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          The National Midnight Star, Number 624

               Wednesday, 17 February 1993
Today's Topics:
                      Re: KAT things
                     Please, Please!!
                  4th member poll update
                  Rush at Homecoming...
                      A Bone to Roll
          Backwards spine insert in _Presto_ CD
                      Re: GedPolice
              Elavate/Evalate from the norm
                      favorite album
                     Neil and lyrics.
                       end of ATWAS
                  Belching on Camera Eye
           ok....I've asked this before but....
      Re: 02/16/93 - The National Midnight Star #623
                  "glitch" in Camera Eye
                 Neil Peart IS GOOD &...
                TNMS -- Geddy's basses...
      Re: 02/16/93 - The National Midnight Star #623
                      Re: GedPolice
                      Percent Peart
                Camera Eye .. 8 mins in ..
                  Rumoured fourth member
               thanxs for the gif response
                     English accents
                 By-tor and the Snow Dog
                TNMS Posting Subject Lines
              RUSH's music in decline???...
                Your favorite Rush quotes
                 NMS shirt arrives safely
                      Fourth member.
      Re: 02/16/93 - The National Midnight Star #623
                         KC Radio
                       ATWAS ending
                     Rush Philosophy

Date: Tue, 16 Feb 1993 14:38:24 -0600 (CST)
From: MuffinHead 
Subject: Re: KAT things typed:

>Neil does use what might be called a drum machine.  It is a KAT drum machine
>which is simply a supplement to all of his electronic equipment which
>helps keep things in order and features programmable pads.

   The term "drum machine" has come to mean "any piece of equipment that
can play rhythms by hitting the Start button." I'm 99% sure that KAT makes
no such device, only triggers and MIDI interfaces. While Geddy has enjoyed
the convenience of "keyboard machines" over the last decade, I really
doubt Neil would use one for playing live or for recording.

___________________________________________________________________________          -=<*>=-    


From: Sandy Donovan 
Date: Tue, 16 Feb 93 17:32:19 PST
Subject: Please, Please!!

	Hello Rush-heads!

	If you are interested in only the warm and fuzzy postings, you may
want to skip this one! (it's long, too)

	Please, please no more of this useless debate over a fourth Rush
member!!   This is just a rumor that has gone too far.  Rush has been
contemplating a fourth for a long time, and i'm sure that they will
make the decision based on the best interests of the band, regardless
of anyone's opinion.  If you are so against a fourth member that you
plan to stop listening to the band because of it, well, have a nice
life.   we'll miss you.  Change is not necessarily evil.

	In response to the folks that feel that the music is 'stale' and no
one else is as brave to admit it,  or that the band should quietly
retire because their newer material is not the same as their old
material,  you really should look into starting a nice hobby, like
basket-weaving, to fill your extra time because you have been thinking
about this far  too much.  It is the height of arrogance to say "if
they don't write music the way i think they should, they should just
quit".   That comes across as if it was from a spoiled child.

	Finally,  on the behaviour of Mr. Peart (and rock stars in general),
i'm sorry if he seemed callous during that interview.  i heard him on
"Rockline" some months ago (right after Roll the Bones came out) and he
seemed very polite and accomodating.  However, i dont feel that he owes
any of us (his fans) anything, much less "in-depth" explanations of
lyrics he wrote years ago.  No one forces you to like a band.  The
relationship between band and fan is very casual, based on mutual
enjoyment of the music.  There are no hostages in this relationship, no
debts to be paid.  Just as you do not owe Rush loyalty by buying ALL
their albums, they do not owe you loyalty of explaining them to you.
Besides, i doubt very much that  they ever intended  folks to base
their lives on Rush lyrics, no matter how poetic they are.  Can you
imagine what the world would be like if everyone based their lives and
decisions on  the music of The Osmonds?  Think about it.....

	thanks for your patience!

	sandydo (another female Rush-head)


Date: Tue, 16 Feb 93 17:40:40 -0500
From: nam2@po.CWRU.Edu (Nicholas A. Mascari)
Subject: 4th member poll update

Ok, I have received about 35 votes so far.
I will post the results in tomorrow's digest, so the deadline is 5pm
Wednesday to get your votes in.

Again, here is the ballot:

1. I think a 4th permanent member of Rush is a good idea.

2. I think a 4th member to play keyboards IN CONCERT is a good idea.

3. I think Rush should remain a trio, even live.

Send votes to:

I also want to thank John "Slythex" Santore for hosting a GREAT time in
Pittsburgh this weekend. Had a lot of fun and met a few more NMSers, which
is always cool. (You know you're Rush fans when you rewind Strange Brew 5
times so you can see the Rush sticker on the back of the van.) :-)

Beauty eh!!

