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          The National Midnight Star, Number 626

                 Friday, 19 February 1993
Today's Topics:
                       end of ATWAS
    Belching contest, Neil's explanations, rap in RTB
                 guitar or amp for sale?
                       Poll Results
             "If you choose not to decide..."
                 Belch contest/Neil's hat
       Hey! The Arcane Rush Trivia file is coming!
             Not to beat a dead horse, but...
               On Drum Corps percussionists
                       dcc is dead!
           Presto Spine/Boots/Recording Quality
                  On Album Sound Quality
      Re: 02/18/93 - The National Midnight Star #625
              Convention Misinterpretations
         NMS's favorite album and DT mailing list
                     Neil an artist?
                     Re: ATWAS ending
           Favorite Song Poll, and other stuff
               Groove, the Populist Problem
          Camera Eye quick $.02
                      Rush lyricists
         a little understanding might have helped
              Neil Owes?? Recording quality
                      Geddy's basses
                    Exit Stage...Left
                  artists and obligation
                         MP bass
                    Just lots o' stuff
          more Rush related dreams and ramblings
                        4th member
                    Downsizing GIFs??
                        NMS Shirts

Date: Thu, 18 Feb 93 17:24:34 NST
From: (Darryl Coombs)
Subject: end of ATWAS

Hi there, here I am, another new guy with something to say.

I fast forwarded to the end of ATWAS, turned it up and pushed rewind and play
lots o' times and here it is to clear up the controversy:

Geddy: Wow
       What a show
       Man oh man, I guess that's it
       I'm going <--(not too sure if this one's Geddy or not)
       Yeah, yeah, ok, ok
Door slam

There are other voices in the background, probably Alex and/or Neil and from
what I can pick out they are just repeating what Geddy is saying.

As for The Camera Eye, yes they are saying "allo" and "morning gov" in English 
accents.  After listening to it again I can see how the allo could be mistaken
for a belch if you weren't listening very closely but if you play it back a
couple of times it's easy enough to figure out.

I figgure that's about $0.04 worth.
See ya,
(sorry no fancy sig)
Darryl coombs


Date:         18 Feb 93 17:15:00 ADT
Subject:      Rheostatics


    Has anyone out there in NMS-land heard the latest album from the
Rheostatics?  It's called "Whale Music".  The Rheostatics share the
aversion to sticking with one time signature for more than a few
bars, as well as a few other musical traits with RUSH.
    A certain N. Peart liked them so much, he played on 2 tracks from
"Whale Music", one of which is mostly a drum (sorry, percussion) solo.
They also have lots of other great Canadian artists guest starring on
the album, which I consider the best album since HYF (except for
"Fully Completely" by the Tragically Hip, yet another great Canadian
band).  IMO, the Rheostatics are kind of like RUSH except with a lot
more acoustic sounds, vocal harmonies, four members, and a generally
lighter approach.
    I've been reading so much about "Dream Theatre" (who I've never
heard), I thought all you RUSH fans out might like to hear about
another cool Canadian band, and some more N.P. drumming for you to
dissect (definately NO drum machines!).

                        humbly submitted for your viewing-pleasure,

                                            Steve R.

P.S.  In case you think I'm trying to plug bands from Southern
      Ontario, I'm not.  The best Canadian bands come from the
      East Coast!

"Rock Death America!" -The Rheostatics


Date: Thu, 18 Feb 93 15:33:19 -0600
From: (Brian Glenn Carlson)
Subject: Belching contest, Neil's explanations, rap in RTB

In a belching contest, I would have to pick Alex to win.  As any of you who own
the boot "Atmospheric" know, during CttH, Alex goes into a very off-the-wall
routine which makes me think that he, if anyone, would have practiced his
belching somewhere along the way.  Just my thoughts on the idea.

As for Neil not explaining his lyrics and telling people to "get a life," I
agree that his statment was quite rude, but after having the same question
asked time after time for fifteen years, how would you feel?  I also don't think
that he has any obligation to his fans to explain his writing.  As with any
literature, the people who read should be the one to interpret as they see it.
Obviously, Neil has a message in mind when he writes songs, but if he tells
everyone exactly what he was trying to say, he is taking away one of the
greatest aspects of his writing, the personal interpretation that comes with
hearing a song and thinking about what you think it is saying.  Every time I
listen to Hemispheres, for example, I pick up on something new either in the
lyrics or the way that the lyrics relate to the mood that the music invokes in
me.  If Neil told me what the song means to him, it would take away from my
enjoyment of the song.  Therefore, I don't mind the fact that he shies away
from explaining his lyrics to people, although I do think that he should at
least be a little more courteous.

