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          The National Midnight Star, Number 671

                 Thursday, 29 April 1993
Today's Topics:
                Prime Mover and free will
                        Donna Lee
                   Rush and Black Holes
                Wal bass on Power Windows
            "Red Lenses"...Why So Underrated?
              Wal I've got a contradiction!
                      Rush Unplugged
                    Re: Hold Your Fire
                    Rush on Vinyl ...
                     Over The Europe
                    Visions mail order
                      RUSH on vinyl
      Re: 04/28/93 - The National Midnight Star #670
                     Humanity in HYF
                       Rush posters
                     Harvard Lampoon
                   Ayn Rand Trib. stuff

Date: Wed, 28 Apr 93 15:13:35 CDT
From: (Mike Usrey)
Subject: Prime Mover and free will

Prime Mover is another free will song.  Almost every album has a free will
song and several of those (Prime Mover, Freewill, 2112) are personal
favorites.  I think that this is because Neil has such firm convictions
regarding the subject of free will that it just shines through in the song.

E-MAIL:  VOICE: (612)957-4167  FAX: (612)957-4195


From: (John Martin)
Subject: Donna Lee
Date: Wed, 28 Apr 93 19:13:02 MDT

Now, John Coltrane has given us some amazing jazz (my favorite is
probably _Giant Steps_), but _Donna Lee_ most certainly came from Charlie
Parker.  'nuff said!  (incidently, I'm mainly a jazz trumpeter, and go
nuts over Clifford Brown)

If you seek incredible bass playing, listen to Victor Wooten
(now with Bela Fleck and the Flecktones).

Back to the Rush content...

John, who listens to Rush on KISW 99.9 (Seattle)


Date: Thu, 29 Apr 93 04:06:28 +0300
From: (Nikos Grammalidis)
Subject: Rush and Black Holes

Hi , It's Nikos once again.

Since I was asked by some people to find out more about Cygnus, and since I
happen to have a book in my library titled "The story of Black Holes"
by Isaak Asimov ( most of you should know him - he is an astronomy, physics
and biochemistry professor and a famous science-fiction writer ),
I tried to find some information about Cygnus X-1.

I know that some of you may not be interested about all this astronomy stuff
so I'll try to keep it short.

Most of you know that a black hole is a star that has a very large density
so that its gravity makes it impossible for any object that has a mass (and
even light) to escape from it. (In fact light has no mass but its energy is
reduced so much that it practically vanishes).
It is thus very difficult to spot a black hole since you don't have
absolutely no observation about it. Well since I don't want to get into
details I will only tell you that scientists assume that a black hole exists
if they notice a normal star that is turning around a source of X-radiation
(this is the black hole ) which has significant intensity fluctuations.
This phenomenon is explained if we assume that we have a "double star"
that consists by the star and the black hole (which "eats" varying quantities
of stars or star dust, thus producing X-radiation).
Anyway in 1965 it was the first time that such a phenomenon was noticed.
The source of the radiation was spotted with high accuracy in the Cygnus
constellation and it was named as Cygnus X-1. The corresponding star was
HD-226868 and a professor from Toronto (Another Rush connection here?)
University with the name K.T.Bolt was the first to study it.
Anyway even though some scientists disagree most of them believe that
Cygnus X-1 is indeed a black hole.
Now some more facts about a black hole :
i. Things that are moving towards a black hole follow a spiral trajectory.
ii. Einstein says in his general theory of relativity that time is also
delayed when the gravity is so significant ( In fact time stands still
when the object reaches the black hole ). Of course this is what
an observer who is still and watches the object move assumes.
That's all folks.


P.S. As all of you noticed (this is my opinion too) Rosinante is a reference
to Don Quichote's horse.I don't know exactly why Neil chose this name
as the name of this imaginary spaceship. Perhaps he wants to somehow relate
his hero to Don Quichote...
Nikos Grammalidis               |   Information Processing Laboratory (IPL)      |   Aristotelian University
Office # (031)-996359           |   Thessaloniki , Macedonia
Home   # (031)-343207           |   Greece


From: jagerm@instruction.CS.ORST.EDU (Mark Jager)
Subject: Wal bass on Power Windows
Date: Wed, 28 Apr 93 19:40:13 PDT

> Geddy's Wal Basses
> ------------------
> Clayton Gould kindly sent me an old posting of this guitar world interview
> around the time of Presto coming out, which contains full details of Geddy's
> and Alex's set ups and their guitars:
>> Guitar World - March 1990 article
>>  On the album [Presto], Geddy played his Wal four-string bass (which he first
>> acquired for the _Hold Your Fire_ sessions) on every track.
>This rather disproves the theory that Geddy used the Wals on _Power Windows_, I
> really do not think that most of Power windows even *sounds* like he uses the
> Wal (IMHO of course).

