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          The National Midnight Star, Number 619

                Thursday, 11 February 1993
Today's Topics:
                        Rush gifs
                        4th member
                 Rush tribute possibility
                      Album Poll!!!
                       Niki Taylor
                   Re: The Weapon again
          Glitch in Twilight Zone and 4th Member
         Greetings and a fourth member--a thought
                        4th member
                      general topics
                     Another plate...
                   Re: The Necromancer
                NMS T-shirt Bulk UK Order
                    Fourth member poll
                   License plates seen
                    A Fourth Member...
             re: Geddy in his own comic book?
                 Rush Cover Band in N.Y.

Subject: Rush gifs
Date: Wed, 10 Feb 93 13:48:30 -0600
From: "P.L. Smith, B&C0., SIC ESW, 245-2290" 


	Is it possible that one of you rush manics that have access to
syrinx gif directory, send me some of the cool rush gifs. Unfortunately,
I don't have ftp access here at Shell Oil (security problem). I heard
that these gif are really cool and if you use uuencode, you can put them
into a format that can by sent through uucp. You can probably send
through email, which I've never tried. It would be greatly appreciated
if someone, through the kindness of their heart, send these to brighten
my Sparc with Rush.
	If there are any questions please email.

Thanks again.


"Anthem of the heart and anthem of the mind!"

|Peter L. Smith, Berger & Co. @ Shell Oil Information Center       |
|Computer Technology - Eng/Sci Workstations-Products               |
|  VOICE: (713) 245-2290       INTERNET:             |
|  EMAIL: pls                                                      |


Date:        Wed, 10 Feb 93 14:30:00 EST
From: "(Gerry Good)" 
Subject: 4th member

Hey all,
In response to the thread about possibly a new 4th member, I would hate
to see this happen on an album.  In the studio, it is easier to put in
keyboards, effects, etc. since they can be overdubbed, etc. (I am not a
recording expert, so don't feel the need to anally retentively describe
the recording process.) On tour however, I wouldn't be too broken up to
see an extra person on keyboards, since Geddy and Alex aren't really
known for their keyboard playing anyway, and this would let them
concentrate on their respective instruments.  It might actually improve
their live show and expand what they are capable of doing on stage.
Anyway, that's my $.02.
Gerry Good


Date:         10 Feb 93 16:29:21 EST
From: "Will Geeslin" 
Subject:      Rush tribute possibility

I am a guitarist that would like to form a Rush tribute band.  I attend the
University of Kentucky at Lexington.  I am an hour and a half from Cin.
so it might be possible to coordinate something from there.  Interested?
E-mail me.  BTW, the you-know-what is a great idea and if you don't like it
don't buy it.


Date: 10 Feb 1993 15:58:54 -0600 (CST)
From: ST1S1@Jetson.UH.EDU
Subject: Album Poll!!!

Hi all!!
Well, I've heard now from about 70 of you, and the results are amazing!
Some of you are making comments about the difficulty of choosing just
one favorite album.......I know it is hard, but there must be one album,
that you can ALWAYS listen to!  Anyway, the results again, will be posted
on Monday......

In case you're wondering, ESL and ATWAS should be included.  There have been
votes for every single album except one.  Can you guess which one?

Alright, I'll get back to counting votes now!  Remember, send your votes

I'll look forward to posting results soon!

Dan Zivijinovich Ross

No, come on, all jokes aside............. why are we here?


Date: Wed, 10 Feb 93 17:10:36 -0500
From: (Jennifer Feinman)
Subject: Niki Taylor

Hey all,
	Sorry this has taken me so long to post, but I believe last week
"Rodge" said something about Niki Taylor being a fan...
	Well this past summer I remember flipping through my sister's
Seventeen magazine (of course Niki was on the cover) and towards the back
of the issue they had a mini-interview with her.  Well, one of the questions 
was "What is your dream date?"  To which niki said she had already BEEN on it--
dinner with her boyfriend, followed by a concert by her favorite band--RUSH.
So there you have it.
	But that brings me to MY question--why does it seem that guys always
seem so surprised to find female Rush fans?  And ven more, why are they SHOCKED
when some of us are pretty?!  For example this summer I was running into a video
store down by the beach, and since a)it was the summer and b)I was coming back 
from the beach, all I had on was a pair of old jean shorts and a Rush tee.
	Well, this guys almost tripped over himself trying to get the door for 
me.  What did he say?  "It's only 'cause such a beautiful girl is wearing a RUSH
shirt."  So guys--are female fans that rare?!  I suppose so...
	Interesting fact:  that's how I met my boyfriend:  I was walking around
with some lyrics to Presto written on the outside cover of a notebook, when he
came up to me and asked what they were.  So I said lyrics to a song by a group 
called Rush.  And he promptly responded "I know...but why do YOU?!"
	So what's the deal?!

