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Subject: 03/08/93 - The National Midnight Star #639
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          The National Midnight Star, Number 639

                   Monday, 8 March 1993
Today's Topics:
                    NMS MacSound file
                  Countdown, and more...
     Re:  03/05/93 - The National Midnight Star #638
 Ged, Neil and Mr. Big in Shuttle Video 'still's scandal
                    Convention prices
             Mea Cupla, Philosophy, and Stuff
         NMS T-shirt Bulk UK Order - Final Words
                      Glitch on ESL?
             Convention highlight video tape?
              Neil is *not* a philosopher?!?
                     A Premonition???
                   Didacts and Narpets
              Neil is *not* a philosopher?!?
                    weekend ramblings
            Saving A Side of the Next Rush CD
                Dylan, Springsteen, ZZ Top
                    Eclectic Breakfast
              Trees and the Spine of Presto
                       NEIL VISIONS
             Neil short story to be published
               Rush's Political background.
                      Limbaugh Fans
             NMS Shirts & Another Shirt Idea?
                Some Questions about Rush.
                       RTB tour...
            RE: Neil is *not* a philosopher?!?
                  Official NMS Proposal!

From: rush-mgr 
Date: Mon Mar  8 19:51:38 EST 1993
Subject: Administrivia

Large digest today... Be SURE to check out the last post in today's digest, 
entitled "Official NMS Proposal!". It has some interesting information from 
Jimmy (aka. Rush Fanatic)!

- rush-mgr


Date: Fri, 5 Mar 93 15:28:49 -0500
From: (Carsten K. Oertel)
Subject: NMS MacSound file

Hello NMSers,
(skip lengthy "first post" introduction)
I was looking for a sound file on syrinx with the lines:
We've go Mars on the horizon - Says the National Midnight Star,
but I couldn't find it.  So I hooked up my trusty discman to
the back of my Mac and digitized it myself.  I've uploaded it
to the /rush/incoming directory on syrinx if anyone wants a
copy - filename is nms.sea.hqx.

The whole wide world - an endless universe
Yet we keep looking through the eyeglass in reverse -- Neil Peart


Date: 05 Mar 1993 15:25:20 -0600 (CST)
From: ST1S1@Jetson.UH.EDU

Well friends, here it is.  I'm listing the songs in order from the first
place winner, to the last place winner.  In the event of a tie, and there
are a few, the songs will be listed in alphabetical order.  Thank you to
all those of you who participated.  If you need any information about this
poll, please feel free to Email me!

	1.   Subdivisions
	2.   Limelight
	3.   La Villa Strangiato
	4.   2112
	     The Spirit of Radio
	5.   Xanadu
	6.  The Trees
	7.   Red Barchetta
	8.   Time Stands Still
	9.   Freewill
	10.  Natural Science
	11.  The Camera Eye
	12.  The Pass
	13.  YYZ
	14.  Force 10
	     Tom Sawyer
	15.  Bravado
	16.  Hemispheres *side one*
	17.  Mystic Rythms
	18.  By Tor & The Snow Dog
	     Cygnus X-1
	     Jacob's Ladder
	     Losing It
	     Witch Hunt
	19.  Available Light
	20.  Red Sector A
	21.  Entre Nous
	     New World Man
	22.  Middletown Dreams
	23.  Closer to The Heart
	     Lakeside Park
	24.  The Big Money
	25.  Between The Wheels
	     Enemy Within
	     The Necromancer
	26.  Bastille Day
	     Different Strings
	27.  Anagram
	     Analog Kid
	28.  Fly By Night
	     Roll The Bones
	29.  Afterimage		
	     Body Electric		
	     Cinderella Man
	     Ghost of a Chance 	
	     Hand Over Fist		
	     Kid Gloves 	
	     The Big Wheel 		
	     Turn The Page
	30.  Fountain of Lamenth 	
	     Manhatten Project
	     Red Lenses 		
	     Red Tide
	     Something for Nothing 	
	     Where's My Thing
	31.  Beneath, Between & Behind
	     Here Again
	     In the End
	     Passage to Bangkok
	     Rythm Method
	32.  Chain Lightning
	     Digital Man
	     Emotion Detector
	     Lock and Key

That's it.  Hope you were suprised.  Again, if you have any questions, don't
hesitate to Mail me!

I really enjoyed it, and plan on doing it again.  Thank's again.

Dan "The Poll Man"


From: kerry@SEAS.UCLA.EDU (Kerry J. Kopp)
Subject: Countdown, and more...
Date: Fri, 5 Mar 93 15:15:51 PST

Hey Rush fans!

Just a few thoughts regarding some stuff in tnms:

Re the transcription (by (Joseph T. Kung)), your
interpretation of LOS was correct.  Before the TDRS satellites, all
communication with the shuttles was through ground stations, but they
could only cover something like 70% (that number could be wrong..) of
the orbit, so when Columbia took off, it entered a window where it was
unable to get transmissions from KSC or Madrid.  This climb is what is
referred to in the "over-the-hill", as the shuttle is climbing
"uphill" into orbit.

my second $0.02:
I seem to be lucky to live in So Cal. KLOS, the local album rock
station plays Rush fairly regularly. (Last night I heard 2 songs-can't
remeber which.) They play new stuff of RTB alot, but I've heard The
Trees, Circumstances, FBN, etc..

Also, Last Superbowl weekend (not the most recent one), KLOS had a
"Superbowl of Rock".  Listeners called in and voted on their favorite
band of all time.
The results?
4th place: Pink Floyd
3rd place: Van Halen
2nd place: Led Zepplin
1st Place: RUSH!!!!!!!!!

and you all though we were weird!

my last $0.02:
I just picked up "Run From the Fans", and I am most pleased.  I do
have a question, though - Anyone know why it says "Ghost of a
Change"??? Typo?
(also I like geddy's "catch the mystery, catch the fish!" in Tom

Well, I hope the $0.06 was worth it.....

