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          The National Midnight Star, Number 640

                  Tuesday, 9 March 1993
Today's Topics:
                      Rush 'cities'
                Convention videotape idea
                Re: Official NMS Proposal!
  Some Rush humor (crossposted from
      Re: 03/08/93 - The National Midnight Star #639
           Losin' It - A re-evaluation needed?
            Re: A couple minor freewill points
                   Chain Lightning solo
                      Assorted Stuff
                    convention, shirt
                        GIF files
               La Villa Strangiato mvmt. 7
                   Video, Fanzine, etc.
             "still" vs "cannot" in Freewill
                  Where's Neil on MP CD?
                    RE: Limbaugh Fans
                       NMS Fanzine
                      Loss of sight
                 NMS Newsletter Response

Date: Mon,  8 Mar 1993 22:39:17 -0500 (EST)
From: John Michael Santore 
Subject: Rush 'cities'

OK here's kind of an off the wall topic, that I think everyone may just enjoy.

Lemme give you some stupid background first.  I just got this killer
game for my mac called Civilization.  Needless to say I am Emperor Neil
Peart of the Rush Fans civilization. What I'm looking for is names of
'places' that have a definite connection to Rush.  Some are actualy
places, some are just names that work.  It's kind of a goofy thing, but
hell, I need a break from serious shit (read: NMS convention), so post
some stuff, gimme some new ideas, have fun with this.  I mean I need to
be able to call New York SOMETHING when the Rush Fans crush the feeble
American civilization.... (Hmmm New Syrinx? :)

Here's the list of cities I use so far:

Willowdale- ("Three travelers, men of Willowdale" -The Necromancer)
Tai Shan (obvious, eh?)
Toronto (where Rush is really from, well sort of...)
Olympus ("I have passed into Olympus, as was told, in tales of old..." -Hemi)
Cygnus ("We will call you Cygnus, god of balance you shall be" -Hemi)
Syrinx (Temples of..)
Xanadu (also pretty obvious)
Rivendell (see above)
Middletown ("We dream in Middletown.... -Middletown Dreams)
Lamneth (Fountain of...)

Other suggestions I've heard, some of which sound cool, some of which I
really don't care for (I mean SURE I can use real places mentioned in
songs like Manhattan but thats kind of lame IMO, although Toronto seemed
to work for me... guess it's just my own weird thing):

Manhattan (Project, Camera Eye)
London (Camera Eye)
Bangkok (Passage to, plus all other places mentioned in this song)
Avalon (Digital Man)
Zion (Digital Man)
Babylon (Digital Man)
Lerxstwood (I do kind of like this one)
Hades (Tobes of..)
By-Tor (the city of? Sure it works... I guess they don't all have to be
a place)
Las Vegas (Dreamline)
Jupiter (Dreamline, plus a few OTHER locations)
Lakeside Park (dumb name for a city IMO)

Anyone got any more?
Am I missing any obvious ones?
Hopefully you guys will enjoy this....

                            Chilling in my killer Palace in Syrinx :)

                                 "King" John Santore, ruler of the Rush Fans

P.S :I apologize for anyone who doesn't get the references to the
Civilization game.... but you can still try and come up with Rush
places.  Civilization is essentially a game where you run this
Civilization and try and reach dominance in the world (my civilization
is the Rush Fans).  You start by founding a city and then expanding.
Essentially I'm looking for city names.

John Santore (

  [ Hm, that's funny, I thought there was supposed to be a big Flyers logo in
    here. Wonder where it went? Must be this editor.. :)	   : rush-mgr ]

Rush-Yes-King Crimson-Emerson, Lake and Palmer-Marillion-Genesis (w/ Gabriel)


Date: Mon,  8 Mar 1993 22:44:03 -0500 (EST)
From: John Michael Santore 
Subject: Convention videotape idea

>Because the majority of NMS readers won't be able to attend the convention,
>why don't we elect someone to assemble a 10 or 20 minute video tape
>of the convention?  Maybe it would give us a chance to see some of the
>faces behind the .sigs!  Is this idea feasable?
>               Mr. Weather / / Ken Blair

Hell I think this is COOL!  Some footage of Lakeside Park, our esteemed
Rush-Mgr, and a quick run through of everyone else who's there.  Anyone
going want to volunteer (could put subtitles or something like:

"John Santore
The dude with the obnoxious Flyers sig file"

or whatever.  If you want to do it, just come to the convention and
bring a CamCorder (I don't have one or *I* would do this)

Cool idea!

