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          The National Midnight Star, Number 649

                 Thursday, 25 March 1993
Today's Topics:
                     Where9s My Thing
                    Albums without NP
                        The Trees
                    Faulkner and Rush
        03/24/93 - The National Midnight Star #648
                      New World Man
            Weddings & yet another poll idea!
         In The Mood for a good song on the radio
                    Rush on the radio
                 Yee ha!  Jester's dead!
Rush - Bruins - Radio - Bruins - Prereleased Tunes - BRUINS!!!!!!!!
                 Junos, Gymnastics, etc.
                      New album bit
                      The new album
                      Radio airplay
                   Rush on Radio 1 (UK)
                        Spinal Tap
                  More Rush on the redio
                     Re: Opening Acts
                   another poll by bill
                      Rush newsgroup
                    rush on the radio
     Rush's 20th anniv. Wanna do something?! Anyone?
                      Opening Bands
                  Re: 03/24/93 - to post
                 Titles and Alpine Valley

Date: 	Wed, 24 Mar 1993 14:46:02 PST
Subject: Where9s My Thing

Hey Group,

	I have had this info for quite some time and thought that I would share
it with the Rush World.  A local radio station here in Rochester, NY (96 WCMF)
has a Rockfile that is broadcast at around 4:45 everyday for about 10 minutes.
Anyway, one day in december they ahd a little info on Rush and it goes like
this: Apparently Alex is an avid aviation nut and has always dreamed of flying
in a Canadian Air Force Jet.  Well, they came to the group and asked if they
could use Where's My Thing in a promotional video for recruitment.  Rush agreed
with one stipulation, that Alex be allowed a ride in a fighter.  He apparently
got a 30-45 minute ride and was elated.  So, now Canadians every where can hear
WMT when ever they see a commercial for the CAF (or how ever they advertise
there).  Pretty interesting, eh?!  I thought that it was my job to uncover the
truth :-).  Anyway, I never saw it mentioned here so I did.  Thanks for

	One more thing, has anyone noticed that Neil appears to be emulating
the same style of drumming as Phil Rudd (AC/DC)?  Their drum solos are quite
similar and I was just wondering if anyone else noticed this too.  Seriously,
there is no comparison between any musicians.  Different people play different
way and different hearts, beat on... wait, wait, that's not right.  Everyone
has a different style and no 2 musicians are going to play one piece of music
the same way.  Give it up guys.  Alex Van Halen plays his way (pretty
impressive IMHO) and Neil plays in his way (EXTREMELY impressive IMHO).  And
Frank Beard is just a back beat (unimpressive, unimaginative, and basically
uninteresting. Again IMHO).  Just my thoughts.

"I see red, and it hurts my head!"  (I think we all know who wrote it. :-))
See 'ya

ps.  Computer gurus:  How does a guy with little or no access to ftp get some
of the interviews and the like on the servers?

   [ You can use the mail server set up at Check the tail of the
     digest for more information on how to use this service.	: rush-mgr ]


Date: Wed, 24 Mar 1993 17:58:34 -0500 (EST)
From: swami@tulip (swami gangadharan)
Subject: Albums without NP


I have a question which might have been answered earlier. My apologies
to any fellow Rushians who are tired of this question. Could someone
tell me which Rush albums were produced before Neil Peart joined the
group. I would also like to know how they compare with the albums
produced after NP joinned Rush.Thanks.

   [ _Rush_ (the first album) was the only album released before Neil joined
     the band (can't you tell by the lyrics? :)			  : rush-mgr ]

Swami Gangadharan

Freeze this moment a little bit longer
Make each sensation a little bit stronger. -NP (HYF)


Date: Wed, 24 Mar 93 18:31:36 -0500
Subject: The Trees

Fellow Rushians:

Is it just me, or does anyone else dream of an extended version of _The

just curious



Date: Wed, 24 Mar 1993 15:37:11 -0800 (PST)
From: Kevin Field 
Subject: Faulkner and Rush

Sorry if this is common knowledge, but coincidentally enough, there's a
William Faulkner book out there called _Absalom, Absalom!_  Any
inspiration for "Distant Early Warning?"  Highly doubtful, since Neil explains
why he used it in that interview from way-back-when...
but strangely enough, the back of the version I read made a reference to
the main character's "grand designs" -- a Rush conspiracy in the making!
Anyone read it?


