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          The National Midnight Star, Number 651

                  Monday, 29 March 1993
Today's Topics:
      Re: 03/22/93 - The National Midnight Star #646
      Re: 03/25/93 - The National Midnight Star #649
                   NEW KID ON THE BLOCK
                 Branch Davidain Top Ten!
                    baseball and rush
         Re: More trivia...For the trivia minded
                       Re: to post
                   RE: 20th anniversary
    WRONG FM frequency given for K-SHE 95 in St. Louis
                     Rush @ weddings
                    just wondering...
               Subdivisions keyboard solos
                Opening Bands: My Opinion
                       Presto Spine
                  the poll is complete!!
                   A good radio station
               Yep, Another Rush/Radio Post
                   Correction (Absalom)
               A post in alt.netgames.bolo
                    Rush on the Radio
          Rush on the Radio (UK) , Primus , etc
                Who Is This Absalom Dude!
                     new album title!
                   COS "lost lyrics"!!!
                  Rush on British radio
             Rush, Primus, and Dream Theater
                 Illinois RUSH and Bones
                    MA Radio Stations
           Rush on radio; Rush/Queensryche; RTB
                     Rush pilgrimage
         RE: More trivia...For the trivia minded
                        GIF files
                Rush Convention Reminder
       Repost: Official NMS convention announcement

Subject: Re: 03/22/93 - The National Midnight Star #646
From: (Andy Lester)
Date: Thu, 25 Mar 93 19:26:35 CST

Random responses...

> and i seem to remember olivia newton-john having a song either titled
> "Xanadu" or about it.

Yes, that's it.  From the hideous movie of the same name, starring Gene
Kelly.  ELO did most of the soundtrack, as I recall.

> anyone else know songs with Rush titles?

"The Big Money" by Big Black on _Songs About Fucking_ is leaps
immediately to mind.  (For those of you who see the name Steve Albini
thrown around as production/noise god and wonder "what's the deal?",
pick this up.  It's as good as noisy punk rawk gets.)

Huey Lewis did "Jacob's Ladder" on _Sports_ (or maybe _Fore!_).  Then,
Bruce Hornsby and the Range did a "cover" of it on _Scenes From The
Southside_ (again, not sure).  It's not really a cover, though, since
Bruce wrote the song in the first place.

> Does anyone know where I could get some Rush cd singles.

Give us a clue as to where you are.  In Chicago, try The Turntable in
Palatine, or Rolling Stones in Norridge.

> Some other computer geek has probably pointed this out, but if so, I missed
> it.  1001001 is ASCII for the letter 'I'.  I've often thought that could

How about this: It fits rhythmically!  I think prior discussions here
have established that Neil is anything but a compugeek.

> As for the Pleasure Dome/Van Halen discussion.  With the combination of
> the title and the musical intro, you really do have to wonder if Eddie
> had Xanadu in the back of his head when he wrote that song.

Why stop there?  We can't forget Frankie Goes To Hollywood's landmark
album _Welcome To The Pleasuredome_.

"In Xanadu did Kubla Khan a pleasuredome eeeeeeerect!"

Clearly, Holly Johnson was snagging his ideas from Rush.  "Two Tribes"
isn't far from the sentiments of "The Trees", eh?

---           Sooner or later
Andy Lester, Palatine, IL           You're gonna listen to Ralph Nader
Fidonet 1:115/934                       -- Buzzcocks, "Fast Cars"


Subject: Re: 03/25/93 - The National Midnight Star #649
From: (Andy Lester)
Date: Thu, 25 Mar 93 20:02:29 CST

> (BTW, how many of you knew that a "Steely Dan" is another word for a dildo?)

Not quite.  It's taken from the name of a specific, stainless-steel
dildo in William Burroughs' novel _Naked Lunch_, whence also comes the
term "heavy metal".

---           I can only refer to it as "the purple
Andy Lester, Palatine, IL           dinosaur."  Otherwise, I might get sued.
Fidonet 1:115/934


Date: Fri, 26 Mar 1993 19:32:36 -0500
From: (Scott McMahan -- Genesis mailing list owner)
Subject: Stung...OUCH!!!

>It could be argued that Geddy is a better bass player technically than

Not very well -- Sting was trained as a jazz bassist -- he is
definitely on up there in technical ability.

Of course Geddy posesses some technical ability too :)

Compared to say Percy Jones, Sting and Geddy are both pretty pathetic!

All in a matter of time... (Jon Anderson, 1982)


Date:    Fri, 26 Mar 93 20:03 EST

I'm new to this group and am taking this chance to say hello to
everyone.  I have only been to one Rush concert, but it was my
first big concert and will always stand out.  (Even if it hadn't
been my first, it would still do so because it was so much better
been my first, it would still do so because it was so much more              
awesome than any other i've seen since.)  It was an outdoor
concert on a fine summer night in Charlotte, N.C., there were many
mind altering substances, and Rush was at its finest.
Ever since I've been a devout fan.
                           -Keith Conn
                            Clemson, SC


Date: Sat, 27 Mar 1993 07:00:22 -0700 (MST)
From: Guy K Mcarthur 
Subject: Branch Davidain Top Ten!