John Santore (

  [ Hm, that's funny, I thought there was supposed to be a big Flyers logo in
    here. Wonder where it went? Must be this editor.. :)	   : rush-mgr ]
  [ Funny, didn't I just say that? :)				   : rush-mgr ]

Rush-Yes-King Crimson-Emerson, Lake and Palmer-Marillion-Genesis (w/ Gabriel)


From: Gregory Marr 
Subject: Re: Official NMS Proposal!
Date: Mon, 8 Mar 1993 23:07:09 -0500 (EST)

> Hmm..what will we call it?  Anyone got any ideas?  How about a vote on a
> name?  The NMS newsletter name contest.  Hmm.. Does anyone care? Thoughts?

Assuming that we don't want to call it the NMS, the next logical
choice would be, IMHO, "Mars on the Horizon", so then the National
Midnight Star can truly say "We've got 'Mars on the Horizon'"  :)
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Date: Tue, 9 Mar 1993 00:03:36 -0500 (EST)
From: Rob Halsey 
Subject: Some Rush humor (crossposted from

Hello fellow Rushians.  I found something interesting the other day when I
was reading  Somebody started a thread asking whether
Rush is Christian or not (I know, we all know the answer to that one :-).
Anyway, what is listed below comes from John R. Warren, and it is meant to
be a very sarcastic attempt at explaining...


10) Lyrics are written by the drummer, obviously under the influence
    of the evil rock beat.
 9) CD of _2112_ doesn't contain the lyrics--What are they trying to hide?

 8) _Presto_ album has rabbits on the cover.  Rabbits are *NEVER*
    mentioned in the Bible.

 7) _2112_ features track "Something for Nothing," clearly anti-Capitalism
    and therefore anti-Christian.

 6) Geddy is a goofy name

 5) _Power Windows_ album has TVs on the cover.

 4) Digits in 2112 add to _6_, there are _6_ tracks on the CD, and the
    album came out in 197_6_.

 3) The name RUSH refers to the experience one gets from doing drugs.

 2) Picture of band in _2112_ shows they all have long hair.

 1) Cover of _Roll the Bones_ features dice, clearly advocating gambling.

Well, I at least thought it was funny.  Later all...

* is...*    =SARCASTIC HUMOR=     * "A spirit with a
Rob Halsey (A.K.A. Trebor) *  "Men are's    *  vision is a dream...
Calvin College  Phi 33     *   just too bad we own    *  with a mission"
Grand Rapids, MI 49546     *   everything!" -T. Allen *        -Rush


Subject: Re: 03/08/93 - The National Midnight Star #639
From: (Andy Lester)
Date: Tue, 09 Mar 93 00:34:34 CST

> Well friends, here it is.  I'm listing the songs in order from the first
> place winner, to the last place winner.  In the event of a tie, and there
> are a few, the songs will be listed in alphabetical order.  Thank you to
> all those of you who participated.  If you need any information about this
> poll, please feel free to Email me!
>       1.   Subdivisions

This surprises me not at all. and I imagine that it was far and away the
top vote-getter.  Strange things, those songs about the outcasts of
society.  They seem strangely popular to the compujock community...

---           Why get a shoeshine
Andy Lester, Palatine, IL           When you're made of dirt?
Fidonet 1:115/934                       -- Poster Children


Date: Tue, 9 Mar 93 11:12:04 GMT
Subject: Losin' It - A re-evaluation needed?

Dear Rush-fans

After freewill, I thought it was time to re-evaluate
another song...Losin-it from SIG. Why-o-Why was this
not released as a single? (Anybody from Mercury Recs
reading this!)...poetic,lyrical, sad and yet with
an uplifting message "better to have known...".
Was this also the first time that Rush incorporated
external musicians to such an effect..Surely it's
about time that the electric violin is used again.

If anything this song highlights Geddy's voice best.
That soft lilt, filled with emotion...If released
today it would be a huge hit..and (in the UK at least).
The perfect antithesis to Whitney , Take That and Too
Unlimited...After all, with a little more radio play,
Time Stand Still would have not remained at #41!
Question...Have they ever performed it live/ I certainly
don't recall seeing it. Finally a couple of questions..

1) Anybody know where the Brass band plays on HYF (is
it in HIGH WATER??)

2) Any rumours about external musicians/choirs etc
on the new record?

Thanks for listening



From: Mark Landin 
Subject: Re: A couple minor freewill points
Date: Tue, 9 Mar 93 8:35:21 CST

Just a little more on freewill and God...and to make it appropriate for this
forum, there will be some Rush-related content.

