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          The National Midnight Star, Number 658

                 Wednesday, 7 April 1993
Today's Topics:
           Interesting Superconductor 'mistake'
                         RTB Rap
                   MST3K list, SPAM!!!
                         basses +
   There's no such thing as 'Conservation of Syllables'
           How much Rush pull in and Wal Basses
                   Give the guy a break
                      Bootleg topics
                      Archives color
        Re: I would not stake my reputation on....
                Wal Basses and Bob Costas
                    Up against the Wal
                    Geddy and fretless
                 Spring Break Gets Better
                        Wal Basses
                 Tai Shan and Prime Mover
                  a Rush radio travesty
                   Other Mailing Lists
                    It'll never happen
                     my first posting

Subject: Misspellings
Date: Tue, Apr 6, 1993 4:21 PM

A couple days ago someone (sorry, deleted it and forgot who wrote it)
mentioned seeing The Spirit of Radio titled incorrectly somewhere.  I was just
reading through the Chronicles CD booklet while waiting on this compile and
found a brief description of "The Spirit of the Radio".  An incorrect title in
one of their own releases...  Wherein lies the difficulty in this title?



Date: Wed, 7 Apr 93 01:57:08 GMT
From: Mark R. Pickenheim (JIAFS) 
Subject: Interesting Superconductor 'mistake'

With this talk of little mistakes here and there I wanted to just quickly
mention something.  On the RTB tour in New Haven, Connecticut, I thought
it was really cool in a way to hear Geddy accidently (?) say 'superconductor'
once when this is normally done in the voiceover.



Date: 6 Apr 93 22:09:39 EDT
From: Philip.S.Augur@Dartmouth.EDU (Philip S. Augur)
Subject: RTB Rap

I think Robbie Robertson would've been really good for the rap, and John
Cleese would've been pretty funny.

I just went through radio training today. All I've got to do is take the
Legal Test and soon I'll be hitting the airwaves and playing the rarest Rush
the station will allow.


P.S. - Who answered Kate Bush in one of the multitude of polls? Get in touch
with me.


Date:        Tue, 06 Apr 93 21:57:52 CST
From: "(Gerry Good)" 
Subject: MST3K list, SPAM!!!

Hello All,
I had many people respond to my last post, asking where to send to join
the MST3K list.  I couldn't remember it at first, but after thinking a
while I have two possibilities for the address: or
(sorry about non-Rush content, but I'd rather post and get yelled at
then type this a gazillion times! :) )
Second, bravo to Thomas Beaudoin for the Spam song.  Great.
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Date: Tue, 06 Apr 1993 22:43:37 -0400 (EDT)
From: mhoupt@uceng.uc.EDU (Michael R Houpt)
Subject: basses +

Hey Ladies and Gentlemen,
	I just wanted to make a couple quick comments:
1)  I am a bass player and I personally have never seen a Wal bass in my life 
with the exception of Rush concerts.

2)  I agree with the person who wrote the letter yesterday about the backwards 
satanic stuff.  I.e. that it is all total b.s.

3)  I think the reason Geddy doesn't use a fretless bass is because of the 
difficultly of his playing and that the frets keep his pitch together with 
Alex.  Take "Marathon" for example, that song would be practically impossible!!

4)  If anyone has any other Rush songs on tablature, please write me so I might 
be able to get a copy.  This months Guitar World (I think) has a transcription 
to "The Spirit of Radio".

   [ There are many bass & guitar tabs on syrinx (via anonymous ftp), in the 
     rush/tab directory. There is a CONTENTS file that explains what each one 
     is.							   : rush-mgr ]

5)  Does anyone have a copy of Permanent Waves with the lady (Oh la la) 
holding a Coke bottle next to her body, if so please let me know!

6)  Keep in mind when interpreting lyrics that Neil Peart writes 
Metaphysically and compares lots of objects to emotions especially in "Prime 
Mover".  Each can interpret his own.

   [ Please remember to use < 80 characters per line!		: rush-mgr ]

Take it easy all,


Date: Tue, 6 Apr 93 23:16:07 -0400
From: (Travis Corcoran)
Subject: There's no such thing as 'Conservation of Syllables'

A lot of people are saying things like: "   backwards isn't
 ; it's   ..Hell, can't you even count syllables?" doesn't work that way...