	As you most probably know, federal agents attempting to serve a
warrant on an obscure religious cult in southern texas were engaged in a
vicous gun battle which killed several people. The FBI has held the camp
in seige now for several weeks. Recently, as you may have seen on the
news, they are attempting psychological warfare on the cult (the "Branch
Davidians") by blasting a variety of music at them with maximum volume.
The music includes heavy metal as well as other stuff such as Tibetian
chants. Finally, the agents hit upon the perfect music to talk some sense
into the cultists... rush. The following songs were selected and some of
the lyrics were subtly altered in order to make the trapped
cultists realize the folly of their struggle, give up their weapons, and
surrender peaceably. Here then, are the top ten songs selected...

	#10. FLY BY NIGHT (" by night, away from here...")
	#9. FREEWILL (apparently, the cultists have chosen not to decide)
	#8. WHAT YOU'RE DOING ('we know what you're doing, see you
standing there with your weapons in the air.')
	#5. THE ENEMY WITHIN (and the rest of the "Fear" trilogy including
	#3. BRAVADO ('you will pay the price and we will count the costs.')
	#2. The "HOLD YOUR FIRE" album (!)



Date: Sat, 27 Mar 1993 10:57 EDT
Subject: baseball and rush

I know that this subject is sort of old now and im sure that this
rush baseball connection has already been mentioned but if it hasn't id like
to mention it.  Looking through the sleeve of my Signals cd I noticed that
next to everyones name there a position listed for them(ie first base, second
base etc.)  Just figured id add my two cents.  I also have a question about
something i noticed about some of the album sleeves.  On Roll the bones, presto
and some other album which i cant think of at the moment, in the credits it
says "Brought to you by the letter__"  The three letters that i found were
M, D, and B.  Does this mean anything or is it just the band being funny?
thanks and later
bill"we shall call you cygnus"conley
ps. any new news about the new album?????  8)


Date: Sat, 27 Mar 1993 13:10:46 -0500
From: Sister Ray 
Subject: Re: More trivia...For the trivia minded

I asked about the Metallica reference on several weeks
back; the only responses I got were that Met really dug Rush and/or
that they saw Rush as the band they were most like (not really sure
on that last one...)

As for plywood, I don't know _where_ it's played, but if you're
wondering _how..._

>From the FAQ:

How does Neil play plywood?

   "Well you wear gloves so as not to get splinters, you take a piece of
   1/4" plywood, and smack it down HARD on the top of a wooden stool.
   Very demanding, technically - took years of practice." - Neil Peart



From: (L Clator Butler Jr)
Subject: Re: to post
Date: Sat, 27 Mar 1993 13:22:01 -0500 (EST)

Hello folks...I have a question for you.

I remember in my early days of liking Rush, I went to the local record
store and looked in the Phonolog for all the albums which Rush has been
featured on.

The one which I know virtually nothing about was entitled _Hear -n- Aid_
and I believe was something kind of like _Live Aid_.  Has anybody heard
this or know what was performed on it?



From: Wayne Torman 
Date: Fri, 26 Mar 93 17:38:28 PST
Subject: RE: 20th anniversary

Well, Jethro Tull took input from some fans for their twentieth
anniversary boxed set, so maybe if ALL 1700+ of us can somehow get
their attention, they might take our suggestions.....

On the other hand, I wonder what there really is out there that hasn't
already been released.  Other than "Sir Gawain and the Green Knight"
(or whatever it was), I've never heard of any songs that didn't make it
on their albums.  As far as I know, their album creation methods have
varied little since the early days:  1.  Camp out at a remote
residence.  2. Geddy and Alex work out music, Neil works out lyrics. 3.
 Stir well.  4.  Serve while HOT!!

This is unlike many other bands who descend on a studio for two or
three months, roll tape until they have enough overdubs to sound like
they are talented, then patch all the overdubs together and ship an
album.  This method leaves over many recorded but unreleased songs,
which are (at least) 'interesting' to hear several years later.  The
'RUSH method' on the other hand, leaves over NO songs, but produces
6-10 songs which are VERY INTERESTING to hear RIGHT NOW!!!!

The other option of course, is live material, but they have been very
dependable and consistent in releasing live stuff, so there really
wouldn't be anything SPECIAL (i.e. anniversary worthy) to put on the
thing.   I, for one, would LOVE to be involved in an anniversary
celebration memento, but I just can't imagine what would be
appropriate........Hmmmm,  how about one of those deals like they did
with Elton John, where other musicians play the featured band's material???

Yeah.... let's see.   How about:

In the Mood.... Madonna (Actually she could also do an album called
"MOVING Pictures")
A Farewell to Kings.... Garth Brooks
Circumstances.... James Brown
Roll the Bones.... Karen Carpenter (sorry)
The Rhythm Method... Frank Beard
La Villa Strangiato..... The Rolling Stones (yeah, right!)
YYZ..... Weird Al Yankovic
Anthem..... Frank Sinatra  (God, I can actually hear that one! Where's
the barf bag?)
The Temples of Syrinx.... Whitney Houston
I Think I'm Going Bald..... Midnight Oil

And my personal favorite:
Freewill...... The Mormon Tabernacle Choir!

(I enjoyed that)


Date: Sat, 27 Mar 93 17:11:00 CST
Subject: WRONG FM frequency given for K-SHE 95 in St. Louis

KSHE is 94.7; always has been and will be, hopefully.
KSD 93.7 is the "classic" rock station in St. Louis.

I like my CD player better than either of them.



