The Trees"


From: pslvax!larson!matt@UCSD.EDU (Matt Wilkinson)
Date: Sat, 6 Feb 1993 17:44:55 -0800
Subject: shrubberies, shirts, and .gifs

| On Fri,  5 Feb 93 14:24:41 GMT,
| Roger G Haworth  wrote:
| Rus, we do indeed want a shrubbery!

Yes, absolutely, and another one to go next to it with a nice sort-of path
down the middle.

Roger?  Roger the Shrubber? :-)

The NMS Shrubbery!  Brought to you by the Knights who say 'Subdivisions'.
Maybe it could go in the forest where the Maples and the Oaks used to be?

er, sorry, couldn't resist that bit of silliness above.  Just a couple of
things to say today...

I picked up my NMS shirt from Meg in San Diego last weekend, but have been
remiss in posting my high praises for it and for the work she does each day
in getting the digest together... thanks Meg!  The "item" was an unexpected, 
added bonus! :-)

Following the "Why People {like||dislike} Rush" thread has been fascinating.
I have a co-worker here who used to refer to them as "aging rock relics of
the 70's", but I've been cutting out the like/dislike thread from each
digest and forwarding the posts to him.  He's asked me to make him a
tape of representative songs from each of the albums so he can give it a
thorough listening... probably too soon to count him amongst the converted,
but there's always hope!

So, if anyone has a suggested "play list" for me to give to him, send me
some private e_mail at the address below.  I know what *I'd* put on it, but
then that might not give him the widest range of music to listen to.

Finally, I saw the .gif file of the possible cover-art for the you-know-what
and it is outstanding.  I apologizing for not remembering the name
of the artist, or the location of the file on syrinx (could you fill
that info in below? thanks), but it is an outstanding work of art and whether
you're for-or-against the you-know-what, you should take a look/grab a copy
of it.  I would if I could ftp, but, alas, I can't.  Kudos to the artist.

   [ For anyone wanting a look at this gif, it's in rush/incoming
     called "cd_cover.gif"				: rush-mgr ]

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 []      matt | "in the unlikely event of a system crash,   | systems       []
 [] wilkinson | your PC may be used as a floatation device" | administrator []
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Date: Sat, 6 Feb 93 23:39:26 EST
Subject: The Weapon

A lot of talk concerning "The Weapon" has popped up recently.  I was unaware
of the origin of the drum part or Mr. Peart's difficulty in playing it.
Basically, Mr. Peart must use his left hand as the "lead" through most of the
hi-hat sequences.  Since he is a right-handed drummer, he primarily uses
that hand to play the ride cymbal, hi-hat, or china type cymbals.  However,
most drummers should learn to play left hand lead at least to some extent.
This technique has been popularized through the Gary Chester drum study books
and by drummers such as Dave Weckl and Kenny Aronoff (John Mellancamp) who
learned his systems.  Neil Peart had not mastered (and still may not have)
the technique of using the off hand in such fashion for "The Weapon".  Thus,
it's clear that Mr. Peart has some weaknesses in his playing, but based on
his 1989 Modern Drummer interview, he is perfectly happy with his ability
at this point.


Date: Sun, 7 Feb 93 07:20 GMT
From: Cyber Surfer 
Subject: Recent musings

Rush/Zep song titles:

> Babe, I'm gonna leave you face up        Your time is gonna stand still
> The spirit of custard pie                Trampled under the wheels
> When the big wheel breaks                Hats off to the enemy within
> You shook my thing                       Since I've been loving Tom Sawyer


Here're a few that I've found on CIX:

Stairway to the trees.
Whole Lotta Waves
Black Snow Dog
Four Arms
Working Moby Dick.
The More The Song Changes, The More It Remains The Same


So far, I have only one UK name who wants a t-shirt, so we have a
small list here. So there's just and me.

I'm not prepared to made such a small order, so we need a few more
names. Please speak up if you have any interest.