I'm not a linguist or into digital sampling, etc., so I can't tell you
*why* it's not that way, but I remember something on TV (aggh, protect
me!) yr.s ago about backward words (not in the context of searching
(!!) for satanic lyrics...I think it was a SF movie trying to create
'alien' language w/ backwards English).  Turns out (once again, I
don't know why), that
		i)  There's no conservation of syllables
		ii) Backwards sounds are counterintuitive- 'sat' doesn't
		    necessarily become 'tas', as it does in print.

ObShirtRemark: I've only been subscribed 2 wks or so.  Where can I get
shirt info?
   [ Anyone wanting NMS shirt info, send e-mail to:
								: rush-mgr ]

    Travis J.I. Corcoran
This?  This is ice.  This is what happens to water when it gets too cold.
This?  This is Kent.  This is what happens to people when they get
too sexually frustrated.  (Real Genius)


Date: Tue, 6 Apr 1993 23:33:50 -0400
From: Christopher Mermagen 
Subject: How much Rush pull in and Wal Basses

I seem to recall Rush devoting the proceeds from one concert in
Canada to the united way from the Presto tour, and that turned
out to be $300,000. For one show.. anybody else hear this (actually
I read it in Billboard mag).. that's alot of ducats.. well, let's
see, if they play a 19,000 seat arena @ $27.00 and they sellout, then
that's $513,000, so I figure they played an 11,000 or so seat arena
that sold-out..

Okay, on to Wal basses. I think?? somebody wrote last time that
Wal was specifically made for Geddy.. nope. Geddy first played
a Wal that Peter Collins lent him while they were recording Power
Windows, and he liked it so much he bought his own. (I guess the
black one, and then bought the red one).. Personally, and I don't
know about you, but I remember Ged's bass really lacking in overall
sound on the last tour (as far as compartive volume).. I seem to
remember on Presto that it was there, but for all the shows (3)
I saw of RTB, I could barely discern.. anyone else agree?



From: (Donald Petrille)
Date:         6 Apr 93 23:39:39
Subject:      Give the guy a break


I have to say that I'm pretty upset to read the NMS and find somebody
getting slammed for there interpretation of a Rush song in a modern
context.  While some may not like what he had to say, and it may have
been somewhat disrespectful to the President, I do believe that what
he had to say was relevent to the NMS.  I wonder if the same reaction
would have happened if somebody bashed a conservative.  While strict
discussions of politics have no place on the NMS, interpretation of
lyrics, (ours as well as Neil Peart's) has always been allowed, and
should, under no condition be squelched, even if some of us get
offended.  If you disagree with somebody's interpretation of a song,
email them or write a counter, don't go telling them that they
shouldn't write about it.

"I may disagree with what you have to say, but I will defend to the
death your right to say it."  -Voltaire?

On a second note (which may get as many flames as the letter about
the President did), is anyone else kind of disappointed with the
title _Critical Mass_?  I think it sounds awful dated, like when
nuclear disarmament was the top goal on the world's foreign
policy/social agenda.  Basically, I don't want Grace Under Pressure
II.  It is my favorite album, and is great, especially within the
context of its time, but Rush has always moved forward with their
music.  If anyone disagrees, or agrees, I'm always open for comment.

   [ As many people have mentioned, _Critical Mass_ doesn't necessarily mean
     that. Also, remember it's just a *working* title, the end title could end 
     up completely different.					    : rush-mgr ]

Don Petrille
"The ability to destroy an entire planet is insignificant next to the
power of the Force."  - Darth Vader

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Date: Tue, 6 Apr 93 22:55:27 -0500
From: (Jeremy Todd Strzynski )
Subject: Bootleg topics

i have two things to respond to.  first of all, i'm fairly certain that for the
AFTK tour Rush opened with Xanadu, but i know for a fact that they didn't open
with 2112.  this is because the bootleg "Fly in the Night" (which is a very
mediocre sounding boot, but does have Cygnus X-1 AND Cinderella Man on it, so
i can't be too harsh) lists the first track as "Intro/Xanadu".  but i can't
be certain this means Xanadu was the first song they played, because the boot
claims to be from 1980, even though Geddy says "this song is from our latest
album" right before Alex begins the classical guitar part for AFTK, so i can't
put too much confidence in the bootleg company.  but they didn't open with
2112, because right at the end of one of the tracks (either "Closer to the
Heart" or "Something for Nothing"--i can't remember which right off hand) you
can hear the very beginning of 2112, the weird noise which i can't describe
but all of you know anyway, for about one second, and then they cut to the
next track.  pisses me off, because i'd like to hear it.

