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Subject: 02/22/93 - The National Midnight Star #628
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          The National Midnight Star, Number 628

                 Monday, 22 February 1993
Today's Topics:
                        Rush stuff
               DT mailing list is *coming*!
                Camera Eye extraneousness
                  ESL the video sounds..
       A few things no one has mentioned about Neil
               Following up on yesterday...
     Let   That Presto thing..the as I say
                    Silly Neil-bashing
             The horn thing someone mentioned
                        4th member
                       poster stuff
         Rush's drug and alcohol abuse history...
                      Neil as artist
                       Rush Banners
          many things... hope I can remember 'em
      Re: 01/26/93 - The National Midnight Star #605
      Re: 01/28/93 - The National Midnight Star #609
               Speaking of sound quality...
                    Don't support DCC!
                   My evalated 2 cents
                         n. peart
                     tour dates list
                    Favorite Song Poll
                     The Sign of Eth
                     Free Will lyrics
                Permanent Waves Tour Dates
          Weeelll... Neil owes me interpretation
                 videos and giant rabbits
               NMS Shirts & Rush Tour List

Date: 19 Feb 93 18:36:55 EST
From: Ariel Benzakein <75570.2451@CompuServe.COM>
Subject: Rush stuff

To the guy who asked about the Grace Under Pressure color photo poster...
it's fairly common... I have one in my room at home...

But I -do- have a question.. here at school I have a black banner with
pink "bubble gum" graphics depicting the star and man logo... above the
logo is the word "Rush" with "Permanent Waves" written behind it (though
that part is difficult to make out).... Does anyone know how rare this
thing is?  I've run across several of them, but haven't seen any in the
last year or so...


Date: Fri, 19 Feb 1993 19:18:36 -0500
From: (Scott McMahan -- Genesis mailing list owner)
Subject: DT mailing list is *coming*!

All you people who complain about the DT load on NMS, you're going to
have to find something new to complain about :)

I talked the Marillion list owner into adding a DT list to his
listserv server.  With a DT list, the NMS list can go back to
discussing whatever band it was set up to discuss. (Does anyone
remember who they were? The Outfield? Ziggy Marley and the ... ?)

STAY TUNED FOR MORE DETAILS when the list is actually set up.

We are the priests... (you can finish this one :))


Date: 19 Feb 93 19:26:01 EST
From: Steve <70004.556@CompuServe.COM>
Subject: Camera Eye extraneousness

I'm not one to beat a dead horse (live ones are another matter) but with
all this talk of the "Mornin Guv" line in "The Camera Eye" I thought I
would add my 'too sense.'

I remember hearing in a radio interview with Alex and Geddy many moons ago
(about when _Signals_ was released) that the noises were Alex muffling a
sneeze, and Geddy responding with some variation of 'Bless you' (perhaps
in a slavic tongue?)

My whole memory of this discussion is kind of fuzzy... anybody remember

Also, harkening back to the Alex guitar solo discussion... I think
the solo in "Between the Wheels" is one of his best.  It certainly seems
to have set the tone for his future guitar work.

In my opinion Neil's supposed "Get a life" attitude is kind of refreshing.
It's a nice change from the pretentious patronizing attitude too many
songwriters currently have.  I'd much rather hear something cryptic than
preachy.   At least he's expecting intelligence from his listeners.

Just thoughts...

"Frozen in that fatal climb-"



From: (Baltasar Allende Reva)
Date: Fri, 19 Feb 1993 20:02:51 -0600
Subject: ESL the video sounds..

I don't care when these albums were recorded, they still sound bad.
Another example of this can be found in the video of ESL.  Not only
is badly recorded, but the performance is very mediocre (Ever wondered
why Rush boots are popular?).  ESL was recorded in 1981, on the other
hand I was listening to a Grateful Dead video that was recorded in
1973 and it sound it about ten times better.  My favorite
Rush albums are usually bootlegs (Like the Chicago Amphitheater 1981!)

Anyone care to comment on other albums...or BETTER yet give some suggestions
on how to adjust your Stereo to make the albums sound better?




From: (Scott McCaskill)
Subject: A few things no one has mentioned about Neil
Date: Fri, 19 Feb 1993 22:07:12 -0600 (CST)

Greetings all--

Just thought I'd mention a couple of things which always seemed very
significant to me about Neil's playing (I'm a drummer, btw).  Firstly,
regardless of whether or not his chops are comparable to those of a corps
drummer (which would be a difficult comparison anyway, given the differences
between corps and set playing), IMO Neil does what he does very well--that is,
write lyrics and compose and play parts which complement the music excellently.
This leads me to my second observation, which is that he is also extremely
creative. Just consider the sheer amount of music they have created; while
there are certain trademarks (the ubiquitous ride cymbal pattern, the cowbells
in his solos, and other little things) on the whole there is remarkably little
duplication in what he plays.  Anyone who has ever tried composing is probably
aware of how easy it can be to fall into the trap of writing things that sound
too much alike.  Personally, I've always been more impressed by creativity
than technique, since learning technique (for me, anyway) is fairly
straightforward; on the other hand, learning how to be creative seems to be a
bit more tricky.

