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          The National Midnight Star, Number 663

                 Thursday, 15 April 1993
Today's Topics:
                Rush will be on the radio
                       NEUROTICA II
                   A variety of things
                    Rush...the sequel
                   Pearl Jam Unplugged
Dream Theater sound/Ohio Rush stops/I think I'm gonna Toss
           Re: PJ Unplugged and rush unplugged
      Re: 04/14/93 - The National Midnight Star #662
                 Rushsylvania andsoforth
                Why, Unplugged of course!!
                    Unplugged. . .NOT!
                       In The Mood
         Fretless, Madonna and Unplugged, Oh My!
       in the mood...fretless sound...Rush fantasy
                     Neurotica & Jaco
                     Screaming Trees
            something worth reading (finally)
                     unplugged, etc.
               Contact Address for the band
                  Guitar Player results
                     Female Vocalists

Date:         Wed, 14 Apr 93 16:46:18 CDT
From: Scott Tullos 
Subject:      Rush will be on the radio

I just thought I would let everybody know that a Rush program will
be on the radio Friday night.  It's on a show called Friday Night
Live.  Here in Tuscaloosa, it's on WTID-FM, but it orgiginates from
Dallas and there are affiliates nationwide.  They're supposed to play
live stuff from the HYF and PoW tours.  I think the show starts at
midnight eastern.


From: (John Grothman)
Date: 	Wed, 14 Apr 93 09:57:00 -0600

This goes back to a thread running for a couple of weeks ... songs of
the same name, but by a different group.  Last Saturday, I ran across
another one:


Cut #1, Side #2 of Beat, the first of three great albums by the best
King Crimson collaboration to date (Fripp, Belew, Bruford and Levin).
Just like Rush ... best when played LOUD.  Later.

I'm in motion.  I am still.               ][            John Grothman
I am crying.  I am still.                 ][
I'm together.  I'm apart.                 ][    Traveler in time with
I'm forever at the start.  Still, I am.   ][            Rush and Rand


From: (George J. Goslowsky)
Subject: A variety of things
Date: Wed, 14 Apr 93 9:59:17 CDT

  Greetings Rushians,

  I have a few things that I have been saving, that I would like to express my

1)  Maybe because of all the Rush vs Satan stuff or maybe because of a bad
    batch of mushrooms, I'm still investigating, but the working title
    'Critical Mass' invokings images of a Catholic worship service condemning

2)  To the person who had a bad experience with Mr. Big opening for Rush, my
    condolensces.  Mr. Big opened for the first Rush concert I ever attended
    in Dallas, TX.  I was there with a friend and asked, before they came to
    the stage, how long the opening act would be.  She said about 45 minutes.
    When Mr. Big came on I lost partial hearing.  I leaned over and screamed
    in her ear '45 MINUTES UH?' and got up and went to the bathroom to put
    some concrete between them and me.  At that time I thought I still might
    want to have more children after all.

3)  To the person who asked if anyone else adorns their workstation with Rush
    icons and etc., I reply "I DO!".  Most of my open windows have Rush titles
    to them.  My clock is labeled "Time Stand Still!", and I use various gif
    pictures of the boyz as a background in Motif.  I am also working of a
    program that will print random quotes from the combined lyrics everytime
    I log in.  This will be used as a wrapper to modify my .sig file whenever
    I crank up email.

4)  For those of us who are musically impaired (playing wise), what is a fret?
    What does it do?  Why?  Thank you in advance for any explanations.

5)  On the subject of female Rush fans, the aforementioned lady that I attended
    the concert with is the biggest Rush fan I have ever physically met.  She
    lives in Dallas, TX.  That for the guy in Austin (Robert Dittrich).
    Unfortunatly, she has no net access.

6)  Last, but not least.  To Mr. Van Horn, I am afraid that I find some of
    your musing a bit contradictory.  You say

>        I would rather talk about meaningful things instead of trivial
>little ramblings like "WHo heard What Rush Song On The Radio!" or  I once
>had a dream whhere Geddy invited me to his place for a bar-B-que."

