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          The National Midnight Star, Number 660

                  Monday, 12 April 1993
Today's Topics:
                  "Red Lenses" and SCTV
                     fretless basses
                        Rush Riffs
                   Rush unpl...?! What?
                  To Fret or not to fret
               All kinds of assorted replys
                  Rush, Backmasking, QM
                     Pre-PeW boot...
                    Rush and baseball
                     What is "Much?"
            About the "Critical Mass" title...
                        No Joke...
                      show hotel...
                     "Peace of Mind"
                 Prime Mover and Satanism
                    Exit...stage left
                       Take Off...
    The last Adams division champ ever. . .who else???
                        SCAM ALERT
                      News to me...
                     explicit lyrics?
             Mental Images, and New World Man
                Geddy and national anthems
   various blabberings, stutterings, and things to say?
                Rush on Radio (revisited)
                    Baseball and Rush
                    Various old things
                  RUSH goods for sale!!!

Date: Mon Apr 12 16:14:11 EDT 1993
Subject: Administrivia

There was no digest for Friday, 4/9. Also, a new FAQ is now out -- I won't be
mailing the parts out as special editions, so if you want a copy, either get
it via anonymous ftp to, or send e-mail to me and I will mail
you a copy.

- rush-mgr


Date: 08 Apr 1993 22:26:13 -0600 (CST)
Subject: "Red Lenses" and SCTV

Hello, Rusheads!

Of course we all know that the original National Midnight Star was a
faux-tabloid TV sketch on "SCTV," right?  And that whenever a NMS
newsperson (John Candy, Dave Thomas, Eugene Levy, et al.) finished
reading a tabloid newsstory, someone off-camera would bellow, "It's true!"

Here's my question:  Who's bellowing "it's true!" on the song "Red Lenses"?
Perhaps it's a sample of dialogue from one of those very sketches?  I don't

Additionally, I heard many years ago that Rush was going to appear on "SCTV"
just before the show was cancelled by NBC.  Any trith to thise old rumor
I mean, any truth to this old rumor?  Lemme know...


Date:         Thu, 08 Apr 93 23:26:00 CDT
From: Tracey 
Subject:      fretless basses

Hi, all...
I agree 'twould be a cool thing to hear Lee play a fretless from time
to time, but fretless basses are not really well suited for most of
Rush's songs. Fretless basses lack the percussive force of fretted ones,
and one reason Rush sounds so tight most of the time is that his bass
line is locked into Peart's bass drum. Just wouldn't be as effective
with a fretless, which has a tendency to kind of moan (at least when played

Best fretless players I've heard lately are Michael Manring, a kind of
folkie/new ager now playing with John Gorka, and Kevin McCormick, who
occasionally plays a fretless with Melissa (whatababe) Etheridge.

Oh, and Aimee Mann's contributions to HYF -- is it fact or just specula-
tion that she sang on songs other than "Time Stand Still"?



Date: Fri, 9 Apr 93 01:37:21 EDT
From: "Begin the day with a friendly voice, a companion unobtrusive" 
Subject: Rush Riffs


	the other day someone mention a Rush riff in Spinal Taps
	HellHole, well has anyone noticed that in the song Black
	Gold by, hurm, I think Driving and Crying, they use the
	riff from Fly By Night?

	Did I already mention this? Did someone else already mention



From: (Russell Holt)
Subject: Rush unpl...?! What?
Date: Fri, 9 Apr 93 0:52:36 EST


I read this digest all the time, and don't speak much, but this caught my
attention!  Someone mentioned "Rush unplugged" and I guess I'd have to say
that would be quite... "interesting"...  No, no, that would be insane!
(Before I get started, remember that this is not a flame! )

I am assuming that you mean "unplugged" in the current MTV use of the word,
where some band re-works their "plugged" stuff (jeeeezz... what a damn pun.)
into acoustic material.

Obviously, if we wanted another Rush album that was essentially a re-hash
of old material, we have a couple of choices:  1) a live album  2) another
"greatest hits" boxed set kinda thing or 3) an "unplugged" thing as was
suggested.  Now, what would we want on these albums?  Why, our favorite
Rush songs, of course!  Let's imagine what our favorite Rush songs
would sound like if there was a power outage.  Well, "unplugged" implies
no keyboards, no cool electronic drums, no bass guitar (unless Geddy wanted
to undertake, say, an acoustic double bass, now that would be a laugh and
a half!!!!)  What would "The Big Money" sound like, "unplugged" ?!?!!!
In the words of the immortal Bill the Cat, "Ack!  Yech!  Barf!  Snort!"
How about Dreamline?  2112?  YYZ?  La Villa Strangiato?  And --
howz an unplugged Tom Sawyer sound to you?  Kinda vacant, I'd say!
So...  IMHO (!) I vote no!  I think that the unplugability of Rush songs
are, in general, Quite Low...  and, for what its worth, I don't think that
Geddy, Alex or Neil are ones to re-hash their old material in new forms or
to try and capitalize on current commercial MTV fads!  Everyone is "unplugged"
these days!  Forget that stuff!

