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          The National Midnight Star, Number 622

                 Monday, 15 February 1993
Today's Topics:
                What is UP with you guys?
                       Drum machine
           RUSH themes in school and in Canada!
                 Just a Couple-O-Comments
                    Stale-not a flame
          KATs, Fourth Members, and Beyond Rush
                        4th member
                 Oh, we go...
                      poster update
            4th member (ack!) and synthesizers
                   The ending of ATWAS
               Making Music Readers Poll..
                        NMS Shirts
   FAQ: Changes to Rush Fans Frequently Asked Questions

Date: Sat, 13 Feb 1993 11:38:49 -0500 (EST)
From: Lisa Muggridge 
Subject: What is UP with you guys?

Yes, I proudly admit that I am a female Rush fan. WE EXIST!! Is is not
THAT uncommon either--about 10 people at my small all-girls Catholic high
school in the suburbs loved them [we used to play Rush in the lounge every
chance we got!]

Also, when I first got to college, I was in the middle of hanging up my
GUP poster when a girl from upstairs came in to introduce herself. She
sadi to me, "You like RUSH??? Me too!" Needless to say, we were instant
friends. And guys--there are only 11 girls in my dorm!

Needless to say, we are out there. Maybe you just aren't looking hard

Signing off--



Date: Sat, 13 Feb 93 14:08:16 -0600
From: Jeremy Todd Strzynski  
Subject: clarification

A few days ago I posted something stating my view on Rush and the
proposed fourth member, and I got a few responses to it which
indicate that I wasn't really clear in what I wanted to say.  I had
mentioned that I felt Rush should reduce their reliance on keyboards
and go back to a more trio/guitar oriented sound.  In doing so I
suggested that songs like SubD and DEW would do well with the change.
Perhaps these aren't the best examples, but I do think that Rush
should lessen the keyboards, and with them the sampling/sequencing,
that make up such a large part of their concerts.  This has
absolutely nothing to do with not wanting a fourth member screwing
with the integrity of the trio or anything like that, but rather, I
believe that the songs deserve a different treatment.  Recall Clapton
and his Unplugged version of Layla.  Regardless of what you think of
Clapton, you must admit that the success of the acoustic version of
Layla shows what a good song it is.  It does not need to be played
with an electric guitar to be a good song.  Taking away the electric
guitar took nothing away from the song.  My point is, a good song is
a good song regardless of the instruments used in playing it.  The
same holds for Rush songs.  I think we all agree (as evidenced by the
fact we're reading these posts daily) that Rush writes high quality
songs.  So why shouldn't Rush do the songs differently?  It would do
nothing but highlight the qualities of the songs.  By taking away the
keyboards and the sequencing, Rush would be forced to examine the
song very closely, so that when they performed it sans keyboards it
would still be as good.  Reducing the keys would also free Rush up to
change their shows on a nightly basis.  As it is now, in order to get
everything right they are forced to stick to the fixed set list.  But
imagine going to one show, and having the encore be 2112 in its
entirety.  Then going the next night and hearing La Villa/Xanadu or
something like that in its place.  Or imagine hearing them perform
Losing It with nothing but a grand piano, followed by The Pass with
only the guitar part.  The songs can stand on their own--they don't
need guitar and bass and drums and keys and sequences and samples and
everything else like that.  And doing shows in this manner would
still let Rush be the musical perfectionists they are.  Instead of
trying to get the sample just right, they'd try to get each show just
right--something far more challenging and infinitely more satisfying.
Well, I'm sorry I've taken so much space--I had a lot to say.  Thanks
for reading, and as always, I'd love feedback.



Date: 13 Feb 1993 15:29:06 -0500 (EST)
From: MIKE 
Subject: Drum machine

Hey NMSers -
 Just a quick response to Joe Meza's post in the last issue about Neil's use
of a drum machine.  I think the thing you must be referring to is the snare
hits on the Depeche Mode sounding electronic melody he plays on his little
electronic marimba thing. At first I thought this had to be piped in as well.
But I have several RTB bootleg videos and during the section when the snare
hits come at the same time as a marimba note and far too quickly for the other
hand to be doing it, Neil is clearly using his left hi-hat foot on a pedal
that isn't anywhere near the hi-hat. I'm pretty sure his left foot is
hitting those snare hits on an electronic pad. If you were talking about
something else, please inform me because I would be interested to see what
the professor would be using a machine for. Catch ya later..and no flame
intended, Joe. Looking forward to hearing some further on this.
                                    Mike Wall


Date:           Saturday, 13 February 1993, 17:02:48 EST
From: Charles J McDonald 
Subject:        RUSH themes in school and in Canada!