Date: 24 Mar 93 18:31:52 GMT
From: "RAD232" 
Subject: 03/24/93 - The National Midnight Star #648

'Ello again, folks...
   Recent remention of the parody file has my nits in a pitch...I don't
have access to ftp, so am I out of luck, or can I get it another way?

   [ You can use the mail server set up at Check the tail of the
     digest for more information on how to use this service.	: rush-mgr ]

Has anyone mentioned "The Neck Romancer"? A three-part epic of a quest
to vanquish an evil hickey-giver? Surely you've heard it...
Absalom, Absolut
*Another Actual Fact: A set of drill bits composed of every possible
size would completely fill the known universe.*


Date: Wed, 24 Mar 1993 19:29:13 -0500 (EST)
From: Ethan Evan Prater 
Subject: New World Man

I think it's common knowledge that "New World Man" was thrown together at
the last minute to fill up a side on _Signals_, but did we know that it's
original title was "Project 357"? I have no clue what relevance that has
to the song -- any ideas?

  [ "Project 3:57" refers to the length of the song. They had about 4 minutes
    to fill if I remember correctly				   : rush-mgr ]

I heard this on a 1982 "Off the Record" interview with Geddy, done by Mary


   Ethan Evan Prater    |    "The sign of Eth is rising in the air..."
                        |      |          -- Rush -- By-Tor and the Snow Dog --


Date: Wed, 24 Mar 1993 19:35:59 -0500 (EST)
From: Mark Luszcz 
Subject: Weddings & yet another poll idea!

1)  Anyone out there who's married:  did you play Rush at your wedding??
Just curious because I'd really like to (if I get married some day) but
Rush just wouldn't quite fit into the traditional type wedding thing (not
that that would bother me)

2)  There's been much talk lately (if not always) about lots of other
groups besides Rush.  How about a poll of NMSers favorite groups??  I
wonder what percentage of us have Rush as #1?? (I certainly do, but do all
1700+ of us?).  So, instead of asking if anyone is interested and then
doing a poll, I'll just do it!  If I don't get very many responces, I
won't bug you all again with this idea.

So...  Send your top 5 favorite groups to:

and if you don't hear from me in a week or two, you'll know it flopped.



Date: Wed, 24 Mar 93 19:09:31 -0600
From: Jeremy Todd Strzynski  
Subject: In The Mood for a good song on the radio

i was unaware of this until recently, but i have found out that KSHE
in st. louis (94.7 for those of you in range) plays _In The Mood_
every friday night at 7:45 (hey baby it's a quarter to eight).
definitely among the cooler things a station could do.  unless of
course they went all-Rush...



Date: 24 Mar 93 20:14:11 EST
From: Philip.S.Augur@Dartmouth.EDU (Philip S. Augur)
Subject: Rush on the radio

Monday night I went to bed, but wasn't falling to sleep. Around 11:30 I
remembered that my girlfriend's flight back from her spring break trip to
Israel was coming in early Tuesday morning to JFK. I went downstairs and
tried calling a couple of places for info., but didn't get anyway. But I
missed her so badly and knew it was coming in sometime Tuesday AM that I
hopped in my father's car and prepared to make the two hour trip to the
airport. As I was backing the car out of the garage I started hitting the
station buttons trying to find some good music, and what did I hear? "Ghost
of a Chance"--the song that my girlfriend and I absolutely love. I knew at
that point that I was doing the right thing. I also heard "New World Man" on
the way down (different station).

Also, the rock station up in this neck of the woods (which also happens to be
Dartmouth's radio station) does a decent job of playing Rush. The DJs are
usually pretty psyched when you call in a Rush request and they play some of
the less mainstream stuff as well.

Phil Baker the Candlestick Maker

"... but I believe there's a ghost of a chance we can find someone to love,
and make it last."


From: umnevile@ccu.UManitoba.CA
Subject: Yee ha!  Jester's dead!
Date: Wed, 24 Mar 93 22:12:33 CST

Someone mentioned that Steely Dan had a song called "Chain Lightning".
Don MacLean also has a tune by the same title, so I guess that makes this
one a three-peat..

(BTW, how many of you knew that a "Steely Dan" is another word for a dildo?)


PS:  Teemu, I love ya.


Date: 24 Mar 1993 23:16:04 -0500 (EST)
From: ASILVERM@umiami.IR.Miami.EDU
Subject: Rush - Bruins - Radio - Bruins - Prereleased Tunes - BRUINS!!!!!!!!