secondly, someone asked what the voices were on "Over the Europe."  before i
begin interpreting them, i have to make this disclaimer:  i have NO idea.  i'm
just making this up, because i think it sounds good.  those of you who have
been on for at least a few months will remember what i thought the sounds on
"The camera eye" were.  with that said, one time when i was listening to OTE, 
the point when the voices appear, i recalled a play that my high school did,
called "The Foreigner", if i remember correctly.  the basic plot was that
someone from england was visiting a friend in the us, and though various,
over-used comedic devices, the friend convinced everyone around him that the
englishman was really from some far-off place and couldn't speak english.  (and
again if i remember correctly, every cheesy thing that could have happened in
such a situation did.)  anyway, at one point the englishman was asked to tell
a story about where he was from, so he made up a story, and told it in his
"native" tongue.  judging from the body language, the story was about a
beautiful girl who was eaten by a ferocious beast.  so to wrap things up, the
voices in OTE sound like the story the englishman told, with the two alternating
voices being the girl and the beast.  but like i said, i have NO idea what it
really is.  this is just what it sounds like to me.  does anyone else know the
play i mentioned, and if so, do i make any sense?  (please don't answer that.)


she's beautiful, she's rich, she's got HUGE ... tracts of land.


Date: 07 Apr 1993 00:44:38 -0500 (EST)
Subject: CDs

Hey dudes and dudettes! Got a little piece of info:On a recent list of
Rush "rare" CDs I came across another new one: Rushian Roulette '92.
Anyone got any specs on it? It's a 2CD set. maybe finally a 3rd leg
recording?? Later {ll,

   [ Third leg - supposed soundboard DAT recording from one of the
     Oakland shows if I remember correctly.		:rush-mgr ]


Date: Wed, 7 Apr 93 01:03:55 -0400
From: ba080@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Jim B. Stevenson)
Subject: Archives color

Hello again

	Matt Davis posted that he saw a blue Archives cover.  The
cover to my Archives set is indeed a faded blue color.  I originally
thought it was strange when I saw it was grey in the RTB tourbook.
Hmm...anyone else got/seen a blue Archives?

U.S. CONSTITUTION - 1ST AMENDMENT (Paraphrased): ||ba080@cleveland.Freenet.Edu
"Congress shall make no law...abridging the      ||  Jim "SnowDog" Stevenson
freedom of speech, or of the press..." CENSORSHIP||  RUSH - THE BEST GROUP IN


From: (L Clator Butler Jr)
Subject: Re: I would not stake my reputation on....
Date: Wed, 7 Apr 1993 01:13:20 -0400 (EDT)

Evenin' Folks,

I spoke with representatives from Anthem Records yesterday and here is
what they told me:  virtually nothing.

Rush is working on an album.  They enter the studio next week.
Rush has a different producer.  This is classified information.  So
there -is- a good bet that it is Collins...but we do not know.
Rush has NOT decided on an album title yet.  They are tossing around
ideas, but have yet to make a final decision.
This album is due out in the early fall, but that could change in either
direction depending on how the sessions go.  Remember, RTB was recorded
inside of three weeks.

So all we have been discussing is hearsay.  Sorry folks.  :(
There goes my great end-of-the-year story.


p.s.  I just recieved my promo copy of Pork Soda by Primus.  It is due
out on the 20th.  It is...well...Primus.  Look for the video to "My Name
is Mud" on MTV.


Date: Wed, 7 Apr 93 01:32:02 EDT
Subject: Wal Basses and Bob Costas

Wal basses are manufactured in England and are not yet widely popular.  The
only other bassist I know of, who uses Wal basses, is Greg Lake of ELP.  He
uses a four string black model, similar to the one Geddy used before he got
his shiny new red one.  As for AFTK being heard on Later With Bob Costas, Bob
is a huge fan of rock music.  If you think he knows a lot about sports, he
knows even more about music.  I've never heard him say he liked Rush, but he
usually selects the music for his shows or studio work at NBC.  The next
time I talk to him, I'll ask if he's a Rush fan.


