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          The National Midnight Star, Number 657

                  Tuesday, 6 April 1993
Today's Topics:
                      Rush screw-ups
                 Rush on the radio again
                      anyone know???
              Guitarist poll still goes on!!
                       Prime Mover
              Where they get "Wall of Satan"
                  Xanadu and Tai Shan...
                     New Album Cover
                       Prime Mover
                       opening band
                      2112 opener...
                   Um..what's going on?
   Hugh Syme/Coverdale Page and Anthem Records Phone #
                      Roll the Bones
                        Rush in OZ
                  Roll the Bones, part 2
            Rush and Spinal Tap-what else?!?!
                        Wal Basses
                       Prime Mover
                     Various topicals
                    This and that ...
                     Neil's notebooks
                   Prices of a Wal bass
                     Rush, of course
      Re: 04/05/93 - The National Midnight Star #655
                Critical Mass Album Cover
     Re:  04/05/93 - The National Midnight Star #655
                Radio Song Title Screw-Ups
                        Dyngus Day
                 a new poll from bill c.
                    Mistaken Identity
         Anthem Records' Address and Phone Number
                  Archives inquirey(sp)
                     One final note..
                 SPAMTHEM -- Rush parody

Date: Mon, 5 Apr 93 14:43:39 CDT
From: andrew kenneth culver 
Subject: Rush screw-ups

	I do indeed have a couple of screwups for you.  I don't know if this
was nationally botched, but one radio station in Columbus, OH (probably 96.3)
attempted to divulge the album name of RTB early.  They told Ohio (a few
months before RTB was released) that the album would be titled 'Throwing the
Stone'.  This was later modified to 'Rolling the Bone' and finally fixed a
few weeks before the release date.
	One other screwup that I believe was done by the same radio station,
or perhaps by a magazine (can someone help out here?) concerns Presto.  'Show
Don't Tell' was released as a single before the album was out, but the song
was announced as 'Show Hotel'.
	I can't think of any others right now.

	Andy C


Date: Mon, 5 Apr 1993 16:22 EDT
Subject: Rush on the radio again

I know that this is an old subject but just had to bring it up again because
im listening to WAAf in Boston right now and they are playing Subdivision.
What a nice sound.


Date: Mon, 5 Apr 1993 17:22:36 -0400
From: "Eric A. Furie" 
Subject: anyone know???

Bonjourno all Rushians!!

	Here is a stumper...does anyone out there in RushLand know how much
our friends bring in a night?  I.E. how much do they cost for a show?  Some
one recently asked me, and I had no idea, and to not no trivia about Rush goes
against the grain for if anyone has any concept.

Thanx y'all

P.S. - Please no the words of Tom Cruise (yeech!!) "I want the
truth!"  "You can't handle the turht.  Boy, ...."  Well enough is enough!
So Long!


Date: Mon, 5 Apr 93 19:13:10 -0400
From: (Brian Zive)
Subject: Guitarist poll still goes on!!

Well fellow Rush fans, if there's one thing I've learned during this
poll is that there sure are a hell of a lot of guitarists out there.
I may have to have a run off, because many guitarists are getting one
votes here and there.

If you haven't voted yet, please do!!  It's your G-D given right to do so.

I'm off to a Passover Dinner.  Pesach Sameach to all the fellow Jewish
Rush fans.  And a happy soon to be Easter to the rest of y'all.

Keep the faith,
brian zive


Date: Mon,  5 Apr 93 15:16:04 PDT
Subject: Prime Mover

I read in an interview in some issue of Canadian Musician (exact date
and vol. escape me, but it was just after HYF was released, near the
start of the tour) that the central theme of the album was "Time".
There was no direct quote from any band member so this might be a
little suspect, but after thinking about the songs for a while, I could
see the theme of "Time" (in one aspect or another) in at least half of them.

If this is indeed the theme of the album, then "Prime Mover" might
refer to Time itself.  The line, "anything can happen" can be in
reference to the thought that, given enough time, almost anything can
happen.  In this light some of the verses do make sense (at least to me
;) ), like:

Alternating currents
In a tidewater surge
Rational resistance
To an unwise urge
anything can happen

I took that to be sort of symbolic of evolution (from the tide pools to
rational conscience beings) - that given enough time it could happen.

