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          The National Midnight Star, Number 642

                 Thursday, 11 March 1993
Today's Topics:
                   Red Barchetta poetry
                    Losing It; Hockey
  Free Will, take it or leave it, it's your choice. . .
                   "Superbowls of Rock"
                 Cinderella Man, fanzine
                         YYZ Tab
                  TO DAN , THE POLL MAN
                  tabs for a few songs?
           RUSH Recently on Head Banging Ball!
                       YYZ Bass Tab
               Re:  Chain Lightning Guitar
             Exactly where do Rush come from?
              TSOR, Tom Sawyer, and the poll
                       Re: YYZ Tab

From: Matthew P Jukins 
Subject: hello
Date: Wed, 10 Mar 1993 19:43:27 -0500 (EST)

Hello all!  I am just writing to say hello, because i just joined this

I have a question...but it has probably been asked many times before,
but is there any information about a new RUSH album in the near future
or any time thereafter???/  A response would be appreciated.
thank you.


Why does it happen??.........


Date: Wed, 10 Mar 1993 17:00:55 -0500
From: Stephen Merrill Pepper 
Subject: Red Barchetta poetry

	This is my first contribution to NMS and it's going to be brief.  I'd
like to ask all you knowledgeable Rush fanatics about the reference to a
poem by Foster entitled "A Nice Morning Drive" and it's connection with
Red Barchetta.  How can I find this poem??   Also someone earlier mentioned
a glitch on the CD of ESL during "La Villa".  I noticed it too, and thought
something was wrong with the disc and/or my player.  I'm glad someone else
noticed this.  That's all!

   [ A Nice Morning Drive is story that was published in Road and Track
     magazine (see the FAQL for more info), and is available through
     anonmyous ftp to in the ~ftp/rush/special directory.
     This is the story that inspired Red Barchetta.  :rush-mgr ]
GO CAPS!!!!!   (don't have a sig because I don't know how to create one)


Date: 10 Mar 93 20:51:40 EST
From: Brian.J.Wolf@Dartmouth.EDU (Brian J. Wolf)
Subject: Losing It; Hockey

It's been a while since I've posted, so I felt I'd better say something or
have my subscription expire on me... :-)
I'm glad to see other people like Losing It  (Dr. Bob comes to mind).  After
2112, it is my favourite RUSH song!  Also, I was VERY suprised to see it come
in at 18th; I would have never guessed that!  Ben Mink's electric violin
(conjures up images of Revenge of the Nerds 2, I know) beautifully
complements Geddy's voice in a way that is indescribable.  I wish they would
perform this live, just once...
	On to other things.  Deepest thanks to Dan the polling man for his
exertions.  It is a valuable service (at least to me), and I hope you keep it
up.  A suggestion for your next poll, even:  What is your favourite sport?
Now, this is completely random, but I can't help but notice the volume of
posts from hockey lovers out there (btw, my favourite sport).  Also, lots of
baseball references (a silly, pointless activity, IMO :-))
Anyway, we all know Geddy loves baseball, but did anyone ever consider that
he may be in the minority?  As far as I know, there is no record of Alex and
Neil's fav. sport (no, cycling doesn't count).  We all know Neil wore a
PuckHead hat last tour, and for those with Visions, Alex has been seen
wearing a very ugly Quebec Nordiques jersey and tacky leather pants.  The
point is, can Alex and Neil be avid hockey fans, without our knowledge?  A
Anyway, just a thought.  It'd be interesting to see what everyone's favourite
sport is.  My guess, 1) Hockey and Baseball (tied), 2) football, 3)
basketball, and 4) dwarf tossing.  So, Dan, if you're up for it, even though
it's not really Rush-related, I'd be very interested to see how the results
come out.  Please, no flames for this, as I am a sensitive, fragile,
nonagressive individual who cannot bear the thought of being scolded or
chastised.  Whatever.


Brian Wolf

No .sig file, just a statement of my life:

Rush, Hockey, and Sleep consume about 85% of my life.


Date:           Wednesday, 10 March 1993, 21:04:00 EST
From: Charles J McDonald 
Subject:        Free Will, take it or leave it, it's your choice. . .

"Why are little ones born ... if there's some immortal power..."
	Everyone quotes this line.
	It's the same question I've asked and heard asked hundreds of
times.  How can God exist and still allow all the evil in the world to

Watch that hard Science stuff.
	It can be dehumanizing.
	No, I'm *not* speaking out against science in any way.  (At least
not until my thesis is complete!  *8^)  )  But something about over
studying and analyzing really detracts from the more instinctive/intuitive
nature of human-ness.

Why do *I* like Rush?!
	Because whether you want to sit and discuss virtue (what life _is_
all about and Ayn Rand be damned!) or just bomb down the highway with the
windows open and the radio blaring Rush is as appropos now as it will be
thirty years from now.  They might be retired but my kids will still
know of them.

