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          The National Midnight Star, Number 665

                 Wednesday, 21 April 1993
Today's Topics:
                    Frets and Company
                  RUSH: who's listening?
                         Bad Boy
                    re: more musicians
                  Fantasy and the such.
            Rushian territory; black Rush fans
                      Assorted Stuff
                Rush Limbaugh LOVES Rush?
          New World Man/Wayne's Word Man Parody
                     Re: rush's tempo
                    Friday Night Live
                    NEW LIST:  PRIMUS
     Re:  04/16/93 - The National Midnight Star #664
                  Live Lighting Control?
                      Presto opinion
                    ASOH video in disc
                   coke bottles and jam
                   Critical mass stuff
                      Goldmine ad...
              Wal basses, Geddy's sound ....
                   Rush Live on 4/16/93
     Did Rush record at Electric Ladyland in 1976??!!
                    Slowed down songs
             Jaco fretless tune correction.
      Re: 04/16/93 - The National Midnight Star #664
                  Earth Day album & ASOH
           OTE and Atmospheric - Not the same?
         Slowing tempos, Analog kids, and Pino P.
                      Kibbles & Bits
                 About Rushsylvania, Ohio

From: (The RUSH Fans Digest Manager)
Date: Wed Apr 21 15:01:54 EDT 1993
Subject: Administrivia

There were no digests for Monday or Tuesday, 4/19 & 4/20. Things got a little
hectic at school and work... sorry about the delay. This is only some of the
posts in the queue waiting to be sent out, the rest will be sent out tomorrow
along with tomorrow's posts.

- rush-mgr


Date: Fri, 16 Apr 93 15:43:36 -0400
From: (Gabriel Karaffa)
Subject: Frets and Company

Dear Fret Ponderer,
	The fret is a small bar of metal that is hammered into the neck
of a guitar or other instument of the lute family.  It helps delimit
the note, in other words, the fret is one of three determinants of the strings
pitch.  Tension, thickness, and length.  Whammy bars and tuning kesys deal
with the tension, new strings deal with thickness and frets and scale
legnth deal with lenght.  Sorry about the typos, my emulation stinks.


Date: 16 Apr 93 19:47:24 EDT
From: Adam.B.Cappio@Dartmouth.EDU (Adam B. Cappio)
Subject: RUSH: who's listening?

in regards to Chris Maka's post about Rush fans of non-white or non-hispanic

			When I was in high school, there was a band that
played at several of the parties in the area.  They did Rush covers all the
time, usually many times over.  YYZ, Spirit of Radio, Tom Sawyer, 2112, and
others were common.  Anyway, the lead vocalist was of black descent.  I
didn't know him very well so I can tell you his exact lineage but he was one
of the biggest fans that I know.  He was very good at hitting all of Geddy's
notes too.  They were always an impressive band to see especially 'cause you
could go up and jam with them on tunes like 2112.  Anyway, just figured you
might wanna know.



Date: 16 Apr 93 19:58:58 EDT
From: Adam.B.Cappio@Dartmouth.EDU (Adam B. Cappio)
Subject: Bad Boy

Bad Boy is also included on the Electric Ladyland boot, a recording of a
radio broadcast from Feb. of '74, i think, months before Fly by Night was
released.  Peart plays on the boot and it includes the first time that "Fly
by Night" was played publicly.  I have a 9 zillionth generation copy of it,
so it sounds like $hit, but it's still cool.  Bad Boy is an interesting tune
to say the least, 'specially the end.  jm2c.



Date: Fri, 16 Apr 1993 20:11:55 -0400
From: Sister Ray 
Subject: re: more musicians

>Say, whatever happened to, and who is anyway, Rupert Hine?  My
>brothers in
>RUSH and I have worked up these possibilities:

>1)he is a ficticious persona, or a pseudonym for one of those
>fun-loving guys,
>Alex, Ged, or Neil.

>2)he is a relative of one of the guys.

>3)he is the naked man found on the covers of 2112 and Hemispheres.

>could be, could be.

Well, he is most likely a real guy and, unless Rupert Hine is a
semi-common name in the music biz, I know for a fact that he used to
be in The Fixx (whatever happened to them anyway?)  It freaked me out
buying Presto and seeing a name from "Reach the Beach," an album I
got way back in fifth grade.



From: "Michael J. Miller" 
Subject: Presto
Date: Fri, 16 Apr 93 20:24:14 CDT

Hello Rush fans!
     In response to Peter Jenkins' posting concerning Presto, I would like
to say that I think it is one of their best albums.  My favorites have been
the earlier ones since I started getting them, but Presto was the first album
of theirs that I got.  One of the things in Visions, btw, is that after HYF,
they weren't sure whether or not they really wanted to do any more albums.
So they recorded Presto, and eventually decided to keep making albums.
And it's a good thing, too.
     About the  t-shirt...  My computer does not take kindly to ftp'ing stuff.
If someone could, in detail and over e-mail to avoid the cluttering of the
NMS, describe it to me, I would be very appreciative. (Yes, my computer can't
even handle a file as short as 5k!)

   [ Anyone wanting info on the NMS shirts, send e-mail to:						: rush-mgr ]

    RRR U U SSS H               What you own is your own kingdom
    R   U U S   H               What you do is your own glory
    R   U U SSS HHH             What you love is your own power
    R   U U   S H H             What you live is your own story
    R   UUU SSS H H                 "Something for Nothing", _2112_

                     Michael J. Miller,


Date: Sat, 17 Apr 93 02:47:17 -0400
From: ba080@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Jim B. Stevenson)
Subject: Fantasy and the such.