ORQ: "								"
(From "The Rhythm Method")


Date: Fri, 5 Mar 93 19:19:29 -0500
From: (neil schier)
Subject: Re:  03/05/93 - The National Midnight Star #638

Anybody have the album, not CD for 2112. Do the boyz look like jerks in
their outfits and moustaches. Hey it is a great album don't get me wrong.
Anyhow, Geddy is kind of hiding in the "corner", slightly embarrased.

  [ This picture is available as a gif on, in the rush/images
    directory, called "kimono.gif"				: rush-mgr ]



Date: Fri, 5 Mar 93 16:39 GMT
From: "The Akond Of Swot.." 

In response/addition to:
Benjamin Travis Radford 
Subject: Six Short Rush Ramblings

Items one thru three inclusive, fine...

>4.) Anybody know if Neil still smokes?  I would think that an avid bicycler
>    like himself  (not to mention a self-disciplined man  and strong-willed
>    percussionist) would have kicked the habit.  Just a question.

MMmmm, remember B-Man, in Visions, saying that Neil was CHAIN smoking thru
his first interview (with neil) Phew.... (Has anyone *EVER* seen Neil smoke
on stage? .. SUPER-Unlikely I know, playing the guitar with a cigarette is
hard enough....jus' wondrin'....

>6.) One last item:  I'm going to do something on this next Album which many
>    of  you will  probably think is  stupid and  childish.   I am going  to
>    listen to only side one of their next album.   I want to save one album
>    side of songs for after RUSH is gone.   Face it, folks... Rush probably
>    won't be around for another 10 years.   I'll ration the songs to myself
>    for special occasions (birthdays, etc).  Sounds silly, but I'm going to
>    do it.  So there.

This is Spooky! I'm doing it *RIGHT* now, with the new(ish) SRV album,
(the live one...) I did it with ASOH way back too. (Wow... A Ben who thinks
like me! Hurrah!)
It's a surprise, a new discovery (rush are hardly EVER played on the radio
in the UK...) when you hit a new track, I remember hearing Red Sec A for
the 1st time offa ASOH... "Wow..."
Oh, BTW... following on from my revalations on the Making Music Readers
Poll which I posted to this list, "Rock World" mag (english) had Rush
voted "10th Best American Band"  ;-)
Well that's enough for me, I won't have any pudding thanks, mum.

This is a .sig, reconstructed from the remains of a Roman Bath...
(English Rushians (?!) are invited to write to The Akond Of Swot here in)
(Sunny MIDDX, London....Come to think of it, you can all write to meee!!)
( The ONLY Drama student subscriber to NMS. ;-) )



Date: Fri, 5 Mar 93 18:17:14 GMT
From: Russell Marks (Zgedneil) 
Subject: Ged, Neil and Mr. Big in Shuttle Video 'still's scandal

Jacob's Ladder - yet another of the songs which got me into Rush. There
seems to be quite a lot of them... as there seem to be a lot of lines in
my posts. Hey, bear with me here.

> A few issues back someone said they were transcribing the transmissions
> at the end of Countdown.  Rush-mgr suggested checking at some other
> computer for the date and transcription.  I am pretty sure that the
> first shuttle mission ever had Young and Crippen as pilots.  Hopefully
> that will help you out.

Yep, thanks. I knew about Young and Crippen as the first shuttle pilots
(I watched that live on TV when I was, uh, eight I think! Wow! I went
real 'shuttle-crazy' for a while). If anyone has a list of *
sites with anonymous FTP access, email me it and I'll check 'em out. I'm
trying to find a list, but this'd save some time. The only one I've
heard of is 

   [ Try, this has shuttle logs and other interesting
     files/images of the shuttle, in pub/SPACE		     : rush-mgr ]

I've contributed my efforts (along with a couple of other guy's 
suggestions) to the trivia file, in the meantime.  Oh and in case 
anybody's wondering (uh yeah, you're all on the edge of your seat 
(sic)) I think Countdown is a *fabulous* song. Really like it,
especially the way it builds up and... "as the sun and the drama start
to mount..." yeah!

> Regarding the "Still" vs. "Cannot" issue..... I think  they are POLAR
> opposites and not at all compatible.

Well yes that is both the obvious interpretation and, as you show, one
that stands up to scrutiny. I just thought I'd just try to do things
differently - for example, as Douglas Adams did when bought all those
bottles of aftershave. Ok, not the best example, but you get what I
mean. I think 'still' is the one that fits best, and which I most agree
with, which seems the predominant opinion. I sure am glad you stuck the
words "I think" there or I'd be at you with the meat-cleaver :-) .

And again, something Wayne said - 'Geddy tried so hard NOT to sing
badly'. I thought he did pretty well on Presto. Better on RTB, but there
you go. To be perfectly honest, I think he sings quite well; I don't
think it's merely a case of it being right for the music, I think he
actually has a quite good voice.

> Has anyone heard of Ged, Neil or Alex making personal appearances?

Neil has done, I remember. Some sort of 'drum workshop', between Signals
and p/g I think. He used some of the stuff from MP, and also The Weapon
from Signals as examples or something. Ok so this is world class
vagueness, forgive me.

   [ It was called the "Neil Peart Seminar" and happened on May 5, 1986 at 
     The Percussion Center in Fort Wayne, IN.			: rush-mgr ]

I've seen tape three of the Buddy Rich Memorial Concert thingy (borrowed
it from a friend who had it as footwear). Pretty weird seeing Neil do
that kinda stuff. And it's really funny when, after he's broken into the
solo, done it, then falls back into the jazz, he looks kinda embarrassed
and self-concious. That just made me laugh. I guess his solo doesn't
really fit in that setting too well. Anyhow, watch it if possible, it's
pretty good.

> Has anyone head anything as to the progress of the new album?

Last I head (sorry) was the 'Peter Collins to produce New Album' bit. Oh
well. And everybody's a bit confused as to when it's going to be
released because of something Alex said, but September seems to be the
odds-on favourite. I could have just said 'don't think so' couldn't I?