Date: Tue, 6 Apr 1993 22:52:31 -0700 (MST)
From: jeffrey r brinkman  
Subject: Up against the Wal

Long time no post. I saw a comment yesterday about Ged having the Wal's
made specifically for him. Hmmm...Well, I'm not a bass player (i'm a
guitarist), but I don't think that they were made just for him. If I
remember correctly, not only does Ged play them, but so does Newsted of
Metallica and Guy Pratt from Pink Floyd. Let me know if this is incorrect,
and I'm sure you will. Hmmm, Prime Mover. Always thought that it was about
the invention and interchange of ideas and creativity from
someone/something going against the grain. Kinda reminds me of Mission
too. Opening bands. How about a Clash reunion??!!! Ok, Ok, how about just
3 hours of rush? Sounds good to me. Finally, best guitarists:
Lifeson    Page     Hendrix      Clapton     Eric Johnson     Al DiMeola
Santana    Gilmour   Knopfler

Not to touch the earth
Not to see the sun
Nothing left to do
But run, run, run
-The Doors

							Jeff Brinkman
						Univeristy of Arizona
					Biochemistry and Microbiology


Subject: Geddy and fretless
Date: Wed, 7 Apr 93 8:11:47 GMT
From: Dominic Binks 

Lewis Berstein writes :
   On a side note, I remember hearing Geddy say that the reason he doesn't use
   a fretless is that he was dismayed to find that he isn't very good at it....

You have to remember that Geddy thinks he's not very good at it. To most
mortals souls he's probably pretty excellent.

Dominic Binks


Date: Wed, 7 Apr 93 02:16:47 PDT
From: johnlee@sirius.UVic.CA (John  Lee)
Subject: Miscellaneous

Hello Rushians!!

	First of all, a .64 cal flame directed at MuchMusic:
Goddamnit, I have been scanning the T.V. guide for, let's see, oh, about
2 whole years now, and not ONE Rush spotlight have I seen, yet groups
like Mr. Big and Emcee-DownHome-GrandMaster-McHomey-"G"-in-da-House-yo-yo-yo
have appeared several times!  Get a grip, O stupid Canadian Music Television
company!!  I have caught glimpses of videos several years ago including
The Big Money, Show Don't Tell, Roll The Bones, even Xanadu!!  So I know
MuchMusic has them, but where is the spotlight?!?  Twits...

"You had better set it right or I shall come over and insert a large
garden gnome in you.  Good day."  --Basil Fawlty

On another note,
a "prime mover", I've heard, has something to do with muscles.  I know
nothing more than that.  Maybe ask an anatomy student?

Thirdly, a reality attack:
Good Lord, Rush is awesome!!  A more talented band I have yet to see upon
this planet.  Underrated?  YES.  Underplayed?  YUP.
Hey, it's been almost 20 years since Rush got going... I hate to mention this,
but how many more gigatons of radness can we expect out of them before they
call it quits?  Not to sound negative, but let's not lose our heads in the

Finally, a thought that hit me hard the other day:
Once Rush decides to pack it in (at least for a while), that will be IT.
I can't conjure up anyone in my mind who could replace any of the three.
It just wouldn't be the same.  IMHO, Homey don't play 'dat.  Food for thought.

"My uncle has a country place that no-one knows about,
 he says it used to be a farm before he mowed the lawn..."
                       --------Red Barchetta

(I once knew some guys who thought that's how it went!)



From: (Daniel Patrick Strickland)
Subject: Spring Break Gets Better
Date: Wed, 7 Apr 93 9:27:20 CDT

      On my trip home for Spring Break last week (it's over, I'm in withdrawl
      so please be kind) I was just about 30 miles outside of Franklin, TN
      and decided to flip on 103.3 KDF from Nashville, seeing as I had
      missed this station so much.  Anyway, the moment I flipped it on,
      they played "Tom Sawyer".  What a way to start Spring Break!  I'm sure
      they did that for me, right?

      All this talk about "Prime Mover" and I haven't said anything yet.
      It's always been my favorite Rush song, so here's two copper pieces
      I think the lyrics are intensely sexual.  Don't really know why or
      for that matter care.  I think it's very sensual.  If you asked me to
      quote exactly why, I'm not sure I could tell you, but the whole "point
      on a compass" and "moving back and forth" thing is very John Donne
      to me.  Not really sure what kind of a statement Neil is making on
      anything or if he even means to (what am I saying? Neil is right up
      there with God and Paul "Bear" Bryant...).  Maybe I'll go pop that
      cd in and see what I can find out.

|Daniel Strickland         | "Black wind falling to the ocean floor      |
||  And the red tide washes ashore"            |
|Univ. of Alabama          |        -Red Tide [maybe crimson???]         |
|Roll Tide!  13-0   Vanderbilt, Southern Miss, Louisiana Tech, Tennessee,|
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|                   Arkansas, L.S.U., Auburn, Florida, Miami...          |
|                       A long list of victims...                        |