                                        ___/     \___________
                                     __/                     \______
____________________________________/          _____________________\_______
"too late for debate, too bad to ignore        | Charles J McDonald
 quiet rebellion leads to open war             | Earth and Planetary Science
 bring a sea-change to the factory floor       | McGill University
 and the red tide covers the shore"            | Montreal, Quebec, Canada


Date: Thu, 11 Mar 93 00:25:51 EST
From: "Jason McNamara, token conservative." 
Subject: "Superbowls of Rock"

It has also been my experience that Rush has done well in the "Superbowls" I've
heard.  Do you folks out there find that Rush fans are more (loyal, rabid,
insert other adjective) than other fans?  In other words, Rush has fewer fans
perhaps, but many more "100% into the group" ones...

another 13 rubles.

Jason McNamara, Russian and East European Institute, Indiana University
Racicot stonewalls the Isles (42 saves); Habs trash NYI 5-1 at the Forum.
Jacques Demers, get well soon.
And Mich St gave Indiana a good game.  Not.  Hoosiers 99-68. IU = Big 10 champs


Date:       Thu, 11 Mar 93 09:27:09 GMT
Subject:    Cinderella Man, fanzine

  Yesterday (Jeremy Caplan) wrote:

>Who is Cinderella Man about??  Any one individual or group??

   Cinderella Man is based on  a 1950s film called Mr Deeds goes
to Town, starring Cary Grant.  It's about a guy who has lived
in the rural farming community of Mandrake Falls (another name
for the Civilization game??) all his life and on the surface
appears a bit simple-minded and niave. He then inherits a
massive fortune & has to travel to NY city to live in a mansion.
He finds it difficult to fit in with the society, especially
when everyone tries to abuse his supposed innocence just to
get his money.  But it turns out he isn't as simple-minded as
he first appears, and puts a stop to all the plans of the
hangers-on by giving all his money away to the poor, rather than
financing rich-people's activities (opera, ballet, etc).  This
upsets all the rich society-types, who think a man who behaves
like that must be insane, and try to have him committed to a
mental asylum.  But in court he shows that what he did was much
more sane than squandering the money on activities he himself
didn't like, and so is acquitted.
    The film is very much in the Ayn Rand sort of tradition,
although she didn't have anything to do with it.  The hero is a
loner and a guy with almost superhuman integrity, who appears to
all the ordinary people as eccentric. Eg. He enjoys walking in the
rain, simply because he likes the refreshing feel of it compared
to NY's grime.  The people think he's mad to go out without a
hat. There are a number of other examples which fit in with Rush's
song too, but I can't remember them at present.
    (Interesting aside: Cary Grant played Howard Roark in the
film version of Ayn Rand's The Fountainhead.  Maybe that's why
Rush picked up on his next film...?)

    The fanzine is a good idea as it stands, but I think to
make it worth doing it'd have to be significantly different
to NMS.  We can already get opinions, info, tour dates, GIF
pictures, etc from NMS.  If the fanzine was going to be more
than just a waste of paper, it must provide something that
we can't get here.  Maybe an *exclusive* interview with the
group? Or something else that's unique to the fanzine/newsletter
which can't be easily found in NMS...Any suggestions.

   [ This is already covered in the original proposal for the newsletter.
     It *IS* different from the NMS mailing list.  ie. it's not the same
     text or digests that is just being reprinted.  Contact for more details.  :rush-mgr ]

   3 lines of Dream Theater info.  The European tour dates
have been announced.  They're playing 5 dates in the UK.  I
only know one at present, April 19th Bristol Bierkeller.

    "swimming against the stream"

      Paul May, University of Bristol, UK

Whoops, I meant Gary Cooper, not Cary Grant. Sorry.


Date: Thu, 11 Mar 93 09:04 EST
Subject: YYZ Tab

In The National Midnight Star, Number 641,
umnevile@ccu.UManitoba.CA writes:

>Has anybody ever seen bass tablature (or sheet music) for this song? [YYZ]
>I can improvise my own little second fill, but Geddy's is so terrific I'd
>love to know what the notes are.

I've seen this tabbed out in Guitar_For_The_Practicing_Muscian.
How accurate it is I don't know.  I may have a copy of it somewhere.

Anyhow, I'm a new subscriber to the list and a BIG Geddy Lee fan!
I've been playing bass for +6 years. Anytime I need a renewal
of inspiration I put on Rush.

The guitarist in the band I play in is a huge fan of the early
Rush ala _Bytor_and_the_Snowdog. Does anyone have the bass tab
to this song?

Mike Herlihy,


Date: 11 Mar 93 20:55:50 EST (Thu)

         It will be fun to know the statistics of the recent

poll on top 5 songs. Hoping to see them in next NMS mail.



Date: Thu, 11 Mar 93 12:25:07 -0500
Subject: tabs for a few songs?

