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          The National Midnight Star, Number 653

                  Thursday, 1 April 1993
Today's Topics:
		Read the FAQ! Read it! Or Die!
		     Guitar Research/Poll
		 Metallica and Repeat Posts
	   YYZ shattering sound, & old pictures of Geddy
	Close encounters of the shirt kind and live albums
			Rush and Rush
		   Hear'n'Aid & Moog(?)-solo
		   Afterimage on Dutch radio
		     Favorite Band Poll
		        Rush FAQ list
		       zip's and gif's
		   Limelight transcription
		      ESL video date?
	     Hemispheres concert opening "song"
   		   Chicago '78 question
		    Gold CD/YYZ/Misc
	    	nastybadawful  rumor...
	 	My last desperate plea!
		   New Album Update!
      RTB cover - Signals tour name - HYF juggler picture
	       Is Clinton the New World Man?
Date: Thu Apr  1 12:50:57 EST 1993
Subject: Administrivia

This is the 2nd part of the digest for today.

Not really a gripe but let's keep list from turning into a political
analyst column.  All articles involving politics are put at the end of
the digest.  I say the best forum for that would be email.  Thanks for

Also a lot of people are talking about mailing out the FAQL to new
subscribers, this sounds like a good idea and might actually start doing
it.  Thanks for the suggestion.



Date:        Tue, 30 Mar 93 11:58:19 CST
From: "(Gerry Good)" 
Subject: Read the FAQ! Read it! Or Die!

This is kind of a bitch-post, but I am really sick of seeing some of the
same questions, and "Did you know this..." type of things being posted.
Look people, nearly ALL of this stuff is in the FAQ.  PLEASE read it, it
is chock full of stuff like this.  For example, lately I have seen the
"1001001 is I in ASCII" posted about five gazillion times in the last
two weeks, too bad I already knew that.  I realize that most of this is
coming from new members, but after seeing so many repetitions, I'm just
fed up.  Rush-mgr, if possible, I suggest sending out the FAQ to new
members when they first sign up, like some other lists (MST3K, for
example.) If you are already doing this, sorry, I don't remember.  Also,
now might be a good time to send out the FAQ again.
To new members, I repeat, read the FAQ.  Thanx.
(shutting up now)
|Gerry Good -- (Whew!)      |
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|"He's got a tree!  He's got a tree!  That's not the Godzilla   |
| we know!" -- Tom Servo                                        |


Date: Tue, 30 Mar 93 13:32:51 -0500
From: (Brian Zive)
Subject: Guitar Research/Poll

Dear Rush fans,

I'm darn curious to know who your 3 favorite guitarists are other than
Alex L.  Why?  I'm just curious to see what makes Rush fans tick.

If you would, please send me your 3 favorite guitarists, in order.  There
are some stipulations though.  All 3 guitarists must be living, therefore
Jimi Hendrix would be a very bad answer.  And remember, even though Stevie
Ray is still very popular, he's dead too.  (Don't mean to be so blunt.)

Also, if you can please refrain from making anti-Eddie Van Halen remarks,
I would be very happy.  And if Alex L. isn't in your top 3, let me know that

The poll will probably go on for about 2 weeks, depending on how many
Physical Chemsitry labs I have to write up.

Thanks for your time,



Date: 30 Mar 93 14:27:13 EST
From: Thomas Regina <71530.417@CompuServe.COM>
Subject: Metallica and Repeat Posts

As I have mentioned here before, "Welcome Home (Sanitarium)" from
Metallica's "Master of Puppets" features the bass riff from Rush's
"Tom Sawyer". This is probably why M. thanked Rush in their liner notes.

Also, we long time subscribers welcome you newcomers to the list, but
I have noticed a glut of repeat trivia posts. Remember, if the trivia
is obvious, we already know about it, and you can FTP the Frequently
Asked Questions List (FAQL) to see if your trivia post is original.