Matt McDonald, it's possible you missed the point of my previous post by
about 2 angstroms. I agree that there CAN be an omniscient, omnipotent God,
AND I can still have freewill. I did not mean my post to imply otherwise.
However, if I do have freewill, that is just one less "duty" or "role" an
active diety would have, whereas if I embrace determinism, then the require-
ment for a godlike being increases. So if either of these approaches requires
a god, then the most likely candidate is determinism. (I will not open another
can of worms by asking that if I have freewill to make my own decisions, but
someone already knows what all those decisions are going to be, then don't my
actions look like determinism to the observer, but freewill to me? And isn't
that why there will never be a clear answer to this issue?)

Ever noticed that Geddy never plays the harmonica and the zither at the same
*  Mark C. Landin					Northeastern St. Univ *
*					Tahlequah, OK *
*           Wheels within wheels in a spiral array make me dizzy.             *


From: (Joseph T. Kung)
Subject: Chain Lightning solo
Date: Tue, 9 Mar 93 7:21:54 PST

I've heard several times about the 'backwards' guitar solo on "Chain
Lightning" off of _Presto_, but it wasn't discussed at all in an
interview on Alex sometime ago in one of the guitar magazines. I think it
sounds like it's backwards due to the tremolo bar and his use of the
volume pedal (he swells the volume and cuts it off), but I believe
that it can be done in real time, and was recorded that way.
As for YYZ, the bell part in the beginning spells out 'YYZ' in Morse
code, but so does the ensuing bass/guitar/drum part in the intro.

Someone asked about awards -- Geddy Lee is in the Bass Hall of Fame
for Guitar Player Magazine (he's won best Rock bass more than 5
times), and Alex won best Rock talent in 1983. They've also won
numerous Juno awards.

- Joe


Date: Tue, 9 Mar 1993 10:51:22 -0500
From: Christopher Mermagen 
Subject: Assorted Stuff

Let's see..
About the Favorite song poll: As usual, some of my favorites are
at the butt end of the list (Lock & Key, Digital Man). I'm not
sure why they didn't do better, but I guess I can say thank God
other's don't think like I do.. (I'd feel sorry for you if I did).:)

To Kerry@...: Yeah, last year at 103.1 The Underground, they had
a Superbowl of Rock-n-Roll, and Rush beat Queensryche for the
victory.. yes, there are alot of crazies out here besides us!

to Tracey: Maybe it was the day, atmosphere, maybe you had a cold :)
or I don't know what, but the 3 concerts I heard were very upbeat
and sounded great! The Cap centre show and Merriweather post show
here in Md. were fantastic IMHO, and I was pleased at the return of
the surround speakers. Maybe the group just had a bad day, as well!

Finally- Seems like it's "Return of the Big Posts" week.. ahh well,
for those of us on a busy schedule (and with short spans of attention)
:) looks like we have to hit the  button.. wait a minute.. this
post is fairly big.. oh jeeze, now everyone's saying what a hypocrite.
I can't win! :)

Take it easy-


Date:    Tue, 9 Mar 1993 14:20:25 -0600 (CST)
From: SMITH@EPVAX.MSFC.NASA.GOV (The Ice-9-man Cometh)
Subject: convention, shirt


Foist off:  Thanks for sending the NMS shirt, Meg, it looks much
better in person than the GIF file implied.  Hope you've forgiven
me for my unfortunate choice of words when I first saw that.

About the convention:  If the tribute band is gonna add $35 to the
price, a pretty hefty percentage, ditch it!  This list is full of
musicians, and it'd be a lot of fun to have everyone bring their
instruments (maybe rent a PA and drum kit, about $250) and jam.
It's not like we'd be playing unfamiliar music.  :)  Everyone
who is coming that plays could pick a few songs to learn, then
the setlist would be all the songs that any group of musicians
could get together on.  Saves $$ and gives people something to do.

I wish I could commit on this, but I may be in the process of moving
on that weekend...won't know for a while, either.  Bleah.  But I
will be in Cleveland from 4/1 to about 7/1, so...who knows.

|     James W. Smith, NASA MSFC EP-53    |      |
|           "`Eddies,' said Ford, `in the space-time continuum.'             |
|         `Ah,' nodded Arthur, `is he.  Is he.'"   --Douglas Adams           |
|    Neither NASA nor (!James) is responsible for what I say. Mea culpa.     |


Date: Tue, 09 Mar 1993 09:31:47 EST
From: Virginia Martz 
Subject: GIF files

I know this isn't rush related but I'll be brief.

With all the talk of GIF files.... does anyone know a source for the
internal format of GIF files?  I need to convert a GIF file to something else
and am having trouble finding anything that describes what the GIF format is.