    Yet in the very next sentence you contradict yourself by saying

>I would like to be able to talk about what I want to talk about and
>contribute my part, but when it went against someones OWN views, I get a
>litte grief.

    It seems that you are the one giving grief because you don't want to
    read through someone's ramblings on the meaning of 1001001 or what radio
    station they heard Rush on this weekend.  MAYBE some people LIKE to talk
    about those things.  They do concern Rush after all.  But it seems that
    since you have decided that those topics are not 'meaningful' that you
    are justified in belittling those that do.  Interesting.

    You later go on to state

>        I would hope that in the future I am able to express freely my
>feelings about anything to do with Rush and it's band members- and I hope
>the same for everybody else in this group. I would much rather talk about
> the songs meanings than what I do on a "Win a free lunch with Geddy Lee
>of Rush" contest. I will continue to post my OWN views of things having
>to do with the band, their music, the lyrics, even if they stir up a
>little controversy.

    Again you imply that you are being repressed, belittled, flamed because
    you expressed an opinion other than what others find acceptable and then
    in next statement go on to repress, belittle, flame those who find it
    more interesting to talk about radio stations and trivia than have long
    philiosophical discussions about what Neil means in his lyrics.

    I am sorry if you perceive this to be a flame, but I thought it was
    terribly hypocritical to say that you are angry about not being able to
    talk about anything you want and that everyone should be able to talk
    about anything concerning Rush, yet at the same time that you are berating
    those that don't talk about 'meaningful' subjects to you.

    In closing, I would like to say that I have noticed similar sorts of
    opinions expressed by others.  There has been quite of bit of traffic
    out there about being tired of listening to somebody rehash old topics.
    Ie.- If it is in the FAQ file, don't discuss it.  Sorry folks, but this
    is a temporally dynamic forum, not all of us have started reading from the
    beginning and these topics can still be new.  Also, with 1700+ readers
    you can be sure that what is considered to be 'meaningful', 'interesting'
    or 'trivial' will have at least 1700 different definitions.  Why not live
    and let live, and if you don't want to read another discussion of FreeWill
    or 1001001, SKIP OVER IT!

  [ There's over 1800 readers now...				: rush-mgr ]

		They say there is strangeness to danger us
		On our net and in our email files,
		That those who know what's best for us
		Must rise and save us from ourselves.

    Now if you will excuse me, I will climb down from my soapbox...

|                                         |                                    |
| George Goslowsky - Sr. Software Analyst | Fate is just the weight            |
| Address -  |  of circumstances...               |
|  Huntsville, Al bldg 30 132g            |                                    |
| Phone - 205 730 3192                    |                                    |
|                                         |                                    |


From: Bill Bertram 
Subject: Rush...the sequel
Date: Wed, 14 Apr 93 18:03:17 CDT

Dear (once again insert your name here)

	As your recovery from the bullet progressed, Dr. Traep had made
a startling discovery:  it was impossible for him to force ten vitamins
down your throat.  "I have a new way for you to take medicine," he said,
"it's called the rhythm method.  First put on these protective kid
gloves.  Put your hand over fist, and pop the pills down your throat.
Take these every day, an'a gram of penecillin won't hurt."  He also told
your to eat wood, because he had used plywood for your hear surgery!
	We decided to head over'ture place to watch some basketball.
Our favourite player, Eel, was playing and even sang the national
anthem.  While watching the game, you had an afterimage of the shooting,
and realized that Eel was the gunman!  You took off our the door like
chain lightning and I said "Hey, what about the Sacramento Kings game?"
You said, "Call it a farewell to kings cause I'm on a mission to put
that Eel under lock and key!"
	Unfortunately, it was you who was arrested.  Officer Conley (no
offense, Bill) made you fill out a 90 page questionaire, and by a show
of hands you were convicted of an illegal sort of witch hunt in front of
the camera eye.  You were sentenced to 10 years in prison, but this guy
with long, blonde hair kept you company by playing a guitar made out of

                            The End


Date: 14 Apr 1993 19:38:27 -0500 (EST)
Subject: letters

Anyone know what the lettering on the back of the robes that both
ged and al are pictured in in the rtb tourbook stand for?