Btw, I heard that "Critical Mass" refers to Geddy's nose... Is that true? :-)

One more thing: About the Convention: I Would go If I had any kind of
transportation SO If anyone might be passing through or near good ol'
West Lafayette Indiana on their way, I'd appreciate it tremendously!!!!
(Send me mail!!!)


Russell Holt ( --- -- -  -   -
this .sig goes to 11


Date: Fri, 9 Apr 93 09:21 EDT
Subject: To Fret or not to fret

In The National Midnight Star Number 659 Roger Haworth writes:

	>...made more interesting by adding a couple of harmonics played at the
	fifth fret. If it was a fretless he wouldn't be talking in terms of
	frets...well, at least I wouldn't...

I have to disagree with this.  I play fretless and refer to frets
as the position on the neck where I'm playing.

Frets are markers where the notes are on a neck. The notes are
in the same place whether you're playing fretted or fretless.

Mike Herlihy

PS. Here's my shot at being placed at the end of the NMS:

	Clinton helped Rush mask Satanic lyrics on all
	their albums after visiting the USSR and being
	brainwashed by the Soviets.


Date: Fri, 9 Apr 93 09:54:19 EDT
From: Elizabeth Fike 
Subject: Convention

Is anyone going from the NYC area who needs someone to be a lump in
their backseat who pays her share of gas and tolls?  (I don't drive)
I would love to go to the convention but can't afford to fly or even
take a train, with all the other costs.

Also, if any females on the list are going and interested in putting
together a Girlz Room :) to cut costs, let me know about that too.

Thanks, y'all!

aka da Elf
yet another female Rush fan...

"Follow men's eyes as they look to the skies
 The shifting shafts of shining weave the fabric of their dreams"


Date:         Fri, 09 Apr 93 09:25:35 EDT
From: Neptune 
Subject:      All kinds of assorted replys

Hey, everybody!

I have the Roll The Bones single with the interview with Neil on it regarding
the making of RTB.  In it, he discusses the rap section of the song and
also John Cleese and Robbie Robertson.  He says at one time that they were
going to treat it as a joke but they figured that it wouldn't be good from
the longevity factor... he said, "that's the problem with jokes, they get old"
or something to that effect... I agree.

IMHO, I believe that Geddy's Wal has done some of the most beautiful,
inspiring, etc. lines in his career.  It really fits their 'new sound'.
I think that the sound of the Fender or the Rick with all those mids
would grate against the backup keyboards and Alex's voice (lots of chorus,
and delay)  Songs I like on the two Wals are: Big Money, Turn The Page,
The Pass, and Bravado ( it's simple for them... that's why I like it...
really conveys an emotion... anyone with any ideas as to what this song is
about please post or mail me...)

As far as liking or disliking the title Critical Mass... I think we have to
wait to see what the theme of the record is before we say anything about the
title.  When Power Windows came out, people probably said, "What is it about,
a car?"

I think that when one is about to buy a boot, it is important that one listens
to it first.  I bought a Midnight Oil boot from the label Swinging Pig
last year (I think it was from Lichtinstein, where things like this are
legal.)  Anyway, it ... sucked I guess is the most descriptive word.  All of
the harmonies were horrible and just grated, the mix was WAY too bass heavy
and boomy... people who were Midnight Oil fans would actually come into the
room and ask who the hell this was.  So I sold it.

As for an opening band for Rush... i heard someone talking about Eric Johnson
opening for them... that would be my definition of HEAVEN.  Some of the other
bands mentioned as suggestions puzzled me a bit though. THE MELVINS?!?!
Are we talking about the guys who take one inane phrase as the lyrics for
an entire song and just scream it over and over over some extremely distorted,
feedbacky guitar riff that just repeats? They seem more like the antithesis
of Rush than a  good backing band for them.  I guess what one thinks would
be a good opener depends on one's taste.  I have never heard of Dream Theatre.
Would someone e-mail me about them?

I heard an interview from 94.1 WHJY in Providence in which Geddy said (I
think it was him) that they had a contract for maybe 5 more albums...
so they can't retire until after that at least.  ( another 10-15 good more
years... can you picture a balding, grey-haired Geddy with his bass in a
rocking chair on stage? No? good. That means you're still sane. :)

As for the people who mentioned that radio stations would cut out improtant
parts of Rush songs, or even the entire thing... this is what you do.
Right away, you call up 2 friends who are Rush fans and tell them to do the
same, and tell them all to call the radio station and shout obsenities
into the phone with the subject being the aforementioned earily culmination.
Radio stations really respond to this if you act quick and in numbers, and
you make it seem as if you are working independantly of each other.  This
works best if your friends and you have already discussed this plan.
(You want me to do what? says your sleepy-eyed friend.  Then he (or hopefully
she) hangs up the phone and goes back to sleep, mumbling about what an idiot
you are and what he/she is going to do to you later)

As for satanic messages within Rush songs, one has to only listen to Witch Hunt
to realise the answer to this one.  This is abviously a McCarthyistic ploy
by the religious right to inforce their opinions on ordinary, decent people.
Not to knock religions, I go to Church on Sundays, myself.  It's just the
misinterpretation of religious ideas and the misimplimentation of them that
gets my dander up. (ps, while I'm on sorta the subject, anyone out there
like/dislilke/heard of/seen the band called The Church?)

