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          The National Midnight Star, Number 623

                Tuesday, 16 February 1993
Today's Topics:
         Anyone watch MTV at 6:00 am on Feb. 15 ?
                       Rush Posters
                      In the End...
                    Camera Eye Noises
                    Camera Eye thingy
                    Camera Eye Glitch
      Re: 02/15/93 - The National Midnight Star #621
                    Rush on the radio
                       Juno Awards
                  Re: Best Floor Seats??
                     Fourth & Plates
                   Dos Passos and Rush
                 another license plate...
By George, I do believe I smell a NEELY just around the corner!
                       ATWAS ending
                  Various comments. . .
          Neil's reactions to lyrical questions
                    The Story of Kings
                        Last Day!
                     Medals for Rush
     4th member= BUNK. Where did this rumor begin???
          Response to previous posts... HI, MOM!
            Passage to Bangkok live vs. studio
                       Note to Jen
                percussionist or drummer?
               Institute for Humane Studies
                    Perfect album side

Date:    Mon, 15 Feb 1993 15:58:43 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Anyone watch MTV at 6:00 am on Feb. 15 ?

Rush Fans......

        I have an excellent story to might be a little long, but
it's definitely worth telling...I pulled an all-nighter last night (2-14)
in order to study for a big physics test today, and I happened to have the
lounge tv on eMpTyV.  As some of you might know, Steve Isaacs does a morning
show called "Rude Awakening."  "Who cares?" you ask?  Well, at about 6:15 am
EDT, the other guy in the lounge with me yanked my headphones off of me (I
was enjoying my latest RUSH mix) and told me that something was on about RUSH.
I hit the stop button just in time to hear Steve say something like this:
"...Freddie Mercury had to die before Queen got the respect they deserve...
does someone in Rush have to die before they get the respect they deserve?...
So, I've decided, being the *HUGE* Rush fan that I am, I'm going to spearhead
the movement to get them the respect they deserve around here. (To studio
crew) What do you say guys, let's hear it for RUSH!" This was followed by 
lots of cheers and clapping from the cameramen, directors, etc.  It actually got
pretty loud...  I was all set to *FINALLY* see a RUSH vid on MTV (I have yet
to actually see one on TV, not counting a taped MTV spot), but then Steve led
out to five minutes of commercials and a shitty Whitney Houston song that she
ripped off from Chaka Khan.  I suppose there's still some hope that the
general MTV viewing public will get around to finding out about RUSH...but I'm
not holding my breath.  I did see Geddy on "The Week in Rock" once, it was
just a "Happy Birthday to:" thing, but he was on there.  A friend told me that
he was actually interviewed on the show once right before the RTB tour, but
that's just a rumor.  Anyway, did anyone else see this this this morning, and
do you know how Steve got to talking about the trio?  By the way, I just got
my copy of OtE, and I can't get over the quality.  Excellent, and thanks to
all that recommended it to me.  Later!

Look, Ma, I got a .sig!

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Date: Mon, 15 Feb 1993 15:58 CST
Subject: Rush Posters

Has anyone notices a large influx of Permanent Waves posters suddenly
appearing in music stores? I have noticed at about every "independent"
music store and poster shop that Permanent Waves posters are being sold. This
is similar to another "wave" of Grace Under Pressure poster about a year
ago. Does anyone know if some company has the rights to produce Rush
posters, and every now and then, they simply make a poster of a different

PS: Does anybody have any info on the band Dream Theater? I know
nothing about them other than what's in the liner notes of their album.
ANy additional info is much appreciated. (e-mail, not in NMS)

"One likes to believe in the freedom of baseball" - Geddy Lee

Mike Silverman


Date:         Mon, n DMS. 93 16:24:34 CST
From: Luis Arturo Loyo Delgado 
Subject:      In the End...

