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          The National Midnight Star, Number 659

                  Thursday, 8 April 1993
Today's Topics:
                 Thanks to Rush in Master
                      Re: Wal basses
                        Wal to Wal
                       Aimee on HYF
                Cool "Big Money" video FX
                   Rushian Roulette '92
                This would be interesting
  The Bruins Are In First Place!!!  Justice Is Served!!!
             Prime Mover -- Once and for all
                    gniksaM sdrawkcaB
                      Satanic lyrics
                   Prime Mover (again)
                      Idle comments.
            wal revisted, Female Rush, RTB cut
                         My error
                        Wal Basses
            Re: MP Gold & Aimee Mann question
                    Prime Mover, etc.
                  How much Rush pull in
                   Wal basses and such
                     Rush Spotlights
                       Prime Mover
               Satanic messages / Freewill
                    Rush on Much Music
                 A Couple Rush Things...
           Official NMS convention announcement
                  Rush and their money.
           Baseball Newspaper Article (*LONG*)
                    COS lost lyrics!!
  Wasted space/cool sigs/polls/neils mohawk/tattoos? :)

Date: Wed, 7 Apr 1993 12:36:41 -0700 (PDT)
From: Richard Bruch 
Subject: Thanks to Rush in Master

Hey everone!

	I've got an idea on why Metallica thanked Geddy, Alex, and Neil in
their Master of Puppets album jacket.  Take a listen to the beginning of
Damage, Inc. on Master then pop in By-Tor and the Snowdog (the one on
AtWaS is better) and listen to the part in the middle, about 4:30 or so
into it.  Both have kind of an eerie, feedback type of sound in them.
I think they sound pretty similar, of course Metallica has more
of a hard-edged sound, but...  I think maybe Lars Ulrich or somebody in
Metallica heard By-Tor and called Rush up to find out how to do it.
Hence, the thanks in Master.  Who knows.  Anyway just an idea.

See ya!

Rick Bruch


Subject: Re: Wal basses
Date: Wed, 07 Apr 93 19:06:08 -0400


  Add Flea of Red Hot Chili Peppers to the list of Wal players.  He
used one almost exclusively for the recording of Blood Sugar Sex Magic
(except where he used his 5-string Stingray (Under the Bridge), and
his fretless Stingray).  Proof positive that a Wal bass CAN have great
tone and plenty of bottom.

  He doesn't play them on tour because he thinks they're ugly.



Date: Wed, 7 Apr 1993 19:10:52 -0400
From: (Scott McMahan -- Genesis mailing list owner)
Subject: Wal to Wal

Wal basses are custom made by Wal Basses, a small bass making shop in
England. They are backlogged perpetually from what I understand, with
up to a year or more wait to get one. The Wal bass has a unique and
distinct sound that's a trademark for Brand X, probably the most
famous users of Wal basses, specifically Percy Jones. Jones is one of
the greatest bass players alive, and an inspiration to Geddy. (Percy
is my all-time favorite bass player, and is incredibly innovative and
unusual.) Brand X even has a bass guitar duo with Jones and John
Giblin called ... Wal to Wal.

If you are interested in hearing the Wal bass, the album Product has
that song and many others that show it off.

And now you know... THE REST OF THE STORY!

I've never heard Geddy do particularly much with a Wal bass that
really stands out. What tracks stand out that he's used it on?

>...but he never escaped them, for who can escape what he desires? (Genesis, 78)


Date: Wed, 7 Apr 1993 16:34:33 -0700 (PDT)
From: Kevin Field 
Subject: Aimee on HYF

About Aimee Mann singing on Hold Your Fire...

I don't remember hearing her on Tai Shan -- actually, my CD got scratched
somehow and Tai Shan is no longer playable (the inhumanity!!!), but I do
know this: Aimee sings on the first three songs, I don't know about
others.  She is the laughing voice at the beginning of Force Ten, singing
TST, and can be heard at about 3:40 singing a background vocal on Open



Date: Wed, 7 Apr 1993 16:37:16 -0700 (PDT)
From: Kevin Field 
Subject: Cool "Big Money" video FX

In the beginning of the Big Money video, when we first see Geddy and Alex,
their normally black guitars are shining with a really cool blue color.
However, this effect disappears for the rest of the video.  It looks like
blue ink has been drawn over the instruments, similar to the effect in --
I don't remember, an old Dire Straits video -- what I wanna know is, why
did they do it just in the beginning, instead of throughout the whole song
or nothing at all?  Anyone else seen this?


Date: Wed, 7 Apr 93 19:57:58 EDT
Subject: Rushian Roulette '92

	Sorry to bust your bubble, but this isn't a third leg show.
It's the complete set list from the first leg, but it is from Oakland
1992.  It's great soundboard sound, and I'd recommend it as a mandatory
purchase if you can get it.  I haven't seen it on CD yet.  I think it
must be a new one.  It's about the same quality as the Long Beach 1992
show ("Mardi Gras")



Date: 07 Apr 1993 20:46:49 -0500 (EST)
Subject: This would be interesting

First off a load of thanx to whomever took the time to type the Rush
interview that was sent out a few days ago.

While I was reading the last posting, someone commented that Rush is
underplayed and underrated.  I agree with this 110%  So I started thinking
to myself, "Self what could the band do to get the respect they deserve?"
One of the ideas that came to mind, albetit odd was....Rush Unplugged.
I'm not sure this idea sits well with me and I am curious to know what
others think.


Date: 07 Apr 1993 21:16:47 -0400 (EDT)
From: ASILVERM@umiami.IR.Miami.EDU
Subject: The Bruins Are In First Place!!!  Justice Is Served!!!