You're right and wrong.
Geddy didn't use HIS Wal bass on Power Windows, he used Peter Collins'
Wal bass.

He tried it out while they were working on the album, and found that
it fit perfectly into the mix without a lot of work on the part of
the engineer.  So he used it for the whole album.  Naturally by
the time they got to doing Hold Your Fire he had acquired his
own Wal bass.


Date: 28 Apr 1993 22:10:54 -0600 (CST)
Subject: "Red Lenses"...Why So Underrated?

Hello, Rusheads!

So, anyway, that's my big question.  Why is the song "Red Lenses" so horribly
ignored and underrated by most Rush "fans"?  I'm not expecting a plethera of
e-mail or posts to the NMS exhalting answers why, but lemme come to you and
beseech the following:  Go'wan and pull out that musty P/G CD and pop it in
yer stereo, punch in track 7, and enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!  "Red Lenses" is a
fantastic composition--it certainly deserves more recognition than it gets.

And as an aside, I've been a Rush fan since the days of "Hemispheres," so there!


From: "Matt(necrophagy)Jukins" 
Subject: RUMOR????!?!?!?
Date: Thu, 29 Apr 1993 00:04:00 -0400 (EDT)

  I have been hearing some rumors, hopefully false, that have been going
around.  Hopefully you guys/girls will tell me that they are wrong.  :(

I have heard that RUSH has recruited a fourth member, a keyboardist.  It
was told to me that all FOUR members of RUSH were interviewed on Canadian
television!!  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell me that this is a


sad & distraught


Date: Thu, 29 Apr 93 01:35:46 -0400
From: (Scott Josephson )
Subject: Wal I've got a contradiction!

Greetings all fellow Rushians,

James Taylor  wrote:

>Geddy's Wal Basses
>Clayton Gould kindly sent me an old posting of this guitar world interview
>around the time of Presto coming out, which contains full details of Geddy's
>and Alex's set ups and their guitars:

> Guitar World - March 1990 article

>  On the album [Presto], Geddy played his Wal four-string bass (which he first
> acquired for the _Hold Your Fire_ sessions) on every track.

>This rather disproves the theory that Geddy used the Wals on _Power Windows_, I
>really do not think that most of Power windows even *sounds* like he uses the
>Wal (IMHO of course).

Uh, I hate to burst your bubble James but I found an article that
contradicts yours.

Guitar for the practicing Musician - April 1986
Title: Modern Master
Author: John Stix
page 61 at the bottom states:

GUITAR: Did using the Steinberger bass change your sound at all?
Geddy:  ......I think it's good to experiment in other areas, but with
       Power Windows I didn't use the Steinberger. I used a Wal bass. ....

There you are, straight from Geddy himself!

What did you mean when you said that most of Power Windows does not
sound like he used the Wal Bass.

First, during Power Windows Geddy recorded with his Black Wal and he had
Funkmaster Strings on it. "These strings are a very light gauge", according
to Geddy. This would explain why on songs like The Big Money and Marathon
Geddy's sound is very Twangy.

Second, When Geddy acquired his red Wal bass years later, he said that
(this was from Bass Player Magazine June 1992 page 26),
"It's got a slightly warmer sound than the black Wal I've used for
years. The old one still sounds good to me, but it doesn't have the depth
of sound that this one has. ......"

This "warmer" sound can definitely be heard on Roll The Bones and Presto.

The bass sound on Power Windows, IMHO is great. When I first listened to
it, I said that Geddy changed to a new bass. Sorry for all you
Steinberger lover bass players out there, but I have been playing bass for
years and have tried all different kinds of basses and when I first
played a Steinberger I thought (IMHO) it sounded like Shit! When I found
out that it was made from Graphite I said, "No wonder". The only
benefit of using a Steinberger is that you could have it strapped around you
for 12 hours and your muscles wouldn't feel sore.
I understand though that Geddy was experimenting at the time, which would
explain why he used it.