Hey gang

	107.3 WAAF has been utterly awesome since they hired John Osterlind
away from WCCC 106.9(Another good station with some Rush content. . .Sebastian
and Diane rule!) and gave him free reign to do whatever he wants each evening.
I've heard some pretty out-of-hand stuff on his show.  (Not since I've been
stuck here in semi-hockey-free Miami anyway.  At least the Might Ducks aren't
playing here!)  I live in western Mass. normally.  The good stations for those
of you passing through(who doesn't) are 102.1 WAQY in Springfield, 105.9 WHCN
and 106.9 WCCC in Hartford, 99.1 WPLR in New Haven and the aforementioned
107.3 WAAF.  If there's anything worth living in Springfield for it's the
abundance of decent rock stations.  Here in Miami there are two (94.9 WZTA and
103.5 WSHE) and they're both pretty lame, although there is the very occasional
Rush tune.  Any other Hampden County folk out there on the net?
	I heard Dreamline on the radio before RTB came out, not RTB.  But I'm
not saying that it definitely wasn't played, I just didn't hear it myself.
	The Bruins have now passed Quebec and are right behind the evil and
despised Habs.  But not for long!  I wonder how far back Montreal will finish?
I wonder if the Beantown B's will repeat in 1994?  Of course!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

					Party on,

					Aaron Silverman


Date: Wed, 24 Mar 93 22:36:54 -0600
From: Jeremy Todd Strzynski  
Subject: passwords

one (rhetorical) question for all Rushians out there:

how many of you have passwords that are Rush-related?  i do.


(those of you who also subscribe to will get the same question soon.
that's because it was suggested by my roommate.)


Date: Thu, 25 Mar 93 00:28:58 EST
Subject: Junos, Gymnastics, etc.

As was already mentioned, Rush did not appear on the Junos, nor did the band
receive a nomination for an award.  This was expected since RTB came out
long before the last Juno Awards.  The show was disappointing and lame.
Someone mentioned "Subdivisions" being used in a floor exercise routine at
a gymnastics meet a few months back.  Here at the University of Michigan, we
recently hosted the Big Ten women's gymnastics championships.  I worked
the event and was astonished when the opening of "Tom Sawyer" and a portion
of "La Villa Strangiato" (yes, it's true!) were played during one of our
gymnasts' routine.  As for opening bands on the next tour, I would like to
see Dream Theater or no one at all.  Perhaps Rush should just come out and
play a three-hour set with no opening act like Yes and ELP.  It will be
interesting to see what surprises occur on the next tour, after the
resurrection of "Vital Signs", "The Analog Kid", "Xanadu", "Anthem", "Cygnus
X-1", etc. on the RTB tour.  Hearing that the new album is "intense" is
good news to me.  I have enjoyed all of Rush's work, but I like the band's
darker or more aggressive tunes the most.  RTB was a bit too light-hearted
and upbeat in some spots, though it still was a great record.


From: (Alyson L. Craft)
Subject: New album bit
Date: Thu, 25 Mar 1993 00:36:12 -0500 (EST)


I heard from a friend that the new album (as yet untitled) is due out in June, 
and is being produced by Peter Collins, who did _Hold_Your_Fire_ and _Power_
Windows_.  Any other rumors flying around yet?

Alyson Craft


From: (William Huff)
Subject: The new album
Date: Thu, 25 Mar 93 0:35:32 EST

I was just wondering if some of the rumors I've heard about the new album
are still happening.  Is the album going to be all acoustic?  I've also
heard that the album will be reverting back to their old stylings.  Not
that I have anything against their recent ones, but I was just wondering.

Oh, well, I just wanted to voice my thoughts.  I'm ecstatic about the new
album and I can't wait for it.  I have faith in the boys that it will be
better than ever.

						Time standing still,



Date: Thu, 25 Mar 93 01:02:33 CST
From: A8732112@SIUCVMB.SIU.EDU
Subject: Radio airplay

Just a short post on radio stations that play rush.  If you are ever in south-
ern Illinois, NW Kentucky, or SE Missouri, try 105.1 WTAO, I listen to them
because they play classic rock and new "classic rock"(If you know what I mean)
This is the only station you'll hear Rush on.  Everything else is Country!!!
It is mostlky mainstream song (s) but it's better then Garth Brooks(Sorry I
Hate Country) Alot of Presto and Roll the Bones, with the occionall (pardon me
I sneezed) occasional Late night fglashback.
Matt"HP"Davis SIU Carbondale
Par-Five, Sherreded Wheat never tasted so good!