Hey gang

	I did have something Rush-related to say, but I can't seem to
remember what it was!  I just had to get that Subject line in though.  Baz,
good luck on the guitarist poll & Pesach Sameach to you too!
	In the new FAQ additions, I read something about Battlescar being
recorded live.  My Max Webster tape doesn't say anything about this and the
song doesn't really sound live, does anybody know what the FAQ was referring to?
				Party on


P.S.  Hey, for an opening act, how about a Bruins practice?  Then we can "rush"
(sorry) down on the ice and skate to the music!  Maybe Ged should sing the
Canadian anthem at the Stanley Cup finals(what do I mean, maybe?
:) ).
P.P.S.  Can the Pens survive life in the mighty Adams division?  Only time
will tell!!!


Date: Wed, 7 Apr 93 20:27:24 CDT
From: (Jeremy Caplan)
Subject: Prime Mover -- Once and for all

The term Prime Mover comes from Aristotle.  While it may follow in the
Randian/Objectivist philosophy, Aristotle coined the term.

$ "Man by nature wants to know."  | Jeremy Caplan $
$            ARISTOTLE            | Philosophy   Northwestern University  $
$      "We are born unarmed.  Our mind is our only weapon."  Ayn Rand     $


Date: 07 Apr 1993 21:44:51 -0400 (EDT)
From: ASILVERM@umiami.IR.Miami.EDU
Subject: gniksaM sdrawkcaB

Hiya Rushians

	After all this talk of backwards messages supposedly caused by this
Stan fellow, I thought I'd lay a little info on the table that some of you
will find interesting, some of you won't give a stale pork rind, and others
will be so annoyed that you won't resist filling my account with flames.
At any rate, here it is:
	As many of you may remember, I am an audio engineer, and thusly I am
familiar with lots of neato scientific terms that can really make me sound
smart if I use 'em right.  Lately, people have been using the term "Backwards
Masking" to refer to backwards messages on albums.  This is not the proper use
of the phrase, so I thought I'd explain.  Masking is the effect of a loud sound
preventing the human auditory system from hearing another sound.  For example,
if the bass is turned up really high in the mix and a note is struck at the same
time as a beat on the kick drum(which is similar in frequency), the drum might
be inaudible to the human ear if it is below the "masking threshold", which is
dependent on the timbres, amplitudes, and frequencies of the sounds.  There are
three kinds of masking, simultaneous, forward, and backward.  Simultaneous is
when the masker sound and maskee are simultaneous.  Forward masking is when the
masker occurs just before the maskee, and backward masking is when the masker
occurs just AFTER the maskee!  Backwards masking is a really bizarre effect, it
suggests interesting things about the time it takes for the human auditory
system to process sounds.  In a nutshell, backwards masking is when you are
unable to hear something because it is drowned out by a louder sound which
occurs LATER.  If you think about this, it is really strange, but it DOES
exist!  As always, email for more info!
	Sorry about the only semi-Rush (but NMS-)related content, but last time
I pulled an audio tech. stunt like this I got tons of responses from NMS'ers
who were really interested, so I figure there are those here who are interested.(I know there are more appropriate forums for this sort of thing but some of us
don't have the time to explore the entire net!)

				Party on gang,


P.S.  Ottawa's last chance for a road win is against the Bruins!  We are
about to witness the first hockey team in history to go winless on the road
for a whole season!  (I think. . .)  After the finals I think I will join
Lord Stanley for a drink at Cheers!


From: "Michael J. Miller" 
Subject: Satanic lyrics
Date: Wed, 7 Apr 93 20:51:19 CDT

     I think this entire debate on satanic lyrics is rather amusing. I have
heard that some people think that Rush is satanic, and can never help but
laugh. I've even heard that people think that Rush stands for 'Rest Under
Satan's Hand.'  I grin even as I think of how stupid that is.
     However, if Rush does turn out to be satanic, then let me go to Hell when
I die!


Date: Wed, 7 Apr 1993 19:05:46 -0700 (MST)
From: Guy K Mcarthur 
Subject: Prime Mover (again)

	I think  was on to something in his post about
Prime Mover. I speculated in a previous post that the song was about a
modern prime mover, and this fits in with "anything can happen" being
about time and symbolic of evolution... all the electro-mechanical terms
are symbolic of some kind of quantum mechanical order that is at the basis
of life and evolution. I've been reading a book called "In search of the
double helix" by John Gribben and he talks about this idea in depth.
	Not that "Professor" Peart is an expert in the arcania of quantum
mech, but maybe he's read these kind of science books for the general
public and has done an excellent job of summerizing what they mean.
	If anybody is interested in quantum mechanics explained
non-mathematically I would highly recommend "The Cosmic Code" by Heinz
Pagels or "The Dancing Wu Li Masters" by Gary Zukav.
Seattle Here I Come... Fly By Night... Anything _can_ happen!


Date: Wed, 7 Apr 93 21:28:12 -0500
Subject: Idle comments.

Okay okay will never guess what I heard over a big name radio
station in my home town over spring break.  I heard ALL of the acts of 2112
plus all of La Villa Strangiato (sorry if speeled wrong) followed by 
Circumstances.  This is coming from a radio station that Beats Ozzy into the 
ground and plays Guns N Roses like it was going out of style From: Christopher Mermagen 
Subject: wal revisted, Female Rush, RTB cut

Okay, just a quickie.. I see that most of the Wal stuff
I was going to say had been answered in the last one..
I was going to mention that Bass Player Mag had it n
in there list of equipment, for sale around $2500k..

Who bough the wal in texas??? If you have a chance,
email me and tell me about it. I'm still jammin'
on a Rick 4003..