Whew.  Just thought I'd share that, in the hope that maybe someone out there
finds these things as fascinating as I do.

                "I hear their passionate music
                 Read the words that touch my heart
                 I gaze at their feverish pictures
                 The secrets that set them apart

                 When I feel the powerful visions
                 Their fire has made alive
                 I wish I had that instinct -- I wish I had that drive"
Exactly.                                                             --N.P.

J. Scott McCaskill                      

         "Just between us, I think it's time for us to realize,
          The spaces in between leave room for you and I to grow."

             "Noli spectare nunc, sed tua ovis incendens est."


Date: 19 Feb 1993 21:42:08 -0600 (MDT)
Subject: Following up on yesterday...

I wasn't very clear in my post yesterday.  I said somthing about Niel not
'participating' in the current music.  What I meant was that his focus seems to
have shifted from assisting in making music to just keeping the beat in new and
exciting ways.  CttH is playing, and NP is playing on the bells in the
background.  On this song, he is every bit as much of the _music_ as GL or AL.
This is what I think is missing from the current music.  Alexes participation
as a _musician_, instead of a 'percussionist' (or drummer, whichever is more
	Also, half of a maried pair of Rush fans posted to yesterday mornings'
(that's when I got it) release.  They were from SLC, had kids that like Rush.
If you're reading today - were you the couple at the Power Windows tour that
brought their little boy along with binoculars?  I thought that was neat, and I
really tripped when they drew the boy with the binocs on the screen in

	Still can't find my list of subjects to get cleared up...


Date: 20 Feb 1993 03:37:01 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Let   That Presto thing..the as I say

Greetings.  Just a quick note to set everyone straight.  I recently
listened to all the Rush CD's, looking for a new sample for my BBS,
The Temples of Syrinx (no relation to this server).  From this
experience, I have determined that 2112 still has no rival.  You guys
(and gals, from what I've been hearing) have been trashing Presto.
A cold album?  Puuuuhhhllleeeeze!  I have two words for you:  The Pass.
Presto is underrated.  Roll the Bones is much different than Presto,
but wait until the new album comes out.  Just you wait.  Personally,
I enjoy RTB more than Presto, but the latter has undeniable appeal.
Can it be cold with such tracks as Hand Over Fist?

The belch thing has gone on as long as this mighty chronical has been
in existance and the time has come for us to either take a vote or
ring-up Al or the Geddster and ask 'im.

If you truly love Rush, then please do the following before you continue
reading.  I mean it.  Put on Something for Nothing of 2112 on your stereo.
You may then continue reading.  When it is over, put Between the Wheels
of GUP on.  No need to crank it, we're all adults here.  Read on.  When that
song has run its course, please put Cygnus X-1 from Farewell in the old CD
platter.  Again, you may resist the urge to crank it.  Follow that with
Vital Signs Live from the B-side of the Subdivisions 12" single.  If you
don't have access to that cut (and you are missing something important if
you don't), then feel free to use the studio version.  When all those
compositions have interacted with your synaptic gaps, and ONLY when you have
played them ALL, fire-up La Villa Strangiato from Hemispheres.  Turn up the
volume, but only a bit.  You get my message.

Have a productive day.



Date: Sat, 20 Feb 93 11:26:03 -0500
From: (Gregg Jaeger)
Subject: Silly Neil-bashing

If I recall correctly, the comment "That was fifteen years ago -- get a
life" which has been attributed to Neil as a response to a question
about the meaning of some fifteen-year-old lyrics, was someone's
_attempt_ to recall the _actual_ comment Neil made. In short this is
someone's attempt to PARAPHRASE what Neil said. As such, it is likely
to be colored by the person's subjective feelings about what Neil
ACTUALLY said, which no-one who's been commenting on this subject
actually KNOWS. So let us give Neil the benefit of the doubt here
and not accuse him of being RUDE without even know exactly HOW he
said what can be reliably be extracted from recollection, namely
that he is unwilling to comment on THIS PARTICULAR fifteen-year-old
song because it was written so long ago. It is hardly rude in itself
simply to decline comment on something written fifteen years ago.