Subject: Rush on Radio 1 (UK)
Date: Thu, 25 Mar 93 8:29:16 GMT
From: Dominic Binks 

Sorry to post twice in the same digest (I try to avoid doing this - guess I'm
just a bit keyboard happy).

Rush have been played on Radio 1 I heard once on the Friday Rock show when
that was all there was (2 hours 10pm - 12 am Friday Night for our foreign
friends). But what I heard was quite phenomenal - A Radio 1 recording of a live
show circa Hemispheres. Marvelous - unfortunately I'd been out and came back in
towards the end. Sheesh. I miss all the best bits of the British Media - like
the interview on Whistle Test - I'm trying to trace this up - if I succeed I
let the people on this digest know.

Dominic Binks (again)
email - as above


Subject: Spinal Tap
Date: Thu, 25 Mar 93 8:21:36 GMT
From: Dominic Binks 

Oliver R. Sampson writes

>Incidentally, I remember reading and interview with Gene Simmons
>where he said that the _This is Spinal Tap_ scene where the band
>gets lost under the stage had to be based on something that
>happened to Kiss.

I heard that Eddie Van Halen made a similar statement.

Dominic Binks


From: Mark Landin 
Subject: More Rush on the redio
Date: Thu, 25 Mar 93 8:25:11 CST

Here in eastern Oklahoma, KMOD out of Tulsa has a Rush hour (or at least
they use to). Fridays at 10pm, so not exactly prime listening real estate,
but it is an entire hour of nothing but Rush (and commercials). They usu-
ally stick with the familiar Tom Sawyer/Freewill/Limelight/New World Man,
but also play some things you don't hear too often -- Camera Eye, Cinderella
Man, etc. Anyway, anyone in listening range of KMOD (97.5) ought to check
it out.
*  Mark C. Landin					Northeastern St. Univ *
*					Tahlequah, OK *
*        Wheels within wheels in a spiral array -- new from Chef Boyardee     *


Date: 25 Mar 1993 10:23:46 -0500 (EST)
From: Lewis A Bernstein 
Subject: Junos

Did anyone really expect them to be nominated for anything ???  They
didn't release an album in 1992, so any album catagory would be right
out.  What did you want them to be nominated for ???  Anyway, if they
release an album this September, look for them to be nominated (and win)
some Junos NEXT year.  BTW, who said they were going to on this year ???



Date: 25 Mar 1993 11:07:16 -0500 (EST)
From: "Mr. Enforcer" 
Subject: Re: Opening Acts

	I disagree that Rush doesn't need an opening band.
Have you ever sat down to watch some comedy show like Evening at the Improv?
And you see a really bad comedian, followed by a good one? That is what
happens when you have an opening band for a headliner.
	Now don't get me wrong. I saw Marillion open for Rush for PoW, so
this isn't necessarily true. But it intensifies the 'rush' (did I say that?)
that the band provides when you have some shitty glamor rock band like Mr.
Big trying to wow the crowd and failing miserably, only to be replaced by
who you went to see.

	Now, for my opening band, I would have Spin Doctors or Dream Theater.
Rush usually likes to turn up the heat before they come out. That's why they
have had groups like MSG (ugh), Eric Johnson, Primus, and Mr. Big (ugh^2).
So this would favor Dream Theater. But the Spin Doctors could do a good show
	Now if you're gonna flame, flame about my opinions above, not that
I want the Spin Doctors to open for the boyz. I don't personally. I would
rather have Dream Theater. Or Fish...

	{please deposit another $0.02}

Sorry. Outta change.

--Mark Rickard
"Still his mind is darkened over sickness and indecision..."


Date: Thu, 25 Mar 1993 11:40 EDT
Subject: another poll by bill

Hello everyone, its me again with another poll.  The reponses keep coming
in for the opening act poll and their great.  Sometime next week ill
post some of the responses.  heres a new poll:

Send a list of your 10 favorite rush songs as well as your favorite rush
send to :
or just post your response on the mailing list

"Long live the greatest band in the world........RUSH!"
                                        - bill conley


From: (Matthew C Matta (U))
Subject: Rush newsgroup
Date: Thu, 25 Mar 93 13:23:56 EST

 I feel like a dork, but I can't remember what the name of the Rush
 newsgroup is.  It's like rec.somthingorother.rush, right?

