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Subject: 04/22/93 - The National Midnight Star #666  ** Satanic Edition **
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          The National Midnight Star, Number 666

                 Thursday, 22 April 1993
Today's Topics:
                2112 is the Devil's work!
                    Satan in Syrinx
                Annual sacrifice coming up
                      Cat sacrifices
                  Back Masking Theories
                      Neil's Mowhawk
                  (ognoM roF) emordnilaP
                    Satinism and RUSH 
                 1001001 thread: SOLVED!
                  Yet another 666 thing
                     JESSE HELMS?!?!?
                NMS #666 (Special posting)
                     Satanic Mission
                      MORE PROOF!!!
                        Satan Net
         Music Analysis Reveals Satanic Leanings
                    Friday Night Live
                   post for digest #666
          New backwards Satanic lyrics revealed!
                   Neil's and/or Satan
                   Rush and the Devil

From: (The RUSH Fans Digest Manager)
Date: Thu Apr 22 10:57:27 EDT 1993
Subject Administrivia

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 **          *                 *          ** 
**           **               **           **
*            **               **            *
*          ***                 ***          *
*       ****                     ****       *
**    ***                           ***    **
 ** ***                               *** **
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    **            **     **            ** 
     ***           **   **           *** 
       ***          *   *          ***  
         ****       ** **       ****   
            *******  ***  *******     

- rush-mgr


Subject: 2112 is the Devil's work!
Date: Tue, 13 Apr 93 20:06:00 -0700
From: Bob Joslin 

Hereto proof that 2112 is the work of the Devil!

First, take 2112.  Now add up all the numbers in 2112.  What do
you get?  6!

Now take 666 as subtract it from 2112 three times (because there
are three members of the band Rush.)  What do you get?  114!  Well,
now add up all the numbers in 114 and what do you get?  Another 6!

Now take 3 and square it (why? because squaring is an evil scientific
kinda' thing to do.)  What do you get?  9!  Take that 9 and multiply
it by 10 (why? because ten is a nice number.)  What do you get? 90!
So, now subtract that 90 from 114.  What do you get?  24!  And add
up the numbers in 24.  What do you get?  The last 6!

Now if that isn't enough proof for you...  Read this...

Look at the naked man (as if nudness isn't evil enough!) who's looking
at the evil pentogramic star symbol.  Look at the shadows cast by his
back.  You see the face of the Devil himself!  Just look closely.  The
Devil's right horn is cast by the shadows on the man's left arm.  The
right eye is formmed by the shadows on the man's left shoulder blade.
The left nostril and nose are formed by the right shoulder blade.  His
mouth is formmed by the shadows in the small of the back.  And his
chin is formed by the shadows of the right butt!

There it is!


Date: Wed, 14 Apr 93 14:14 MDT
Subject: 666

The original is in the bible but I remember this one because of Iron Maiden's
Number of the beast. BTW I try to do this by memory so I hope it'll go
alright. Here goes:

Woe to you oh Earth and Sea, for the devil send's Rush because he knows
the time is short (Time stand still, satan thinks ;^).
Let him who has understanding reckon the Number of the beast, for it is
a human number, and the number is.......2112

See you all on the 666 issue of NMS,
Mark (no part-time devil worshipper ;);)

Background music: Paranoid, Black Sabbath (no backwards message, just
forward messages ;);)


From: (Miguel Farah F.)
Subject: Satan in Syrinx (for TNMS #666)
Date: Wed, 14 Apr 93 9:03:16 CST

Satan in Syrinx - Rush true alignment has been discovered

Every one knows what R.U.S.H. really stands for, but no one believes it -
not until now, that "Syrinx"'s true meaning has been discovered...

eXtender (of death)

YES!!! S.Y.R.I.N.X is actually an acronym! You probably are now asking your-
selves why not "SYRINE" or "SYRINXD" - the answer is simple: Syrinx sounds
better (those perverted men are musicians, remember that).

As it is truly obvious, the red star in the 2112 album cover *IS* a satanic
symbol, but is in the wrong position. Why? Because of a moron mistake: the
album designer moved the original red star without noticing, and when
everyone caught that error, it was too late (i.e., many copies had already
been reproduced and they wouldn't waste more money).

The main character in the 2112 theme does NOT suicide, he is killed in a
satanic ritual - and his (life)blood is thrown away to replace it with
death blood.