Last time someone wrote in complaining about the rap in RTB.  One of the things
which makes Rush great and has sustained them throughout the years is their
integration of the music of the time into their music.  Each style of music
can invoke different feelings and through their use of current techniques, such
as rap, they can express many different things.  I personally think that RTB
is one of the best songs that they have written because it encompasses so many
different aspects and musical genres.  Only Rush could combine so many facets
in one song and come out with something which is both fun to listen to and
meaningful.  I give them a thumbs up for the rap in RTB even though I
really don't care for most rap music.  Thanks for listening through this long

Brian G. Carlson

"If trees could scream, would we be so cavalier about cutting them down?
We might, if they screamed all the time, for no reason." - Jack Handey


Date: Thu, 18 Feb 93 17:16:50 EST
Subject: guitar or amp for sale?

Since many of you are musicians, this seems like
a good place to ask:

Does anyone have a guitar and/or amp for sale?

Let me know, Sidd


Date: Thu, 18 Feb 93 17:26:16 -0500
From: nam2@po.CWRU.Edu (Nicholas A. Mascari)
Subject: Poll Results

Here are the results of the 4th member poll. Not very surprising really....

7.9% think that a 4th member of Rush is a good idea if the band so chooses.

13.1% think a 4th member live to help relieve Alex and Ged is a good idea.

78.9% want Rush to remain a trio, period.

38 votes were sent.

Thanks to all who voted!


    /~~~~\               ~\    Nick Mascari-Mechanical Engineering-CWRU
   /     /  /   /  /\     /
  /~~/~~   /   /  /  \   /~~\  "Live for yourself, there's no one else
 /   \     \_./\_/___/\_/   /   more worth living for." -Neil Peart, Rush
/     \___________________ /_____________________________________________


Date: Thu, 18 Feb 1993 17:52:05 -0500 (EST)
From: Mark Luszcz 
Subject: "If you choose not to decide..."

   The post asking for favorite quotes got me thinking of what is possibly
the most known Rush quote, especially to non-fanatics unlike ourselves.
from _Freewill_:

     "If you choose not to decide
      you still have made a choice"

   Right??  Because on the CD I have, in the insert, it's written as:

     "If you STILL choose not to decide
      you CANNOT have made a choice"  [my caps]

   Is this just a blatant misprint, or am I going nuts?  It has the exact
oppostie meaning of one of the first Rush phrases I ever picked up (before
I was a Rush Pyscho).  More inconsequentials to ponder.....

   [ From the Rush FAQ:
     "That's a funny question.  I've had a few lately from people who are so
     sure that what they hear is correct, that they disbelieve what I've put
     in the lyric sheets!  Imagine!  People have quoted me whole verses of
     what they hear, as opposed to what's printed, sure that they are right
     and the cover (me) is wrong.  Scary stuff, these egocentric individuals.
     I assure you, other than perhaps dropping an "and" or a "but," we take
     great care to make the lyric sheets accurate." - Neil Peart,
     in the December 1985 Backstage Club newsletter		: rush-mgr ]



Date: Thu, 18 Feb 93 18:04:47 -0500
From: (M Deras)
Subject: Belch contest/Neil's hat

     You've been warned as to the weighty content of this post, so let's
get into it, man.

     The belch contest: Alex would win easy. He seems to be the silliest of
the three, and can probably really crack 'em off. I doubt that Neil would
even deign to be in the contest (although deep down inside he probably would
love to compete, except he's so damn serious all the time.)

     Neil's hat: Somebody mentioned this picture in the RtB tourbook, It
looks to me like its a baseball cap with a can opener on it. With said cap
Neil seems to have successfully opened a can of Planter's finest.

     Tom Klem

     And now, the next post to the National Midnight Star...


Date:         Thu, n DMS. 93 17:07:43 CST
From: Luis Arturo Loyo Delgado 
Subject:      Hey! The Arcane Rush Trivia file is coming!

Howdy folks!

   Since the FAQ is very long now, and it holds down a lot of questions
that should not be there, I'm going to do the

ARCANE RUSH TRIVIA file (or just the ART file)

for all of those questions. Anyway, I need your help. I'm going to include
all the "Has anybody noticed..." questions from the FAQ, but if you think
of another question that should be included (or the answer!), please e-mail
me... I repeat, personal e-mail. Answers or suggestions should not appear
on the NMS... Heres my adress:  (NOT the NMS!!!)

If you send anything for me in the NMS, it will be removed (right, rush-mgr?).
Feel free to contact me... I'l apreciate it (and I think a lot of you guys
will be interested in participating). Evryone will have his credit in the
ART file.

Waiting for suggestions...