Tony, if you're prepared to split the cost of a trans-atlantic
order with just the two of us, please mail me.

"All there really is
The two of us"

Food for Thought:

Someone once told me about the great cooking Rush have on tour.
Is this true? I didn't find anything in the FAQ.


-- Cyber Surfing on CIX --


Date: Sun, 7 Feb 93 12:23:27 GMT
From: 'Kemarin' 
Subject: Rush Through Time & Roll The Bones

Today I picked up a copy of Rush Through Time (quite good quality) for #2.50
(about $4 I think).  Is this album as rare as I am given to believe, or have
I been misled?  I know it was an actual release, so I might not be correct.
I also got Archives for #10 (about $17 ?) and an RTB picture disc with It's A
Rap (Part 1) Alex Lifeson.  I love flea markets!  I've now got three RTB
single type things - A cd single, a hologram cd single and the above (square!)
picture disc.  Is this the lot?  Also, I placed orders for two live concert
recordings, one from Toronto 1984 and one from 1988 (forgotten the location,
sorry).  What tours are these from (bit before my time, unfortunately, the
only tour I've managed to catch was RTB in London)?  If anybody can help, I
would be grateful.

   [ I'd be careful with any boot that lists from 1984; several are out and
     they're all just copies of the GUP video soundtrack!	 : rush-mgr ]

P.S. - Got the .sig sorted out at last.  Like it?


**************   -Kemarin a.k.a.   **************
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Date: Sun, 7 Feb 93 08:46:32 EST
Subject: Alternate tunings

	Hello, everyone.  This is my first post, so I hope I don't ramble...
I was listening to "Between the Wheels" and reading the tab book along with
it when I noticed that Alex plays the song in a dropped D tuning (tunes low
E to D).  Hence the extremely cool sinister tone.  Does anyone know if any
other Rush songs were done in alternate tunings?  I know Alex tuned up one
step for "The Big Money", courtesy of the tab in the rush archive, but that's
all I know about.
	I wonder if they'll use alternate tunings on the next album.  I thought
you can't play guitar in Seattle otherwise.
	Okay, I'm rambling, so I'll stop.  Only 7 months to go...
	-Zach (can't afford a .sig file)


Subject: This convention thing
Date: Sun, 07 Feb 93 12:43:12 EST

I'm afraid I've been drifting in and out of touch lately and I've noticed a
lot more realistic talk about that convention taking place (please exscuse my
ignorance of the matter...)  If anyone has any definites, please email (unless
it's so relevent it *must* be posted).  I apologize for the incredibly
self-indulgent nature of this post...and thanks in advance.

   [ Anyone wanting more info on the Rush/NMS convention, send e-mail to: (John Santore)			       : rush-mgr ]

|                                                                             |
|This message has been brought to you by the numbers 6, 2 and 9 and by the    |
|letter E.                                                                    |
|                                                                             |


Date: Sun, 7 Feb 1993 22:50:59 -0500
From: Scott David Daly 
Subject: guest speakers

Hi there!

	Just thought I'd suggest some possibilities for whoever's
organizing the convention of who you could get as a guest speaker:

	1) (ideal choice...but GOOD LUCK!)  any or all band members
	2) JOHN RUTSEY (after all...he's not doing anything ELSE is
	3) a long time crew-member
	4) Terry Brown
	5) Hugh Syme
	6) Geddy's mom (...everyone could try to get her to pronounce

		...just some thoughts...


Date: Sun, 7 Feb 1993 22:52:49 -0500
From: Smoove 
Subject: Things, and other Stuff

	Hey there.

	This is my first week of The NMS, and thus my first posting;
so If I break any netequettes forgive me for now.