Hi folks:

   For those of you who have "Rush through time" and "Fly by night"...
I had RTT some time ago, and I remember that the version of 'In the End'
had an extra verse played with acoustic before the drums come in...
Is this true, or am I just going nuts? (I hope not)



Date: Mon, 15 Feb 1993 17:53:19 -0500 (EST)
From: Mark Luszcz 
Subject: Camera Eye Noises

  In response to whoever wrote about some mumbling noises about 7-8
minutes into the Camera Eye:  I know exactly what you mean.  Some friends
and I listened to that part for almost an hour one day trying to figure
out what they were saying.  We never came to a definate conclusion (and it
was a while ago, and I haven't listened to it in a couple weeks), but I
thought it sounded like someone (who??) was saying "hello" and then
"goodmorning prof".  Of course, I could just have got that idea in my head
and made it stick.  I have no idea WHY that's there, though.

  These goofy little things that no sane person would care about are
EXACTLY why I got on NMS (this is my first entry).



Date: Mon, 15 Feb 93 19:24:40 -0500
From: ba080@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Jim B. Stevenson)
Subject: Camera Eye thingy

howdy all

	About that "glitch" in The Camera Eye at 8:54..this was
discussed in previous NMSes, and here's the best explanation of
it that I've seen:

Alex: " 'allo! " (long and drawn out)

Geddy: " Mornin' Gov'! "

	These, I guess, are popular ways of greeting in England (with
the strong English accent, of course).

	Just my views on this.


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Date: Mon, 15 Feb 93 18:25:30 CST
From: Michael D. Weston 
Subject: Camera Eye Glitch

I heard the "Glitch" in Camera Eye a few years ago when listening to the CD
through earphones, and it never sounded like a glitch to me.  After a few
careful listens, the sounds came through clearly as " 'ello"  with the
response of "Mornin' Guv"  both spoken with an accent.  As an American from
the South, I won't even attempt a guess at where the accent was from.  I only
know that the speakers (I assume Geddy and Alex) were speaking English, and
neither of them belched.

"I will choose freewill."



Date: Mon, 15 Feb 1993 19:29:29 -0500 (EST)
From: Herschel A Gelman 
Subject: Re: 02/15/93 - The National Midnight Star #621

Excerpts from mail: 15-Feb-93 02/15/93 - The National Mid.. (32212)

> Anyways
> Jeremy in the last NMS asked about the belch on Camera Eye at the last verse.

Oops.  I had a feeling that would happen, after seeing Jeremy's post.
At first I thought that this was that same old thing coming up once
again.  Then I saw the way he signed it, but I still had a feeling that
most people wouldn't get that, and this would happen.  Yup.

He wasn't serious, guys.  This has been rambled on about incessantly
already....  ;-)

>  "Ohhhh, ya know that we'll be there!" - Geddy Lee in _Tears_Are_Not_Enough_

Eh?  I don't think I've ever heard or heard of this...  [?]

    [ It's from the "We Are The World" album, he was in a group called
      'Northern Lights' put together just for this album.   : rush-mgr ]

> I think you are wrong about staleness. The music is not stale. It may no
> longer be to your tastes as it has changed a bit over the years. I would be
> intersted in why you think it is stale, however.

I agree.  Definitely not stale.  How can anyone say that about a song
like "Where's My Thing?"??  Great stuff...

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Date: 15 Feb 1993 17:26:50 -0700 (MST)
From: Roo-Dog Rip 
Subject: Rush on the radio

Hey all-

I spent the weekend on a road trip through Kansas(west to east and back) for a
wedding in KC, Mo. In doing so I was surprised by the amount of Rush I heard on
the radio. In very little time of actually listening to stations that might
play Rush(most of the rest was spent *finding* said stations), I heard
_Something For Nothing_, _Subdivisions_, _La Villa Strangiato_, _Digital Man_,
_DEW_, and _The Spirit of Radio_(*in* KC, so not so surprising). One DJ claimed
to have played _Finding My Way_, but I didn't get to hear it. Granted, these
are stations whose emphasis is on older rock, or even rock by older players,
but I found it refreshing. After my wife's comments about Kansas radio being
abominable(though she typically skirts the KC area), I was concerned that all
the recent music on the airwaves in Kansas came from Nashville.