Female Rush fans... let's see. I met two twin sisters
at Towson State in '89, and I believe both were extremely
into Rush, i.e. seen the tour, had music... I really
wanted to meet their parents and thank them! :) I'm
sorry ladies, but it took me two years to finally get
my old g-friend to like Rush, and by then it wa too
late.. She dumped me for a country guy!! :)

Now, someone last post mentioned that a radio station
in ?Colorado? started playing Anthem and then cut it
after the 1st few seconds... bummer. I've mentioned
this before on can't remember if
I said it here, but a radio station in Balto, Md.
cut the rap out the first week after it was released.
sounded kinda goofy without it, actually.. kinda
like q-ryche anybody listening on the radio.. or Big
Money, the Video off chronicles.. Anyway, lots
of people called in and told them to put it pack,
so they did. I think there is a big Rush fan base
around Baltimore.. They've won the superbowl of rock
a few times, the World series of rock... people request
'em alot...

enough rambling..
Till next time, I will be sitting in my 57 feet of slick
fiberglass, wearing my blue blazor, ascot, hat tilted
at a jaunty angle, and sipping my vodka Gimlet while
sailboaters are eating my 4 ft wake that people could
surf on..


From: (Jamie E. Bruhn)
Subject: My error
Date: Wed, 7 Apr 1993 22:31:55 -0500 (CDT)


Sorry about the error on the Wal bass info but I looked up in some of my
old Bass Player Magazines and Geddy did have one(I think One) Wal bass
custom made to his specifications and the guy who did the customizing on
it just died within the last year or two and it mentioned that there would
be no more custom basses by Wal for Ged. That is just what I read today so
I guess I go by that! Personally I feel that Kubicki's are the best basses
around by of course that is my opinion!!

Ged Rules-----



Date: Thu, 8 Apr 1993 00:31 EDT
From: Randy 'Lerxst' Kaelber 
Subject: Wal Basses

>From my understanding of the pricing of a Wal bass, the economy models
start at $2000 and keep going up. Definitely not a beginner instrument
(unless you're rich!). They have a scad of active electronics on them.

Someone said that he didn't think Ged's was special-made for him. I
do remember from an interview I read in 1986 (way back) that he visited
the UK Wal factory and had one made. I believe it was a stock Wal 4 string,
but the finish was what was special. Most Wal basses had a natural finish,
and Ged wanted a basic black (I have absolutely no idea how they finish
them now. Lime Green for all I know...). He said that the black finish he
had also gave the thing a brighter sound than the natural finish.

My favorite bass tone from the Wal was the sound he had on Power Windows.
The Big Money just totally blew me away! That was when I decided that bass
would be my primary instrument, relegating six string to a plaything from
then on. Of course, I don't think anything really ever beat that Rickenbacker
4001 sound.

Oh well, I will someday be able to actually be worthy of changing the
charcoal pads in the Gedmesiter's shoes..... *sigh*

Randy Kaelber, Aspiring Bassist for rent.
Miami University    Systems Analysis/Psychology
Oxford, Ohio  ,Sol 3, Orion Arm


From: (L Clator Butler Jr)
Subject: Re: MP Gold & Aimee Mann question
Date: Thu, 8 Apr 1993 01:05:56 -0400 (EDT)

Hey y'all,

I traded in my Moving Pictures disc today and for a brief mmoment did
not have every disc in their collection.  Then I upgraded...

I did not know until yesterday that Original Master Recordings has
re-done MP on 24K gold format.  The sound saves the disc, which does
need some production doctoring, you must admit.

Furthermore, the liner notes are the way they were on the album.  Both
the front and back album covers are in the fold-out, AND Neil's picture
is included.  Why it is left out of the Mercury/Polygram release is
beyond me.  The entire package is well worth the $30.

Does anybody know if there are other Rush OMR recordings?  I know Pink
Floyd has a few.

  [ This is the only Rush one... so far anyways.		: rush-mgr ]

And concerning Amiee Mann on HYF.  We all know she sings on TSS.  She is
also heard singing the "OhhhhhhOhhhhhOhhhh" bridge section on "Open
Secrets."  At the very end of "Taishan/Tai Shan" she is singing
something backwards, according to Neil.  He answered this in the last
Fan club newsletter.  And it is not Satanic, so don't start that crap up



Date: 08 Apr 1993 01:26:50 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Stuff

I remember seeing a brief segment on CNN last fall concerning the bands
which had the top 10 tour earnings for '92.  If I remember correctly, Rush
was #5.  The only bands that I can recall that were ranked above Rush were
Metallica and the Grateful Dead.

A friend of mine has a question about an early concert tape.  It includes
a song titled "Peace of Mind", but the guy he taped it from told him that
the song was really called "Fancy Dancer".  Could someone straighten me out
on this matter?  Please email privately.  Thanks!

And finally, Terry Bozzio is indeed a drummer and has played with many groups
including Frank Zappa's band.  He is not playing with Jeff Beck anymore though.
He is the drummer for Steve Vai's Light Without Heat.  The first album from that
ensemble is due either the last Tuesday of April of the first Tuesday of May.

Tim Rouse

BTW, the radio stations that I can pick up don't seem to be affected by this
anti-Rush-on-the-airwaves thing that some of you keep complaining about.  There
are 6(six) stations that I get that play a wide variety of Rush tunes at very
reliable intervals.  These are:  97.9 WIYY (98Rocks) in Baltimore, 101.1 WWDC
(DC101) in Washington D.C., 105.9 WCXR in Washington D.C., 102.1 WRXL (XL102) in
Richmond, VA, 97.5 WWWV (3WV) in Charlottesville, VA, and 99.3 WFQX (The FOX99)
in Strasburg, VA.  Between all of these you can usually hear 17 to 20 songs in
an 8 hour period.  I don't complain.  Also, the station at James Madison
University, 88.7 WXJM, plays a decent amount of Rush, but it is usually at
strange hours and mixed with a bizarre assortment of other artists.  A few
weeks ago, I was listening to 98Rocks when the DJ asked a caller what he wanted
to hear and the guy said "Side One of 2112 by Rush".  The DJ said "Cooool!" and
played it!   The WHOLE THING even!  Eat that you whiners!


Date: 08 Apr 1993 01:44:55 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Prime Mover, etc.