(BTW, anyone catch the electrical engineering terms in that Neil uses
in the verse?,  i.e. alternating currents, surge, resistance...?)



From: Dan Dickerman 
Subject: Where they get "Wall of Satan"
Date: Mon, 5 Apr 93 16:34:22 PDT

In the last issue, INFORMM.RAD232 (what a funny name) pointed out:

>    Okay, okay, I know you're sick of this, but I am having a bit of
> difficulty fathoming how one can get "Oh Satan, you, you are the one
> who is shining wall of satan, walls of sacrifice. I know it's you
> are the one I love." from playing "All the world's (indeed) a stage"
> backwards.

It's not word for word, and I don't have the time to analyze this
syllable for syllable.  However, if you hop down to your local Christian
Book Store, you might be able to find videos for rent -- even
Blockbuster Video has a religion section you might be able to check on.
I'd reccomend seeing the video "Hells Bells" (mentioned several times
by now) for the section where they play all the backwared stuff.
Even after hearing it several times (they play it three times on
the video, so you don't even have to rewind), it's almost impossible
to tell that the song says what they say it says.

Let me know if this stuff is really more difficult to find elsewhere
than it is here.  I know I can find stuff here, so I may be coerced
into distributing it, if necessary.

> It's like Bolton being a palindrome of Ipswich: It don' work.
Easier answer: the man in the pet shop was lying.

-- Dan


Date: Mon, 5 Apr 1993 19:04:53 -0500
From: (Jamie W. Sandford)
Subject: Xanadu and Tai Shan...

	Maybe this is a trite topic, but I was just curious if anyone knew
when Neil visited Tai Shan.  I was listening to "Xanadu" today, and realized
that the reference to China could be interpreted as Tai Shan.  Is this
possible?  Does anyone else have any insight to this?

	Also, does anyone know the manner for writing the music that the guys
have?  I man, I know that Alex and Ged write it while Neil sits back and
contemplates small amounts of uranium required to keep a reactor going, but
what I was really curious about was whether they just sat down and jammed,
and later said, "hey thats cool...tape that."  Or do they go about it
methodically?  I just wondered since most of their songs stay interesting
due to the fact that they
are always changing keys and such.  Do they combine bits and pieces of stuff
they like and mold it into one piece?

	Any input would be appreciated...


Date: Mon, 5 Apr 1993 20:43:07 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: New Album Cover

If I remember correctly, Andrew MacNaughtan told me that when it comes time
to do the new album cover, he will be the man taking the photo.  He said
he was very excited about this because he's never done a Rush Album cover.
Of course, he was rather vague about titles..... and my understanding is
that CRITICAL MASS is still a rumour, does anyone no differently?????

See ya

Ken F.


From: Chris Schiller 
Subject: Prime Mover
Date: Mon, 5 Apr 93 17:12:18 PST

Another Prime Mover Definition:  In a large vehicle like a steam train,
the main driving part is referred to as the Prime Mover.  Thus the
main piston and drive shaft is the Prime Mover.  This is to differentiate
it from smaller functions which steer or tune the performance of the
Prime Mover.

Chris Schiller

P.S.  After writing this, and after all of the recent satire (humorous
bullshit) on the NMS, it occurred to me it may be taken as satire.
Well...I either swear that it is true or claim to raise the satire to
a higher level by disclaiming it.  It's getting to the point that
you just can't believe anything anymore.


Date: Mon, 5 Apr 93 20:12:18 cdt
From: "LaVllaStrngiato (Krauss,Eric B)" 
Subject: opening band

A good opening band would be firehose.  Mike Watt is an incredible bassist,
and their drummer George Harley ain't too bad either.

Btw, firehose are the remnants of the punk/hardcore band the Minutemen--so,
punk is still around, albeit changed.  Another example:  Terry Bozzio, the
keyboardist for Missing Persons (remember "No More Words"?), is now the
keyboardist and bassist for Jeff Beck's band.  Robbie McIntost (The
Pretenders) is Paul McCartney's lead guitarist.  Sting (The Police) still
churns out hits.  Split Enz is now Crowded House.  INXS is still around as
well.  Billy Idol (Genration X), Johnny Rotten (Sex Pistols) is now frontman
for Public Image Ltd., Mick Jones (The Clash) now has Big Audio Dynamite II,
etc. etc.