  Nick Mascari - Mechanical Engineering - CWRU       |~~~\ |    | /~~~\ |    |
"Live for yourself, there's no one else more worth   |___/ |    | \__   |____|
     living for."  - Neil Peart of Rush              | \   |    |     \ |    |
   "Beer: Man's greatest discovery" - NM             |   \  \__/  \___/ |    |


Date: Tue, 16 Feb 93 14:46:42 -0800
From: kerry@SEAS.UCLA.EDU (Kerry J. Kopp)
Subject: Rush at Homecoming...

Hello NMSers...

Just an answer to Thomas Beaudoin's questiona bout Rush at high
school. Well, yes last fall I returned home for "my" homecoming.  The
theme of homecoming was "A Night of Magic" or something. The theme
song was, lo and behold, Presto.

Let Me tell you how silly that was.  Presto is just about one of the
worst song to have as a theme for a way to one
knows it...It's gotta be one of the worst choices for a theme song
(well, except maybe In the Mood...:)).

Now, I'd like to fend off any flames.  I AM NOT BAGGING ON PRESTO!!!!
Presto is, infact, my favorite Rush song.  It is the song that got me
to give Rush a second listen.  (Then a third, fourth...etc..)

Well, Just posting my $0.02.

No Flames (unless they are good!)!
This has been a test of the Emergency Sillyness System.  Do not reset
 your mail account. In the event of an emergency, the ESS will alert
  you by running from the room screaming "We're all gonna die! We're
      all gonna die! Game over!"  Thank you for you cooperation.


Date: 16 Feb 1993 18:17:43 -0500 (EST)
Subject: A Bone to Roll

     I haven't been on TNMS for well over a year now, so at the risk
of backtracking, I'll keep this short and sweet.

1.  Fourth member?!?  Rush is a marriage and it is unlikely that they
would open-up to a fourth member.  It's unthinkable.  I am reminded of
Mr. Syme's contributions, particularly on 'Losing It', but his playing
is poetic justice that accentuates the emotive power of the songs.
Beyond that, it's unthinkable.
Must have been running out of topics here at TNMS!  :)

2.  I was flipping channels on my cable (in awe, having just returned
from 4 years in Germany) and I guess I came across some bible-toting,
God channel as they were taking Rock tracks, digitizing and enhancing
them and playing them reverse.  Entranced, I watched 'em damn Def Leppard,
Quiet Riot, Sabbath (of course), Judas Priest (of course) and Slayer
(of course), amongst others.  Then the Three Great Ones flashed across
the screen (vintage 1975ish) in concert playing, 'Anthem'.  I was
incensed!  I mean, a group really hasn't made-it until the Bible
people play their stuff backwards and blame the ills of society on them!
This was the live version (on ATWAS, I presume), mind you.  The piece
this nut had chosen was the "owe it all to me" part at the beginning of the
song.  Risking my health, I drew close to my set and listened to 'em play
the song forward.  Alright.  Then he played it backwards and sure enough,
yddeG says, "Come to the side of Satan!"  Amazing!  It really sounded like
he said that!  Isn't technology amazing?  After all the Rush I've listened
to in my years, I should be an axe-murdering, devil-worshipping, Pinto-
driving fool by now!

   A footnote to this is the fact that I have a very good digitizer for my
Amiga computer.  I tried the same trick with 'Anthem Live' and all I got
after multiple different techniques was, "IUYOIJSJBUYGWHW".  Garbage.

If Thomas Malthus were alive today, he'd be the oldest man in the world."


Date: Tue, 16 Feb 93 16:20:43 PST
Subject: ATWAS

If you have the LP version (LPs - remember those?  ;) ) you can hear
most of what's said at the end of the concert.  I think they put it in
(left it in?) on purpose as something for a little humor.  It goes
something to the effect they come off stage saying, "Wow!  What a show!
 Yeah!  Well, see ya!  Yep!"  then you hear the door slam.  I suppose
it was supposed to be them leaving the stage and then leaving the arena
to go home.

On a different note - I've never seen this posted/asked anywhere, so
I'll ask it.  The very very beginning of Show Don't Tell, before the
heavy guitar riff - what is it?  I mean, it doesn't seem to have
anything to do with the rest of the song.  Is is intended to set some
mood or texture, or is it just there to sound cool or what?  Or, am I
missing something here?