>     "You know, after that, the Yes songs sure sound kind of thin. And
>     Rush's lyrics are very interesting, too."
> A new Rush fan is born!  And I saw it happen!!  The joy of life!!!
[, more stuff...]
> really wanted to tell me was that one of the sample .MID files that
> shipped with the board was YYZ.MID!!!  Way to go, Roland! [...]

This is all amazing! I just feel an urge to overuse punctuation!!!
Seriously, this is surprising and great - and just doesn't seem to
happen over here in dreary old England (overgeneralization #42). Mumble
depression mumble bad weather mumble coursework (I 'spose that's not
just over here, right - bummer). In fact, this is all so wonderful it
sounds like fantasy - maybe we're all imagining it - whoa!

That's all my thoughts for the day so signing off,
/*  _      _          ---------- reality checkpoint : cut here ----------
   |  | | |_  (|_ )    Russell Marks : Zgedneil :
   |  |_|  _| (| |)          "respond, vibrate, feed back, resonate"     */


Date: Fri,  5 Mar 1993 20:24:57 -0500 (EST)
From: John Michael Santore 
Subject: Convention prices

Let me address this.
First thing... I divided the price up among 100 people, since I was
reluctant to assume that all 200 would definitely show.  In some cases
this makes a big difference fixed rates of stuff.

  [ This is in reply to a post made to        : rush-mgr ]

>$85 !!!!!!!!
>When I first read this I was sure that hotel was included.
>I was shocked to see that this isn't case!
>I mean let's look at how much typical things cost:
>   A picnic :  whilt it should be able to be done for $5 a head,
>               I can be willing to give benefit of the doubt as
>               high as $10/person.

Actually lets see... to get a convention for 100-200 people CATERED, yes
catered, it'll cost about $1000.  It's not just as simple as having
everyone bring 8 hotdogs and shit.  This was the going rate.  Divide
this among 100 people (low estimate... can't do much better without a
FIRM headcount and only way to get that is from a deposit... see where
this leads) and you get $10.

>   A t-shirt:  The NMS shirts on the net are $15. I'll use that number.

Actually This was $10 per shirt.

>   A band:     A typical club sort of band around here runs $4-6. I'll
>               round up to $10.

Well granted, the club supplies the sound equipment, sound man, the band
is local (i.e. doesn't have to road trip a long ass way to get to the
gig), and the club covers costs with alcohol and stuff.

For me to get a band (and I did check a few), would cause flat rate
$1500.  This included transportation, and band fee.  PERIOD.  Now I
picked a band I've seen before, since I won't pay that much on faith.
They were good.  Now sound man, and sound equip rental was another $300
if provided by the band.  I don't really know that much bout sound
equip, so this is better than finding my own sound man.  PLUS a
stipulation was they get free hotel rooms.  This is about $2000. ($20 a
head)  Firm, American dollars.  It's different GETTING a band, than
going to just see one.  Please accept this on faith.  If you want to
discuss this further send me mail, I've toured the club scene and I know
quite a bit on how it really works, but I see no need to get into a huge
discussion over it right now.

>   Transportation: You said you'd reduce deposit by $15 for those
>                   providing there own transportation. I don't
>                    know how far you are talking here, but that
>                    sounds like a lot of cash. But I'll give
>                    the benefit of the doubt.

Lakeside Park is ONE AND A HALF HOURS AWAY.  This means we have to
charter a BUS.  This comes out to $16 a head, period.

PLUS you left out miscellaneous costs, like buying checks for the
convention account, stamps to send out receipts, Toronto PHONE BILLS,
and stuff like that.  I estimated $10 a person because I really didn't
have any other figure.  This covers ANY and ALL expenses.

PLUS you left out renting the meeting hall spaces
another $1000 there (yet another $10 a head)

PLUS renting the Park (i.e. getting a permit for it)
$200 bucks total. ($2 a head)

PLUS getting random food at the hotel (i.e. snacks for registration and
stuff like that)
($5 a head)

>So, 10 + 15 + 10 + 15 = $50 rounding up and giving a whole bunch
>of benefit of the doubt for cost.

SO 10 + 10 + 20 + 16 + 10 + 10 + 2 + 5 = 83
(Which I then took the liberty of rounding up to 85)
I realize this is a HIGH estimate, BUT I have to sign for all this in MY
name, and I'd rather estimate high, and worry about surplus later,
because if I estimate LOW guess who gets stuck with the bill (that's
right folks, it comes out of MY pocket).  Yes if more than 100 people
come, there will be more surplus. Realize also, that I just converted
Canadian dollars to American without screwing with rates this also adds
to the surplus.  But hey, I don't know what the exchange rate is going
to be in almost 4 months.  I'm NOT going to even speculate. I wont even
get INTO the Canadian 15% tax on stuff.  This is why extra monies will
be donated to a charity specified by Anthem on behalf of Rush, and some
will also go to A Show of Fans fanzine to aid in there printing costs. I
will NOT make a profit.  If you can't handle my way of dealing with
surplus DON'T COME.  I'm NOT going to put my ass on the line financially
more than I already am.

>Also, what's the idea of calling something a deposit, when
>it is for the full amount and is non-refundable?

Fine, call it a straight fee.  Essentially it gives me a firm head
count, and allows me to pay for the events. It acts as a deposit in that
it allows you to then get a hotel reservation, which you couldn't do
without 'the deposit'.

>Did you shop around for hotels? $62 a night for a bargain rate?
>Seems steep, but then again, I've never been to Toronto.

$62 bucks was the cheapest, period.  Realize we can't hold a convention
in a MOTEL 6, because there isn't any meeting space.  Most places were
SIGNIFICANTLY higher.  You're hitting a prime vacation spot in the peak
season (Comes from the 'who wants to come to Toronto in the Winter'
travel agent mentality, what can I say)

>I don't mean to give you a hard time, I want this thing to
>work out and become a tradition, I really do!
>I just think that if the cost are prohibitive, then it will
>not work out.

