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          The National Midnight Star, Number 643

                  Friday, 12 March 1993
Today's Topics:
                     Springus Breakus
         Free Will, take it or leave it, it's you
             Exactly where do Rush come from?
                     2112 Comic Book?
                   My favorite song :)
                It's got no tune to it...
                Ha!  The Habs fall again!
                 Pre-album tour, birthday
                   Rush "live" reviews
                    Rush.  What else!?
            YYZ responses, Hockey, Sexual Toys
                   Losing It and flame
                     chain lightning
               Alex in Guitar Hall of Fame
                      Alive and Well
                      The Camera Eye
       Rush samples in Bare Naked Ladies' material
                 REPOST: Convention info!

Date: Thu, 11 Mar 1993 20:57:51 -0500
From: Prawnflippant 
Subject: Springus Breakus

	You know something, it's a damn good thing that Rush made so
many albums, because it's gonna be a helluva long drive to  South
Carolina from the University of Maryland.  And if you are gonna spend
that much time in the car, you might as well have a good supply of
good music.

		---a fontaine who is ashamed of the Rangers---


Subject: Free Will, take it or leave it, it's you
Date: Fri, 12 Mar 93 12:39:00 PST

Chuck writes :

        Because whether you want to sit and discuss virtue (what life _is_
all about and Ayn Rand be damned!) or just bomb down the highway with the
windows open and the radio blaring Rush is as appropos now as it will be
thirty years from now.  They might be retired but my kids will still
know of them.


    Lets stick to the real bottom line.

    "Spirit of Radio" or "Red Barchetta" blaring on a sunny day, driving with
the windows down doing something illegal in speed is the REAL reason we are
all here!

    Question answered!!!!



From: Guildenstern 
Subject: Exactly where do Rush come from?
Date: Thu, 11 Mar 93 18:59:32 PST

>>>>> (Hareesh Kesavan) writes:

> Someone else mentioned that some Rush lyrics seem to be somewhat
> liberal...

I'm not sure I agree with that.  Take Anthem, for example:

"Begging hands and bleeding hearts will
 Only cry out for more"

Sounds a lot like the typical conservative rejection of welfare.  Thus it
didn't particularly surprise me to learn that Rush Limbaugh occasionally
uses Rush clips...

On the other hand, I'm sure that Neil's rejection of religion turns off a
good number of conservatives.

I don't really feel that Neil's lyrics fall readily into traditional
"liberal" or "conservative" categories -- the ones that comment on society
primarily advocate individualism, which is not a value highly valued by
either group; prominent liberals and conservatives both try to change
society, and to induce you to fit their particular ideal.



From: cygnus@CS.UCLA.EDU (Marshall Robin)
Subject: 2112 Comic Book?
Date: Thu, 11 Mar 1993 21:46:07 -0800 (PST)


I haven't written the list in a while, but I came across something
that I thought might pertain to Rush, but haven't seen anything about
it in the FAQ or anywhere, so here goes...

I was in a few comic book stores in LA (Golden Apple, Hi-De-Ho comics)
and they had what appeared to be a graphic novel based on _2112_, since
it was titled this. I forget the name of the writer offhand, but it was
published by Dark Horse Comics. The cover is black and has the writer's
name and "2112" in large letters, nothing more.

My question is, is this indeed related to the Rush album? I would have
looked, except that every copy was shrink wrapped and priced at $80.
If it isn't, which I would find hard to believe, just what the hell is
it about, then??

thanks... I have been wondering about this for weeks now...


Marshall Robin         /\ wheels within wheels in a spiral array /\ a pattern so grand and complex     /\ time after time we lose sight of the way
gweep with attitude       /\ our causes can't see their effects


From: Laurie Petersen 
Subject: My favorite song :)
Date: Fri, 12 Mar 93 1:45:08 PST

 Well, if you couldn't tell, my favorite song is Presto. I have always
 wondered what inspired this song, as it seems to be about unrequited love,
 and Neil Peart is happily (I hope!) married...

 My friends and I have also often wondered why this song is never played in
 concert. :( Any input?