"Some will love it, some will hate it, and some will say, 'Rush?',
'Signals?', 'What the hell's that?'."
             - N. Peart


Date:    Tue, 16 Feb 1993 16:24:42 -0600 (CST)
From: R1B6116@ZEUS.TAMU.EDU (Mr. Weather)
Subject: Backwards spine insert in _Presto_ CD

Ahh..  Here's a new thread (I hope):

Ever since I got my _Presto_ CD, something has bothered me.  If you look
at the "spine" (long, narrow end) of the jewel box on the hinged side, the
paper insert is upside-down.

This means that when I put the disc back on the rack with the others, I have
to turn the whole thing around to get the printing to go the same way as all
the other CD's.  I only have one other disc like this, but the name escapes me
at the moment.  Are all _Presto_ CD's like this?

    [ As far as I know, all Presto CD's are the same.		: rush-mgr ]

Ken Blair /


Date: Tue, 16 Feb 93 18:58:23 -0600
Subject: Re: GedPolice

I've heard this one's often used by -that- kind of Rush fan in
reference to why every album after Album X (typically MP or Signals) sucks.
The implication seems to be that the Gedmeister has total control over the
band and can force Alex and Neil to 'go pop' if he wants to, which is total BS.

Ian Schmidt, Total Rush Fan
ORQ: "I will choose a path that's clear: I will choose free will." - Peart, '80


Date: 16 Feb 1993 20:18:49 -0500 (EST)
From: ASILVERM@umiami.IR.Miami.EDU
Subject: Ramblings

	Howdee folks

	Well, I got my NMS T-shirt today and needless to say I was very pleased.
I am just wondering though, why the Mars quote?  I am not sure what the
connection is(I know it's a lyric, I was just wondering how it fits in with
the NMS shirt idea).  Anyway, great job & thanks, Meg!

     [ "We've got Mars on the horizon..." is the quote in question here (from
       "Red Lenses" for those of you who can't think that fast. :) Who does 
       the song immediately attribute the quote to? The National Midnight Star 
       of course! And since we *are* the NMS, I found that quote highly 
       appropriate.						   : rush-mgr ]

	To Mike, EMail me and we'll start a Silvermans For Dream Theater list.
I will email you and let you know some stuff about them that I know.  If anyone
else is interested, email me and we'll talk.
	About that D.T. ad that mentioned Geddy Lee & the Police, I think that
was a mistake!  The first time I heard of them was a review in one of the
guitar magazines(I think GFTPM, but I'm not quite certain), and one line in the
review was something like "People who were devastated when Geddy Lee discovered
the Police will worship this group."  Anyway, that's not exact, but the gist of
it was that people who enjoy the heavier Rush style of olden days will also
get into DT.  So I bought it, and they were sure right!  (Hopefully, I'll see
them for a 3rd time next week, so anyone in the Ft. Lauderdale or Miami area
who wants to go please email me!)  Interestingly, the same mag also mentioned
Rush in reviews of a few other groups, including Thought Industry and T-Ride.
I bought those too and they're all really cool, although they are all three
completely different from each other and from Rush.  Then again, Rush has gone
through so many stylistic changes over the years that they have probably
influenced bands in more genres than anyone else!  That keeps 'em fresh, don't
ya know.  Not to get farther off the beaten track, but while I'm on the
subject, if you like Rush and thrash or industrial/grindcore, get Thought
Industry, and if you like Rush and rythmic hard rock/vocal harmonies get 
T-Ride. You won't be disappointed.  Both are very progressive within their 
respective genres(although T-Ride is pretty tough to categorize!).
	As you can probably guess, I don't mind posts that talk about Rush-
related stuff rather than specific Rushness.  After all, you can only read so
many posts about what squiggles & squeaks are going on at 3:27 of some song!
I just think a little variety keeps the NMS fresh, so to speak.

			Kudos again to Meg & the T-crew,

				Aaron Silverman

P.S.  Yes, Cam Neely IS TENTATIVELY SCHEDULED TO PLAY this saturday against
Toronto on ESPN!!!!!!!  Look out, you stupid flightless water fowl!


From: (Robert G. Capra III)
Date: Tue, 16 Feb 1993 19:44:41 -0600
Subject: Elavate/Evalate from the norm

All this talk about glitches on "The Camera Eye" got me thinking
about something that has always stuck out for me on "Vital Signs".
At the very end of the song, Geddy repeats, "Everybody's got to elavate
from the norm."  On one of these, it sounds like he screws up and
says, "Everybody's got to EVALATE from the norm."