What can I say?  I did all the leg work, I called 2112 different places
and tried to come up with comparable rates.  Too high? Don't come, what
can I say.  Granted, I'm sure I made my mistakes, and I have never quite
done anything like this before, but NO ONE ELSE VOLUNTEERED.  Remember
I'm not making doodly shit out of this thing for profit you know.

>I would think 5 for picnic
>              15 for shirt
>              5 for band
>              5 for transportation
>              5 for extra cost
>for a total of $35, rather than $85.

This ain't even on par with YOUR OWN first estimate of $50.  Look man,
not to sound like a dick or anything, but why don't you call around and
get some prices before you rip my head off.  I didn't just get these
figures out of my asshole.  Plus, realize that I don't know EXACTLY how
many people intend on showing.  Therefore I can't estimate food and some
other 'variable costs' so I tended to estimate high, to keep myself
protected from personal liability.

>just my $0.02 ( and not my $85)

well this is MY $85 worth.

>Rodney Boles      (posted from a friend account)

Final comments:

Look if no one gives me a deposit, it doesn't happen, I have deadlines
(to the hotel, park, and whatnot) to meet myself.  I'm not trying to
sound like a jerk, but I put in a LOT of time organizing this thing, and
I do find this a little insulting.  A better question would have been:

    John, would you mind itemizing all the costs for us, $85 seems a
    little steep.
Instead of pulling some costs (some totally inaccurate) out of your ass
and essentially 'challenging me' to defend my price.  Look I'm willing
to answer ANY possible questions that arise, but give me some
consideration, ok?  REMEMBER... No one else wanted to do this.

                                       -John Santore

/                    \                   "We break the surface tension
\_________     ____   \                   with our wild kinetic dreams"
/             /    \   \                        -Rush, Grand Designs
\_______     /  (*) )   )
/           / /\___/   /                 Go Philadelphia Flyers!
\_____     / /        /
/         /  \_______/                   John Santore (

Rush-Yes-King Crimson-Emerson, Lake and Palmer-Marillion-Genesis (w/ Gabriel)


Date: Fri, 5 Mar 1993 23:21:05 -0500 (EST)
From: Matthew James McDonald 
Subject: Mea Cupla, Philosophy, and Stuff

Greetings, all.

First, an admission of guilt.  My last post tweaking Bob Miner's contention
that Mr. Peart's lyrics lacked compelling details was a bit of a fraud; my
central aim was simply to irk Mr. Miner, who is a friend of mine.

If rush-mgr wishes to impose sanctions of some kind on me, such as a
2-issue suspension without pay, I will humbly accept.

However, I will briefly defend my use of "unintelligible," which means
"not intelligible" [that is, _not_ 'capable of being understood or
comprehended' or _not_ 'apprehensible by the intellect only.']  Thus, my
description of Bob's argument could have been taken to imply that one
needed some sort of super-rational effort to understand it.

Unintelligible also means "obscure," and thus I could have been calling
his observation obscure or not readily discernible, and that I had to make
vast mental leaps just to respond.

But as I said before, I wasn't really saying either of those things.

Forgive the semantics, but after his blast I felt as if I had to defend
the honor of an entire institution.  (Albeit one I don't particularly
care about.)  Also, as a rule you can say anything
you want about me, but watch out when it comes to my word choice.  :))

Anyway, on to more stuff that is both here _and_ there, before the
possible suspension kicks in.  :)

1)  Most of Bob's comments about Philosophy I agree with, but I do think
that Mr. Peart is more than _just_ a popularizer.  As Jeremy Strzinski
said, Neil undoubtedly has his own philosophy which, though drawing heavily from
other thinkers such as Ayn Rand, still counts as original.  I think this
explains the fact that Neil shies away from identifying his lyrics with
Existentialism and even Randism these days -- a reference from an
interview that somebody posted a couple of months back.

It is not necessary to conclude that Neil is a "great" or "deep" or even
"real" Philosopher in order to believe that he occasionally has and
expresses original thoughts.  Maybe we could call him a philosopher with a
small "p."

2)  Without overtly reopening the Religion and Rush debate, a couple of points
ought to be addressed.  First, my own interpretation of "Roll the Bones"
runs something like this:  As an attitude _toward_ Life, as Wayne Tolman and
Jeremy Strzynski seem to take it, I think it's pretty good.  Stuff
happens, a lot of which we can't either predict or explain, so we might as
well go with the flow, spin the wheel, make a deal, whatever.  I even
think it can be readily reconciled with the Book of Job, the Old
Testament's chief stab at the inscrutable ways of God.

As a philosophy _of_ Life, however, I share Bob Miner's characterization
of it as sadly shallow -- reflecting, unfortunately, the dead spots in Ayn
Rand's own thought.  (Please no flames on this specifically -- this post
is on _Neil's_ work, not hers; Ayn Rand was a great writer, a good
theorist, and all that, but let's not open that Pandora's Box at the
moment.  If you want to slam me, please do it on what I say about Mr. Peart,
for now at least.)

And I must disagree with what I take to be Wayne's and Jeremy's profession
that "RTB" is _just_ about what I have called "attitude toward Life."  I
think it's pretty clear from lyrics such as

			Faith is cold as ice
			Why are little ones
			Born only to suffer
                        from the want of immunity
                        Or a bowl of rice?

that "RTB" is a specific rejection of religious faith.  (Again, this is an
analysis of the song, __not__ a rebuttal of it.  I'm merely giving my own
interpretation, for the purpose of showing that Mr. Peart _did_ intend it
as a statement of his philosophy _of_ Life.)

Also, I cannot share Jeremy's view that the fact that this part is in
the form of a question demonstrates that all Mr. Peart wants to do is get us
to think about this matter.  It seems to me that it's a rhetorical
question meant to make a point, not just trigger a reflection.

3)  If you wanna just sit back and enjoy the lyrics and/or the
music, as Joe Borgia apparently does, that's fine with me.  That's what I
want to do most of the time, too.