  [ I heard that during soundchecks, Alex couldn't get the sound he wanted out
    of the guitars, so the song was never played in concert.	   : rush-mgr ]



Date: Fri, 12 Mar 1993 08:29:54 EST
Subject: YYZ

I know this is a stupid question and I probally know the answer - but i
just want to check to see if i am correct.

YYZ was named because it is the airport code for Toronto, righ ??
please inform me if I have mistaken...

  [ Yes, YYZ is the 3-letter code for the Toronto International Airport.
							      : rush-mgr ]

John Gemmell
Merrimack College
Class of 1993 - only 86 days until graduation :-)
"If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice ..."
North Andover, MA 01845

"If You Choose Not To Decide You Still Have Made A Choice ..."


Date:       Fri, 12 Mar 93 14:09:22 GMT
From: "Roger G Haworth   userid " 
Subject:    It's got no tune to it...

I thought I'd share this with you:

Last night, I popped into my local pub. Occasionally, one of the bar staff
sticks either ATWAS or ESL on the tape player, and as I walked in last night,
Jacob's Ladder was blaring forth. I got my beer, and some delectable young
lady propping up the bar offered to all and sundry;

"What is this music? It's got no tune to it".

I was going to say something (you can imagine roughly what), but I thought
what's the fucking point...

Oh well


'Let us not go gently to the endless winter night'


Date: 12 Mar 1993 10:26:48 -0500 (EST)
From: ASILVERM@umiami.IR.Miami.EDU
Subject: Ha!  The Habs fall again!

	For those  of you who did not notice the soundboard at the last tour,
it was surrounded by hockey pucks with team logos of NHL and minor league teams
on them.  This might answer the person who was wondering if They Who I Will Not
Refer To As The B-yz were into the Sport Of Kings.  Neil, unfortunately, does
not seem to have as much skill in choosing teams as in music, judging from that
evil  Canadiens puckhead he was wearing.  He will learn someday.
	Dan, you could take a poll as to the favorite hockey team of NMS'ers,
but we all already know the Springfield Indians would win in a near-unanimous

					Party on,


If God is God, and Ray Bourque is God, does that make me a polytheist?


Date: 12 Mar 93 11:13:14 EST
From: Brian.J.Wolf@Dartmouth.EDU (Brian J. Wolf)
Subject: Pre-album tour, birthday

Don't get your hopes up by the subject.  I was just wondering when was the
last time RUSH did a pre-album tour?  Was it P/G?  Just reflecting about the
Lush/RUSH Japan rumors from a little while ago, I was thinking how incredibly
AWESOME it would be to see RUSH perform songs we've never heard before.
(pause as I wipe the drool from my mouth)  Anyway, anyone have any info about

  [ The last time they did this was pre-PoW, they played a few dates (4 I
    think) in Florida during baseball spring training.		: rush-mgr ]

Also, a fond birthday wish (or two) go out to my brothers and fellow NMSers:
Happy birthdays, bros!!!


"Can I have a RUSH tape for my birthday?" - me at age 10 or so...
"No." - unnamed brother
"Why not?"
"They are devil worshippers..."
"How about a classical tape?"


Date: Fri, 12 Mar 1993 10:50:41 -0600
From: "Malcolm Edward J. Tobias" 
Subject: Rush "live" reviews

  Does anyone out there know of an ftp site containing reviews of Rush's
other "live" albums?  In particular I came across Rush-N-Roulette (sp?)
and would like to know something about the sound quality before I shell
out the 30 buck the record store wants for it.

					thanks in advance,
					Malcolm Tobias


From: (George J. Goslowsky)
Subject: Rush.  What else!?
Date: Fri, 12 Mar 93 10:58:06 CST

  Greetings fellow Rushians,

As seems obligatory I must state that this is my first posting (please be
gentle).  Although I have been reading the NMS for some time now, I have not
felt the need to voice an opinion.  Nor do I now.  What sparked this sudden
desire to communicate was reading in 'Success Under Pressure' the following
passage :

-    When he's not busy working with Rush, he likes to spend as much time as
- possible at home with his wife and sons, and also in planes! Seriously,
- Lifeson has quite a penchant for flying and he is, in fact, a licensed
- pilot. He has also garnered a strong reputation within the group as a
- gourmet cook.