And, I don't think Rush inspired Van Halen at all. Consider: Sammy Hagar
doesn't sing about anything profound, Alex is flashy but average, Michael
Anthony is just a drunken hack, and Eddy is an idiot without his guitar.
He hasn't been innovative for 10 years. I lost some respect for him when
he said he doesn't listen to new music. Rush's music would be above their

    [ Oh no, not the Van Halen Bashing again.  sigh..	:rush-mgr ]


Date: Tue, 30 Mar 93 12:54:06 PST
From: johnlee@sirius.UVic.CA (John  Lee)
Subject: YYZ shattering sound, & old pictures of Geddy

	You're right.  It does sound like glass shattering.  My impression 
was that it was a recording of someone hurling a wine glass to the floor.  
But I don't know about the plywood.  It must have been a VERY frail chair.

	I've been checking out some of the GIF files you can FTP from the 
Temples, and is it just me or does By-Tor look a wee bit undernourished in 
the old pictures?  It looks like he was a real bonerack back then.  Oh, 
well.  I guess it doesn't matter now.  Long live Geddy Lee!!

	[ Please keep your posts to < 80 characters a line! :rush-mgr ]

---------------------RUSH-----PINK FLOYD------BOSTON----------------------------



Date: Tue, 30 Mar 1993 14:58 CST
Subject: Close encounters of the shirt kind and live albums

Just had someone come up to me and compliment me on my shirt (my
NMS shirt, that is!) This person was into the Net and a semi-Rush fan,
but had never heard of the NMS...I told him about it, and he thought
the idea of the NMS and of the T-shirts was really "cool" (to use his
word :-) and so we may have a new subscriber!

   [ That's pretty cool.  Has anybody had any run in stories about the shirt 
     and other Rush fans?  PS. For shirt info mail
     Just wait till next tour!!!!			   :rush-mgr ]

		*	*	*

In yesterday's NMS, someone discussed what material Rush might choose
to release on a 20th anniversary retrospective...this person said that
Rush had been pretty decent at releasing live material. I agree that
the ration of 1 live album for every 4 studio releases is a good ratio,
but Rush has done very poorly in actually *filling* the live albums...
Where is Natural Science, Analog Kid, Limelight, or The Enemy Within?
Instead we get Closer to the Heart, twice! One of the reasons I collect
Rush "rarities" is to get some of the material from a live concert. I
bet if Rush released some more live material, bootlegging would decrease

Anyway, all for now!

Mike Silverman

6 DAYS til Opening Day!!!!!!


Date: Tue, 30 Mar 1993 15:08 CST
Subject: Rush and Rush

	This is one of my biggest pet peeves...I'll be somewhere, and
someone I am totally not expectic to says something like "Oh, I'm going
back to the office to listen to Rush." Needless to say, I am happy to
hear of another Rush fan...Once (the first time this happened) I asked
the person what his favorite song was, and got looked at like I just
beamed down from Neptune! Then the truth hit me...sad, but true, these
people are referring to that conservative gasbag of a radio host, Rush

	Is there any way to petition him to change his first name...we
don't want the fine name of our favorite band sullied! :-)

Liberal to the death!
-Mike Silverman

Chicago Cubs: 1993 National League East Champions


Date: Tue, 30 Mar 93 13:49 MDT
Subject: Hear'n'Aid & Moog(?)-solo

To the other people of Rushia,

Someone asked about an Hear'n' Aid album and what Rush song was on it.
Well, the HnA was a Heavy-metal version of Live Aid organised by Mr.
Ronnie James Dio (Rainbow, Black Sabbath). Several HM-famous guys played
& sang on one track called _Stars_ (HM-We aeavy Metal We are the world 8^)
include: Yngwie Malmsteen, Ted Nugent, Vivian Cambell, Adrian Smith&Dave
Murray (Maiden) , Geoff Tate, Spinal-Tap-guys etc etc. Unfortunately
the Terrific Three were not on the song :^( The rest of the album were songs
of other HM bands : Scorpions (Very cool live version of _the Zoo_), Jimi
Hendrix (_Can you see me_ or something like that), Dio, Y&T, Motorhead, some
other bands I cannot think of at the moment AND.......Rush.

The Rush Song on the album is _Distant Early Warning_ recorded at the P/G tour
and is a quite good one also. I think I heard the version again on the Prime
Mover-12" (the one with the _3D_Cover) but I'm not sure.