Basically, punk is not dead yet--and the music itself is lasting.  Give
"London Calling" (The Clash) a listen, it still sounds fresh and new (it came
out in '79) and is one of the best rock albums of all time.

Eric Krauss


From: cygnus@CS.UCLA.EDU (Marshall Robin)
Subject: 2112 opener...
Date: Mon, 5 Apr 1993 18:39:32 -0700 (PDT)

>From: "Christopher C. Johnson" 
>Subject: Opening Songs
>Date: Mon, 5 Apr 1993 12:10:05 -0400 (EDT)
>Opening songs other than Big Money/Spirit of Radio/Force Ten..
>I thought of a couple interesting openers.
>I think Overture and Temples of Syrinx from 2112 would be a cool opener as
>well as YYZ... It would be cool to have them start the show off with something
>instrumental and powerful... (this is why La Villa Strangiato didn't get the
>vote -- it starts kind of slow).

well, 2112 was used as an opener on the 2112 tour, and I think the AFTK
tour as well (have a tape from Manchester, England from '77, just before
AFTK came out, w/2112 opener). Oh, and Perm Waves too (St. Louis '80 opens
with 2112).

and yeah, it's a good opener. not that i saw any of those shows (my first
was HYF in providence, i think it was nov 16(?), 1987.)

>"Fly by night, away from here.
> Change my life again.
> Fly by night, goodbye my dear.
> My ship isn't coming, and I just can't pretend."

so how are things in wpi land anyways (i gradded from there just under a
year ago, but it seems like 10)?


Marshall Robin         /\ to taste the taste it's a tease that never would /\ subside the taste is strong but soured by my     /\ learned eyes well if a woodchuck could chuck wood
gweep with attitude       /\ he'd get down on his knees to pray this little
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~/\ snappy boy might see the light
                            /\ this groundhog's day...


Date: Mon, 5 Apr 93 20:38:28 cdt
From: "El Presidente (Finke,Chad D)" 
Subject: Um..what's going on?

OK, this is a sheepish question (and my first post, no less!), but what
exactly is Critical Mass?  I had to unsubscribe for two weeks for spring
break, and apparently I missed something.  I am assuming that this is the
title of the new album, but is it official?  Is the release date official?
Someone please tell me!!

Oh yeah, one more question.  Does anyone know exactly what is being said in
CttH on "Over the Europe?"  There is a point about 2:45 into the song where
two Monty Python-esque voices seem to be arguing.  Is this Geddy and Alex, or
is it from a film or something?  Anyone?

Chad Finke
Grinnell College


Date: Tue, 6 Apr 1993 00:00:11 -0400 (EDT)
From: Chad H Hutchinson 
Subject: Hugh Syme/Coverdale Page and Anthem Records Phone #

Hi kids,

   Yeah, I noticed that Hugh Syme did the art work for the Coverdale/Page
album.  But did you notice that on the back, it is listed as being
recorded in AAA.  That is impossible for a CD.  With Pagey remastering all
the Led Zep stuff, I'd bet that the recording is DDD and someone pulled a
major boner when writing up the back cover.

   Whoever wants the Anthem Records address and phone number and E-mail me
personally.  I have a business card from them (but it's in my car right
now), so next time I'm here I'll give it to whoever.

   [ See ghost's post later down in the digest.			: rush-mgr ]

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Date: Mon, 5 Apr 93 23:14:28 -0500
From: (Jeremy Todd Strzynski )
Subject: Roll the Bones

great transcription of the interview.  (not that it's difficult, but i, as i'm
sure all the other NMS readers feel, appreciate the time put into the
transcription, so, thank you.)  what Geddy, Neil, and Alex said is *exactly*
why i love Rush so much, and why i know Critical Mass will be so good.


i play the harmonica, but the only way i can do it is to drive the car really

fast and stick it out the window.
--steven wright


Date: Tue, 6 Apr 1993 14:24:25 +1000
From: (Anthony Pun)
Subject: Rush in OZ

Fellow Rushaholics,
        I heard "Limelight" whilst waiting for Metallica to begin their Apr
1 concert in Sydney ...  Makes me hopeful for a tour by the boyz in the
future ...  (Or at least a working holiday with their families)
*Anthony Pun                   "Why are we here?"      *
*Sydney University             "Because we're here !!!"*
*Undergraduate Dept.               - Rush              *
*                           *


