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          The National Midnight Star, Number 672

                  Friday, 30 April 1993
Today's Topics:
                    It's a sad day...
              Cover poll, last take (I hope)
              a whole slew of odd questions!
      Re: 04/28/93 - The National Midnight Star #670
           Rush's videos -- where to see them!
            Steinbergers, Wals, blah-blah-blah
                      Weckl and Rand
                       Whoa there!
                  keep up the good work
 MTV does to suck (and so does the NYT Best Seller List)
                   re: Over The Europe
                 Hold Your Fire:Humanity?
                       RUSH COVERS
                      RUSH UNPLUGGED
                  Rush Unplugged?  NOT!
                      Peart and Rand
                      Peart and Rand
              Red Barchetta:  The Album??!?
               Signif of I in Body electric

Date: Thu, 29 Apr 1993 17:45:27 -0500
From: Brian Saunders 
Subject: It's a sad day...

>...when rumours from start showing up in the NMS.

Come on, people.

Brian Saunders


From: "Michael J. Miller" 
Subject: Cover poll, last take (I hope)
Date: Thu, 29 Apr 93 18:58:55 CDT

Greetings once more!
    It seems I was a bit negligent in my posting declaring what this poll
covers.  I am conducting a poll on favorite Rush album covers.  I really
appologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.  Please continue to
send in those responses.  Almost two weeks are left.
    Thank you.
RRR U U SSS H               What you own is your own kingdom
    R   U U S   H               What you do is your own glory
    R   U U SSS HHH             What you love is your own power
    R   U U   S H H             What you live is your own story
    R   UUU SSS H H                 "Something for Nothing", _2112_

                     Michael J. Miller,


Date: Thu, 29 Apr 1993 19:58 EDT
Subject: a whole slew of odd questions!

1) How old was geddy when he started play bass guitar?
2) (this was probably already asked) Who is the kid on the RTB album?

3) Which members of the band are married?

   [ All 3 are married.					: rush-mgr ]

thats all for now but im sure ill come up with more!


Date:         Thu, 29 Apr 93 19:35:08 GMT
From: "Eduardo A. Pfiffer" 
Subject:      Re: 04/28/93 - The National Midnight Star #670

   HYF (reply)
   Hi, Rushians,

   This is the first time I write to this list. So, you probably don't know
   me. I'd like to make a few comments on the article about HYF lyrics. I agree
   that some songs, like Second Nature and Tai Shan have excellent lyrics, but
   I don't think this is the best piece of work Rush (in special Neil Peart)
   have done. I think that their most brilliant work concerning lyrics belongs
   to Permanent Waves and Moving Pictures. Well, I think this space must be
   democratic, so, I'm giving my sincere opinion.

   Nothing more at the moment,
> ... Begin the day with the friendly voice... (RUSH - PW)
P.S. Does anybody know how to acess YES - listserv??? I'd be glad if someone
     could tell me.


Date: Thu, 29 Apr 1993 21:08:55 -0400 (EDT)
From: Rob Halsey 
Subject: Rush's videos -- where to see them!

Greetings fellow dittoheads!  (oops, wrong group, that should have read
Greetings fellow Rushians!)

I just thought that I would pass along something that I have found to be
true.  If you want to see Rush videos, watch VH-1.  During their classic
rock block at night (11:00 pm EDT??), I have seen the videos for:

Big Money
Tom Sawyer (from the ESL video)
Spirit of Radio (from the p/g video)
and Time  Stand Still (?).

Just thought that I would pass that along...

* is...*    =SARCASTIC HUMOR=     * "A spirit with a
Rob Halsey (A.K.A. Trebor) *  "Men are's    *  vision is a dream...
Calvin College  Phi 33     *   just too bad we own    *  with a mission"
Grand Rapids, MI 49546     *   everything!" -T. Allen *        -Rush


Date: 29 Apr 1993 20:28:58 -0600 (CST)
Subject: Steinbergers, Wals, blah-blah-blah

Hello, Rusheads!


1)  P/G was the only release Geddy used a Steinberger to record.
2)  From PoW to RTB (and "Critical Mass"?), Geddy used a Wal to record.
3)  Geddy used a Steinberger on the P/G and PoW tours.  Wals on all others.

On the HYF tour, Ged had a back-up Steinberger just in case the Wal screwed up
for any reason.  However, the rest of the tours that followed found Geddy with
a small army of back-up Wals.