Well, I've said plenty

Greetings to Lerxst II! Gedman is trying to get a Pratt for us in June!

-Later all!

= Scott Josephson                                "And if the music stops,=
= Chief AI Audio Specialist                      there's only the sound  =
= and Graduate Student                           of the rain, all the    =
= Florida Institute of Technology                hope and glory, all the =
= Email:                      sacrifice in vain"      =
=                                                Bravado - Neil Peart    =


Date: Thu, 29 Apr 1993 03:20:19 EDT
From: The Longshot 
Subject: Rush Unplugged

First off, I have to disagree with Brinkman that just 'Trendy' artists play on
MTV.  How about Paul McCartney, Elton John...These guys are not trendy, and
they were on.  I also resent the MTV bashing.  I do not think that it is their
fault they are the way they are.  It is just a symtom of the real problem:  the
record companies.  They decide what will be a hit nowadays, and clog the
airwaves with recycled crap.  Sure, MTV never plays Rush.  Neither does
'Popular' radio Stations.  That, in the end, is what MTV is, and what it has
to be to survive.

A lot of you are probably right that Rush wouldn't do something like this.  It
is fun, though, to speculate.  I think they could do a good job with it.  They
would, of course, play mostly their older stuff.  It would be interesting how
the newer stuff would sound unplugged.

Jason Birzer
'The Longshot'
Frostburg State University


Subject: Re: Hold Your Fire
Date: Thu, 29 Apr 93 7:28:32 GMT
From: Dominic Binks 

Michael  writes :

   In The Fountainhead, by Ayn Rand (an author we all know Neil is influenced
   by, and Geddy also to some degree),


   Also, the basic topic of the lyrics of Hold Your Fire is humanity.  Anyone
   agree, disagree?

Sorry, disagree.  Neil said that the basic themes of Hold Your Fire were time
and instinct.  Hence Time Stand Still, High Water, Mission, etc.

Also I think too much emphasis is put on the Rand connection.  It is obvious
that Neil was shaking off the Rand connection at the time of 2112. The reason I
say this is he wrote the lyrics then realised how close they were to the work
of Rand.  I think by 1988 (12 years later) they had probably shaken off most
the fascination of Rand.  Finally, Hugh Syme usually comes up with teh cover
and then Alex, Geddy and Neil just decide on it.

Dominic Binks


Date: Thu, 29 Apr 93 11:35 GMT
Subject: Rush on Vinyl ...

Hi folks

Just a quick response to the question of Rush on vinyl, in the UK there is no
problem with getting Rush on Vinyl - my copies of PeW, HYF and RTB are all on
vinyl. The question arises is vinyl really that rare in the US ?? Until the
last two years or so I would have said getting the CD vertion in the UK would
have been more difficult, but times change!

If anyone in the US is *desperate* (I don't want everyone who wants a Rush
album to mail me, my mail server gets clogged enough as it is!!!) to complete
a vinyl colection of Rush albums and are having problems, maybe they could
E-mail me and we could come to some arrangement.


Someone in NMS 670 asked for ideas on contrasting Rush songs:

How about contrasts on the same album:

MP - YYZ - a powerful intense insrtumental
  and _Vital Signs_ a very modern and quite spacious song (personally one of my
favorites on MP)

Hemispheres: _Circumstance_ short snappy and to the point (also very quick)
 and the concept side of _Hemispheres_

I think the biggest contrasts can be heard however if you listen to something
like _Working Man_ and then _Red Tide_ .... now there's a difference:

Working Man - blues rock, heavy riff,extended improvised solo, lyrics ummm....
very basic concept.

Red Tide - minimal guitar work, loads of keyboards, melodic and the lyrics are
very much to the point about today's world.