Subject: Rush @ weddings
Date: Sat, 27 Mar 93 19:31:47 EST

Mark Luszcz , wrote:
>1)  Anyone out there who's married:  did you play Rush at your >wedding??
>Just curious because I'd really like to (if I get married some day)
>but Rush just wouldn't quite fit into the traditional type wedding
>thing (not that that would bother me)

>From the husband:  My wife and I (both huge Rush fans) just got married this
past November.  We didn't have any Rush played during the wedding ceremony (I
defy you to find something appropriate) or even during the reception (more
likely, but still not really appropriate).  We did, however, have the bridal
party announced while "YYZ" was playing in the background.  And we ourselves
were announced with "Where's My Thing?" fairly blasting.  It was a great
selection, and we were both more excited about the music than about making an
entrance!  It came out great on the video, too.  So, I say - go for it.  Find
a bride first, though...

>From the wife:  I must, of course, disagree with my husband about one thing.
I think playing Rush at the reception would have been extremely appropriate
(only the DJ never heard of them, poor guy!)  I love Rush and I'm a bigger
Rush fan than my hubby.  Really, I am.  His #1 favorite band is Boston (or so
he used to say).  Mine had always been and always will be the boyz!  Later.

P.S. - We got Rush involved in our wedding in another way, too.  There's a
little town not far from where we live named Rushland.  So, of course we had
to mail our wedding invitations from their post office to get the
'appropriate' postmark.


Date: Sat, 27 Mar 1993 19:06:12 -0600
Subject: just wondering...

 I was listening the other night to the grace under pressure CD and I was 
wondering what "1001001 ..." meant on the song the body electric. I did a 
research of my own and found that means " I " on ASCII code. Does give anybody 
out there any clue?
Well, that is for now...

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From: cs202113 
Subject: Subdivisions keyboard solos
Date: Sat, 27 Mar 1993 20:41:05 -0500 (EST)

Hi Rush fans.  I am looking for a transcription of the Moog solos in
Subdivisions...I'm having a hard time figuring out the real fast part
in the third measure of each one.

Does anyone have the actual notes played, or can anyone point me
towards a source?


Mike Bell


Date: 28 Mar 93 13:25:17 EST (Sun)

   Hi Rushians

    Today I came across a pamphlet circulated by a Christian
missionary in India and inturn is being circulated by some
fanatics in my institue. ( NO HARM INTENDED TO CHRISTIANS).
This pamphlet tells the harmful effects of rock music and goes
on to give names of dangerous rock groups which it says  should
be banned. I was surprised to find RUSH mentioned as one such
group. The reason it gives is as follows.

     Heavy metal megastars RUSH sing 'All the world's a stage'
The reversal reveals the words " Oh Satan, you, you are the
one who is shining wall of satan , Walls of sacrifice . I know
it's you are the one I love ."

        It really looks funny to me as I have always considered
RUSH more for its profound lyrics than for its music.
Also I wonder if such blacklisting goes on in Christian
dominated countries!!!

ganesh s.a


Subject: Opening Bands: My Opinion
From: (Phil D. Croix)
Date: Sun, 28 Mar 93 13:33:45 PST

     HEllo there Rush listeners,
I was just thinking about how nice it would be if Pearl Jam or Alice in
Chains(or both) opened for Rush on their next tour. Seriously, theses two
bands out of the Puget Sound area are VERY talented and do NOT deserved
to be lumped in with Nirvana just because they are a part of the "Seattle
sound". Listen to Pearl Jam and you will hear that all the players fit
together beautifully. These guys are the real stuff and I see them as a
young band now like Rush was with their first album(except Rush didn't
get shameless promotions from an ultra-left, commie PC, one sided TV
station like MTV. I've heard about a comment that NP made about Pearl
Jams drummer(S) that basically said that he was one of the few drummers
around in a new band that knew what he was doing. That doesn't seem to
far off.
        About this Sting-Geddy-who's better-than-who-my dad can beat up
your dad-stuff, I think that if a bassist(drummer or guitarist) can fill
in the space needed to make good sounds and do it gracefully(this is what
Sting AND Geddy do), than they definately ARE a good bassist. If a
drummer can keep a good beat, then he is a good drummer. In my opinion,
there is no BEST anything. There simply cannot be on person who is better
than another when it comes to musical instruments. Who sets the standards
on what should be good bass playing, and why do we have to judge it by
this ONE persons playing. Music is supposed to be an expression that
comes straight from the heart, so why should we look at only a few
people's musical expressions when there are millions of people expressing
their music in their own distinct way.
        Frank Beard is a good drummer, simply because he can keep a beat.
But he is either a really lazy player or unimaginative or both but he
serves his purpose. Neil Peart is an EXCELLENT drummer, and you all know
about this guy and what he can do.

          Eagerly awaiting the release of this intense new album,
especially because it is being produced by on of the best, Peter

Matthew Van Horn

Long live his politically incorrectness, Rush Limbaugh!


Date: 28 Mar 93 18:18:10 EST
From: Philip.S.Augur@Dartmouth.EDU (Philip S. Augur)
Subject: Presto Spine

I just noticed that my girlfriend's Sting Soul Cages CD that she got from BMG
(so it's not the card board case) also has the spine backwards--and it's not
perforated. Bummer for her.


Date: Sun, 28 Mar 1993 19:17 EDT
Subject: the poll is complete!!