But I think elaborating and even, if you will, philosophizing on both is
fun.  It also, of course, makes us all think.  So try to humor us folks who do
the band the honor of humbly picking apart the remote nuances of their

4)  On the posts concerning Determinism vs. Free Will, and most especially
Mark Landin's.  Most Christian philosophers that I am aware of interpret
God's posited omniscience and our posited free will as compatible in
the following way:  We make our own decisions to live well or badly, but
the all-knowing God knows beforehand just what decisions we'll make.

Intuitively paradoxical, perhaps, but not logically inconsistent.

Finally, although my earlier post was 100% _ad hominem flamus_, the above
is not intended as a flame of any kind against anyone.  Just a friendly
discussion.  And I hope that base----, er, the NMS will see fit to allow
me to return some day.  I've made my mistakes in the past, and I admit
them, but I think everybody deserves [sniff] a second chance.

Thanks for bearing with the long post.




Date: Sat, 6 Mar 93 07:07 GMT
From: Cyber Surfer 
Subject: NMS T-shirt Bulk UK Order - Final Words

Ok, time's up! I will be taking no more orders for the UK
Bulk Order for the NMS t-shirt. All further UK orders should
be directed to

This is the final list. You will have one week to send me any
corrections. After that week I'll send the orders to Meg.                XL                            XL                  XL                        XL x 2                     XL                XL x 2

Thank you for your attention, now back to the music...

-- Cyber Surfing on CIX --


Date: Sat, 6 Mar 1993 02:55:27 -0600 (CST)
From: MuffinHead 
Subject: Glitch on ESL?

   I don't remember seeing this in the FAQ. Now that I have all the albums
on disc, I noticed a small digital-sounding glitch just before 3:37 on La
Villa. Is this on all copies? I wiped the disk to make sure it wasn't
dirt. Could be a scratch if it isn't on the master.

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Date:    Sat, 6 Mar 1993 10:36:27 -0600 (CST)
From: R1B6116@ZEUS.TAMU.EDU (Mr. Weather)
Subject: Convention highlight video tape?

Because the majority of NMS readers won't be able to attend the convention,
why don't we elect someone to assemble a 10 or 20 minute video tape
of the convention?  Maybe it would give us a chance to see some of the
faces behind the .sigs!  Is this idea feasable?

               Mr. Weather / / Ken Blair


Date:           Samdi, le 6e Mars 1993, 12h16 EST
From: Charles J McDonald 
Subject:        Neil is *not* a philosopher?!?

Are you off your chump?
	Philosophy is thinking and reasoning.
	As a scientist, I'm also a philosopher.

	One does not have to say anything new to qualify.
	Neil Peart, simply in contemplating the meaning of life and
existence, even if he never says anything "origional" or "new", is a
philosopher.  The good philosophers of our time, or anyone elses for that
matter, did not stipulate an amount of study that had to be devoted to the
topic before one could wear the badge and make the secret signs and use
the decoder ring that all philosophers have.  (What you don't have one,

	Mr Peart is *not* an aethiest.  An agnostic, sure, but songs like
Mystic Rhythems and High Water suggest he is enough of a romantic that he
might want to believe in more than mere material existence.

Freewill vs Determinism:
	Determinism and fate are derived from the premise that the unverse
is ruled by an anthropomorphic being who already figured the whole thing
	Mark's got a good point, by making the lyric sheet opposite from
the sung lyrics, you get to decide.  (If you choose not to decide you
still have made a choice.)

And finally:
	Ben and Stum say, "I'll save some Rush for when they're gone"

	What if your gone before they are?
	That'd be a bummer.

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"too late for debate, too bad to ignore        | Charles J McDonald
 quiet rebellion leads to open war             | Earth and Planetary Science
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 and the red tide covers the shore"            | Montreal, Quebec, Canada


Date:         Sat, 6 Mar 1993 5:21 pm EST (22:21:43 UT)
From: "Stephen M. Boothe" 
Subject:      A Premonition???

This might seem to be a weird subject for a first post, but here goes:

In repsonse to a recent NMS thread on Rush dreams, I must admit that
I've been plaugued with this unfortunate condition for some time now.
My dreams range from the realistic (such as meeting the splendid trio or
catching Alex's pick) to the utterly absurd (camping with Rush and
getting into an argument with Neil over the Toronto Maple Leafs).

My real reason for posting, however, is a recurring dream that my
equally fanatical roommate keeps having.  In the dream, he claims that
the forthcoming album has a cover and/or musical theme concerning the
circus or carnival.  He has even gone into greater detail, which I
will humanely spare you.  Needless to say, he is quite perplexed by
this dream and longs to see the new album all the more.  I decided
to share this with my fellow NMS'ers so that if/when this becomes
reality, you heard it here first.  Besides, if it does come true,
maybe Robert Stack or Leonard Nimoy will knock at my door.

BTW, here's a vote for no fourth member unless it's me.

Steve Boothe (who's really cool sig file is still in the design stage)


Date: Sun, 7 Mar 1993 14:59:43 -0500
From: Scott David Daly 
Subject: Didacts and Narpets

Hi there!

	Blair wrote:

> Greetings from the corn belt. There has been some discussion recently
> as to what the lyrics to Didacts and Narpets really are. Well, here's
> my guess, I agree with the transcription in the first few lines, but
> it has always sounded to me that the last two lines went: Left-Right
> Left-Right. This may seem strange, but I think that it is a bit
> of Rush production humor since it corresponds with the left and
> right channels in stereo.

	Well...I agree with you that I didn't quite agree with what
the FAQ said the last two lines were.  This left-right idea is a
possibility.  But, I always thought it said "Fight wrong with right"
>...anyone else?



Subject: Neil is *not* a philosopher?!?
Date: Mon, 08 Mar 93 14:17:00 PST

Comments in response to Chucks (maybe in this issue),

    Chuck writes :

     "Determinism and fate are derived from the premise that the unverse
is ruled by an anthropomorphic being who already figured the whole thing

    I think this is in no way necessarily true. Hard Determinism states that
all future events are 100% predictable - and this is really _independent_ of
the _reason_ these acts are predictable. COULD be a deity controlling things;
COULD be the fact that for some reason all the scientific and physical laws
just happen to ALLOW hard determinism (though random decay precludes this
line of argument).