Luis Loyo.
PS: Please remember... Personal e-mail. Thanks.


Date: Thu, 18 Feb 93 18:30:06 cdt
From: "The Red And The Black (Gordon,James A)" 
Subject: Not to beat a dead horse, but...

	I don't want to belabor the thing about the end of ATWAS,
but I'm pretty sure that at the end what is said is this:
	"Wow, yeah, wow!  Man oh man what a show! I wished I'd
	taped it.  Well, see you later. Yeah. (Door slamming)."
To tell you the truth, when I first noticed it, my first reaction
was, "how dorky!".  Well, it
(oops, I hit return by accident) still seems goofy, but everyone's entitled
to a little goofiness now and then.
		-Jim Gordon


Subject: On Drum Corps percussionists
Date: Thu, 18 Feb 93 17:39:29 TZ=MST
From: Randy J Ray 

There is no comparison of a single drummer to a corps percussionist. It's
like comparing the world's greatest guitarist (Steve Howe, in my opinion) to
the best bassist (Geddy Lee, hands down). The corps percussionist trains not
only the various rudiments that make up the music, but s/he trains precision
with respect to the other members of the percussion unit. Neil's combinations
are top-notch, but he doesn't have to coordinate with 9 other sets of sticks.
The tonal bass players in a corps are usually 5 or 6 in number, and play
lines that are almost melodic.

In other words, Neil is uncontestably one of the top rock drummers ever. But
there is no common ground for saying he is better or worse than corps drummers.

Randy J. Ray -- U S WEST IT/CSD       
                                                           Phone: (303)595-2852
"It's not denial. I'm just very selective about the reality I accept." --Calvin


Date: 18 Feb 1993 19:42:40 -0500 (EST)
From: ASILVERM@umiami.IR.Miami.EDU
Subject: dcc is dead!

Hi all,

	If I read one more post about how Neil doesn't owe us anything, I am
going to Maryland and pull the plug on the server.  I think the point has been
made!  (Some of us are forced to read the whole thing straight through and
can't skip posts!)  At any rate, I do think he owes the people who pay his
"salary" a little more than "Get a life", even if he doesn't want to rehash
15 year old questions.
	To ye who thinks so poorly of the engineers on Rush albums, keep in
mind that until the 80's everything was pretty much analog and the equipment
(including the analog stuff!) was not up to the quality of what's around
today.  If you don't like the bassiness or sound of an album, that is the
producer's job anyway!  The engineer's job is to operate the equipment to
create the sound which is shaped by the producer, who doesn't necessarily know
how the stuff works.  There are a myriad of reasons why a particular album
might sound scratchy or bad.  Although I will admit there are some lame
engineers out there.  And as far as Dark Side Of The Moon goes, to this day
it is considered one of THE best produced albums ever made.  It was a product
of production, in that they were making it as an album production rather than
a collection  of songs.  They were specifically putting together new tricks 
and techniques to create something new.  Incidentally, DSOTM was recorded in
quadrophonic sound(4-channel stereo as opposed to just 2: right/left), which
did not succeed as a format, but I am told that if you get a chance to hear
DSOTM in quadrophonic  it is a really mind-blowing experience.
	Just so you know, I am a graduate student in  audio engineering, so I
know of whence I speak.  And for those of you who are into that sort of thing,
in one of my classes we are trying to break the encryption algorithms of the
new Digital Compact Cassette(dcc) format.  We've already come up with several
things the dcc is unable to reproduce!  Neat, huh?  (I sure hope nobody from
Philips is reading this!)  EMail me if you're curious.

				Party on,

				Aaron "Chowderhead" Silverman

P.S.  The Habs suck!   Ha ha ha ha!  Blue defeats Roy!!!!  Ha ha ha ha
but Neely might not play 'till next week. . .


From: (Formula 409)
Subject: Presto Spine/Boots/Recording Quality
Date: Thu, 18 Feb 93 20:06:13 EST

Presto was the very first CD I ever owned, so when I got all my other CD's,
I just thought that they were backwards and Presto was the only one of my
CD's that was right!  I still think so today.  All other CD's are backwards and
Presto has its spine positioned correctly.  Just take all your other CD spines
and referse them.  Simple as that!  :)

Also, if anyone can send ME some info on where I may obtain Rush boots, please
mail me.  I would like to get OTE and/or Atmospheric on CD if possible.
Thanks in advance.