	I have run into many a Rush skeptic, and since I am the kind
of fan who can't see any logical reason for disliking the group I
naturally argue the point with the cynics.  This is my observation:
	Rush music does not appeal to many people because it is not
easy music.  It is not candy-coated lyrics with meanings that jump
out at you, filled with a simple beat and pointless dead end solos,
and then gift-wrapped by a super-commercialized pretty face.  Rush is
complicated.  It takes patience, and a deep understanding.  Rush is
NOT for the pop charts, distressing as that may be for those who are
upset that their favorite band does not hit as well as 'Smells Like
Teen Spirit'  on the top 40 list.  It is for contemplation, and for
talking about.  Rush provokes a state of mind.  So what if it isn't
danceable?  There is dance music, and there is Rush.  If 2112 were
danceable, you would probably spend less time thinking about it.
Rush IS it's own category of music.  Does Def Leppard have a
Newsgroup, or it's own email magazine?  Nirvana?  Motley Crue?


	Sorry if I seem a little bitter, but coming from someone
who's favorite song is The Necromancer...I just couldn't help but
berate the ignorance of such artistry.

		If anyone has anything they'd like to discuss with me
personally on the subject, I welcome the mail.


Date: Sun, 7 Feb 1993 23:52:02 -0500 (EST)
From: Chad H Hutchinson <>
Subject: Twilight Zone, Goldmine, and Record Convention

Hi kids,

   This post is probably gonna run a little long so brace your selves...

"Twilight Zone" - 2112:
   I perosnally haven't seen this mentioned before so here goes.  In the
song "Twilight Zone,"  I noticed a little glitch back when I first got the
album (1985).  After the first line of the first chorus ("You have entered
the twilight zone") and immediately before the second line ("beyond this
world strange things are known"), there is a small scratching noice as if
Alex had scraped something along one of the lower three strings of his
guitar.  I was wondering if anyone has noticed this (Duh, I'm sure a lot
of you have) and if it was an accident (too expensive at the time to redo)
or something deliberate but weird.  Any clues?

Record Convention (Radison Hotel, Route 202, Wilmington, DE, Sunday, Feb. 7):

   Well, today I spend $56 on Rush stuff.  Here's what I found:

		"Roll the Bones"/"Show Don't Tell" (7" vinyl, UK)
		"Ghost of a Chance" (edit)/"Ghost of a Chance" (LP)
			(CD picture disc promo single)
		Roll the Bones Radio Program (Music and Interviews, CD, Canada)
			(Very nice!)
		Grace Under Pressure (Near mint condition, LP)
		A Farewell to Kings (Near mint condition, gatefold, LP)

I know the last 2 aren't that spectacular, but I'm working on getting all
of the old LPs.  Very soon I will be getting the promo CD single for
"Where's My Thing."  It was released to hard rock stations around the U.S.
and Canada as a single.  Cool, man.  Supposedly, it's very hard to come by
because a limited number were sent out.  Also, any of you that have the
_Profiled!_ CD, good pick because a dealer told me today that it goes for
about $75 now, or more!

    [ I was able to get it for $21 (that was all the cash I had left in my
      wallet! :) last year... my how prices inflate.		: rush-mgr ]

Goldmine Magazine:

   At the show, I picked up an issue of Goldmine magazine and found some
cool things inside.  I'm writing this for information's sake to all you
other Rush nuts and to ask some questions.  Here are some of the things in
the magazine:

	Rosemont 11-1-92, 2CD  <---Any good, any one have it?

	Fly By Night  Montreal 1980 <---Ditto

  [ Check the boot listing put out by -- she just updated
    it this weekend (with the Rosemont one in there btw).	 : rush-mgr ]

	Rush Special Edition 12" Promo only Canada pressing on Anthem (never
		released in stores) featuring 2 live songs  Very nice
		collectable for Rush fans! <---Anybody know what this is?

	Roll the Bones Calendar <---Sounds cool

  [ It's a round calendar about 8" diameter with the wishbones for the front;
    it's got a turn dial and a peek-through window so you can see the calendar 
    for that month. It was made for 1992.			   : rush-mgr ]

	Roll the Bones U.S. Promo Issue Scroll <---What is this?