	Oh well.  I suppose its not such a bad thing...!

p.s. anybody know if any cover bands will
be in boston any time soon?  I heard one
was, not so long ago, but I seem to have
missed them.


Date: Wed, 10 Feb 1993 16:35:09 -0600 (CST)
From: MuffinHead 
Subject: Re: The Weapon again

   I still say that this song is one of the simplest Neil has ever done.
Like I said, I was playing it note-for-note almost 11 years ago. The fill
after the guitar solo: Any decent 7th grade snare drummer should be able
to play it. It's just a bunch of rudiments stuck together.
   Just so no one thinks I'm ragging on Neil, it's also one of the coolest
drum parts as far as the less-is-more concept goes with Neil. Playing the
main beat just *feels* right (leading with the right or left, it doesn't
matter except for what someone else said in the last NMS). I dunno, but I
have serious doubts that Neil said he *has* to play it with left on hi-hat
and right on snare.

___________________________________________________________________________          -=<*>=-    


Date: Wed, 10 Feb 1993 20:19:00 -0500 (EST)
From: Chad H Hutchinson <>
Subject: Glitch in Twilight Zone and 4th Member

Hi kids,

   I want to give credit to Phil Augur for correcting me on the location
of the "unexplained glitch" in "Twilight Zone."  I hadn't listened to the
tune for a while and when I was posting the observation, I was trying to
recall where is was from memory.  Thanks, Phil.  NOW, does anyone know
what the hell it is?

   Oh boy, I was really hoping that this kind of rumor wouldn't surface.
We heard this same kind of shit for the last two tours, now a permanent
member?  Please.  On the _Profiled!_ CD, all three members clearly mention
their happiness in remaining a three piece.  None of them feel they have
to do a solo album because they can't do what they want or play what they
want within the context of the band.  They like the idea that having an
odd number of members easily quiets disagreements.  They've been together
with Neil at least since 1974, guys, c'mon!  They have finally gotten a
feel for exactly where they want to go with the music, how they wnat to go
about it, a formulated writing system for creating the songs (Neil alone
on lyrics and Geddy and Alex together on music), and simply a TIGHLY knit
friendship and working relationship that would probably be really
disrupted by the entrance of a fourth member.  They all really value the
fact that they are only three guys out there on the stage making all that
noise all by themselves.  And someone made a good point that their recent
musical direction has shyed away from all the keyboard stuff.  They've
proven that they can play all the other stuff in concert by themselves and
with technology where it is, simply triggering a program could free them
up enough for them to run around and have a great time on the road.  They
sure as hell showed us that with the Roll the Bones Tour.  Where do you
think some of this "new" energy came from?  They're learning their own
ways of freeing themselves on stage so I wouldn't worry at all about a
fourth member.  And if you'd like a steady keyboardist, go listen to two
of the best in the rock era, Tony Banks of Genesis or Rick Wakeman (with
Yes or solo).  They'll show you how where rock keyboards belong.

Ah, I feel better now.

|    									   |
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|    \         \     \    \        \      |
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|                     "Light redirected in ways unexpected."	           |


Date: Wed, 10 Feb 93 20:24:38 GMT-0600
From: (Jeremy Todd Strzynski )
Subject: Greetings and a fourth member--a thought

My name is Jeremy, and this is my first time to post something on
NMS--following the lead of my roommate I figured it'd be cool to talk
with other Rush fanatics.  My e-mail address is:

so if anyone wants to drop a line, especially other WashU students,
I'd be more than happy to chat.