Date:     Wed, 7 Apr 93 09:10 CST
From:  (Red Neck [Robert Dittrich])
Subject:  Wal Basses

Greetings folks!
Living near Austin provides access to some of the better music stores. Austin 
City Music carries Wal basses (on occasion), so, being a bassist, I HAD to 
have one so I could get that lovely "tunk tunk tunk" sound (you know what I 
mean)! They are made in the UK and yes, the leader of this company died a few 
years ago. However, they are STILL making basses using this man's methods, and 
the materials that make this bass unique. As near as I can tell, both the 
black Wal in the ASOH vid, as well as the red one we saw on the RTB tour are 
pretty much 'stock', and very little has been done to them as far as I can 
tell related to tone, parts and appearance. (Unlike those Frankenstein basses 
we saw Claypool shredding on during Primus' opening set!!) I love mine, and if 
you have the cash (I gave $2500), buy one immediately.

Someone else mentioned Terry Bozzio in another post. Forgive me for being anal,
but Bozzio was and is a drummer. He and his wife, Dale, appeared on Frank
Zappa's 'Joe's Garage' album before forming the Missing Persons (yes, that's his
wife). He is, as you said currently working with Jeff Beck.

The ongoing remarks about female Rush fans...hmmmm. I would LOVE to meet a
female Rush fan! I know they're out there, but I have yet to run across one.

Robert      [RD14459@swtexas.bitnet]

"sound and fury drown my heart; every nerve is torn apart" --NP


Date: Wed, 7 Apr 93 10:13:55 EST
Subject: Tai Shan and Prime Mover

Just a question and a thought:
Question:  Does anyone know how many songs on HYF Aimee Mann sings on?  I
always just assumed she only sang on "Time Stand Still."  But, this
morning I was listening to "Tai Shan," and I noticed a very slight
(and very much in the background) female voice during the last 30 seconds
or so of the song.  Has anyone else noticed this or have I reached my
edge of hearing sanity?  I had to use headphones to hear it clearly.

Thought:  I'd also never really thought about the lyrics to "Prime Mover"
until someone on NMS mentioned it in the last week.  Geddy certainly makes
them very powerful in the way he sings them.  I agree that Neil probably meant
them to be both deist and Randian--it seems to be a celebration of the
individual as sole creator.  Pretty cool.

Laissez faire, minarchy, and good art, Brad.


From: tm1cy1 
Date: Wed, 7 Apr 93 16:37:17 BST
Subject: Hello

Two things...., first nothing to do with Rush... but what is Canada like as a 
place?  Im getting very fed up with Britain, and wish to move at the end of my 
degree to either Amercia or Canada, but as ive only ever heard bad things 
about the US, im thinking more of Canada.

2ndly, this is gonna sound stupid, but Neil Peart's dad a plumber? (The reason 
I ask is that there's a girl here that comes from canada and says that Neil 
Pearts dad has done their plumbing.. or the other way round, can't remember.. 
but there you go... ta da!


Marcus Tyler-Moore ...

( I love all animals...especially pigs, horses and sheep... )

Baaa...woof... moo...


Date: Wed, 7 Apr 93 09:43:20 -0600
From: Greg Thorwald 
Subject: a Rush radio travesty

One of the local rock radio stations here in the Denver, Colorado area
(KBPI 105.9 FM) this morning began playing "Fly by Night", but after
several seconds (before any vocals) the dj cut if off and said that
he didn't want to play that and proceeded to play some other song.
Anyone else ever suffer in this way?



Date: Wed, 7 Apr 93 12:18:58 -0400
From: (Kenneth Bullock)
Subject: Other Mailing Lists

Scott Edgar: there is a Tull list (the St. Cleve Chronicle).  The address to
request it is

You can obtain a list of all mailing lists from (here's
a chance to use your FTP server).  It's a four-part, compressed list.  Get
part1.Z thru part4.Z from the directory pub/usenet/news.answers/mailing-lists
(if I remember it correctly).  Then just uncompress the files.