MIGUEL FARAH            **
#include  **


Date: Wed, 14 Apr 1993 10:46:58 -0600
From: colesa@spot.Colorado.EDU
Subject: Annual sacrifice coming up

Well, fellow Rushians, it's that time of the year again.  The annual Top 40
band sacrifice in Lakeside Park!  Here's a handy checklist of things to

        1) Live goat
        2) Candles
        3) Sacrificial knife
        4) One Grade A large virgin

"Guests" include: Duran Duran, Van Halen (for selling out to Pepsi), En
Vogue, and many more!  Guest of honor will be Madonna.  Master of
Ceremonies will be none other than King Lerxst himself!  In the interest of
the environment, all victims will be also part of the cook-off later in the

So come one, come all to the Temple of the Syrinx in Lakeside Park,
Toronto, June 6th at 6:00pm, and celebrate the coming of the New World

Adam Coles
High Priest
Colorado Chapter of the Syrinx
Boulder Temple


Date: 14 Apr 1993 11:52:33 -0700 (MST)
From: Roo-Dog Rip 
Subject: Cat sacrifices

So, does anyone out there have any good suggestions for lulling cats into a
sense of well-being before you slit their throats? I ask because my cat
sacrifices invariably end up with the cat running around my apartment squirting
blood all over my CD collection. This wouldn't be so bad if it were my
roommate's Barry Manilow and Bee Gees collection(this is just a long-term joke
I'm playing on him, don't worry!), but the cat--- with an uncanny sense being
that it's just lost most of its nerve connections to its head--- heads straight
for my favorite worshipping music, Rush(of course), Judas Priest, Black
Sabbath, and Led Zeppelin.

I'm just wondering if anyone has any suggestions, if you've had this problem,
too. It's getting really annoying.

Oh, and if anyone wants to trade barbeque recipes, e-mail me....

Roo-Dog Rip
\Roo-Dog Rip is:                  <> "O! What a rogue and peasant slave am I!"/
\like, totally Satanic, Dude.     <>                 --- _Hamlet_ II, ii, 584 /
\D_DURRETT%KAOS@VAXF.COLORADO.EDU <>   High Energy Physics: The New Religion! /
\Vox:(303)492-4821|Fax:492-5119   <>      "We're doing the Devil's Work!"     /
\ High Energy Physics Group | University of Colorado | Boulder, Colorado, USA /


Date: Thu, 15 Apr 1993 01:37:00 EST
From: "Matt Smith (813) 494-4222" 
Subject: Back Masking Theories

Greetings Rusheads,

     Okay, I really don't have enough facts to make this very enlightening,
but there have been so many questions on "How could you hear this backwards
stuff, anyway?" that I thought I'd write about a lecture I heard a number
of years ago.  During the early 80's, I heard a speaker talk on rock and
back-masking ( <- forgive the inaccurate term -- I'm using it out of
familiarity).  He distributed a tape with purposely-recorded backward
messages, such as Floyd's "Big Pink" message and the Lord's Prayer in a
Cheap Trick song, and apparently coincedental messages, like those in
"Stairway."  No, sorry, I no longer have the tape.  His viewpoint was that
the creative and artistic hemisphere of the brain is constantly (and
subconsciously) "playing" with the stimuli it receives, which may very well
include changing the speed or reversing sounds as it processes.  Another
point he made was that the Satanists' "handbook," _The Book of Shadows_,
indicates that true disciples of Ol' Scratch are supposed to learn to read
backwards, speak backwards, write backwards, listen to phonograph records
backwards, and so on.  So, ultimately, his idea was that Satan is fully
aware that the subconscious mind is capable of hearing these messages, and
is responsible for their "coincidental" inclusion in certain lyrics.
     I've got my Fire Marshall Bill Underoos on just in case, but please
_Hold Your Fire_.  This was the speaker's opinion -- I just thought I'd
pass on what I could remember.  It does present an angle I hadn't seen yet,
so I thought I'd offer it to you.  Think it over, and I'm sure this thread
could run through the rest of the year easy. (rush-mgr's dream come true
I'm sure, eh?? :)

Matt Smith

"Don't ask me, I'm just improvising my illusion of careless flight."