  [ Supposedly it's a parchment-looking paper, with the text from "Row The
    Boats" on it.						: rush-mgr ]

	Caress of Steel Gatefold w/lyrics  (VG+/NM) <---Nice

	Exit...Stage Left Cardboard display (19" x 26") <---Cool, but $20 for

	Upclose 2/13/90 <---Anybody got this?

	Off the Record 6/29/92 (1CD) <---How about this?

	King Biscuit Dec. 1990 <---Or this?

	King Biscuit Dec. 1991 <---Or, finally, this?

All the ones that I asked questions of, I'm am interested in getting a
copy if anyone would be so kind.

Also if anyone wants address of the stores where these things are located,
I'll let you know. E-mail me directly for this.


Along with that, if yo haven't sent the tape yet and would also like a
copy of the new disc I got (Roll the Bones Radio Program), send another
tape that's at least 71minutes in duration!!

  \  _____  \     \    \  _____   \                 The Ghost
   \         \     \    \          \      
    \         \     \    \_____     \  ____         University of Delaware
     \         \     \         \     \     \        Chemical Engineering
      \__       \_______  \_______    \__   \__

 * * * * * * * * Better people, better food and better beer * * * * * * * *


Date: Mon, 8 Feb 93 00:59:50 HST
From: puanani@wana.pbrc.Hawaii.Edu (Puanani Akaka)
Subject: Psychic Rush Dreams! :-)

Jello Rush folks!

A very bizarre thing happened to me a couple of weeks ago.  I wanted
to share it with you all because it's so strange that I thought you
might get a kick out of it.

A couple of weeks ago, on a Sunday night, I had a dream about Rush.
Has anyone ever seen the back cover of the "Best of Bee Gees" album?
Well, it's got the four of them (I don't know who the fourth member
was) standing on this ship looking down at the camera.  Well, in this
dream, I was holding the LP (yes, LP!) to Rush's new album -- the back
cover of which was exactly like the Bee Gee's one except, of course,
Rush was on it.  But instead of a ship, they were standing on this
elevated street (Geddy was dangling his legs off the side!) and instead
of ship masts, there were street lights behind them.
	Anyway, the song list and credits were written over this photo
of the band, which strangely enough was moving!  I could see the 3 of
them laughing hysterically at me trying to read the liner notes!  The
liner notes themselves were in various fonts and sizes, making it
difficult to read, but one name at the bottom of the LP stood out quite
clearly.  It said, "produced by Peter Eurythmics" (for the life of me,
I have no idea how the heck the Eurythmics got in there...!).  I knew,
however, that it really meant Peter Collins...
	The strange part about this is that I've been a week and a half
behind in reading the NMS.  I didn't read the rush-mgr's note about
Rush's new producer until last Friday.  Little did I realize that my
dream would turn into a prophecy!!  :-)  [enter Twilight Zone music]

(i wonder if this means that Peter Collins will be producing Rush to
get that Bee Gee's sound... hmm, Rush vocal harmony; a new direction,
perhaps...??)  :-)

Weird, eh?  Anyway, I just thought I'd share that.  Anyone else get
bizarre things like that happen to them?

Oh yeah, Alex faves.  Hmmm... let me see... (in no particular order)

	1) Limelight
	2) Witch Hunt (end of ASOH -- that man could tell me to do
			almost anything, and I'd do it.  Talk about a
			guitar talent.  sigh....)
	3) Scars (love those effects/gotta have those effects!)
	4) the little doo-hickey/twangy/Spanish-y like thingamajig
		towards the end of "Vital Signs" on GUP video.
	5) Distant Early Warning
	6) Afterimage

okay!  Add in every other note he's ever played... :-)


puanani  "I love dat!" -- H.M. Murdock; "The A-Team"


Date: Sat,  6 Feb 93 23:46:08 EST
From: (Scott Stuart)
Subject: Comments on GOB CD

>Date: 22 Jan 93 21:18:18 EST
>From: Bruce Holtgren <70724.1622@CompuServe.COM>
>Subject: whipping up the bootleg mania ...
>My few hundred pesos' worth of input on the subject of the Great
>the CD Boot Project:
>1. Best idea: "Gangster of Boots" as the title. This is
>*perfect*! Just obscure enough to confuse the masses, but
>something that all us die-hard phreaks will understand
>perfectly. And the band would love it (see below).