About the Moog-solo someone asked : 1st. I do not think it's a Moog but an
Oberheim or something but definitely not a moog (IMO).
2nd. I own _Rush Complete Volume 1_ and _... Volume 2_ and this contains
all the rushsongs upto PoW for piano & voice. Subdivisionis one of them.
The solo is partly transcribed in it. The 1st solo is complete and the
second one (the one before the guitar solo) is not but this is a variation on
the 1st one. If you (donot remember who you are :( mail me i could mail you
more info on _Rush Complete_ or more specific info on the solo's

That's it (sorry for the long post)
ho hooooo,

P.S. Rush is NEVER played on the radio in Holland :(((


Date: Tue, 30 Mar 93 14:41 MDT
Subject: Afterimage on Dutch radio

I knew that this was going to happen: One hour after I posted the message
that they NEVER play Rush on the dutch radio I hear a very familiar AEGF-
chord intro on the radio : Afterimage.

Guess I should have done it earlier and I should do it a lot more
from now on 8^)

They never play Rush on the Dutch Radio .........................
Damn, it doesn't work 8^)

CU All,
ho hooooo


Date: Tue, 30 Mar 1993 16:11:16 -0500 (EST)
From: Mark Luszcz 
Subject: Favorite Band Poll

  Well, apparently quite a few of you liked the idea.  I have about 50
responses so far.  I'll post results at the end of this week.  If you
would like to stand up and be counted, send your top 5 favorite groups
(including Rush, if they're in your top 5) to:


  Just a hint of some of the results, other than Rush (of course), many
votes are coming in for:  Marillion, Yes, Genesis, VH, Metallica and Pink
Floyd.  About 100 different groups have been mentioned, so far.

see ya!!


From: (John Becker)
Subject: Rush FAQ list
Date: Tue, 30 Mar 93 15:51:35 CST

Looking at some of the posts in almost every NMS issue, I wonder how many
subscribers ever bother to read the FAQ list? Come on people, Dan Delany puts
a lot of effort into this list, and yet the same questions keep getting asked
over and over. Spend a few minutes reading it before you ask a question next
time, and you may not only find the answer you were seeking, but probably
will learn a lot more about the group in the process.

Rush-mgr: Maybe you should consider sending the FAQ list to all new
readers as soon as you subscribe them. Just an idea.


Date: Tue, 30 Mar 93 15:15:26 PST
From: mattb 
Subject: zip's and gif's

          Greetings one and all.
          I've located a number of GIF viewers/converters on the net
          for OS2.  But I'm using a mail server to get them and I
          can't unzip them for some reason.  The files are not
          recognized as .zip files.  I know files sometimes get
          screwed up in the email process; does anybody know a
          solution to this problem?

          Many thanks,

          Opening band -- Cheap Trick
          Same name different artist -- Fly by Night off Into the
                                        Light by Ian Anderson
                                        (I think that's right?)


From: "Mike J. Bell" 
Subject: Limelight transcription
Date: Tue, 30 Mar 1993 21:01:13 -0500 (EST)

Hi, I'm looking for a transcription for the drums at the end of
Limelight, after the last chorus.

If anyone has any knowledge of or a copy of said part of the song,
please contact me.

Mike Bell (


Date: Wed, 31 Mar 1993 00:16:55 -0500 (EST)
From: Ethan Evan Prater 
Subject: ESL video date?

What's the date given on the ESL video? For example, the ASOH video says
it's from 23 April 1988, though it's really a mishmosh of shows. What is
the alleged single date for ESL?

Thanks a lot...

   Ethan Evan Prater    |    "The sign of Eth is rising in the air..."
                        |      |          -- Rush -- By-Tor and the Snow Dog --


Date: Wed, 31 Mar 93 12:09:53 BST
Subject: Hear-n-AId

>The one which I know virtually nothing about was entitled _Hear -n- Aid_
>and I believe was something kind of like _Live Aid_.  Has anybody heard
>this or know what was performed on it?