Date:    Thu, 15 Apr 93 11:45 EDT
Subject: Neil's Mowhawk

I've been away recently and in the process of catching up on all the latest NMS
issues  Inoticed that there was a debate on whether Neil's hawk was real.  Let
me say that it was.  How do I know?  Let me explain.  Being a poor college 
student, I'm always trying to earn a few bucks.  I work for a catering service 
part time during school and in addition to my full time job during the 
summer.  It is great for meeting contacts fo ra real job after graduation.  
Any how,I had the extreme joyous experience of catering the back stage party 
after the show.
  It was a small party for the band, the crew and a few family members who were
in attendence.  Let me tell you, Neil's hair was definately chopped.  I had 
lots of time to chat with the band ( they actually invited me to join their 
little group to shoot the breeze.  Alex said "The meatballs will look after 
the cheese log!")  I asked Neil about the hair do, and he laughed and said 
that it was a joke on Geddy and Alex.  It appears that they caught wind of the 
'cancer rumor' and would joke that since Neil is the type that keeps to 
himself if he were to get cancer, Ged, and Alex would not know about it 
until they noticed that the therapy was causing him to loose his hair.  Every 
now and then Alex or Ged would peek under his bandana to check.  Neil said he 
did it himself in the bathroom of the bus (only place he could find some 
privacy with a outlet).  I noticed that on the left side of his cranium was a 
small tatoo that said " SATAN "  I was quite shocked to see this, so I asked 
him about.  It seems that he used to dabble in Satanism more so out of 
curiosity (h ewas quick to point out that he has dabbled in many other 
religions and philosophies,  it's sort of a hobby I guess).  This was during 
his early days with the band when he was still living at home with his mother 
(couldn't afford rent money).  She used to always tell him that he must have 
Satan on the brain, since he was reading so many books about him.  So he got 
it tatooed on his head when the were playing at a county fair in Michigan just 
to get his mom all riled up.  It's really small, about 1/4" high by 3/4" long, 
but it's definately there.
     As the night progressed, they invited me back to their hotel for a few 
beers and some poker.  They were going to stay in town for a few days so they 
had rented a huge suite.  As the beer flowed and the cards were dealt, they 
got to start asking me questions rather than me asking them.  When I told them 
that I was an architecture major Alex said that at one time he had wanted to 
be an architect.  He started telling me about different buildings that he 
thought were pretty cool.. He asked if I'd ever been to Toronto.  When I told 
him that I never was, he invited me up to visit this summer(and he wasn't even 
drunk!!!!)  He gave me his address and phone #  (I told him that I wouldn't 
give it to anyone else, so don't even ask) and told me to give him a call at 
the end of the semester.  He said that they plan to be done recording the next 
album by the middle of May.  He even said that he would foot the bill!  
Needless to say, I'm looking forward to the end of the semester!!!!!

Finally at about 4:30 A.M. they sent me home in the hotel limo and I overslept 
and was late for work, but it was worth it.

                                        later on,


p.s.  we had a belching contest and Geddy won hands down.  Neil says that he 
has an unfair advantage since his big nose acts as a reverberating chamber!


Date: 15 Apr 93 02:34:59 EDT
From: Bruce Holtgren <70724.1622@CompuServe.COM>
Subject: (ognoM roF) emordnilaP

                                 amanaP - lanac a ,nalp a ,nam A

"!hcum yrev uoy knahT !uoy knahT" :QRO


Date:           Thursday, 15 April 1993, 14:33:36 EDT
From: Chuck McDonald 
Subject:        Satinism and RUSH

Did you know. . .
	The song Anagram (for mongo) on the Presto album is not only full
of anagrams but is also one gigantic palendrome!

	I risked life, limb, and my ol' vinal copy to listen to the entire
thing backwards and in a minor key of the origional I heard the devil
	"...Satin Bunnies, Satin Bunnies, I snort the nose..."
	If this isn't certain proof, I don't know what is. . .

Or how about:
	"...Clinton's a weenie...Kim Campbell is the anti-christ..." and
	"...Beast feast on sex and baseball...Blue Jays..."
	Not convinced yet?  I tell you this is *real*, these devil lyrics
are better than any I would've had the *nerve* to invent had I not
actually done this.

	RUSH fans, beware!

                                        ___/     \___________
                                     __/                     \______
____________________________________/          _____________________\_______
"Satin, satin, for you I depreciate            | Charles J McDonald
 long term investments before their            | Earth and Planetary Science
 scheduled return period..."                   | McGill University
   -- with apologies to RUSH                   | Montreal, Quebec, Canada


Date:         Thu, 15 Apr 93 21:16:16 EDT
From: A slave to a driving obsession 
Subject:      1001001 thread: SOLVED!