Well folks, after a long hard week of collecting ideas for rush
openers, i must say that i have gotten some real interesting concepts:
here they are:
(they are grouped by individuals responses in no particular order)

-ufo , michael shanker
-triumph,marillon,dream theater
-the violent femmes
-kate bush, phish
-dream theater
-king crimson,yes
-the barenaked ladies
-rush by themselves
-cocteau twins,godflesh,fates warning,dreamtheater,spinal tap,living colour,
 and joe satriani
-lenny kravitz
-jethro tull
-damn yankees,david lee roth, brian may
-kings x
-dream theater, marillion, and primus
-rem,jethro tull,mr. big, grace under pressure
-talk talk
-dream theater, metallica,queen
I would just like to thank everyone that got involved and sent in their ideas!
Whoever it is that rush eventually picks to open up for them will hopefully
be great and who knows, maybe someones idea on this list will come true!
Personally, i would love to see dream theater and primus open for rush. A
little bit of progressive, a little bit of weird and then a whole lot of
RUSH......ahhhhh thats my dream!  Anyways, once again thanks for writing
and i hope you all had fun with this poll.
sincerely, bill"the biggest rush fan in the world"conley
ps.  I desperately need some responses to my other poll.  here's the question
in case you havent seen it:
List your top ten rush songs and your favorite album(s).
eventually when i get enough(if i get enough) i will post the results.
send your lists to bill at:
thanks again


From: (Donald Petrille)
Date:         28 Mar 93 20:36:41
Subject:      A good radio station

For those of us stuck in the abyss known as Tidewater, Virginia,
whether we are militarily, educationally, or just plain stuck here,
the radio station that plays the MOST Rush by far is FM 99 WNOR,
Norfolk.  They can be received in Parts of North Carolina and all of
Virginia from Richmond to Norfolk.

Does anyone, off the top of their head know any songs Rush has about
the drudgeries of college life (i.e. working so hard for what seems
like so little).  Please don't shoot Subdivisions at me, because that
is obviously about high school/ jr. high life.  I was trying to rack
my brain thinking of a rush song like that to play while I was
studying this afternoon, and came up with nothing.


Date:        Sun, 28 Mar 93 22:22:15 EST
From: "(Gerry Good)" 
Subject: Absalom

Sorry John, you were off a bit.  Absalom was King David's son, who led a
rebellion against him.  While fleeing, his hair caught in a low-hanging
branch, and David's captain of the guard rode up and stabbed him,
killing him.  The story is in First or Second Samuel, I think.
Howz about a CD update?  Will it be available soon, (before May 8 as
that is when school ends for me) so I can get one?
|Gerry Good -- (Whew!)      |
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| we know!" -- Tom Servo                                        |


Date: Sun, 28 Mar 1993 23:39:49 -0600
From: Jason Crawford 
Subject: Yep, Another Rush/Radio Post

Hey TNMS-ers!!  Tonight on the local Peoria radio station, they are
playing classic albums.  Guess what, tonight, they happen to be playing
Moving Pictures in its entirety!  It is pretty cool.  On the way
home from St. Louis today, I heard Freewill three times!!  Anyway,
just adding to Rush on the Radio.  I have even started to change
my girlfriend into a Rush fan.  Don't worry, I will!!  Her favorite
song is Spirit of the Radio.  She listens to that crap (in my opinion)
like Erasure and fake groups that don't even make their own music.
There is hope and I *WILL* enhance her opinion to appreciate reall
quality music such as Rush!!  Talk to you guys/girls later.


[][][][][]  [][]  [][]  [][][][][]  [][]       -- "He's got a road map
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[][]        [][][][][]  [][][][][]  [][]  [][] --  the river banks..."
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Date: Sun, 28 Mar 93 22:24:18 PST
From: johnlee@sirius.UVic.CA (John  Lee)
Subject: Correction (Absalom)

	Just thought I'd correct what I said about the origination of 
"Absalom, Absalom" in issue 650.  Not only did I discover my mistake when 
after checking "Absalom" in the DictionaryI got home that night, but I got 
some mail to the effect that:

>	Concerning "Absolom," he was indeed a character from the Bible, but he
>was David's son, not Noah's.  He killed his half-brother for raping their
>half-sister.  Then, he tried to over-throw David and get the throne.  A
>battle resulted, and (against David's wishes) Absolom was killed.  David
>grieved for his son by lamenting, "Absolom, Absolom, my son."  I have thought
>about this story's connection quite a bit.  Perhaps it is about David, and how
>he had the "weight of the world" on his shoulders and he was worrying about
>Absolom.     (From: teri piatt )

A wave of the wand and a tip of the hat to:
-Webster's New World Dictionary
-The Gods of E-Mail

Having averted a possible world crisis (send thank-yous to above addresses),

Another point of interest:

>As for YYZ, I heard that the syncopated drum beat had something
>to do with the Morse Code for "yyz."  ??

It sounds quite possible.  I have never checked.  I did read in a biography of 
Rush that the airport in Toronto had a major impact on the song's creation.

	So Rush didn't attend the Junos again.  What can you expect?  Come on, 
it's not like they didn't have better things to do!



Subject: A post in alt.netgames.bolo
Date: Mon, 29 Mar 93 8:12:21 GMT
From: Dominic Binks 

	Subject: Re: How do you kill Distant Early Warning?

Is this an important reference or what ?