  Well, geez, I was out of town for a week, came back to too many NMS's to
read, so I deleted some and what did I miss?  A discussion of my favorite song
on HYF:  Prime Mover!  Argh!  Well, I've seen a few posts about people's
different interpretations to it.  I think what I like most about it is it's
one of those songs that seems to be about nothing in particular, but a few
lines hint at a general theme.  Another song that strikes me this way is
Emotion Detector from PoW (my fave from that album, what a coincidence!).
  Does anyone else sometimes see a mental image of a video in your head when
you listen to certain Rush songs?  Maybe my once being a Radio-TV-Film major
is the cause for it, but I always see a video in my head when I hear Prime
Mover.  For some reason I always see it as race-related, and the image I keep
seeing is a closeup of a white man's hand and a black man's hand locking in a
handshake.  This usually comes around the time of "anything can happen".
Simplistic?  Idealistic?  Probably, but hey, if I can interpret the end to
racism and hatred from three words by Mr. Peart, who knows what you can see?
  Hmmm...looking up, it seems I mistyped.  Although I do love Emotion Detector
and it is my fave from PoW, I was thinking of Grand Designs as being in the
same "mode" as Prime Mover.  Sorry...brain fart.
  Seems the thread of female fans still has some life to it.  Well, ok, I'll
toss mine in.  I met a girl who is a big Rush fan, mostly the older stuff.  In
fact, in her teens she painted the cover to 2112 on one bedroom wall, and Dark
Side of the Moon on another.  I met her on a bulletin board that has live chat
cuz my screen-name had a Rush reference in it that she asked about.  To make a
short story a little longer, at the end of the month I move to NY to be with
her and we'll probably be married soon.  Keep looking, the female Rush fans are
there!!!  :)


"Sometimes our big splashes are just ripples in the pool."  -Emotion Detector
  Read that line again...maybe you're not as great as you think you are...or
maybe all these problems and setbacks that are making your life difficult, they
too shall pass.  So many ways to interpret just one line...the man's a genius!

  The Braves got lucky!  Grace did NOT pull his foot of the bag!  He was out
by a half-step!  Gant's HR should've made it only 4-3, and the one run in the
bottom of the 10th should've tied it up!
  Watch out folks!  The sleeper in the NL East?  Da Cubs!  The defense is rock-
solid!  The pitching is DEEP!  And who needs power?  We'll just contact-hit you
to death!  The Cards did it a couple years ago!


Subject: How much Rush pull in
Date: Thu, 8 Apr 93 7:35:42 GMT
From: Dominic Binks 

   I seem to recall Rush devoting the proceeds from one concert in
   Canada to the united way from the Presto tour, and that turned
   out to be $300,000. For one show.. anybody else hear this (actually
   I read it in Billboard mag).. that's alot of ducats.. well, let's
   see, if they play a 19,000 seat arena @ $27.00 and they sellout, then
   that's $513,000, so I figure they played an 11,000 or so seat arena
   that sold-out..

I remember reading an interview with Neil (I think it was around ASOH time as
he did an interview in every major British Rock Magazine - aaah Heaven) where
he states that they been doing this for a long time.  What they do is they
persuade everybody they can to go without pay and then donate the whole lot to
charity.  What this includes/excludes I'm not sure but I do know that all their
roadies go without for one night.  This means that Rush probably don't bring in
$300,000 personally, but it gives a good idea of the approximate amount.

Dominic Binks


Date:       Thu,  8 Apr 93 12:27:05 BST
From: "Roger G Haworth   userid " 
Subject:    Lard...

Interesting stuff lately concerning Geddy's basses. Somebody challenged me
about my never having heard Geddy play a fretless, stating he plays one on
Different Strings. I would have to disagree with that, primarily because I am
an argumentative son of a bitch, but also because I don't believe it is a
fretless. I read an interview with Geddy (which I believe is also in Visions)
where he talked about the bass part on that song. He said it was a simple
part, made more interesting by adding a couple of harmonics played at the
fifth fret. If it was a fretless he wouldn't be talking in terms of
frets...well, at least I wouldn't. On top of all that, it doesn't sound like a

On a related note, someone (I'm sorry, I've forgotten who) wrote in about
wishing Geddy would pick up the Ricky again. HEAR HEAR! His bass sound in
earlier years was much more satisfying to my ears. My old mate Chris Mermagen
wrote in yesterday saying how weedy Geddy's bass was on the last tour. I saw
them at the Birmingham NEC, and Les Claypool blew him away. It hurts me to say
that, because Geddy is my favourite musician! I thought the black Wal (made
here in England) at least had some bite to it, but that red one just doesn't
really do much at all...imagine how Dreamline would sound with a fucking great
clanking Rickenbacker all over it...and somehow Xanadu wasn't quite right
without the double-necks.

I guess as people get older they mellow, and indeed Geddy said he had (in a
muso magazine I can't remember the name of), which is why he likes the new Wal
he has. In the same interview Alex said he had listened back to albums like
Moving Pictures and couldn't believe how greedy the bass was. I very much
doubt we will ever hear the Rickenbacker 4001 or Fender Jazz in the hands of
Geddy Lee ever again...

Happy Easter folks


PS: Bill Conley, I don't love polls about Rush. Not every five minutes
anyway.. .


From: "Larry Salomon Jr." 
Subject: Wal basses and such
Date: Thu, 8 Apr 1993 07:42:14 -0400 (EDT)

> Date: Tue, 06 Apr 1993 22:43:37 -0400 (EDT)
> From: mhoupt@uceng.uc.EDU (Michael R Houpt)
> Subject: basses +
> Hey Ladies and Gentlemen,
> 	I just wanted to make a couple quick comments:
> 1)  I am a bass player and I personally have never seen a Wal bass in my life
> with the exception of Rush concerts.

I know this doesn't help, but in the NY area, the Sam Ash chain carries them;
I've even see a "Geddy Lee" model (which was advertised as such).  I ran
about $2800 (US) (I was a while ago).

> 3)  I think the reason Geddy doesn't use a fretless bass is because of the
> difficultly of his playing and that the frets keep his pitch together with
> Alex.  Take "Marathon" for example, that song would be practically
> impossible!!