The narrow-bodied, graphite model is the XL2.  It usually runs about $2000.  It
is true, however, that the bass sounds crappy.  The other Steinberger bass, the
XM2, is full-bodied, six hundred dollars less, and sounds very warm and great.
It was designed by Ned Steinberger and Mike Rutherford (of Genesis). Apparently
Rutherford really dug the Steinberger guitar/bass sound, but HATED the teeny-
tiny body.  So, he called Ned, told him what he wanted to do, and got to help
design the full-bodied Steinberger guitar/bass.  I don't see Steinbergers being
played too much anymore...I suppose they were fad-ish.  It was neat, IMHO, to
watch Geddy run around with a Steinberger strapped around his shoulder.

Oh, well...enough for now.


Date: Thu, 29 Apr 93 22:19:10 EDT
Subject: Weckl and Rand

In response to the comment about Weckl playing with musicians who are not
as good as Geddy and Alex, I must laugh.  I love Ged and Alex and am of the
opinion that Rush is, overall, the best music group around, but Lee and
Lifeson couldn't hold a flame to cats like Frank Gambale, John Pattitucci, or
Chick Corea, to name a few.  It is pointless to argue this issue since
Weckl and Peart and all of the others play quite differently, but, keep in
mind that Weckl and his musical companions can play rock and many more styles
than Rush can, especially when one considers the degree of authenticity.
Secondly, I've been meaning to bring up a point about Ayn Rand and 2112 for
some time.  There has been a lot of discussion concerning Neil Peart's use of
Anthem as an inspiration for 2112, or at least his acknowledgement of certain
similarities to avoid trouble.  Well, the basic concept of Anthem was taken
from another dystopian work by another Russian writer, called We, by Zevgeny
Zamyatin.  Notice the title and its relation to "we" and "I" in Anthem.
In both novels, the narrator uses the writing of a journal as a subversive
activity and describes a state-controlled society based on collectivism.  With
no acknowledgement of such, Rand more or less duplicated We, for all
practical considerations.  So, before we accuse Peart of plagiarizing or
make an issue out of his use of Anthem as a source, we should look at Rand's
own background for Anthem.


Date: Thu, 29 Apr 1993 19:47:40 -0700 (MST)
From: jeffrey r brinkman  
Subject: Whoa there!

Sorry jason, I didn't mean to ruff your feathers. But, I _do_ feel that
MTV is a product of nothing but their own programming. I do not suscribe
to the idea that music sucks today because of the record companies. Sure the
record companies are putting out what they think everyone is going to
like, but that doesn't mean that's what we _have_ to listen to!!! Let's
face it, the record companies are only capitalizing on what everyone
thinks is "trendy". Consumers decide what is trendy and what sucks, and
the record companies react. If MTV wanted to play what was good, then they
sure as hell would. MTV has been reduced to playing what is trendy, and
not what is good. Just because they played a half hour of an ex-beatle,
doesn't, in my mind, make them a decent organization. I don't know how
many people remember, but when MTV first came around, they did play good
music, including rush. They were not concerned with what was trendy. I do
remember the first year or so seeing Tom and Limelight many times. It's
just like everything else, they went commercial. They have no integrity.
And that folks, IMHO, is the biggest reason that rush simply should not
play MTV. Again, looking foward to flames-

							Jeff Brinkman
						Univeristy of Arizona
					Biochemistry and Microbiology


Date:         Thu, 29 Apr 93 23:07:18 EDT
From: Murali 
Subject:      keep up the good work

Hi guys & gals,
            I just wanted to thank my greek pal for doing the good work and pro
viding info on Cygnus X-1.I could not see the connection of that part in the so
ng until this discussion started.It also was helpful in increasing my knowledge
 in astronomy.I feel that a lot of NP's lyrics has Sci-fi/astronomy/mythology
connections and I think it is  not improper to discuss about any of these topic
s and its nexus to the holy words of NP.
         It's the fool on Television being paid
         to play the fool...
                        Big Money
           NP the genius


Date: Thu, 29 Apr 93 23:36:24 -0400
From: (Travis Corcoran)
Subject: MTV does to suck (and so does the NYT Best Seller List)