My vote for the opening band.... the #2 Canadian (only behind the trio)
Bruce Cockburn!!!


Date: Wed, 14 Apr 1993 16:58:10 -0700 (PDT)
From: Richard Bruch 
Subject: Pearl Jam Unplugged

In response to Peter Jourdan's question about Pearl Jam Unplugged, did the
bass player use a plugged in bass?  The answer is yes, on Jeremy and I
think on another song as well.  I've got the show on tape and watched it a
while back, so I'm pretty sure about this.



Date: Wed, 14 Apr 93 20:19:38 -0400
From: nam2@po.CWRU.Edu (Nicholas A. Mascari)
Subject: Dream Theater sound/Ohio Rush stops/I think I'm gonna Toss

>Subject: What does Dream Theater sound like?
>	I was just curious about the type of sound that Dream Theater has,
>coming from someone that has never heard them before.  I am tempted to go buy
>on of their albums, but I don't feel up to shelling out the money right now.
>Can someone describe their type of music? (you know, you could do one of those
>"well if you like (so-and-so), you'll like Dream Theater")

If you like Queensryche, you'll like Dream Theater. (closest sound)
I usually describe Dream Theatre's sound as follows: they sound most
OVERALL like 'Ryche.

I usually describe them as a mix of Queensryche, with artistic influence
from Rush and Yes, and the occasional hardness of Metallica.

Don't get me wrong, their sound is VERY VERY original, but you asked a
tough question. :) My advice, buy Images and Words, I don't know any Rush
fans who don't like it.

>  My dorm here at Kenyon College contains three huge Rush fans, and we can't
>wait for the upcoming tour.  We are located in the middle of Ohio, and I wonder
>if people could tell me if Rush usually stops in Cincinnati, Cleveland,
>Columbus, and Louisville.  Also, I think the Rockumentary idea is a great one,
>and I'm going to call MTV too.  Later---Peter Jenkins

They always stop in Cincinnati and Cleveland. In fact, they played two
nights in a row here in Cleveland for RTB. They played Columbus for Presto
but not RTB. The only bad thing about Richfield Coliseum in Cleveland,
however, is that it sucks for concerts. The only good sound is in the
nosebleed seats.

>Subject: Rush parody -- I Think I'm Gonna Toss

I still have tears in my eyes from laughing!! Excellent!!!

    /~~~~\               ~\    Nick Mascari-Mechanical Engineering-CWRU
   /     /  /   /  /\     /
  /~~/~~   /   /  /  \   /~~\  "Live for yourself, there's no one else
 /   \     \_./\_/___/\_/   /   more worth living for." -Neil Peart, Rush
/     \___________________ /_____________________________________________


Date: 14 Apr 1993 20:28:05 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Re: PJ Unplugged and rush unplugged

Yeah, Pearl Jam did use electrics for their Unplugged set. So did Poison.
Really, really lame. Tells ya' something about their talent, IMnshO. As for
Rush unplugged, though it'll probably never happen, it would be interesting,
esp. if they were to "reconstruct" some of their tunes. Kinda like Clapton and
Layla, maybe. But Neil's sound would be a problem, as Alex has said that he is
the loudest of the three, and in an unplugged performance, that would be BAD.
Impossible for a Rush unplugged set? Naw, Queensryche's set showed that a hard-
hitting band could translate some of those kind of songs to acoustic (albeit
2 were already acoustic). And Rockenfield played at close to the right level,
not too loud, not too soft. Gotta run all,


From: Dan Dickerman 
Subject: Re: 04/14/93 - The National Midnight Star #662
Date: Wed, 14 Apr 93 17:27:39 PDT

At the risk of straying too far down a digression (feel free to postpone
this for issue #666, or whatever you deem appropriate), I'll answer
the following:

> 	I was just sitting here pondering how it ever came about
> 	that someone listened to a song backwards and heard all
> 	these satanic messages?  I mean seriously, does anyone know
> 	how or why it was ever discovered in the first place?
> 	Who came up with the original theory, and who supported the
> 	claims?