Does anyone know the guitar to
1)In the End
3)Different Strings

(This shouldnt be too hard)



From: (C.A. Peskin)
Subject: RUSH Recently on Head Banging Ball!
Date: Thu, 11 Mar 1993 14:19:42 -0500 (EST)

Over my spring break, I was watching MTV's Head Banger's Ball.  They
played the Tom Sawyer video, which happens to be live.  It looked like
the same one from one of the video tapes, but I didn't remember any sort
of stop motion effect which was on the MTV broadcast.  On the pick of
the week, he refered to Dream Theatre, and said that you would like it
if you liked RUSH.
	Also, in the sub titleing after the air of the videa, it didn't
mention the album Moving Pictures at all.  It just said, Rush, the date
of the recording, and "An MTV Concert."

|  Rochester Institute of Technology              Chris A. Peskin  |
|  Electrical Engineering                                          |


Date: Thu, 11 Mar 1993 14:34:04 -0500
From: Christopher Mermagen 
Subject: YYZ Bass Tab

Hey Ben- I've got it. I sat down and learned it
about a year ago, but the second and third fill
still give me trouble. Unfortunately, school
has taken priority so my plaing is down to a minimum,
and I doubt i could play too much of those
fills. I will see if I can find it this weekend
and post the tabs. If you want me to mail
it to you, send me a message via email..

YYZ is a fun song to play on bass, but my fingers
aren't the longest, and I get a cramp usually!!
I was watching Geddy play on a video the other
day, and it seams he keeps his fingers
relatively close together and moves his hand
much more, as opposed to stretching with
his fingers.. Just an observation.



From: Blake Butterworth 
Date: Thu, 11 Mar 93 14:40:19 CST
Subject: Re:  Chain Lightning Guitar

Hello everyone,

Is it really true that Alex was inducted into the Guitar Hall of Fame?  I know
he has won best player of the year a couple a few times, but I didn't know that
he won it five times (I think this is the requirement to make the hall of fame).
If this is true it is a great tribute for Alex, and I'm glad to see him get the
acknowledgement he deserves from the guitar community.
(Chris could you tell me what issue of Guitar Mag that was, I would like to get
 a back issue of it.  Thanks)


Date: Thu, 11 Mar 93 17:09:50 GMT
From: (Hareesh Kesavan)
Subject: Exactly where do Rush come from?

I'm a Rush fan from Toronto (well, I'm studying at Waterloo, but my
home is in the northern part of Metro Toronto).  I saw someone's post
about Rush names in Civilization (great game, BTW), and noticed "three
travellers from Willowdale".  Well, that really caught my eye, since
Willowdale is the neighbourhood in which I live and where I went to
high school.  It's also what I use when filling out the "city" part of
my address, as opposed to North York or Toronto, which are less
specific.  I also remember reading somewhere that Rush (except for NP)
grew up in northern Toronto.  Anybody know exactly where they grew up
(e.g. what schools did they go to)?

Someone else mentioned that some Rush lyrics seem to be somewhat
liberal... Well, I should hope so!!  Liberal is only a bad word in the
States.  Up here, the Liberal party has always been much more popular
than the Conservatives, and that was never more true than during the
years 1967-1983, during the reign of Pierre Trudeau.  In general,
Canadians tend to be more liberal than Americans, hence the lyrics.
(IMHO, that is... I might be confusing liberal with Liberal, but I
think there is a definite correlation.)

A traveller from Willowdale...
                        Hareesh Kesavan
                        My hovercraft is full of eels.


From: "Michael J. Miller" 
Subject: TSOR, Tom Sawyer, and the poll
Date: Thu, 11 Mar 93 16:42:25 CST

Hello, Rush fans!

     After reading about TSOR being ripped off by that band, I remembered
something my roommate played a couple times.  The band's name was Bare Naked
Lady.  It borrowed the intro riffs to TSOR and some (I can't remember
which parts) of Tom Sawyer.  The band did not do them too well, and this 
reallly irked me.  If you are trying to emulate perfection, do it perfectly!

     About the poll, I just wish to say that I am surprised that Closer to
the Heart and Tom Sawyer did not do as well as others.  At the concert I saw,
EVERYBODY sung these two songs.  You can also hear the audience singing along
if you listen really closely to CTTH on Exit...Stage Left.



Date: Thu, 11 Mar 93 18:35:10 EST
From: matthew-d Klain 
Subject: Re: YYZ Tab


This is for Ben, who posted in the last issue that he was looking for the
tablature for Geddys second bass riff in the bridge of YYZ.  I learned this
riff from a book some time ago and when I compared it to the CD it sounded
accurate.  It is somewhat of a bitch to play but as you will see, it is
somewhat similar to the main repeated lick:


All of the 16 notes listed are 16th notes, so the meter will come out to one
measure exactly.  Therefore, the rhythm isn't what is difficult, it is mainly
the fingering at a high speed which may take some practice.   Good Luck!!
If anyone thinks that this is incorrect, then please let me know!!

-Matthew Klain

{place favorite Neil Peart quote here}



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