In answer to this question, yes H.n.A. was a similar thing to Live Aid, many
rock and heavy metal stars, Tony Iommi, Bruce Dickinson, Ronnie James DIo,
Rob Halford to name but a few. Now if my memory serves me right they produced
an album   and also a record  (a cover of Deep Purples 'Smoke on the Water').
These were both definately available in the UK about 5-6 years ago.  The video
of the single had Alex Lifeson playing guitar, but for the life of me I
could not tell you if  Geddy or Neil were also on the record,( hey come on
what do you expect it was   several years ago).I have seen the Album and
single in only a few second hand record shops these days and now that you
mention it I think that the next time I spot them they will have to come and
take up residence at my house.
Enough of this, I hope that somewhere in all that there is a bit of useful

Mike----Life is but a candle,
        And the dream must give it flame.		(I like that!)


Date: Wed, 31 Mar 1993 10:36:52 -0500
From: Scott David Daly 
Subject: Hemispheres concert opening "song"

Hi there...

	I was just wondering if anyone knows what that piece is that
was played at the beginning of all the Hemispheres shows (as the band
took the stage)? sounds like some classical piece or something
along those lines...anyone?

	Pull out those boots and give it a listen!



Date:    Wed, 31 Mar 1993 10:05:15 -0600 (CST)
Subject: Chicago '78 question

As many of you know, there are several tapes floating around out there for
the Chicago Hemispheres show.  I know of three that have the following dates:
12/16,12/18 and 1/8/79.  As it turned out all three are of the same show.
An argument over seats after the first song confirms this.  Now the question,
does anyone know when Rush actually played Chicago??(Hopefully someone can
consult an old Chicago newpaper achive to find out)  Geddy mentions that this
is the third night and during the encore wishes the crowd a Merry Christmas.
Based on this I would rule out the January show. By consulting the tour list,
it is possible to be either show.  Can anyone shed some light on this???



From: Jeffrey Fanelli 
Subject: Gold CD/YYZ/Misc
Date: Wed, 31 Mar 93 14:51:22 EST

Well hello all!  This is my first..  I just wanted to say thanks for setting
this up. (Mngment!)  and I hope our Toronto friends have had as much of a
positive impact/influence on all of your lives that it has mine..

I have some responses..

>       I thought I would let everyone know (if you didn't know already)
>that there may be some rare Master Recording versions (you know, the
>gold, overpriced CDs?) floating around the Southeast of
>"Moving Pictures"

What you are referring to is the "ORGINAL MASTER RECORDING" series of Moving
Pictures, it was just released about 4 months ago.  (that makes three damn
copies of MP that I have!! (One for the car, one for home, and one I spent
forty bucks on).  It is 24kt Gold Plated disc, called an Ultradisc II, (for
their second generation of gold disc technology).
It does have excellant sound quality, as do all cd's, with an appropriate hi-fi
system, one can experience its sonic improvements.

> Does anyone know where I could get some Rush cd singles.

Where you can get em depends on where you live of course, the few that I have

The last one is cool, the interview with Neil covers the making of roll the
bones, it is from the radio interview with him that was played last year, (I
think that Red Beard thing).  The 45 and the record have  parts 1 and 2 of the
interview with Alex and Geddy respecitively.. I never got em..

   [ The interview snips are all on the Roll The Bones Radio Special CD.
     There's actually more on the CD than in the singles and the picture
     LP.  If any of you subscribe to Spirit of Rush - UK fanzine (an
    excellent publication BTW), it has been transcribed in one of their
    issues.  							:rush-mgr ]

I also have "The Big Money" CDV5 video single, (it also happens to be gold), it
version of the Big Money video.. very cool. There was supposed to have been
released a similar CDV5 video single for  Time Stand Still, but from what I
have heard it was never released (anyone hear or know different?? I want it!)

One the subject of laser discs, available also are THROUGH THE CAMERA EYE, EXIT
>...STAGE LEFT, GRACE UNDER PRESSURE TOUR (really cool, has fear trilogy and

I am looking for some sort of recordings of the Presto and Roll the Bones
videos, I know they made videos for SHOW DON'T TELL, THE PASS, AND ROLL THE
BONES, (any others??), but I have never seen them available in the video store
on anything.. anyone's input on this would be greatly appreciated!!

    [ There was also a video done for SuperConductor as well.  :rush-mgr ]

Sorry to drag, I also have promo cd singles for Show Don't Tell, The Pass, and
Time Stand Still, kinda neat, nothing extra as bar as 'b-sides' or anything..