Well thats all for now

*                                                                             *
*                                James Taylor                                 *
*      "She stares at the screen and the little words of green, and wonders   *
*                            what to do next....."                            *
*                     -from  "225"  by   New Model Army                       *
*                    BELGARION                      *
*                                                                             *


From: (Graham James Reilly)
Date: Thu, 29 Apr 93 13:50:29 BST
Subject: Over The Europe

Just bought this recently and I hate to say it, since it seems to be everybody's
favourite piece of officially non-existant Rush stuff, but I was a little

Yes it has the whole set, including Cygnus X-1.  Yes it has Alex strangling a
cat at the the end of CttH.  Yes the sound quality is perfect.  It's just far
too perfect.  You can hardly hear the audience at all, even during the most
popular moments.  Live songs are great but only when they sound live.  It's not
as bad as ESL ( which sounds like a studio recording with clapping before and
after each song ) but ....  After hearing the Radio One truncated recording of
one of the wembley shows with its adrenilin ( sp? ) inducing roar at the end of
RtB and the awesome audience version of the Xanadu chorus OtE seems a bit stale.
I know one of them is professionally recorded but even bad quality boots have 
a live feel to them.  OtE didn't.

Dylan, a rational romantic mystic cynical idealist

"You don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows."


Date: Thu, 29 Apr 93 08:43:13 CDT
From: (Thomas Torkelson  {x66580 CF/DEV})
Subject: Visions mail order

Hi all!

Just a note for those who are interested in ordering the "Visions -
the Official Rush Biography" from 'The Music Bookstore'.  I ordered
it on March 29, 1993 and within two weeks I had my copy, however my
postal delivery person decided that if they bent it hard enough they
would be able to fit in our mailbox.  To say the least, it is still
readable, but they ruptured the spine in about a dozen places.

I went to our local post office outlet and was told that if it was not
insured, they could do nothing!  So, I called 'The Music Bookstore'
and offered to send the first one back and pay for insurance for another
copy.  They called me back and said they would send me a new one and
I could keep the messed up one, and that they would send it by UPS.

About a week later, I received a new one and you can tell it was bent
against its will, but did not quite rupture the spine.  The packaging
of the book is very poor and consists of a thin piece of corrugated
type material wrapped around the book and then stapled along the edges.
For the first shipment, one whole side was open from the staples
letting loose and the other side was half open.  On the second shipment
only half of one side was open

My suggestion is if you order it, request that it be sent UPS, insured,
and in a much better package.

I am thoroughly enjoying the book and highly recommend it to all.  The
photos are extraordinary.  If interested call:

	The Music Bookstore
	Order #: MS059    $25.95cdn + 10% shipping + 7% tax

Thanks for listening!

Tom T.

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* <>  <>  <><><>  <><><>  <>  <>   to show."  -NP-                      *
*                                                                       *
***********************  - Thomas D. Torkelson -   **********************


Date: Thu, 29 Apr 1993 08:53:03 -0600
From: jacobsds@ucsu.Colorado.EDU
Subject: RUSH on vinyl

Hello to all:
this is the first time making a posting in the NMNS, so please bear with
me.  In the days before CD's, I had bought the Rush album on vinyl.  So
excited to listen to this new music, I rushed (no pun intended) home and
slapped it on my turntable.  Eagerly awaiting that first chord a small bead
of sweat appeared upon my brow, it rolled down into my eye just as the
needle reached the first groove and produced the most lovely sound of
>......38 Special!! What the fuck?!   I lunged for the packaging...Sure
enough is said Rush all over, I looked at the record itself...sure enough
it had Rush on it.  How strange, how enraged. My first thought was to take
it back and say "Hey what the fuck, gimme a new one", but I paused,
thinking this is unusual...I think I'll keep it.  That was 8 years ago, and
till this day it is still a wonder to me.
Is this unusual, any value to it, or just a strange phenomena sent by the
gods warning me to buy CD's in the future?  Thanks for listening to
me...and to all a good day!

            The Jakeman

"You won't get wise with the sleep still in you eyes"....Something for


Date: Thu, 29 Apr 1993 12:07:42 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Re: 04/28/93 - The National Midnight Star #670

>Equally there has not yet been an accoustic guitar developed with a tremolo bar
>(or musically more correct vibrato bar) so you can't get the kind of swooping
>sounds produced in solos such as _Spirit of the Radio_.

That's odd to hear... Because I _have_ an acoustic with a trem. bar...
It's a really old Univox acoustic/electric that my grandpa played in
a bluegrass band... The actual bar itself was cut off by a blowtorch
I think, but it did have the capability at one time :^)

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Date: Thu, 29 Apr 1993 15:07:03 -0230
Subject: Humanity in HYF

Yes, I think humanity is a major theme in HYF, especially when compared to
PoW or p/g or even Signals to some extent.  The songs in HYF are easier to
relate real-life experiences to.  Much as I love Mystic Rhythms, it's...uhh...
kind of hard to relate to it on a concrete level.  Abstract, no problem, but
it's definitely out there in the abstract realm.  However, Open Secrets is
something I can relate to very easily in the right situation (eg fight,
argument, dealing with the past, etc).