Roo-Dog Rip
\Roo-Dog Rip is:                  <> "O! What a rogue and peasant slave am I!"/
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Date: Mon, 15 Feb 1993 19:43:45 -0500 (EST)
From: Chad H Hutchinson 
Subject: Juno Awards

Hi kids,

   Someone mentioned that the Juno Awards are going to be on soon.  Since
I'm all the way down in Delaware (Ah, yeah, Del..ah..ware, OK Garth), I
was wondering if anyone in the Canada area that can get it on their TV
would record it.  I would love to see it.  I've never seen it and besides
Rush, I am a fan of a lot of other Canadian musicians (Triumph, Frozen
Ghost, Honeymoon Suite, Max Webster, Loverboy, Kim Mitchell, Tom Cochrane,
Bryan Adams.......).  So if someone would PLEASE tape it, I would be more
than happy to pay for the tape and postage or whatever.  Let me know!!

   Oh yeah, and Dan.............Because we're here.

|    									   |
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Date: Mon, 15 Feb 93 20:42:05 EST
From: (James E Dinkler)
Subject: Re: Best Floor Seats??

  Well, even from the front row, about all you can see of Neil is arms and 
legs..... they just move too fast...:)

  For the Presto tour here in Charlotte, I sat 1st row, right side, but in the 
center (figure that..).  Simply put, I sat right in front of Geddy Lee for the 
majority of the concert.  You could get a decent view of Neil because of the 
gap on the left (his left) side of his set.  Had a great view of Ged, even 
made eye contact a few times. The only bad part was that Alex stayed on the 
other side most of the time, but I guess you can't have everything.

  I don't think the floor is the best place to see Neil though.  Probably the 
seats just to the right or left of the stage would provide the best view, IMHO.

Jim Dinkler              **  The whole wide world's
                         **   an endless universe, **  yet we keep looking through
                         **   the eyeglass in reverse
                         **                             -Rush


Date: 15 Feb 93 20:47:19 EST
From: Brian Munroe <71242.3212@CompuServe.COM>
Subject: Fourth & Plates

Regarding license plates:  A friend of a friend, both of whom are Rush
fanatics, has NY plates that say YYZ - 2112, or the other way around.

Now for the fourth member thread (sorry I am coming in late, I was on
Vacation for a week.  New Orleans.  WOW!)....

Look in the liner notes for RTB, I believe it credits another keyboard
player on a few of the songs.  I am also fairly sure that Rush had a mystery
fourth player for the keys on some songs during the RTB tour.  I am not
positive, but I heard that from more than one reliable source.  It would not
be a big surprise.

I am a stagehand, and one of the sound guys that I work with loaded Rush in
Connecticut.  He gave Rush's engineer a lot of shit about the amount of
equipement that they have,  Especially having two consoles in the house.
That would be 60 to 80 channels or inputs in the sound system!  He gave the
engineeer a good ribbing about that many channels for three guys!

I will try and find out of they did indeed have a fourth player in the

Brian Munroe
too lazy for a .sig!


Date: Mon, 15 Feb 93 22:00:54 -0500
From: (Gregg Jaeger)
Subject: Dos Passos and Rush

>isn't Margret Atwood from Canada?  If so, why do our Northern
>Neighbors seem so distrustful of authority???)

Yes, Margaret Atwood is Canadian. Why not be distrustful of authority?
I think one of the reasons that the members of Rush and other Canadians
are distrustful of authority is that their families moved to Canada in
order to escape totalitarianism.

>I opened a Dos Passos book in a used book store recently, and it was missing
>two things: punctuation (?!) and coherence. "I don't know what Neil sees
>in that guy." Of course, I am only telling you what I saw after looking
>a couple of minutes, so I cannot attest to the fact the Dos Passos
>never uses punctuation etc. I also noticed a lot of anti-capitalist
>propaganda within the covers. In case you're counting, that's three
>strikes against J.D.P. for me, anyway.