  [ You can also mail to the rush-mgr account if you're looking for a specific
    group, or want the whole list. I am happy to help...	    : rush-mgr ]



From: Dan Dickerman 
Subject: Backmasking
Date: Wed, 7 Apr 93 9:54:09 PDT

At the risk of straying from the Rush-material, one clarification.
In the last issue, Jim B. Stevenson wrote:

>                              The point is, very few bands actually
> take the time to put backwards messages in their music (the only ones
> I can name are Iron Maiden, WASP, and Pink Floyd), and most of the time
> they have nothing to do with Satan.  Think about you think Rush
> was the type of band to do shit like that?

It should be stated, before I go any further, that I do not buy into the
Satanic message backmasking theories, nor do I think Rush are satanic
in any way (nor would I care if they were).  However, in an effort to
better understand the rationale behind this theory, I can offer the
argument posed in "Hells Bells".  Again, the theory is not mine -- I don't
buy into it -- please, no flames.

Although it can easily be argued that bands don't _intend_ satanic messages
to be put backwards in their music, this only shows how this backmasking
is a _direct_ result of Satan's hand.  Basically the theory is that Satan
(or "Stan") controlls the sounds that musicians produce so that the
backmasking is put into the music without their even knowing it.  There
is also a fairly lengthy section describing the Book of Satan, and how
it promotes all things backward... not to mention the link between rock
music in general and Satan's pleasures... etc.

An interesting argument, from a philisophical point of view.  It also gives
any opposing argument no leg to stand on, give-or-take the fact that the
passage sounds very little like what they claim it says.  Disclaiming intent
to backmask only lends creedence to the argument that Satan is all-powerful,
etc.  I guess if you can hear the backwards words, then you have to decide
for yourself if it's merely a coincidence, or the work of Stan....
(insert spooky music here).

"Only the true Messiah denys his divinity." (similar argument)
-- Dan


Subject: It'll never happen
Date: 07 Apr 93 13:41:57 EDT


If my Comm-Col atom smashing Gorton-Kleer was functioning properly
I'd blast you and your poll happy butt into quivering
randomly spaced sub atomic particles.

Curse you for a three eyed slime oozing ground toad for even suggesting such a 
horrific idea. It'll never happen....NEVER I tell you....
I won't listen to anymore crazy talk. You're mad I tell you...MAD.

      Bill C.
      Dave No more lithium please"Huart

Dear rush-mgr:
Hope there are no more Control Characters in this post
If so advise me how to rid my self of nasty vermin,....please

  [ It seems to happen when you try to use the backspace, they look like the
    control characters that form when you use the arrow keys in an editor. Is
    there any editor you can use without using arrow keys?	   : rush-mgr ]


Subject: my first posting
Date: Wed, 07 Apr 93 14:30:05 EDT

Hey ya'll from lovely Raleigh, North Carolina
	Not the Rush capital of the world but there are a few Rusheads around
the local area.  Just thought I'd say thankyou for the FAQ list.  I'm
slightly computer illiterate... and sometimes have to be led to the computer
by my mother.
	Anyway, the list provided me with great relief for now I will not
have to endure the agony of upsetting so many of my fellow Rusheads... can
we get a confirmation on a correct spelling on Rusheads/Rushheads...sorry
the ignorance is consuming the room.
	I've just  recently acquired my 8th Rush CD.  I started listening to
them a while ago... but only to the more popular songs like Tom Sawyer and
the like... when they were played on the radio in Virginia Beach ( the only
decent radio station is WNOR... long live that pig the BULL... his blood
pressure is getting pretty high of late I hear).  I really got into them
last year when someone played a whole lot of Rush-6CDs full! AWESOME!
	I tend to like some of the old stuff like Anthem, Bastille Day,
Working Man(that's what I am... a Mech. engineer),2112 etc.. generally songs
 with Alex going off and the louder the better.  However, I have come to
 respect the diversity of their music;  I can't say there is a song by
Rush I don't like.
	I digress... I heard about the NMS by ...[drum roll please] meeting
someone with the NMS t-shirt... no way... yes...

   [ So, we bring our first T-shirt-finding member to the list!   : rush-mgr ]

	It captured my attention and brought me to the land of Alex, Geddy
and Neil.  I've learned quite a bit... and after reading part of the FAQ...
it's kinda long ( no wonder there is some repetition...still a tribute to
the people who recognize all the thingsthat have already been discussed time
and again).
	Recently I went into an old record store... and to my surprise what
did I find... 4 Rush albums (2112,Signals,PW,MP and ESL)... amazing someone
would let those treasures go.
		that's all for now,

			waiting for the next tour,
				A V DeCandia


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