I think I finally solved the mystery of the 1001001 line in The Body Electric
by utilising my friendly neighborhood four-track recorder (where I've found
the Stairway to Heaven backwards messages)

Well, I played The Body Electric backwards and found....

"Neil is dead" during the "1001001 SOS" lines


"Alex is the Walrus" during the "1001001 in distress" line

and finally...

"Geddy killed Neil" during the "100100" line

Just wanted to clear that up...

:) :) :) :) :) .... ad nauseum :) :) ...


***Yes-Rush-Marillion-Emerson, Lake and Palmer-Genesis-Dream Theater***
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***Go Philadelphia Phillies (ML's best!!) and Vancouver Canucks!!!!!***


Date: Fri, 16 Apr 93 09:51 MDT
Subject: Yet another 666 thing

This is the final proove of Rush being the most Satanic Band ever. Listen
very carefully and keep your calculaters reFrom: BOB 
Subject: JESSE HELMS?!?!?
Date: Thu, 15 Apr 93 22:37:01 EDT

	With all this talk about backwards masking on some of Rush's older
albums, I figured that I'd try to play some of their more recent stuff in
reverse.  While I was skimming through Roll the Bones and got to Heresy, I
noticed a distinct change in the pattern of sounds...I could clearly hear
Jesse Helms, Jim Bakker, and Jimmy Swaggart chanting "Satan in '96" in canon
form.  Has anyone else heard this?  I think it's great that the Holy Trinity
chose another such holy threesome to adorn their album.  These guys would
definitely make a great opener for Ged, Alex, and Neil!

"Cigarettes, ice cream, figurines of the Virgin Mary"--KC



Date: Fri, 16 Apr 93 08:25 EDT
Subject: NMS #666 (Special posting)


	!hcruhc ot oG
	!ehtit ,ehtiT

:raeh nac uoy taht sdrawkcab sgnos hsuR niatrec
 yalp uoy fi taht romur eht ot hturt yna ereht sI

,snoihsuR sgniteerG

sgnidrocer hsuR no doG ot secnerefeR :tcejbuS
)sucitimilS mulloG( otnorot.zyy.rodrom@mullog :morF


Date: Fri, 16 Apr 93 15:24:20 PDT
From: pevans@sanjuan.UVic.CA (Patricia Evans)
Subject: Satanic Mission

Excerpted without permission from "The Music Watchdog Review" January 1988.

Hold Your Fire : Rush's Mission is Satanic
by Aicirtap Snave

Canadian hard rock band Rush has often been suspected of using lyrics
which encourage their listeners to follow the Devil; nowhere is this more
evident than in their latest album, _Hold_Your_Fire_. The subversion of
their fans starts before the album is even played, as soon as it is seen.
The title of the album has more than one meaning, both as an exhortation
to Satan by a condemned soul, pleading not to undergo the suffering that
is his due, and also as an instruction to demons, who must hold the fire
within themselves to rise in the ranks of Satan's servants. The cover
depicts three balls, an obvious reference to the Trinity, but the red
color of the entire cover reveals that the reference is to the Unholy
Trinity and the Antichrist.

When the album is played, the diabolical lyrics follow the intricate rhythm
to insinuate themselves into the subconscious. The fire and heat imagery
throughout the album associate the unfortunate listener's mind with the
eternal fires of Hell. This imagery is especially prevalent in "Mission",
which is not surprising since it contains the title lyric and talks about
the wonders that people inspired by this demonic fire can create. The
singer is yearning after a similar gift from Satan, as he says "When I feel
the powerful visions / their fire has made alive / I wish I had that
instinct -- I wish I had that drive". The consequences of this gift are
not entirely ignored, as he admits "we each pay a fabulous price", but the
references to "feverish pictures", "imaginations on fire", and "the dream
ignites" are reverent and imply that the benefits' worth greatly exceeds
the price paid. "Open Secrets" also contains fire references, indicating
that an emotional state of upheaval has been "burned on our ceilings",
and goes even further to suggest that we should blame our parents for any
problems we have in relating to others. In "Second Nature", the lyrics
say that all of humanity inherently contains evil, since "we fight the
fire while we're feeding the flames". This theme of the evil within everyone
is explored much more completely in "Lock and Key", and concludes that
opposition to evil is not for any moral reasons but for selfish ones.