From: (Jamie E. Bruhn)
Subject: Rush on the Radio
Date: Mon, 29 Mar 1993 02:43:22 -0600 (CST)

Hey gang,

I actually heard Lakeside Park on this little cheesy radio station out in
the middle of nowhere Minnesota! I couldn't believe it. It made my day!



Date: Mon, 29 Mar 93 11:52 GMT
Subject: Rush on the Radio (UK) , Primus , etc

Hi fellow Rush fans !

In digest 649 there was a posting about Rush on the Radio in the UK, by Dominic
Binks. He recalls the playing of a truly awesome Rush concert on Radio 1 about
8 years ago or so....

>Rush have been played on Radio 1 I heard once on the Friday Rock show when
>that was all there was (2 hours 10pm - 12 am Friday Night for our foreign
>friends). But what I heard was quite phenomenal - A Radio 1 recording of a live
>show circa Hemispheres.

I actually copied that concert - it included the entirety of 2112 and
Hemispheres amongst other things and was nearly an hour long. I played it lots
until my tape deck decieded that it also liked it, and *ate* it !!

As I recall it was recorded at "the Pink pop festival" in Holland on the
Hemispheres tour. Since then I have never heard Hemispheres played live
anywhere . I was wondering if any other UK Rush fans have got a copy, or
whether we should deluge Alan (fluff) Freeman at the BBC to play it again so we
can all tape it ??

I note there has been quite a bit of talk about Primus. When I saw them
supporting Rush last year I can only say that I was singularly unimpressed.
Granted the bass player can do his thing very well *but* the band just does not
hang together (IMHO of course), there is just not the cohesiveness about the
band you would expect. It is almost as if each of the individuals were playing
solos all at once. The crowd at the Birmingham NEC were less than impressed,
and while they weren't boo'd off stage certainly the loudest cheer came when
they announced it was their last song.

Rush at weddings: nice idea - unfortunately my fiance doesn't think the same
way ... shes like Meatloaf !!

all for now folks

and Wales is definitely not sunny today !

*                              James Taylor                                   *
*     "...for the words of the prophet were written on the sutdio wall ..."   *
*                                                   *
*                                formerly                                     *
*                        *


Date: Mon, 29 Mar 93 08:21 EST
Subject: Who Is This Absalom Dude!

In The National Midnight Star, Number 650, johnlee@sirius.UVic.CA
(John  Lee), writes that Absalom was Noah's son.  Sorry, but,
Absalom was King David's son.

Absalom revolted against King David (the one who killed Goliath).
King David's Mighty Men (sounds like a wrestling team, doesn't it!)
killed Absalom when his long hair was caught in a tree and suspended
him above the ground. (A little object lesson for those of our
readers with longer haircuts).

King David mourned Absalom by crying his name out for some
period of time at the palace.  Generally upsetting the staff
and driving away the tourist trade....

In the FAQ, NP states he like the sound of the word and that's
why it was included in the song...

Mike Herlihy,

My favorite RUSH song is "Freewill".  A great statement about
taking responsibilty for your destiny. Also, AL kicks some major
butt in the guitar solo!!!


Date: Mon, 29 Mar 1993 10:20:15 -0500
From: Scott David Daly 
Subject: new album title!

Hi there,

	I just spoke with a friend who just heard from a reliable
source that the working title of the new album IS "Critical Mass".

	This refers to something involved in nuclear reactions (I
won't even TRY to say exactly what because I'm not real sure!).  It
also has been used in large corporations to refer to the minimum
number of people required to complete a for thought...

	Note that this is a WORKING title.  This means it could
change before release (e.g. Permanent Waves was originally called



Date: Mon, 29 Mar 1993 10:23:46 -0500
From: Scott David Daly 
Subject: COS "lost lyrics"!!!

Hi all!

	I just found a guy who has a test pressing of COS.  He said
that when he got it, it looked unopened, so he opened it up to take a
look.  Inside were HAND-WRITTEN lyrics (like the ones in FBN with the
drawings at the top of each song)!!!  A few of the songs supposedly
have extra lines that are crossed out (but presumably still
readable)!!!   He's going to send me a xerox, so when I get it, I'll
send Jimmy and Meg some info for FTP!



Date: Mon, 29 MAR 93 16:20:34 GMT
Subject: Rush on British radio

Hi Fellow Rushians!!!

I just wish that we in England were as lucky as you guys over the big pond!
We never ever hear Rush on the radio here.  In fact the only time I've ever 
heard Rush onthe Radio was La Villa Strangiato!  That was on Radio One!

Anyway that's my 0.02 pence worth!!!



From: umnevile@ccu.UManitoba.CA
Subject: BLerg!
Date: Mon, 29 Mar 93 9:46:15 CST

> Well, I don't know anything about Jaco Pastorius, but I have lots of
> problems with the Geddy better than Sting statement.  Personally, I
> can't provide any kind of rankings in terms of what groups/artists I
> like.  It could be argued that Geddy is a better bass player technically
> than Sting, but that's another story.

My opinion is this:  Geddy is a better all around bassist than Sting, but
Sting is still very good.. I would point to "Masoaka Tanga" (I think
that's the spelling) on their first album.. that's a very cool bass song.