Has anyone else ever noticed this "evalate" not "elavate"?
Like the man said, this is pretty trivial stuff, but I figure if
anyone who notice, it would be NMSers ;-)

- rob

Rob Capra
Dept. of Compuer Science
Washington University, St.Louis MO


Date: Tue, 16 Feb 93 21:13:35 EST
From: (Mr. Discman)
Subject: favorite album

Although I probably only own about 1/2 or so of their albums, I would
have to say my favorite is:


followed closely by AFTK, and MP



Date: Tue, 16 Feb 93 20:45:37 cdt
From: "4C079F52 (14A2C28C)" 
Subject: Neil and lyrics.

I realize that Neil has no obligation to explain his lyrics to his fans. I
was suggesting that he modify his responses to include atleast hints or
allusions to certain works so we would not be left in the dark about songs
like the Fountain of Lamneth. (To which, a person in a agreement with me
pointed out that he usually responds with a court "Get a Life") Neil is
free to do whatever he wants to. If he wants to clam up about the
origins of his ideas, he has every right. But if he is aware of the impact
that his words have had on our outlooks, perhaps he would concern himself
with clarifying his sometimes nebulous lyrics. It would be a great service
to the diehard fans that respect him and revere him. Answers like "Get a
Life!!" and "That's ancient history!" are belittling for they dash our
hopes of further interpretation and appreciation of his prose.

	[ Perhaps it's not answering a question that is a concern of
	  Neil's, but answering a "rehashed" questioned from years and
	  years ago, over and over again.		:rush-mgr ]

I was intrigued by the kneejerk reaction that i recieved from "The
Convention Organizer" or whatever his official title is. I would expect a
more well- thought out answer that understood my view but refuted with more
than exclamatory statements like "that's ridiculous!!"



Date: 16 Feb 1993 20:48:12 -0600 (CST)
From: "Parrots of the world ... unite!" 
Subject: end of ATWAS

	I have always thought the end of ATWAS is keen, because you
can hear the Boyz as they exit (stage left) after the show.  It goes
something like this:

	Geddy: OOOOh!
		what a show!

	If anyone is listening to it and has a better transcription,
I'd like to see it -- mine is from memory, since I wore out my ATWAS
tape and have yet to buy a new one.

Thomas Beaudoin



Date: 16 Feb 1993 20:52:14 -0600 (CST)
From: "Parrots of the world ... unite!" 
Subject: Belching on Camera Eye

	Supposing the Rush members were indeed to have a belching contest.
Who would win?

Thomas Beaudoin



Date: Tue, 16 Feb 93 22:49:55 -0500
From: nam2@po.CWRU.Edu (Nicholas A. Mascari)
Subject: ok....I've asked this before but....

In the RTB tourbook, what the HELL is that thing on Neil's hat on page 26??
Ya know, the one where he looks really toasted, holding the peanut can.....

I must know. It's as simple as that....

 Nick Mascari - Mechanical Engineering - CWRU     |~~~\ |    | /~~~\ |    |
"Have you ever noticed how fish have scales and   |___/ |    | \__   |____|
you can play scales on a guitar? I wanted to have | \   |    |     \ |    |
a guitar made from fish, but I don't know." :-)   |   \  \__/  \___/ |    |
                     --Alex Lifeson of Rush


Date: Tue, 16 Feb 1993 21:41:48 -0700 (MST)
From: jeffrey r brinkman  
Subject: Re: 02/16/93 - The National Midnight Star #623

I'd just like to respond to the post yesterday about my comments towards
Presto and RTB. Hey I know what you're saying. I DO like some songs on
those albums, like I said, just not the albums as a whole. I myself got
into HYF as an intro album. So I understand where you're coming from. I
myself think that album is a religious experience. That's why I was so
disappointed with Presto. I had a chance to collect almost all the other
CD's before Presto came out, and was really just expecting more I guess.
Then RTB came out, and I couldn't believe it. I was so upset. I wondered
what had happened. I don't really crave the *old* stuff (2112, AFTK, etc)
and more concepts (although they're cool), I'd be real happy with some of
the type of stuff on GUP, PoW, and HYF. It just seems that they have begun
to turn more towards the type of music they were turning me away from
years ago. I mean, a rap on RTB. Has anyone really thought about this. I
had a small stroke when I heard this for the first time. At first I
thought they were poking fun at that particular style of music, but now I
don't think so. I think they were including modern music into their style.
That's fine if you like today's music. But if you listen to rush to get
away from modern music and you find it in rush's music, then it can be
rather frustrating. Oh well, talk is cheap. BTW, how come no one has
responded to my 2/15 request on info about posters and picture albums??
Come on folks!

							Jeff Brinkman
						University of Arizona
                                  Biochemistry can be your friend!