Anyway, enough of my philosophizing on lyrics and themes and stuff.  I'll
leave that to philosophers and those who know literature and words better
than I do.  There's my $0.02....which will be worth $1.50 in 45 years @ 10%
compounded annually.......oops, still got that Finance "spinning round my
head" from exams.  Sorry.



Date: Thu, 29 Apr 1993 13:43:54 +0500 (EST)
From: bennett jason 
Subject: Rush posters

Hello fellow Rushians,
	In issue #670, Benjy asked something about old Rush posters.  Is
there possibly a mail order place to get these from.  If not, does anyone
know of a place in North Carolina to find some vintage Rush stuff to hang
on the walls.  I need some decorations for my room next year.  Any info
would be appreciated, posted or personal e-mail does not matter to me.

Thanks again.

			Jason Bennett


Date: Thu, 29 Apr 1993 13:48:50 -0400
From: Brian David Schiff 
Subject: Unplugged?

	Count me in with the people who couldn't sleep at night if they
saw RUSH Unplugged on MTV.  First of all, RUSH does not qualify as
commercial, soldout, hasbeen artists (Eric Clapton).  Their stuff is
not "commercially popular" because RUSH is an accquired taste.  Also,
however much we all would like to see a RUSH retrospective on MTV,
I think the chances of this happening are about nill to nothing.
Ponder this question:  Suppose sometimes around the time MTV started,
RUSH videos, both of current and past material were played in the MTV
rotation (which means they were played at least once an hour).  Everyone
is exposed to RUSH.  In the same way Van Halen, the Cars, etc. was
shoved down our throats during the eighties.  Because of the sheer amount
of RUSH exposure, Coca-Cola offers RUSH a multi-million dollar contract
to do commercials.  Because of the sheer dollar amount involved, how can
Geddy, Neil, and Alex refuse?  They don't, and you see Neil drinking
a Coke between drum solos.  Geddy sings "Why are we here?  Because were
here... drink a Coke!!!  Sound far-fetched...probably is.  But, I contend
that the lack of exposure that RUSH has experience has allowed their
music to remain untainted by the prattle of commercial politics.  While
the Van Halen's are drinking Crystal Pepsi "right now", RUSH remains
in the pure, untainted world of art!  Maybe I am being too idealistic
regarding RUSH's purity...but they make damn good music and keeping
them out of the mainstream will keep "Dem Bones Rollin'".

					Rush Fan Extrordinare

P.S. - I also think that "unplugging" RUSH would destroy and
       distort an intergal part of their sound.


Date: Thu, 29 Apr 93 13:34:34 -0500
From: (Brian Glenn Carlson)
Subject: Harvard Lampoon

I heard on the radio yesterday that the _Harvard Lampoon_ has named Rush as
their band of the decade.  They cited their artistic talent, sense of humor,
and general coolness.  It is not a big surprise that Rush is winning yet
another award, but IMHO, it should be band of the millenium.  Anyway, I just
thought I should pass this along for those of you who haven't heard.  Peace
be with you and for those of you who are having finals now (like me),

Brian G. Carlson (

"We claim to know the secrets
 The answers have been found
 But how can one fool make another wise" - Kansas , No One Together


Date: Thu, 29 Apr 93 14:54:56 CST
From: A8732112@SIUCVMB.SIU.EDU
Subject: Ayn Rand Trib. stuff

Once again the Chi. Tribune has put a bit about Ayn Rand in the Temopo
section.  It reads as follows.
This may read like fiction, but according to "The New York Times Bestseller"
by John Bear.  These best-selling authors have never attained No. 1 on the
Times list:
Tom Robbins
Ayn Rand
Alvin Toffler
Aldous Huxley
Pearl Buck
Erie Stanley Gardner

Just more info from a guy who has no more hockey to watch.
Do you think that if you were to tie bungie to Befour's Girtle he might stay
in the net , or would he drag the damn thing around with him????????????????
Matt"let's help the NHL teach ref's how to call interference"Davis
Par-Five, Through rain, sleet, snow, or dead of night, We will meet and have
hours of quality time with RUSH.


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