I guess you're so adept at finding anti-capitalist propaganda that it
only takes a few minutes to recognize it when you see it. Did the book
have a name? Are you sure you were confusing the author's ideology with
that of a _character_? Sure Dos Passos didn't endlessly praise capitalism,
but neither did he endlessly praise socialism. Many of the characters
in his books are socialists because socialism was sweeping America (and
the world) during the times he wrote about. I find him a deeply insightful
writer never committed to writing propaganda for ANY ideology. MOST
importantly Dos Passos has no more in the way of grammatical problems
than James Joyce or many other great writers. If you had difficulty
with the punctuation I wonder how you were able to _tell_ that what you
were reading was propaganda?

The only thing remotely resembling propaganda that Neil has ever used
as inspiration is Ayn Rand's writing, and he even sometimes seems to regret
being as straightforwardly "pro-capitalism" as he up until a decade ago.


Gregg Jaeger  Depts. of Physics and Philosophy, Boston U.
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haette er unrecht. Aber dies ist richtig, dass der gleiche Satz einmal als von
der Erhfahrung zu pruefen, einmal als Regel der Pruefung behandelt werden kann.


Date: 15 Feb 1993 20:58:48 -0700 (MST)
From: "Pat E. Perez" 
Subject: another license plate...

Another Rush-related license plate sighting: Tucson, AZ; corner of Mountain
& Speedway -   RUSH 1

& by the (IMHO) politically-correct bumper stickers on the van, the license
plate was *not* in support of Rush Limbaugh.....    ;-)

& speaking of Rush dreams!  I had one last night - me & 4 of my high school
friends were driving from Houston up to Dallas to see a Rush concert. It
was rather strange since I've never done that before (gone to Dallas for
something fun) & since at least 2 of those particular friends despise Rush.
Maybe this means they'll change their minds soon!! I can only hope...


Yet Another Female Rush Fan (YAFRF),

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||            ||  Will drag the dream into existence."   ||
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Date: 15 Feb 1993 23:48:48 -0500 (EST)
From: ASILVERM@umiami.IR.Miami.EDU
Subject: By George, I do believe I smell a NEELY just around the corner!

	There were a few things in yesterday's issues(!) that I thought I'd
reply to.  I hope I can remember them.
	I feel so out of the loop, not having commented on the fourth member
thread(personally, I think  the best choice would be Weird Al Yankovic, on
accordion.  But seriously, if you've ever seen him play live, he is an
AMAZING accordion player!).  Whether there are three or four members really
doesn't make a big difference to me.  However, if I ever found out they were
hiding a keyboardist offstage, I would send them a nasty letter with a pipe
bomb inside.  This is one of the most obnoxious practices I have ever seen in
rock music.  Think about the logic of this, hiding a performer offstage for
whatever reason.  I find it to be rather insulting.  Image before substance.
Think about how it would feel to play in a concert but be forced to stay
	I was thinking the other day on an unrelated topic and I realized just
how much a good keyboardist can add to a rock band!  I do mean GOOD keyboardist
as opposed to a few block chords or fillers.  A lot of bands have keyboard
bits like Rush does without really bringing them out front.  Background
keyboards are what is stale.  They can add a little bit but sometimes take
away when they don't really fit the song.  Bands with a good keyboardist, and
I am talking here specifically about rock music,  have an extra dimension that
an extra guitarist just cannot add.  Keyboards are the most versatile of rock
instruments(i.e., there are more things you can with all the technology that
is available today) and really open things up.  Where are the Jon Lords and
Ray Manzareks of today?  Thank god that Wakeman and Emerson are still around!
Roddy Bottom of Faith No More and  Kevin Moore of Dr--m Th--t-r(there!  are
you happy now?) give that added dimension to their bands' sounds that I am
talking about.  I will give credit for filler keys to T-Ride, however:  Their
drummer actually reaches over and plays them while drumming!  It's really wild,
as his drumming is none too simple either.