   [ The newsgroup is				: rush-mgr ]




Date: Thu, 25 Mar 93 09:51:11 HST
From: puanani@wana.pbrc.Hawaii.Edu (Puanani Akaka)
Subject: rush on the radio

Jello all youz in Lerxtland --

The Rush on the Radio trend makes me think what happened last
year?  year before? forgot.  Anyway, the *only* rock station
here, KPOI 98Rock, puts  on a 24 hr. all-request marathon every
Thanksgiving to raise funds for the Hawaii Food Bank.  You can
request a song for $25, a dedication is $50, and a whole album
side is $200 -- yeah, I wished I was rich... Anyway, I *had* to
request a Rush song, so I requested "La Villa Stangiato"!!  It
was long (a.k.a. worth paying $25), it represents Rush at thir
finest, and THEY NEVER PLAY IT!  ha ha.  Had to stick it to them.
So they played it -- ah, Heaven -- and it was downright hysterical
listening to the DJ trying to pronounce the name!  And on top of
that, he couldn't pronounce *my* name (which isn't really all that
difficult once you figure it out...).  It was a great afternoon,
to say the least... :-)

But a list of songs I've heard -- aside from the usual standard
tunes -- What You're Doing, Natural Science (from a Maui station
that I can't catch anymore. sigh.), The Trees, Circumstances,
Marathon (ASOH), Body Electric, Distant Early Warning, Lock & Key,
I want to say Second Nature, but I'm not sure.   Anyway, I hear
those rather rarely, but they have been on, so maybe there's still
some hope!  There is a DJ there that is a Rush fan and always
plays them at least once while he's on.  So there is hope!

puanani "Wear your NMS shirts with Pride"!


Date: Thu, 25 Mar 93 10:29:43 HST
From: puanani@wana.pbrc.Hawaii.Edu (Puanani Akaka)
Subject: Rush's 20th anniv. Wanna do something?! Anyone?

Jello again --

It occurred to me awhile ago that next year marks Rush's 20th
anniversary -- at least as far as Neil is concerned.  According
to B-man in _Visions_, wasn't Neil disappointed that no one had
noticed the passing of the (his) 10th anniv.?   So.....

OK, stupid idea time again--you folks wanna do something for the 20th?
I haven't the foggiest idea *what*, but do you folks want to do
something on the order of the Convention or should  we let it
slide and just say, "Wow, 20 years! Cool."  We could even co-incide
it with the tour, since it starts in January of '94 (correct me if
I'm wrong, Ken), at least so far as we know it.  I know I'm getting
ahead of myself, here, but I'm brainstorming ideas and just seeing
if anyone really cares to do something.  I realize we should wait
until the Convention is over before we decide on anything, but I
just thought I'd bring it before you all and let the idea ferment.

Anyway, think about it, if you care to.  It could be fun! :-)

puanani  "Neil may not be God, but he's a darn sight cuter!"


Date: 25 Mar 93 15:32:25 EST
From: Thomas Regina <71530.417@CompuServe.COM>
Subject: Opening Bands

Regarding opening bands for next year's Rush tour:

I would enjoy seeing Damn Yankees(Tommy Shaw opened on HYF), David Lee
Roth(his career certainly needs a boost!), or even Brian May. Their music
is not as meaningful as Rush's, but their "fun" rock is well done.


From: (L Clator Butler Jr)
Subject: Re: 03/24/93 - to post
Date: Thu, 25 Mar 1993 15:39:52 -0500 (EST)

I remember either listening to Neil Peart on "Rockline" last year or
reading the last fan letter and somebody asked why they no longer record
long, opus-style material.

NP basically said that the band is able to communicate what they want in
five minutes what once took them over ten.

I don't suppose they will do any more thematic, long works any more,
although I certainly would appreciate one in the old grain myself.

--Clator (Anagram)


From: "Michael J. Miller" 
Subject: Titles and Alpine Valley
Date: Thu, 25 Mar 93 15:20:17 CST

Hello, Rush fans!

First, Firehouse did indeed use Hold Your Fire as the name of one of their
Second, I was at the Alpine Valley show.  One of my friends that went with me
told me that he had met someone while going to get the tickets.  The person
was supposed to have a friend in the control room that was going to get us
bootlegs of the ENTIRE concert.  Unfortunately, I have not heard anything about
it for months, but if I do, and you can count on me bugging my friend, I will
let you all know.



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