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          The National Midnight Star, Number 646

                  Monday, 22 March 1993
Today's Topics:
                    Rush on the radio
                     New Album Update
        Frank Beard, Spinal Tap and Wayne's World
                Request for fellow NMSers
                       radio songs
                       song titles
                   Baseball, GIF files
                St ettienne rip off Rush!
                    Peart as a drummer
                        Spinal Tap
                Rush album cover question
              Superbowl of Rock, Penn State
                  Delicate Sound of Rush
              new album in JUNE!?? and JUNOS
      Re: Musical Qabbalah (more 1001001 theorizing)
                    Rush on the Radio
                 Yicki poo poo tangy pie.
                   Tom Sawyer sampled!
                  Lake Front Arena 1992

Date: 19 Mar 1993 22:56:45 -0500 (EST)
From: Samantha--First Lady of Rush 
Subject: Rush on the radio

Hi there!!
        Just a bit of advice for everyone whho's (damn H key) whhining about
how little Rush they hear on thhe radio.  As a DJ, I know that if you keep
bothering the DJs (ie. phone calls, requests, letters, etc. etc.) they WILL
play more Rush and more obscure tunes.  I know that I love to get requests
and I constantly bother thhe radio stations around here and in Bufffalo
to play more Rush.  Yes, I am closer to thhe Canadian border thhan most of
you, but really, the more you bother them about it, thhe better the chhance
thhat you'll hear it!!
        Ciao, au revoir, later, don't forget to write and all that...

"it's not how fast you can go......"


Date: Sat, 20 Mar 1993 3:25:55 -0500 (EST)
Subject: New Album Update

Wanted to give you all the REAL update on the new album.  First of a schedule:
They are hoping to be finished with the record and have it out in September.
The tour will start now in January 94.  According to a very close source to
the band, there will be 11 songs on the new record.  Peter Collins has been
helping them write the record as well.  They are coming to the end of the
writing process and within two to three weeks they will probaby start to
record the new album.  That
(oops) is all I have found out so far.  Oh, one more thing, according to my
source, Ged said that the new songs are intense.

That's it.  Oh wait, one more thing.  If you're in Arizona this week look
for Geddy.  Apparently the band took last week and this week off from
writing and Ged went to Florida last week and AZ this week for the usual
rite of spring:  Spring Training.  My guess is that he's headed over to
the Colorado Rockies camp to visit his pal Bryn Smith.

See ya

Ken F.


From: Robert Camp Miner 
Subject: Frank Beard, Spinal Tap and Wayne's World
Date: Sat, 20 Mar 93 12:46:55 CST

>Date: Wed, 17 Mar 93 20:23:26 -0500
>From: (Christopher Dean)
>Subject: Alex Van Halen is Overrated
>This is a reply/flame to the bozo that claims that Alex Van Halen and
>Frank Beard are better drummers than Neil.

I think these "bozos" were *joking*, at least about Frank Beard.  The
statement "Frank Beard is a better drummer than Neil Peart" is so absurd
that adding "this is in joke" would be to insult the reader's intelligence.

>Next thing you'll be telling us is that Sting is a great bassist, or
>_Rolling Stone_ magazine isn't a politically correct fashion rag.

Well, certainly Rolling Stone *is* a politically correct fashion rag of
the most superficial kind, but I don't think it's self-evident that
Sting isn't a great bassist.  Maybe "great" is a bit strong, but I think
his bass playing is excellent.  Geddy himself has praised Sting's bass
playing in several interviews.

>Date:         Thu, 18 Mar 93 13:24:52 CST
>From: Tracey 
>Subject:      Rush and Spinal Tap
>Hi, all --
>Someone asked if _This is Spinal Tap_ was based on Rush...
>Having just watched this movie for about my 10th time, I can say with all
>confidence that, while Rush was probably among the worst offenders during
>the 70s/early 80s, Spinal Tap is a parody of *all* progressive rock/
>heavy metal bands whose musical and aesthetic excesses needed a good punc-
>turing. When I watch Spinal Tap, I see the Moody Blues, Blue Oyster Cult,
>Slade, Led Zeppelin, Queen, Judas Priest, and the infinite number of
>other groups that placed gothic and/or mythic themes at the forefront
>of their acts and appealed mostly to 14-year-old boys (this is not a slam
>on any 14-year-old boys who might be out there : ) ).
>Rush, thankfully, seems to have outgrown their Spinal Tap period (I am
>emphatically *not* starting the old v. new debate again). Those groups
>who couldn't are gone. _This is Spinal Tap_ is, to put it simply,
>about dinosaurs.>

>I'm sure everyone who's seen Spinal Tap has a favorite scene -- mine
>all involve Nigel Tufnel, although I'm torn between his Dm trilogy
>in progress, "Lick My Love Pump"; his retuning the violin he rubs
>across the guitar strings during his noisy, self-indulgent guitar
>solo; and his amps that "go to eleven"...