Hello once again Rushians.

	With all the talk of these Rush-fantasies, I thought I'd
contribute one of my own.  My ultimate Rush fantasy would be Eric
Johnson and Dream Theater opening for the boyz (I'll call them that
if I damn well wanna call'em that! :) ), who during their set play
2112 in its uncut entirety (all 7 parts, which to my knowledge has
never been done live).

   [ "The Oracle" is the part that has never been done live.	: rush-mgr ]

	Another fantasy would be to find a magazine that had all
7 parts of 2112 transcribed (Does this exist at all???  And I mean
TRANSCRIBED...not the "Rush-Complete" crap books).  I would KILL
for that!!!

	Also, whoever was talking about their Presto album (sorry,
forgot yer name) is right (IMO).  I love that album, and "The
Pass" is by far my favorite Rush song.  The album in general is
my 3rd favorite (with AFTK just above and HYF topping things off).

	Welp, I've babbled long enough.  Keep 'dem boats afloat!

-Waiting for September 15th-


U.S. CONSTITUTION - 1ST AMENDMENT (Paraphrased): ||ba080@cleveland.Freenet.Edu
"Congress shall make no law...abridging the      ||  Jim "SnowDog" Stevenson
freedom of speech, or of the press..." CENSORSHIP||  RUSH - THE BEST GROUP IN


Date: Sat, 17 Apr 1993 00:04:48 -0700 (MST)
From: jeffrey r brinkman  
Subject: EJ

Hey all,
I too was suprised at the outcome of the fav guitarist poll. I didn't get
a chance to vote, but I am quite suprised that Eric Johnson was not there.
Really struck me as funny. I think eric to be the best guitarist (rock) to
have come out in the past 10 years or so. Amazing technique. He is _the_
cleanest distortion-using player I've ever heard. He has probably the best
guitar tone I've ever heard. He also is definitely _not_ like Vai or
Satriani. I personally think he has much better taste as far as not
selection. His music seems more honest to me than theirs. Ever listened to
the rhythm playing behind Satch or Vai. :( Not too great. Eric plays his
own rhythm and then stops to play the lead. Not as much of this overdub
crap either. For a good example check out righteous off of Ah Via Musicom.
He also branches out from just rock. He goes from Hendrix-y solos (Desert
Rose) to country (Steve's Boogie) to jazz ala Wes Montgomery (East Wes).
If you don't have Ah Via Musicom, I would highly suggest picking it up
ASAP. Definitely in my top 10. I guess this isn't really rush related, but
alex does have a lot of respect for EJ as well.
PS. I'd kill for his 1954 Sunburst colored Strat!!!

						Jeff Brinkman
						U of Arizona
						Biochem and Microbiology


Date: 17 Apr 93 03:40:16 EDT
From: Bruce Holtgren <70724.1622@CompuServe.COM>
Subject: Rushian territory; black Rush fans

Seeing the posts from Spain (Viva Catalonia!) and Holland in the
last digest got me to thinking. As something of a geography
freak, I'd be interested in documenting all the different places
people have posted to the NMS from. (Hey, it's time to find out
just *how* world-class of a publication this is!)

So, I need everyone's help for a little research project,
starting with Canada (as a way of humbly honoring the band's
homeland, right?). Working strictly from memory (and a highly
imperfect one at that), here are the provinces/territories that I
*don't* recall seeing any posts from, at least since I joined the
NMS a year and a half ago:
                      New Brunswick
                      Northwest Territories
                      Prince Edward Island
Please e-mail me if I've overlooked anyone in any of those
places. (I can't believe there aren't any Saskatchewanoids on the
list. And I seem to remember someone talking *about* P.E.I., but
can't remember if you actually live(d) there or not.)

Now for the States - I don't recall seeing any posts from these:
    Alaska                Oklahoma             Vermont
    Kansas                North Dakota         Wyoming
    Maine                 South Dakota
Again, please e-mail me if you beg to differ, as I'm sure someone
is bound to. (No insult intended or implied if I've overlooked

And finally, the world! I can remember the following countries being
represented - is there anyone else out there? Please e-mail me -
or if it's easier, post to the list and say hello to everyone.

  Argentina             Germany              New Zealand
  Australia             Holland              Spain (Catalonia)
  Brazil                India                UK:
  California ;^)        Ireland               England
  Canada                Italy                 Northern Ireland
   (Quebec)             Japan                 Scotland
  Chile                 Mexico                Wales
  Finland                                    United States

And on another note: When I went to the Rush concert in Dayton,
Ohio, last year (yes! the famed Nutter Center again!), I was
thrilled to attend with a black woman who is quite a big Rush fan
(along with Metallica, Faith No More and other bands that might
not be considered "typical" black-oriented fare). Also, a black
man I work with wanted very much to go but couldn't make it. He
said he's been a fan ever since he attended LSU and someone
constantly blasted Tom Sawyer through the dorm until he grew to
love it - *yeah!*

I hadn't ever thought about the racial thing very much, actually.
I wouldn't want to speak for black people, but I suspect much of
the seeming lack of interest in Rush is due partly to the fact
that they're from Canada - ever hear of the expression "Great
White North"? :) Also, let's face it: Modern music is so
fragmented, with so little "crossover" among certain genres, that
it's hardly surprising. There aren't that many white rap fans,
either ...