CttH as a prom theme?!  Could it be?
	The National Honour Society at my school uesd _Closer to the
Heart_ for 3 years as thier induction theme.  It was awesome.  I had just
been introduced to Rush the previous summer and had MP and Hemispheres,
but I didn't know CttH was Rush too!  That was 1981.
	Here in Montreal, many people listen to CKFM which (like all the
francophonic europop stations) only plays ABBA-like music.  The
Anglophonic stations play Rush but more because provincial law dictates
that 30% of alll music played must be canadian in origin.  I've only met
two other *real* Rush fans here and the phrase, "Rush?  Hey aren't they
Canadian?!?" is getting too trite for my liking!


Subject: Just a Couple-O-Comments
From: (Phil D. Croix)
Date: Sat, 13 Feb 93 16:16:49 PST

        First off, someone mentioned in the last NMS that Neil's solo onm
the RTB tour was the same as all of his other solos. Wrong. I have heard
each and every one of the solos for each tour and sometimes they sound
similar, but in each case, they vary  from tour to tour. The RTB tour
solo that Neil played was very different from solo's he's played in
previous tours. The structure and arrangement were very new and fresh. He
still uses parts such as the cowbell/fl tom routine because that is one
of his trademarks, but a lot of the other parts were pretty different, or
"re-vamped" variations of things he has done before. Also, Neil Peart
does NOT use any drum machine live-EVER. That snare sound that can be
heard when he started his solo(the part from "Scars") is being triggered
by his left foot. Mr. Peart is not cheese. He would not give in to
pre-programed percussion parts for the sake of convenience--he LOVES a
challenge.   Neil Peart continues to amaze me. This man IS one of the
great drummers of our time, and he will go down in history(hell, he
already IS part of drumming history.
        About the 4th member stuff, I was thinking that it really would
be kind of cool to have a saxophonist play on a rush album for a few
songs! Think about it! Listen to the extra dimention that the saxophone
part of Shine On You Crazy Diamond, Money, Us and Them, and Marillions
"Berlin" added to those songs! And I think the recording of Aimee Mann's
voice for some songs on HYF made that album stick out as being different
and unique. I think they should at least get some guest players on
there! I will probably love their next album regardless though.

Thanks for Reading, and I hope the NMS keeps Rolling long after G,A, and
N stop!

Matthew Van Horn

"My show doesn't need to be balanced by equal time--I AM equal time!"
Rush Limbaugh


From: lhilbe46@uther.Calvin.EDU (Lance Hilbelink)
Subject: Rumors
Date: Sat, 13 Feb 93 21:12:34 EST

I'm just getting a little sick and tired of people, that is, well-meaning fans
on this list, who write and say that they think that Rush should or shouldn't
do a thing.  I mean, speculation and spreading rumors are all fun and
interesting, but anyone who tries to dictate what would or wouldn't be
a mistake for Rush and/or its "chemistry" are just a bit cracked in the head.

The point is: Rush, as a group, are going to do whatever they damn well please,
and, face it, folks, we're going to like it because they are Rush and we are
die-hard Rush fans!  :)

Oh, and another thing: a little pet peeve of mine is misspelled words.  Typos
I can handle, but blatant misspellings just kinda rub me the wrong way.  I
don't really know why.  So, just to clear something up, the word "definite"
is, in fact, spelled with an "i" and not an "a" (a common form of this
word--correctly spelled--is "definitely").


Lance M. Hilbelink

Go Brewers!  Spring training starts in less than a week!  Hooray!


Date: Sat, 13 Feb 1993 20:18:24 -0700 (MST)
From: jeffrey r brinkman  
Subject: Stale-not a flame