Upon seeing this, I was elated for I *LOVE* to cook!  And I can't think of any-
thing (offhand :) ) better than cooking while listening to Rush!  And then to
find out that at least one of the boyz seems to love it as well.  Could life
be better? (rhetorical question).  Anyway, I thought that I would pose the
question - Does anyone out there share my interest in cooking?  If so, and
would like to discuss it with a friend, please feel free to write me.  BTW, I
have an ADDICTION to chilies as well, and many of my recipes reflect this.  As
a matter of fact, many of them are only for those of you who can
'Hold Your Fire'.  I would like to know if Alex likes chilies, hmmmmmm?  Anyone,

On a different note, I would like to publicly thank Mr. Santore for his efforts
in bringing the first annual convention to life.  The vast amount of time and
work that he has put into this project is overwhelming.  I will not be able to
attend, but I heartily thank him for just giving me the opportunity.  I hope
that he will not get discouraged or disheartened and quit for I would like to
repeated opportunity next year.  With luck, opportunity will knock twice after

Keep up the messages, trivia, polls, etc.  I love reading this stuff.

All opinions expressed from here are my own and worth the air they are spoken
with.  Any and all puns are intended.

C ya...

| George Goslowsky - Sr. Software Analyst | Fate is just the weight            |
| Address -  |  of circumstances...               |
|  Huntsville, Al bldg 30 132g            |                                    |
| Phone - 205 730 3192                    |                                    |


From: umnevile@ccu.UManitoba.CA
Subject: YYZ responses, Hockey, Sexual Toys
Date: Fri, 12 Mar 93 11:06:44 CST

Thanks to everyone who repsonded to me about the YYZ tab.. when I get home
I'll try the version at the end of the last issue.

Someone mentioned having trouble with the last (third) fill that Geddy
does.. here's what I do:
                                            h  p

You can figure out the rhythm yourself, but I think those are the notes.
I have a five string bass that I string with a high C (30 gauge), so I
play this at the twelfth fret instead of the seventeenth.

(Sorry to everyone who's a non-bass person.. )

Talk to you all soon,

PS: Tonight at the Winnipeg Arena it's "Teemu Selanne" night.  (They play


Date:         Fri, 12 Mar 93 12:00:52 EST
From: Frank Lalonde <>
Subject:      Losing It and flame

I got Signals when I was twelve (it had just been released) and I must say,
the 1st song that really got to me on that album was Losing It. At the time
I couldn't understand why they didn't release it, or perform it live...but
then again, I still don't!

  [ I suppose it had something to do with Ben Mink playing the violin on that
    song.. I always thought it would be awesome to have it triggered, and have 
    a laser-violin playing in midair... :)			: rush-mgr ]

Second, Brian Wolf asked not to be flamed about his post...well, I wish to
him, not for his post, but for the last line of his 'sig':

>>Rush, Hockey, and Sleep consume about 85% of my life.

Don't you have a job or go to school???? Geez, must be nice to do nothing
but leisure activities!

TO RUSH-MGR: Sorry about the SIG. It's a one time deal...I realize it's long,
             but I just wanted to let others know about the crap that is
             printed in our school paper. Is it like that everywhere?

* "Carrots, zuchinis, cucumbers, parsnips: I fucked them all--         *
*    and then returned them to the vegetable time       *
*      you eat a vegetable, think about it."                           *
*                                                                      *
* Note: This quote was taken from the University of Ottawa student     *
*       newspaper 'The Fulcrum' and was written by an anonymous female *
*       student (Jan. 21, 1993). ---> PRETTY SCARY STUFF!!!            *
*                                                                      *
*  NAME: Frank Lalonde ... Have a Budweiser, I know I will!            *
* EMAIL: 533557@acadvm1.UOttawa.CA  (University of Ottawa)             *