Date: Mon, 5 Apr 93 23:22:01 -0500
From: (Jeremy Todd Strzynski )
Subject: Roll the Bones, part 2

sorry for the double post, but i just have to express my thoughts concerning
something Neil said in the interview:  Rush should have used John Cleese for
the RTB rap!  Long live Python!!!!


she turned me into a newt!
a newt?
i got better.

--monty python

the other day i put a new engine into my car, but i forgot to take the old
one out.  now the car goes 500 miles per hour.  the harmonica sounds *amazing*.
--steven wright


Date: Mon, 05 Apr 1993 23:31:05 -0600 (CST)
From: "Life's a crap ROLL THE BONES." 
Subject: Rush and Spinal Tap-what else?!?!

Greetings.  I was lucky enough to get the last two Rush albums (err, cds) I
needed for my recent birthday (thanks to all of you for your cards and
flowers, they are, sniff, simply beautiful).  Anyway, I got Rush's first
album and was listening to it.  When it got to track number three, "Take A
Friend," the frist 26 seconds sounded awful familiar.  There is this fast
beat with boom-da-da-boom-da-da-boom-da-da...  I was like, where the hell
did I hear this before?

Tap!  Track one from the soundtrack to the movie (or simply SPINAL TAP
acording to the spine).  If you listen to "Hell Hole" from 2:50-2:58, you
hear a slower version of boom-da-da...

Before I posted this, I wanted to get a second opinion.  So I called up my
mom, Betty, up into the room.  I started with Rush.  "Listen to this."  I
played it and then put in Tap.  "Keep the first one in mind," I said.
After I played it, she said she wasn't really "stable" due to helping my
dad at his accounting office.  She did agree that they sounded the same.
In Betty's words, Tap wasn't "as good because they couldn't play it as
fast."  Right from Betty's mouth...check it out yourself!

Bravado				Never love an editor. - Encore Video
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From: (Jamie E. Bruhn)
Subject: Wal Basses
Date: Tue, 6 Apr 1993 00:46:50 -0500 (CDT)

Responding to the question of Wal basses: I believe that Wal basses
are(were) custom made for Geddy by? A guy who has died to I
beleive....That is all I really know. I can't find any of my old bass
player mags that would have the answer in complete.



Subject: Prime Mover
Date: Tue, 6 Apr 93 7:58:43 GMT
From: Dominic Binks 

The tentative explanation given by Guy Mcarthur seems like the right direction
because it ties in quite well with the video they show whilst playing it and
also it ties in with the theme of HYF.

Also I was under the impression that Prime Mover was used in business/commerce
circles to refer to someone who is innovative in their area.

just my 2p
Dominic Binks


From: (Miguel Farah F.)
Subject: Various topicals
Date: Tue, 6 Apr 93 9:06:25 CST

Hi! Here I am again, just to say something:

1) NMS shirt stories:

 I reveived my shirt during summer (in here, of course) and many of my
friends just LOVE it. I remember about 3 weeks ago, when I entered into
the computer lab with my shirt for the first time and all of the people in
there looked surprised at my shirt - several told they wanted one, so I
told them to subscribe to the list [have they? I'm too lazy to ftp the
names file and grep for them right now] and pay for it. This disappointed
many of them, which had preferred a GNU-shirt (i.e., a totally free one -
are they crazy or what?).
Many other people who don't know Rush and/or InterNet have asked me if
"" is an esoterical word ( 8-O ) or something like
that... [btw, where is exactly ?]

  [ is the University of Maryland, in College Park, MD.    :rush-mgr ]

2) Is someone in here that can convince Rush to do their next tour passing
   by South America (specially Chile!!!)?
   Y'know, here we don't receive many good bands (or singers) frequently,
   and it IS frustrating!

    "RAD232" writes (about the infamous satanic phrase):

>would sound much more like "Jait sudeed nizdlr wuthla"...