   [ Check with -- she has a BIG list of mail order places.
							          : rush-mgr ]

Lastly, someone posted something about some of the recordings being bad.  I
agree in some instances.  For example, I've always thought that Presto has
sort of a cold feel to it, due to the recording.  Several of the other
albums are that way, also.  For this reason, I like many Rush songs better
live, rather than in the studio.
 / Formula 409                 /  "Lemon curry?"  "I AM IRON MAN!"  "Norm!"   /
/ /  "We make holes in teeth!"  "Na na na na."   /


Date: Thu, 18 Feb 93 19:46:13 -0600
Subject: On Album Sound Quality

I'm gonna have to disagree on this one; IMHO, HYF (and PoW) are two of the
best-sounding albums Rush has put out.  Presto sounds very dead, and is
close to being the worst; fortunately Rupert got on the ball as RTB sounds
very good.  The sound does fluctuate a lot; AFTK is somewhat weak, while
Hemispheres thru MP are very good sounding.  Signals and GuP are a tad dead
sounding once again, with GuP being the better of the two.  2112 is very good
sounding, despite liberal amounts of hiss.  I'm not gonna rate pre-2112 albums
since they were done on rather cheesy budgets...

For the live albums, ASoH has the best overall sound, but ESL is my favorite
because there's more crowd noises (better 'live feel') but not enough to be
distracting, as on parts of ATWAS.

Ian Schmidt
"I will choose a path that's clear: I will choose free will" - You Know Who


Date:         Thu, 18 Feb 93 21:27:50 CST
From: Scott Clark 
Subject:      Re: 02/18/93 - The National Midnight Star #625

Hey All Drummers;

Greg, you admitted from the start you know little about the corps.  That is
obvious, but you have good points.  Mind you, NO DRUMMER can just step into
a snare line and play.  It takes months to learn to listen in and feel what
the line is doing.  When my corps played "Three Blind Mice" we worked for
thousands of hours to get it as close to perfect as possible.  The corps is
TOUGH for any drummer.  And the gay comment about our uniforms was not
appreciated at all.  Can you do Swiss Army Triplets at 140 bpm?  Go ahead,
crack on the umiform!  :)

Puanani,  I agree wholeheartedly with you.  Many drummers get instantly
paranoid when around other drummers.  When given a chance to show off in
front of others, I've seen some go hogwild and exceed their own limits.
Although I don't like the fact that Neil's solos are almost always the same,
I like the fact that he plays a solo in rythm.  He is great at that.  But
I want it made clear that I don't think he's the god of percussion, like
many others seem to think...



Date: Thu, 18 Feb 93 21:46:48 cdt
From: "4C079F52 (14A2C28C)" 
Subject: Convention Misinterpretations

All of you who have emailed me privately and through the NMS have altered the
intention of my post on Neil and his lyrics. As many of you have rightly
pointed out, he may not wish to comment on questions he's been asked
repeatedly throughout the years. Also, he may may feel it is unnecessary to
explain himself, for it would detract from his art. Whatever the reason, this
is not the bone I pick with him. "Get a Life!" is what bothers me. It's a
hostile remark that many of us who sit through this publication and listen
"while the hours drift away" should take offense to. Think about it.

As for the Convention Organizer bit, I'm sorry if I pissed you off. I did
not know your name. Anyway you should be proud of the title and not
castigate me for using it. It's an honorous distincton!

And if your going to argue, please avoid the ol' ad hominum method.

"There's no end to what they'll take"  ------) Bastille Day.


Date: Thu, 18 Feb 93 23:06:15 -0500
From: nam2@po.CWRU.Edu (Nicholas A. Mascari)
Subject: NMS's favorite album and DT mailing list

On the contrary, I would bet that if you held the favorite album poll again
2 months from now the results would bethe same. The same poll was
conducted over a year ago, where people rated EACH album from 1 to 10.
Same results!! Hemispheres won then, too! With MP, PeW, and HYF all close

Now we have to vote for ONE SONG?? Picking ONE album was hard enough!! I am
afraid that the accuracy of your results will not represent the true
opinion of the NMS if you only allow us to vote for one. Maybe a group of
ten songs, but just one song is pointless, IMHO.

Also, to the guy that mentioned a Dream Theatre mailing list, PLEASE EMAIL
ME!! I tried mailing you but it bounced back, twice.

Finally, as to the "convention organizer", his NAME is John. And he's
working his ass off on this. So I hope you're not using the term
"convention organizer" negatively or in jest, cuz he's put a lot of time
into it. Lecture over.

GO CAVS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    /~~~~\               ~\    Nick Mascari-Mechanical Engineering-CWRU
   /     /  /   /  /\     /
  /~~/~~   /   /  /  \   /~~\  "Live for yourself, there's no one else
 /   \     \_./\_/___/\_/   /   more worth living for." -Neil Peart, Rush
/     \___________________ /_____________________________________________


Date: Thu, 18 Feb 1993 22:20 CST
Subject: Neil an artist?