Please respond by private email.



Date: Tue, 9 Mar 93 15:08:42 CST
From: andrew kenneth culver 
Subject: YYZ

In response to someone's question about YYZ and Morse Code, the answer is
'YES'--the guitar and bass to pick up the Morse Code YYZ riff started by


Date: Tue, 9 Mar 93 15:13:56 CST
From: andrew kenneth culver 
Subject: La Villa Strangiato mvmt. 7

An interesting bit of Rush trivia:

	I suppose Toronto residents already know this, but most probably
don't.  One of my friends and fellow Rush fans was in Toronto on a school
trip.  He was taking the subway, and for some odd reason decided to get off
at a particular spot--he had no idea why he was getting off or where he was.
He climbed the stairs and walked to the nearest streetcorner.  Looking up he
saw that he was on the corner of Danforth Ave. and Pape St.  Pretty wild,
	He sent me a picture of the intersection, but I don't see what the
significance of this corner is.  Does anyone?

  [ You might want to check the FAQ for this...			: rush-mgr ]

		Andy C


Date: Tue, 9 Mar 93 16:25:28 -0500
From: ba080@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Jim B. Stevenson)
Subject: Video, Fanzine, etc.


	First of all, whoever was talking about creating an
"NMS-Con Highlights" video (sorry, forgot your name) has a great
idea!  It's still questionable as to whether I can get there, and
even if I can, I'd still want something like this to remember it

	Also, Jimmy's idea for an NMS-Fanzine is great too!  A
good title is definately needed..hmm...well, for a spur-of-the-moment
idea, howsabout something simple like "Dreamline".  Not original, I know,
but hey..kinda fits the description.

	BTW: I just received the 2CD "Mardi Gras" set from CD Connection.
This is one great-quality recording!  Too bad there's no encore included :(.
Now all I need is to find "Over the Europe" on CD...don't suppose anyone
has any they'd like to sell?

	Well, that's it for now.  Keep them boats rowing!


[][][]  []  []  [][][]  []     ba080@cleveland.Freenet.Edu |"Why are we here?
[]      []  []  []____  []____   Jim `SnowDog' Stevenson   | Because we're
[]      []  []  ~~~~[]  []~~[] HAIL DIRK,LERXST,AND PRATT! | here!
[]      [][][]  [][][]  []  [] "Nowhere is the dreamer..." | Roll dem bones!"


Subject: "still" vs "cannot" in Freewill
Date: Tue, 09 Mar 93 21:56:52 GMT

   This is my first contribution to the NMS and concerns the ongoing
philosophising over what the intended lyrics to Freewill are. I'm
not even going to attempt to theorise but will put forward a fact
that noone so far appears to have mentioned. I have a copy of the
music book "Rush Complete Vol 2" which contains the lyrics to each
song. Since it is published by Core Music Publishing and WEA I can
only assume that the lyrics are correct. In the music for Freewill
the Lyrics are definitely printed "STILL have made a choice" leading
me to believe that these are the true lyrics.

   One more thing. After all the talk about why New World Man was the
only Top 40 hit in the US, why was Spirit of Radio the highest
charting single by far in the UK (reaching No. 13 I think)? Any
thoughts? That's all for now.

Peter Turner
Dept of Mechanical Engineering
Queen's University Belfast, N Ireland         Sorry! No sig.


Date:         Tue, 09 Mar 93 17:29:30 EST
From: USUG4%UCONNVM.bitnet@YaleVM.YCC.Yale.Edu
Subject:      Where's Neil on MP CD?

Here's the million dollar stupid question of the day:

Why is there no picture of Neil in my Moving Pictures CD booklet?
Alex and Geddy are on the first two pages. . .
Is Neil hiding from the Camera Eye or something?

I won't be able to sleep until I know the reason why.

Floyd F.


Date: Tue, 9 Mar 93 17:44:28 -0500
From: ad751@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (James Kirk)
Subject: RE: Limbaugh Fans

Being a Rush fan and a Limbaugh fan as well the message in NMS #639
caught my attention.  I have been listening to Rush Limbaugh for three
years now and have heard his show use several Rush songs as bumper music.
The three I can name right off the top of my head are Subdivisions,
Distant Early Warning, and The Body Electric.  Their staff has some good
taste obviously as all three of those songs have killer beginnings!