(BTW, Jaco Pastorius is the bassist from "Weather Report", and he did solo
stuff as well.  He played a fretless, and he was, in a word, incredible.
I'd agree with whoever it was that said he's a level or two above Geddy.
Some of his stuff is.. like..  well, not to be believed.)

> On the topic of sampling Rush, does anyone have any good suggestions?

How about "We have assumed control.." from the end of 2112?  Just a
thought.. if you're looking for something to make a melody, what I think
would be cool would be the very beginning section of 'Cygnus X-1' (from
AFTK) where just Geddy is playing.. if you were to sample just one riff
and repeat it rhythmically with some sort of electronic beat, hey, I'd
dance.  :>

> From:
> Is there anyone who knows an alternative way to play the bass solo in
> La Villa Strangiato?  I have the transcription from Guitar for the
> Practicing musician but It just doesn't sound right to me.

The solo in the bass tab at is right, I think.

A quick question:  Does anybody here have any experience petitioning Rush?
They haven't been to Winnipeg since Moving Pictures, and I think it's
time they come back.


From: "Michael J. Miller" 
Subject: Rush, Primus, and Dream Theater
Date: Mon, 29 Mar 93 13:46:48 CST

Hello, Rush fans!

I think that this might explain something about Primus using YYZ in their song.
You see, Geddy and Primus' bassist are good friends.  They go fishing once
in a while.  So it really shouldn't be surprising that they use Rush's stuff.
Also, Primus has opened for Rush before.  And speaking of openings, I agree
with everyone that thinks Dream Theater should open for Rush.  One of my
friends who thinks Rush is the greatest group of all times now thinks that
Dream Theater puts on an even better show than Rush did!



Date: Mon, 29 Mar 1993 13:50:35 -0600
From: "Hoke John A." 
Subject: Illinois RUSH and Bones

  Just a quick correction on the frequency for KSHE 95 out of St. Louis for
that gentleman a few days ago.  The correct frequency would be 94.7 MHz for
KSHE 95.... in Illinois the frequency for WZNS is 95.3, so perhaps that is
where the confusion lies.  WZNS spans from just about an hour south of
Chicago to an hour out of St. Louis on dual frequencies 95.3 and around 108 MHz.
The management regrets any inconvenience this may have caused.  Both are
GREAT Rush playing stations and for AOR/Classic rock.

  And remember, it doesn't have to be good to be a classic as far as radio
station's other selections besides Rush goes.

  One other query.... has anyone ever found/guessed/inferred any reason for
the particular faces of the "bones" on the RTB cover.  The numerous 3's are
most obviously symbolic of the guys, and the black bones are run in decending
order downwards.  Down near the bottom where everything "decays" things get
a little different.  Any explanations?  Ideas?



From: "Christopher C. Johnson" 
Subject: MA Radio Stations
Date: Mon, 29 Mar 1993 15:14:30 -0500 (EST)

Well, also for those of you around the Massachusetts area (particularly the
Northeast of MA), there are more stations than just WAAF(107.3) and WCGY(93.7)

I don't know how these stations come in elsewhere in MA, but I can get them
along the NH border...

WZLX(100.7)  Boston, MA
WGIR(101.1)  Manchester, NH
WHEB(100.3)  Portsmouth, NH (?)
WBCN(104.1)  Boston, MA

All of these have Rush content on a semi-regular basis...
I think WAAF has the most, but as far as overall station quality goes, I think
WCGY or WZLX is the best...

Begin the day with a friendly voice                    |
A companion unobtrusive				       |          His
Plays that song that's so elusive		       |       Fowlness,
And the magic music makes your morning mood...         |
                                        --Rush         |


Date: Mon, 29 Mar 1993 15:27:18 EST
Subject: Rush on radio; Rush/Queensryche; RTB

Two radio stations here in Gainesville, FL, WRUF-FM 103.7 (Rock 104) and
WRRX 97.7 (97-X), play Rush a little better than occassionally.  Rock 104
plays mostly mainstream (Limelight, Tom Sawyer, TSOR, Freewill, FBN, Ctth,
Working Man) and RTB (Dreamline, Ghost of a Chance, RTB, Bravado) with a
less-frequently heard song here and there ( Finding My Way, Show Don't Tell,
New World Man).  However, they frequently play Rush on their "5 o'clock Rock
Block."  Las Thursday (3/25) they played Show Don't Tell, Tom Sawyer,
Subdivisions, FBN, The Big Money.  On Sunday nights they play two entire 
albums. I've heard Presto and ASOH on two separate occassions.

The other station I mentioned, 97-X, plays more "obscure" Rush tunes but less
frequently than Rock 104--2112 (I've heard all of track 1 twice) and Mystic
Rhythms from ASOH (also twice).

Thought you may enjoy reading this.   :)

IMO, Queensryche has been influenced to some degree by Rush.  Peter Collins
(PoW, HYF and next album) produced Queensryche's Operation:  Mindcrime and
Empire albums.  James "Jimbo" Barton (?) was the engineer on the aforemen-
tioned albums and will probably work on Rush's next album.  Also, Howard
Ungerleider (sp?) was the light engineer on Q-ryche's Empire tour.  Anyway,
based on the sound of the Collins-produced Q-ryche albums, IMHO the next Rush
album indeed will be intense.