	Of course he is...but remember, he is also an entertainer. Rush
is not a group of highbrow arteests producing the latest avante garde
film noir je ne se quoi menage a trois.  Generally, when I think of an
artist, I think of a pure artist who produces for himself and doesn't
release his work, or if he does, he releases it to a very select com-
munity.  Rush creates music, which is art, and they are all artists, but
they release their work to the widest possible audience, the do their
thing to make money, and as such, it would be the polite thing to do
for Neil to explain his lyrics if asked.

Neil doesn't "owe" us anything. I was wrong when I said that. However,
by not answering many question of a very reasonable nature, Neil is
being quite rude, which is his right of course. Also, of course, Neil's
rudeness and arrogance do not affect his writing or drumming; he is
the best at that!

Mind you, my opinion of Neil doesn't affect my love for his work.

Mike Silverman

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Date: Thu, 18 Feb 1993 22:29:03 -0600 (CST)
From: MuffinHead 
Subject: Re: ATWAS ending

Scott David Daly  typed:

>    Not to belabor a "meaningless" little detail or
>anything...but I had always thought that the people talking at the
>very end of ATWAS were AUDIENCE MEMBERS (rather than RUSH).  It
>sounds like they say "WOW!  What a show!  Man oh man, I guess that's

   No, it's Rush. That voice is definitely Geddy's (the only one that
really says any words. The others just sorta mumble stuff.). After all,
how many audience member hang around until the last door of the arena is
locked? (Not that bands hang around that long either.:)

___________________________________________________________________________          -=<*>=-    


Date: 18 Feb 1993 23:08:07 -0600 (CST)
From: ST1S1@Jetson.UH.EDU
Subject: Favorite Song Poll, and other stuff

Ok, a few rules on our favorite song:

	I'm only counting studio versions.  I'm not just looking for what
you think is the best played song, or the best lyrics.......but a culmination
of all of those things.  So, only studio versions.  No bootlegs, no
live stuff.  Cool?
	Also, I know how hard this is for you.  But just take some time
to think.  If all Rush songs were to fall off the edge of the earth except
for just one, which one would you want to survive?  And this time,
let's get everyone out there to vote, ok?  I'll give this poll some time,
cause I know a lot of you are busy, and you don't check in often enough.

	Next, I just noticed the end of ATWAS today.....very cool.  I'd have
to agree with Skip though, I'm not so sure that's Ged or Alex or Neil saying
those things.  Sounds more like Soundcrew, or fans.  Also, the door
slamming at the very end doesn't sound like a real door.  Maybe I'm the last
person to realize this, but just wanted to get that in.

	Also, Red Sector A.  Based upon the Holocaust in Germany.  I'd
heard some rumors that Geddy Lee's Grandmother is a survivor.  anyone know
for sure?

	Well, that's all for me.  See you!
Dan "The Poll Man" Ross

Son of a BITCH!!!!!  Someone please tell me,   Why are we here????


Date: Fri, 19 Feb 93 00:50:34 EST
Subject: Groove, the Populist Problem

After some study in the field of communication and mass media, I have
come to place music in two distinct categories:  they are elitist and
populist.  Some of you may have read one of my prior entries regarding
this subject.  Populist, or popular music is largely based on groove
oriented, 4/4 rythyms.  This is a product of years of history, and
particularly German marching traditions, which set the whole 4/4 trend
into motion.  Groove-based music is the maintstream of popular culture
because people can dance to it.  However, people turn their noses up at
music which does not feature a "groove".  Rush does incorporate groove to
some extent (Signals and P/G are perfect examples), but with all of the
technical maneuvering, odd time signatures and soloing, the band's music
becomes undanceable.  That is to Western dancers.  Caribbean dancers have
been moving to odd drum pieces for centuries, as have Africans.  Well,
I am not looking for danceable music.  There is a groove in Rush's music,
but it is an all-encompassing groove involving precision timing.
So, if you want to dance, pick up the latest digitized pop release.  If
you want great music and musicianship, listen to Rush, or any of the many
other non-groove bands.  Emerson, Lake, and Palmer is a great example of
one of these bands.  The fans at ELP shows stay in their seats and do not
dance, simplyu because the music is not intended for dance and they are
there to hear and see brilliant compositions performed.  ELP is actually
classical music performed in a rock format.  Thus, do not redicule or
judge bands for their groove or lack thereof.  Rush may not be a honky
tonk dance group, but it is one hell of a musical machine.