On the subject of a fourth member of Rush, I personally think it'd be
a bad idea.  Having only three people is part of what makes Rush
Rush.  I remember when Neil was on Rockline he said the three of them
were proud of what they could do as a trio, which is why they hadn't
added a fourth member during the mid-80's when they were even more
keyboard oriented.  What I think Rush needs to do is drop the
keyboards almost entirely during live shows.  Imagine songs like
Subdivisions and DEW with only guitar parts.  They'd sound different,
and I think better.  Plus, it would allow them to jam more, which is
a talent they have but don't use nearly enough.  Zeppelin once played
"Dazed and Confused" for 44 minutes.  I'd like to hear Closer to the
Heart played about that long.

Well, I've rambled too long.  Tell me what you think about what I've
said here.  I'd like some responses.



Date: Wed, 10 Feb 93 22:31:08 EST
From: "Jason McNamara, UCS PCF Consultant" 
Subject: 4th member

Regarding a fourth, there's another option I've not yet seen discussed.  What
do you folks think about just having an extra person when touring, like Genesis
does?  (well, two extra in their case, but you get the idea...)  Intersted to
hear your thoughts...                                         (er, interEsted)

Jason McNamara, Russian and East European Institute, Indiana University
(Insert favorite Rush quote here...)
Canadiens dump Isles 5-3 @ Nassau, extend lead in Adams.


From: (Gillespie John Michael)
Date:         10 Feb 93 23:14:32
Subject:      general topics

This is sort of a conglomeration of topics.

this shit about them.  They suck point blank.  The NMS is about
quality stuff not cheap sideshow phonies.  Let's not compare this
group to Rush anymore.  If we want any group to open for Rush it
should be Marillion.

   [ Ok, I should interject here before a big flame war.  Please people, 
     if you don't like a band, then state so but don't just say they
     suck.  This is the stuff flames are made of.  I don't want to use
     the above as an example but there is a point to be made here.
     This is a list about Rush, please, let's keep the DT stuff to email
     or USENET.  Maybe someone will form them a mailing list:)  : rush-mgr ]

On the subject of the boot CD.  I think we should remember that this
is a group of people who appreicate the music of Rush.  The only
ethical course of action will be to ask for perrmission to produce a
non-profit CD.  If the deny us we abandon the proceedure.

I would also like to say that a fourth member might not be as bad as
we all think at first.  In reference to yesterday's posting by Jeff
Boerio the elimination of the need for Alex and Geddy to muck around
with keyboards would give them the chance to perform more on their
instruments.  I don't know about anyone else but I would not mind
Geddy having more time to play the bass like in the earlier albums.

OX                                "For I have dined on honeydew
Physics Department                 and drunk the milk of
William and Mary                   paridise"


Date: Wed, 10 Feb 93 23:21:43 EST
From: (Mike Hansen)
Subject: Another plate...

One particular license plate I saw driving through Harrisburg:


Another thread: I think the common opinion is that Peart was inspired to
write both The Necromancer and (especially) Rivendell through reading
The Lord of the Rings trilogy by Tolkien.  I had earlier thought that
another book inspired The Necromancer, then checked it out to find
that it had been written long after CoS came out.

It's a shame that Peart and Rush in general are so sick of fielding
questions about their early songs.  I, too, wish they would give some
explanation to how they got some of those early ideas, especially for
By-Tor and the Snow Dog...oh well.


Date: Wed, 10 Feb 1993 23:29:21 -0500 (EST)
From: "Jonathan T. Moore" 
Subject: Re: The Necromancer

I would tend not to think that the Necromancer is in any way derived
from Tolkein's The Hobbit. In the book, yes, Sauron (a.k.a. the
Necromancer) did occupy Dol Goldur on the southern border of Mordor,
but I fail to see any other connections other than the "big bad wizard
in a tower" idea. For instance, who equates to By-Tor? Certainly no
single character in Tolkein's world was powerful enough to dislodge
Sauron single-handedly, much less kill him. Also, who are the three
travellers? I could perhaps see just three random people, but then one
single wanderer would have done the trick as far as the story goes. I
don't know. I remember someone else saying that the three people
referred to Geddy, Alex, and Neil, which to me sounds far more
plausible. Oh well. Just a few thoughts.
Jon Moore             (
 "What have I got in my pocket?" --Bilbo
 "Let the truth of love be lighted,
  Let the love of truth shine clear." --RUSH


Date: Thu, 11 Feb 93 07:10 GMT
From: Cyber Surfer 
Subject: NMS T-shirt Bulk UK Order

Well, I now have a couple more names for the NMS T-shirt UK
Bulk Order. Thanks. A few more and I think we may have an
order ready! Remember, this is only for UK readers, as I'm
not going to organise an European Bulk Order. I leave that
task for someone else, and good luck to you if you do.