There was a comment in Friday's NMS from Scott who said that Rush needs a
4th because they are stale and the fans won't admit it. I agree...sorta. I
think the 4th stuff is simply BS, leave it to MTV, bastion of reliable
information to tell ME about rush. Sorry, Homey don't play that. Anyway,
getting to my point. I think that rush may have gone a little stale as of
late, (post HYF) and something needs to be done, but I don't really think
a new member is the way to go. I think rush probably should have quit
after HYF. (On your marks....get set....FLAME!) Don't get me wrong, I like
some individual songs on Presto and RTB, but as a whole I don't really
like the albums. I think the Permanent Waves to Hold Your Fire part of
their career was the best. I esp. think that the GUP, PoW, and HYF trilogy
was masterful, such emotion, such feeling, real innovative stuff going on.
But after that...what happened?! HYF was a work of art, Presto was a let
down for the most part. Oh well, I'm gonna get nailed for this little
commentary. I tell ya, the only hope is Peter Collins, he could turn this
band around. Don't get me wrong, I love rush, but I'm afraid the next
album will lack, and they simply won't know when to call it quits.
Remember, we can always listen to their music, even after they quit. I
would rather have them quit with resolve than slowly fade away. But
they're the bosses, they'll decide. later

A funeral dirge for eyes gone blind...


Date: Sat, 13 Feb 93 23:44:54 EST
Subject: KATs, Fourth Members, and Beyond Rush

Neil does use what might be called a drum machine.  It is a KAT drum machine
which is simply a supplement to all of his electronic equipment which
helps keep things in order and features programmable pads.  As for a fourth
member, it would be nice to see Rush remain a trio.  In fact, I don't think
the band members (Neil Peart especially) are much in favor of the idea.
Personally, as much as I love Rush, I am actually looking forward to the
time when the band will come to an end.  It is simply because I'd like to
see what Geddy, Neil and Alex do as solo artists or in other situations.
I would especially like to see Neil Peart perform in a fusion group with
some of the other greats in the business.  However, I believe that Mr.
Peart will concentrate on writing when Rush ends.  Someone mentioned that
a Toronto radio station announced a SPRING release date for the new album.
I haven't seen any discussion of this.  Is it true?


Date: Sun, 14 Feb 93 07:20:22 -0500
From: (Jaime Gutierrez)
Subject: 4th member

	All of the discussion about the 4th member deal is very interesting.
Sometimes I catch myself leaning one way or another.  However, what it all
boils down to is the band.  Rush is not going to do something on purpose
to hurt themselves in any way.  They aren't sitting around thinking,
"Gosh, let's piss off our fans and sample a Marky Mark song.  Better yet,
let's add another member!"  If indeed they do add a 4th member, it will be
because they think it is in the best interest of the band and what they
believe in (which is, IMHO, to entertain the best they know how).  When
faced with the 4th member question, I put my faith in the band.

Besides, if they screw up, they can always go back
(i.e. New Coke --> Coke Classic)

Unrelated comment:  I like the live version of _Passage to Bangkok_ better.
anyone else wit me?

One likes to believe in the freedom of hockey...


Date: Sun, 14 Feb 93 14:57:59 cdt
From: "4C079F52 (14A2C28C)" 

Someone mentioned a few issues back their dissappointment in Neil for not
really responding to questions regarding lyrics that pre-date Presto. From
all the interviews I've read with Neil, I've essentially come to the same
conclusion. Moreover, he not only dodges references to Rand and other
philosopher/writers but seems to become agitated when interpretations are
suggested, no matter how benign.

I remember reading an article off the Gannett News Service Newswire (I
worked their in DC for a summer, gratis). In the article, Neil was hounding
Paul McCartney for doing a "nostalgia" tour that summer, opposing the idea
on the grounds that one's new material should be one's present focus. In
the same article he was asked who his hero was. He declined to answer
stating that he didn't believe in heros because when one invests so much
expectation in someone or something it usually results in disappointment.
The same applies to his lyrics.

Anyway, he came across as extremely righteous and selfish. I think Neil
*owes* his fans some insight into his lyrics. Much time has been invested by
many of us who carefully listen to his lyrics and incorporate some of what
he profess(ed) into our own lives. For him to nonchalantly brush us off
with "get a life" or monosyllable answers to journalists' questions is
incosiderate and arrogant. Is their anybody in agreement?

-The contents of this post are true and I can back up what I say. Not only
does Neil owe us an apology, but I do to. I apologize for contributing to
those malicious rumours that circulated on the digest. I was fun for awhile
but now I regret it. But the more I read about Peart, the greater my
disatisfaction becomes. I guess he's right about heros, eh?

"You won't get wise with the sleep still in your eyes" NP - (a genius


Date: Sun, 14 Feb 1993 19:57:21 -0500 (EST)
From: Chad H Hutchinson 
Subject: Oh, we go...

Hi kids,

   I have some nice things to say today and some bad things.  I'm going to
start with the bad so that I can end on a good note.  One of these is
gonna be a little long...