I disagree.  While lead is my main instrument, I dabble in bass from time-to-
time and actually prefer a fretless to the more traditional fretted
fingerboard.  However, a fretless has a much more well-rounded sound (for
lack of better words) which definately lacks the edgy sound that Geddy uses
on occassion.



Date: Thu, 8 Apr 93 09:08:50 -0400
From: (Ron Wiseman)
Subject: Rush Spotlights

johnlee@sirius.UVic.CA (John  Lee) writes:

>	First of all, a .64 cal flame directed at MuchMusic:
>Goddamnit, I have been scanning the T.V. guide for, let's see, oh, about
>2 whole years now, and not ONE Rush spotlight have I seen, yet groups
>like Mr. Big and Emcee-DownHome-GrandMaster-McHomey-"G"-in-da-House-yo-yo-yo
>have appeared several times!  Get a grip, O stupid Canadian Music Television
>company!!  I have caught glimpses of videos several years ago including
>The Big Money, Show Don't Tell, Roll The Bones, even Xanadu!!  So I know
>MuchMusic has them, but where is the spotlight?!?  Twits...

	Actually, I've seen three seperate spotlights on Rush on Much Music.
The latest was just after the release of RTB (the album not the video).  In t 
one they played Dreamline while listing Rush's accomplishments (albums sold,
Group of the Decade, etc.).
	I have two complete ones taped, and part of another.  In one show
Steve Anthony anounced Distant Early Warning as Early Distant Warning.

	- Ron (


Date: 08 Apr 1993 07:32:27 -0700 (MST)
Subject: Prime Mover

Hello, everybody!
	I'm going to try to describe my interpretation of Prime Mover here, so
if I don't make sense, that's what I'm trying to make sense about.  I think it
deals with a point of view resulting from philosophy.  To get the philosophy,
ask yourself a question (a couple, actually)...What is a god?
	A god is someone who controls what happens to me.  (IMO, of course)
Who do I know who controls what happens to me?  Me.  Hey- I'm a god!  Now, from
this ?metaphysical? point of view, let's remove ourselves from the mundane for
a moment and take a look at what we've done to get where we are.  If we are
enjoying this look, I think that prime mover would be an accurate description
of that emotion.


From: Mark Landin 
Subject: Satanic messages / Freewill
Date: Thu, 8 Apr 93 8:39:48 CDT

Last issue, Dan Dickerman presented an "explanation" of how Satanic messages
get into music backwardsly. Actually, I kind of like this argument, because
it says that the musicians didn't do it, Satan did, so you really can't fault
the band or producers or record companies, etc, because if Satan wants a
message somewhere, he can just put it in .... So be careful what you listen to,
'cuz Satan could have put that stuff anywhere.

But not Rush, of course. They have Freewill.

I'm not gigging on Dan; he was just explaining someone else's rationale.
*  Mark C. Landin					Northeastern St. Univ *
*					Tahlequah, OK *
*      Wheels within wheels in a spiral array - this changes everything       *


Date: Thu, 8 Apr 1993 09:47 CST
Subject: Rush on Much Music

  Hey folks!

  In the issue #658, someone posted that Much Music has not done
  a Spot-Light on Rush.  Well in the fall of '91 , just before
  the RTB tour, Much Music indeed do a Spot-Light on the band.
  They did show some recorded interviews with all three of them.
  --They mostly talked about winning "The Artist of the Decade
  Award" and about RTB.  If I remember correctly, Much Music
  screwed up video titles, -one was they were playing the
  "Superconductor" video and Much typed in the title as "Time
   Stand Still" --can you believe that!

   One other cool thing Much has done was a 1-hour show about
   band, titled "Rush Hour" aired about the time ASOH came out.
   Essentially, they ran thru a brief history, played videos,
   interviewed Geddy and Alex (mostly discussing HYF).  They
   showed clips of the 'crew setting up for the 1st show of
   HYF tour. (That was pretty cool). They also talked to crew
   people like Jack Secret and some others.  It was a pretty
   cool show!



Date: Thu, 08 Apr 1993 09:54:11 -0600 (CST)
From: "Life's a crap ROLL THE BONES." 
Subject: A Couple Rush Things...

I recall possible opening acts mentioned.  I remember my first real concert
experience, Rush in 1990 (okay, I'm not a veteran but I'm really into them
now and I have all the cds plus some boots plus I play Rush in the
control room of the tv station I work at right before air time; I direct
and this friend who used to work there and I used to do impressions of
Neil-example: on SHOW DON'T TELL we'd always go, "cah cah splah" and crap
like that-I was a drummer in high school and this is turning into a run-on

Anyway, I remember when Mr. Big came out on stage and started playing.  I
was like, ohmygod that's loud because, like I said, I'd never been to a
concert before.  After five minutes, I turned to my friend, looked at my
watch, and in a Dave Letterman "dumb guy" voice said, "When's Rush coming

I saw Rush in 1991 for ROLL THE BONES.  And I got in for free because I
was ushering.  It was pretty neat showing people up to the third row and
looking directly underneath Eric Johnson playing CLIFFS OF DOVER and some
of his other songs.  Before the concert, me and a couple friends were
walking to one side of the auditorium.  I passed some drum cases and other
boxes with "RUSH" spray painted on them.  I got down on my knee and did the
sign of the cross.  The roadies laughed.

Now for the real reason for posting:
Somebody mentioned Tori Amos was from Canada.  I forget the exact state,
but she was born in the U.S. (I have nine of her cds and I can't remember)
and the daughter of a priest (so that's why she writes those lyrics...).
She moved to London for awhile.  Now she's back in the states (I think).