Date: 19 Feb 1993 03:39:37 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Camera Eye quick $.02

  OK, seems the two camps are divided into those who think the first
sound is Alex belching (which, if anyone here reads the Rush boards on Prodigy,
seemed to be the consensus there a couple months ago) and someone (Alex?)
saying "'allo".  I've always agreed with the "'Allo?"  "Morning 'guv" side
until I got the MP tour book...
  Still no hints on the 'allo-belch sound, but there's a clue in Neil's essay
that might answer what the second thing is.  The next to last sentence in the
essay reads:  "Perhaps it is true that in a synergistic way the output does
add up to all of that input, perhaps it is all in there for the discerning
listener to experience, maybe Time travels backward at the speed of light,
maybe Alex Lifeson is 'Gub', maybe..."
  So, who knows?  I still think the first sound is someone saying "'Allo", but
the second sound might not be "Morning, guv", the cockney expression, but
"Morning, Gub", a greeting to Alex...
  And I know whoever started this has apologized, and I agree it's pretty
petty and insignificant, but...hell, it's interesting!  At least until late
summer, early fall when I can press my nose against the door of the record
store waiting for it to open so I can get to the new release...

  And for the T-shirts, got mine a couple days ago...outstanding!  She's right,
the XL runs a bit big (which is a good thing for me, cuz so do I  :) ), and
even tho I would've preferred an XXL, the XL fits great!  So if you were
hesitant to get one cuz of that...uh...don't be!  :)

after "Rush's New Album's Out"):  PITCHERS AND CATCHERS REPORT!!!!!!
  "One likes to believe in the freedom of baseball..."
   No lockout 'til '94!!!  Go Cubs!!!  Play Ball!!!!!!



From: pslvax!larson!matt@UCSD.EDU (Matt Wilkinson)
Date: Thu, 18 Feb 1993 23:10:39 -0800
Subject: Rush lyricists

Thanks to "Ninja Chemist" for the Rush lyricist analysis.  Might this
be something suitable for inclusion in the FAQ?

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From: pslvax!larson!matt@UCSD.EDU (Matt Wilkinson)
Date: Thu, 18 Feb 1993 23:05:34 -0800
Subject: a little understanding might have helped

I don't think that Neil "owes" us an explaination or even a hint about what
this or that Rush song penned 15 years ago or 15 minutes ago means.  But I
have wanted to say, for some time now, that I think he betrayed a certain
amount of uncharacteristic intolerance when he said...

	"that was 15 years ago, get..."

It may have been 15 years ago for him, but it may have been yesterday for the
fan who asked the question.  Someone whose work spans almost two decades has
got to realize that people will be at varying degrees of exposure to the
Rush discography.

Not that he should have answered the question:  how could he?  The phrase
"show me don't tell me" comes to mind.  Neil paints the landscape for us
in broad strokes and that's what makes him such a great lyricist -- the
listener gets to choose for him or herself what those strokes represent.

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Date: 19 Feb 93 08:11:48 EST
From: Brian Munroe <71242.3212@CompuServe.COM>
Subject: Neil Owes?? Recording quality

Let me try and use a quote from Don Imus, morning radio legend, to help
explain our relationship, as fans, to Neil Peart, as lyricist.

      "I talk. You listen."

And too whoever said to compare Rush's recordings to Dark Side of The Moon,
you would have a tough time getting ANY recording to compare to Dark Side.
Alan Parson and team did an amazing job, esp. since that was in the old
analog days!


Date:       Fri, 19 Feb 93 14:20:36 GMT
From: "Roger G Haworth   userid " 
Subject:    Geddy's basses

As far as I understand it, he used a Fender Precision on the first album. This
very same bass became the teardrop custom Fender used occasionally in parallel
with the holy black Rickenbacker used up until 'Moving Pictures'. Chris
Mermagen put me right about the Fender Jazz on MP. I thought he also used the
Ricky on that album, but apparently that is not the case. Jonathan Sharp,
Geddy is seen playing the Jazz on the MP liner, not the Rickenbacker.

For Signals, he went back to that most hallowed of bass guitars, the
Rickenbacker. For GUP, he switched to a Steinberger, although certain videos
from that era show him miming with the Ricky! I don't THINK he used it on the
album. From PoW through to Presto he used a black Wal, and for RTB a larger
bodied red Wal.

Personally, I would love to hear the Rickenbacker return. OK, sermon over!

Cheers 'n' beers


'I refuse to include a ridiculously large signature file'

PS: I hadn't forgotten about the double-neck Rickenbackers on 'Xanadu'!


Date: 19 Feb 1993 09:46:23 -0400 (EDT)
From: "Ian Livingston" 
Subject: Exit Stage...Left

I finally bought ESL after having wanted it for so long. Could someone tell
me what is that little tune they play right before Jacobs Ladder. It sounds
so familiar, but I just can't place where I have heard it before.