   [ To Clarify things:  The "get a life" comment/attitude was from
     NMS#5 or a story therein.  The "that was 15 years ago comment" had
     to do with an interview with the NMS where someone asked a question
     about COS.  These are separate incidents.  Please read both the
     NMS#5 and the interview with the NMS, they are both in the ~ftp area 
     here on				:rush-mgr ]

Neil has said "get a life" in the context of TNMS and that was in
reaction to people arguing about the meaning of the position of the
hands of his watch when a photo on the insleeve of an album was taken.
This is clearly not worth spending time discussing in any detail, so
Neil's comment about that point was perfectly appropriate (IMHO).

	[ This watch thing explained in the story in NMS5 :rush-mgr ]


Gregg Jaeger  Depts. of Physics and Philosophy, Boston U.
Wenn aber Einer sagte `Also ist auch die Logik eine Erfahrungswissenschaft,'so
haette er unrecht. Aber dies ist richtig, dass der gleiche Satz einmal als von
der Erhfahrung zu pruefen, einmal als Regel der Pruefung behandelt werden kann.


Date: Sat, 20 Feb 93 12:05:10 -0500
From: (Swen Ericson)
Subject: The horn thing someone mentioned

A while back, I remember someone joking (I think) about Rush adding a horn
section and how ridiculous that would be (I thought so, too - sort of conjured
up childhood memories of Chicago, a band we all know is remarkably similar to
Rush).  I was just sitting here reading yesterday's NMS while listening to
Chronicles, P/G (I saw that a couple days ago - I like it; appeals to the ol'
intellect), and RtB (yeah, I read relatively slow) and while "Where's My
Thing?" was playing, I realized that there are some synth. parts in there
that sound like they could easily be replaced by a horn section without any
adverse effects to the quality of the track (may even add some depth).  Just
something I thought was remarkable, so I remarked . . .

==------> Indiana Bones


Date: 20 Feb 93 13:09:13 EST
From: Adam.B.Cappio@Dartmouth.EDU (Adam B. Cappio)
Subject: 4th member

>I would like to see the band become an officially 4-man group.  It would
>speed up record releases! :=)

huh?  how do you figure?  IMO, a 4th man would tend to confuse things.  G,N,
and A have been working together for so long, that they each know how the
other thinks.  A new 4th member, no matter how familiar they are with the
group (e.g. Hugh Syme), would tend to slow things down.  If maybe you think
the fact that having a fourth person in the studio to play instruments will
speed things up, I think you're doing some wishful thinking.  Maybe in
concert a 4th would help but not in the studio.

just my 2 pesos worth.



Date: 20 Feb 1993 13:50:40 -0500 (EST)
Subject: poster stuff

Well, I had some people ask me about the NP poster stuff from Ludwig, so
here's what I found out (BTW,I don't remember who first posted the address
and poster info., but thanks.....
Anyway: They do NOT have the 1990 NP poster, but here's what they do have:

NP 1992 - order number AV-8079
Ed Shaughnessy         AV-8062
Danny Gottlieb/Joe Morello     AV-8074
Greg D'Angelo          AV-8076
gary Burton            AV-8073

Each poster is $3 (postage included)
P.O. Box 310
Elkhart,IN 46515

Again - Thanks to whomever originally posted the info.

Joe Schofield


Date: Sat, 20 Feb 93 14:05:05 EST
Subject: Rush's drug and alcohol abuse history...

What is known/rumored about this?
Any certain time periods?
What about now?


Date: Sat, 20 Feb 93 13:12:21 CST
From: A8732112@SIUCVMB.SIU.EDU
Subject: ROCKUMENTARY?z???


   [ You should use mixed caps, it looks like you're yelling. :)     :rush-mgr ]


Date: Sat, 20 Feb 93 19:05:03 -0600
From: Joshua Hyatt Weiss  
Subject: Neil as artist

     I would just like to respond to the cubsfan who posted recently claiming
that Neil was not an artist, but in fact just an entertainer.  Could we say
that he is BOTH??  I became rather offended to hear of this condemnation of
this ingenious lyricist.  Although it is only my opinion, I believe that a
vast majority (save groups such as Poison and that Chipmunks sin g Ska album)
of musicians today are artista.  MJusic (and lyric writing) is an artform
which serves the purpose of a social creative outlet, just as visual and
performing arts do.
     "Entertainer" to me has a rather negative or superficial connotation
and although that's part of the job (a reluctant part--as he expresses in
"limelight") for Neil, it's not his sole purpose.  I don't think you could
offend him more by inferring to him that he is a powerless slave , to be
"sacrificeed (oops)" for the good of socity.  Yes, his tax form might
describe him as an entertainer, but then again mine might actually make the
misktake of callin me a "student".
                                                     --Josh Weiss
                                                 "The orchestra tunes to an A
                                                   velow"--Toy Matinee


Date: Sat, 20 Feb 1993 20:29:20 -0600
From: "Hoke John A." 
Subject: Rush Banners

Greetings Fellow Rushians!