And the person who was politely complaining about no LaBatt Blue (it's been
awhile since seeing it) Spotlight on Rush.  When a freshman at a small
college in 1990-1991, they had Much on the campus cable.  I loved that
channel to death.  They at least PLAY Rush, whereas that other channel
doesn't unless it's under that dweeb Andy Norris (why do I even know his
name?) and he makes some stupid comment.  But I do remember a Rush
spotlight (I think it was a couple nights in fall of 90 or spring of 91) and
remember them playing "A Show of Hands" a couple times as the Monday Concert.
I swear, I want to move to Canada: thanks to Much, I've gotten into Barenaked
Ladies, Blue Rodeo, Concrete Blonde, Sarah McLachlan (sp?), Sue Medley, and
some others.  Somebody get me a job up there!!!  I'll toss the papers in
the air and exclaim "Here's Ruuuuuuuuuuuuush on Much!!!!"

Barenaked Ladies for opening act!!!!!

Bravado,		"Damn, that Rudolph is one brave son of a bitch!"
Todd Clark			- Dave "Dumb Guy" Letterman's reaction
the video butcher		  to watching the Christmas special and		  hearing Santa ask Rudolph for assistance.


Date: Thu,  8 Apr 1993 12:31:47 -0400 (EDT)
From: John Michael Santore 
Subject: Official NMS convention announcement


    O F F I C I A L   N M S   C O N V E N T I O N   A N N O U N C E M E N T


The First Annual NMS Rush Fans Convention is being held this summer in

It will be Friday - Sunday, June 25-27, 1993 at the Hotel Ibis in
downtown Toronto (couple of blocks from Massey Hall).

Aside from hanging out and partying with fellow fans of the greatest
band in the world (and maybe taking a side trip or two to Danforth and
Pape or somethign like that), there will be a few main events.

1) Picnic at Lakeside Park.  Transportation to and from the park will be
provided, as will food.  This will happen Saturday morning/afternoon.

2) A Rush tribute band, Rushour will perform a three hour (actually
closer to four) set of Rush material.  This set will contain songs from
every Rush album to this point (and maybe a few special things).  I've
seen them myself and they are quite good.

3) There is a decent possibility of a Guest Speaker.  I've spoken with
Anthem Records and I just have to iron out some details with them.

Registration for the convention is as follows:

A nonrefundable deposit of $85 dollars (per person) is required and the
deadline for deposits is April 17, 1993 (but only the first 200 people so get
'em in quick).

This deposit covers all convention overhead, specifically the picnic,
the band, and some miscellaneous expenses.  This also includes an
official NMS convention t-shirt (Meg is working on this and I trust that
they will be extremely cool)  I have tried to estimate prices as closely
as possible to ensure the least possible surplus, but since I can't get
a firm head count ahead of time, and the fact that the Canadian/American
dollar exchange rate is not fixed, there may be leftover money.  *ALL*
leftover money will be donated to the Rush fanzine A Show of Fans and a
charity specified by Anthem records speaking on behalf of Rush.  I will
personally make *absolutely no profit* on this venture.  Detailed
financial accountings will be made available upon request.

I realize that some people live in the Toronto area, and may be able to
make some of their own accommodations, however the only thing that may
be any different is tranportation to and from Lakeside Park.  Thus for
anyone local to the area, I am willing to make a $15 reduction on the
deposit.  This reduction covers transportation.  All other costs are
event specific and I will not be able to reduce things further.

Payment of this deposit allows your name to be put on a list of people
attending the convention. This list will be sent to the Hotel Ibis, and
will allow you to call them and make reservations at the convention rate:

    This rate is $62 (canadian) a night for a single/double
                 $72 for a triple
                 $82 for a quad

I am NOT responsible for hotel reservations.  I will, however, be sure
that upon payment of deposit, you name is added to the list for the
reduced hotel rate.   As far as people grouping up to share hotel costs,
feel free to do so, however a deposit is still required one each person
Transportation from your home city to Toronto is the responsibility of
all individuals as well.

We are limited to 200 people due to the size of the hotel facilities.
This means that all space is on a first come, first served basis.  The
first 200 people who get their checks in to me get to go.

I realize some of the details are a bit sketchy, however until I get a
firm head count based on this deposit, I can't finalize a lot of the
details, such as what kind of food the picnic will have, or a detailed
time schedule.  All of this will be determined later and will be sent
out to everyone attending.  Realize that I've volunteered to do this for
free, and to be honest, I never done something of this magnitude before,
so please give me a little consideration as far as some of the official
details and stuff.  I expect everything to be worked out well before the

Disclaimer: This convention does not condone illegal live recordings.
Anyone wishing to trade such materials at the convention does so at
their own risk, and  that the convention, and the NMS will NOT be held

Please make out all checks ($85 deposit) to John Santore
and send them to

1071 Morewood Avenue.
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

(receipts WILL be given and any deposits in excess of 200 people will be
Deadline is April 17, 1993 and there are only 200 available spots, so
first come first served.

Please include your T-shirt size, whether or not you will be staying at
the hotel, and if you wish to provide your own transportation to
Lakeside Park.

Anyone who has any further questions or comments feel free to contact me

John Santore
1071 Morewood Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

or via email

or via phone
(412) 268-5533

or on IRC
'/msg Slythex '
(just '/msg rushserv invite absalom' for an invite to the #p/g! channel)

                            I hope to see you there!
                                    John Santore
                              (utterly relieved to have gotten
                               to this stage in the planning)

Big Thank-yous go around the world to the following people:

Jimmy Lang, Meg Jahnke, Steve Streeter, Thomas Beaudoin, Harold Lessure,
Nick Mascari, Mike Sandoval, Mike Weintraub, Susie Kretschmer, Glen Reed,
Dave Warner, Jamie Buckley, Matt Phillips, Eric Carlson, Pat Choy, Tony
Reynolds, Lewis Beard, Rod Harrison and anyone else who offered support.