   1) Bad #1 - To Will:
	Please don't bash Def Leppard on the NMS.  They put on a great
concert though they may not be as wonderful musicians as our beloved Rush.

    [ Please try to keep the posts *not* directed towards one person -- if you
      wish to address one person directly, then personal e-mail would be better
      than posting.						   : rush-mgr ]

   2) Bad #2 (Mostly directed at Scott Clark):
	I don't think close minded is the word for describing my last post
about the fourth member idea.  I simply stated facts from interviews and
magazine articles.  True, I would NOT like to see a fourth member in Rush.
But, no matter if you want a fourth member in the band A) you have to
admit, it's pretty unlikely (especiallly if you paid attention the facts I
displayed in my last post) and B) they sure the HELL aren't going to add a
fourth member to the band because one or two of us obsessed NMSers wants
one.  Christ, since 1975 the band has been doing what THEY want to do, so
chill out on wanting a new guy in the band.  And Scott, I think one of the
reasons that you were surprised at my post is because of our Yes
discussion.  Yeah, I like keyboard oriented bands (i.e. Yes (w/guitar) and
Genesis), but I DO NOT think that that style of keyboard playing fits well
with the Rush thing, especially in the '90s.  Think about it, with
_Presto_ and _Roll the Bones_, Rush has began to go back to the style of just
using guitar/bass/drums and leaving the keyboards in the background.  I
think if they were to add a fourth member, they would have done it back in
the seventies when they first began the keyboards work.  At that time, the
major progressive art rock "competitors" were Yes and Genesis.  With the
direction that Rush is heading in now, there seems as little chance for a
keyboardist as ever.  They are very happy with writing from the guitar
and bass and producing music that focusses on such instruments again.  I,
for one, am all for it.  Sure keyboards can be used to accent songs or be
little fillers (i.e. "Tom Sawyer", the most renowned Rush songs to date),
but I don't want to see them get in the way of Geddy's bass playing.  One
reason they're heading in the direction that they are heading is that they
felt almost like the keyboards were dictating the music too much!   As far as
live performances are concerned, I'd rather see them stay a threesome on
stage, but it wouldn't break my heart to see them bring a back-up.  Genesis
is a perfect example of this.  The past summer, I saw the We Can't Dance
Tour.  I think Chester Thompson and Darrel Steurmer are both fine musicians
and play the Genesis roles nicely, but when they played "Fading Lights"
from the new album, I was VERY happy to see it done with just Phill
Collins, Mike Rutherford, and Tony Banks.  Again, to date, Rush has been
able to handle the sequencers and keyboard parts live so I don't really see
much of a problem there.  So in the end (Scott), don't try and mix Yes and
Rush.  Both are superb entities on their own.  Oh, and by the way Scott,
about "not listening to them if the keyboardist doesn't have
input"...that's pretty insensitive, isn't it?  So, why are you still
listening to them, Hugh Syme just played the part, so to speak, throughout
the years.  Doesn't that make you "want to barf?"  Sorry I'm so bitter
about this, but I'm just peeved about this whole thing.

   3) Good #1
	Someone brought up a good point about Peter Collins.  He does tend
to over-produce material.  _Hold Your Fire_ is very produced and full of
keyboards.  Don't get me wrong, I like _Hold Your Fire_ (and _Power
Windows_ is amazing...the other Peter Collins album), it's just that both
of these albums are very, very tight and exact and to sum it up
over-produced.  BUT, on the other hand, if you take Rush's current
direction of resorting back to the guitar/bass/drums idea, their loosened
writing and recording style, and Peter Collins ability (both albums are
superbly produced, just maybe a little too much, y'know), this next album
could be a real zinger!  I have good vibes about this.  I was very
thrilled with the "new" style when I first heard "Dreamline" on the radio
and I think the first release from the next album is gonna give me instant
goose bumps.  Just a feeling, I guess.  Anybody else got a good feeling
about it?

    4) Good #2
	I know that Terry Brown still works with or for Anthem Records
because I met him in their office back in April, but I was wondering if
there is any chance that Rush will reunite with Broon in the future.  It
might be an interesting project.

    5) Good #3
	Someone asked if anyone had any suggestions for an a cappella Rush
song.  The first thing that came to mind was "Closer to the Heart."
Honestly, I don't think a cappella is the way to present a Rush song
though.  Queen would probably be the best choice.