The order was not that someone was listening to something backwards and
heard something satanic.  The stanic bible (Big Bright Book of Satan,
or whatever it's called) apparently goes into some length describing
how significant are all things backwards (talking backwards, living
backwards, etc).  Coupled with this is the stress in Satanism of all
things visceral over all things cerebral (pleasures of the flesh, etc),
and how (evil nasty) Rock music is the conduit for such pleasures.
Put all this together, and someone must have figured out that if Rock
is Stan's music, and Stan is fond of all things backward, then you're
likely to hear messages by playing Rock music backwards.

A Clockwork Orange Note (digressing even further):
> Par-Five,  As much fun as the Drools but not as violent(see Clockwork Orange)
>     [ 			      ^^^^^^ Do you by chance mean "droogies"?
> 								: rush-mgr ]

Could be either Droogs or Droogies.  The term is from the Russian for
friend, "droog" (most/all of the film's odd linguistic things are anglicized
versions of russion words, e.g. "moloko" is milk).  Correct Russian plural
of "droog" is "droozya", but an anglicized plural would be "droogs".  An
incorrect Russian plural (following pluralization for most common words)
would be "droogie" -- combine the two: "droogies"



Date: 14 Apr 93 20:08:33 GMT
From: "RAD232" 
Subject: Rushsylvania andsoforth


   While I'm not from Ohio, I DID happen to have an atlas handy (and
I've got relatives there; does that count?). There IS a town in Ohio
named Rushsylvania. It's in the midwestern part of the state, midway
between Lima and Columbus. Very near the Rush river (hmmm?) about
10-15 miles east and a bit south from Indian Lake. Perfect setting
for a satanic Rush novel...I'm waiting for that nefariously numbered
issue of TMNS to come out so someone can read it onto a 4-track tape
and play it backwards to see what hidden messages we've been subcon-
sciously directed to conceal within it.
     As to why some people are so fascinated with the idea, it comes
down to a very basic question which pops up all over; whether it be
satanic backwards lyrics, or finding words like "insulin" by permutating
passages of the Torah, or the infamous Face on Mars. Finding something
which shouldn't be there but is anyway throws our mind for a loop.
To think these things were placed deliberately by US is almost beyond
the bounds of reason, but THERE THEY ARE. So if we didn't put them
there, why ARE they there? Logic says "coincidence" thus "meaningless"
but another part of us siezes upon the synchronicity of the event.
The chances of something significant being there is infinitely remote
unless placed there on purpose, but there's almost no way they COULD
have been purposeful. So what does that leave? Satan? A God who wants
to make us think?
     It's the same instinct that's driving all the lyric interpretation
going on here. Did Neil intend New World Man to be about Bill Clinton?
Probably not. But if you can interpret the lyrics of it in that fashion,
what does that signify? Maybe Bill Clinton is Satan...or maybe I'm
Bill Clinton...send me a thousand dollars and I'll think about it.
   (What's this about the Permanent Waves Princess carrying a Coke
bottle, anyway? Mine doesn't have one; do I have the rare one-of-a-
kind Cokeless cover? Probably not, but I just thought...)
Scott "he's got three eyes" Edgar

*Another Actual Fact: The juice of a single lemon, if diluted thinly
enough, would completely cover the entire state of Oregon.*


Date: Wed, 14 Apr 93 20:07:57 CST
From: A8732112@SIUCVMB.SIU.EDU
Subject: Why, Unplugged of course!!

I think that Rush playing on Unplugged would be awsome!!!  But I see a problem.
With the three of them,and sometimes four instruments, playing who would fill
in the left out parts.  A couple of suggestions:
Ghost of A chance.
A rteal funky verson of working man.
The Trees(it starts out it just needs to be finished.)
Losing it(only if they could find a small trio of strings)
drifferent strings.
Just a thought, you don't need a stand up bass, just a good acoustic(sp)
regular one(000)(sorry)<.
Or do what Eric Clapton did, change the song around a bit.
Plus would it not be way cool if their was an acoustic song on the nexst album.
It could happen!!!!
Matt"not holding my breath"Davis
Par-Five, "Fourty-Seven Million Dollars.........I'M THE CAT!!!!"REN (REN AND


Date:    Wed, 14 Apr 1993 21:25:48 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: SATAN?