Hey, I'll enlighten all of you: that is a satanic message *ENCRYPTED*
so no one will discover it! ;->

4) I wonder what would have happened if a Cygnus X-I book III had ever
been written... any ideas? Aren't we late enough to tell Neil about this?
[will he care? :-) ]

5) Hey, Nick Mascari, I **like** your .sig .

So, that's it for now...

MIGUEL FARAH            **
#include  **


Date: Tue, 6 Apr 93 14:37 GMT
Subject: This and that ...

Hi folks!

Something caught my eye in NMS 654 (and what a huge digest that was!!) under
the title Waves v Wavelength:

>...about many of the talentless bands that formed during the punk movement,
>though not all of them fit this catagory. In England at this time , Steve Howe
>and Yes reined supreme ...

I can heartly say I disagree with the sentiment of this statment entirely. I and
I dare say (IMHO of course) that if Niel Peart read that article he would as

Firstly while there were the odd talentless band around in the punk movement
there were an awful lot of very good bands around doing very new and inventive
things, not being repetitivley self indulgent like Yes, and Pink Floyd. (Don't
get me wrong I like PF - but I like punk as well, I see the good points of
both). There were no less or no more talentless bands around in the punk
period than at any other time since .... and judging by the amount of bad bands
around today probably a lot less.

Without punk a lot of the music that has "happened" since just would not have
happened. There would be no Cult, Mission, All About Eve, New Model Army,
Levellers ...even Steve Harris of Iron Maiden admits that Maiden were
*influenced* by punk music and particularly the pub-rock scene that it created
in England. There certainly would have been no thrash !!!

Secondly I dispute the point that Yes ever reigned supreme in England. I live
in the UK and although Yes have a substantial cult following here they have
never "reigned supreme". There were bands far more popular than Yes at the time
of Punk: T-Rex, Queen, Bowie, Elton John, Genesis and Pink Floyd to name but a

I read (in I think it was the HYF tour programme) that Geddy considered
Rush to be "like a sponge" and I was very surprised to see what bands' got
included in the soak up. Maybe punk was self-fulfilling, it fulfilled its
purpose and died, but it left a legacy that no working musican today can say it
has not influenced him or her in some shape or form.

Thanks to the Rush-mgr for mailing out the FAQ list, as a lot of the questions
get a little repetitive.


Having only had a brief look at the guitar tab for La Villa Strangiato, I think
that it is somewhat different from the way that I play it. I can say that tab
is exactly my favorite form of recording music, so I usually use the Complete
Rush Score books, listen to the record ... and watch what Alex plays on the
video if I have any problems !! Its the way the opening line is played in the
tab that bothers me ... I'll get back once I've had a chance to play it

Clinton/New World man
So Neil has got a time machine has he ???  Mmmmm..... I don't think that NMS (a
world wide mailer afterall) is the place to discuss domestic American Politics,
perhaps I should start looking for signs of the downfall of John Major in Rush
lyrics ..... the Working Man perhaps ;-) ???

*                                                                             *
*                           James Taylor                                      *
*      "For the words of the prophet were written on the studio wall..."      *
*                                                   *
*                             formerly                                        *
*	                 *
*                                                                             *


Date: Tue, 06 Apr 93 09:26:20 CDT
Subject: Neil's notebooks

What I would give at an auction some years from now for those . . . .

"Some of you may disagree with what I say.  But that's acceptable, because
I've been rejected before, and you've been wrong before."
                     - Wm F. Buckley, Jr., April 5, 1993, Jesse Auditorium


Date: 06 Apr 1993 10:44:01 -0400 (EDT)
From: Lewis A Bernstein 
Subject: Prices of a Wal bass

I just happened to have my 1993 Bass Player buyer's guide with me
today and this is what they say about Wal basses.

"Manufactures 4- and 5-string basses from $2,220 to $2,670."

That's all they say about them...... =(

On a side note, I remember hearing Geddy say that the reason he doesn't use
a fretless is that he was dismayed to find that he isn't very good at it....

(I find it tough to believe though.....)