    And once again, even though I am for them remaining a trio, I will
continue to try to keep an objective view of the topic.  And I believe,
that so far, I have.  Hey Scott, you probably think I'm the Rush Limbaugh
of the NMS or something!

   See ya, everyone.  I'll have tapes back to those who sent them ASAP.
And Jeff Tincher, I'm almost done, I promise.  Sorry for the big delay.

|    									   |
|   \  _____  \     \    \  ____  \                The Ghost               |
|    \         \     \    \        \      |
|     \         \     \    \_____   \  ____        Chemical Engineering    |
|      \         \     \         \   \     \       University of Delaware  |
|       \__       \_______   \______  \__   \__                            |
|                  "Life redirected in ways unexpected."	           |


Date: 14 Feb 1993 21:30:59 -0500 (EST)
Subject: poster update

To everyone who was interested on getting those NP posters from
Ludwig- I sent for both the 1991, and the 1990. I got my check back
saying they were out of the 1990 poster, and got a little sheet showing me
what the DID have. If anyone is interested, I'll post what they do have, but
I just sent the check back and asked for two NP 1991 posters (I had a
money order for six bucks made up anyway).

Joe Schofield


From: (Donald Petrille)
Date:         14 Feb 93 22:46:00
Subject:      Heresy

I was listening to Roll the Bones this weekend, and paid particular
attention to Heresy.  To me, this is one of Neil's best pieces of
lyric writing.  There is nothing abstrct about this song.  This song
is pain.  It is about a celebration of the end of the pain in so many
people's lives that lasted so long.  Neil has given me a totally
different perspective on what a lot of people must have felt when
finally given a chance to think, feel and become what they were
capable of becoming.  As relieved as they were, they must have felt a
sense of bitterness toward the time they had to waste when they could
have been employing their resources better.  This may not be Neil's
best work as a drummer, but it is certainly his best work as a
lyricist (no flames because this song isn't older than 1979), and I
also believe it is Geddy's best work as singer.
I would also bet $1.00 that this song was the one played on Rush
Limbaugh's program the other day.  It is totally consistent with his
particular beliefs, and was probabally pertinent to any foreign
policy discussion he might have been having that day.

I also believe Heresy, since it has long phrases, questions
asked and answered, a moderate tempo and poingnant lyrics would be
well suited to an a cappella arrangement.

Don Petrille

       "Thank you for your support."   -Frank Bartles

Happy 300th, William and Mary!!!!!!!


Date: Mon, 15 Feb 1993 10:25:45 EST
Subject: 4th member (ack!) and synthesizers

Hello, all:

I've been reading the NMS for about the last six months and have finally
decided to post to it.

I think adding a fourth member to Rush would be a terrible mistake.  They've
been a trio for close to twenty years and adding a keyboardist would
1) look awkward on stage (I doubt there would be much difference in album
sound, though) and 2) detract from the overall strength and power of the
band.  Rush puts on one hell of a show as a threesome, performing better
than most four or five member bands.  I think Rush would be less impressive
on stage with an additional member.  I also would like to see Rush rely less
on keyboards anyway.

RTB was my first Rush tour (I didn't really pay attention to the band until
early 1991 but they're now my favorite band), I am curious as to how they
created some of their sounds on stage.  I remember reading an interview with
Peart and he said that Rush does not use any overdubbings in their concert
(with the exception, I guess, of Aimee Mann's voice and laugh on Time Stand
Still and Force Ten).  Anyway, I was wondering how they created/sampled/etc
some of the backgrouund sounds/rhythms while playing the drums/bass/guitar.
Could someone please help me out with this?

I must say that I'm extremely happy that Peter Collins will be producing the
next Rush album.  Power Windows is my favorite, although I like Geddy's
voice on the last two more than on other albums.  PoW has the best overall
quality, IMO.