Thanks, all, for tolerating yet another windy post. Again, please
e-mail me if your state/province/territory is listed above, OR
(especially) if your country is not.

"Better the pride that resides in a citizen of the world
 than the pride that divides when a colourful rag is unfurled ..."



Date: Sat, 17 Apr 93 00:36:29 HST
From: puanani@wana.pbrc.Hawaii.Edu (Puanani Akaka)
Subject: Presto

Aloha no kakou!

About Presto: a friend of mine and I were discussing this not
too long ago (or are still in the midst of discussing this) --
about the differences between the "Peter Collins" set (PoW & HYF)
and the "Rupert Hine" set (P & RTB).  Altho we both like the RH
set better (no flames, please!) in general, I mentioned to him
that, of all their albums, Presto, to me, is the weakest one.

Don't get me wrong, I like the album, but it seems to me the
weakest album Rush has done (not incl. "RUSH").  And the reason for
that, *I* think, is simply its position in the "album evolution"
line.  After going thru the "Sequencer From Hell" phase in PoW &
HYF, they suddenly switched gears to go 'organic' again, while
still trying to maintain what they learned from the "Sequencer From
Hell".  'Presto' being that album, would, understandably, be a bit
"floundering".  That's a bit too strong a word than I mean, but I
hope you understand what I'm trying to get at.  It is an *excellent*
album, not surprisingly, but lacks the usual 'confidence' Rush
normally portray in their work.  I can't imagine it being very easy
to make an album like that, but they pulled it off with grace.  And
RTB is the obvious 'descendant' from that line and shows much more
strength, maturity and confidence in the path they're carving out.
	But, that's a different story...

puanani		"Thanx." -- Geddy, at some moment in his life (??)


Date:         Sat, 17 Apr 93  14:12:21 EDT
From: Doug Adams 
Subject:      Misc.

Before the pseudo-Satanic 666 edition of the NMS comes out, I wanted to
respond to Grahzny Bratchney's question as to who Rupert Hine is.  I've
only donned the scuba gear once to dive deep into the FAQ, so many pardons
if the answer is found there.  Rupert Hine, as many of the NMS subscribers
in the UK probably know, was Chris DeBurgh's producer for many years
Therefore, so much for the theory that The Rupemeister is an imaginary
person.  A friend turned me on to Chris DeBurgh (Hey Norm!) before
Rupert was granted the Honor of producing the best band that ever was.
DeBurgh is really worth checking out if you like the contributions he made to
the Rush sound (ie: the baby grand piano on Red Tide, Available Light).

Anyway, I'm looking forward to the 666 edition of the NMS.  Years ago,
someone tried telling me the 2112 logo was satanic and I thought it was
far too ridiculous to be offensive.  For those who have read the
mindless critiques of Rush over the years in Rolling Stone magazine, THAT
is offensive!

   [ It will be out tomorrow.					: rush-mgr ]

I listen to Rush, therefore I am,

          Doug Adams


Date:    Sat, 17 Apr 93 15:06 EDT
Subject: Assorted Stuff

Greetings all, this is my first post and I'm sorry if it gets a little lengthy.
First of all, I have a video tape that is a colecion of various Rush videos. It
has Finding My Way, In the Mood (BTW the Glen Miller tune is a jazz classic 
and a great song), Anthem, Best I can, Fly By Night, 2112:he Temples of Syrinx 
(Live), A Farewell To Kings (Live), Xanadu, Closer to the Heart, Circumstances, 
The Trees, La Villa Strangiato, Tom Sawyer, Limelight, Vital Signs, 
Subdivisions, Countdown, Distant Early Warning, Afterimage, The Enemy Within, 
The Body Electric, Big Money, Mystic Rhythms, Times Stand Still, Lock and Key, 
Show Don't Tell, The Pass. The songs that I noted a slive, actuall have any 
audience.  All the other videos up to Subdivisions are just the guys on a 
sound stage or in the studio just playing the tune, although some of them have 
some clips of things thrown in.  After Subdivisins they're all MTV-like 
videos.  If anyone's interested in a copy e-mail me and we'll talk.
  As far as Moon records go, I don't think it still exists, because it wasn't 
really a record company.  The only reason moon record exists is because the guys
were told by some big record company (possibly Anthem) that if they got a 
company to press copies of their first single then they (the big company) 
would distribute it for them.  So they guys created Moon Records and pressed 
about 1000 copies of the single.  The single is very rare today, I saw one 
once in a record store in Greenwich Village, NYC for about $350, unfortunately 
I Couldn't afford it.  After the single, Anthem signed them and pressed and 
distributed the first album, and Moon Records ceased to exist.
 Someone mention Rush and Zep which leads into my fantasy.  John Bonham, and 
Keith Moon are brought back to life.  Rush,Zep and the Who play a monster all 
night concert together, including a drum battle among Neil, Bonham, and Moon.  
I show up for he sho about four hours early to listen to the sound check.  I 
get a backstage pass and I wandering around backstage when I happen upon the 
guys from all the bands sitting around.  They invite me in and we BS for a 
good  while on everything imaginable.  Including Bonham and Moon fighting 
about who's had a better afterlife.   Neil, Keith and John take me out on 
stage and give me a few pointers on drummming.  The show is awesome and I die 
a happy man.  Sorry it was so long winded but thanks for letting me get that 

    [ Please remember to use < 80 characters per line!!		: rush-mgr ]

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Date:    Sat, 17 Apr 1993 18:11:56 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Rush Limbaugh LOVES Rush?