Date: Tue, 16 Feb 93 22:48:42 DST
Subject: "glitch" in Camera Eye


The "glitch" in Camera Eye at 8:53 is not a belch.  After listening closely
I am 99.9% sure that it says:

"ello" - short for hello
"morning gov." - short for good-morning governor (an English greeting)

This fits in perfectly with the London theme.

As for a fourth member, maybe John Rutsey has been taking piano lessens,
anyways, I'm sure the boys know what they're doing and will make the
right choice.

Bill (will I ever graduate) Sharp, Grove City College Engineering


From: (Baltasar Allende Reva)
Date: Tue, 16 Feb 1993 23:45:56 -0600
Subject: Neil Peart IS GOOD &...

Ok so Neil might not be the best drummer out there, but he is certainly
the most liked and popular drummer that has ever existed (at least among
drummers) No one can argue with that.  Just take alook at the back
issues of Modern Drummer between 198-87, the magazine should have been
renamed Neil Peart Fan Club.  Plus he has won more awards than anyone I
can think of (as a matter a fact I pretty sure non one has even come close)

Steve Porcaro was a great drummer, but he never made me feel like playing
the drums..on the other hand, Neil did!

SO there...(and I'm well aware of other great drummers, including the Fusion
drummer.....) Neil made me want to listen to these guys, not the other
way around!  (I meant "fusion drummers")



Date: Wed, 17 Feb 93 00:51:23 -0500
From: (Christopher Dean)
Subject: TNMS -- Geddy's basses...

This is a (late) follow-up to the guy that asked about when Geddy
stopped using the Rickenbacker 4001, etc...

If my memory serves me correctly, he used the Rick 4001 from RUSH to
Perm. Waves.  Then, for Moving Pix, he switched to a Fender Jazz.  Then
he got a Steinberger for GuP.  Finally, he moved to a Wal on Power Windows,
and has had one ever since.

Does this sound about right to all you Rush fans?



Date:         Wed, 17 Feb 93 00:48:19 CST
From: S116193@UMRVMA.UMR.EDU
Subject:      Re: 02/16/93 - The National Midnight Star #623

Hi All,

To Dave the Snare Drummer...


I cried a tear when you mentioned the Blue Devils.  I marched with the Scouts;
We weren't shabby, but you made my point exactly.  Neil would have to practice
just like the rest of us snare drummers-16 hrs. a day- if he wanted to play
any of the music in DCI these days.  Noone else here seems to understand
Swedish Windmills at 120 bpm.  Look me up at



From: cg18fbv@icogsci1.UCSD.EDU (George is Dead)
Subject: Re: GedPolice
Date: Tue, 16 Feb 93 22:53:50 PST

In response to the inquiry about Geddy's discovery of The Police:

	The ad you refer to is quoting a review of D***m Theater's IMAGES AND
WORDS in the August, 1992 issue of Guitar World which states that DT is "the
band longed for by die-hard Rush fans who were appalled (not "awestruck") by
Geddy Lee's discovery of The Police."  That is to say, at a point suspiciously
close to the time when The Police were real popular, Rush started to become
less progressive and adopted a more Police-esque "singles" mentality.  The new
DT album is reminiscent of the older (better, IMHO) Rush.

					Rich Toscano


Date:         Wed, 17 Feb 93 01:12 CST
From: Kent 
Subject:      Percent Peart

   Did you ever wonder what percentage of Rush songs were actually written
by Neil either soley or partially?  Any guesses?  Find out tomorrow when
I'll post the answers!  Just pimping you now to get you interested and
thinking.  Yet another mindless thing that noone else in the world would care
about but people like us.  :)  Ain't it great?

The Ninja-Chemist


Subject: Camera Eye .. 8 mins in ..
Date: Wed, 17 Feb 93 8:31:49 GMT
From: Dominic Binks 

I didn't know what people were talking about when they started talking about
this, but now someone's given a translation that I am familiar with I
understand. The words, I believe, are "'ello" and "Morning guv" and they are
said in what I'm fairly sure is a Cockney accent, certain a London accent which
is pretty appropriate since that part of the song is about Londoners.

Just my tupence.

Dominic Binks


Date:         Wed, 17 Feb 93 04:08:20 EST
From: Mike 
Subject:      Rumoured fourth member

Hey there,

About all this rumouring about a fourth member, who knows that the new member
(assume for a minute that there will be a new member) is going to be a
keyboardist...?  Hasn't Geddy (I'm talking around the HYF era) been trying to
improve his keyboard playing, and that the return of Peter Collins might
(hopefully, IMO) return Ged to behind the ivory more often?  In other words,
why couldn't the hypothetical new member be a bassist???