MTV: yes, it really does suck, Virgina.  And why isn't it the fault of
MTV that they suck?  I'm sure Neil et al would agree that the board of
directors has free will...the corporation simply realised that they
could make a higher marginal profit by targetting goofy 13yr olds for
their advertising (and thus, have to show videos that they like).
More power to them.  Unfortunately those who enjoy RUSH and other
similar bands are a lot hard to pigeonhole, which means that it would
cost more per person to aim a TV station at us (especially b/c we
don't watch nearly as much TV as 13 yr olds). pays to suck.
(My personal favorite MTV-ism is pitching VH-1 as "the other video
channel", with slight hints of ripping on MTV for being so
superficial...while (a) they engage in the same sort of butt-smooching
MTV does (hipply hippy 15 second info-sermons to a 30-something crowd
on the environment and hip democrat politicians) and (b) THEY ARE

Paul McCartney and *Elton John*: they *are* trendy sellouts (or at least they
try very hard to be).  It's sort of sad seeing people the age of my
parents altering their sound in a relentless effort to appeal to the
13 yr. old MTV audience.

NYT Best Sellers: Not suprising that those authors never hit #1.  They
write stuff that appeals to a smaller group year after year (and
people move into and out of that group...constant sellers...).  Other
authors make a huge splah, but have no staying power.  Trivia: the NYT
Best Seller list is based on quantities of books ordered by book store
chains.  Not consumer purchases.  Steve King often hits #1 before his book is stores pre-order.  And then send back 1/2 of the order
later.  There have also been several charges of corruption in the
ranking (the bookseller industry is very tight...and -theoretically-
if the NYT labelled some generic book a best seller, the publicity
could very well make it a best seller...self fulfilling prophecy...).

Isaac Asimov: is spelled thusly.  He was an honorary prof at some
university in NYC...never really taught...  Met him once.  Dead now
(croaked w/in the last yr or so...).  Him.  Not me.  I'm more or less
alive.  I'll be more alive after finals.

Red Lenses: it isn't under-rated, its correctly rated.  Most
people(that I've talked to about it) rank it poorly.  I agree, but
would be interested in hearing why others like it...

ObNewTopic: I need to get used to a lot of music before I like it.
This break in period is usually short, but w/ Rush, it is often a year
or longer.  I only started to really appreciate HYF a year or so ago
(and I was a Rush fan long before the album came out, I went to the
concert,etc.)  I'm starting to like RTB around now.  Has anyone else
out there had a similar experience, or is it just me, and I should
take my lithium more often...?

Well, enough rambling.
Travis Corcoran 
              Bite the Wax Tadpole!


Date: Fri, 30 Apr 1993 02:25:51 -0400
From: Sister Ray 
Subject: re: Over The Europe

>Just bought this recently and I hate to say it, since it seems to be
>everybody's favourite piece of officially non-existant Rush stuff, but I
>was a little disappointed.

>Yes it has the whole set, including Cygnus X-1.  Yes it has Alex strangling a
>cat at the the end of CttH.  Yes the sound quality is perfect.  It's just far
>too perfect.  You can hardly hear the audience at all, even during the most
>popular moments.  Live songs are great but only when they sound live. It's not
>as bad as ESL ( which sounds like a studio recording with clapping before and
>after each song ) but ....  After hearing the Radio One truncated recording of
>one of the wembley shows with its adrenilin ( sp? ) inducing roar at the end of
>RtB and the awesome audience version of the Xanadu chorus OtE seems a
>bit stale. I know one of them is professionally recorded but even bad quality
>boots have a live feel to them.  OtE didn't.

	Are you serious???  I think it captures the feel of a live
show better than any of the "official" live albums!!  I hear the
audience just fine, and still the sound is great.  Oh well, I guess
you're entitled to your opinion.  I will give you this, though; I
don't think anyone else could be in a state of mind that would liken
the little "skit" during CttH to strangling a cat!  :)  Damn, wish
I'd thought of that!



Date: 30 Apr 93 06:59:57 EDT
From: robert fleming <100063.2154@CompuServe.COM>
Subject: Hold Your Fire:Humanity?

Re: the discussions regarding what the themes of HYF are, I think the main focus
is on time and instinct.  However the overall theme is definately humanity.
I much prefer these people-related lyrics to the colder more technology
focussed stuff.  RTB in my opinion is another 'humanity' album.