				Party On,

				Aaron "Can't wait for that NMS T-Shirt!"

P.S.  Anyone who wants to hear a string of profanities regarding the acoustic
"Layla" or The Decline Of Clapton can feel free to email or call me!
THAT DAMN  SONG SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Date: Mon, 15 Feb 93 23:50:17 CST
From: Michael D. Weston 
Subject: ATWAS ending

I happened to have this in my walkman the other day (all day!) and noticed
the ending for the first time.  It sounds like they just keft a microphone
on as the guys went backstage after the show.  I think I hear Geddy saying
"All right!" or something like that.  I haven't checked for it on the CD,
but it wouldn't surprise me if it's not there since all too often the
engineers leave out stuff like that when they are re-mastering to discs.
Anyway, anoyone else hear this, or know for sure what it is?
I will choose freewill.


Date: Tue, 16 Feb 1993 00:59:53 -0500 (EST)
From: John Michael Santore 
Subject: WHAT??!!

OK: I saw something that was TOTALLY ridiculous in the last NMS.
Someone (I forget who...) basically bitched at Neil for being arrogant
and selfish, and that "Neil OWES us some insight".

I say WHY? He doesn't owe us SHIT.... Ever listen to Anthem "Yet it was
for me not you that I came to write this song".  He doesn't write music
for anyone but himself.  His 'job' is to write Rush songs, period.  He
isn't required to do a damn thing else.  Be thankful he does ANY
interviews at all.  Plus... since when is a poet, author or anyone else
was required to interpret their work.  He has the right to do anything
he pleases.  Are you a Rush fan because Neil is a cool guy or because he
makes good music?  Neil could personally tell me to fuck off, and I
might be pissed, but that doesn't make his music bad.  The emphasis is
Rush's music, all else is periphery, and unnecessary.  Be thankful
there's any interviews at all.

	[ Get ready.  I smell the makings of a flame war :) :rush-mgr ]

Additional note: Everyone I know who claims to have met Neil ALL said he
was REALLY cool and friendly.

Convention update:  I should have more info by the end of this week.
I've narrowed the hotel down to one of 2.  It is DEFINITE on Jun 25-27

                            -John Santore

I'm glad to see so many hockey fans among us NMSers...

GO PHILLY FLYERS!!! (hey no one can call ME a fair weather fan...)
A really cool sig used to be here, but the Rush-mgr tyrant
said it was several lines too long. :)

(insert cool Philadelphia Flyers ascii symbol)

"We break the surface tension with our wild kinetic dreams"
                                -Rush, Grand Designs

John Santore (


Date:           Mardi, le 16e Fevrier 1993, 03h27 EST
From: Charles J McDonald 
Subject:        Various comments. . .

Women RUSH fans:
	good for you.  seriously, not many women that I know of have
progressed up to rush, I really don't know why, but I'm very glad to hear
that the lyrics, in appealing to both genders, transcend yet another

RUSH's fourth member:
	Yes, that are lots of other people who have influenced the lyrics
and music.  One could almost claim that the unofficial forth member is the
producer of each album.
	No, it just wouldn't be RUSH.

	or speculation?  it's a fine line, eh?
	bitching about them doesn't make it better, either.
	In the spirit of RUSH's great and virtuous effect on all our lives
why don't we just can the bitching in favor of discussing how great this
common thread of ours is!

	The one thing I've always gotten out of his interviews is that he
writes what he wants to write, not to satisfy a pop audience (or even his
fans) but because he feels it (has to be written or he is expressing
	I think with RtB we're seeing for the first time Neil really
expressing his feelings about world politics and people and such, more of
an expressive "beyond oneself" sort of approach that adds yet another epic
quality to the music.  Hey these are songs that will be around for
generations after you, I, or the "boyz" are!