Thanks for any info,

ian livingston


Date:    Fri, 19 Feb 93 08:49:46 CST
From: storey%fender.span@Fedex.Msfc.Nasa.Gov (BadAssAstronomer)
Subject: artists and obligation

>Date:         17 Feb 93 16:30:04 EST
>From: "Will Geeslin" 
>Subject:      Neil owes us?! HAHAHAHAHA
>Neil owes us absolutely nothing.  He is an artist and he creates for him-
>self, not for me or you.  If you appreciate art there must be a reason and that

    Hmmmmm. I have to agree that Neil/Rush owes their fans nothing
    that they didn't pay for. Basically, if you buy an album or go to
    a show and feel cheated, don't buy another album or go to another
    show. But feeling cheated is a normal response to either of these
    scenarios, and you may think they owe you something. However, I
    disagree that Neil creates for himself, not for me or you. He
    probably does create for himself, but making records is a
    business. He would soon find himself out of the record making
    business if he did not, at least at some level, cater to the fans that
    have been buying their records and seeing their shows.

>PS   I hope this post receives Chad's seal of approval because I would hate to
>offend anybody.  Then they might have to think.

    Arrogance gets you nowhere. Perhaps there's a smiley missing? ;)



Subject: MP bass
Date: Fri, 19 Feb 93 14:57:53 GMT

Although i'm not a bass player i remember reading an interview which
featured Geddy and Les (Claypool from the brillant Primus) and they
were talking about MP and the bass sounds.Basically (after les
claypool said how Geddy's bass sound on MP was one of the best he
had ever heard, praise indeed!) Geddy said that he used a fender
bass for at least half the album and the bass that he did use he
picked up in some kind of back street shop for a few hundred dollars.
            About the poll results, quite a surprise, Hemispheres as
No 1 personally i couldnt choose between COS, Perm Waves and Power
windows so i didnt vote (sorry!) however in a couple of month's time
i'd probaly have 3 different fav albums, so no doubt the next No1
will be a different album.The No1 rush song, almost impossible to
choose  however i've a felling limelight By Tor SOR Big Money the
trees  (I could go on for about another 98 songs!) will all turn up
(they'd need to!).


Date: 19 Feb 1993 09:51:33 -0600 (MDT)
Subject: Just lots o' stuff

Hi, Gang!
	It's been awhile since I last posted.  Somebody said "You saw CttH at a
homecoming?  When did you graduate? '80?" (or words to that effect).  The
answer is 'yes, it was a homecoming, and the school year was '80-'81.  But it
was my _freshman_ year (BTW, anybody out there in the Lacey, Olympia, Tumwater,
WA area?).  Still a fond memory.

	As for a producer:  I was surprised to hear that they were using
someone they had already used.  I seem to remember an interview where they said
that they'd decided that they wanted to try different producers so that they
will end up with different sounds.

	And, a related subject, the 4th member:  Rush is _more_ than just the 3
band members.  Nobody can argue that GL&A are the largest and most important
part of the band, but the support team has actually started to become part of
the band.  Look at the effect a producer has on the music, and how much they
have relied on someone helping with the keyboards.  They already have a 4th
member - more like @10.  On the other hand, though, I would like to see the
band become an officially 4-man group.  It would speed up record releases! :=)

	At the end of ATWAS:  Someone thought it was audience people talking.
I argue with this, since my memory is that the cheering of the audience fades
in the background as the words are heard.

	Last thing I can remember at the moment - Drumming discussions:  A
couple of years ago, I was comparing the drum solos I had heard from NP.  This
was a toatal of 5 - 2 from concerts, 3 from records.  My impression was: I
liked the ATWAS solo _much_ better than GUP (tour), since it made more sense to
me.  The GUP tour solo came across as 'see how fast I can go?'.  Hell, I can
pick up a guitar, set a chord with one hand and move my other hand across the
strings in a blur.  Doesn't come across as quality music, comes across as lack
of talent (not saying the drum solo didn't have talent, just that it was harder
for me, a non-drummer, to respect the talent.  I think that by the time
_The_Rythm_Method_ (wonderful title, btw) came out, NP had recognized this for
himself, as he seems to have 'seperated' what he's doing.  I like this better,
because I can understand it better.
	Another thing on drumming, though.  I was listening to AFTK and PRESTO
in order yesterday, and I realized that a part of what is 'missing' from the
current music is that Niel is not 'participating' in the music (PRESTO) like he
did on AFTK - look at Xanadu.  The last time I really remember his
participation like this is on Power Windows - Territories and Mystic Rythms.
An observation I felt like mentioning today, any comments?