I know of several bassists who would LOVE to join Rush, namely: Myself!!! :)

Slainte mhath,

Mike (fan of the best team in the Campbell Conference: The Vancouver Canucks,
and oh yeah, I also like the hapless Flyers too!)

*\  / ___  __ *  Mike "Jvi" Weintraub  *  /\/\  *
* \/  ___ |_ `*  Dep't of Gov't, THE American University     * / /\ \ *
* /   ___   \ *  Washington, DC  "Where the focus is sharp"  * \/--\/ *
*/          / *  "My life is one big adventure"              *  \/\/  *
*      \___/  *   -Peter Gabriel, 'Big Time'                 *I'm Poli*
**************************************************************Sci and *
*     Brought to you by the letter 'M' and the number '3'    *Proud!! *


From: (Kevin Henderson)
Subject: thanxs for the gif response
Date: Wed, 17 Feb 93 2:15:50 PST

Thank you, David, Joe, Luis, and Thomas, for the pictures.

	[ Please use email in the future.  Thanks. :)   : rush-mgr ]

Kevin C. Henderson


Date: Wed, 17 FEB 93 10:44:03 GMT
Subject: English accents

Just a couple of points.....

In The Camera eye I listened to the 'glitch' and....
There it was the same thing that has always been there:

"Hello"    -  Southern English, Middle class, Home counties accent.
"Mornin Guv" - Cockney barra boy "in it!"

also the "Story of Kings"......

Someone said the interviewer had an English accent.
It sounds more Eastern European to me; (polish?).
I know the English language has been split between our two nations,
but I think saying that the English greeting sounds like a belch....

Okay I'll shut up!


From: Fyodor Dostoevsky 
Date: Wed, 17 Feb 93 07:54:02 EST
Subject: By-tor and the Snow Dog

I heard from a friend of mine that By-tor and the Snow Dog actually, and I
know this will disappoint some people, refers to a friend of Rush's who had
two dogs...a big furry white one and a little tiny poodle or something that
would always be biting people (biter).  Just thought that might clear
speculation up about stuff.

Ever a devoted Rush fan...
-"I want to kill all the smokers around"

-"Why?  They're killing themselves."

(and happy doing it...)


Date: Wed, 17 Feb 1993 07:10:00 +0000
From: "Robert (R.A.) Herrage" 
Subject: TNMS Posting Subject Lines

Well,'s nice to see SOOO many newcomers.  However, (not pin-
ning this on the newcomers specifically), what isn't so nice are these
"absolutely-nothing-to-do-with-the-content" (ie. non-descriptive) sub-
ject lines.  Come on guys and gals...with these lengthy editions of the
TNMS (or even short editions for that matter), can we PLEASE get away
from subject lines like:

   re: The National Midnight Start #
   My $.02 Worth

	[ Welp (tm)  happens to be a favorite of mine :)    :rush-mgr ]

I personally don't like having to read every post in these lengthy (or
short) editions to find out whether or not it contains something I'm
interested in.  How 'bout it rushmgr?  Can we set some guidelines here?

	[ Well, you got some good points.  People, let start using more
	  descriptive Subject headers.  		:rush-mgr ]	

I really enjoy reading TNMS and I'm not trying step on toes or ignite
anyone's flame-thrower.  I just don't have the time to wade through tons
of stuff.  Having more descriptive subject lines sure would make it a lot
easier and quicker for us.  After all, that's what they are there for.



Date: Wed, 17 Feb 93 08:44:57 EST
From: Stimpy 
Subject: various

Well, actually, I'm glad Peter Collins is back.  As for HYF being stale and
overproduced, I disagree.  I find lots of energy in HYF, and IMO, over-
production robs music of its energy.  I think that the reason for the stale-
ness of Presto and RtB is Rupert Hine, and I'm glad he's gone.  I mean, how
could you make things simple (by getting rid of excess keyboards) and come
up with stale music- something went wrong in the production.
As for the 4th member, I think the rumour originally was a post last week
or 2 weeks ago about a VJ on MTV talking about RUSH, and mentioning the new
album, and a possible 4th member, but then again, what do those guys know.
But, why is everyone taking it for granted that a 4th member would be a
keyboardist, why not an extra bass (e.g. Ned's atomic dustbin), maybe a
backup guitar to Alex, who knows, we've already mentioned a collaboration
with Primus, myabe Les Claypool will show up.
As for RUSH collectibles, I have a cool one, Its Hemispheres on red vinyl,
in great shape, but that's not all, its autographed!  Actually, although
I'd hate to part with it, if anyone would like to have it or know more about
it, please respond through private e-mail, thanks.

replies to dsmcconn@ucs.indiana,edu
if that doesn't work, send to:


Date: Wed, 17 Feb 93 09:09:12 -0500
Subject: RUSH's music in decline???...

