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          The National Midnight Star, Number 618

               Wednesday, 10 February 1993
Today's Topics:
                    Rush a foursome?!?
        02/09/93 - The National Midnight Star #617
    Glad to hear from a lot of you and License Plates
                      License plates
                     Hello Rush Fans!
                   License plate thread
                  perchance to dream...
                  Twilight Zone "glitch"
                Second the "Dos" and more
                     Fourth member...
                     The Necoromancer
             Comments on the "Fourth Member"
                  No More Dream Theater
        The "What's our favorite Rush Album" Poll
                       Rush Legacy
                  Re:  Necromancer roots
               custom tags and udder tings
                     Address Change!!
                 Moving Pictures question
               cd_cover.gif, license plates
                Gee, can you tell im new?
           To those who want copies of my show

Subject: Rush a foursome?!?
Date: Tue, 09 Feb 93 16:39:37 EST

I don't know about anyone else, but if Rush ever added a fourth I'd be most
bummed out.  Yeah, yeah, it's just on principle, and I guess it would make
their stage lives incredibly easier, to me it would just suck.  Now that I
think about it, it would be bad if they toured with a fourth, but you didn't
mean add a fourth as a "real" member???  That would be a _huge_ mistake, you
know - wrecking the chemistry of the band and all.  Anyways, sorry to be so
upset, but...I guess I would be if this were true.  Just one fan's opinion.

Rob Aquino


Date: Tue, 9 Feb 1993 18:53:50 -0500
Subject: 02/09/93 - The National Midnight Star #617

|He claimed that Yes and Rush were the same band and that they just
|called the band by two different names.

This is a good theory.

Has anyone ever *seen* Trevor Rabin and "Alex Lifeson" at the same
time?! Compare and contrast "Geddy Lee" and Tony Kaye's keyboards.
They sound a lot the same to me.

This is a BIG hoax. Like Iran/Contra, it'll come out some day!!!

	[ Boy I hate it when people mix in their political views and
	  music.  Let's try and keep them separate shall we?  In this
	  context it's totally irrelevant.  As for Rush/Yes similarities
	  maybe you can't see them but I can! 	:rush-mgr ]

Yeah, this puts a whole new light on Rush for me!

(AND --- I've noticed similarities between Drem Theatre's keyboards
and Genesis...)

The sun can warm the coldest dawn and move the movement on the lawn. (Yes)


Date: Tue, 9 Feb 1993 19:02:02 -0500 (EST)
From: Chad H Hutchinson <>
Subject: Glad to hear from a lot of you and License Plates

Hi kids,

   I've been getting a lot of responses to my posts about the interview
discs.  I glad to hear from a number of you Rush Nuts. It's great to have
direct contact with a bunch of people that have the same addiction.

   I want to say that to everyone who is sending me tapes, PLEASE be
patient with me.  We're just beginning the spring semester here at
Delaware and it's also my last semester.  So along with my Chemical
Engineering workload, I will also be on the job hunt.  Believe me, you
will get the interviews.  And labelled nicely too since I'm a little

   When in the area of the University of Delaware up to the southeastern
corner of Pennsylvania, keep your eyes peeled for The Ghost!  His license
plate reads:

 /     								\
 |                         PENNSYLVANIA                         |
 |    	____                  ____           ___    _____       |
 |     /    \	/|     /|    /    \  	    /   \   |    \      |
 |	    |	 |	|         |	   |     |  |     |     |
 |	   /	 |	|        /	   |	 |  |     |     |
 |	  / 	 |	|       /     --   |_____|  |     |     |
 |  	 /	 |	|      /	   |	 |  |	  |	|
 |	/        |	|     /		   |	 |  |     |	|
 |     /         |	|    /		   |	 |  |     |	|
 |     |____|  __|__  __|__  |____|        |	 |  |____/	|
 |								|
 |                      THE KEYSTONE STATE			|

  \  _____  \     \    \  _____   \                 The Ghost
   \         \     \    \          \      
    \         \     \    \_____     \  ____         University of Delaware
     \         \     \         \     \     \        Chemical Engineering
      \__       \_______  \_______    \__   \__

 * * * * * * * * Better people, better food and better beer * * * * * * * *


Date: 09 Feb 1993 19:22:12 -0500 (EST)
Subject: License plates

     I live on Long Island.  A few months ago I saw a licence plate which read:
The frame around the plate said "Rush" on top and "Geddy, Alex, and Neil" on
the bottom.  I guess the owner of the car is a Rush fan or something...