I think I saw in the jacket of a Public Enemy tape a thank you to either
Rush or Neil.  Anyone know anything about this?

Sorry this post was pretty long and did not have a cohesive subject.  If
it bugged you, you probably skipped it and are not reading this, so maybe
this apology is useless. Oh, well... :>

- neptune -

ORQ - We can walk our roads together
      If our goals are all the same
      We can run alone and free
      If we pursue a different aim
      Let the Truth of Love be lighted
      Let the Love of Truth shine clear
      Armed with sense and liberty
      With the Heart and Mind united
      In a single


Date: Fri, 9 Apr 1993 10:43:24 -0400
From: Gregg Jaeger 
Subject: Rush, Backmasking, QM

>The term Prime Mover comes from Aristotle.  While it may follow in the
>Randian/Objectivist philosophy, Aristotle coined the term.

I concur.

>From: ASILVERM@umiami.IR.Miami.EDU >Subject: gniksaM sdrawkcaB
>	As many of you may remember, I am an audio engineer...
> people have been using the term "Backwards Masking" to refer to
>backwards messages on albums.  This is not the proper use
>of the phrase, so I thought I'd explain.

Thanks a million for the explanation Aaron!

But is it not the case that one can use back-masking to _generate_
sounds (and so phrases) that can only be heard while playing a recording
backwards? Using just the method you describe:

> In a nutshell, backwards masking is when you are
>unable to hear something because it is drowned out by a louder sound which
>occurs LATER.  If you think about this, it is really strange, but it DOES
exist!  As always, email for more info!

Can't this create an assymetry in the perceived linguistic content
in a vocal portion of a recording?

>From: "Michael J. Miller" 
>Subject: Satanic lyrics
>     I think this entire debate on satanic lyrics is rather amusing.

Me too. But there may be one authentic case of a "backwards message"
(other than the Pink Floyd joke message at the end of The Wall (if
I'm not mistaken)):

I've listenened to a record of Led Zep IV backwards in its entirety
and heard nothing but noise until one portion of "Stairway to Heaven",
precisely when Plant sings "there's still time to change the road you're
on," where one can discern something sounding very much like the phrase
"my sweet Satan." I SWEAR this can be heard. I hate all this bull about
rock and roll being Satanic, bla bla bla, but one _can_ really hear this.
Seeing as Page is a whiz in the studio and went out of his way to buy
the castle of an infamous Satanist it seems plausible enough that this
is an actual case of a "hidden message". Of course I don't think that
even if this was intentional that it could possible have any _effect_
on anyone, except someone listening to it backwards in the first place! :)

> I have heard that some people think that Rush is satanic, and can
>never help but laugh.

It's amazing, or perhaps _not_, that none of these people has ever
responded to Neil's editorial regarding the absurdity of regarding
Rush or the majority of rock bands as satan-worshipping.

>From: Guy K Mcarthur 
>Subject: Prime Mover (again)
>	Not that "Professor" Peart is an expert in the arcania of quantum
>mech, but maybe he's read these kind of science books for the general
>public and has done an excellent job of summerizing what they mean.
>	If anybody is interested in quantum mechanics explained
>non-mathematically I would highly recommend "The Cosmic Code" by Heinz
>Pagels or "The Dancing Wu Li Masters" by Gary Zukav.

I am something of an expert in the "mysteries" of QM. I have a great
dislike of such books as _The Dancing Wu Li Masters_ and _The Tao of
Physics_ and recommend rather the very nice book by Nick Herbert called
_Quantum Reality_, which is much more down to earth and does not commit
the all-too-common error of baseless speculation committed by so many
other books "on" QM.



Date: Fri, 9 Apr 93 15:19:51 -0400
From: (Christopher Dean)
Subject: Pre-PeW boot...

Subject: Pre-PeW Bootleg

Sometime in the early to mid-eighties (I know, I sound like
an old fart), I got a copy of a pre- Permanent Waves boot.
They played all of Hemispheres, and then Geddy announced that
they were going to do something from an upcoming album.  Then
they jumped into a cool version of "Spirit of Radio."  Alex's
solo was different, which was interesting and cool.

I have two questions -- does anyone know about this boot?  I
have a copy somewhere (hey, I've moved about 8 times since
then!  I've looked everywhere!)

Question 2 -- has anyone been to a Rush concert where they
played a song that had not yet been released?  I've been
to a bunch (8 or so), and I've never heard anything but
the standard album tunes.  It would be interesting to

Finally, it seems like the boyz are getting more musically
adventurous in concert in their old age.  When I first started
seeing them, they pretty much stuck to the songs as written.
Now, of course, they screw around with CttH, and do monster
medleys that last 25 minutes, which I think is great.  I mean,
it's not something you can find on any album!


"He plays fast forward for as long as he can,
but he won't need a bed; he's a digital man."


From: Chad King 
Subject: Rush and baseball
Date: Fri, 9 Apr 93 13:48:46 MDT

Hi again, everyone:

If you don't like the Rockies or Rush, you might want to skip this one...