A great gift:
	Whether you agree with some/most/all of it, it's an amazzing
collection.  I have every record up to HyF and then started on CDs.  This
will be my gift to my children (boy or girl) and I anticipate they will
get passed on through the family as the great works of art/philosophy that
I value them as.

	-*- Chuck!

                                        ___/     \___________
                                     __/                     \______
____________________________________/          _____________________\_______
"fugitives at the bedroom door                 | Charles J McDonald
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Date: Tue, 16 Feb 1993 00:39 CST
Subject: Neil's reactions to lyrical questions

	I second whoever in yesterday's NMS said that Neil owes us fans
his explainations of older lyrics.  I remember in an interview last
summer (published as a special edition of the NMS) when asked about
something in the song "Fountain of Lamneth" Neil replied "That was 15
years ago...get a life" or something to that effect. This is just plain
rude of him! I can understand why he may not want to do detailed comm-
entary on every obcure lyric from "Madrigal" or something, but when asked
a simple straightforward question, he should answer it. Who cares if something
is 15 years old.
He wrote, he can answer questions about it!

	[ Could be he's tired of the same shit, different day (SSDD) 
	  questions!  					:rush-mgr ]


From: (Formula 409)
Subject: The Story of Kings
Date: Tue, 16 Feb 93 1:51:00 EST

I recently purchased a Rush interview CD (Actually it's just Alex) called
_The Story Of Kings_.

Since the CD doesn't give much information, I was wondering if anyone knew
anything about it like: Who is the interviewer?  What magazine did this
interview appear in?  Where was the interview conducted?  (I'm quite certain
that it was in a restaurant, because there are several dishes and the like
being clanged about throughout the interview, and since the interviewer has a
British accent and the CD says 'Made in England', I assume that the interview
was conducted in England.)  When was the interview conducted?  (I am guessing
that it was done around 1988, because Alex mentions their most recent album
as being _Hold Your Fire_).

If anyone could give me any information about this CD, I would appreciate it
greatly, and if there is a transcript somewhere, that would be great!

   [ The interview has been transcribed and is on via anonymous
     ftp, in the rush/special directory. It's called "" 
								   : rush-mgr ]

 / Formula 409                 /  "Lemon curry?"  "I AM IRON MAN!"  "Norm!"   /
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Date: 16 Feb 1993 02:32:15 -0600 (CST)
From: ST1S1@Jetson.UH.EDU
Subject: Last Day!

Ok all you Rush fanatics!!
	Today is your last day to vote for your favorite Rush album.
On Wednesday, the votes will be counted, and the results will show up in
your Thursday NMS!!!  Thanks to all who voted!  I can't wait to see who
wins! (although I already know!)

Anyway, just my .02 cents really quick:


	Gosh, I hope that didn't offend anyone.  Well.....I'll see you
all on Thursday.......look for the poll results.

Dan Zivijinovich Ross
Alright, one more time.......why are we here?


Date: Tue, 16 Feb 93 09:13:50 -0400
From: (Ron Wiseman)
Subject: Medals for Rush


I just heard on the radio that the Canadian government is giving Geddy,
Alex, and Neil special commerative medals for Canada's 125'th birthday.
These medals are given to Canadians held in high esteem (sp?) by other

Just thought you Rush-heads would think it's cool.

- Ron ( /

	"The point of the journey is not to arrive" - NP


From: (Kevin Hulme)
Subject: 4th member= BUNK. Where did this rumor begin???
Date: Tue, 16 Feb 93 9:38:41 EST

Hi. Is this fourth member rumor for real? Where/how did it begin?

I have heard Geddy in numerous interviews (Rockline comes to mind) that
 adding a fourth would never happen. Why would anyone question this now?

It would be a bad idea, period. They have gained all their success as a
trio over the last 25 years; they should remain as such until the day
they decide to pack it in.