I think you're right.  But has anyone noticed the reference to some crew
member named "Liam" at some point in the movie, I forget which.  And of
course there's "The less that things change, the more they stay the same"
on "Break Like the Wind."

And, apropos of nothing, here's John Rutsey on page 8 of *Visions*: "I
remember the first bar gig ... It was really something else.  We were
suburban kids.  None of us had really gone out drinking in bars.  Ray got
us a job at the Gasworks."  The Gasworks!  Excellent!  I'm referring to
Wayne's World, where the excellent heavy metal bar (it even has a pool
table) is called The Gasworks!  A coincidence?  I think not.

He's a Wayne's ................. World ................... Man

Party on!

-- Robert Miner


Date:        Sat, 20 Mar 93 13:34:35 EST
From: "(Gerry Good)" 
Subject: Request for fellow NMSers

Hi all,
I have two requests of you.  First of all, would anyone with a good copy
of the 2/14/80 (or 2/16/80, I've seen it listed as both) show from St.
Louis where they play Natural Science, be willing to copy it for me.  I
of course would provide the tape and postage.  I have a _few_ other
shows, but not much (Nate, Ghost, I still don't have any new stuff, but
if you don't mind taping for me anyway that's cool.) I would appreciate
this very much.
Second, while this has no Rush content, I need to find a way to
decompress the lyrics files from syrinx.  Does anyone know of a MS-DOS
file that will do this?  I was under the impression that ZOO.EXE would
do this but I guess I was misled.  I have asked some of the mainframe
gurus here at NMSU but I guess they don't know.

  [ The file UNCOMPRE.EXE will uncompress files on an ibm. You can ftp it from						: rush-mgr ]

|Gerry Good -- (Whew!)      |
|       /-------/  /       /  /-------/  /                      |
|      /       /  /       /  /          /                       |
|     /-------/  /       /  /-------/  /-------/                |
|    /         /       /          /  /       /                 |
|   /         /-------/  /-------/  /       /                  |
|"He's got a tree!  He's got a tree!  That's not the Godzilla   |
| we know!" -- Tom Servo                                        |


Date: Sat, 20 Mar 93 15:01:14 -0600
From: Jeremy Todd Strzynski  
Subject: radio songs

as appears to be the case with most other radio stations, when i hear
Rush on the radio it's for the most part limited to mainstream songs
that others have pointed out, although i have had some fairly cool
experiences.  a few years ago when i started getting into Rush and
hadn't yet become familiar with all of their material, some d.j. for
their midnight hour album put on PeW, and although i didn't get to
hear the second side, i did hear Jacob's Ladder for the first time
that night, and as with everyone who wrote in a few weeks ago, i
thought it was cool from the outset.  even cooler than JL, however,
is that i've heard Xanadu TWICE, and on different stations, too.  in
fact, one of the stations was an all-hard rock/heavy metal station
that started it's existence by playing zeppelin for a week (i'm not
exxagerating either--in fact, i may be underestimating.  it was cool
and all, since i like zeppelin, but hearing kashmir five times in one
day got to be a bit ridiculous), and when they began playing
non-zeppelin songs, Freewill was the second one they played.  they
played rush often, which was good, but except for the one time i
heard Xanadu they were limited to unimaginative selections.  oh well.


p.s.  while i agree that most of spinal tap is about rock groups in
general, when i asked about possible Rush influences, i was referring
more to specific parts of the movie.  for example, when nigel played
guitar with a violin, that was clearly about jimmy page and his
violin bow; tap's drummers are a lot like the grateful dead's
keyboardists, and even stonehenge was influenced by a zeppelin
concert in which bonzo had stonehenge rocks, bigger than 18'', behind
his drum kit.  so, does anyone know of such scenes?