	I know a lot of people on online services really LOATHE
Rush Limbaugh...but I think he is funny as hell.  If you dont listen
to him on the radio, and listen to all the prophaghanda spread about him,
you can't appreciate him.  Anyways, I was listening to him this Friday on
the radio at about 2:30 in the afternoon... and coming back to his show he
plays clips from music (usually new hits like Peter Gabriels "Stand Back"

   [ I think you mean his song "Steam".				: rush-mgr ]

or Boy George crud) but today...what do I hear?? --BRAVADO!
I was so overwhelmed with delight, I almost did a double-flip.  Anyways,
If anyone knows of any connection between how JEFF Limbaugh decided to
pick the name "RUSH" anyways..(some Rush correlation?)...let me know.
Also if you have his Compuserve Email Mailbox, please send me some Email
with it, I'd like to thank him for the Rush treat on the Rush Show! 

	Take Care!
			**Call a great Rush BBS**
			**Cygnus X-I Opus BBS ***
			--203-628-9702 HST 16.8--
			--203-620-0757 HST 14.4--
			---Nearly 3Gigs Online---


From: (C.A. Peskin)
Subject: New World Man/Wayne's Word Man Parody
Date: Sat, 17 Apr 1993 20:39:44 -0400 (EDT)

I don't know if anyone else has ever heard this, but WAAF, in Boston,
used to play a parody of New World Man when Wayne's World was released.
I have a copy on tape, it's prety funny actualy, and the instrumental
and vocals sound very close to RUSH!
		I was just wondering if anyone else had heard this, or if it was
exclusive to the Boston area?

|  Rochester Institute of Technology              Chris A. Peskin  |
|  Electrical Engineering                                          |


From: (Brian Dominy)
Subject: Re: rush's tempo
Date: Sun, 18 Apr 93 0:25:58 EDT

In response to Robert's comment that Rush's live music is slower than
their recorded stuff, I'd like to mention that this is not always the
case.  I actually have thought that several songs from ESL were
actually faster, e.g. Tom Sawyer, BB&B, than the original album

BTW, Rush are best when they're live -- no other band comes close!



From: (Daniel Patrick Strickland)
Subject: Friday Night Live
Date: Sun, 18 Apr 93 15:12:57 CDT

	Yeah, I taped the Friday Night Live show.  Utter letdown.  They played
	sniplets from ASOH and ESL and passed it off as "stuff from HYF
	and PoW tours."  Oh, well, it was still comforting to hear that much
	Rush at one time, but as for great and new stuff...sorry.
	They were kind enough to give one break...four songs into it!
	Then, there were NO other breaks...needless to say the 50 min tape ran
	out in the middle of "Tom Sawyer"...arrgh!  DJ did make the mistake
	of calling a song "The Spirit of Radio."  Oh well, maybe next
	time they'll get something

|Daniel Strickland         | "Black wind falling to the ocean floor      |
||  And the red tide washes ashore"            |
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|                       A long list of victims...                        |


From: Matthew P Jukins 
Date: Sun, 18 Apr 1993 16:28:25 -0400 (EDT)

I know that this isn't exactly RUSH, but i thought it was
appropriate since Primus opened for RUSH on the last tour.

Well, i have decided to start up a Primus mailing list.  I got
about 45 responses from people that are interested, so if you
would like to join, please send mail to me at:
and for the subject line, put "Primus-request", and write your
full e-mail address in the body of the letter.  I hope to
have a fun forum for the discussion of anything Primus!!!  If
you are interested in Primus at all, please join.  Thank you.


Date: Sun, 18 Apr 93 18:17:31 -0400
From: (Gabriel Karaffa)
Subject: Re:  04/16/93 - The National Midnight Star #664

Hey there present day rush heads,
	I gotta question:  Anybody here a Lindsey Buckingham fan?  I think
I was the only guy who put him down as a favorite for the survey!  In additioin,
I want to determine what are the most popular bands among rush-heads.  Mail
me with your top3(not including the boys from the great white north>.

-'Yesterday, a morning came
 a simile across your face
ceasars palace, morning glory
silly human, silly human race.' - Yes 'The Yes Album'


Date:         Sun, 18 Apr 93 18:03:09 CDT
From: Tahoma 
Subject:      Live Lighting Control?

During the RTB tour I came across something which I would like to ask all of 
you about.  I was watching Alex (this being very strange, as I usually sit and 
drool over Geddy's bass work.  :)  Musta been during keyboards or something.) 
play and I noticed that he was triggering a pedal at the exact instant that 
the pattern being created by the lasers changed.  I listened and watched 
further, finding that I could detect no difference in his guitar sound at 
those times that his foot went to the pedalboard and the lights changed.  My 
question, then, is does our favorite trio also control their lighting from 
stage?  Although it would hardly seem feasible to me, Rush is one band that I 
would presuppose nothing concerning their abilities.  So...opinions?

   [ Please remember to use < 80 characters per line!!		: rush-mgr ]



Date: Sun, 18 Apr 93 19:35:38 -0400
From: (Christopher Dean)
Subject: Presto opinion

I like presto, but I think it's one of their weaker albums.  I think
SUPERCONDUCTOR, WAR PAINT and RED TIDE are amazing songs, but the
rest don't do as much for me.