Triumph tried this stunt on their Sport of Kings tour, by adding a guitarist
keyboardist named Rik Santer. On a 12-87 Rockline interview with Rik Emmett
and Mike Levine, they both said that they would "never do it again", though
they enjoyed and appreciated Rik's contributions. If Rush were to make
this mistake, and I don't think they will, they will most likely look back
on their decision the same way.

Just some facts and my opinions.



From: Jeff Moon 
Subject: Response to previous posts... HI, MOM!
Date: Tue, 16 Feb 93 11:44:08 EST

Hey, everybody:

	Well, boil me in oil if I spell anything wrong (just kidding to
whoever posted that...)! Reading last night's post was a great experience,
and the discussion was very lively, so good work to all the contributors of

	Anyway, I wanted to respond to a couple of the posts. Jeremy
Brinkman said that he believed Rush should have quit after the Hold Yor Fire
album came out. I don't want to flame him or anything, but I would really
like to defend Presto, mainly because that was the album that got me into
Rush. I really think it is a good overall album. Obviously, some of their
older material is better and they may never match it again, but I feel that
Presto had good direction. I really like many of the songs on that album,
such as "Show Don't Tell" (which I think is one of the best opening songs
for any of their albums except PoW's "Big Money"), "War Paint", "Presto",
and "Available Light". I really enjoy popping that album into the cassette
deck and cranking it. I think Rupert Hine and Rush put together a great
collection of songs. I think that it is tough to find a theme for the album
like they usually have, although maybe there is one that I am just missing.
The only guess I can venture is the passage of time. You want to slow down,
step back, and look at life; you think of your past and the "scars" that
have left their imprints on you. You see how one action leads to the next
and that the spark never really dies... I don't know. I'm just rambling
here, but I really think that everyone should take a good listen to it
again. I can't say that their last album was one of their better works, but
I think that Rush has plenty left in them to continue on. I mean, they
couldn't possibly produce "Roll the Bones" and end it on such a mild note.

	Also, in response to "elmo:" I definitely (is this spelled right?)
agree that the live version of "Passage to Bangkok" from the Exit, Stage
Left album is better than their recorded version. I kind of find the studio
version a bit cornball (flame all you want, but it is...), so I think the
live version definitely makes up for it. I mean it is really a great song,
but it took a live version to make it so.

	Nothing else to say here. Rush on, y'all...
Jeffrey Moon			* "And the trees are all kept equal,
University of Rochester		*  By hatchet, ax, and saw..."
New York			*		- Rush, "The Trees"


Date: Tue, 16 Feb 1993 12:16 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Passage to Bangkok live vs. studio

>Unrelated comment:  I like the live version of _Passage to Bangkok_ better.
>anyone else wit me?

The studio version is better because right before the solo, it has that
nifty reverse guitar fade in sound, mixed with the sound of someone
energetically inhaling from a er, cylindrical, paper wrapped pile of dried
plant material :^)  (The guitar fade in sound is the key though)

((   ||  /\\ \\  / /\\  ((      R. Alan Monroe       ((   STOP             ((
 )) _// /--\\ \\/ /--\\  ))  ))  TALKING...        ))
((              _       ((                           ((       START        ((
 ))  ||  /\\  //  ||_/   ))    Pinkwater Rules!       ))      CHALKING!     ))
((  _// /--\\ \\_ || \  ((            :^)            ((               -CMB ((


Date: 16 Feb 1993 11:25:27 -0600 (CST)
From: Jutland! 
Subject: Note to Jen

	I'm a bit behind on my NMS reading (just finished Feb.11 issue),
but I noticed the note from Jen about attractive women who listen to
Rush.  Might I say what's probably been left unsaid: Jen, if you hadn't
mentioned in your note that you have a boyfriend, I'd wager you would
have gotten 100+ messages from male Rush maniacs proposing picnics with
you.  You might have gotten these messages, anyway.  (This happened to
a woman about a year ago on ...)
	We male Rush fans can be both maniacal and immodest!

Thomas Beaudoin (engaged)
Univ. of MO
p.s.: and my fiancee DOES like Rush....