Another NMS virgin here, this is my first post.

Just couldn't hold back any longer on all the crap about the later albums.
People change, people age, and people progress,   and RUSH is made up ot
three PEOPLE.  They aren't the band they were in the 70's and 80's and
they never will be again, AND THEY NEVER SHOULD BE OR TRY TO BE.
One must be able to conceive of the time has elapsed over the band's
career.  It is easy to sit at home with your CD player and plop two
pieces of plastic in and listen to two albums 5 minutes apart, but to
compare them the way people do here is ludicrous at best.
Rather selfish of people to be saying that RUSH should be making the
music that WE want to hear, huh?  For those who want RUSH to be more like
they were earlier on, GO HOME AND LISTEN TO 2112, CoS, etc... because those
albums are what you want.  If RUSH didn't progress like they've been doing,
they'd have been long gone from the music scene.

Personally, I think each and every album is fantastic on its own, and even
more so when it is scene as a part of such an incredible spectrum of
music that they have done.

okay, I feel better now...
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Date: Wed, 17 Feb 93 09:21:13 -0500
From: (Karl F. Bloss)
Subject: Your favorite Rush quotes

I was looking through TNMS this morning and noticed that a large portion of
the contributors have a .sign at the end with their favorite quote.

I'm interested in compiling a list of favorite quotes.  I'm sure Meg already
has quite a few submitted for the T-shirts (which are way cool, BTW).
Please e-mail them to me and I'll post a list if people are interested in
seeing it.


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Date: Wed, 17 Feb 1993 11:19:11 -0500 (EST)
From: Matthew Joseph Desantis 
Subject: Rush/Police/Various

	First of all, let's get some things straight. Rush has no fourth member
playing keyboards or bass lines (While Geddy Plays kbds). The rig of
sequencers, samplers and the effects alone are over three cabinets full.
	Some people rail against the practice of even triggering samples and
sequences in the middle of the songs. There's one school that insists,
"if they wrote it, sequenced it, and triggered it, it's OK" and then
there is this other group that insists,"I want them to be playing every
note I hear" And I am somewhere in the middle. I mean in the beginning
they did not have the cash to rig even a 1970s synth setup (They might
have been against it) Their albums have sold consistently enough to
allow them to expand their range, so if they choose to trigger samples,
or sequences, or if neil wants to play Simmons electric drums, they have
that right ... they have earned it through tough gigging in the early

	The only problem I have with the overabundance of keyboards (and I play
'em) is that a rush show becomes "clogged" with digital whine sometimes
- there are so many patterns playing that to an "untrained" Rush ear, it
sounds cacophonous - but to a Rush fan is pure order and synchronicity.

	The best rush-synth years in my opinion are the years from hemispheres
up until ESL. You see, Geddy might not have had the chord voicing
knowledge at this point, but they used them sparingly, and it never
really overshadowed the guitar and bass playing. Geddy used a
memory-moog, taurus pedals, and later the Oberheim analog series. These
synths had depth, warm analog atmosphere. I'm impressed with the new
machinery- what it can do, but you can't get certain sounds out of them-
even a sample is not the same.

	As for the Police influencing Rush, I think he mentioned it in a Radio
interview (In the Studio w/ Moving Pictures) w/ redbeard. Listen to The
Police in the Singles collection. The calculated (though minimalistic)
drumming (Even the sound on Sting's bass)

	I'm not even going to make much comment on the Fourth member issue,
What do you people want, like Rutsey to play congas or something?

	And not only does Neil shy away from a pop following- he shies away
from ANY following. I always say this, and I will say it again. Neil is
not God. He knows a limited number of licks - and there are many jazz
players that can dog him - in terms of instinct and tastefulness. Maybe
Neil should lighten up. It may open him to new forms of expression. I
mean seriously, I'm not doubting his talent - he can play quite well -
very calculated. I've gone through all of the subtleties of his playing
before. And as far as the writing. Often people here quote him as a
playwright - Like Shakespeare (or even Shelley or Byron) What gives.
There are many writers who write on a lower level (Springsteen)
resulting in the same, or even more insight. Instrospection can be
accomplished through simple writing - look at dylan. I tend to criticize



Subject: NMS shirt arrives safely
Date: Wed, 17 Feb 93 9:54:07 CST
From: (David Sandberg)

After all the positive comments these shirts have received, I was
afraid my hopes were too high for the NMS shirt.  But I need not
have worried...  it's terrific!  I honestly think this is the
highest quality and best-looking T-shirt I've ever owned.  Thanks
to Meg and anyone else involved for a job very well done!