Boy, this has got to be the silliest NMS threat I have seen.
I remember when I was about 13 (some 11yrs ago) and my buddy and me first
heard about all this backmasking and other scary stuff that was in our
music.  My buddy, who was very inventive for his age, rigged his Cassette
player to play cassettes in reverse so we sat around for a few days and
listened to all this stuff in reverse...some Led Zepp Stuff, Styx, Rush
Elo, Floyd.  Well...OF COURSE we found "The words are reverseable..." thing
from Styxs "
Snowblind"...and ELO's Face the Music backwards recorded message as well.
But the led zep stuff was kinda hard to swallow even for two teenagers with
overly elated imaginations.  C'mon ..."
"Slllutrppp Sluu.....ahh Saaatin Slldh"
or whatever it sounded like hardly made me think that "gee the devil mustve
stuck that in to subliminally effect childrens minds into Satanic behavior"
C'mon people. Record your voice backwards and you will hear something similar.
The human mind may be able to pick up subliminal messages and Stairway to
Heaven surely was a "WEIRD" lyrical song..but hardly something that made me
want to go outside and sacrifice my neighbors cat or something.
I urge you all in this Cheap PC day and age, to get yourself a soundblaster
for 50bucks, run Mickeysoft Windows' Sound Recorder program, hook a cable
from your portable CD or stereo and record some music onto disk, reverse it
(with the Reverse selection) and play it backwards...slow it down or do
whatever else to it you want...its all stupid... I just feel sorry for the
idiot who had no life to begin with and had to come up with something so
ridiculous as believing their was some evil hidden meaning in reverse to
everything...   Oh well... This msg was a offtopic but this subject is
so stupid I had to respond.
				Meg, That RUSH Tshirt is fabulous thanks!!
		|Carey_Maa@CCSUS.CTSTATEU.EDU      |
                | Call a RUSH BBS today            |
                | (203) 628-9702 HST 16.8k         |
                | (203) 620-0757 HST 14.4k 3gigs   |
                |    Cygnus X-I BBS in CT          |


Date: 14 Apr 1993 21:37:24 -0400 (EDT)
From: ASILVERM@umiami.IR.Miami.EDU
Subject: Unplugged. . .NOT!

Hiya guys & gals

	Someone out there seemed surprised when they thought they saw an
electric bass on MTV Unplugged.  You will be relieved to know that NOTHING THAT
nutty, but I've never seen anything on that show that wasn't miked or plugged
in.  I remember when it came out I said they should change the name to "MTV-
But With The Distortion Pedals Turned Off!"  If any of you remember the Poison
"Unplugged" gig, you will recall that they were playing Les Pauls!  (For those
who don't know, the Les Paul is an electric-only solidbody guitar.)  Anyway,
Rush "Unplugged" could be cool.  I think if they ever did it they would write
new material that was meant to be played that way, since they have always
seemed so averse to rehashing their old stuff.  (Anybody remember the Rush
Oldies Tour thread?  I can't even remember how long ago I started that one! :) )
	One more word on backwards messages. . .the new digital audio formats,
DCC and MD, and all those yet to come, employ psychoacoustic perceptual coding.
What the *&#$@%&$^ is that?  you may ask.  Basically it means that in order to
economize on data, the recorder/encoders remove anything that it deems will be
"masked", in other words anything that's not very audible to the human ear.
This, I think, may pretty much put an end to any secret subliminal messages
that may be going on there!  So if you don't want to be coerced into
worshipping Old Man Satan, just sell your old vinyls and get Led Zeppelin IV
on DCC! :)

	Baseball season is more than a week old, and the Red Sox are still
over .500??????  What parallel dimension have I been thrust into?  Does this
mean that after the Bruins take Lord Stanley's cup there will still be sports
left to watch??????????????????????????????????????

				Party on,



Date: Wed, 14 Apr 93 21:40:20 EDT
From: Elizabeth Fike 
Subject: In The Mood

To whomever asked about the Glen Miller version, it was the theme song
for a Friendly's (restaurant) commercial about 7 or 8 years ago.
("Good mood food, Friendly's, good food and ice cream...")  Ugh.  I
watched far too much TV in high school.  Awful waste of a good song.