Today in the _Denver_Post_, there was an article about how Rockies' starter
Bryn Smith is trying to handle the noise in Mile High Stadium.  Guess who he
called to ask about crowd noise? ....Geddy Lee, the lead singer for Rush.

The artilce went on to say how Lee and Smith have been longtime friends.
Smith even went on tour with them (it didn't say what he did on tour, tho)
and wears a Rush concert T-shirt under his jersey for every game.

Maaybe we'll see Rush playing the National Anthem for the "Rocks" sometime...
I hope so!!

Gotta go,

Chad <<---------==== The Kingman

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| Q: Why is it so windy in Wyoming?     | - Neil Peart, _Between_the_Wheels_  |
| A: Nebraska  sucks!                   |   (That's RUSH, you know)           |


Date: Fri, 9 Apr 93 15:55:21 -0400
From: (Christopher Dean)
Subject: What is "Much?"

Okay, so I'm dumb, but...  what is this "Spotlight on.../Much" TV show thing?
Is it broadcast in the US?  Can we get it on cable?



Date: Fri, 9 Apr 1993 16:47:02 -0700 (PDT)
From: Kevin Field 
Subject: About the "Critical Mass" title...

>...I'm puzzled why people are already trying to figure out what "Critical
Mass" has to do with the upcoming album almost 6 months before it is due
to be released... after all, can you imagine trying to do the same thing
with Signals?  Or Hold Your Fire?  Besides, knowing Rush, it's probably
not supposed to be taken literally.  My guess would be that Critical Mass
is a reference to Rush's fans and critics; after all, there are thousands
upon thousands of them, and they're all quite critical from time to time.
(And if a "Mass of Mew Yorkers" can be "Angular", why can't another mass
of people be critical?



Subject: No Joke...
From: (Phil D. Croix)
Date: Fri, 09 Apr 93 19:48:13 PDT

        Well it is interesting to see the reaction to my post a few back.
I must've had quite a few flames from various narrow minded people just
for doing one basic, simple thing--expressing my interpretations and MY
free speech. Look at how quickly I was shot down from negative voices in
the crowd.
        Folks, all I did was make a comparison and backed it up with a
fac. If I want to think this way, I think I have a right to express it,
even IF it is presumably the UNpopular way of thinking these days! Why
keep the political talk to E-mail? If it concerns Rush or somehow
somebody finds a connection between the two, WHY shouldn't it be included
in the forum.
        I would rather talk about meaningful things instead of trivial
little ramblings like "WHo heard What Rush Song On The Radio!" or  I once
had a dream whhere Geddy invited me to his place for a bar-B-que."
I would like to be able to talk about what I want to talk about and
contribute my part, but when it went against someones OWN views, I get a
litte grief. Why is that? I thought th the people opposite my views were
holders and protectors of free speech! Burn the flag! Free Speech! Cop
Killer! Free Speech! Go against and expose the truth?? Are You Nuts!
        I think that if I see a comparison between some lyrics and
current, present day history, I should be able to share that.
        By the way, I got just as many E-Mail messages from people who
happen to come from the same school of thought as me and some have urged
me not to be belittled by negative, unsubstantive, snide comments.
        I hope that I can actually get my feelings out in this post onto
the digest. If It didn't make it, that would indicate tHAT WHAT I SUSPECT
is happening (backlash against conservative views) is a little more real
than I had hoped.
        I think that Neil is niether conservative nor a liberal. I think
he calls things as he sees them and doesn't get caught up in the
political hype. I think that because he was prompted to write a
politically toned song (New World Man), I have every legitimate right to
respond to it and think further into it-EVEN IF it was written ten years
ago. This is precisely one of the reasons I LOVE Rush and the way Neil
Peart expresses himself: It makes me think. He is a catylist for thought.
I don't worship the man in any way, let me get that straight for any
future misconceptions.
        I would hope that in the future I am able to express freely my
feelings about anything to do with Rush and it's band members- and I hope
the same for everybody else in this group. I would much rather talk about
 the songs meanings than what I do on a "Win a free lunch with Geddy Lee
of Rush" contest. I will continue to post my OWN views of things having
to do with the band, their music, the lyrics, even if they stir up a
little controversy. Hell, Madaonna does it and gets away with it why
can't I?

Thanks for Reading  (notice, I didn't MAKE you read it?) :)   :)

Matthew Van Horn               (Phil Croix is My Pen Name)


From: cygnus@CS.UCLA.EDU (Marshall Robin)
Subject: show hotel...
Date: Sat, 10 Apr 1993 00:56:27 -0700 (PDT)

> From: andrew kenneth culver 
> Subject: Rush screw-ups
> Floyd,
> 	I do indeed have a couple of screwups for you.  I don't know if this
> was nationally botched, but one radio station in Columbus, OH (probably 96.3)
> attempted to divulge the album name of RTB early.  They told Ohio (a few
> months before RTB was released) that the album would be titled 'Throwing the
> Stone'.  This was later modified to 'Rolling the Bone' and finally fixed a
> few weeks before the release date.

"Throwing the stones", or something very close to that, was the working
title for the album. That was according to their management (is it SRO?
i forget) before the release.