    [ Anyone wanting info on these shirts should contact:
								: rush-mgr ]

    \  david sandberg                        /
    |                                                                     |
    /  "How do those guys feel?  They're sitting on this BOMB!" - Geddy   \


Date:         Wed, 17 Feb 93 12:41:19 EST
From: Frank Lalonde <>
Subject:      Fourth member.

It ain't gonna happen. Ever. Give it a rest. Please!


* Frank Lalonde ... Have a Budweiser, I know I will! *
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Date: 17 Feb 1993 12:51:29 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Re: 02/16/93 - The National Midnight Star #623

Hi Folks,
	Just a few things:
1)	A capella- Mystic Rhythms!  Imagine 4+ voices on the part where it
		   goes: "Mystic r h y t h m s....capture my thoughts, carry
		   them a w a y y y y !
2)	4th Member- This one is obvious....Bobby McFerrin!  This would be a
		    good compromise. All of the various sounds you could ever
   		    need, so he could cover for A, G, or N. (I'll trust the
		    boyz to make their own decision).
3)	Neil owes us- What would it be like if you were quizzed on a daily
			basis about what you did in school, work, etc.
			fifteen years ago: "Bob, you chose to clean the
			slurpee machine *before* you stocked the milk coolers,
			what significance did this have."

		That's all for now,
			Take Care,
			T. M. Brex
			Dayton, OH


Date:        Wed, 17 Feb 93 12:57:19 EST
From: President of Gamma Alpha Gamma 
Subject: KC Radio

In regards to the post about being surprised about hearing a lot of Rush
on the radio in the KC area, I just wanted to say the in these parts,
(KC and surrounding areas) Rush has been extremely popular for quite
some time.  The two most reacent concerts I have been two, Presto and
RTB twice, were both well attended (almost sold out).  One of them was
even in Kansas. :) This isn't meant as a flame, so please don't take it
that way. This is my first post, and I don't want to start off by
offending someone. Catchya all later.

Ward P. Bahner--'Packaged like a rebel, or a hero.'


From: (Mike Monahan)
Subject: ATWAS ending
Date: Wed, 17 Feb 93 14:03:46 EST

	 When I first started getting into Rush I borrowed the ATWAS
album from a friend.  I also still have the casette.  Anyway, I believe
the hypothesis that someone miked the band as they were leaving the
stage is the best one running.  As I recall, we hear Ged saying,
"Man, Oh Man.....Woah!...What a Show!"  With other sundry unintelligible
voices/sounds in the background.

	Oh, and just why is everyone bitching because Neil won't tell
them what his lyrics mean?  I thought that was the whole point, you're
supposed to figure it out for yourself.  Regardless, he is by no means
under any obligation to tell us anything.

Well, thanks for your time.
Have a _SWELL_  day.

	The Analog Person-(Michael J. Monahan)
	Suffering is the origin of conciousness-Dostoyevsky
	We will pay the price, but we will not count the cost-Neil Peart
        There is nothing an agnostic can't do if he doesn't know
            whether he believes in it or not.- Graham Chapman


Date: 17 Feb 1993 14:10:08 -0600 (CST)
From: Fate is just the weight of circumstances 
Subject: Rush Philosophy


I would like to reply to Mark Miesch's comments about Neil Peart's philosophy.
I agree with the comments that Rush hasn't discarded their old philosophy
but rather it has gone through some modifications. But it seems to be
basically the same at the core.

I see Ayn Rand's philosophy in such recent works as Prime Mover and Mission.
The basic philosophy laid out in songs from Roll The Bones is also similiar.
Read "Atlas Shrugged" (A book about prime movers) and see what you think.
If you disagree you would have at least read a good book.

I will agree with those who say that Neil has become more reflective. He also
seems to be saying "This is my philosophy-take it or leave it." and in the
earlier works it had more of a black and white (Right or Wrong) sound.

He has his own philosophy. He is Neil Peart not Ayn Rand, John Dos Passos, or
anyone else. He agrees with part of their philosphy but he decides what he
likes. Don't peg him into a corner.

That's my 2 cents. I like all Rush. From Rush to Roll the Bones.

P.S. A perfect album? How about side one: Prime Mover, Bravado, Marathon,
Freewill, Limelight, and Xanadu. Side two: 2112, Something for Nothing, Anthem,
and In the End.


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