Date:    Tue, 9 Feb 1993 20:42:44 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Hello Rush Fans!

	This is my first post to NMS so first let me start by saying
that I have been a Rush fan since the 5th grade (1979) when I first
got into Permanant Waves.  I have followed the band and have seen them
15 times since then in concert (Boy was that General Admission Rush/Marillion
show in Springfield Mass in 1985 a killer!).. Anyways, I am so greatful
that there are so many die-hard Rush-Fans out there and have a couple
comments on a couple things I have seen in the last few NMS's concerning
the band.

1.) I am SOO glad Peter Collins will be producing the next album, of
    course I would much more like to see Terry Brown but hey ya cant have
    it all :-).  HYF was one of Rush's most diverse lps to date, although
    it was not a "winner" in recordland...that album delivers some of the
    most incredible music and syncopation out of any of their albums..
    (Time Stand Still, Prime Mover, High Water etc)

 2.) Dream Theatre....ok after being on Prodigy's rush section for about
     6months before I dumped the silly service, everyone in their was
     yelling and screaming about Dream my buddy took the
     plunge and bought the cd....and boy did I peronally think it sucked!
     No offense to anyone, the singer may have a killer voice, but they
     sound more like Iron Maiden than Rush... I'm not a heavy metal/acid
     freak so you'll have to excuse me... I personally single out Rush
     with bands like Yes/U2 and Marillion and NOT Dream Theatre.  Maybe
     I'll have to suffer through it some more and grow to like it :-)

  3.) If Anyone out there in Rush-Land hasnt yet seen Marillion in concert
      I urge you to the next time they come this way..I have seen them
      3 times and they are FABULOUS even without Fish!...

Oh also, some guy mentioned a scratching sound on 2112 in Twilight Zone,
yes that is there...I don't know the origins behind it...have you also
noticed the "get a haircut willya" on I think I'm going bald, the triangle
that neil plays WELL off of the vinyl lp (record of course) at the end of
ByTor and The Snow Dog, on Cygnus X-I:Book II (Hemispheres) you can hear
the prelude to Cygnus X-I music in the background just before "Cygnus Bringer
of balance".... What about the wood-block shots by Neil in Analog Kid in
the beginning of the song (kinda hidden by the music)

Anyways, glad to be a part of such a fabulous newsletter.

-Al Filandro
-Cygnus X-I BBS (203-628-9702 or 203-620-0757 HST's 3gigs online)


From: Wayne Torman 
Date: Tue,  9 Feb 93 17:41:00 PST
Subject: License plate thread

Hi all.

Proud to say that I had "BRCHTTA" on a Florida plate (on my RED Honda)
from 1984 thru 1988, and have one of the plates (1988) PROUDLY
displayed here on my cubicle!!!!

That's all for now!
Wayne Torman


Subject: tags
Date: Tue, 09 Feb 93 21:46:40 EST

I was very suprised to see my own tag (21RUSH12) in here yesterday as one of
those Rush things, but it reminded me of my fav metal/rock related tag here at
NC State:


I know it's not Rush, but I think it's sooooo clever...

I've also seen one in Greensboro, NC ( I hope this is right ):


or some such abbreviation.  It was night time (appropriately enough) and he
passed me very quickly (not hard to do), but that was the gist of made
me smile.

|This message has been brought to you by the numbers 6, 2 and 9 and by the    |
|letter E.                                                                    |


Date: Tue, 9 Feb 1993 21:19:45 CST
Subject: perchance to dream...

Wow!  Last night I fell asleep with The Fountain of Lamneth stuck on repeat.
I thought I was Bilbo Baggins until well after lunch.

What a song!

"Repo man's always intense.  C'mon, let's go get a drink"
                        - from Repo Man


Date: 9 Feb 93 23:09:20 EST
From: Philip.S.Augur@Dartmouth.EDU (Philip S. Augur)
Subject: Twilight Zone "glitch"

I listened through The Twilight Zone after reading yesterday's comment and
the only "glitch" I heard occured in the first refrain following "Come
explore your dream's creation" and immediately before "Enter this world of
imagination." I heard nothing where Chad claimed to hear a glitch. But even
at this, I've no explanation for what it is (his explanation of Alex scraping
something (by accident?) along the strings sounds plausable--the same noise
does not appear in the later refrains).