> 	One other screwup that I believe was done by the same radio station,
> or perhaps by a magazine (can someone help out here?) concerns Presto.  'Show
> Don't Tell' was released as a single before the album was out, but the song
> was announced as 'Show Hotel'.

This was in a magazine interview with Neil shortly before the release of
"Presto". The music press messes up song titles all the time; I was reading
a very old music rag in a used record store, it was written about the time
AFTK was released, and they were talking about the epic Rush song "Sigma
Tech One" (Cygnus X-1 i would presume). I'm sure there have been others,
probably many.


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Date: Sat, 10 Apr 93 14:31:03 -0400
From: (Scott Josephson )
Subject: Response & a RUSH IDEA!


>While I was reading the last posting, someone commented that Rush is
>underplayed and underrated.  I agree with this 110%  So I started thinking
>to myself, "Self what could the band do to get the respect they deserve?"
>One of the ideas that came to mind, albetit odd was....Rush Unplugged.
>I'm not sure this idea sits well with me and I am curious to know what
>others think.

 I agree with you 120%. Some time ago someone here on the NMS mentioned
that MTV should do a Rockumentary on RUSH. I think that this is a great
idea! But I know what some of you are thinking, "Wait a minute, MTV is
mostly interested in playing and catering to pop/commercial music! They
don't care about paying tribute to Rush!"

For all of you who feel this way, I agree.

But, I've been thinking.....
I believe it is about time that the so called "musical world" pay tribute
to Rush. The funny thing is that even if MTV does not like Rush's music,
they should still pay tribute to a band who has accomplished what Rush
has done.  If Rush keeps on going they way they are (and I hope to G_D),
they are gonna break some records set by bands of the past(most studio
albums). I think that they have existed as a band longer than any other
band with all its original members.(not including John Rutsey, because
as far as I'm concerned, Geddy, Neil, and Alex are Rush)
If you think about it, There are no other bands in this category.
(I'm pretty sure.)
Anyway, I am going to call MTV and ask them what someone would have to do to get
you to do a Rockumentary on a band. Maybe they'll say a petition from
fans is necessary. If that's the case, I'm sure we(meaning us here on
the NMS) could get a petition going. I mean if all 1500 (I hope that's the
correct amount) of us plus our friends would sign a petition to get MTV
to do this Rockumentary, then maybe this could happen.
Now some of you might be saying, "If MTV can't realize all that Rush has
accomplished without our help, then screw them!"
Let's understand something, although I personally can't stand MTV I do
realize their purpose. They show videos which promote bands that are
commercial. Moola,pesos, denero,yen, pounds,dollars is there primary
concern. Since Rush has never been Commercial, much of the world is
not aware of their accomplishments. This doesn't mean that Rush has
only a few fans.  Hell no! They have fans from all over the world!

I just feel that it is about time that Rush get the recognition they

Let me know what you all think!
I am gonna start calling MTV!

Oh yeah By the way, I'm a bass player. My vote is for Geddy to bring back
the Fender Jazz and Rick 4001 basses. I like the Wal, but the sound from
the other two blow it away. Listen carefully to the bass sound from MP

Greetings to Lerxt II, Floyd!

Gotta goo...........

= Scott Josephson (SLLF)                         "And if the music stops,=
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= and Graduate Student                           of the rain, all the    =
= Florida Institute of Technology                hope and glory, all the =
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Date: Sat, 10 Apr 1993 16:34:37 -0400 (EDT)
From: Chad H Hutchinson 
Subject: "Peace of Mind"

Hi kids,

   I'm sure many other NMSers will reply, but whoever it was that asked
about the early tune "Fancy Dancer', that is the name of the song.  "Peace
of mind" is the last line of the chorus.  It's easily understood why you
could think that the song is called "Peace of Mind" since it's the most
understandable lyric in the entire song.  Hope this clears you up.

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Date:           Saturday, 10 April 1993, 16:13:51 EDT
From: Charles J McDonald 
Subject:        Prime Mover and Satanism

Just a quick word of praise to all those who've been offering thier
	interpretations of "Prime Mover".  This has been one of the best
	threads yet, I've really injoyed hearing about the different
	"lights" people see this song in.

To summarise for those who've missed bits:
	#1) Prime Mover as (God/theoic force)
	#2) Prime Mover is materialistic Satanic force
	#3) Ayn Rand's "Prime Movers" as featured in Atlas Shrugged
	#4) Prime Mover as "Time" (the theme or the concept)
		Somthing Aristotle talked about,
		part of a steam engine. . .

	All really good discussion!

And now a word about Satanism:
	Nope I'm not going to try to expand on this one because Neil's
Letter on Satanism says it much better than I could ever presume to.
(rush-mgr, I know it's available on FTP but it's short enough and relevant
enough that perhaps it could be appended to an issue of TNMS?)

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"Look In -- To the eye of the storm            | Charles J McDonald
 Look Out -- For the force without form        | Earth and Planetary Science
 Look Around -- At the sight and sound         | McGill University
 Look in look out look around"                 | Montreal, Quebec, Canada


From: jbrowne@skidmore.EDU (jason browne)
Subject: Exit...stage left
Date: Sat, 10 Apr 93 18:41:17 EDT

Howdy, folks!