The authors of this album display a complete lack of reverence for God in
the lyrics. Many lines claim for the singer and others great powers far
beyond mortal ability, which must have been bestowed by Satan onto his
servants so they can perpetrate these blasphemies. In "Force Ten", they
claim "we twist the world and ride the wind", revealing their efforts
on behalf of their Master to pervert the world into a reflection of his
demonic ways. This project is described further in "Prime Mover", which
although primarily a discussion of the motivations for the occurrences of
events does present the Devil's hidden efforts. "I set the wheels in
motion / turn up all the machines / activate the programs / and run behind
the scene". The lyrics dismiss truth and the search for it with the lines
"How can anybody be enlightened? / Truth is after all so poorly lit" in
"Turn The Page", contradicting the holy doctrine of Light as Truth. The
existence of the One God is disputed, as "Second Nature" refers to "a God,
a king, a head of state" implying the presence of more than one God and
putting them on a level with earth's mortal leaders. "Tai Shan" praises the
peace offered not by following God but by following the religious traditions
of the Chinese, since the author goes "among the silent temples / and the
writing carved in gold". The album ends in a final blasphemy; the last
song, "High Water", is based completely on the doctrine of evolution.

Not content with using the power of music to pervert, Rush encourages their
listeners to turn to other vices. In "Time Stand Still", a pause from a
hectic life is needed not for prayer but for "an evening with a drink".
The demonically inspired creators that are idolized in "Mission" include
those responsible for another tool of Satan, television, as "their images
flicker / bringing light to a lifeless screen". There is no need for clever
technological backmasking tricks to conceal the Satanic messages in these
lyrics, since they are blatant and only partially hidden by clever wording
and a voice which is hard for the conscious mind to comprehend but is
understood by the subconscious. Fans of the music of Rush are being twisted
by what they hear; it is for the best that this band does not receive much
radio airplay.


Date: Fri, 16 Apr 93 10:52:10 -0500
From: (Terry Weaver)
Subject: MORE PROOF!!!

Greetings all!

This is my first post, so bear with me...
I'm sure you've all been following the recent thread on Rush and Satan. Well,
in continuing this discussion, here is more undeniable proof that our faves
are satanic after all.

Did you notice that 2+1+1+2 =6? Coincidence? I don't think so.
This was their breakthrough album. Three band members, three sixes. Still not
convinced? Well, there's more...

Did you also notice that on the RtB cover, in the dice pattern, the top row
in the letter "r" and the letter "s" both have three 6's in a row? In addition,
the "s" also has a row with three 4's and three 2's. well, 444+222=666.

There you are. Now, no one can deny it. (wicked laughter ensues...)


(...lighten up guys, this is supposed to make you laugh...)

"Sound and fury drown my heart,
 Every nerve is torn apart..."  Peart (Cygnus X-1)


From: Chris Schiller 
Subject: Satan Net
Date: Fri, 16 Apr 93 15:43:30 PST

Over on the alt.bornagain.extremist list there is a raging discussion
of backwords lyrics, not backwords music.  Of course these guys use
computers in their analyses, so they come up with things like "...take
all the lyrics Led Zeppelin ever did, and count up the letters and the
top 4 used letters are T N S and A, with A being used twice as much
as the others.  They are obviously being coerced by satan, on the average,
to use the letters of his name, EVEN IN THE RIGHT PROPORTION, thus
proving the influence..."

Here is a recent Rush related excerpt:

> Besides the imagery of multiple rabbits, and therefore unaduterated
> fornication, the album Presto contains a song called "Anagram (for Mongo)".
> The lyrics consist of lines where the first and last words are semi
> anagrams of the other.  The anagrams are not complete, for example, there
> is "leaders make a deal" where "deal" uses four letters out of "leaders"
> but does not use the "ers".  Some of the lines are obviously anti-religeous
> such as "End the need for eden" and "Take your best stab at the beast",
> encouraging falling away from god and trying to be the best dervish
> possible.  When you take the lines as CONSISTENT anagrams, there is even
> more evilness involved.  A good example is:  "There's a snake coming out of
> the darkness", with evil overtones as it is, it becomes, when rearraged
> using ALL letters becomes: "Come Satan kiss the God of a nun's reek reth".
> How can these guys deny that they worship Satan?  Forwards and backwards
> it all says the same thing.  Taking it to another level, when the words:

	   [This is my favorite part]

> "reek reth" are pronounced, recorded, and played backwards, the result is
> very clearly "they're here".  This rings very sharply of "they're back"
> from the Poltergiest movies, and adds another layer of evil spirit
> conversation to the already black caldron of satan references.