I have been looking for a particular piece of RUSH memorabilia for some time
in my area and been unable to find it.  Maybe here I can get some results.
I'm looking for a black banner with RUSH and the Man-In-Star from 2112 in

The company that produces(ed) it was NIKRY CO. INC which is in Van Nuys, CA.
I tried mailing the company with this pathetic information printed on the
banner but only got a cancelled stamp and a returned letter.  Any help in
tracking down this banner or the complete address for NIKRY CO. INC would
be appreciated.  Please E-Mail me if you have an address or know of a store
that sells this banner.  Thanks!

                                   - JHOKE@UXA.CSO.UIUC.EDU

(I've crossed that thin line between a RUSH "fan" and a "fanatic")


Date: 21 Feb 1993 00:00:53 -0500 (CDT)
From: Orchestral Bloodbath 
Subject: Welp...

	[ Gotta love that subject :)  It's like a (tm)  :) :)  :rush-mgr ]

Chad Vice ---> Welp, if you have a good enough graphic viewer, it will scale
down the .GIFs to fit your monitor and driver.  Try's fairly

There's all of this talk about favorite songs, and I've heard the talk
concerning the recent favorite album poll, but how about famous Rush techies
and such?  Who's your favorite producer, and why?  And then there's Skip
Gildersleeve, a man I would hire just for his last name!

Seriously, my favorite producer is Terry Brown...this was also back in the
era (is it an era or just a bunch of parsecs?) when Rush seemed predominantly
centered around Alex and his guitar.  Thoughts?

MMc - Matthew McGarity -


Date: Sun, 21 Feb 1993 13:55:10 -0500
From: Christopher Mermagen 
Subject: many things... hope I can remember 'em

Let's see-

To Stum: I never knew Yehuti Menuhin was a photograph as well as a
concert performer :) (I thought the photo was by Karsh or something
like that) Menuhin I believe is a violinist.

Rickenbackers: uhh, I think in the article that had les claypool and
Geddy lee in it (Guitar Player, maybe), Les asked Geddy if he could
tell him the bass he used on MP, cause he could never duplicate the
sound. Well Geddy told him it was a Fender Jazz. Also, look at the
video for Vital Signs and Limelight- both Fenders.. I know it does
sound Ricky in a way, but from the horses mouth to you comes the truth.

Album quality- I agree that some of their albums have relatively
mediocre sound quality.. Normally the sound-engineer comes with
the producer as a group, right?

4th member: Rush could have used a fourth member about 15 years ago
when they were touring.. I just listened to ATWAS today, and in
such songs as 2112 and lessons, a second guitar is sorely missed
whenever Alex jams on his solos. But now, with all this technology,
and the fact that Geddy is learning piano, i can't see the benefits
aside from the fact that perhaps they want to play 'live' stuff
instead of midi-patches and sequences.

Neil & Drumming: enuff has been said, but just a comment to the gent
who talked about Smitty Smith (puanani - that you?) - Just read an
article.. good drummer.. I missed seeing Neil and this guy - you have
the memorial on tape?? We can order it from Modern Drummer???

okay- always a pleasure-


Subject: Re: 01/26/93 - The National Midnight Star #605
From: (Andy Lester)
Date: Sun, 21 Feb 93 13:45:37 CST

Good golly, I hope I'm doing this right.  This is the first time I've
written to a mailing list, and I'm weeks behind the times, at that!

> Somebody mentioned in last night's NMS that the only Rush posters they
> have seen are GUP, PeW, and RTB.  Well, I have a couple other...a giant
> subway poster from the RTB tour, from England, a Presto promotional
> poster, and most intriugingly, a poster from 1980 that shows the band
> in 2112 style, with long hair, "Man-in-Star" drum set, etc.

I've got a big (3' x 5' or so?) _Signals_ cover poster.  Cost me all of $8.

Random thoughts:

- Some day I'll have to pick up meg's bootleg list.  If they're not on
there, I'd like to see the 3 legit live albums rated in there, just as
the boots are.  That way we have a benchmark for us newcomers to the CD
boot scene to measure against.