Date: Tue, 16 Feb 1993 11:00:20 -0700 (MST)
Subject: percussionist or drummer?

	This is in response to Steven G. White's entry about the conflict
between Neil and Tommy.
	First of all, in reading your letter, I was truly dissapointed to
read that you think Neil Peart is above and better than any marching band
drummer.  Well, well, well, let me tell you something.  I've been drumming
for about nine years, and I personally love no other drumming than that of
drum corps.  In my opinion, it is the hardest and funnest and most
rewarding type of playing.  Now, I love rush, and Neil is one of my
favorite drummers, next to Charlie Benante and Larz.  This is not to say
that these three are by any means equal in playing, I simply love the way
all three play.  When it comes to drum corps, the things they are playing
is just amazing.  When you try to put twelve different guys on a snare
line and have them play flammed fives and cheese doodles, you start gettig
into some pretty serious stuff.  Now, I love Neil Peart, but I really
don't think he could stand in a Blue Devil line up and play clean, and
this probably goes for any other rock drummer out there.  So, don't even
compare any of these rock drummers to drum corps material, because there
just isn't any competition.
	Now as far as Mr. Meza's comments go, I simply think he was trying
to state that Neil Peart has good whole hearted talent.  Tommy Lee and all
the other fag drummers out there are making most of their money because of
their beautiful hair.  Of course, Tommy can play good drums, but none of
those guys can compare to Mr. Peart.  I don't think Mr. Meza was trying to
compare them, because of course Neil blows them all away; instead, Meza
was simply showing how good a drummer can be (Peart) and how fake a
drummer can be (Lee).
	Think what you want, but that is what I think!!

					hating Tommy Lee
					Dave the S.D.


Date: Tue, 16 Feb 93 13:14:19 EST
Subject: Institute for Humane Studies

I'm not sure how appropriate this is for the NMS, but there seem to be
a lot of free market-types who love Rush, so I want to pass this along
to everyone.  There's a free market, educational institute in Fairfax
Virginia by the name of the Institute for Humane Studies.  Every summer
they offer week-long seminars for university--undergrad and grad--students.
They usually invite 35 for each seminar and they have them at UVa,
Cornell, Loyola (Baltimore), and Notre Dame College (Belmont, CA).
They have classes in the day and discussions in the night (always lots
of good people and beer).  Rush inevitably comes up, and the people
there take Peart's lyrics seriously.  IHS even has one program for
students of film and fiction.

Their address is:

Liberty and Society Seminars
Institute for Humane Studies
George Mason University
4400 University Drive
Fairfax, Virginia 22030-4444

Toll free phone number: (800)-697-8799

I went to one of their seminars a fews years ago and had a great time.
The seminars, by the way, are also free.

"Nobody gets a free ride,"
Brad Young


Date: Tue, 16 Feb 1993 11:14:28 -0700 (MST)
Subject: Perfect album side

Well, it already exists...
followed very, very closely by 2112 side one
					hating Tommy Lee
					Dave the S.D.


From: Rohit Keswani 
Subject: GedPolice
Date: Tue, 16 Feb 93 13:50:02 EST

The other day I was in a bookstore browsing through the latest
issue of Guitar World (transcriptions to Soul Asylum/Hendrix).
Anyway, there was an ad taken out by the "Concrete Corner" (they
advertise new music and bands) and I read an ad for the Dream
Theater album Images and Words (I know, no more talk about
DT.....but that's not what I wanted to talk about). It said that
die hard Rush fans would love DT and that the fans would be as
awestruck as they were when Geddy Lee discovered The Police....?
Now this is something I'd never heard of....Geddy Lee discovering
The Police? I mean, they do have a similar setup (singer/bassist,
guitarist, drummer) to Rush but I never thought they ever had
anything to do with one another.
So tell me, is this old news or a new piece of info.? If anyone has
access to that issue of Guitar World, he/she can check it out.


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