Lastly...  Dreamline was the first release off of RTB (not the track RTB).
Record labels generally release the first "single" 1-2 weeks before the album
to "pump up" the market (and, hence, increase album sales and airplay).  Other
examples include Def Leppard's "Let's Get Rocked," Peter Gabriel's "Digging in
the Dirt," and Q-ryche's "Empire."  All of these songs preceded album release
by at least one week.  (This is in response to Aaron Silverman's question/
statement in the last NMS.)

I hope I haven't rambled too much.  Thanks for listening.

P.S.  How do I create a .sig file?  Private E-mail please.

Rob Ford - College of Architecture, University of Florida
Dreamline on IRC

"Time is a gypsy caravan, steals away in the night to leave you stranded in
Dreamland"--Neil Peart


Date: Mon, 29 Mar 1993 15:42:45 -0500 (EST)
From: John Michael Santore 
Subject: Rush pilgrimage

OK... I have a lot of stuff this time, so please excuse this length of
this post.

I just got back from my spring break where me and my girlfriend drove
around the east coast (DC, Philly, NYC, upstate NY) and we had time to
head up to Canada (figured we'd have a Rush pilgrimage as both of us
are big Rush fans.) We were fortunate enough to see a bunch of Rush
related sights in Canada. (Plus I wanted to check out the Convention
stuff... I saw the hotel, etc...)

1) Lakeside park.... after putzing around for a while in St.
Catharines we actually managed to find it.  It was really foggy out,
but it was really neat.  There is NO sign that says 'Lakeside Park'
but it does have a lighthouse (hard to find actually... it's not this
huge thing so it made the place a bit more difficult to find (our
directions were sketchy and we drove around for a bit more than a half
hour looking for this damn lighthouse :) and a pier and the Merry Go
Round.  The whole place is kind of cool, although I wish it was a bit
warmer and less wet and foggy when we got there.  I've included
directions to Lakeside park for anyone else that wants to know how to
get there.  I know a set are in the FAQ but I'll post mine anyway
incase those are tricky or difficult. (we didn't use them.. we winged
>From Niagra Falls:
	Take Main St. to the Q.E.W. and take it towards Toronto
	Get off at St. Catharines Niagra St. exit and go right (North)
	Go down aways and make a left on Linwell St.
	Take this to Lakeport St. (It's directly behind a high school)
	Take a right and follow this to the end. It eventually turns
		into Lock Rd. Take this to the end.
	Theres a thing for the Port Dalhousie Yacht Club. This is
	right next to Lakeside Park (the parking lot is behind the
	restaurants there.)  Hopefully this helps.

2) Toronto
	Danforth and Pape intersection. This is really cool! This is
		a heavily Greek section of Toronto, and even the
		street names are written in English and Greek.  The
		actual intersection has a donut place (there are LOTS
		in Canada) like two banks and a random store.
	Massey Hall.  This was much cooler than I anticipated.  I
		expected some crusty old small venue, but this place
		actually appeared o have some charm.  I forget the
		address but it's like a block E of Yonge St. around
		Dundas St. give or take a few blocks
	Anthem Records, I could NOT find this... the address is
		something Carlton St. and after going the full length
		two or three times, I still couldn't find the damn
		place.  Oh well

3) Rheostatics (grabbed this at Sam's Records off Yonge St. cool rcord
store *plug plug*): Neil plays on like 3 tracks.  This album IMHO really
sucks.  The drums stuff is OK and he has a neat solo in the song Guns.

Other than that, Toronto was a cool city, we had a lot of fun, and
there was NOT a whole lot of records stores with lots of Rush stuff.
All I got was a few patches... pretty lame for Rush's 'home' city.

Oh well, sorry if this sounds kind of dead... I just got back from break
and I'm not looking forward to dealing with the shitload of stuff I have
to mess with.

					-John Santore

The Abbreviated .sig of John Santore       John Santore (

Rush-Yes-King Crimson-Emerson, Lake and Palmer-Marillion-Genesis (w/ Gabriel)


Date: Mon, 29 Mar 93 14:48:51 CST
From: andrew kenneth culver 
Subject: RE: More trivia...For the trivia minded

Regarding your question about Neil's use of plywood on Moving Pictures:

	You know in the guitar solo of YYZ when you keep hearing something
that sounds like a baseball going through your neighbor's window?
	Well supposedly this sound was created by Neil bashing a chair with a
piece of plywood.  How he managed to get a sound like shattering glass is
totally beyond my comprehension, but this is what they say.  I don't remember
where I read/heard this.  Maybe in the B-man.

		-- Andy C


Date: Mon, 29 Mar 93 14:50:24 CST
From: andrew kenneth culver 
Subject: GIF files

Could someone please tell me how to view GIF files?  I know how to download
files, but the info is all in machine language gibberish.  How do I convert
it to something useful?

   [ You need to have some type of gif viewer in order to see the pictures.
     What you need depends on the type of computer you're trying to view it on. 
     Of course.. you can always convert it to postscript and print it.... If 
     you need more info on this, please send me e-mail.   	    : rush-mgr ]

 	Thanks,   Andy C


Date: Mon, 29 Mar 1993 15:53:17 -0500 (EST)
From: John Michael Santore 
Subject: Rush Convention Reminder

Just a brief reminder that the Rush convention deposit deadline is Apr
17th.  I don't have very many deposits and if you want this thing to
happen you really may want to get them to me soon (I need at least 100
to make this thing fly... I don't even have CLOSE to that now...) .  I
have also reposted the Convention Announcement so that contains details
on the convention for those who missed it.  Don't hesitate to send me
mail or even CALL me (all thats in the Convention announcement.  I will
add that I checked out Lakeside Park and the Hotel when I was in Toronto
last Friday (went up there for break) and things DO look cool as far as
that stuff goes.  Sorry if I sound bitchy, just I'm kind of disappointed
that I didn't get a higher response.  