/                    \                   "We break the surface tension
\_________     ____   \                   with our wild kinetic dreams"
/             /    \   \                        -Rush, Grand Designs
\_______     /  (*) )   )
/           / /\___/   /                 Go Philadelphia Flyers!
\_____     / /        /
/         /  \_______/                   John Santore (

Rush-Yes-King Crimson-Emerson, Lake and Palmer-Marillion-Genesis (w/ Gabriel)


Date: Thu, 8 Apr 1993 11:28:00 +0000
From: "Oliver (O.R.) Sampson" 
Subject: Rush and their money.

Regarding the posts about how much Rush gets paid for a gig:

National acts don't collect money at the door, and get paid by
the number of people that show up.  Rather, a promoter for the
area hires the band to play a place.  He has to rent the place,
hire the people, pay for security, etc.  The band is paid a flat
rate.  If the gross receipts from ticket sales were $400,000, I
would think that the band might get $200,000.  Bands make a lot
of their money from programs, key chains, t-shirts, etc. (which
incidentally, the promoter probably also gets a cut.)  Such is
the music biz.

The moral of the story is:  if you've got the cash and their
phone number, YOU can hire Rush to play your next birthday party.

Oliver R. Sampson                     "Heh, I feel good." -- James Brown
Member of Scientific Staff
"All opinions expressed here are the opinions solely of the author,
and they are in no way a reflection of opinions or policies of BNR, Inc.
or Northern Telecom." -- The boss says I have to put this in here.


Date: 08 Apr 1993 13:55:32 -0400 (EDT)
From: ASILVERM@umiami.IR.Miami.EDU
Subject: Baseball Newspaper Article (*LONG*)


	I hope some of you enjoyed my last extended  post.  Here I have typed
in  an article which appeared in yesterday's Miami  Herald sports section.  I
doubt if any of you have read it since it was written by a Herald writer, not
a wire service.  Anyway,  the title is "Rockie-and-roll:  Colorado's Smith
inspired by Rush", it is by Amy Niedzielka,  Herald sports writer.  There are
a few mistakes in it, but I have copied the article verbatim.  Don't worry,
you will know what they are.  Just for reference, the article appears at the top
of page  7D of  the sports section,  Wednesday 4/7/93.  Here it is:

	NEW YORK-  Rockies pitcher Bryn Smith wears the  black  Rush T-shirts
under his uniform jersey because he must.  His newest Rush shirt reads:  "Like
your worst [expletive] nightmare, we're  not going away."
	Smith,  a 37-year-old starter with 12 years of major-league experience,
needs his Rush jerseys.  He started wearing them in 1985 and had the best year
of his career.  "You need a crutch," he says.  "You can't do it alone."
	Every day, Smith's  crutch comes off a hanger in his locker.
	"My goal," he says, "is to survive."
	He does not believe the shirts have magical  powers.  He just knows
playing  baseball, the game he loves, can be the hardest job  in the world.
	"You don't want to fail," says Smith, who will start the Rockies' home
opener against the Expos at Mile High Stadium Friday.  "You don't want to lose
that game.  I want 80,000 people standing on their feet, being  at the best
concert they ever went to.  I want the streets to be lit up at three in the
morning because the Rockies won their home opener."
	Smith says he grows nervous just talking  about Friday's game.  The
fact that he is the oldest player on the Rockies' roster and the No. 2 starter-
he signed as a free agent last December- does not mean he is secure.
	"Confidence is a battle every day," he says.  "Am I that good?  Do I
still have it?  That's my biggest fight."
	Smith fights because his life is baseball.  He and Marlins pitcher Bob
McClure liked nothing  more when they were in St. Louis than to sit around the
clubhouse and talk about the game.  That, he said, seems to be a lost art;
Smith has yet to have such a conversation with a Rockies player.
	But he hopes to change that.  Rockies manager Don Baylor all but made
Smith a player-coach when they discussed Smith's role for this season.
	"It's important to me to keep them talking," Smith said of his
teammates, namely the pitchers.  "Keep them asking questions and starving for
	Smith's career came together for one fleeting season.  In 1985,  he was
18-5 with a  2.91 earned run average for Montreal.  He had good years after-
he is 106-90 with a  3.44 ERA in his career- but never before or since has he
thrown with such confidence.
	To him, it is no coincidence that season followed a winter spent
traveling with Rush.
	Smith met Rush lead singer and guitarist[sic] Geddy Lee in 1984 after a
game.  Rush fascinated Smith.  Smith fascinated Lee, a big baseball fan.  Lee
invited Smith to travel with the band.
	From Rochester, N.Y., to Ohio, Smith was part of Rush's rolling hotel.
At concerts, he sat on the side of the stage watching and listening.  Seeing
Lee enrapture crowds of nearly 20,000 made Smith realize he, too, as a
performer, had all sorts of power.
        "Being a pitcher, nothing starts until you throw," Smith said.  "It's
right at the end of your fingertips."
        Sometimes.  The power can be elusive, and that is the scary part.
What if you lose?  Wearing Rush shirts and listening to Rush's music before 
games brings Smith peace.
        Smith remembers living on $600 a month in his minor-league days.  During
one off-season, he cut grass.  Another year he drove an 18-wheeler.  Still
another he drove a lumber truck.  His wife Patti worked at Kmart.
        "I was determined to keep playing," Smith said.  "Not being a No. 1
draft pick, I had to earn everything.  I deserve what I've got.  I can honestly
say that.  Some  guys get every opportunity in the world.  I had to survive to
get a chance."
        Smith figures  he stretched his career this  far because he is like
somebody's worst nightmare.  He just isn't going away.

	The  article has 2 pictures.  One is a little head shot of Smith with
the caption "Smith".  The other is a rather large shot of Ged  on stage with the
caption "PET ROCKER:  Bryn Smith met Rush's Geddy Lee in 1984 and traveled with
the band.  The next season, Smith had his best year."  In the  picture, Ged's
hair is long and unkempt, he is  wearing a short-sleeve  half shirt with a
sort  of  tiger-stripe(but  not  really) pattern on it, is wearing his Rick,
but instead of playing it he has both hands on a mic boom and appears to be
screaming into the mic like the old days.  Anyone got any clues as to what
tour  this might be from?
	Rush-mgr:  If you could archive this at the ftp site for me, that would
be  most cool.  Thanks.  Hope you guys enjoyed it!