Date: Sat, 20 Mar 1993 17:57:48 -0500 (EST)
From: Lisa Muggridge 
Subject: Lecture

Hey fellow NMSers:

Just a quick post to let anyone in the Boston area know that at Harvard on
Monday, March 22, 1993 at 8pm there will be a lecture given by the founder
and editor of The Intellectual Activist. It's sponsored by The Ayn Rand
Institute. I know he will discuss the basic premises of objectivism. It's
$10 for non-Harvard students and faculty, free for students of Harvard. I
know it is expensive [I am a poor student too!], but since there has been
so much talk lately about philosophies, I thought some might be
interested. If anyone wants more information, feel free to e-mail. Oh
yeah--it's been held here on Harvard Campus at the Science Center, lecture
hall C [I think!!??]

Also, are there any other Harvard students on this list??? I'm curious.

Well, keep rocking.

Signing off--


"When I leave I don't know what I'm hoping to find
And when I leave I don't know what I'm leaving behind."


Date: Sat, 20 Mar 93 21:07:44 -0600
From: Jeremy Todd Strzynski  
Subject: song titles

i was listening to the radio just a few minutes ago, and they played
"Turn the Page" by Bob Seger (who unlike dylan and springsteen arguably,
and i do, has a better rock voice than anyone), and it caused me to wonder
just how many songs share titles with Rush songs.  besides "Turn the Page"
i can think of "Best I Can" by queensryche, and if you really want to
stretch it, "Overture" from _Tommy_ (and about one hundred musicals).
and i seem to remember olivia newton-john having a song either titled
"Xanadu" or about it.  anyone else know songs with Rush titles?


From: "Larry Salomon Jr." 
Subject: Baseball, GIF files
Date: Sun, 21 Mar 1993 09:38:56 -0500 (EST)

Since you have OS/2, try getting the any of the FREE GIF viewers from via anonymous FTP (or use the DEC FTP mail server to get
it for you).



Date: Fri, 19 MAR 93 15:52:48 GMT
Subject: St ettienne rip off Rush!

Hi Guys!
Well i haven't posted for a while, but I just wanted to ask if anyone has
heard the new single by the British rap/rave music band 'St Ettienne'??

I dunno if anyone else has mentioned this before (sorry if you have!!!)
but they've used the beginning of Spirit of Radio in it!!!!

Song is crap , but what a begining!

Anyway that's my 0.02 worth!


Shaun Barry						We're Only Immortal
Liverpool John Moores University			for a limited Time!
Liverpool						-Dreamline-
England UK
							RRRR U   U SSSS  H  H
							R    U   U S     H  H
							R    U   U SSSS  HHHH
   						       	R    U   U    S  H  H
							R    UUUUU SSSS  H  H


Date: Sun, 21 Mar 1993 15:04:59 -0600
From: Brian E. Saunders 
Subject: Peart as a drummer

I have thought long about it, and I've determined what two drummers Neil
Peart is ripping off / emulating the most:  Ringo Starr and the drummer for
the Stray Cats.

Brian Saunders


Date: Sun, 21 Mar 93 15:28:47 CST
From: (Gordon Danford)
Subject: Spinal Tap

        I read a while back, in the now defunct PUNCH Magazine that Spinal
Tap was really based on the crappy 70s band Uriah Heep.  Seems pretty
believable to me.  As for being based on Rush, I just can't see Geddy
walking around with a cucumber down his pants.

PS.  For anyone who cares, I feel that Red Sector A is without a doubt one
of the best Rush songs ever released.

--Hoping that tomorrow we'll all be freed--


Date: Sun, 21 Mar 1993 18:51 EDT
Subject: Rush album cover question

Hi, i was wondering if anyone knew the name of the piece of artwork on
the Caress of Steel album cover.  Also, do you know who painted it?
Thanks. Also, does anyone know where Rush came up with their name?  These
two questions have been nagging at me for a while. thanks. bill c.

  [ Hugh Syme did the artwork for COS. From the FAQ (about the name Rush)....

   Paraphrased Background: In August of 1968 the band's formal lineup
   was Alex on guitar, John Rutsey on drums, and Jeff Jones on bass and
   vocals. They got a job to play at the "Coff-In," a coffee house
   in the basement of an Anglican Church [great name, eh?] for $25/night.