Subject: Rush, of course
Date: Tue, 06 Apr 93 11:40:14 EDT

I was wondering how many readers out there are familiar with Rush the drug.
It was really big in junior high (how appropriate), like speed.  I mean,
whenever you used to ask someone if they liked Rush, they'd always look at you
funny until you'd add ..."I mean, the band".  I was wondering 'cause I just
figured it was everywhere (which I guess is what you assume when you grow up
being exposed to something).  I mean, it was big in New Jersey and then in
North who knows.

I was just asking 'cos I ran into a couple of people who'd never heard of
it!!!  Shattering all my faith in everything from my days of yore...or
something like that.

If I'm not mistaken, it was powdered book binding glue (and an absolute
rip-off...not mistaken about this)

|                                                                             |
|This message has been brought to you by the numbers 6, 2 and 9 and by the    |
|letter E.                                                                    |
|                                                                             |


Date: Tue, 6 Apr 93 13:56:43 -0400
From: nam2@po.CWRU.Edu (Nicholas A. Mascari)
Subject: Re: 04/05/93 - The National Midnight Star #655

>	I bet Critical Mass has to do with an environmental theme.  That
>we're wasting the planet with no care until we're in an emergency state
>and have no air/fuel/water et cetera left.

I certainly hope not. So many things are ruined when stars get too
political with their work. Take Arsenio Hall for example. He used to be
pretty cool, til he became Mr. Bleeding Heart. Now look at him. His show is
hanging by a thread.

And U2 used to have bite until...well you know what I mean. I think Rush
has too much integrity to lower themselves to such a mainstream press
popular idea.

>   Last NMS Benjamin Radford asked about the cover of Roll the Bones
>and that Julian's head is in the wrong place.  I can now exclusively

It's NOT Julian. Please read the FAQL.

And little shit :)
Dream Theatre opening for Rush would be orgasmic. My two favorite bands on
the same stage....

Loretta Vidos: please email me. My mail to your old address bounced.


*my most cool sig file is napping*


From: rjjuba@Athena.MIT.EDU
Subject: Critical Mass Album Cover
Date: Tue, 06 Apr 93 14:10:56 EDT

A picture of Roger Ebert taking up two theater seats eating a bag of popcorn?

Just an idea.


Date: Tue, 6 Apr 1993 14:16:33 -0400
From: "Sridhar P. Rao" 
Subject: Re:  04/05/93 - The National Midnight Star #655

Concerning the prime mover issue and all the speculations about
its meaning, i suggest the book :

OBJECTIVISM by Leonard Peikoff, he is the heir to the Rand
estate, and has a section on the prime mover ideal. I like
the classical definition given by some guy earlier, and it
seems to fit well with the more modern def. given by the
objectivists. basically a prime mover is someone who causes
the change and moves the social inertia. Sort of a cool mix
of asimovian and fundamental objectivism (although asimov is
rumored to be an objectivist (or was atleast)). anyhow,
take care.

cfynx..the analog kid


Date: Tue, 6 Apr 1993 11:57:00 +0000
From: "Robert (R.A.) Herrage" 
Subject: Radio Song Title Screw-Ups

We had a local radio station here in Dallas (KTXQ 102) that was
introducing "Show Don't Tell" as "Show Hotel" before Presto was



Date: Tue, 6 Apr 93 15:35:52 EDT
From: ames@cs.Buffalo.EDU (Ralph W. Ames)
Subject: Dyngus Day

I have another story about hearing Rush in an unusual forum.

I tuned in to our cable companies local access channel to watch
Later W/Bob Costas last night since our local NBC affiliate does
not carry it.  They were showing screens of information about
Dyngus Day activities at local Church and Community centers
before the show started.  What was playing?  A Farewell to Kings!
Anybody care to justify this unusual use of Rush music?

On the subject of opening bands, the one I'd love to see is one
of Rushes label-mates on Atlantic, a trio with thought-provoking
lyrics, and a band whose current fame may make them a perfect fit
as an opening band for Rush: Kings X.  Sorry if this has already
been suggested.  Some other Atlantic artists who might be a good
fit as openers: Saigon Kick, Stone Temple Pilots, and the Melvins.

Lastly I wondered to what extent people customize their workstations
with Rush related items?  I use X-Windows, and my primary two xterms
always have Rush names.  Currently it's "Presto" and "Signals", but
I've used "By-Tor" and "Snow-Dog", "Prime Mover" and "Power Window",
and many others.  Anyone else with cool setups (besides bitmaps, etc.)