I had a very real reason to ponder Rush songs and lyrics a while back. My
best friend Simon died young and very unexpectedly.  He and I were lifelong
fans, from 'Rush' to RTB we have followed their music.  Simon's Mother asked
me to choose some music he would have wanted played at the cremation.  I
thought of our friendship throughout the years and of all the friends he was
leaving behind and instinctly knew the song had to be 'Time Stand Still'.
The humanity of the lyrics, the passage of time, wanting a particularly good
time to stand still seemed so appropriate.  The majority of the people
attending the service hadn't heard Rush before but took to the song and
lyrics straight away, it seemed so appropriate.



From: (Richard Morey)
Date: Fri, 30 Apr 93 00:19:00

I missed a couple of TNMS's so I didn't see any more conversation about
favorite album covers.. sorry if this is redudant.. RTB is by FAR the
best album cover.. followed by Signals and Presto


From: (Richard Morey)
Date: Fri, 30 Apr 93 00:18:00

        In response to different talk about Rush doing an unplugged -
although I agree that it is probably not likely, I'd like to offer MY
PLAYLIST for a Rush acoustic session..

Losing It
War Paint
Ghost of a Chance
Lakeside Park
2112: Soliloquy
Closer to the Heart
Cinderella Man
Entre Nous


Date:       Fri, 30 Apr 93 12:30:00 BST
From: "Roger G Haworth   userid " 
Subject:    Lard...

Scott Josephson, you are wrong about the red Wal on Presto. The black Wal was
used on that album. Exclusively. Roll the Bones featured the red one, and the
black one was used on two songs. Not quite sure which, although the bass on
Where's my Thing and Face Up sounds substantially twangier than the rest, so I
would hazard it was those two. A major proportion of the red one sounding
warmer is that it has a slightly larger body...but I still say bring back the

Rush Unplugged - looks like I am one of the few people that thinks this is a
good idea. So what if Alex Lifeson wouldn't get a distorted/chorused/flanged
etc sound? Try to look beyond all the clever little sound effects and examine
the SONG instead. I've always believed that playing a song acoustically is an
excellent test of the strength of the song - therefore ANY Rush song could be
done. Why are so many Rush fans so precious about the band? It seems to me
that many have the attitude of 'they're my favourite band, and I don't want
them to become too popular'. It's as if they feel they have one over on people
who don't like/haven't really heard Rush. And of course, we must NEVER have
them on nasty, horrible MTV. What would the neighbours say?

Final point - I have the entire Rush collection on vinyl. Personally, with a
decent system I think they sound far better than CDs, which sound rather too
cold and clinical for my liking.

There, I've said it...

Putting the cat among the pigeons...


'Let us not go gently to the endless winter night'


Date: 29 Apr 93 15:57:48 EDT
From: David Orriss 
Subject: Rush Unplugged?  NOT!

It seems to me that Rush unplugged would be like KISS doing country music
(And I've heard KISS do country - trust me, it ain't pretty).  Not only
would Alex have to change a playing style that he's spent *years*
perfecting, the music they do doesn't lend itself well to being
acousticalized at all (aside from the parts that are acoustic like the
intro to "Trees", and "Closer to The Heart").  They would have to come up
with all new material that would fit an "unplugged" style of playing.
Hmmmm....  Rush doing country music.... eeesssshhhh, the very thought makes
my stomach turn.


Paradox DOS/Windows Technical Support - Borland International

"Get a life with the dreamer's dream..."
                 -Peter Gabriel

"A most ingenious paradox!"
                 -Gilbert & Sullivan, The Pirates of Penzance, Act II

"Experience to extremes..."
                 -N. Peart


Date: Fri, 30 Apr 93 08:58:01 EDT
From: (Ralph S. Huffnagle)
Subject: Peart and Rand

I agree with whoever said that the Neil Peart/Ayn Rand connection has
been over emphasized. Sure Neil, of course, read her books and was
inspired by them. But I doubt he sits around everyday reading Ms.
Rand's books. Through his lyrics I woul assume he is one who likes to
read lots of books. Obviously, he agrees with Rand's basic philosophy,
but I think maybe he uses it as a foundation and expands on it himself.

The theme of individualism and such is evident through Rush's lyrics.
Even Red Tide was written, according to Peart for "selfish reasons."
Which I was glad to hear, because I'd hate to call Peart an

I am gald he dedicated an album to her, because it led me to read her
books, but I doubt he's a fanatic about her. Then again, how the hell
would I know what he does in his spare time.