To use an overused Neil quote, this guy needs to "get a life", or maybe
it is "get an afterlife".  Only half smiley on this one.



Date: Sat, 17 Apr 1993 00:55:58 -0400 (EDT)
From: Ethan Evan Prater 
Subject: Music Analysis Reveals Satanic Leanings

Not only is the music of Rush rife with Satanic symbolism and imagery,
whether listened to forwards or backwards, but a number of analytical
elements illustrate the Satanism inherent in Rush's music.

For example, heavy use of the tritone interval. Also called augmented
fourth or diminished fifth, the tritone was not used regularly in music
until the 20th century, when human civilization began its decline into
moral turpitude. Gregorian monks went through the equivalent of music
theory acrobatics to avoid the tritone, but Rush uses it to reinforce the
Satanic implications of their music.

The most striking example is the opening of "YYZ". Clueless Rush newbies
are often excited to share the idea that this opening is "radar signals
from an airport", showing that they haven't even checked the voluminous
comprehensive Rush FAQ that should be required reading for every college
course. Not only radar signals, the alternating C-naturals and G-flats
that represent short and long bursts of Morse code have the added effect
of bringing Satan into the music.

Of course Leonard Bernstein is also know for using this interval in the
infamous Satanic ballad "Maria" in _West Side Story_.

The Gregorian monks had definite ideas about what groups of notes were
acceptable to God, and Rush often violates these scared principles. Geddy
and Alex often use the Lydian and Mixolydian modes, well-known for
carrying the influence of diabolical agents. The descending Lydian scale
at the beginning of "Freewill", for example, represents the imminent
descent into hell of those who obey the tenets of the song.

_Caress of Steel_ tunes like "Lakeside Park" and "I Think I'm Going Bald"
make extensive use of the Mixolydian mode. The flat third in these songs
does not actually violate the Satanic requirements of the Mixolydian, but
rather functions simply as a "blue" note, to conceal the influences of the
Antichrist in a haze of American historical music genre. Of course "The
Trees" is also Mixolydian -- a glaring clue to its true meaning, often
argued at length on The
astute listener will interpret these clues to understand that demonic
agents will cut down all who oppose them, whether they be proud Oaks or
the lesser Maples.

There are many other such examples. I would be happy to discuss them with
other closet Rush Satanists. The true fan can only understand that Rulers
Under Satan's Hand are the earthly agents for spreading the philosophy of
the devil.

Have a good day.


   Ethan Evan Prater    |    "The sign of Eth is rising in the air..."
                        |      |          -- Rush -- By-Tor and the Snow Dog --


From: "Michael J. Miller" 
Subject: Friday Night Live
Date: Sat, 17 Apr 93 0:36:34 CDT

Hello Rush fans.
    I was listening to Friday Night Live when the sound began to cut out.
Listening closer, I soon realized that I was being given instructions by
Satan, put in by the Boys.  I followed the instructions quite well.  First
I offered in sacrafice to the Dark Lord my roommate.  Then I offered several
other people from my floor.  I am now on my way to Toronto to meet up with
the Trinity.  From there, we will offer a great many more sacrifices to Satan,
playing his Dark Music from now until eternity!
    RRR U U SSS H                Oh, Satan, you, you are the one
    R   U U S   H                Who is shining
    R   U U SSS HHH              Wall of Satan,
    R   U U   S H H              Walls of sacrafice
    R   UUU SSS H H              I know it's you are the one I love


Date: Sat, 17 Apr 93 00:23:02 CST
From: A8732112@SIUCVMB.SIU.EDU
Subject: RsUaStHiIaAnNS!!!!!!