Ralph Ames             "Lost, gone forever, never to be seen again!"
ames!sunybcs!ames               "I can't Chill-Out, I'm stuck here!"              "Catch the spirit, catch the spit!"


Date: Tue, 6 Apr 1993 16:21 EDT
Subject: a new poll from bill c.

Alright everyone, ive come up with a new, interesting poll.  Here goes:
When Rush finally does break up (God forbid) what do you think that Geddy,
Neil, and Alex will do in their spare time?  Send your responses to:

bill at:

thanks and ive got to go....La Villa Strangiato is playing!!!!
ps. Results will be posted in about a week


Date: 06 Apr 1993 13:21:44 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: Mistaken Identity

Hi Fellow Rushians!

I have a little story to tell about a bit of mistaken identity.  I live in
the Los Angeles area, and I drive on the 10 freeway (San Bernardino Freeway)
which goes from way out of the state of California straight into Los Angeles.
Anyway,  around my license plate I have made an engraved statement that reads

                             RUSH    IS

                         THE SPIRIT OF RADIO

I get a an occasional wave and a honk or a thumbs up in response to that. Well,
one day I was followed by a guy who pulled off the freeway into the same gas
station as I did, and he came over to me and started talking to me about my
license plate and made references to Rush.  I thought, Cool!  I love meeting
Rush fans like this.  Then, after a few minutes, I realized that he was
talking about Rush Limbaugh, this talk show guy, and he was going to give me
a copy of his book since I was such a fan....  I then told him that what I
meant on my plate was Rush, the three wonderful guys who kept me moving day
to day.  He then said with a look of pure disappointment, "Well, I'm sorry then,
I'm just not into that heavy-metal shit!" and left.  I laughed.  Okay, I just
thought I would share that!

Also, to that guy who thinks that female Rush fans are a completely different
animal....   What animal are you referring to exactly?  Please be more
specific.  I know that you didn't mean anything derrogatory by that, but I
that as far as Rush and their music is concerned, the love and devotion to them
and their music that we share is void of gender, and we are all exactly the
same in that respect.

Have a great day out there!!!!!!

P.S.   Great april fool's joke!! You really got me for a minute!!



Date: Tue, 6 Apr 1993 16:19:35 -0400 (EDT)
From: Chad H Hutchinson 
Subject: Anthem Records' Address and Phone Number

Hi kids,

   I now have my business card for Anthem.  Here's the info for those who
wanted it:

	The Anthem Entertainment Group
	189 Carlton Street
	Toronto, Canada
	M5A 2K7

	Tel: 416 923-5855
	Fax: 416 923-1041

|    									   |
|   \  _____  \     \    \  ____  \                The Ghost               |
|    \         \     \    \        \      |
|     \         \     \    \_____   \  ____        Chemical Engineering    |
|      \         \     \         \   \     \       University of Delaware  |
|       \__       \_______   \______  \__   \__                            |
|                  "Life redirected in ways unexpected."	           |


Date: Tue, 6 Apr 93 15:46:03 CST
From: A8732112@SIUCVMB.SIU.EDU
Subject: Archives inquirey(sp)

Greetings all, and welcome to MLB.
Just a couple of things today.  One is about a recent trip to the record store
and then a little bit more about the mowhawk at the WMT.
Yesterday I went to my favorite record store here in Carbondale.  I go because
they , on occasion, have a vast array of Bootleg CD's.  I was flippping through
the recprds, always looking for different things to collect when I came across
something that I could not explain.  I saw to different Archives .  One was
sporting a grey cover which may have been faded from black, and the other one
was blue?????  Does any one out their have an explanation.  I would like to
find this out and if possible get the one which may be more rare(if it's the

   [ I've seen both black and gray covers, neither seems to be all that rare,
     but I've never seen a *blue* cover...			   : rush-mgr ]

#2)  In responce to the MGNT. and comments about the realness of Neils mowhawk,
I ask you , I thought Neil had a receeding hairline.  My dad does and the last
thing he would want to do is shave off what he had worked so hard to save.,
Now granted that Neil's hair has been in the short category for a while., but
why a mowhawk.  Although thst would explain the dew rag.  Just a thought.