OBRush:  Am I the only person who thinks that certain songs make for
great, er, shtuppin' music?  Red Tide comes to mind, don't ask me why.
Mission, for something more 'romantic'.



Date:         Wed, 14 Apr 93 21:06:01 CDT
From: Tracey 
Subject:      Fretless, Madonna and Unplugged, Oh My!

Hi, all --

Let's see...

Someone asked what fretless bass sounds like and where to hear some.
The best I've heard is from Michael Manring when he was with Montreaux,
kind of a new age/jazz group. Good fretless bass kind of moans and is
played a good bit in the upper registers.

As for Rush's answer to Madonna, check out the lyrics to "Superconductor."
I think they've got her covered there...

Good additions to the Unplugged set would be "Roll the Bones" (there's a
lot of acoustic guitar *way down* in the mix) and "Ghost of a Chance."

Tracey, the non-sequitur queen...


Date: Wed, 14 Apr 93 21:09:18 CDT
Subject: Fantasy

Well, I had to write in for this one - 'cause it's already happened!

My initials are in the liner notes for Moving Pictures (I think; if
not, then its Permanent Waves): D.K.D.

Hey, its a fantasy, right?

David K. Drum


Date: Wed, 14 Apr 1993 22:22:07 -0400
From: Christopher Mermagen 
Subject: in the mood...fretless sound...Rush fantasy

In the mood- I know it's been answered... big band song from the
?20s-40s?.. I just remember hearing this alot on that one movie
1941, by Spielberg maybe.. it had John Belushi, Dan Akroyd, Robert
Stack, and many many many more (no one from Police academy, though :))
anyway, if you want to hear this song, rent this movie (it's
also kinda funny)..

fretless sound- uhh, well it's like smoother, and there are slides
involved I guess. I haven't listened to too many fretless except
at jazz bars, and that was a double bass, so.. but keep your
ears open for the slides, even when just for intonation. That
wasn't a very good description, but oh well.

Rush fantasy- to be able to jam with Alex and Neil and try the
keyboard/foot pedal/bass gig on a few songs during a sound check..
hmm what songs could I play totally?? Distant Early Warning I guess
(I think I remember the keyboard part from Rush Vol. II), some of the
songs from RTB (like RTB, Where's my Thing, Dreamline, and Ghost of
Dance- except Geddy has alot of neat little diddies in there that
are kinda tough, but not like some of those La Villa solos)

well, more later-
(I know, your all saying Oh God, I hope not!!)
Racer X


From: BOB 
Subject: Neurotica & Jaco
Date: Thu, 15 Apr 93 0:54:33 EDT

	In response to Matt, the low bass at the beginning of Neurotica is a
bass pedal -- it has quite a distinctive sound and has been used for other Rush
tunes as well (the only other one that comes to mind at the moment is [I think]
Manhattan Project).  A good example of fretless bass playing would be Jaco
Pastorius of Weather Report fame...I think that John McLaughlin's current
bassist (whose name I can't remember at the moment) also plays fretless.  The
fretless has a warm and funky bouncy sound to it (only when it's played, of
course :))
	Rush unplugged:  why not?  I agree that Bravado and Subdivisions
along with many others could go acoustic.  It would be an interesting new
	(working) New album title:  Critical Mass--Who could ask for a title
with more multiple meanings than this?  It'll keep us guessing for a while,

"everybody's got to evalate......"



Date: Thu, 15 Apr 93 03:17:30 EDT
From: "Sweet Julie Paradise, bring home a bullet for your family..." 
Subject: Screaming Trees

	Hello RushLand...

	Would anyone out there know if the Seattle band Screaming
	Trees is influenced at all by Rush (as their name leads me
	to believe) I just bought the album _Sweet Oblivion_ and
	it is unbelievable, I just might have replaced one of my
	top five...

	Any and all information about this question would be appreciated



Subject: something worth reading (finally)
Date: 14 Apr 93 10:32:19 EDT (Wed)
From: (Dan Kelley)

Thanks to Bill Bertram  for his ever so clever
post on 4/13 regarding a story with Rush titles and the like.  It was
something worth reading (which is a welcome change lately).