Not to start another poll, but what are people's favorite album cover?
Just curious.  Mine is probably SIGNALS or GUP or MP.



From: (L Clator Butler Jr)
Subject: ASOH video in disc
Date: Sun, 18 Apr 1993 20:26:53 -0400 (EDT)

G'day to you,

I want to know if anybody knows where I can get "A Show of Hands" (THE
VIDEO VERSION) on CD.  I know that the P/G video has been transcribed
and the has been done so too.

(In fact, if anybody -can- procure me the Exit... (I think the title is
"Red Stars of the Solar Federation") I'd appreciate it too.)

I really really want Prime Mover and Territories live.  Boots wont
suffice, and neither will my taped copy of the video.

I appreciate any help you can give me.



Date: Sun, 18 Apr 1993 20:37:25 -0400 (EDT)
From: mhoupt@uceng.uc.EDU (Michael R Houpt)
Subject: coke bottles and jam

dear fellow rush listeners,
After reading how someone thought they had a limited edition
of PeW with the lady on the front not holding a coke bottle
I thought I should clear some things up.  First of all, I heard
a rumor that right when PeW came out, the lady was holding a
coke bottle next to her dress; however, coke inc. found out and
didn't like it so they had the albums recalled.  But I'm sure
(if this is true) that there are some of these albums out there.
Now obviously they won't be on CD so don't even bother to look.
Also, did everone notice the names of the band members on the
advertisement signs in the lower right hand corner, pretty neat
Also, I read an article about the Pearl Jam Unplugged set and
from what I gathered from Pearl Jam, they couldn't get the right
guitars and equipment from MTV, so I'm sure he used the electric
bass on "Jeremy," in fact I have it on video and I know he used
an electric.  But, I think he used an electric on "Jeremy"
because, as some of you bass players may know, Jeff Ament uses
an 8-string guitar while playing "Jeremy" which I'm sure would
be a bitch to find electrically and even harder acoustically.
So maybe those things will clear something up, although I haven't
figured out what, yet!
As for now,
The only thing permanent in a random world is change- Tom Sawyer



Date: Sun, 18 Apr 1993 20:02:00 -0400 (EDT)
From: "Lance M. Hilbelink" 
Subject: funny-peculiar


I just thought it was funny (funny-peculiar, not funny-ha ha) and, of
course, interesting, that _Roll the Bones_ was released on my birthday.
Yep, that's right, September 3, 1991 was my nineteenth birthday.  Hmm... I
wonder what other important dates other people have that coincide with
some significant Rush thing or other ?

I realize that this might not be interesting to some of you, but tough
shit, buddy: I started it, and you can't stop it (heh, heh, heh, heh)! ;)

Rush fantasy:

Rush comes to town for a concert.
I find out when they arrive (well before the show).
I phone them at the hotel.
I don't get hung up on by the hotel management.
I speak briefly with Geddy.
He invites me over to the hotel because I am obviously the kind of person
   they would like to meet.
I go to the hotel.
I don't get mugged on the way to the hotel.
I don't get kicked out of the hotel for asking for their room number(s).
I converse with the three of them, discussing a wide variety of topics,
   ranging from politics to baseball.
They don't scoff at me for being a Brewers fan.
We eat dinner; it doesn't matter where.
I am escorted to the show, where I settle into my front-row seat.
There is no opening band.
I sit back and enjoy the show.
At one point during the show, they play a few of their older songs in a
   completely different manner: accoustically.
It sounds great.
I am given a free copy of the tourbook and a free T-shirt.
I go home, feeling quite refreshed.

That is all.  Thankyou for listening.

| Lance M. Hilbelink                     |
| Theta 33, Calvin College, Grand Rapids, MI 49546          (616) 954-4229 |
|                             ** GO BREWERS! **                            |
| "Here's a soft pop-fly to short right field.  The second baseman settles |
|  under it.... It's outta here." --play-by-play announcer with absolutely |
|  no depth perception whatsoever.                                         |


Date: Sun, 18 Apr 1993 23:19 EDT
Subject: Critical mass stuff

Hi,please dont quote me on this, but from a new releases list i received on
my vax today it stated that the new rush album will be out in september and
is called critical mass.  I dont know about the validity of it but it was
right on the release of the new primus album so who knows....
bill"plus ca change"conley


From: (Terry Stedman)
Date: Mon, 19 Apr 1993 07:24:05 -0400
Subject: Goldmine ad...

        I saw an ad in the latest Goldmine (Police on the cover) from some
kid who has a very impressive list of Rush items for sale.  One of them
was a Permanent Waves LP with the "Dewey Defeats Truman" headline on the
cover.  I didn't even know that existed!  Anyway, check it out if you're

 I ) I I <~ I_I   Terry Stedman                          .sig copyright
 I \ I_I _> I I   Internet:   1992, T. Stedman


Date: Mon, 19 Apr 93 12:31 GMT
Subject: Wal basses, Geddy's sound ....

Hi folks!

Theres been a lot of talk about Wal basses on the NMS in the last few days so I
thought I'd add my two penny worth. Wal basses are manufactured in London,
England UK by the Electric Wood Company, who advertise in _Guitarist_ magazine.
The Company is continuing the work of the late Dr (?) Wal, using unusual woods
and other materials to produce their instruments ... for those who aren't
initiated in the vagueries of guitar building there are about 3 or four major
types of wood that are used to make solid bodied instruments; maple, mahogony,
ash, and rose wood (for fret boards, etc). Wal uses rarer types of wood which
add to the unusual sound.