   "The band was excited, but they had a big problem. While
   they had been dreaming of playing, they had neglected to come up with
   a name for their group. So a few days before the gig they sat around in
   John's basement trying to come up with an appropriate monicker. They
   weren't having much luck when John's older brother Bill piped up,
   'Why don't you call the band Rush' and Rush it was."
                           - from _Visions_
    							    : rush-mgr ]


Date:    Sun, 21 Mar 93 19:22 EST
Subject: Superbowl of Rock, Penn State

During Superbowl weekend (Yea Dallas!) our local classic rock station
conducted its annual "Superbowl of Rock".  Listeners hear blocks of
songs from two bands, call in to vote for one, and the winning band
continues in the process.  Any surprise that I'm reporting a landslide
victory for RUSH?  Actually, it was a pleasant surprise, since the
station plays pitifully few RUSH tunes.   Now that we've shown our
hands, the station has provided substantial RUSH airplay!


Date:    Sun, 21 Mar 93 19:46 EST
Subject: Delicate Sound of Rush

Regarding Mike's 03/15/93 list of highly emotional RUSH tunes,
you've forgotten "Afterimage" from Grace.  When my best friend
was killed in a car accident, no other prose seemed to capture
the feeling:..."tried to believe, but you know it's no good
this is something that just can't be understood...I learned your
love for life, I feel the way that you would".  My dissertation
is dedicated to my friend with the quote "When we are young,
wandering the face of the Earth, wondering what our dreams
might be worth, learning that we're only immortal for a limited
A marathon effort, Mike, there's is an abundance of emotion to
be found in RUSH lyrics and composition!


Date: Sun, 21 Mar 1993 21:46 EDT
Subject: singles

Does anyone know where I could get some Rush cd singles.  Ive never seen them
or known anyone who has had them in cd format.  If you have any info please let
me know.
-bill"caught in the camera eye"conley (laut@bcvms.bitnet)


Date: Sun, 21 Mar 1993 22:32:36 -0600
From: Gregory Huegerich 

Hey everybody.... i had a chance to watch Rush twice on their last
tour. In november at the Bradley Center in Milwaukee and in June
at Alpine Valley. I was wondering if anyone has heard of recordings
from the late part of the tour around when they played Alpine Valley.
Most boots contain the same songs, but they played Vital Signs, The
Trees, and The Analog Kid at the Valley. if anyone has heard of recordings
of that set from the Roll the Bones Tour i'd really appreciate it
if you'd fill me in...

Also is the rumor true that Rush is recording an album in Seatle
Seattle that is, and it is to be released in June?????!!!!

   [ See Ken's post above.					: rush-mgr ]


Date: Mon, 22 Mar 1993 10:07:06 -0500
From: Scott David Daly 
Subject: new album in JUNE!?? and JUNOS

Hi there people!

	I was reading that new-releases mailing list that you can
subscribe to through alt-rock and roll today and here's what I saw

Jun    Todd Rundgren         No World Order               [SS]
Jun    Steve Howe        The Grand Scheme Of Things       [AP]
Jun    David Wilcox      Hold It Up To The Light          [MB]
Jun    Rush                           [JC2]
Jun *  X                     Hey, Zeus!

This is a mailing list where people (I would assume they have some
kind of "connections") send in information to the keeper of the list.
Looking at the key at the bottom of the post, I found [JC2] to be
Jeremy Caplan.  Anyone know this guy?  Can he know some information
that we don't?!  Is the latest word on the new album still SEPTEMBER?
June seems a little soon to me (almost impossibly fast is more like
it), but now that I have my hopes up...

SECONDLY:  did anyone catch the JUNOS last night?  Comments?  I was
really hoping to get a copy from a friend close by who has a
satellite dish, but it looks like it fell through...did RUSH actually
PLAY at the Junos?



<A NAME="646320">From: "Mark J. Reed" <></A>
<A NAME="646019">Subject: Re: Musical Qabbalah (more 1001001 theorizing)</A>
Date: Mon, 22 Mar 1993 09:48:48 EST

First post, etc.

RAD232 writes:
\ I wanted to mention George's reference to 1001001 being 111 in octal, which
\could be a reference to the three guys in the band....