The list so far:

If your name is *not* on this list, and you'd like to be put
on this list, please mail me with the subject "BULK ORDER".
This will ensure that you are not missed when I trawl thru my
mail file looking for you! All these NMS digests have "t-shirt"
in them, so this will help enourmously!

Thank you for your attention, now back to the music...

-- Cyber Surfing on CIX --


Date: Thu, 11 Feb 93 02:28:02 -0500
From: nam2@po.CWRU.Edu (Nicholas A. Mascari)
Subject: Fourth member poll

Ok....lets get a consensus.

Personally, I think a 4th member is a terrible idea, but let's find out how
we feel in general.

Vote for ONE of these 3 choices.

1. I think a 4th permanent member of Rush is a good idea.

2. I think a 4th member to help play keyboards IN CONCERT ONLY is a
   good idea.

3. I think Rush should remain a threesome, even in concert.

Send votes to

as for the next tour, the perfect opener would be Dream Theatre. They don't
sound like Rush, but they are definately influenced by them, and are a
progressive rock fan's DREAM (no pun intended).

	[ Sigh, yet another DT reference. 		:rush-mgr ]

One more thing, I'll call them the "boyz" if I damn well please, so there!!


  Nick Mascari - Mechanical Engineering - CWRU       |~~~\ |    | /~~~\ |    |
"Live for yourself, there's no one else more worth   |___/ |    | \__   |____|
     living for."  - Neil Peart of Rush              | \   |    |     \ |    |
   "Beer: Man's greatest discovery" - NM             |   \  \__/  \___/ |    |


Date: Thu, 11 Feb 1993 09:12:32 -0500
From: Scott David Daly 
Subject: Keyboardist

Hi all...

	About the "adding the fourth member?" thread...everyone seems
to be discussing the effect this would have on the CHEMISTRY of the
band, rather than the IMMEDIATE effect this act would have on the
MUSIC (although I agree with the obvious truth that changing the
chemistry would change the music)...and it's true also what someone
said about bands having keyboard parts in their live performances
that we don't SEE BEING PLAYED  (I can't stand that!...not really
honest ya know...)

	But, I guess my point is this: instead of adding a keyboard
player (and thus probably more keyboards to future RUSH
songs)...maybe the band should STOP RELYING ON KEYBOARDS SO MUCH!!!
I was under the impression that the band was actually traveling down
this road with the last couple of albums...I've heard interviews
where they stated that Hold Your Fire had kind of driven them to
extremes with keyboards and they were trying to downplay the
keyboards again...kinda put the focus back on the three-piece sound.
If they were going to add a boardist, they probably would have done
it at Hold Your Fire (or A Farewell To Kings for that
matter!)...perhaps it was from an interview from THAT era that the
so-well-informed MTV got it's info!  I think it would be a mistake to
the music AND the chemistry to add a keyboardist...but I DON'T THINK
THEY WILL.  It would be inconsistent with their new's
not a matter of who gets freed up on stage by someone else playing
what's a matter of how they want the new songs to
SOUND...and the band has stated that they want more of a three piece
sound for now...we shall see.  I say: make another Fly By Night
sounding album!!!!



From: (John Becker)
Subject: License plates seen
Date: Thu, 11 Feb 93 8:27:58 CST

On the thread of Rush-related license plates, I've seen both a car and a
truck (different license classes) with RUSH FAN several times at various
spots around the Chicago area.


Date: 	Thu, 11 Feb 1993 08:22:00 PST
Subject: A Fourth Member...

All the Rush World,
	I have been reading all the comments on the rumoured 4th member.
C'mon, people!!  Have we all forgotten such great works as Different Strings,
Witch Hunt, Tears, Time Stands Still, Losing It, etc.  Not to mention the
various influences from other writers on Neil's lyrics. Where would these songs
be without these outside influences.  I personally believe that their onstage
performances would only be enhanced by another member to take over control of
the keyboards.  As has been mentioned, Geddy and Alex would be free to cook on
their main instruments, as they aren't a band to take the easy road.  I don't
know if anyone else is aware of this, but this very rumour has been spread each
and every time they have started a new album since, as I remember,
Hemisphere's.  I don't put a lot of credence in it until I see the credits on
the new album.  I kind of like the idea of a fourth in the background, a Rick
Wakeman type or even Hugh Syme.  As I have stated before, I think these three
guys are the ultimate perfectionists and will not put something out unless it
stands their microscopic perusal.
	Also, WELCOME BACK PETER!!!  Can't wait to see the results.