Wal basses are usually fitted with active tone circuits (complex filters
powered rather than the old "passive" non powered circuits found on many
cheaper basses) and humbucking, ie double coil,  pick ups. Until the early
1980's HB pick ups were not common on bass guitars due to their warmer
"muddier" sound quality, as opposed to the bright sound of a single coil, found
commonly on Fender instruments.  A notable exception to this were the early
Gibson basses but since they weren't particularly popular this really is
getting off the subject.

The introduction of active electronics and new solid state amplification in the
late 70's and early 80's led to an explosion in the world of bass guitars with
Steinberger, Wal and Ambelenic  in the forefront.

On the last two tours I was rather disapponted with the sound Geddy gets from
his Wal's in performance. The sound on the album is totally different since in
the studio the bass will surely go straight into the desk via a pre amp and
rack unit and presuming he uses the same instruments I can only put this down
to the amplification and speakers he uses in the live set up. Does anyone know
what this is ?

A few coments in the NMS have left me wondering, Geddy used a Steinberger
headless on _Signals_ and on _Grace Under Pressure_ , I was under the
impression that the same instrument was used on _Power Windows_ and to my mind
his bass sound didn't change until the _HYF_ album. I believe he used the Wals
on the Power Window's tour (I didn't get to see the PW tour for obvious
reasons) but perhaps Peter Collins introduced Geddy to the wal *after* they had
recorded most of the album, and just used the Wal's on the tour ??? Any
comments ??

Thanks to whoever it was who posted the interview with Alex on his Guitar
style. After many disscussions with friends it proves the way I play the chords
from the _Hemispheres_ era was "correct", and are not straight barre chords!

Sorry for this being at length

*                                                                             *
*                           James Taylor                                      *
*      "For the words of the prophet were written on the studio wall..."      *
*                                                   *
*                                                                             *


Date: Mon, 19 Apr 93 08:04:41 CDT
From: (john main)
Subject: Rush Live on 4/16/93


I was wondering if anyone else heard Rush Live on the radio at midnight EDT
last Friday ( actually Saturday morning )?  The station I was listening to
( here in Huntsville, Al. ) is a nationally syndicated station - I think
it originates on the east coast.  The program was called Friday Night Live.

Actually, I was wondering if anyone had taped it, I would love to get a copy
of it.  I was camping on a lake when it came on, so I was pretty powerless
to tape it.  They said that it was from the GUP & HYF tours, I believe.

If you taped it, please e-mail me!

			I Hate bama & winter


Date: Mon, 19 Apr 1993 10:42:38 -0400
From: Scott David Daly 
Subject: Did Rush record at Electric Ladyland in 1976??!!

Hi there!

	I just have a quick question for ya'll.  I got a copy of RUSH
by Brian Harrigan last week, and he says in it that RUSH tried to
record some stuff at Electric Ladyland Studios in late 1976, but were
"forced to scrap what they had done there because they didn't like
the results".  Has anyone ever heard of this before?  I know they did
that little radio show there in December 1974...but I'd never heard
of them trying to actually record material there...much less in 1976!

	Comments?... maybe these are like "the lost RUSH tapes"!!



Date: Mon, 19 Apr 93 11:08:07 -0400
From: Alan H Ristow  
Subject: Slowed down songs

>Is it just me, or does Rush seem to slow their tempo on some songs when
>playing them live?  I first noticed this when listening to "Marathon" on "A
>Show of Glands" (oops -- thats HANDS.)  Although I have yet to sit down and
>directly compare the studio and live versions, the live version seems slow and
>sluggish.  You think maybe Rush slows their stuff down a bit and paces
>themselves while on tour?

Many, if not most, rock bands do *something* to some of their songs as they
play them live. Sometimes, the band does it on purpose to keep from getting
bored (imagine playing the same song for 20 years). Often, the songs
evolve as the band gets more experienced. Pearl Jam re-recorded all the songs
it put out videos for because the songs changed between the time they were
recorded and the time the videos were shot. And recently I saw School of
Fish (you should too, if they come to your area -- great show!), and they
did their final song at a very slow pace through an incredible amount of
distortion. That's kind of extreme, though.

And who wants to pay $20+ to hear exactly what they plug into their CD player
and hear for $12, anyway? If I want to hear live music that sounds exactly
like the studio version, I'll go to a Milli Vanilli concert!  :-)



From: (Mark Seconi)
Date: Mon, 19 Apr 93 15:39:40 GMT
Subject: Jaco fretless tune correction.

> If you want to hear the best fretless bass-playing in history, listen
> to anything with Jaco Pastorius on it. Probably the best examples are
> on his first solo album _Jaco Pastorius_ ... check out the harmonics on
> a track which is called something like 'Song for Julia', incredible.

	The song is 'Portrait of Tracy'.  Another good example is
'Amerika' on his live album _Invitation_.

Mark Seconi


Date: 19 Apr 1993 11:52:53 -0400 (EDT)
From: ahung@discover (Son of Reg)
Subject: Re: 04/16/93 - The National Midnight Star #664

Fellow Rush fans:

-What's with this Satan thing?  Sounds ridiculous to me!
-In response to those who complained about Mr. Big opening for Rush...
  I agree with you... for the most part.... I couldn't wait for Mr. Big
to get off of the stage so that Rush could come out.
-I am impressed with how down to Earth most of you are.  Your Rush
fantasies have been things like dinner with the boys, a lesson
with Geddy, a beer or 10 with the band.... Not stupid things like
"Man, I would love to bag Alex" (well, at least not that you've
posted).  My fantasy would be to just hang out with the guys.