In your head is the answer--let it guide you along. Let your heart be the
anchor and the beat of your song.       --Neil Peart


Date: Tue, 9 Feb 93 22:59:03 -0600
From: Joshua Hyatt Weiss  
Subject: Second the "Dos" and more

Just a few quick things to throw in the limelight.
     I did a little lookin' into Dos Passos last year (although haven't had the
time to sit down and read him) and I came across a very familiar-sounding pass-
age in the beginning of The 42nd Parallel.  It's unmistakebly the inspiration
to "The Camera Eye".  But I'm no authority.  Just thought I'd Pass that on.
     Anyway, as far as Neil Peart posters go, I got one from Ludwig awhile back
(same address) of the Power Windows drum set.  It's a really odd picture of Neil
taken in black and white (with his hair greased back) and embellished with color
in certain places.
     I also am in favor in discussion of lyrics, as that is a subject which I
believe can never grow old.  As far as the influences of objectivism, I think
that's a dangerous subject nowadays with Neil as I think he's moved away from
any total and open support of any one philosophy, although I'm sure he keeps
a strong fidelity to flossing once a day.
                                                  --Josh Weiss
                                                    "a fish or a mountain to
                                                     scale"--Toy Matinee


Date:         Tue, 09 Feb 93 22:56:07 CST
From: S116193@UMRVMA.UMR.EDU
Subject:      Fourth member...

Just my 2 cents worth...

I think a fourth member would be a GREAT new change for the band.  After
all, I think Rush has been very innovative from the start.  Why not go for
it? Neil, Alex, and Geddy are good enough musicians to know what sounds good,
so I don't think a four member album will sound that bad...   General
concensus seems to be that Signals sorta sucked.  I think it is more
important to try new ideas as a band.  There are other good musicians out
there; I don't think that the trio will get "contaminated' or anything.
I'm ready for the new;  I hope they pick up a Rippin' keyboardist, along
the lines of Rick Wakeman...   O.K., Let the Flames Begin...



From: (Gillespie John Michael)
Date:         10 Feb 93 00:06:39
Subject:      The Necoromancer

    I just got through reading todays edition, only my second, yes I
am new but I thought that I would reply to Pauls question on the
Necromancer.  It is my opinion that they are refering to the
Necromancer in Tolkein's The Hobbit.  Before Sauron comes into power
in Morodor he has a small fortress on the borders of Mirkwood.  I
belive that this could be the Necromancer they are refering to.

For I have dined on honeydew and drunk the milk of Paridise


From: (Jeff Boerio)
Subject: Comments on the "Fourth Member"
Date: Wed, 10 Feb 93 1:40:26 EST


This is probably going to be the most controvertial point-of-view regarding
a possible fourth member as a keyboard player.

I don't think it would be as bad as people make it out to be.  I saw many
concerts this past year, and I started to notice something.  Bands like
Ozzy Osbourne and Damn Yankees all have keyboard parts in their songs.
There certainly wasn't a keyboard player on the stage, though.  As a matter
of fact, they get hidden off stage behind curtains!

Now picture this:  no more keyboards on stage!  This would free up both
Geddy and Alex to roam the stage a little more freely and not have to think
so much during the show.  Not only that, Geddy could play some more
complicated bass lines, which it doesn't sound like he has done on recent
albums.  (Pick up "Rushian Roulette", it has some AWESOME bass lines during
the finale for "2112"!)  It would also free up Alex.  Alex has started
playing some more of the sequenced parts (I took a picture of him during
the RTB tour where he was playing keyboards).

I don't think this would detroy the chemistry of three people.  In fact,
people commented last year that Rush seemed more at ease when Mr. Big would
join Rush during their encore while playing "In The Mood."  So it's kind of
obvious that the guys can get along with other people during a tour.