Also just for future refrence anyone in or around St, Louis, Indianapolis,
Louisville, who is gonna see Rush when and if they come.  Please contact me
about aquiring extra tickests.  I have toi break last tours record of 5 shows.
and I can use all the help I can get.  See yas.

Matt "HomePeice" Davis
Par-Five, It has nothing to do with Brown Rice(I love that quote Ged)
Marlins 1-0, Rockies 0-1
P.S. ATL 1-0 vs. Chi(NL)  Just goes to prove that when the Cubs get rid of a
player they become overnight stars.


Date: Tue, 6 Apr 93 17:11:27 -0400
From: ba080@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Jim B. Stevenson)
Subject: One final note..


	One final note on the Rush/Satan thing...GIVE IT UP!!!

	Take ANY album, be it Rush, Brian Adams, even Phantom of the
Opera, and play it backwards, and I guarantee you'll find something
that resembles normal words.  If they sound Satanic, that's just
pure luck.  If they sound like some guy ordering something at Taco
Bell, that's pure luck too!  The point is, very few bands actually
take the time to put backwards messages in their music (the only ones
I can name are Iron Maiden, WASP, and Pink Floyd), and most of the time
they have nothing to do with Satan.  Think about you think Rush
was the type of band to do shit like that?  I listened to the "All the
world's indeed a stage" lyric where this message supposedly lies...if
it wasn't for the NMS, I wouldn't be able to decipher anything from
the gibberish (which pretty much sounds like any other album played
backwards).  OK, it sounds a little like what was described, but whoever
decided it was Satanic had to be on drugs or something at the time...

	Rush - Satanic??  Yah right...I can see it now..."Critical
Mass" - Satanic death metal.  The tour - throwing cow parts on the
crowd. thing you know they'll be saying Andrew Lloyd
Webber is evil for the Phantom of the Opera...

U.S. CONSTITUTION - 1st AMENDMENT (Paraphrased):  ||ba080@cleveland.Freenet.Ed
"Congress shall make no law...abridging the       ||  Jim "SnowDog" Stevenson
freedom of speech, or of the press..." CENSORSHIP ||  RUSH - THE BEST GROUP IN


Date: Tue, 6 Apr 1993 15:16:18 -0700 (PDT)
From: Grahzny Bratchney 
Subject: Tori

Tori opening for RUSH?  WOW!
But reality hits...she's been playing solo successfully for a while.
Also, she is from  somewher in the south...not Canada at all?  or was it
RW would be great as openers, but good luck!

Say I recently proposed a Kate Bush / Geddy vocal collaboration on the
Love-Hounds quite a startle reply.  What do you folks think?

'Game all night, sleep all day'			AMIGA RULES
Proud new owner of an A1200!			The life of an S.A. is a
'You don't have to be a Jew			hard, underpaid one.
 To disapprove of murder
Tears burn my eyes...'


Date: 06 Apr 1993 18:53:43 -0600 (CST)
From: CD-MD-RD! 
Subject: SPAMTHEM -- Rush parody

SPAMTHEM (inspired by ANTHEM by RUSH)
by T. Beaudoin 3/1993

Though your luncheon meat is satisfyingly sweet
Don't be fooled by those childish luncheon treats
When you're shopping, look for 4 letters small and yellow
They signify the pseudo-meat that will make your gizzard bellow!

Spamthem of the heart(burn), Spamthem of the mind
It's best on burnt toast, with fresh pork rinds
Yes, in college we marveled at those who took
Big hunks of Spam and cooked it!

Live for your Spam, this pork product is more enigmatic than briskit!
But rational minds and hungry stomachs would rather go hungry than risk it!

Spam sits on my hearth and taunts me all the time
I'd rather eat dirt than Spam and limes
Yes I marvel at those who take the Spam can
And take their own life into their hands!
Their hands!

Well I know they've always sold you
Spam with jubilation
But have you ever stopped to wonder
Why those cans have no date of expiration?

Spamthem of the lardy Spam -- you all, beware!
It could be the latest development in chemical warfare
Yes, I marvel at those who buy
Cartloads of Spam and don't die!
Don't die!

lyrics by Thomas More Beaudoin
music by Lee/Lifeson/Peart/Deviled Spam



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