Ralph Huffnagle
Rutgers University-Camden
"I'm not interested in helping people. I just want to make money."
     -Hank Rearden from "Atlas Shrugged"


From: Robert Camp Miner 
Subject: Peart and Rand
Date: Fri, 30 Apr 93 11:26:32 CDT

Dominic Binks  writes:

>Sorry, disagree.  Neil said that the basic themes of Hold Your Fire were time
>and instinct.  Hence Time Stand Still, High Water, Mission, etc.
>Also I think too much emphasis is put on the Rand connection.  It is obvious
>that Neil was shaking off the Rand connection at the time of 2112. The reason
>I say this is he wrote the lyrics then realised how close they were to the
>work of Rand.  I think by 1988 (12 years later) they had probably shaken off
>most the fascination of Rand.  Finally, Hugh Syme usually comes up with the
>cover and then Alex, Geddy and Neil just decide on it.
>Dominic Binks

How is it obvious that Neil was shaking off the Rand connection at the time
of 2112?  On the contrary, he was totally infatuated with Rand at the time
of 2112.  And I simply don't think it's true that Peart first wrote 2112 and
then read Anthem, belatedly realizing the connection.  The plots are just too
similar for this account to be credible, in my opinion.

I don't think Peart really started shaking off the Rand connection until
Presto.  Think about the lyrics of "Presto" and "Available Light."


Date: Fri, 30 Apr 1993 09:51:00 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: RUSH-Unplugged

Another first timer here with his $0.02 worth.  First of all I do
remember the early days of MTV when RUSH videos were shown pretty
much every hour.  Of course these were all footages from the ESL
video but it was great to see.  I can't remember the last time I
saw them on MTV (probably 6 or 7 years at least).  Anyway, I
don't think the point is if MTV would have them on rather what
they would sound like if they were on.  Personally, I think some
of their older stuff would sound pretty cool but they would
definetely have to pick and choose songs and rewrite some of the
chords.  I know myself and other RUSH fans that I know, know that
they could pull it off easily and it would be good.

Side note:  I started listening to RUSH when I was 17 and MP just
came out.  My parents of course have absolutely no taste in music
and I wondered what I would listen to when I got older.  Now that
I'll be turning the dreaded 30 this year, I can proudly say I'll
be listening to RUSH!

"If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice."
>From Free Will, simple yet profound.


Date: Fri, 30 Apr 93 10:55:45 PDT
From: johnlee@sirius.UVic.CA (John  Lee)
Subject: Red Barchetta:  The Album??!?

Get this;

	I saw a CD entitled "Red Barchetta".  One the front is a shiny red
car.  The background on the inside of the booklet is of a car's dashboard.
There is what looks like some Spanish along the bottom of the inside.  Most
of the songs listed, if I remember correctly, were from Moving Pictures.
On the front of the album it says "Limited Edition: 1,000 copies made."
(I hope I got the number right, I do not exactly remember what it was.)
Please note that this album does NOT appear to be a single; there are
about 5 songs, maybe 6 on it.

   [ This is a CD bootleg (not a legal release).		: rush-mgr ]

What's the deal, and is this album worth buying?  Spare me the "Roll The
Bones" replies, please.



Subject: Signif of I in Body electric
Date: Fri, 30 Apr 93 18:34:20 EDT

Hy Haplo Peart Here,

   Antway had to put my foot in the area on this and That Is the reason I is
so important to Body electric,
It is because of the robot becoming self aware, also please remember that
Peart has a real thing for the works of Ayn Rand, Anthem anybody?  In the
book anthem society of the future is a all for one deal that has removed all
individuallity, sound like a computer network and so forth to anyone?  I
THINK so!!
   Also please remember that the code there also stands for the number 73,  a
curious rush coinsidence or deliberate? you decide.

Next issue "Critical Mass"  all the explainations so far have been pretty
good but also remember that Critical mass in a heavenly body sence is when a
body aquires significant mass to begin a spontanious nuclear reaction due to
pressures at its center, an issue
brought up in reguards to Jupiter in scientiffic circles.

Opening acts:  Extreme-They IMHO have a great deal of the same idealism and
musical strengh of rush I think it would be a good match

People seem to have missed this point there is song that leads of side to of
the usa for africa tape by the canadian all stars, that includes Geddy as one
its singers.

Finally I have  one of those ultra dics with the mistake in the spelling of
Red Barchetta, I can get at least two more if there is interest.
Bill "RushFan(tm)" Dunn
Haplo Peart .
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