Some other computer geek has probably pointed this out, but if so, I missed
it.  1001001 is ASCII for the letter 'I'.  I've often thought that could
be significant -  the android's coming into self-awareness -  and considering
the subject matter, a computer reference like that would be appropriate.

Just a thought...

Mark J. Reed
Email: -- Voice: 404 315-6296 x58 -- Fax: 404 315-0293
SecureWare, Inc. / 2957 Clairmont Rd Suite 200 / Atlanta GA 30329


Date: Mon, 22 Mar 93 11:18:52 -0500
<A NAME="646321">From: greg  dolce <></A>
<A NAME="646020">Subject: Rush on the Radio</A>

	Fellow Rush fans,
I hear quite a bit of Rush on the radio up here from stations in
Detroit, Ann Arbor, and Lansing.  That's why I wasn't too surprised to hear
Limelight and Dreamline within a fifteen minute span.  However, I also heard 
something I haven't heard on the radio.  'Where's My Thing' was used as 
background music for a contest promotion on Q106 in Lansing.  It's nice to 
see that Rush is continuing to gain wider acceptance.

As for the Pleasure Dome/Van Halen discussion.  With the combination of the
title and the musical intro, you really do have to wonder if Eddie had Xanadu 
in the back of his head when he wrote that song.  I wouldn't say the song is a 
copy, but I hear some definite similarities in the music.  I would dismiss it 
as coincidence if it weren't for the title.  Oh well, think about it.
P.S. The Fab Five are going to the finals.  GO BLUE!!!


<A NAME="646322">From: umnevile@ccu.UManitoba.CA</A>
<A NAME="646021">Subject: Yicki poo poo tangy pie.</A>
Date: Mon, 22 Mar 93 11:07:09 CST

First, about Van Halen:

> First of all, I have always thought Alex VH to be _very_ overrated.  Talk
> about overdoing it on the cymbals!  The boy ain't bad, but he sure isn't
> anything special.  Actually, his brother Eddie is the only major talent
> in the band (don't even get me started with Mike Anthony and how overrated
> he is!).

I couldn't agree more..  there's a running joke in my band about how Alex
Van Halen uses that familiar 4:4 rhythm on the ride cymbal in EVERY song..
you know, he uses it to accent certain places, but it's ALWAYS the same!
I saw them in concert last year, and his drum solo was not a bad solo, but
it wasn't close to anything Peart has ever done.  (Michael Anthony's solo
was ridiculous.  He just ran around the stage in circles, hitting his
bass, or else playing the same note over and over.  It made me angry.)

And by the way, Sting IS a good bassist!  What are you basing your
assesment of his talent on?  Have you heard all of his material?

About the click track mishaps with Neil and "Time Stand Still":  really
makes you think about how difficult Pink Floyd's show must be to do, since
the whole thing is orchestrated by video and effects, and the drummer
controls all by a click track, doesn't it?  I don't know how (or why) they
do it.


PS:  I saw Teemu Selanne in a shopping centre the other day.  He was
looking at a Poison t-shirt.  <groan>  BUT, he's one point away from the
scoring record!


Date:         22 Mar 93 12:48:12 EST
<A NAME="646323">From: "Will Geeslin" <WILL.GEESLIN@UKWANG.UKY.EDU></A>
<A NAME="646022">Subject:      Tom Sawyer sampled!</A>

In a song by the Young Black Teenagers on their new album they rap over
sampled Tom Sawyer.  It is called something like "It's time to make the
doughnuts".  They don't use Neil's drums, only the guitars of the "What you
say about his company..." and the opening synth.  I like it and I thought
you folks would find it interesting.


Date: Mon, 22 Mar 93 16:34:58 EST
<A NAME="646324">From:</A>
<A NAME="646023">Subject: Lake Front Arena 1992</A>

	I've come across a 60 minute tape from the Lake Front Arena
(is this California) in 1992.  It sounds like a professionally mixed
recording (the crowd noise comes up between songs and then disappears
and it's soundboard sound).  Is this available on a bootleg CD, and
is this some of what's being recorded for the next live album?

	I was wondering if anyone else has come across this or knows
anything about it.  If it's a bootleg, a title would be helpful.

   [ The Lakefront Arena is in New Orleans. This probably came from the CD
      boot "Mardi Gras".				        : rush-mgr ]

							Gene Porochniak
						        Moravian College
							Bethlehem, PA


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