Seeyah! Jeff @ Michigan State (Go Wolverines anyways!)

    Well-weathered leather
    Hot metal and oil
    The scented country air
    Sunlight on chrome
    The blue of the landscape
    Every nerve aware!

            -Neil Peart

yeah!  Got my first speeding ticket living THAT song..


Date: Wed, 31 Mar 1993 15:45:36 -0500
From: Methuselah 
Subject: nastybadawful  rumor...

	This weekend, I heard from a semi-reliable source that Rush
will not be touring for awhile due to Neil having arthritis in his
hands!!  Anyone else hear this horrific piece of info, or is it

    [ Ah.. good to hear that the old rumor mill is still in good working
      order after all these years.  The answer of course is that Neil is
      not suffering from arthiritis, he's got cancer! :)  Just kidding,
      the band is doing fine..			 	:rush-mgr ]

---mail me!

Marshall xxxxxx
(301)314-2189       		    |  |


Date: Wed, 31 Mar 1993 17:59 EDT
Subject: My last desperate plea!

Please,please,please,please,please, send in your responses to my public
opinion poll.  Ive received quite a bit so far but not enough to make any
interesting observations.  I dare you, bombard me with your ideas.
In case you dont have the question, here it is:
List your 10 favorite rush tunes and your favorite album(s).
I will (hopefullY) post results around the end of the week so all can see!
thanks and send em in!!
bill"I love polls about rush"conley


Date:         Wed, 31 Mar 93 23:03:04 EST
From: Michael Della Bitta 
Subject:      stuff

Hey, everybody!
     This is my first post and I don't even know if this is free or if I
have to subscribe or what.  But I do know that clueless users like me usually
get busted on afterword for posting sentances like that, to consider it
deleted.  Anyway, I am posting to offer two jucy tidbits of Rush information.
1)  On the bottom of the inside cover of the Roll The Bones concert program
is a pattern made of skulls and bones.  This turns out to be Morse code.  It
Kinda scary, huh? :) You people may have already heard this, and it might be 
old news, and if it is, too bad.  anyway, on to number 2

2) I recently saw the Rush cover band Moving Pictures in a show along with a 
Hendrix band called Bold As Love at URI.  They were a dissapointment.  The
guitarist and the drummer were decent, even though they didn't capture the
feeling of a Rush concert, they were adequate.  The bassist was another thing
altogether.  He spent so musch time tripping over all of his keybord and
MIDI control stuff he forgot to play bass a couple of times.  He would just
stop and twiddle some dials for like twenty seconds.  Also his keyboards went
nuts at least three times during the show.  I guess that functioned as comic
relief.  Anyway, these guys didn't pull it off for me like the Hendrix band

- Michael Della Bitta (aka neptune) -
"For Best Results Play At Maximum Volume" - Rush
ps in response to the person who asked about letters biringing albums to us
or whatever, i was told that they looked at the lyrics and found whichever
letter came up the most and used that as the sponsoring letter.  i do not think
it is a coincidence that they just happen to be my initals in order.


Date:         Thu, 01 Apr 93 04:53:41 EST
From: A rational romantic mystic cynical idealist 
Subject:      New Album Update!

Okay, here's the deal...

I (being a music director at WVAU, 101.7 FM and 610 AM here at The
American University in Washington, DC) spoke to the kind people up
at Anthem Records in Toronto (eh) this past afternoon, and they told
me a little more info about the new album:

Tentative title: Critical Mass
Tentative release: 14 September 1993
Tentative tour starts: 5 January 1994, in Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto
Tentative cover design: Kind of a mix between a nuclear mushroom cloud over
    The U. S. Capitol Building (except that computer graphics have GREATLY
    increased the size of the Capitol so that it looks like it's about to
    burst) and an anthill... It was hard for Judy (the operator there) to
    describe it over the phone, and it's even harder to describe it second-
    hand through email...  She DID say that Hugh Syme will be collaborating
    with noted Yes-artist Roger Dean for the inlay artwork (Dean may or may
    not work on the cover, too)
Theme of the album: Something like things are so bad now we have to change
There IS a Gangster of Boats, part III written, but it's NOT an instrumental.
    Judy tells me that Neil wrote the lyrics about their sequencing computer
    and how computers are taking over modern society.
They will be recording the album at Bad Animals studio in Seattle.
Geddy has written his first set of lyrics since "Different Strings" (not
    including the group effort on Chemistry), a somewhat humourous tune about
    baseball, (dedicated to the World Champs Blue Jays, of course) called
    "Bats and Balls"
There will be a guest musician on the album: Ian Anderson, of Jethro Tull
    fame, will play guest flute on a very-Celtic influenced song tentatively
    titled "Swimming Upstream."  The lyrics aren't quite finished yet, and
    Ian Anderson may help Neil out on them.
And, finally, the band has already selected who they want as their openning
    act: Dream Theater, labelmates on Atlantic.  Rush has not ruled out two
    openning acts (the extra band would be a local prog rock band from
    each city they play).  The world tour starts, as I mentioned above,
    in January, and will last at least a year, with them playing North
    America in the winter and fall, and Europe in the spring, and Africa
    and Asia (with Australia) in the summer.

I know you are as anxious as I am for this new album!

See you in the record stores on Tuesday the 14th of September!


p.s. Oh yeah:  HAPPY APRIL FOOLS DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  :)

   [ Almost had me there :)			:rush-mgr ]

***Yes-Rush-Marillion-ELP-Genesis-King Crimson-Dream Theater-Beatles***
* Mike Weintraub, aka Jvi on IRC              "Courageous convictions *
*                         will drag the dream    *
*                           into existence"        *
* The American University, Washington DC        - Rush (NOT Limbaugh) *
***Go Philadelphia Flyers, Vancouver Canucks & Philadelphia Phillies***


Date: Thu, 1 Apr 1993 07:33:45 -0700
From: Benjamin Travis Radford 
Subject: RTB cover - Signals tour name - HYF juggler picture

Hey, hey, folks...  just a few short notes...

    Is anyone else bothered by the lack  of artistic integrity on the Roll
The Bones cover?   Don't get me wrong:   I like the cover and think it's a
cool concept  and relates well to the title.   I am referring to the space
that is covered  (or, rather,  NOT covered)  by the kid's head.  IMHO, the
cover  would be  more interesting  and  more realistic  if  the kid's head
covered one of the letters in  "Bones"  (the 'n',  if I remember).   Look,
either the  "Roll the Bones"  is supposed to be written on the wall behind
the kid or it isn't.   If it is,  then the artist/photographer should have
moved  all  the tile letters  two spaces  to the right,  thus allowing the
space between 'the' and 'bones' to be the space covered by the kid's head.
I know this is sort of nit-picky, but it has bothered me for a while and I
thought I'd mention it.  Also, anyone know who the kid is?   Is it Julian,
Geddy's son, who appeared in the p/g video?

    Does anyone know offhand  why the Signals tour was proclaimed the "New
World Tour"?   Of course, New World Man appears on that album also.   What
"new world" were they touring?   Was it a new outlook for the band or does
"new world"  refer to  a political or  cultural change?   I don't remember
anything in "Visions" about it, but there may have been.

    I am hereby offering,  for any TNMS subscriber who would like one,  an
8.5 X 11  pen-and-ink drawing of the juggler on HYF.   I have finished the
basic design,  but will not be able  to complete it until after I graduate
from college in May.   Unfortunately,  the computer  account through which
I am able to post to  TNMS will be cancelled at the time of my graduation.
If you are interested,  send a request  to my address above before May 15.
Once I get some idea of how many  people would like one,  I'll mail you my
address for a SASE.   Drawings should be ready by the end of June.   Offer
good anywhere people listen to Rush, as long as you pay the postage.

    --Did you hear about the constipated mathematician?