     Dan Kelley      |   sss                                            /\
System Administrator |  ss   u u  m   m  m   m  i ttt                 /\/\\/\  |   ss  u u  mm mm  mm mm  i  t  Information    //\\\\\\\
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Date: Thu, 15 Apr 1993 11:03:16 -0400
From: Scott Lawr Matthews 
Subject: unplugged, etc.

All of the talk about a possible unplugged set has been fascinating, if
not slightly overindulgent...
Some people have suggested that Geddy couldn't play a bass if it was
truly unplugged (excuse me if this has already been discussed) but some
bands have used electric basses on MTV's unplugged (I seem to recall Eddie
Jackson of Queensryche using one), and at any rate, an acoustic bass like
the one the guy from Pearl Jam used would be a possibility...
Another thing - keyboards would be sort of cheesy and against the entire
purpose, but what about Geddy playing a big ol' grand piano or someting ?
Particularly things like "Available Light" and "Bravado" would sound
pretty good on an acoustic piano, IMO...

And to whoever challenged the mighty Capitals.... HA !
Let's see where Jersey is in a couple of weeks... Probably on vacation...
Maybe in Pittsburgh to see the Caps/Pens series !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 - scott


Date: 15 Apr 1993 12:25:41 -0400 (EDT)
From: ahung@discover (Son of Reg)
Subject: Contact Address for the band

I read through the voluminous copy of Digests 604, 606, 608.  I don't have the 
address with me, but I know that the mailing address listed in "The Book of 
Music Addresses" by Michael Levine has a different address than the one listed 
in the FAQL file last posted.  I'll try and post the address from the book on 
Friday.  I can't vouch for the validity of the address from the book since I 
haven't writen to it yet.  I'll be in touch soon.
	If anyone wishes to mail to my personal account just to yack, go for 
it.  I love to yack.

   [ Pleae remember to use < 80 characters per line!	: rush-mgr ]


p.s What caused all of the guys except Neil to change their names?


Date: Thu, 15 Apr 93 12:59:23 -0400
From: (Brian Zive)
Subject: Guitar Player results

Well, you Rush fans do certainly enjoy good guitarists...

Your favorites?

Dead tie between Steve Howe and Edward Van Halen.
2nd Place:  David Gilmour
3rd Place:  Joe Satriani

Others receiving more than one vote:
Steve Morse
Robert Fripp
Marin Barre (Jethro Tull)
Jimmy Page
Kirk Hammett/James Hetfield
Alan Holdsworth
Steve Vai
Eric Clapton

I had fun tabulating the results.  They were interesting.  You Rushians
have good taste.

Blaze on,


Date: Thu, 15 Apr 93 13:55:53 EDT
Subject: Female Vocalists

	Since Aimee Mann is the only female vocalist that has ever played
on a Rush record (sang, I mean), I was just wondering who would make a
good choice on the next record.  Tori Amos?  The singer from 10,000
Maniacs?  Sinead O'Connor (NOT!)
	Seriously, some input on this would be cool.

	In a small non-RUSH related context, if anyone has any Tori
Amos stuff that they'd like to trade with, please eMail me privately.
I have a lot of her stuff, and I'm especially interested in any TV
or radio appearances or boots that I don't already have.

	One more thing:  Isn't that kind of stupid to release the
Roll the Bones German CD single with live tracks that are 12 years old?
That is one of the lamest things I've ever heard of.  IMHO, that is an
insult to the fans and plainly counterproductive.  If you're trying to
attract new fans by releasing this single, it only makes sense to put
some new live stuff on there.  After all, I think everyone agrees that
the sound on ESL (even the CD) outright SUCKS, and Rush doesn't even
sound like that live anymore.  If anyone has a complete list of all of
Rush's singles and their B-sides (CD singles, too), could they post to
the NMS?  I think that would be helpful.  VISIONS, as we all know, has
a list but it's completely out of date now.

	Is that second B-Man book ever going to come out, or is that
just another rumor like Neil having cancer?

						Gene Porochniak
						Moravian College


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