I have also heard a lot of Rush songs playing as background music for
local television commercials here in Cleveland.  I am always happy to
hear Rush music out there mainstream

James M. Kirk

p/g         When they turn the pages of history
            when these days have passed long ago
            will they read of us with sadness
            for the seeds that we let grow?   (Rush-"A Farewell to Kings")


Date: Tue, 9 Mar 1993 18:49:52 -0500 (EST)
From: Chad H Hutchinson 
Subject: NMS Fanzine

Hi kids,

   I'm busy as all hell with work, but I just wanted to make a reply to
the proposal for the fanzine.  Think about it, we've been posting to the
NMS for a good amount of time now.  All the past digests ARE on file in
the ftp and just sitting there.  There have been MANY good discussions and
commentaries by us NMSers that are now in a vault hidden in a computer
file.  Personally, I think it would be a great idea to begin to publish
some of the better posts and discussions (not too many on religion
though!).  Sometimes as discussions carry on, you can lose what's going on
from day to day because the newsletter is issued once a day.  There is a
tendency to forget the details.  SO...if certain posts concentrated on
topics were compiled together, it would make it all more fluent.  We'd
also feel proud because it is OUR words and ideas that are being
published.  Anyway, I like it and I say go for it.

Hey, how about titling it "NMS Chronicles"?

|    									   |
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|                  "Life redirected in ways unexpected."	           |


Date: Tue, 9 Mar 93 18:29:01 CST
From: A8732112@SIUCVMB.SIU.EDU
Subject: Loss of sight

I feel like an ass(pardon my french)  thanks for the two guys that set me 
straight with live.  If you could see me now you see the blood rush to my face.
but still I hope this dosen't take away all my crediability(that may(0)).
So as not to start arguments from the MGNT>.  I would like to invite all to the
record show in Chicago (Hillside to be exact)  it's a great show to find those
RUSH rareities (if you catch my drift)!  I really don't know the dates but 
their is one every month.  For information contact the Holiday Inn of Hillside.
If you plan to go give me a post and perhapd we can meet and discuss more
then what is possible over the com. thanks again for the correction

SIU-NCAA, what more could you want.  See ya at the BIG DANCE!!!!!!!!
Par-Five, enjoyed by millions every day.


Date: Tue, 9 Mar 93 20:52:04 -0500
From: jlang (~ Rush Fanatic ~)
Subject: NMS Newsletter Response

Thanks to everybody who's been replying, I've been getting a lot of positive
feedback. So I've decided to go ahead with the idea.

Here's the deal:
1) The deadline for the first newsletter will be March 31st (end of this month)
   ie. volume 1 issue 1 will be the April 93 edition. If you want to contribute
   something along the lines of articles/pictures/copies of ticket stubs or
   considering writing a column, make sure you get it to me by that date!
2) Some of the rather neat ideas for this issue are: an article on the NMS
   convention (details, history, etc... thanks John), a regularly featured
   column on songs/lyric interpretations (thanks Gregg), an NMS regular
   fan-of-the-month column (random NMS member and his/her tale of Rush
   conquests), and a syrinx ftp archive feature (treasures from the ftp site
   nicely formatted w/graphics, a hard copy for your collection), a Rush
   picture of the month page (full page photo of the chosen picture submitted
   by fans or those in the ftp area), random snapshots from past months' NMS
   digests (chosen articles/threads submitted to the digest), a state of the
   NMS column (ramblings from the NMS rush-mgr), perhaps a revised "official"
   hard copy of the FAQL & ART files, and anything else anyone would like to 
   see (please remember the deadline if you have suggestions!)
3) Depending on how many pages printed for the entire newsletter will
   determine the cost of each issue based on postage & paper costs (probably
   in the $2-3 range as a first guess).
4) Most importantly, I'm still looking for a name! Remember, this is your
   mailing list, so this is your newsletter, so let's pick a name you like.
   Otherwise, I'll have to come up with my own. I've gotten several suggestions,
   so if you have a suggestion please send them in so that I can summarize them
   and we can take a vote. Myself, I've been thinking of "Signals", "Dreamline",
   "Mars On The Horizon", "Notes From The Spheres"... more to follow. Please
   send in your suggestions so we can get a good name for the newsletter.
5) Don't be afraid if you have an idea and think it's too complicated or can't
   be done in a newsletter hard copy format. Just let me know what you want to
   include, how you want it to look, or how you visualize it, the newsletter
   staff is equipped with a desktop publishing expert (thanks Meg), a graphics
   expert, excellent computer hardware and resourses, and a spelling checker :)
   Anything can happen.

Any comments/suggestions/contributions/artwork/graphics/pictures or criticisms
please send me e-mail. It's time to get the show on the road, look for your
first NMS newsletter issue in April!



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