From: (Joseph T. Kung)
Subject: chain lightning
Date: Fri, 12 Mar 93 9:36:11 PST

Alex Lifeson only won best rock guitarist in 1983. He was not inducted
into the Hall of Fame, but Geddy was for rock bass. As for the Chain
Lightning solo, the interviewer in some guitar magazine did indeed say
that it would be hard for Alex to recreate the 'backwards guitar' on
"Chain Lightning," but Alex never mentions it at all in the interview.
>From what I have heard in all of Alex' solos, it is uncharacteristic
of him to record something backwards, especially when a lot of the
best solos off of _Roll The Bones_ were done in *one take*. This
includes his current favs : "Bravado" and "Ghost Of A Chance."  I
listened to the solo again, and the very first note does have a
cut-off sound like it could be backwards, but you don't hear the
characteristic "ffffftt" sound (when a note with a sharp attack
is played backwards) on the rest of the solo. In this respect, I
still feel that it is possible to recreate this solo in real time
using volume pedals and heavy whammy bar use. It certainly isn't as
radical as Eric Johnson's _Ah Via Musicom_ where the entire intro is
backwards and is very apparent from the rising notes which cut-off
sharply. This is the sound that is hard to recreate in real time.

Actually, Adrian Belew in concert is able to play backwards guitar
live using some interesting equipment. He opened for 10,000 Maniacs a
while back and did all sorts of crazy stuff like that, without using
samplers or MIDI synths.

- Joe


Date: Fri, 12 Mar 1993 13:31:31 -0500
From: Christopher Mermagen 
Subject: Alex in Guitar Hall of Fame

Hey Blake--

Well, Alex was inducted into one of the Guitar magazines
'Hall of Fame', but it was not the one where you have to
have been voted for 5 times.. Guitar for the practicing
musician I think is the one. I have it at home and will
tell you exactly what it is in a few days once I find
it!! The Article was Alex Lifeson: The Art of Preparation,
I believe.


Talk to y'all later


Subject: Alive and Well
Date: Fri, Mar 12, 1993 11:07 AM

Do my ears deceive me?  I actually heard "I Think I'm Going Bald" on the
radio!  I listened to the local Seattle station KISW sporadically yesterday
and in addition to "Bald" heard Dreamline, YYZ, and 2112.  Looks like Rush
is alive and well here.  Both old and new Rush I might add.



From: (Birjinder Singh Anant)
Subject: The Camera Eye
Date: Fri, 12 Mar 93 12:37:03 PST

	I was listening to The Camera Eye yesterday and from 8:53-8:58 I
heard some voices with British accents.  Was this intentional, since this
was during the London segment of the song, or was someone just goofing off?
This is pretty trivial, but this is my first posting, and i had to have a

Also, to the person who was asking for the tab to In the End, if i
remember correctly, the first four chords are D, G, F, C (in that order)

Who is this band that covered TSOR?  I remember Skid Row put out an EP
with a Rush cover from the first album, but i forget the song (maybe What
you're Doing).



Date: Fri, 12 Mar 93 16:17:38 EST
From: (Jay Cadieux)
Subject: Rush samples in Bare Naked Ladies' material

The samples of "Tom Sawyer" and TSOR are from the Bare Naked Ladies'
first album, _Gordon_.  If I remember correctly, they are both in the
song "Grade 9".  The BNL are also from Toronto.  Oh well, at least it
isn't a rap group that's sampling Rush...  :-)

Does anyone know if the song 2112 is inspired from any piece of literature/
movie, or is the concept a Peart original?

  [ It wasn't inspired by any one piece, but was inspired by Ayn Rand's ideas
    she wrote about in her books.				   : rush-mgr ]

| Jay A. Cadieux                |  "Loki is Eris in drag"               |
|     |  "I'm not Michael Bolton, really."    |
| 1:163/       |  "Try real beer, drink a homebrew"    |


Date: Fri, 12 Mar 1993 03:18:14 -0500 (EST)
From: John Michael Santore 
Subject: REPOST: Convention info!

I'm going to repost this periodically to and the NMS.
This originally went out on Mar 3, so it's been about a week or so.


    O F F I C I A L   N M S   C O N V E N T I O N   A N N O U N C E M E N T


The First Annual NMS Rush Fans Convention is being held this summer in

It will be Friday - Sunday, June 25-27, 1993 at the Hotel Ibis in
downtown Toronto (couple of blocks from Massey Hall).

Aside from hanging out and partying with fellow fans of the greatest
band in the world (and maybe taking a side trip or two to Danforth and
Pape or somethign like that), there will be a few main events.

1) Picnic at Lakeside Park.  Transportation to and from the park will be
provided, as will food.  This will happen Saturday morning/afternoon.