     This is a great title... very esoteric!

>2. Worst idea: Crediting contributors by name on the CD or the
>insert. Gee, folks - while we're at it, why don't we make it
>REALLY convenient for the G-men and record companies, and provide
>all our addresses and phone numbers as well?? :) Seriously - dump
>this one. Best go with handles and aliases, if anything - and the
>more obscure, the better.

     Definitely... go with the handles.  In fact, I think that would be
better anyway--adding to the obscurity!

>3. And now for something completely different: If we really love
>the band as much as we all say we do, we should consider sending
>them (anonymously, of course) any income from this project that
>exceeds the costs. It might not amount to much, but at least our
>integrity would remain intact, and it would prove we're not in it
>for profit. (And we could throw in a free copy of the CD - they'd
>have to be highly amused by the GOB title.)

     I hadn't thought of this, but it's a good idea.  Giving the
proceeds to the band (as well as a copy of the CD... or three of them!)
will alleviate, I think, any negativity the band might feel towards TNMS,
GOB, and its creators; it will show that we're not trying to turn a
dishonest profit from Rush's music--we just want a unique Rush CD, with
which we have not yet been provided, and a project that will give TNMS
readers a real piece of the action... not just buying Rush CDs, but
crafting our own.

>4. Another idea altogether: Any enthusiasm out there for
>compiling a collection of *video* Rush rarities? I'm thinking of

     I would definitely be interested in this...

>Date: Mon, 25 Jan 93 09:22:10 EST
>From: Doug White 
>Subject: CD detail
>Hullo. I also liked that idea of a lot of rush-related stuff in a
>(sorry I can't give correct credit) as cover art.
>I thought of one minor detail that shouldn't be overlooked, though.
>We can have a lot of fun with the digits in the (fake) UPC bars on the
>back! I generated a JPEG image that I'll put in the syrinx incoming
>directory that uses the digits 1001001 and 2112 ... any other good

     Hehehe... that's also a great idea... this CD's going to be
brimming with insider Rushisms!


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Date: Mon, 8 Feb 1993 08:53 EST
From: Paul Mangiafico 
Subject: John Dos Passos and Neil Peart

Hey gang...

Well, everybody knows about the influence that Dylan Thomas (Red
Tide), Ayn Rand (2112), and even Shakespeare (Limelight) had on Neil
Peart's lyrics. How about John Dos Passos? I remember reading
somewhere about Neil really being into Dos Passos (and the influence
is evident in The Big Money, Camera Eye, and maybe others). Has anyone
here read Dos Passos, and can you tell us a bit about his writing and
how close Neil's lyrics are to his stories/ideas?

Paul Mangiafico

P.S. - Here's an idea for a new thread:

A few weekends ago I saw a car on I-66 near Manassas, Virginia, with a
license plate that read N PEART. Does anyone else have Rush-inspired
tags, or can you suggest good ones?

  [ I know the "original" rush-mgr has SYRINX for his license plate!
    Also seen in California: "PRESTO" and "RUSH FN" : rush-mgr ]


Date: 08 Feb 1993 12:06:05 -0500 (EST)
From: Lewis A Bernstein 
Subject: Rush already in studio, release in April or May ???

I will make no claims as to the accuracy of this information, BUT,
over the weekend I heard from a DJ on 97.7 FM of (Hamilton, or
St. Catharines, or somewhere near Toronto), that Rush are currently
*IN* the studio (not just writing), and that there could be a new
album on the shelves by late *spring*!

I know that some people have heard otherwise, but is this possible?
I sure hope so.....