    Personally I would LOVE to believe in true free will but deep down I
think (because of my scientific background and understanding of physics,
cosmology and quantum theory) that I am probably more of a soft determinist.

Also on your argument :

"Mr Peart is *not* an aethiest.  An agnostic, sure, but songs like
Mystic Rhythems and High Water suggest he is enough of a romantic that he
might want to believe in more than mere material existence."

I wish to argue that the line in Roll the Bones that says :

"why are little ones born only to suffer,
if there's some immortal power to control the dice"

similarly hints that Neil _may_ in fact be an aetheist - or at least prefer
God to be benevolent...

Really It makes no difference to me one way or another - and I am surprised
I've got into the discussion this far already! But I AM interested in the
freewill/determinism debate so I am willing to keep reading!

Hope this didn't bore all the hard rockers out there!



Date: Sun, 7 Mar 93 23:49:42 CST
From: A8732112@SIUCVMB.SIU.EDU
Subject: weekend ramblings

Welcome to Spring Break countdown week(5 days left).  Just a couple of things
today.  I was listening to Presto today actually right now.  I was wondering
why the gituar solo on Chain Lighting in(s) backwards???????
Didi Alex do this to be different or has he done this kind of thing before.
Also has anyone reversed that solo so it playes forward???
Next I would like to put the spotlight on that band Helmut(et??).  In an
interview on Mtv Tabitha Soren(??)  asked the bass player who he tried to
mimic or better yet who his idols were.  He proceeded to rifle off acouple of
names but then he said that a big part of his playing style was copied from
early RUSH!!!  I was surprised to say the least.  He said that he like (ed)
the hard edged style of the early records.  Although that still dosen't help 
with my views on the band as a whole.
Lastly I would like to say that if anyopne out their has noticed the large 
amount of trios recently.  Some of them are even good to listen to.
One in particulear is Live.  If you haven't heard them your must go out and buy
their album Mental Jewelry.  It's a great album.  Just three guys and good
musiceans at that.  Just a plug for a good band that gets little press..
Thanks for the use of the soapbox.

Par-Five,  Nominated for several top awards including best screenplay and
most original script.
SIUC-Only one game away from auto-entry to the NCAA tourny.  Look out ISU!!!


Date: Mon, 8 Mar 93 08:52:58 -0500
From: (Kenneth Bullock)
Subject: Saving A Side of the Next Rush CD

How do you save a "side" of a CD, anyway?  Are you going to save the side
with the music, or the other side?  Sorry--I couldn't resist.

Seriously, I'd think that after nearly twenty years of producing albums,
Rush would have a substantial pile of outtakes lying around.  If Rush does
cease producing albums in the next ten years (and I haven't heard any
indiation that they plan to do so), then I'm sure that We Loyal Fans will
be placated with boxed sets containing outtakes, rare live cuts, whatever.

Of course, some older acts are finding out that dusting off the stuff from
the vaults for these boxed sets is as difficult as producing new albums.  It
depends on whether one or more Rush members or producers can be conned into
doing the job.



Date: Mon, 08 Mar 1993 10:32:40 EST
From: The Longshot 
Subject: Dylan, Springsteen, ZZ Top

I am getting tired of all this talk of 'who is better?' that is happening
lately.  My personal opinions are that I respect Dylan as a songwriter,
but not as a musician, Springsteen has seen better days, and ZZ Top is a
pretty good group with lots of facial hair.  I don't know what all this
has to do with Rush other than the fact that they were mentioned in a 'Rush
related' post.  Again, these are just opinions, everyone has one.  Just
drop the subject and get back to what this list is for: Rush.

Jason Birzer
'The Longshot'
Frostburg State University


Date: Mon, 8 Mar 1993 09:34:02 -0600
From: (Daniel Patrick Strickland)
Subject: Eclectic Breakfast

Greetings from Tuscaloosa, AL.  Yes, we do have Rush fans here as well and 
occasionally a concert fairly close.  I just got my first issue of NMS and I 
must compliment both the mngr and the readers as to their knowledge and 
obvious love for a great band.
Seems that a lot of the posts compare Rush and another group...or compare 
philosophy of Neil with someone else's.  I hate to use this name, but that 
other Canadian power trio Triumph seemed to point out what I like about Rush 
the most in "Magic Power."  It's that freat feeling when you're doin' 85 in a 
55 zone with the sunroof open and "Spirit of the Radio" is blaring.
How can you really describe that?  It's something that you feel as opposed to 
analyze.  But, I'm sure that's how everyone feels.  The great thing about Rush 
is their ability to convert someone who is totally convinced that they're 
pretty awful.
Case in point: My girlfriend had the oh-so-typical response to my Rush CD's--
"I can't stand his voice".  However, now it seems like she's picking 
"Chronicles" out of the CD case every time we drive anywhere...hmmm.  You 
gotta love that.  It's an ability no other group I know can emulate (learn to 
hate the
Anyway, I saw Rush at U.N.O. a week before Mardi Gras last year and at 
Nashville last summer...a word of warning to any would-be Nashville/Rush 
goer's.  The Starwood Ampitheater is not well engineered.  Unless, you happen 
to be a direct descendant of Kareem-Abdul Jabbar, your chances of a "good" 
seat are limited.
Thanks for the great discussion....Roll Tide!  Bama Rules! 13-0 national 
champs....shameless plug

  [ War Eagle! Sorry, just couldn't resist... :)  Please keep your posts 
    to < 80 characters/line.				      : rush-mgr ]

--Daniel Strickland


Date: Mon, 08 Mar 1993 10:25:52 -0600 (CST)
From: "Life's a crap ROLL THE BONES." 
Subject: Trees and the Spine of Presto

I'm driving from school (in Omaha, NE) the other day.  Before I get to the
interstate, this classic rock station (CD 105.9FM) starts to play THE
TREES.  And as I'm driving along with the cheap factory installed radio in
my '82 Toyota Corolla Tercel SR5 turned almost to the state of
overmodulation, I pass two streets: Oak and Elm (yeah, I was looking for a
Maple Street but had to settle with Oak and Elm).  How eerie.