Ok, I admit: This is my first posting to the NMS, 'tho I've been
reading since Jan. '93.  So, I'm preparing myself to go out on a limb
and offer myself as flamebait to other NMSers or the "big guy" himself
with the following question:

1: (Yes, I KNOW the following is in caps.  I get very upset just
thinking about this and it makes me *want* to scream!!)

THE LITTLE DOLBY SYMBOL ANYWHERE ON IT (and y'all know what *that*
looks like, dont'cha?) AND (let's be blunt here) IT SOUNDS LIKE *SHIT*

Sorry for the outburst.  But, IMHO, this is the best live album
they've released, and they just plain FORGET to use Dolby?

If this question is answered in the FAQ, sorry!  But I've only sent for it
about...oh, twenty-six times now...and I *never* get it.  This mail
server is incredibly ornery and has been plaqued by viruses all year.
If someone (nudge,nudge,wink,wink) might direct me on how to get the
damn thing HERE, I would certainly appreciate that too.

Thanx in advance for your help.

Best fishes,

A man who need not waste precious space with a petty sig. file
(He also needs not attract further attention to himself in order to gain
friends in high places)


From: Laurie Petersen 
Subject: Take Off...
Date: Sun, 11 Apr 93 15:26:27 PDT

 I think that was the name of the song that Geddy Lee did. Either that, or it
 was The Great White North. Anyways, one of my friends and I wanted to know
 what the lyrics were or where we could get a copy. If anyone could help, I'd
 appreciate it. Either by uploading the lyrics to syrinx or telling me where
 to get a copy of the song. THank you very much.

   [ "Take Off" is the name of the song; _The Great White North_ is the name
     of the album you can find it on.				  : rush-mgr ]

 Female Rush fans rule.


Date: 11 Apr 1993 18:41:23 -0400 (EDT)
From: ASILVERM@umiami.IR.Miami.EDU
Subject: The last Adams division champ ever. . .who else???

The Bruins Rule.  Rush Rules.  'Nuff Said.
Death to the flightless water fowl!!!

	[ Thanks for the Rush content :)		rush-mgr ]

Date: Sun, 11 Apr 93 18:58:34 EDT

Greetings fellow Rushians! Many of you may have heard about how good and
reliable "Dead Parrot Discs" regarding their orders. DON'T BELIEVE IT!!
I sent them $68 over 3 months ago and have not received my order. I sent
several letters of inquiry regarding my order, but never receiced a response.
The only time I heard from them was before I sent my money. They told me
what I wanted was in stock and gave me the price. After they got my money
they give me the silent treatment.

Since I sent a money order, I will be working with the US Postal Service to
find out when they cashed it and how many complaints have been made against
"Dead Parrot Discs." I hate losing this much money! But I just wanted to
warn any of you out there who may be considering purchasing items from them
to beware. You may end up like me, shelling out major bucks and ending up
with nothing.

Keep on elevating from the norm!!


Date: Sun, 11 Apr 93 18:29:37 CDT
Subject: News to me...

Hey!  How did a RUSH news service exist and I not know about it!!  Boy am I 
behind the times..I found a copy of Midnight Star on the table when I came in 
to check my mail..wierd.

Anyway, RUSH has been inspiring me for years; I work in a publications office 
and RUSH quotes adorn the walls.  I am deprived, having never been to a live 
RUSH show, but I plan to rectify that if they ever get back to Missouri.  I am 
in the middle of a novel called "The Creativity Forge", and when I finish it 
(probably end of the summer) it will be in Del Ray's hands to publish..look 
for it  (boy am *I* optomistic or what?)  I will keep reading the "Star" now 
that I know it's here, and pass along any neat news I stumble across.

Mike Higgins--Senior in English:UM-Rolla
Budding author.
"All of us get lost in the Darkness
Dreamers learn to steer by the Stars.."--RUSH

   [ Please remember to use < 80 characters per line!!		: rush-mgr ]


Date: Sun, 11 Apr 93 16:37:50 PDT
From: ee161fak@sdcc15.UCSD.EDU (David Jabson)
Subject: explicit lyrics?

	This is kinda interesting. I was flipping through the latest catalog
from Columbia House and glanced at the Rush section to see which albums they
were selling. Next to the Roll the Bones entry there's that little 'E'
symbol which translates to "Contains explicit lyrics which may be objectionable
to some members".
	Now I'm sure this must be a mistake. If I recall correctly the
harshest word on the album is 'crap'. Now I know the whole explicit lyric
thing is a joke but I find it hard to believe anyone would consider Roll the
Bones explicit.



Date: Sun, 11 Apr 1993 21:45:14 -0400
Subject: Mental Images, and New World Man

This in response to the Prime Mover discussion and the mental image or video 
brought about by Rush's songs.  The picture I get from the song is doing my 
best to live life to the fullest.  From the lyric:

		"From the point of conception
		 To the moment of truth....
  		 Anything can happen!!