  [ You can get the list via e-mail to: or from anonymous
    ftp to, in the rush/special directory, called 
    CD-boots.list.Z						  : rush-mgr ]

- Don't call the CD _Sailing Into Destiny_.  I have a vinyl boot named
that, and it's just a video-to-vinyl copy of the _Exit... Stage Left_
video.  I was cheesed.

- This ain't Rush-related, but if there are any punkish mailing lists
out there besides punk-l and grunge-l, someone please email me info.


---	If I had a dime for every time
Andy Lester, Palatine, IL           I said something stupid,
Fidonet 1:115/934		I'd have $63 dollars to spend how I please
				    -- Best Kissers In The World


Subject: Re: 01/28/93 - The National Midnight Star #609
From: (Andy Lester)
Date: Sun, 21 Feb 93 13:57:38 CST

> I forget who I was talking to, but I'm sure it was someone at some record
> label.  Anyway, the person told me that one of the reasons that Rush did not
> renew its contract with Polygram/Mercury was over the Time Stand Still video.
> They hated it and didn't want to release it.

Then why would they use it in their live shows?

---	If I had a dime for every time
Andy Lester, Palatine, IL           I said something stupid,
Fidonet 1:115/934		I'd have $63 dollars to spend how I please
				    -- Best Kissers In The World


Subject: Speaking of sound quality...
Date: Sun, 21 Feb 93 17:21:08 CST

"frick" said a few things that made me want to post to NMS for the 1st time:

> I think that if Rush needs a new team player, it would be a new sound
> engineer!

I had heard from a nutty friend of mine in Arizona (hi, Jeff...) who's
really into Rush that, on live albums, at least, the trio do all of their
OWN sound work, and are really a lot more thorough than most bands with more
money are...

> I think the Mobile Fidelity People (of gold CDs fame) should remaster
> PW and hemispheres, along with the whole catalog!

I think you'd better do some reading on the various (de)merits of Mobile
Fidelity.  Several of the hi-fi audio mags, including Stereophile, have
examined the "remastering" going on at MF Labs, and although it sounds like
a good idea, you're basically shelling out a $10-$15 premium for about $.15
worth of gold plate instead of the usual aluminum CD substrate.  The reviews
of the Dark Side of the Moon remaster by MF said that the recording was
WORSE than the original CD because of irregular high-freq. dropoff!  Anyway,
there ARE limits to what can be achieved with "remastering":  You will never
get a better product than what went onto the original tape/vinyl medium
unlessit's an artificial process.  If there's a lot of error in laying the
DAT information onto the CD, then yes, you can make it better... but only as
far as THOSE errors go.  (BTW, even in this digital wonderland we're living
in now, there is only one company that is currently experimenting with direct-
to-CD mastering: everyone else masters on DAT's.  It sounds fantastic, but is
next to impossible for most stuff because you have to know when the songs will
begin and end IN ADVANCE- you can't "edit" the tracking on a CD once it's
been put down.)   Pardon my tangental thinking...

> Power Windows only seems to sound good through a good stereo or walkman!

Here's the real givaway, then.  Get a new stereo!  Or play with the little
knobs that say "bass" and "treble" until the sound is good.  Just as much as
different albums are at different recording levels, they also have different
levels of bass & treble mixed into them (because "correct" sound is
different for different recording engineers.)

	My point isn't to flame "frick," though...  I'm really pretty
surprized that, given the incredibly complex sound layering and movement in
the "average" Rush song, why aren't there more audiophiles talking about
Rush  Why aren't there more Rush fans talking about sound quality?  No, I
haven't spent $100 on ofc interconnects for my stereo, but I DO give a
shmidt about trying to hear the details of my music.  I'd also like to know
if Rush has stopped producing albums on vinyl.  I'm sure some of you may not
understand this, but vinyl sounds better than CD most of the time....

	Anyway, have fun chewing on this topic for a while.  Let me know if
any of you read Stereophile magazine, eh?

-"So!  The Mighty Hercules!  I will spare your life, if you can pass this
	test of strength.  Do you see that boulder?  I want you to lift it!"
-"That boulder is too large.  I could lift a smaller one."


Subject: Don't support DCC!
Date: Sun, 21 Feb 93 17:49:41 CST

In the NMS #626, Aaron Silverman says...

> 	Just so you know, I am a graduate student in  audio engineering, so I
> know of whence I speak.  And for those of you who are into that sort of thing,
> in one of my classes we are trying to break the encryption algorithms of the
> new Digital Compact Cassette(dcc) format.  We've already come up with several
> things the dcc is unable to reproduce!  Neat, huh?  (I sure hope nobody from
> Philips is reading this!)