	Well, I've got a list with other things to say, but it's not here...


From: Blake Butterworth 
Date: Fri, 19 Feb 93 13:42:28 CST
Subject: more Rush related dreams and ramblings

Last night I had a wierd dream.  I was at my grandma's old house (no longer
lives there anymore) for some family thing.  For some reason Stuart Copeland
was there playing drums in the kitchen next to the table.  From what I remember,
he was doing some really awesome playing.  Once he stopped, we started talking
about Neil Peart;  I just can't remember what we were talking about.  Pretty    
strange, huh?  Actually, I think the dream is a result of all of the talk about
drumming on the NMS.
I'm no drummer, but I think Neil Peart is a great, especially among rock
drummers.  He may not be a good as the best, but I think he has accomplished a
lot more than most drummers.  How many of them can say that they've written and
performed high quality music for nearly 20 years?  (I'm not talking about ALL
drummers of course!)
Someone was talking about the quality of Rush recordings.  I agree about LVS,
but what do you expect for an album recorded on tape back in 1978?  You're going
to have background hiss no matter what (especially if listening on CD).  Take
out a copy of Led Zep II, and you'll hear the same thing.  A remedy to the
problem would be for Rush to re-release they're albums digitally remastered
(that would help some what), but even then you'll have people arguing that the
original sound quality or feel of the music is lost.
As for the rest of Rush's albums, I think that they sound alright.  Some people
complain about Signals (Alex's covered-up guitar sound) muddiness, but I think  
the sound of the album gives it its own distinct feel.  I think the newer
albums sound pretty good, but I'm sure there's alot of people who would
disagree.  If you want to hear something awesome (a good stereo, car or other-
wise, is necessary) crank Territories.  Its a life changing experience - Neil's
rhythm, Alex's frantic guitar, and Geddy's ethereal (sp?) keyboards and pounding
bass - that will blow you away! (Hope that's descriptive enough)
Since there's been alot of talk about Geddy and Neil, which "guitar sounds" do
you guys like?  I like some of the older sounds from Hem, PeW, and MP.  But the
effects Alex uses on the newer albums are also really cool.  Does anyone know   
how he gets that "steely" sound like on Presto?  Is it a harmonizer?
I'll stop here before I ramble on (no Lep Zep pun intended) way too long.


Date: Fri, 19 Feb 93 16:52:58 -0400
From: (Ron Wiseman)
Subject: 4th member

Here's my idea for a fourth member:
Most people seem to think the fourth member will be a keyboard player.  I
think it will go more like this:

	Neil will give up the drums to be replaced by Prince's drummer.
	Geddy will give up singing; instead Neil will quote his poetry.

[sarcasim off] - lets face it I don't think a fourth member will happen.



Date: Fri, 19 Feb 1993 15:00:41 -0600 (CST)
From: Chad Vice 
Subject: Downsizing GIFs??

	What a wonderful selection of Rush pictures on the anonymous FTP
site  I just downloaded an incredible scan of the MP album
cover.  My question is this:  is there any program available that will
allow me to downsize the resolution a bit?  Unfortunately, even on my SVGA
monitor, I can view only about an eighth of the entire picture.  I used
Telemate to download this and noticed that it could show the entire
picture as it downloaded.  I need something that can downsize to MY
monitor resolution.  Is there any such beast?

   [ You can try different GIF viewers from -- I know that
     Alchemy allows you to see the whole screen at once, but you might have to
     register it first because it won't read in some sizes.	  : rush-mgr ]

"Follow men's eyes as they look to the skies.  The shifting shafts of
shining weave the fabric of their dreams."

-==-                           ._______|_______.                        -==-
-==-   Chad Vice                     \(*)/                please send   -==-
-==-   Private Pilot,                o/ \o          private email to:   -==-
-==-   Airplane Single-Engine Land       -==-


Date: Fri, 19 Feb 93 16:07:37 -0500
From: meg (******* Meg *******)
Subject: NMS Shirts

Looks like I put my foot in it again... sorry about my comments in yesterday's
digest. When I asked for people to e-mail me on what sizes they would like (so
I could get an accurate count), I didn't get *one* XXL. So I didn't order any
because they are $1 extra (or so the shop told me). I don't know how much
bigger the XXL are, but I figured with the XL being that big that no one would
want anything bigger. So humbly I apologize and thank you for not turning on
the blowtorches. ;)

So, if you're willing to pay the extra buck (I know it ain't alot :) and to
wait maybe another month, I can get some XXL. I just ordered 50 so I won't be
needing to get any for a while. But if you do want an XXL, E-MAIL me now so
I'll know how many to get. After this next order it may be a long long time
before I order any more...



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