    - Jeff

Jeff Boerio			      |  PUCC General Consultant	      |  Purdue University, W. Laughalot, IN


Date: Wed, 10 Feb 93 2:16:54 cdt
From: "LaVllaStrngiato (Krauss,Eric B)" 
Subject: No More Dream Theater

Please, no more Dream Theater.  They have nothing to do with Rush, and I'd
really rather not read anything about them.  I heard a few of their songs on
the radio and, honestly, I think they are awful--and have NOTHING to do with

About John Dos Passos--
Yes, he did write "The Big Money" and "The Grand Design," both about the
exploits of evil Capitalism.  He was one of the Lost Generation writers of
the 20s (Hemingway was another), the writings of whom Neil Peart frequently
alludes to in countless songs.  "The Camera Eye" was a type of interchapter
used in the "U.S.A. Trilogy," of which "The Big Money" was a part.

These books are modern-day classics and definitely worthwhile reading.
However, don't read them just "because Neil Peart read them."  That's
almost insulting.



Date: 10 Feb 1993 02:23:47 -0600 (CST)
From: ST1S1@Jetson.UH.EDU
Subject: The "What's our favorite Rush Album" Poll

		Ok folks, yesterday I heard from about 33 of you!
		I'm going to post the results of the poll on Monday
		February 15,, the other 1467 of you
		who didn't vote, now is the time.  And remember, you
		can only vote once!!!

		By the way, the 33 votes I did get..........well, lets
		just say that the results are quite suprising.  I almost
		can't wait to post the results.  You'll be quite amazed
		I'm sure!

		So, vote today for your favorite Rush album.  And lets
		clear the air, Chronicles and Archives do not count!! :)

		Thank's all........look forward to hearing from you!!

Dan "Zivijinovich" Ross

No, really.......   Why are we here????


Date: Wed, 10 Feb 93 11:31:07 GMT
From: 'Kemarin' 

Hello, just a few credits worth...

Ruairi (sp?) wrote about Peter Collins producing the next album.  I personally
disagree on his view about Rupert Hine, I like the last two albums and feel the
change in feel as a sort of evolution, but the popular opinion around here is
that Peter Collins is welcome back on the scene.  I think I'll like the album
anyway, whoever produces it, and I like both producers so I'm happy either

Rush's Fourth Member:

AAARRRGGGHH!!! No!!!!  They can't let it happen.  Rush is a threesome, not a
foursome, it wouldn't be the same.  The concept of Rush is three guys who
give their all for the music, life and soul, four members just wouldn't be
the same, I'm afraid.  Is it really a wise move at this stage in the career?
(How much longer are the band going to be together, I heard they nearly split
up once already?).  Anyway, what would a fourth member do that the three
already don't?  I hope that the rumour really is, well, a rumour.


**************   -Kemarin a.k.a.   **************
*                                                                      *
*     {}{}{}  {}  {}  {}{}{}  {}  {}   This has been a PAW production  *
*    {}  {}  {}  {}  {}      {}  {}                                    *
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*  {}{}    {}  {}      {}  {}  {}   then Zorn's law says that eating   *
* {}  {}  {}{}{}  {}{}{}  {}  {}   spaghetti is illegal - DSR"         *
*                                                                      *
**********   -rush-rusH-ruSH-rUSH-RUSH-RUSh-RUsh-Rush-rush-   **********


Date: Wed, 10 Feb 1993 07:56:33 AST
Subject: Rush Legacy

    Hi Rush Fans!
    I was talking with young boys about some rocks groups and during the
    conversation one of the guys said that Ulrich of Metallica was the best
    drummer in rock....
        I can't believe it!,then I asked him :"Do you hear Neil Peart from
    Rush?" and he said :"No...who is him? "
        I simply gave him a copy from Hemispheres and Permanent Waves.Two days
    later I found him in a store music buying Chronicles and Hemispheres and
    2112. I looked him and he said:" Jesus Christ,what a drummer! I was missing
    this music...this is music!...the tree guys are masters....".
         He now is a Rush fan and he want to collect all the albums.
    I think that this new generation of rock listeners need a hand because they
    are missing the art of music from Rush.
          We ,the Rush disciples, have the mission to convert rockers to the
    RUSH legacy....