   [ Will do!							: rush-mgr ]

				Party on,


P.S.  In first place & half of their remaining  games  against Ottawa!!!  Looks
like the Bruins have home ice for the playoffs!  (Unless, of course, the Pens
somehow  get out of their division. . .)


Date: Thu, 8 Apr 1993 14:05 EST
Subject: Capitalization

Hey everyone!!!

I have a question/comment about something I just noticed the other day.  I was
listening to _Signals_ the other day and I noticed that on the disc the songs
Analog Kid and The Weapon are not capitalized.  I'm not sure of any of the
others.  Anyone else notice this and does anyone have any idea why.  The are
capitalized on the back of the CD case.  I just don't know...

Let's Go Pens!!!  15 in a row and still counting...


     ####### ##   ## ####### ##          Kevin Ryan Patrick Kirwan
    ##      ##   ## ##      ##         The University of Pittsburgh
   ##      ##   ## ####### #######
  ##      ##   ##      ## ##   ##  "Sometime's our big splashes are just
 ##      ####### ####### ##   ##         Ripples in the pool..."


Date: Thu, 8 Apr 1993 15:17:29 -0400
Subject: YYZ

	The sound heard in YYZ is a recording of a slapshot.  If you look
at the credits on the album, you will find a thank you to a hockey team.
Not giving a damn about hockey, I don't remember which team it was, but
what can you do?  I hope this helps clear things up a bit.



Date: Thu, 8 Apr 1993 20:45:14 -0400
From: Scott David Daly 
Subject: COS lost lyrics!!

Hi there!

	Well, for anyone who was eagerly awaiting more info from my
post last week about this:  wait no longer...I got'em!!

	For anyone who missed my post last's a little

	It seems that a "friend" of mine (a fellow collector) had
aquired a test pressing of Caress Of Steel a while back (a test
pressing is simply a vinyl pressing of an album made from the master
tapes to double-check the sound quality of the recording before they
start churning out they can catch any mistakes before
mass production starts).  These are fairly difficult to come by as I
understand it and are quite rare.  Anyway, when he received it in the
mail, it seemed to be unopened.  He decided to take a look inside
and, when he opened it, there were copies of Neil's original HAND
WRITTEN lyrics for the album!!  (complete with the little drawings he
does at the top of each song...for those of you that have seen the
FBN sleeve or some other example).  Anyway, there were even EXTRA
lines to some of the songs that had been crossed out or edited!!!
(Apparently, these lyrics came right out of his notebook and were
xeroxed before he had a chance to clean them up!!!).

	Here are the extra lyrics (Jimmy, you may want to add these
in to the FTP site alongside the extra FBN verse...I now have a xerox
of the lyrics if you want a copy let me know!):


edited lines:

	But now it must be wine
	Kitchen table hours
	Building castles in the sand
	Now we've been
	And now we've seen...


edited lines:

	...Have I left my life behind

	The symmetry of snow flakes
	In the music of the stream
	A symphony of springtime
	In the shadow of a dream

	I catch the scent of ambergris...

	...Comfort through the years...

	Yet I know my kingdom waits
	Before the light of dawn
	They'll make the daily bread
	Mine will be done and gone


Anyway, there you have it!  There are some cool little drawings at
the top of some of the pages (a guillotine for Bastille Day and a
goblet for Bacchus Plateau!), as well as a little doodled face at the
bottom of Panacea...I guess he was daydreaming that day...

	Sadly, Didacts and Narpets was NOT among the lyrics, so we
can't lay that lyric argument to rest once and for all!  I guess they
must have thrown that one together on the spot in the studio (?)...

						Take Care!



Date: Thu, 8 Apr 93 20:55:47 -0400
From: nam2@po.CWRU.Edu (Nicholas A. Mascari)
Subject: Wasted space/cool sigs/polls/neils mohawk/tattoos? :)

>I know that this is an old subject but just had to bring it up again because
>im listening to WAAf in Boston right now and they are playing Subdivision.
>What a nice sound.

I don't want to harp, but this is really a waste of space. If we all ran to
out computers and furiously posted whenever we heard Rush on the radio,
this digest would get pretty boring and even longer than it is now!

>5) Hey, Nick Mascari, I **like** your .sig .

Thanks, eh....I get lots of compliments from Rush fans and non-Rush fans
all the time...pretty cool. :)

>Alright everyone, ive come up with a new, interesting poll.  Here goes:
>When Rush finally does break up (God forbid) what do you think that Geddy,
>Neil, and Alex will do in their spare time?  Send your responses to:

Rush will never break up. They will retire.
By the way, I like Dan's polls and stuff, but some of these others are
getting ridiculous. It seems like some people are making up the most
obscure topics, just for the sake of doing a poll. Does anyone agree with

Also, I had 16th row seats for the Chicago show, and we could see the
stubble on Neil's head, plus the "tanline" from where his hair used to be.
There's no doubt in my mind it was real.

I LOVED the New World Man/Clinton analogy. Sheeeze you guys, lighten
up and have a sense of humor eh!!  I'll bet no one would have bitched if it
were about a conservative president.  Anyway, I'm sure Rush would have
laughed at it, rather than get all worked up.  :)

Oh...on a rather off subject, a lot of my friends have been getting tattoos
on their calves/ankles...and I got to thinking that a red star with a
circle would be a cool tattoo. Anyone have any other Rush-related tattoo

Here it is again :)

    /~~~~\               ~\    Nick Mascari-Mechanical Engineering-CWRU
   /     /  /   /  /\     /
  /~~/~~   /   /  /  \   /~~\  "Live for yourself, there's no one else
 /   \     \_./\_/___/\_/   /   more worth living for." -Neil Peart, Rush
/     \___________________ /_____________________________________________


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