Greetings all you fans who are as concerned about satanic lyrics as I am.
I was sitting around my room arranging my Rush CD's in order by release date
when I made a startling discovery.....  Let's start with the first album.
Look at Alex in the inside of your disk, I ask you have you seen a man more
possessed then that.  I guess that explains the first song"Finding My Way"
This song tels a story of a mans sgruggle from good to evil and then his
ventur to hell.  Second look at the Caress of Steel cover.  See the snake??????
Most deffinately a satian reference!!!Also in the Necromancer you have parts
called Into the darkness and Return of the prince(Satian,I think so!!!!).
I'm gonna now jump ahead to Hemispheres.  Look at the way Rush is written.
Looks like the blood of all those crushed under foot while three men venture in
to greatness.Not to mention the third part of Cyg.X-1,BookII(Armageddon!!!!!)
I'm not even gonna start with the guy juggling fire in Holr(Hold) Your Fire.
Let's lok at Power Windows.  Three songs contain the Number 6 int them. #'s
1(5:3<6>), 4(<6>:09{which backwards is 6:09}), and 5(<6>:19{also the same back
wards})666 I see Hell Devil and Satian writen all over this one>>>
And Lastly look in the closing credits of Roll The Bones and you will see
the band thanking the Dark Prince of the Underworld for support and giduance>..
(if you looked you are much dumber then I thought)
Plus I bet if you were to play every album backwards back to back you will
get the transcript of the contract the Ged signed with the Devil It has to be
or Why else would you make so many albums.
Also as a precausion and from personal experience keep all Ouji boards away
from your disks!!!!!!!!

Matt"Frankly Sir........I Don't Like It"A real live horse(R&S)Davis
Par Five- Keeping the Underworld Free from homeless Angles and Angels


Date: Sat, 17 Apr 93 19:27:47 -0500
From: (Jeremy Todd Strzynski )
Subject: post for digest #666

the other day i was up in toronto, and by chance i ran into a man i'll call
stan.  we began talking, and when it came out that i was a Rush fan, he
mentioned that he and Neil were longtime friends.  stan said he knew Neil
before Neil went over to england, and that even then Neil loved to read and
write, although he didn't let anyone know it.  then stan took me to his place,
and offered proof of his claim.  stan then gave me a piece of paper which he
said were the original lyrics to "Anthem", and pointed out that Neil was forced
to change the lyrics due to pressure from the record company.  i copied down
these lyrics, knowing that NMSers would be interested in this forgotten piece
of Rush history.  here they are:

Know you're place in life is bowing at His feet
Serve Beelzebub and then you're life will be complete
Light a shining candle, call the Dark One's name
Worship Satan all night long, you won't be the same

Satan is our lord, Satan is our guide
A master we'll serve with glowing pride
Death to those who shun His call
Satan then will be
Satan will be lord of all

Live for Satan
There's no one else more worth living for
Those who follow loving gods will only be tortured more

Well I know they've told you Mephistopholes is wrong
Yet it was for Him not you I came to write this song

i can't speak for everyone, but these lyrics show of Neil's ability as a writer
more than anything else he's penned.  LONG LIVE SATAN!!!


Date:    Sun, 18 Apr 1993 13:22:28 -0500 (CDT)
From: R1B6116@ZEUS.TAMU.EDU (Mr. Weather)
Subject: New backwards Satanic lyrics revealed!


I was finally able to get my CD player to play discs backwards, so in a
fit of energy, I listened to all of my Rush discs backwards the other
afternoon and made an AMAZING discovery:  When you listen to each album
backwards, and go in reverse chronological order, a story is told!

After starting with RTB and going all the way back to Rush,
I was able to basicly patch together a rough idea of an interpretation
that I think might be able to be translated as a satanic theme.  Starting
with RTB, the story starts out to tell of a boy who was having a lot of
trouble in life (read: fallen angel, aka satan).  Then, moving through
Presto, HYF, and Power Windows we learn that the boy is actually young
David Koresh, although I really had to read a lot into the backwards music
to hear this.  Anyhow, around Signals and MP we learn that Koresh (satan)
has assembled a group of people near Waco, Texas in a heavily armed
group of buildings.  Then, moving from Perm. Waves all the way back to Rush,
the backwards lyrics suggest that before Koresh will surrender to the
police, he wants a computer so he can type his interpretation of all the Bible
passages dealing with the Seven Seals (read: all Rush albums).

I think only satan could have moved Rush to fortell such a story that
has taken almost 20 years to happen!  Maybe we can listen to the first
Rush single to find out what happens.  Backwards, of course!