Forgive any misquotation of lyrics, but I do believe that these lyrics are 
suggesting the journeys that we make through life.  By journeys, I mean the 
journey from birth to death, as well as all the little journeys in life that 
make it worth living.  But to the point, I think the meaning of the song, which 
can be seen and felt in most other Rush songs, is to live life to the fullest.
Just live life to the fullest.  Take some chances (Life is a Crap shoot), 
after all "we are only immortal for a limited time."  Try to put as much 
"experience" into your life as possible.  End of the philosophical lesson.  I 
welcome opinions and other interpretations.

As for mental images from other songs.  From "Available Light"  I get the 
sensation of racing through the mountains in a car.  Then as we reach the 
summit (as the music reaches a crescendo) I am released from the boundary of 
the car and am flying above the mountains.  Free as a bird.  Once again I get 
from the music the feeling of self determination and living life to the fullest.

   [ Please remember to use < 80 characters per line!!		: rush-mgr ]

Anybody feel the same way??


Date: Mon, 12 Apr 93 01:53:19 -0500
From: (Jeremy Todd Strzynski )
Subject: Geddy and national anthems

i don't recall this being in the FAQ (if it is, i apologize now and will write
it out twenty times as punishment.  i HAVE read the FAQ;  i'm just dumb right
now), and baseball season has prompted me to wonder: has Geddy ever sung the
national anthem (or both) at a bluejays game?  if so, does anyone have a
bootleg of it?  (two notes: for you u.s.-centric folks, i meant the CANADIAN
national anthem)


p.s.  i'm kidding about the bootleg.  calm down.

some are born to move the world to live their fantasies
but most of us just dream about the things we'd like to be
sadder still to watch it die than never to have known it
for you the blind who once could see, the bell tolls for thee


From: "comet::vermettec"
Date: Mon, 12 Apr 93 02:06:50 PDT
Subject: various blabberings, stutterings, and things to say?

I just wanted to comment on a few things:
1 - I have heard from many non-Rush-ahollics that thier early album covers
    appear to be "satanic" - That "evil" red star, a naked man showing
    his butt - I've shown them the error of thier ways and most are now
    Rushheads like the rest of us fine music listeners! :^)
2 - I think Dream Theater would be an excellent opener for the trinity.
    The skill in that group would bring the mood up to par for an evening
    of our worshipped trio. The dynamic range of DT would bring an
    entertaining show.
3 - I believe the lastest issue of Guitar World or School has the
    transcription of The Spirit of Radio with bassline! I saw it briefly
    while shopping in the local Safeway. Alas, I was short of funding for
    the magazine but hope to pick it up next week.
4 - I noticed in the FAQ about the Backstage club. Has anyone ever gotten
    backstage and what happened? Have any of the TNMS readers spoken with
    one of the trio for an extended period of time, and what was said?
    (Email will work for this question)
5 - The FAQ also mentioned the various books, and video tapes. Does
    anyone know if they are still readily availible or do I need to mail
    (at least try) these companies and ask for prices and copies.

   [ All the videos are still available, but the only book currently in print
     is _Visions_.						   : rush-mgr ] 

6 - What songs have people used to begin the conversion of non-Rusians to
    Rushians. (I'd be willing to start a poll if people are interested -
    send me email). My personal choices for the rookies is -
		The Trees
		Hemispheres - side 1
		Closer to the Heart
		La Villa Strangiato
		Red Barchetta
    not in that order, and slowly over a period of time, because too much
    can be overwhelming to the weak of heart.

Thanx, for listening!

Chris "I wish I was Alex's son, so I could learn to play like him" Vermette

P.S. Have any of the members given lessons to anyone? I understand that the
tour schedules may not allow it, but there is always wishful thinking! B^)


From: ducky@wpi.WPI.EDU (Christopher C. Johnson)
Subject: Rush on Radio (revisited)
Date: Mon, 12 Apr 1993 10:29:05 -0400 (EDT)

This weekend I was listening to WHEB:  100.3FM, Portsmouth, NH (for those of
you in the area) and I heard some interesting things.

The station was playing live versions of songs by everybody for most of the
weekend.  Well, I heard both "Spirit of Radio" and "Tom Sawyer" one fine day.

However, the twist was:  the two songs weren't versions from either ESL or
ASoH.  So, I gathered from this that they were off of bootlegs...

Anyway, the sound quality was about the same for both songs, so I figure
that they were both from the same concert.  What I wish to know is, which
one... because it was really cool.

   [ The playing of bootlegs over radio is *very* illegal, so I don't think
     they were boots. They could have been from the GUP video, or from some of 
     the singles that have been released on vinyl (the B-side is often live).
								    : rush-mgr ]

It shouldn't be too hard for someone to tell me, considering it was the version
of TS with the famous "Catch the fish" line in it...