As far as the NMS convention, I would like to go, but I'll just drive
up, as Toronto is less than 2 hours away.....

Amazing how often you see threads repeated when you've been around
since issue 97.



Subject: Rush vs. Dream Theater??
From: LitePopMetalist 
Date: Mon, 8 Feb 93 10:13:43 MST

on the almost constant urgings of several people on this list,
a friend and i went to see this band at the gothic in denver last night.
while these guys were incredible, the similarities to Rush, i think, are
overstated. Zanadu-like smoke and synths opened the show, and several times
I expected to see a laser array appear behind the drummer, the overall sound
is more like Queensryche vs. Helmet. All of these musicians have great
talent-especially the drummer, whose breakneck 'rhythm method' drum solo
(complete with an intro out of an instrumental, wood blocks, double bass-drummin
g, bells, and i think i even heard a gong at the end) sounded like a CD
skipping while playing neil's solo during YYZ! this drummer is GOOD, even though
he (or his sound man) is experimenting with the effects of sound waves on
hapless leather-clad concert attenders. Basically, if you're a Queensryche
fan, you're going to love Dream Theater, but if you go expecting Geddy's
precise lines, Alex's grand guitar layering, or neil's haircut, you'll end
up feeling like i did-"it's a good thing these guys are awesome, or i'd be
a little pissed i didn't get any sleep last night..


Greetins from Colorado---The Hate State!


Subject: Any Keyboard players in SF Bay Area?
Date: Mon, 8 Feb 93 9:39:28 PST

At first glance, this may not have anything to do with Rush, but it does.
I'm sure the Rush-Mgr will let this get posted, since if we can find said
keyboard player, there may be another pre-Rush concert concert this year
when Rush swings through this area.

I'm looking for a keyboard player who lives in the San Francisco Bay area,
who would like to get together once a week to play Rush songs. If interested,
send me (Louie LaPlant) email at:

	[ Having been a part of such a "pre-Rush" concert concert, I
	  would encourage anyone in the area to drop Louie a note.  :rush-mgr ]


Date: 08 Feb 1993 12:27:01 -0600 (CST)
From: Fate is just the weight of circumstances 
Subject: How about discussing some different songs?


I've noticed that there has been a good deal of discussion about the meaning
of The Trees and 2112. These are great songs and I have my opinions about them
but is anyone interested in discussing the meanings of a few little mentioned
songs? I would like to discuss In the End and Prime Mover. I thought that
they were pretty straight forward but my friends and I have come up with
several different meanings. If anyone is interested please post to NMS
or send me e-mail.

Also, I might as well put in my two cents about Dream Theatre. I saw them
two weeks ago in Chicago and they were great. I would like to see them
open up for Rush sometime. That would be a great show!

Finally, I believe that the true pronunciation of Ayn Rand is Eye-n Rand.


Jim Mulvey


Date: Mon, 8 Feb 1993 13:23:00 +0000
From: "Robert (R.A.) Herrage" 
Subject: Neil (Was re:The Weapon Drum/Hi-Hat Work)

One of the things that I really enjoy about listening to Neil with RUSH
is that he's almost always has each of his 4 appendages (ie. both hands
and both feet) doing something.  Out of the 4, his left foot probably
does the least.  There's very little "idle" time for any of them and he
does it very tastefully and musically.

There have been several songs that I've listened to a lot and then I've
taken the time to listen to them with headphones on.  I've discovered
lots of little things that I didn't notice before -- mostly left-footed
hi-hat work (like in the somewhat quiet part of La Villa Strangiato).
And, of course, on things like "Mystic Rhythms", he uses his left foot
to hit a trigger switch.  Being right-handed, I used to try and do most
hi-hat work right-handed.  I've become a bit more ambidextrous after
listening/watching Neil.

There are lots of drummers out there that attempt to use all 4 appendages
and try to cram as much into a song as possible.  They usually succeed,
but the song ends up suffering musically.  Not so with "The Professor".



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