					-John Santore

Abbreviated .sig of John Santore 	 	John Santore 


Date: Mon, 29 Mar 1993 15:55:06 -0500 (EST)
From: John Michael Santore 
Subject: Repost: Official NMS convention announcement


    O F F I C I A L   N M S   C O N V E N T I O N   A N N O U N C E M E N T


The First Annual NMS Rush Fans Convention is being held this summer in

It will be Friday - Sunday, June 25-27, 1993 at the Hotel Ibis in
downtown Toronto (couple of blocks from Massey Hall).

Aside from hanging out and partying with fellow fans of the greatest
band in the world (and maybe taking a side trip or two to Danforth and
Pape or somethign like that), there will be a few main events.

1) Picnic at Lakeside Park.  Transportation to and from the park will be
provided, as will food.  This will happen Saturday morning/afternoon.

2) A Rush tribute band, Rushour will perform a three hour (actually
closer to four) set of Rush material.  This set will contain songs from
every Rush album to this point (and maybe a few special things).  I've
seen them myself and they are quite good.

3) There is a decent possibility of a Guest Speaker.  I've spoken with
Anthem Records and I just have to iron out some details with them.  

Registration for the convention is as follows:

A nonrefundable deposit of $85 dollars (per person) is required and the
for deposits is April 17, 1993 (but only the first 200 people so get 'em
in quick).

This deposit covers all convention overhead, specifically the picnic,
the band, and some miscellaneous expenses.  This also includes an
official NMS convention t-shirt (Meg is working on this and I trust that
they will be extremely cool)  I have tried to estimate prices as closely
as possible to ensure the least possible surplus, but since I can't get
a firm head count ahead of time, and the fact that the Canadian/American
dollar exchange rate is not fixed, there may be leftover money.  *ALL*
leftover money will be donated to the Rush fanzine A Show of Fans and a
charity specified by Anthem records speaking on behalf of Rush.  I will
personally make *absolutely no profit* on this venture.  Detailed
financial accountings will be made available upon request.

I realize that some people live in the Toronto area, and may be able to
make some of their own accommodations, however the only thing that may
be any different is tranportation to and from Lakeside Park.  Thus for
anyone local to the area, I am willing to make a $15 reduction on the
deposit.  This reduction covers transportation.  All other costs are
event specific and I will not be able to reduce things further.   

Payment of this deposit allows your name to be put on a list of people
attending the convention. This list will be sent to the Hotel Ibis, and
will allow you to call them and make reservations at the convention rate:

    This rate is $62 (canadian) a night for a single/double
                 $72 for a triple
                 $82 for a quad

I am NOT responsible for hotel reservations.  I will, however, be sure
that upon payment of deposit, you name is added to the list for the
reduced hotel rate.   As far as people grouping up to share hotel costs,
feel free to do so, however a deposit is still required one each person
Transportation from your home city to Toronto is the responsibility of
all individuals as well.

We are limited to 200 people due to the size of the hotel facilities. 
This means that all space is on a first come, first served basis.  The
first 200 people who get their checks in to me get to go.  

I realize some of the details are a bit sketchy, however until I get a
firm head count based on this deposit, I can't finalize a lot of the
details, such as what kind of food the picnic will have, or a detailed
time schedule.  All of this will be determined later and will be sent
out to everyone attending.  Realize that I've volunteered to do this for
free, and to be honest, I never done something of this magnitude before,
so please give me a little consideration as far as some of the official
details and stuff.  I expect everything to be worked out well before the

Disclaimer: This convention does not condone illegal live recordings. 
Anyone wishing to trade such materials at the convention does so at
their own risk, and  that the convention, and the NMS will NOT be held

Please make out all checks ($85 deposit) to John Santore
and send them to 

1071 Morewood Avenue.
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

(receipts WILL be given and any deposits in excess of 200 people will be
Deadline is April 17, 1993 and there are only 200 available spots, so
first come first served.  

Please include your T-shirt size, whether or not you will be staying at
the hotel, and if you wish to provide your own transportation to
Lakeside Park.

Anyone who has any further questions or comments feel free to contact me 

John Santore
1071 Morewood Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

or via email

or via phone
(412) 268-5533

or on IRC
'/msg Slythex '
(just '/msg rushserv invite absalom' for an invite to the #p/g! channel)

                            I hope to see you there!
                                    John Santore
                              (utterly relieved to have gotten
                               to this stage in the planning)

Big Thank-yous go around the world to the following people:

Jimmy Lang, Meg Jahnke, Steve Streeter, Thomas Beaudoin, Harold Lessure,
Nick Mascari, Mike Sandoval, MIke Weintraub, Susie Kretcshmer, Glen
Reed, Dave Warner, Jamie Buckley, Matt Phillips, Eric Carlson, Pat Choy,
Tony Reynolds, Lewis Beard, Rod Harrison and anyone else who offered

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/           / /\___/   /                 Go Philadelphia Flyers!
\_____     / /        /
/         /  \_______/                   John Santore (
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