                                                  Otto Jacob's Ladder
                                                  {Permanent Waves}

     { I want to hear your comments }


From: "Larry Salomon Jr." 
Subject: Re:  Necromancer roots
Date: Wed, 10 Feb 1993 08:25:51 -0500 (EST)

Neil got the idea for the Necromancer, I belive, from J.R.R. Tolkien's
_Lord of the Rings_.



Date:    Wed, 10 Feb 93 08:48 EST
Subject: custom tags and udder tings

howdy all!   First of all, the only custom tag that I've ever noticed was
LUV GED.  I saw it at the RTB concert at the Starlake Ampitheater near
Pittsburgh last June.  I'm sure that there were more, but my mind was on 
getting out of the parkinglot alive.  This car was in front of me for a while 
and I found it amusing that a car with one drop dead driver would have a plate 
longing for the main beak man.  I can't say that I ever saw any women throwing 
their under wear at him during a concert ;-).  Any way if the driver is a 
subscriber, drop me a line, we'll do lunch sometime ( I wish!!).

Second of all, a local radio station has what they call the Perfect
 Album Side.  THey take entries from people listing 4 or 5 songs by a group 
that they think would make a Perfect Album Side.    I  have yet to be the 
lucky winner to have my selections played.Any who, I'd be interseted in 
hearing other peoples 'album sides'.  Mine would be "Lock and Key", "Kid 
Gloves", "Subdivisions", "la Villa ...", and "The Rhythm Method".

                                           'til the next time,

Tim AumAn


Date: Wed, 10 Feb 1993 09:07:30 -0500 (EST)
From: Chad H Hutchinson <>
Subject: Address Change!!

Hi kids,

   The Ghost will now be at

   Keep those messages comin'!

|   \  _____  \     \    \  ____  \                The Ghost               |
|    \         \     \    \        \      |
|     \         \     \    \_____   \  ____        Chemical Engineering    |
|      \         \     \         \   \     \       University of Delaware  |
|       \__       \_______   \______  \__   \__                            |
|									   |
|      	     "Rush.  They must have been one hell of a band."              |


Date:         10 Feb 93 11:57:26 EST
From: "Mick Jeffries" 
Subject:      Moving Pictures question

I've heard this mentioned before, but what's the general beef with the
 standard, domestic MP cd?  I've seen a lot of them on sale lately and
 was thinking of picking one up.



Date: Wed, 10 Feb 93 10:58:22 CST
Subject: cd_cover.gif, license plates

Hi everyone,

I noticed that someone's updated the cd_cover.gif (this one's got the words
on right) and added Mars . . . guess where?  A lot of time must've gone into
it.  Check it out!

I've seen and heard of several rush-related license plates in and around
St. Louis (get to concerts early and walk around the parking lot).  2112,
LERXST, BY-TOR, etc.  But my favorite of all time (which is not rush-related):
p.s. this was seen on one mean looking Corvette.  You figure it out.


David K. Drum


From: Sandy Donovan 
Date: Wed, 10 Feb 93 12:08:16 PST
Subject: Gee, can you tell im new?


	i'm still new to the midnight star, so if this has all been talked
about before, please forgive me.  i understand that there are NMS
t-shirts available, but i have never seen one.  What do they look like?
is there a catalog or something?  how much are they?  where do you
order one?  if someone could let me know, or just point me where to
look i'd be grateful.

   [ Anyone wanting information on the NMS t-shirts, send e-mail to:					  : rush-mgr ]

	on another subject, i think the release of a "limited edition" cd is a
fine idea.  However, it would be just plain silly to put anyone's name
on it, as well as where it was recorded, etc.  If you're going to do
that, then you might as well list your address and phone number, so it
will be more convienent for the authorities to contact you.  Also, what
about listing the price as one dollar over cost, with the extra money
going to a charity, possibly one that RUSH is fond of?  This way, we
all get a rare compliation, a chance to assuage any guilt on our
conscience, but most importantly it gives us the opportunity to do
something good for someone else as a group of Rush fans.

	Thanks for reading !



Date: 10 Feb 1993 12:15:27 -0500 (EST)
Subject: To those who want copies of my show

Please forgive me all those who ordered copies of my show:
        A member of my family just passed away, so the tapes will be out
soon, I've just been a bit under the weather, and trying to deal with a
lack of studio time.
        Keep watching your mailbox, it'll be there soon.

"I feel the way you would......"



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