This is old, but I thought I'd throw it in--favorite groups:
     1.  RUSH
     2.  Queensryche/Peter Gabriel
     3.  Tears for Fears
     4.  Def Leppard

Dreamline on IRC
Rob Ford in life

University of Florida, College of Architecture

"Time is a gypsy caravan, steals away in the night,
To leave you stranded in Dreamland"--Neil Peart


Date: 15 Feb 1993 11:05:52 -0500 (EST)
Subject: The ending of ATWAS

     Hey.  I was wondering if any of you Analog Kids out there could inform
us Digital Men about how the ATWAS album ends.  I borrowed the tape from a
friend a few years ago, and recall the applause fading into the sound of
people talking at the end of the album.  I have the CD, and this is not
present (it's not on What You're Doing from Chronicles, either).  I hope my
memory is accurate and there is such a thing on the album, and that I'm not
losing my mind. :^)
     On a brief note, I saw the movie "Strange Brew" again a few nights ago.
That's a great film!  I first saw it 3 or 4 years ago when I was much less of
a Rush fan, but this time I noticed 2 Rush-related things:
 1)  A RUSH bumper sticker on their van
 2)  At one point Doug McKenzie (I think it's Doug) is getting directions to
some place, and he says, "Okay, so it's right here by Lakeside Park, eh?"

Anway, any movie which features a flying dog that looks like a skunk and is
almost entirely about beer is okay in my book.  If you haven't seen it, you
really should.

Andy Acunzo


Date:     Mon, 15 Feb 93  18:10 GMT
From: "The Akond Of Swot.." 
Subject:  Making Music Readers Poll..

The boyz were represented in the readers poll for the U.K's only free
musicians mag that's worth reading: Making Music.

Best Drummer : Neal Peart.

;-) really? Who be this fellow then

Last year he came second to Wil Calhoun of Living Color, the year before
second to Phil Collins. Impossible. :-)
As for bassist? Best Bassist Award to..... (sharp intake)
Flea of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. :-(
No Contest.... (Geddy came second)

Satch was Best Guitarist.

Just thort I'd let you know how Rush members go down amongst roughly 58,600
readers of a *reasonable* mag....


(The Akond of Swot, the only Drama and Theatre Studies Subscriber to the )
(glorious National Midnight Star, salutes you with his *Very* short .sig )


From: (******* Meg *******)
Date: Mon, 15 Feb 1993
Subject: NMS Shirts

They are finally in! I picked up the second shipment on Friday evening, and we
did a MASS mail on Saturday (30+ shirts), so if you're waiting for a shirt
start looking on Wed for it! Anyone who would like info on shirts just give me
a holler... I also still need info for my Rush CD boot list (esp. if you
have Bone The Rolls, Atmospheric, Bravado, La Villa, Kaleidoscopic Harmonies)
so if you'd like a copy of that or of the mail order list, let me know. Make
sure you say which list you want though.



Date: Sun, 14 Feb 93 00:30:40 PST
From: (Dan Delany)
Subject: FAQ: Changes to Rush Fans Frequently Asked Questions

Rush FAQ: Changes since last posting

A few lines around each change are shown to give you an idea of the context.

Lines that have been added have a + in the first column.
Lines that have been deleted have a - in the first column.
Lines that have been modified have a ! in the first column.  The old form of
the line is shown first, then the new form is shown.

 ----- Changes to faq.header -----

*** /tmp/da00204	Sun Feb 14 00:30:07 1993
--- faq.header	Sun Feb  7 14:19:54 1993
*** 110,119 **** on Nov 4 by (Mark D Uher).
     (According to Jeff Robertson, 97.7 FM is actually in St. Catharines.)
     SEIDENBERG@MARY.FORDHAM.EDU apparently has a source of information,
     and has posted the following:
-     Rupert Hine will not produce the next album.
      The band will start working on material on Jan. 15.  I wonder if that
      means that the band will start writing then, or that the band will go
--- 110,119 ---- on Nov 4 by (Mark D Uher).
     (According to Jeff Robertson, 97.7 FM is actually in St. Catharines.)
+    Peter Collins will produce the next album.
     SEIDENBERG@MARY.FORDHAM.EDU apparently has a source of information,
     and has posted the following:
      The band will start working on material on Jan. 15.  I wonder if that
      means that the band will start writing then, or that the band will go

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     1992 (Intrepid Records, available in Canada)
     Call 1-800-663-1616 for info.
-    "Angel Rat" by VoiVod (Lee produced)
     "Star Jam Series: Neil Peart Style"
--- 346,351 ----

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--- 134,143 ----
            "Countdown" is about a launch.  But it shows up in TNMS
            every once in a while.  Dan}
+    It has been pointed out to me that, according to the Oxford definition
+    of an anagram, this song contains very few anagrams.  To form a true
+    anagram, you have to use all of the letters in one word to make another.
  What does (for Mongo) after "Anagram" on the "Presto" album mean?
     It's a joke from the movie _Blazing Saddles_, referring to the

Dan Delany
I failed the Turing test.


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