Ken Blair /


Date: Tue, 20 Apr 93 12:30:41 -0400
From: Evil Super-Genius 
Subject: Neil's and/or Satan

   A few day ago, while Neil was cruising on his bike, he got all 'ungry like,
and reached for his bike phone, intending to auto-dial one of Uncle Enzo's
Mobile Pizza Deliverators.  Not paying attention (probably flicking ashes off
his cigarette), Neil jabbed the wrong button: mine (he usually calls me
while he's eating his pizza, you see).  Neil apologized for the mistake, and
we had a hearty laugh.
   "As long as I've got you on the line," I said "can I ask you about this
satanic message thing.  I mean, is there any truth to it?"
   "Oh, sure", Neil said.  "It's all true."
   "Yup.  I've been sneaking that stuff in since Fly By Night."
   "Wow.  How do Alex and Ged feel about it?"
   "Well, they can take it or leave it most times.  Sometimes I think it just
plain old gets on their nerves, y'know?"
   "I'm stunned, Neil.  I never pegged you for a Satan worshipper."
   "Satan?  No, no.  We've misunderstood each other.  I'm a big *Santa*
worshipper.  I've been sneaking in *Santaic* messages."
   "Like what?"
   "'My uncle has a country place that no one knows about.'  That's a reference
to Santa's North Pole hideaway.  'Fly By Night' is obvious.  From Presto, the
line 'I radiate more heat than light' is actually an inside joke: Santa often
shows up as a heat signature on air force radar much more frequently than he's
actually sighted.  Red Lenses: 'I see red' (his red suit) and 'thinking
about the overfed' (his weight problem).  The refrain from The Body Electric
was originally '110111101', which is morse code for E-L-F, but Ged had some
problems singing all those 1's in a row, so we went with the 1001001/E-G-G
as a hidden Easter Bunny reference instead."
   "Wow.  Fascinating."
   "Hey, I'd appreciate if you didn't let anyone else in on this.  The new
albums coming out soon, and it'll have a back-masked message indicating
what RUSH is really an acronym for."
   "Which is?"
   "Ride-on Ubiquitous Santa, Ho-ho-ho.  Listen, my pizza's here.  Ciao."
   But don't tell Neil, I told you....
_.__ _.__ __..   _.__ _.__ __..   _.__ _.__ __..   _.__ _.__ __..


From: Cygnus X-1  
Subject: 666
Date: Thu, 22 Apr 1993 02:17:55 -0500 (CDT)

All hail the Rulers Under Satan's Hand!  The other day I had some time to kill
(among other things...), so I unnaturally rigged up my tape deck to play
forwards, and put on some R.U.S.H. songs.  I was very dissapointed in some
of the forward lyrics I found:

from "Niaga Ereh":
"...Oh yes, Lord, will it stay the same..."

from "Llednevir":
"...where the Dark Lord cannot go..."

from "Lliweerf":
"...pray for a place, in Heaven's unearthly estate..."

from "Yenom Gib Eht": 
"'s that old time religion..."

from "Seirotirret":
"...I see the Middle Kingdom between Heaven and Earth..."

from "Leehw Gib Eht":
"...Well, I was only a kid, on a holy crusade..."
and "...hoping for Heaven..."

from "Sngised Dnarg":
"...the spirit gets forgotten a righteous inspiration..."

from "Acitoruen":
" turn into dust..."

from "Ssap Eht":
"...Christ, what have you done..."

Alot of people say that R.U.S.H. is Christian.  I've always said, "No, you've
got it all wrong.  You just don't understand.  R.U.S.H. worship Satan!"  But,
after my little experiment, I'm beginning to wonder.  Some people have even
told me that R.U.S.H. stands for "Repent, Unholy Satanic Heathens!"  I need
to go sacrifice a goat to reaffirm my devotion to Satan.  Or maybe I'll play
some D&D...

--Smada Nayr
  Ngiapmahc-Anabru ta Sionilli fo Ytisrevinu


Date: Thu, 22 Apr 93 10:24:44 CDT
From: (Mario D'Alessio)
Subject: Rush and the Devil

Rush, what does it stand for? Here's what some might


All this talk about Rush being Satan worshippers and having
backwards messages really gets to me.  I wish Rush _WOULD_
put a backwards message on their albums that says:

	...for critics looking for backwards messages,
	   go screw yourself...

*   ___    ____    ____                                   *
*  /o o\  //oo\\  ( oo )   Mario D'Alessio         __/\__ *
*  \_O_/   \__/    \__/   \RUSH/ *
*  WooWoo                  Work: (708) 632-2323     |/\|  *
*   Woo                    9am to 6pm Central Time        *
*                                                         *


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