I was kinda ticked when I saw that PRESTO spine.  I thought about turning
it upside down.  But, it goes along with the cd.  It's the way I got it so
I just left it like is and so it stays upside down.  I know which cd it is
so it's no big deal.  Plus, PRESTO is one of the cds I like listening to, so
much in fact that the corner of the jewel box has broken off due to opening
it so many times!  Replace it you may say...NEVER!!!

23 hours and 30 minutes till I buy the new Sting cd (as of this typing)!  JOY!

Todd Clark			Never love an editor. - Encore Video
the video butcher		post sent from Storm Lake, IA		really typing from Omaha, NE


Date: Mon, 08 Mar 1993 12:34:08 AST

Hi Rush fans:

      I want to talk about the message from R.Camp about Neil's philo-
sophy in  the NMS.
     I'm agree with you 100%.Peart is a very smart person and he is a good
visionary.He creates a new standard in lyrics in the world of music and
I think that he was not living his world according to his time (for example
2112).Only a few people understand what he want to show and I think that
that is the reason of why Rush is considered a different group.,not for the
weak of mind.
      You forget to mention Albert Camus that was an existential too.
I can't consider Peart like one of the great philosophers of our times but
he is a "genius" in the world of music.I like Rush because is not conven-
tional.I don't like the music from this time because is superficial and
don't demonstrate nothing new.(only the New Age is creating a new standard,
like Enya,Clannad,Patrick O'Hearn...).
      My final statement,Rush is Rush and Peart is Peart and until this time
not exist a drummer that is a master in drums (the best in rock for me) and
at the same time is a "visionary". Peart is #1.

                                                Otto ...
                                              ( Entre nous )



From: umnevile@ccu.UManitoba.CA
Subject: YYZ
Date: Mon, 8 Mar 93 11:58:10 CST

Let me pose a quick question...  I know that the bells at the very
beginning of YYZ is the morse code pattern of YYZ, but is the rhythm that
the guitar plays at first the same?  I mean, is that YYZ in morse code too?

Right.  Just a quickie.


PS:  To whoever said "Cam Neely: two games two goals" I reply thusly:
     Teemu Selanne.  Two games, seven Goals.  'nuff said.


From: Doug Grumann 
Subject: Neil short story to be published
Date: Mon, 8 Mar 93 11:01:50 PST

FYI for those of you Neil fans who are wondering if he's published any

Kevin Anderson is an author and a friend of mine who is collaborating
with Neil Peart on a short story which will be published in a paperback
collection called SHOCK ROCK 2 sometime next year.  The first collection,
SHOCK ROCK, came out last year with stories by Stephen King and other
horror luminaries.  It should be easily findable.

Kevin has authored several books.  His latest, ASSEMBLERS OF INFINITY,
coauthored with Doug Beason, came out in February and should be in the
Science Fiction section of bookstores.  Two other collaborations of
theirs I'd recommend are THE TRINITY PARADOX and LIFELINE.


Date: Mon, 8 Mar 93 14:05:26 -0600
Subject: Rush's Political background.

Just a quick question and I know this has probably been asked before but I am
new to the list.  Would anyone on here agree with me that some  of Rush's lyrics are a little liberal?  I am not sure about some
of their current ones...i.e. RTB but you cannot tell me that Closer to the Heart
does not have liberal attitudes to it.  Also would this be reflective of Rush or
just Neil?

Rush Fan wannabe,


Date: 08 Mar 1993 15:15:30 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Limbaugh Fans

 Whazzup Rush Freaks? I noticed a while back that someone mentioned
that Rush (Limbaugh, that is) played Ghost of a Chance as one of his
"bumpers". Well, I listened to Limbaugh this summer (while I was
alone at work with a paint brush) and I noticed that he also played
some other Rush tunes (Working Man among them, I think). What a rush
(pun intended) to hear two greats together at last. While I don't
agree with 95% of what Limbaugh says, he is spreading Rush to the
masses (12 million+ listeners) and I think that it's just dandy.
Hopefully more dittoheads will become Rush heads (which I think is
*definitely* a change for the better!!

                                           Blair A. Stephenson

"Well I get home around five o'clock/
 and I take myself out an ice cold beer"


Date: Mon, 8 Mar 93 15:18:21 -0500
From: meg (******* Meg *******)
Subject: NMS Shirts & Another Shirt Idea?

Just got our 3rd batch of shirts, we did a mass mailing out on Saturday,
and mailed the last 5 off earlier today. Those waiting should start getting
them tomorrow, let me know what you think of them! Any questions regarding
the shirts just mail to me (address at the bottom).

Many of you have seen the cd_cover.gif in rush/incoming (if not, now's
a good time to check it out!), and I was thinking about putting this on
a shirt. Using a 4-color separation it's not that hard. Would people be
interested in getting one? I was thinking of a black shirt with a white
border around the image, but with the white border the shirt could really
be any color people want. Comments?



Date: Mon, 8 Mar 1993 15:33:56 -0600
From: Jason Crawford 
Subject: Some Questions about Rush.

Hey all you Rush Fans out there.  I am helping a friend out for his
speech, and I thought that I'd forward this to TNMS and you could help
also.  I know a lot of the answers, but you guys sure could help also!
Thanks for everything,

Mail your responses to:
         1 when did they form
         2 what awards has each guy won
                 guitarist of the year etc....and when they one
         3 awards the group has won
         4 any quotes that you may have or know off hand made by
                 other artists about rush
         5 any magazine quotes about the quality or dependability
                 of rush's music

basically anything that you can get me on what people have
said about the band that is good. i have to do a report on why rush
should be considered on of the best bands this is kinda
the thing you would agree with so if you could try to get me some
good stuff...if you get anything from the fan magazine send it too....or
tell me how to get it again....over the computer

this will help a lot if you can do it for me.