Flames ON.
That is all.
Oh, yeah, "I see Red..."


Date: Thu, 11 Feb 1993 09:54:49 -0700
From: colesa@spot.Colorado.EDU
Subject: re: Geddy in his own comic book?

In NMS #617 Kevin B. Fournier writes:

>Yes, I've been playing with my new GIF watcher utillity and blowing of work
>(hey, I work for the government anyway....).  Well,  I just noticed that if
>one looks at the picture of Geddy playing the double neck bass/guitar in
>doubleneck.gif, one notices that with his eyes completely shadowed, and as
>thin as he is, Geddy looks just like Morpheus in Vertigo's Sandman (at least
>some of the older issues such as during the Seasons... story line).
>Do many Rush fans read comics?  Just curious...

Wasn't there a Marvel Comic featuring RUSH, or at least mentioning the Trio?

Somebody with a better memory help!

    [ From the FAQ: In _Defenders_ #45 Rush is mentioned in the credits (the 
      storyline is along the lines of "2112")			  : rush-mgr ]

Adam Coles                   *
Senior, Bioengineering       * Sure I'll wear a three piece suit...
College of Engineering       * As long as it's jeans, t-shirt,
CU Boulder                   * and a leather jacket!


From: Blake Butterworth 
Date: Thu, 11 Feb 93 12:54:34 CST
Subject: ramblings

Howdy everyone!  I noticed a bootleg in a local music store the other day.  Its
called Bone the Rolls.  Its definately from the latest tour.  I can't remember
if anyone mentioned it on the newsletter yet.  Has anyone heard it?
There's also been some talk about that mess-up in Twilight Zone.  I personally
don't think that it is a mistake.  It stands out too much to not be noticed or
fixed by the band.  I think it adds a touch of eerieness to the song anyway.
Also, someone mentioned the album Signals as not generally being popular.  This
may be so, but it is currently my favorite Rush album.  I think it is a total
masterpiece.  I love the way the album sounds and flows together.


Date: Fri, 5 Feb 93 15:04:16 -0600
From: Eric Steven Liebman  
Subject: Rush Cover Band in N.Y.

     [ Sorry this took so long to get here!		   : rush-mgr ]

I wrote in recently about a Rush cover band in New York. Someone who wanted
more info wrote in and suggested that I was from Lehigh. I am not; I live in
New York where I saw the group, "Power Windows," and I school in St. Louis
(Wash. U.). I have more band info.

Their address, for anyone interested, is:
Power Windows
c/o Dan Gibson
60 E. 12th St., #2J
New York, NY 10003

They will play at Low Down (in Mt. Vernon, NY) on 2/19/93.
"    "    "    "  Lips     (in Farmingdale, NY) on 2/27/93.
"    "    "    "  Rock the House (in Wallington, NJ) on 2/28/93.

Call to verify dates and cover charges:
Low Down: 914-667-5422
Lips: 516-731
Lips: 516-731-9540
Rock the House: 201-916-1677

also: Rock N Roll Cafe: 212-677-7630 (they will be there soon).

If you want to be included on their mailing list, I would suggest
that you send them a stamp or two to defray the costs, since I have no
idea how they think about mailing updates to random Rush fans. If you
have a chance to see this band, a highly recommend it. No, they are not
Rush, and you should not go to see them expecting to see Rush, but they're
(w/o a doubt) the best Rush cover band I've ever heard or seen.

Farewell, Eric Alex Liebman, a citizen of the world

I am. I think. I will.
My hands...My spirit...My sky...
My forest...This earth of mine...

What must I say besides. These are the words. This is the answer.
I stand here on the summit of the mountain. I lift my head and I spread
my arms. This, my body and spirit, this is the end of the quest. I wished
to know the meaning of things. I am the meaning. I wished to find a warrant
for being. I need no warrant for being, and no word of sanction upon
my being. I am the warrant and the sanction.

  --Ayn Rand, Anthem, Ch. 11 (1937)
    Signet Books

    What a book!


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