-To :Martin Rush Fan, Exiled in Wellington, New Zealand. 
(Not much chance of a Rush gig here)....dude... for your sake, I hope that you 
get to see Rush.  Man, if they'd play at Wright State (The Nutter Center), 
then I'd hope that they'd play Down Under some day.

-To Chris Maka,, there are minority
Rush fans.  I'm Asian and I like Rush...a friend of mine is Indian
and she likes Rush even more than I do; I heard about this net
through her.  If you're reading this Tash...Tag! Your it! I agree with you 
though, I haven't seen many minority Rush fans ever.

-To   yeah, I like Presto alot.  It was one of the first 
Rush albums that I ever got.

-As for the female vocalist thing... I would choose Natalie Merchant because I 
think that she's adorable... But I don't think that she would sound quite 
right on a Rush song.  So then, How about Aimee Mann?  After all, she sounded 
great on Time Stand Still.

-Yeah, about the Nutter Center in Dayton.  I go to school at Wright State 
(victim of one of the NCAA's worst first round blow-outs).  The school sucks 
but the NC is a good place for concerts.  In fact, the Nutter Center is the 
world's seventh highest grossing facility of its size.  Elton John is playing 
there tommorrow night.

To  Grahzny Bratchney :  Hope that you have fun at 
your first Rush show.  I remember when I first heard "Subdivisions" in 
Cincinnati on the Presto tour.  Chills ran up my spine and I was moved by the 
power of the song.  I almost made in my pants! (Just kidding about the doogie 
in the shorts!)

To Mike Rizzello :  Yeah, I've seen Much Music.  I 
go to Canada about once a year.  My only complaint about Much is that it's SO 
REPETITIVE! (Yeah, like MTV isn't).  I mean they play like the same blocks of 
videos over and over in the same order!  I've seen some of the Much and 
Musique Plus (Ploos) spots.  They were pretty good.

-Rush Unplugged?  Only if the boys want to do it......I'd watch, thats for sure.
I know one thing....The guys in the band are all excellent musicians who don't 
have to hide behind big bleached hair and 200 effects pedals (like some other 

 -To  What??? You mean that you don't like "Where's My Thing?"

 -To Adam.B.Cappio@Dartmouth.EDU (Adam B. Cappio):  Which album is Broon's 
Bane on?

  [ It's on "Exit... Stage Left".			: rush-mgr ]

-To (Scott Allman):  Yeah, I saw Eric with Rush in 
Cincy too.  Even though he is my favorite guitarist, I remember being 
disappointed that night by his playing.  I felt that he played with more speed 
than taste that night (as opposed to normally, when his playing is much more 
tasteful and much less speedy) Lest you think that I'm one of those "Just say 
slow" guys... I'm not.

Sorry to have blabbered so much.... Have a great day!
Well....I'm out of here...Gotta go "attack the day like birds of prey"


  [ Please remember to use < 80 characters per line!! 		: rush-mgr ]


Date: Mon, 19 Apr 93 14:39:35 -0400
From: (Ron Wiseman)
Subject: Earth Day album & ASOH

Hi all,

RUSH will contribute material for an upcomming Canadian Earth Day album to be
released next month.  I heard this on a local radio station, but they
mentioned no details.  My bet is a version of 'Red Tide'.

I was going through my Rush video tape collection recently which I copied off
of various TV stations and came across ASOH aired on CBC.  I had forgotten
about this since I bought the ASOH video afterwords since the CBC version was
edited and didn't include the drum solo.  I rewatched the encore, only to find
it was different than the purchaced one.  During the LVS section there was no
radioactive sign and no picture of Alex rambling!  Otherwise there was no
difference that I saw, aside from the missing songs.  This version only
	The Big Money
	Prime Mover
	Manhatton Project
	Closer to the Heart
	Force Ten
	Tom Sawyer
	2112/La Villa Strangiato/In The Mood

- Ron


Date: Mon, 19 Apr 1993 13:14:26 -0700 (PDT)
From: Randall Haskin 
Subject: OTE and Atmospheric - Not the same?

	In continuing this thread about the extra section in Over Europe
and Atmospheric, it appears to me as if the two recordings are NOT that
same, as was originally thought.
	The rendition of "Bravado" on Over the Europe does not have any
bias or anything due to a microphone stand problem, and is a flawless
rendition.  Additionally, there is no Dutch spoken by Geddy.
	So, now the hunt is on to decide WHEN and WHERE Over the Europe
was recorded - as it most certainly is not the 5-3-92 Rotterdam show.
	ANY IDEAS?  Meg, I'd modify the CD-boots file at syrinx to show
that OTE is not Rotterdam......

Randall Haskin


Subject: Slowing tempos, Analog kids, and Pino P.
Date: Mon, 19 Apr 93 17:09:42 EDT

Hey guys and gals-
        I was member of this mailing list 3 years ago, and I just resigned on
so bear with me if any of these topics seem redundant.
      First- about the tempos of live songs.  The first time I that I heard
Superconductor, I thought it was the best song that the boys had written in a
while.  I also couldn't wait for the day that I got the chance to seem them
perform it live. Gee, was I disappointed.  I thought that they slowed it down,
and it didn't sound nearly as good. Oh well.  Anybody else notice this?