    --He worked it out with a pencil!
    |  \
    |__/   _    _          "No, his mind is not for rent/
    |  \  /_> |/ \          To any god or government"
    |__/  \_  |   \_________________________________________


Subject: Is Clinton the New World Man?
From: (Phil D. Croix)
Date: Wed, 31 Mar 93 17:12:45 PST

        I was listening to New World Man recently and an astonishing
coincidence. Paying close attention to the lyrics, I realized that the
subject in the lyrics could ACTUALLY be Clinton. Here are some examples:

"He's a rebel and a runner/ He's a signal turning green
 He's a restless young romantic(did somebody say Flowers?) wants to run
the big machine"

Describing Bill in his college days:
  "He's got a problem with his poisons(just LOVES them women doesn't he?)
   But you know he'll find a cure(the Press)/ He's cleaning up his
sytems(..."and I didn't like it and I didn't inhale.")
   To keep his nature pure"

Bill wins the white house by emulating the characteristics of previous
  "Learning to match the beat of the old world man(Truman? Kennedyesque?
   "Learning to catch the heat of the third world man"--Saddam is
probably licking his chops this very minute because it is a smooth sail
back to tyranny and an easy fight against the new "caring president".

Bill finally gets into the White House and realizes that he's actually
got to work, and he doesn't have the Republicans to blame anymore for
every thing that goes wrong:
   "He's got to make his own mistakes and learn to mend the mess he
makes" Looks like Bills off to a good start with messes. Two months to
appoint a freaking Attorny General?? He still doesn't have all of his
cabinet in place, not to mention the total absence of an ambassador to
Russia, the country we are supposed to be having some big talks with!

Some more similarities:
   "He's old enough to know what's right(that's questionable)
    But young enough not to choose it/ He's noble enough(meaning"kiss
Ass") to win the world but Fool enough to lose it" And he WILL lose it...

Bill comes into our homes each night.....:
  "He's a radio receiver tuned to factories and farms"
    --"Please, you need to CONTRIBUTE(pay more taxes) to the betterment
of the country(making you more dependent on the government), Oh please,
you are unpatriotic if you don't want to CONTRIBUTE!"

What has he done so far?:
   "he's a writer(he sure wrote some tax increases pretty quick)
    an arranger("Sure Keith, you can go back into the Navy, even though
your peers do not like you and will refuse to work with you and others
like you...") and a young boy bearing arms"-Well, technically, Clinton
NEVER bore arms. In fact, he protested in MOSCOW of all places, against
his own country. That used to be called TREASON, butso what? Now he's our
president. And now the boy who did some dodging is bearing ALL the arms
in the world.

 "Trying to save the day for the Old World Man"--"Sure, Hatian boat
people, I won't deny your entry into America....even though your boats
will not make it and a number of you will die needlessly on the ocean.
SURE! Come on it!
*The very next day*
  " I'm sorry but you Hatians just can't come in. I canged my mind. You
say that 400 Hatians have just been reported killed in the rough seas
they tried to cross? Oooops! They didn't think I was serious did they??"

And to wrap it up, this ays it all:
   "He' not concerned with yesterday(then I guess he forgot what happened
when the last Tax and Spent democrat got into office. Maybe keywords such
as UNIMPLOYMENT and INFLATION can jog his apathy.)
   "He knows constant change is here today"--well that's what they
campaigned on isn't it? Change. But did you want it for the better or the
worse? Seems like you all voted for the latter.

   "He's noble enough to know what's right But weak enough not to choose
it"-- Sure, he MAY want to help this country, but he is spending TOO much
time listening to all the special interest groups that helped him get
elected, and now he has to pay them all off so they'll shut up.

   "he's wise enough to win the world" --Yeah, he won all your
confidence, and at the same time he's got you all feeling good about
paying higher taxes and CONTRIBUTING your fair share. Sure, it takes the
money right out of your pockets so you have LESS to spend, but you all
seem to like CONTRIBUTING.
   "But fool enough to lose it--
    He's a New World Man..."

   He WILL lose it.

I wonder who Neil Peart had in mind when he wrote the lyrics to this
song. It was written exactly ten years ago, right after the Carter years.
Funny how the same lyrics written then can apply to the way things are
being ran now. It looks like we just took a BIG step BACKWARD.
Sometimes I also wonder if Neil saw this coming when he wrote New World

  I welcome anyone and everyone to comment on this. I think that this
very subject will stimulate good discussion and wont be as boring as
"Rush on the Radio", or "Why does Neil wear a bandanna? Is he going

Matthew Van Horn


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