Date:         Mon, 08 Mar 93 16:49:05 CST
From: Tracey 
Subject:      RTB tour...

Hi, all --

I just remembered why I didn't enjoy the RTB concert I saw in Atlanta
like I had past shows. They seemed to have been playing things way
down-tempo and perhaps even in a lower key, giving the listener the
distinct feeling she (or he) was watching the concert while under the
influence of powerful cold medicine. Comments? Flames? Empirical evidence?
Good prescriptions for cold medicine? : )



From: Wayne Torman 
Date: Mon,  8 Mar 93 16:25:49 PST
Subject: RE: Neil is *not* a philosopher?!?

To:Chuck McDonald

Well, it's like this........
I don't think Neil would consider HIMSELF a 'philosopher' either.  It
takes a certain amount of pomposity and self-importance to call oneself
a 'philosopher'....

BTW this makes me think of a recurrent theme that Ian Anderson (of
Jethro Tull) brought up during the seventies.  Of course I can't
remember the exact text, but he basically said, "You are whatever it
says you are on your passport...."  I'm sure Neil's says "musician".

Beyond that, the songs that you mention ("High Water" and "Mystic
Rhythms") do indeed imply that he thinks there is more than material
existence....  The thing is (from this Atheist's point of view) that
'suspending one's disbelief' in order to entertain oneself is different
from believing in an all-powerful entity.  There are many things beyond
human experience and (this is the key) beyond the human ability to
explain.  IMHO, Theists believe that that which cannot be explained is
best explained as 'the work of God', while Atheists believe that that
which cannot be explained simply has yet to be explained!!  It seems to
me that MANY of the things that the Bible and Middle Ages historians
attributed to God have since been explained by empirical science, and
yet none of the things explained by science have EVER been changed to
"Oh, it must have been the work of God after all!!"

As for Determinism vs. Freewill, this is (IMHO) an argument without
answer, used mostly as mental aerobics before Zen became
fashionable..... The only sensible answer is "I will choose Freewill",
because if there is Freewill, you should avail yourself of it, and if
there isn't, then it doesn't matter what you choose anyway!!  I know
what I'll choose.....

As for Rush content.... Did anyone ever notice just how GREAT the song
"A Farewell to Kings" is?  Well, I did.  And did again, and again, and
again, and that's probably one of the 4,632 reasons why I'm here!!
(I know, I know, the other 4,631 are all "because I'm here"!!)


Date: Mon, 8 Mar 93 18:16:13 -0500
From: jlang (~ Rush Fanatic ~)
Subject: Official NMS Proposal!

Ok, the time has come!  For those of you who aren't too familiar with some
of the Rush fanzines that are around (or have been around), I was just
sitting back last night reading the latest issue of ASOF #6 (A Show of Fans)
and started to brainstorm (yes, these things happen).

I'd like to propose that with the membership count of the National Midnight
Star (roughly 1700 people now!) and the well diversified intellectual
spectrum of the people on the list, that we could certainly make our own
Rush Fanzine.  Yes, you heard right.  A quality production of a Rush fanzine
by the NMS is possible and *not* difficult at all.

Keep in mind that this isn't just another fly-by-night operation (pun?
what pun?).  I'm talking QUALITY, not QUANTITY.  The idea here is *NOT*
simply to get some text together and send them to some line printer and
voila!  an instant-fanzine.  This NMS fanzine will be done professionally,
excellent graphic packages with quality laser printed output, good
photo/artwork, etc... brought to you by the power of Desktop Publishing,
some high quality computers, good graphics tools, a 600 dpi color scanner,
etc..etc.  ah.. the joys of computing!

This is not to say that prior fanzine publications such as ASOF or SOR-UK are
inadequate or poorly done.  In fact, they are both good and I would encourage
those who haven't subscribe to go and support your local Rush fanzine.  If
anything the NMS newsletters/fanzines, will be a great addition and complement
to existing publications.

There are lots of things that could be done.  Perhaps a good thread from our
own NMS archives.  Maybe a few columns and guest writers.  Anything at all
on Rush will be fine.   The ftp site here at is just a wealth
of information.  There are several things that could be included in each
issue.  We have lots of graphic files, interviews (even an NMS interview),
articles from magazines, tourbooks, etc.. and with the aid of a scanner there
should be NO WORRIES about how things will look.  Perhaps an official
hard copy guide to the syrinx ftp archives would be a good project. All
pictures, articles, etc. nicely printed out, formatted in a professional

Also, as a result of this, when the next tour starts out, the NMS magazine
will have nothing but a chronogical guide and comprehensive reviews of
EVERY single show.  This will be dubbed "The Definitive Guide to the XXX Tour"
with newspaper clippings, set list, description of events, pictures, ticket
stubs, marquee headlines, radio interviews, etc..  With all the resources of
the NMS this Definitive Guide to the next tour will no doubt be at least 200
pages or so of high quality graphics, text, stories, reviews, pictures and
everything else you guys can think of.  By the tour's end, we'll have
one complete volume (or perhaps 2 depending on material) that people
could purchase (costs will be calculated to recover mailing expenses and
paper expenses).

So what do you say?  Is it time for this latest NMS project to take off or
what?  Those of you who would like to contribute articles/stories, let me
know.  And should any material be taken from the NMS list, original posters
will be notified and permission will be asked.  With each issue, I'm thinking
we could easily get 10-20 pages/month no problem.

And lastly, the price will be *FREE*!!  Well, those who want the hardcopy of
the fanzine will of course have to reimburse for the postage/shipping.  If
anything it will be very low-cost, just enough to pay for the paper and the
mailing.  I've already got a whole line of things all ready to start
production.  Most importantly, I will need people to help out with it and
contribute artwise/article-wise, etc...

Hmm..what will we call it?  Anyone got any ideas?  How about a vote on a
name?  The NMS newsletter name contest.  Hmm.. Does anyone care? Thoughts?
Inputs? Critics?  Let's hear it for this idea.  I for one would like to see
a high quality production from the NMS members that is representative of this
most amazing mailing list.



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