Just an interested Rush fan... =)

Begin the day with a friendly voice                    |
A companion unobtrusive				       |          His
Plays that song that's so elusive		       |       Fowlness,
And the magic music makes your morning mood...         |
                                        --Rush         |


Date: Mon, 12 Apr 93 10:03:44 -0500
From: (Brian Glenn Carlson)
Subject: Baseball and Rush

Just thought I would pass along an interesting story which I read in the
Saturday St. Louis Post-Dispatch.  It seems that baseball player Bryn Smith
of the Colorado Rockied via St. Louis and Montreal, is a huge Rush fan.
He wears a Rush T-shirt under his uniform for every game and he went on tour
with them in 1984.  Before the Rockies season opener (in which he was the
starting pitcher), Smith called up Geddy to ask him advice on how to deal with
the crowd of 80,000.  Unfortunately, Ged didn't have much advice except for
wishing him good luck.  I thought that this was an interesting tidbit for all
of you baseball fans out there.
Blackhawks + Bulls + White Sox = Triple Crown for Chicago.

Brian G. Carlson (

"We claim to know the secrets
 The answers have been found
 But how can one fool make another wise" - Kansas , No One Together


From: (Graham James Reilly)
Date: Mon, 12 Apr 93 16:18:09 BST
Subject: Various old things

Just a couple of things to say about some recent posts and some new stuff.  I've
been on holiday for three weeks so some of it is WELL out of date.


At last April's RtB gig in Glasgow ( Scotland, not England as the UK is so often
refered to by just about everybody across the Atlantic.  England's just one
small bit of Britain.  Sorry - it's a personal peeve .... Back to the Band )
Alex's guitar cut out as they started the song.  He'd had one or two problems
with it just before then ( which left Geddy rather confused at what to do cos he
sure don't like talking to fill in the gaps ) and it just failed to start.  Ged
and Neil and the lights and the film all started at the right time and didn't
stop so we had the naked version for about 30 seconds until he was replugged.
I'm gonna have to get some footwear from this.


Some blues or jazz guy had an album called "Grace Under Pressure" reviewed in a
fairly recent guitar mag I've got.  And of course Glen Miller did probably the
original "In the Mood."


Before the RtB gig in Glasgow and the set list that apppeared in Spirit of Rush
we had our hearts set upon The Big Wheel as a greate starter, but they didn't
even play it anywhere!  I can see Dreamline as the next tour's intro.


Who is this guy?  Us poor people over here in the UK are constantly bombarded
with NMS and net things about how he and the band get mixed up.  Why is he so
(un)popular?  As he seems to be a risky subject and the possible ignitor of vast
flame wars it's probably best if somebody mails me the answer to this one.

  [ Rush Limbaugh is a (conservative) talk show host, with both a radio and TV
    show here in the U.S. 					    : rush-mgr ]


OK, the FAQ tells us where each album got to in the charts and Visions mentions
(sometimes) how platinum they are but HOW MANY copies have they actually sold?

And that's all for now.

Dylan, a rational romantic mystic cynical idealist


From: Matthew P Jukins 
Subject: RUSH goods for sale!!!
Date: Mon, 12 Apr 1993 12:36:30 -0400 (EDT)

Hello all!!!  I am posting because i have three pieces of RUSH that
I would like to sell.  Two are just normal albums on vinyl, and the
third is a vinyl single.  Here goes:

Caress of Steel album

Exit Stage Left two-record set

BIG MONEY vinyl single with three songs:  Big Money, Territories, and
                                          Red Sector A (live)

if there are any collectors out there who want any of this stuff, please
e-mail me at




From: Bill Bertram 
Subject: Rush
Date: Mon, 12 Apr 93 13:35:29 CDT

Dear (insert your name here)

	Last night at 9:12 you laid in bed reading your favourite book,
Tom Sawyer.  As you turn the page, the phone rings.  It's me.  I tell
you that since it's Bastille Day,  I'd like nothing better than to take
a friend down to Lakeside Park for some fishing, but you say "hey, I'm a
working man, I've got no time."
	The next day I confront you with an even better presentation--a
trip to the Natural science museum.  Being an avid chemistry enthusiast,
you say "You bet your life!"
	So off I sped for a nice Sunday drive to your house in my red
barchetta.  Finding my way was a bit difficult, so I stopped in at a
Marathon station for directions.  The man said, "Well, I'll do the best
I can."  He said to take a left at the corner of Danforth and Pape to
the edge of the subdivisions.  There'll be a big sign before and after
the trees in the valley that says:  The Twilight Zone (where you live):
10 miles.
	Just then I realized it was you whom I was talking to!  "Man,
you're losing it!" you say, as we step outside.  We start talking about
how we've been making memories by posting to the NMS when I put my face
up just in time to see a man speeding towards us in his car.  He tried
to hit me, so I lied down and went between the wheels.  I noticed that
he had a pistol.  The man pulled out the weapon and aimed at me, but hit
you instead.  The bullett hit closer to the heart than the heart itself.
Stunned by the circumstances, I decided to rush you to the hospital.  I
began to shed some tears when the doctor told me that your vital signs
indicated that you barely had a ghost of a chance to live.  You had a
high water concentration beneath, between, and begind your right
	Miraculously, you pulled through with only a few minor scars.
"You must know what you're doing," I told the doctor.  "Those CPR
lessons paid off," he said.  Strangely enough, I noticed that the doctor
had a mohawk and carried a notebook around with him.....

                 TO BE CONTINUED.....

--Bill Bertram


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