	I hope someone from Philips IS listening, but it's not likely.  Both
DCC and Sony's new MiniDisc are obviously superior to the cassette tapes you
can stick in your Walkman now, in increased signal-to-noise and a wider
frequency response... Unfortunately, the psychoacoustic experiments used to
figure out which frequencies to "throw away" in recording are FLAWED,
according to many listeners who have heard them in a good home system.  I
think it's pretty cool that you can now get near-CD quality sound when
jogging with the Sony MD, but what concerns me is the thought of someone
bootlegging a concert with one of these formats, or worse, making some kind
of album recording!  Since the information is thrown away before it even
gets onto the tape, you are essentially making a master tape that can never
be corrected to replace the missing information.  Please, get a DAT (they'll
be getting cheaper now to compete) and do it RIGHT.

PS-  ever notice how the record companies all insisted that vinyl was really
BAD sounding when the CD came out?
	Ever notice that CD's are still the same $16 average, new, as they
were 10 years ago when they were introduced?  think about it.

"Hey, you've got about 2 friends right now: Jack and Sh*t.  And Jack just
left town."			-Ash in _Army of Darkness_.  Go see it!


Date: Sun, 21 Feb 1993 19:22:54 -0500 (EST)
From: Joseph Alan Cerro 
Subject: My evalated 2 cents

Russell Marks (etc.) writes:
> > At the very end of the song, Geddy repeats, "Everybody's got to elavate
> > from the norm."  On one of these, it sounds like he screws up and
> > says, "Everybody's got to EVALATE from the norm."
> Ack ack ack. Yes I'd noticed this, but I figured I was wrong. Oh well, now
> both of us can be wrong, eh?

(Don't worry, Russ! You were so right!)



From: David Borean 
Date: Sun, 21 Feb 1993 20:59:05 -0500

     Quick question here.  Is the Red Barchetta boot the same as the
Red Stars of the Solar Federation boot?  They were recorded at the same
time and same place.

     Also, regarding the best Rush album.  I think it would be more fair
to do a best album poll from the early/middle/late erras.  It is a bit
hard comparing 2112 to Power Windows, but a lot easier comparing Fly by Night
to 2112 and Roll the Bones ro Power Windoes.

     Is it just me, or does the term 'boyz' sound a bit....degrading?
No flames, please.


Subject: n. peart
Date: Sun, 21 Feb 93 22:10:37 EST

just my two cents on neil's drumming
his technique on most of the newer stuff is pretty much just re-use of what
he has already used on earlier albums.  Almost all of his techniques can be
heard on Hemispheres (the whole cd).  Somebody brought up Bravado (a damn
fine tune).  The end of the song sounds quite dynamic and yes he is using
all four limbs, but it isn't the first time he used the technique.  Check it
out on the intro to Subdivisions, the end of Chain Lightning, and some other
tunes.  Very good but I think he has used up his store of really cool things
to do with just his acoustic drumset, hence his creative need to use the more
percussive drum instruments and his electronic kit.
As far as the song The Weapon, the hi-hat on the groove section is very
simple to play once one has listened to it 7 million times.  The part I find
hard to play is the hi-hat syncopations before and during the guitar solo.
That stuff is quite difficult.
Another thing about his technique - his solos are tremendous.   I think his
snare work is extraordinary.  The techniques he uses are very good, but he
doesn't just bang on the drums.  He manages to get the audience involved.
It takes tremendous talent (such as his) to be able to solo and do it so
that the audience can really get into it.  Drum solos are hard to pull off
in this manner.  Bonzo (pardon me, John Bonham) was a damn fine drummer, but
his solos bore me to death.
Also, I don't think that Peart is a percussionist.  He does use a few of the
instruments that are generally used only by true percussionists (such as
Gary Wright on Pink Floyd's live tour) but he doesn't play to offset another
drummer laying the groove down, which is what I consider a true
percussionist to be.  And just to be a little picky, any drummer is a
percussionist since drumming involves the striking of an instrument.
And about Dream Theatre (sorry rush-mgr), especially Images and Words:

I think that musicianship-wise these guys are some of the best around.  The
guitarist is very, very talented and the drummer is great (although he could
lay off the double bass a little).  Their singer and bassist are also
excellent, but I think the least oft-praised musician in a band, the
keyboardist, is a raging fool.  The signatures he plays in, his solos (he
plays one solo along with the guitarist and it doesn't sound easy to me),
and his presence are just fantastic.  Just judging them on their
musicianship, this band is awesome.  However, one cannot critique a band on
the music alone.  The album is called Images and Words, but the words are
sorely lacking in any so called deep meaning (which is what I love most
about Rush).  The songs aren't pop, but they're the stereotypical heavy
metal songs about death, suicide, etc.  Nevertheless, I would love to see
this band open for Rush.  