  Second - I am getting on in years, I am 23 now (no offense to those of you
older than I). I have seen every Rush show that has come my way since I was 12
(about 16 shows or so.) I saw the two RtB shows at Madison Square Garden, one
in Albany, and a fourth at the Meadowlands(New Jersey). I was getting a bit
bored with the RtB tour around the time of the NJ show but boy when they broke
out with The Analog Kid I went NUTS. IMHO it is the last and Greatest hard Rock
sound that they have put out. I live for surprises at Rush shows. I was
wondering how many people saw tAK performed during the RtB tour? Was it a
permanent change to the tour or just a temporary thing?

  [ They played it from the show at the Shoreline Amph. in Mountain View, CA
    (May 31, 1992) through the end of the tour.			  : rush-mgr ]

   Lastly- I was working on a project in my University library and found an
article about Geddy Lee's family having to move to another town because fans
wouldn't stop bothering them.  Has this article ever been posted here, I can't
seem to find in the FTP files? If not, is anybody interested in seeing it
posted? If so, I will do the honors.

                                   - Snowdog
                                    Kevin Belzer
ps- sorry about the length.
also, Jaco was the best fretless player alive. IMHO, Pino Palladino is now one
of the best alive. He is a session artist that plays with Clapton sometimes,
 Don Henley, and others. You can hear some of his work on Paul Young's "every
time you go" (I know it's a little soft for us Rush fans, but Pino is quite
impressive.) Good fretless can also be heard on Henley's "boys of summer" and
"Sunset Grill" (although I don't think that it is Pino playing on those).

ORQ- "Hello Albany, how You feelin out there, You Guys sure do smoke alot."
                - Geddy @ Presto tour.(IMHO- he WAS talking about pot.)


Date: Mon, 19 Apr 93 14:45:36 PDT
From: johnlee@sirius.UVic.CA (John  Lee)
Subject: Kibbles & Bits

	Hail and well met, Rushians!

	A few of you have mailed me for copies of Bob & Doug
McKenzie's _Great_White_North_ album.  In light of all this,
I was wondering if anyone knows what the dialogue is for the
section in "Black Holes" where the tape is played backwards?
I have had the album for a long time but have never had the
opportunity to borrow equipment that allows you to do that.
And I'm very hesitant to take the tape apart and reverse the
ribbon, cause this album is HARD TO FIND.  So if anyone knows,
I'd really appreciate you mailing the dialogue.  Thanks.
	And no, I really doubt it's Satanic.  Get a life, son.
Aaargh!  That was bad!  (Lifeson.  Har har har.)

	Well, I couldn't be more excited.  Critical Mass (or
whatever it's bound to be called) is due to hit the stored this                 
fall.  Pink Floyd's new one should be out this summer!!  Good Lord,
those guys have been around a few years!!  And then around Feb 1994
I, along with many others from around here, will make the sacred
pilgrimage to the Pacific Coluseum in Vancouver to see the Great
Ones perform.  Ahhh, it will be my second rock concert and second
Rush concert.  Public transit is the way to go to a Rush concert.
That way, you meet fans on the ferry, on the bus, in just about
every restaraunt around the concert hall before the show.  It's
very rare to get caught up in such a whirlwind of excitement such
as this.

	"M-O-O-N, that spells tornado!  Laws, yes!"
		---Tom Cullen from "The Stand", Stephen King


p.s.  Hold Your Fire is a cookin album!  I just recently
re-discovered just how great it is.
----------   ----     ----   ----------   ----      ---- "In between
----------   ----     ----   ----------   ----      ----  the bright
---   ----   ----     ----   ---          ----      ----  lights and
---------    ----     ----   ----------   --------------  the far
----------   ----     ----   ----------   --------------  unlit
---    ---   ----     ----          ---   ----      ----  unknown."
---    ---   -------------   ----------   ----      ----
---    ---    -----------    ----------   ----      ----


Date:    Mon, 19 Apr 1993 20:16:51 -0500 (CDT)
From: SRF6200@ZEUS.TAMU.EDU (Steven Rush Fennell)
Subject: About Rushsylvania, Ohio

"RAD232"  writes:
>   While I'm not from Ohio, I DID happen to have an atlas handy (and
>I've got relatives there; does that count?). There IS a town in Ohio
>named Rushsylvania. It's in the midwestern part of the state, midway
>between Lima and Columbus. Very near the Rush river (hmmm?) about
>10-15 miles east and a bit south from Indian Lake. Perfect setting
>for a satanic Rush novel...I'm waiting for that nefariously numbered
>issue of TMNS to come out so someone can read it onto a 4-track tape
>and play it backwards to see what hidden messages we've been subcon-
>sciously directed to conceal within it.

My grandfather was born in Rushsylvania, and grew up around there and Lima.
He used to tell me that the town was named after the town drunk, who was also
the mayor.  I don't know how factual this is, but in any case the mayor's last
name was Rush.  Therefore, my great-grandparents named my grandfather Rush,
and hence my middle name as well.  Kinda cool name, eh?  Especially since my
favorite band is also Rush (no coincidence, actually.)  Anyway, nothing much
happens in Rushsylvania (much like most of rural Ohio.)  I can't see the band
trying to write about it.

- Steve-O

(p.s., this is all true, and no, I don't like Rush Limbaugh, just in case you
were wondering :)


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