2) A Rush tribute band, Rushour will perform a three hour (actually
closer to four) set of Rush material.  This set will contain songs from
every Rush album to this point (and maybe a few special things).  I've
seen them myself and they are quite good.

3) There is a decent possibility of a Guest Speaker.  I've spoken with
Anthem Records and I just have to iron out some details with them.

Registration for the convention is as follows:

A nonrefundable deposit of $85 dollars (per person) is required and the
deadline for deposits is April 17, 1993 (but only the first 200 people so 
get 'em in quick).

This deposit covers all convention overhead, specifically the picnic,
the band, and some miscellaneous expenses.  This also includes an
official NMS convention t-shirt (Meg is working on this and I trust that
they will be extremely cool)  I have tried to estimate prices as closely
as possible to ensure the least possible surplus, but since I can't get
a firm head count ahead of time, and the fact that the Canadian/American
dollar exchange rate is not fixed, there may be leftover money.  *ALL*
leftover money will be donated to the Rush fanzine A Show of Fans and a
charity specified by Anthem records speaking on behalf of Rush.  I will
personally make *absolutely no profit* on this venture.  Detailed
financial accountings will be made available upon request. (see also my
previous post)

I realize that some people live in the Toronto area, and may be able to
make some of their own accommodations, however the only thing that may
be any different is tranportation to and from Lakeside Park.  Thus for
anyone local to the area, I am willing to make a $15 reduction on the
deposit.  This reduction covers transportation.  All other costs are
event specific and I will not be able to reduce things further.

Payment of this deposit allows your name to be put on a list of people
attending the convention. This list will be sent to the Hotel Ibis, and
will allow you to call them and make reservations at the convention rate:

    This rate is $62 (canadian) a night for a single/double
                 $72 for a triple
                 $82 for a quad

I am NOT responsible for hotel reservations.  I will, however, be sure
that upon payment of deposit, you name is added to the list for the
reduced hotel rate.   As far as people grouping up to share hotel costs,
feel free to do so, however a deposit is still required one each person
Transportation from your home city to Toronto is the responsibility of
all individuals as well.

We are limited to 200 people due to the size of the hotel facilities.
This means that all space is on a first come, first served basis.  The
first 200 people who get their checks in to me get to go.

I realize some of the details are a bit sketchy, however until I get a
firm head count based on this deposit, I can't finalize a lot of the
details, such as what kind of food the picnic will have, or a detailed
time schedule.  All of this will be determined later and will be sent
out to everyone attending.  Realize that I've volunteered to do this for
free, and to be honest, I never done something of this magnitude before,
so please give me a little consideration as far as some of the official
details and stuff.  I expect everything to be worked out well before the

Disclaimer: This convention does not condone illegal live recordings.
Anyone wishing to trade such materials at the convention does so at
their own risk, and  that the convention, and the NMS will NOT be held

Please make out all checks ($85 deposit) to John Santore
and send them to

1071 Morewood Avenue.
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

(receipts WILL be given and any deposits in excess of 200 people will be

Deadline is April 17, 1993 and there are only 200 available spots, so
first come first served.

Please include your T-shirt size, whether or not you will be staying at
the hotel, and if you wish to provide your own transportation to
Lakeside Park.

Anyone who has any further questions or comments feel free to contact me

John Santore
1071 Morewood Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

or via email

or via phone
(412) 268-5533

or on IRC
'/msg Slythex '
(just '/msg rushserv invite absalom' for an invite to the #p/g! channel)

                            I hope to see you there!
                                    John Santore
                              (utterly relieved to have gotten
                               to this stage in the planning)

Big Thank-yous go around the world to the following people:

Jimmy Lang, Meg Jahnke, Steve Streeter, Thomas Beaudoin, Harold Lessure,
Nick Mascari, Mike Sandoval, Mike Weintraub, Susie Kretschmer, Glen Reed,
Dave Warner, Jamie Buckley, Matt Phillips, Eric Carlson, Pat Choy, Tony
Reynolds, Lewis Beard, Rod Harrison and anyone else who offered support.

The Abbreviated .sig of John Santore                     John Santore

Rush-Yes-King Crimson-Emerson, Lake and Palmer-Marillion-Genesis (w/ Gabriel)


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