    [ Sigh.. this could have all been summed up with a sentence or two,
      I don't mind that Rush fans like the group but maybe a "This group is
      great, email me if you wish to know more."  would be nice.    :rush-mgr ]

I think they would be just as good as Primus was
on the Roll the Bones tour (didn't see Mr. Big, so I won't comment on them).
I think DT's style of music would really prime the audience for an evening
with Rush.
Sorry about the length of the post Monsieur Manager.

ORQ:"They dream in Middletown. . . ."  Middletown Dreams, Power Windows.

David J. Baranski


Date: 21 Feb 1993 22:58:45 -0600 (CST)
From: I program in BASIC 
Subject: tour dates list

	I appreciate Jimmy's work on the tour dates -- however, i have
a question.  How close to 100% is the list?  Do we know?  I'm just wondering
because I would like to make some sort of poster out of the tour dates
list, but don't want to do so until I'm about positive that the list won't
get much more complete.....

  [ It's missing ALL of the COS shows, no evidence has ever been found to
    place them anywhere during that time, and apart from another tour, the
    list is pretty complete from what I can tell!          : rush-mgr ]


Thomas Beaudoin


Date: 22 Feb 1993 00:12:51 -0600 (CST)
From: ST1S1@Jetson.UH.EDU
Subject: Favorite Song Poll

	Ok folks, listen closely........
		due to almost everyone's opinion, I'm officially
changing the rules of the poll.  If you voted already, thank's, however
your votes are now null and void.
	I'm an going to use the ranking system suggested by a great deal
of you out there.  So, when you vote, please list your top five favorite
songs of all time.  This will enable us to getter a better representation
of what Rush fans like the best.  Sound cool?  Ok, so right now (after you
finish reading this of course) Email to:

	List your top five favorite songs.  No live versions please.  REALLY,
thank's to those of you who have been helping me try to make this poll
the best it can be.

Next......I'd almost be willing to bet anyone, that on the next "What's your
favorite album" poll, the results would be different.  But, we'll see.

Also, I heard on the radio today something about Rush's new album.
Unfortunately, I only heard them saying there was a late August release
date.  A friend of mine heard it too, and said that they already had a
name for the album.  Could this be true?  I didn't believe him (He said
he couldn't remember what it was)  and I'm wondering if anyone out there
knows anything.  If you do, please share!!

Lastly, I wanted to know if there were any play lists for different shows
anywhere around.  I know that when they played here last year (in Austin)
they didn't play "The Analog Kid" like they did in Reno.  And they didn't
end the show with a few seconds of "Cygnus X-1".  Does anyone know any of
the different play lists?  I'd be interested in knowing how some of the
shows from the same tour differed.  Let me know.

Anyway, that's it for me.  Remember to vote!  BYE!!!
Dan "The Poll Man" Ross

Dammit all to hell......WHY ARE WE HERE??????!!!!!!???????


Date: Mon, 22 Feb 1993 01:23:41 -0500 (EST)
From: Ethan Evan Prater 
Subject: The Sign of Eth

I threw this out over on, but there was no response. Does
anyone know what "The sign of Eth is rising in the air" means, in "By-Tor
and the Snow Dog"? I like using the quote in my sig, but I don't know if
it's just a random demonic-sounding reference or if it actually comes from
somewhere. It's not in the FAQL or _Visions_, as far as I can tell.

Thanks to anyone who sheds light on this critical question.

   Ethan Evan Prater    |    "The sign of Eth is rising in the air..."
                        |      |          -- Rush -- By-Tor and the Snow Dog --


Date: Mon, 22 Feb 93 10:25:28 -0400
From: (Ron Wiseman)
Subject: Free Will lyrics


I had always wondered where you guys/gals were coming from when you said the
printed lyrics for Free Will are wrong (or is it Geddy sings it wrong?).  The
Anthem release of this LP clearly has the line as:

	"If you choose not to decide / You still have made a choice"

So it seems to me that the Mercury (US) album has different (and wrong) lyrics.

Anybody know of any other differences between Anthem and Mercury releases
besides the Dewy Defeats Truman headline on the Anthem release of PeW that's
not on the Mercury version.  I should also mention that Chicago and Tribune
of "Chicago Daily Tribune" are crossed out on the Anthem release.

    [ On the Japanese, and Canadian Anthem release it's marked as
      "Dewei" unless my eyes are failing.  Also on the P/G promo poster it's
      marked the same.  Anyone know the story behind this?	:rush-mgr ]

Ron 	"The point of the journey / Is not to arrive"


Date:    Mon, 22 Feb 1993 9:27:14 -0600 (CST)
Subject: Permanent Waves Tour Dates

I have a short question concerning two dates on the PeW tour.  I have seen
a few people with shows entitled 3/16/80. To me, this does not make sense
at all. Considering that on the 15th,Rush was in San Francisco. The next
day they fly halfway across the country to play one night in St.Louis
does not seem likely. The next date is then the 19th in Seattle, thus
continuing their tour of the Pacific Coast area.  Could the 3/16 date be an
error,or could it actually be the 2/16 St.Louis show??

  [ The 3/16 date is WRONG, and it's probably the 2/16 show.    : rush-mgr ]



Date:         Mon, 22 Feb 93 10:51:00 EST
From: "Michael L. Sensor" 
Subject:      Weeelll... Neil owes me interpretation

I'd like to make a point regarding the notion that Neil "owes" us an interpre-
tation of his lyrics.  Perhaps this point has already been made; I have not
been reading TNMS on a very regulary basis.  If this is the case, please
forgive me.

	[ You're forgiven :) 				:rush-mgr ]

Neil, as an artist, "owes" us nothing but his creative output (as long as we
continue to pay for it, that is).  The notion that he is indebted to us to
provide an interpretation of his lyrics is pretty silly -- it is like saying
that James Joyce, Ezra Pound, or any one of those authors with obfuscated
writing styles "owes" us an interpretation. (Since Joyce & Pound are both
dead, I guess that point's sort of moot. :-)

Having the author tell us *excatly* what he meant defeats the purpose of
literary analysis, and, in my opinion, would make reading literature (or,
in this case, listening to lyrics), pretty boring.  After all, the challenge
of literature/lyrics is trying to figure out what the hell the author was
trying to say.

We should be glad that Neil actually writes lyrics worthy of analysis...
but for the grace of God (or whatever) he could write lyrics like "Yummy
yummy yummy/I've got love in my tummy." :-)

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From: Jeff Maurer 
Subject: videos and giant rabbits
Date: Mon, 22 Feb 93 8:23:29 PST

Brian G. Carlson writes:
As for Neil not explaining his lyrics and telling people to "get a life," I
agree that his statment was quite rude, but after having the same question
asked time after time for fifteen years, how would you feel?  I also don't think
that he has any obligation to his fans to explain his writing.  As with any
literature, the people who read should be the one to interpret as they see it.
Obviously, Neil has a message in mind when he writes songs, but if he tells
everyone exactly what he was trying to say, he is taking away one of the
greatest aspects of his writing, the personal interpretation that comes with
hearing a song and thinking about what you think it is saying.  Every time I
listen to Hemispheres, for example, I pick up on something new either in the
lyrics or the way that the lyrics relate to the mood that the music invokes in
me.  If Neil told me what the song means to him, it would take away from my
enjoyment of the song.  <...>

I tend to agree, and I think that videos do the same thing.  Sometimes seeing
a music video clarifies the message that the artist is trying to convey,
sometimes not, but it always (and permanently) removes a level of personal
interpretation from the equation.  It's like the difference between reading
a book and seeing a movie.

On a different thought, anyone else think it's time to retire the two
inflatable rabbits used in the Presto and RTB tours?  I loved seeing them
for the first time, but I have to admit that when they were inflated during
the RTB tour - all I could think about was "Stonehenge" from the Spinal
Tap movie.  They were looking a bit shopworn by then too.


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 Ignorance and prejudice and fear go hand in hand."
Neal Peart, RUSH


Date: Mon, 22 Feb 93 15:16:21 -0500
From: meg (******* Meg *******)
Subject: NMS Shirts & Rush Tour List

Those 50 shirts I just ordered sure were snapped up in a hurry! I still have
a few larges left, so if you're waiting for the other sizes I'm gonna order
another 50 shirts later tonight. I *will* be getting 5 XXL, so first come
first serve on those. There will be no extra charge on that size. And never
fear that I'll run out, I'll just keep printing up more shirts!

The next batch of shirts should be ready next week sometime. We also mailed
out a bunch on Saturday, so if you're waiting start looking tomorrow.

If you want to nitpick about the tour list don't feel bad! We want the tour
listing to be as accurate as possible; that includes misspellings of places or
even the wrong city listed! And on that subject, it has come to my attention
that The Palace @ Auburn Hills is a recent building, so Rush couldn't have
played there on earlier tours. Does anyone know for sure when it was built?
And where Rush would have played instead? Cobo Hall? Joe Louis Arena?

-Meg   <-- mail here for NMS shirt info


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